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    It has been mentioned several times that I do not provide enough photographic evidence of my fashion sensibilities, and I suppose there's a reason for that. I just don't feel it's very interesting. I haven't really changed all that much--I might have a few more wrinkles than last year, I might have a few more gray hairs, and I still don't have the abs I've always dreamed of. Furthermore, I don't think my style has evolved very far. I am still wearing mostly women's clothing (suits excepted), but you wouldn't necessarily know it just from looking at it. Perhaps the shoes have gotten a bit more daring, and certainly taller, and the pants have gotten a bit narrower, but I don't feel like I'm doing much of anything too different than when I stepped out of the house wearing high heels for the first time just over 7 years ago. I particularly don't know what to do with tops. I pretty much have three modes: 1) Full dress shirt, usually with a tie, 2) polo shirt, which may or may not be from the women's section, they aren't all that different from each other except for size, and 3) plain crew neck t-shirt, although I have many colors which most guys don't wear. And that's basically it. Nevertheless, I have gone to the trouble of having several photographs taken, or tried my hand at the self-timer, which is always awkward, especially when you get caught by your wife. "What the heck are you doing?" "Uh. . . nothing." "You are a very silly boy!" Ummmm. . . yes. . . Yes, I am." So these are the last three weeks of outfits I wore to church on Sunday. The first one, featuring my never before worn by me Jimmy Choo suede pumps, is obviously in a suit and tie. It was the last week of school for the kids, and the last Sunday of what I call my "winter" church clothes. The next two outfits are my "summer" church clothes, and basically the only reason it changes is because I own a heck of a lot of sandals I like to wear out, and I still don't feel it's proper for me as a guy to wear sandals dress more formally. And besides that, me and my dad and a handful of old men are the only ones who still wear a suit to church anyway. So now you know. The second outfit features my Nine West Dancecard mules, in dusty rose with a sort of a cork-esque heel. I'm just not sure about the boot cut pants. They fit well, but I'm not sure I like the look anymore. They used to be a staple of my wardrobe. The last outfit, captured by the aforementioned self timer, features my Michael Kors Sommerly wedges, which unusually for me, are NOT mules, and they are shorter than 5 inch heels. The last time I wore them, the strap dug a hole in my ankle, but this time, they didn't seem to bother me at all. Weird. Also featured here are women's dress pants, which are stretchy tight. I wasn't feeling all that fat on that particular morning, so I just rolled with it. P.S. Evidently, not only has the file size been restricted, but the total of all files uploaded at once has been restricted to about 1/3 MB. Therefore, I guess you only get to see one picture for now. I already downsized it mightily, or so I thought. An even better reason I don't feel bad about not sharing pictures. I think I'm done taking photos of myself for a while. Back to ruminating.
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    I have bought some new shoes lately. I also got rid of some stuff that I didn't wear anymore or stuff that was worn out for one reason or another. So I figured it was time for a inventory update. But this time I had some fun with it. I have a shelf in my place that normally stores dvd's and such. It needed to be cleaned . So I figured I would use the opprtunity to take some pics of my shoes. I have always dreamed of having a shoe closet for all my shoes. Or at least some nice shelves for my colecction. So once the shelve was bare and cleaned I began to organize my shoes on it and took some pics for documentation. Currently My shoes are stored in several large cardboard boxes. So it also gave me the opprtunity to reorganize my boxes. I also got to try on most of my collection again and rediscover heels I forgot I had! I was like a girl In a shoe store trying on pair after pair. I was having so much fun with it that I didn't realize how many hours it took to accomplish the task at hand. And it hardly seemed like work at all. I filled the shelf 3 seperate times with 5 pairs per shelf for a toal of 25 on each fill. The only thing I didn't include in the pics were my flats and any boots higher than ankle height. For the pictures I took one for each fill and then I joined them so it looks like I have 3 seperate shelves side by side. I organized the shelves as I imagined I would if I had some for real. The first shelve was all my black and darker colored heels. Then I transitioned to my brown and neutral colored heels on the second shelf. And then I finished my 3rd shelf with my colorred heels on top follwed by my wedges and finally my ankle boots on the bottom. Here is the result as well as a inventory by numbers. high heel shoes 60 pairs wedges 7 pairs ankle boots 8 pairs knee high boots 7 pairs flats 3 pairs 85 pairs in total
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    I've just took delivery of some new Only Maker 5" heels. They're so nice for the money
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    hiddenheels, Thanks for finally joining the forum! Our members run the spectrum from transgender and transsexual to heterosexual men just wanting to wear heels either at home or in public. Still others, like myself, enjoy blending both more feminine clothing with mens or androgynous styles to create a look having elements of both or presenting completely as a woman. It is a transformation like in a play or movie and can do wonders for the soul. No desire to actually get an operation rather the desire to cross the boundary, enjoy a day or two or a night wearing exciting clothing in bright colours and then change back into my normal rural guy mode. What our members share in common is a the high heeled shoe and where we might wear it, what we may wear it with, and how all of this enhances our lives. What conflicts you is how society generally affords women full latitude in wearing whatever they want. They wear everything associated with women and a lot things associated with men. They wear lots of makeup or none at all, wear heels or not, show their legs and arms or not, wear wide watches or thin watches and carry handbags of all imaginable sizes and colours whether or not their pants or dresses have pockets. By contrast men don't seem to have the same latitude. But it only seems that way. Few, if any nations outside the Islamic world. specifically prohibit men from wearing womens attire. Men simply choose not to explore