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6 hours ago, Gudulitooo said:

It seems more and more feasible for us having big feet :

ASOS, a nearly normal brand, now proposes heelded shoes for men (here the french website), with an appropriate selection filter AND round toe boots that are not Santiags, AND at a normal shoe price (< 100€) AND in my size.

Ok only come in black, but heh it's a (planet alignment) start ?



Wow, wow, wow!!!  Great find!

Globally, there are over 20 million active customers on asos.com, which the retailer defines as “having shopped in the last twelve months as at 31 August 2019.  Statista

This is great news!

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On 8/26/2020 at 10:36 PM, RonC said:

Ya' think?   lol

I was in a Target store today and while walking through I heard what sounded like someone in heels.  I had to take a look.  Turned out to be a nice looking woman in a dress and a pair of nude colored stilettos with maybe a 3.5-4" heel.  It's probably been at least six months since I've seen a woman in heels of any kind so it sure was a nice sight to see.  Made my day!

Hope you told her so!

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No.  I learned a while back that women don't really seem to appreciate that, though I guess if I said something to the effect that she looked great without mentioning her heels maybe it would have been accepted.  But after a couple of not so great reactions to compliments, I just keep it to myself

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Today I was traveling and stop by a Starbucks in the mid of central California. Two women walked out and they noticed my heels, they didn't say anything but I know they saw them by  the look on their faces.  One was in thongs, the other had 3+ inch heels. So women in heels is not a rare as a unicorns.

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I see it a little differently. Women, via the new reality, have become the shapeshifters of our time. They are celebrated for their beauty and stature, mined by commercial interests for their ability to hawk products, venerated and utilised by media interests to continue to sow the gender rift. On one hand, applauded for their femininity in a masculine world, and on the other hand, also applauded because they can dress as manly as they want and act as manly as they want yet can reap the benefits of being a "minority" even though numerically they are almost never a minority in any country. I don't have a dislike for women at all rather I can't ignore what I see nowadays. Hey, I just watched a bunch of foul-mouthed, anarchistic, out-of-town jerks come into Kenosha and trash the place because they disagree how the police handled something. Media paints it as purely a racial issue again playing one group against the other. It's what they do. Recent tapes of CNN chief Jeff Zucker talking to a former lawyer of Trump showed saying " nobody can win the Presidency without CNN". Media bias. Everyone knew it but now it's on tape for everyone to see and hear. It really would be nice for everyone to get along WITHOUT the controlling, and corrupting influence of media. My point is don't look to women for your acceptance or any recognition rather express yourself as you see fit which can only come from inner strength: confidence. HappyinHeels

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Two days in a row...

Yesterday it was in Central California. Today it was at the ATM outside the bank.  This woman had wedges, 2 inch platform 5 or more inch heels. She spotted my wedges and she knows I spotted her looking.

Let's hope for a three-peat.

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