their curiosity lest they catch the wrath of a bogeyman who never materializes. I have met several of our members here and have had lovely experiences with all of them. Just so you know it's not made-up internet bullcrap. I have visited mlroseplant a few times and he wears his heels everywhere in small-town Iowa and nothing bad happens. I've seen him in heels and he's seen me and so has his family. I have visited Steve63130 and his wife in Ohio several times wearing rather tall heels and a blended look as described above and had nothing but positive experiences. I have met with Cali in California twice and seen his love of heels and he's seen mine. We are office workers, people in the trades, retired law enforcement, medical personnel, factory workers, politicians, etc. None of us could explain exactly why we like heels except that it is in DNA. So, go with it!! Heels may make you a better person, a better lover, or a better friend. They will undoubtedly make more aware of fashion and perhaps make you more polite. Those are all GOOD things. If you love your partner with all your heart, respect your fellow human beings, the animals, and plants around you then high heel shoes/boots should never impede your ability to enjoy your time on This Earth. This last bit is very important. You will sort through it and figure out where you you fit into the overall scheme of things. Just do it with confidence and the world shall take note of it. Remember, the world is NOT either for or against you rather it is utterly neutral. But the world does notice and tends to respect confidence. Confident people are often successful people but success can only occur as a result of confidence in one's own ability. Ability to look into others' eyes, dress oneself to match one's mood, and stride confidently out the door and demand to be counted as an individual. You have a right to express yourself via your clothes but that right must be exercised to be enjoyed and defended. It's all up to you! HappyinHeels
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    Been quite a while since I posted my own content here. Thankfully, things have calmed down nicely on my home front, still not out of the woods, as they say... but we're doing much better, thanks to a bunch of professionals helping us along. wow - was that cryptic enough Tonight my wife went to bed early and the kids are all down, so I decided I would pick out some heels to wear while I catch up on some work. I was searching for some wedges I liked, but landed up being too noisy for my wife (shoes are all stored under my bed), so I just opted for a pair of block heel platform sandals that were within reach. I have only worn them a couple of times, and despite not always having liked the block heel/platform look, these did have a certain appeal to them. That, and the sale they were on They have a 6" heel and a 2" platform. Makes for a good stable walk, though I must say, I think I am out of practice (it has been a long times since I have heeled properly!). Bought from New Look: http://www.newlook.com/shop/shoe-gallery/view-all-shoes/navy-denim-knotted-platform-heels-_366158541?isRecent=true I know there are some friends here who will love them, and others who will scowl Herewith, some appropriately sized images for your viewing pleasure.
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    I was wearing my Sam Edleman boots, will try once again to upload a picture....Will be wearing them again tomorrow in Austin....D Cool, I did it finally!
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    I took delivery of these yesterday from Amazon. 5" heel and 1" platform. Super comfy!
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    Had a nice encounter in Houston the other day at the SLS hotel. The desk clerk and I were enjoying some friendly banter during check in, we were zinging each other about our professions. I came back down from my room a little later in my boots and was enjoying a smoke outside by the valet desk, where smoking is permitted. Suddenly, I was surprised by a fairly loud cry out saying "what are you wearing??". The desk clerk from earlier must have been ending her shift, she obviously noticed my boots as she was leaving the hotel. She said "let me see those boots, and asked that I pull my jeans up a bit". "Damn" she said, "you look great and can really rock those heels". I thanked her and smiled, then we both laughed some more. I could tell the valet boys were trying to sneak a peek also, but didn't want me to notice....
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    Alright @p1ng74 I went and stirred the pot as well...
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    Here is my latest. They are Aldo brand black and copper platform sandals. I got them second hand for 5 bucks!
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    I had an interesting experience yesterday evening. My wife sent me to the local Walmart to purchase a couple of things, and to make a delivery of a few odds-and-ends to the Nail Shop Girls, who run a nail salon that is inside Walmart. Before I made my purchases, I went to the nail salon to make my delivery. While I was there, a customer, a young girl, who was most probably high school age, but possibly college age, said "Oh, I just LOVE your shoes! I want them! Where did you get them?" I was wearing 4 inch Coach wedges/mules in patchwork gold uppers and dark brown bottoms. I bought these at least two years ago on ebay, and I wear them occasionally, but they're not my favorite. So I said to the girl, "What size are you?" She replied, "8 1/2." My eyes widened. "What an amazing coincidence! I am also size 8 1/2. I will give you these shoes if you want them. Would you like to try them on?" She blushed bright red and didn't know what to say. I told her, "I've got some shopping to do, I'll be back before I leave the store." I went and did my shopping, which took some time, but she was still there when I came back. I said, "I'm done shopping now, and I'm serious about the shoes. Would you at least like to try them on? The gal that just did your manicure, whom you know as Diane, I know as em Dung. We have been friends for ten years. She'll tell you I'm the real deal." "Eleven years," Dung corrected. "We have known each other for eleven years now." "See, she even remembers better than I do!" After some banter back and forth, the girl turned down my offer, explaining that she had no place to wear them, an excuse that I always find rather amusing, because there I am in Walmart, of all places, wearing heels. I pretty much expected her final answer, but I really would have given them to her if she'd wanted them. I can't imagine that Dung didn't say anything to my wife about that little exchange, but if she did, my wife hasn't mentioned it to me.
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    These are Steve Madden "Citrus" wedges which I got at Macys last Sunday. THey have 6"/15cm heels. HinH
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    I think it is good that everyone has his own different interests, and one's tastes are bound to change over a period of time. I know that your tastes have changed, not only with heel height, but with shoe style as well, and then later getting away from caring about heels so much compared to total outfits. There are a lot of guys on here who only like to wear boots year round. Can't for the life of me really understand that one, but I get it. I'm sure that many people can't understand why I like to wear mules whenever possible, even in the dead of winter. The larger point is, it would be nice if we males were afforded a broader range of clothing choices without feeling like the local freak. I think p1ng74 is trying to find a glimmer of hope that things may be changing, and there's no doubt that they are. I still haven't met another guy in heels randomly, but on the other hand, I haven't been mocked in public for a very long time now, and the last time that happened was in the mountains of northern Georgia, so it doesn't hardly count, does it? However, it is difficult to see that our mode of dress will be considered normal in my lifetime. Not in the way that male earrings and heavy tattooing on both sexes have more or less become standard fare.
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    I am in the construction world and I would agree with you. I would not want to see most of them in heels either. They certainly would not look like us!!(or this)
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    Got a knee high pair of Jimmy Choo boots with 85mm heel from The Real Real. Comfie, but was a bit tight around the ball of my feet at first. Seemed to break in a bit by the time I went to bed though.
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    The brain goes in mysterious ways sometimes. I have developed a liking for female fashion through western inspired footwear - go figure. When I was young, I already liked western boots, and when I figured out that women's western boots had higher heels than men's, the obvious thing happened. More heel more better, right? Every so often, cowboy boots inspire mainstream fashion, and when it does, it still tickles an itch. Around 2012 or so, Nine West had a thing with the western theme. They also tried a more premium less polished brand, "Vintage America", which of course involved western boots. That experiment produced two styles, which I've been luckily enough to both collect, but it has taken a lot of time and money. The cleanest cut is the black "Comete" bootie, of which I removed the buckle. I like is more "elegant". They sport a true 5" heel, and I have a 1/4" heel pad added to them, giving an effective 5 1/4" height. They have to be my tallest non-platform heels. The hottest, I think, is the "Creepin" style - the knee-high one. The color is a bit weird, between tan, brown, beige, grey, nude. Whatever that means. But it works on the boot. The shaft is tall and hugs my calves nicely. I like the look, the picture is of myself just last week - I took it to send to my girlfriend. The least successful style is "Claret", the brownish ankle bootie. It is made on the same last as "Comete", but the leather is not as nice as either Comete or Creepin.
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    Since social media was brought up, I picked a somewhat edgy photo of my heels and posted it up on r/malefashion to see what would happen: I think I stirred the pot. I’ll keep posting and see what happens...
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    I've been called a lot of things in the past but never "A Feature" lol
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    Thanks everyone. I'm doing great!
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    11 Tricks to Wearing High Heels Without Pain. It's safe to say that wearing heels isn't always a walk in the park. Sore ankles and achy arches are anything but ideal. Yet, women still do it on a daily basis. I mean, I can't blame all the heel-wearing ladies out there, because they do look fabulous and heels can totally take an outfit to the next level. However, it does suck to be in excruciating pain before you've even made it to work or an event. The good news? There are tricks to wearing heels the right way. I know it seems impossible to actually survive a day of wearing heels and not want to soak your feet for hours at the end of the night, but there actually are things you can do to help. Whether it's the shape of the shoe, when you buy it, or how you walk, you would be amazed to see how many things can effect your comfort level. Some things may seem a little obvious, but others are straight up genius. Here are 11 tricks you should definitely try next time you wear a pair of heels. 1. Wear the Right Size Feet have a tendency to swell when you're wearing shoes for an extended period of time. If heels are extra snug to begin with, then you'll surely be in trouble after a few hours of wear. That last thing you want are ingrown toe nails or bunions. 2. Choose a Bit of Platform Sure, those strappy, skinny summer stilettos may look like a dream. However, it's important to be realistic about what kind of shoe has day-long potential. A thin sole will most likely cause pain for the bottom of your foot. Look for something with some rubber on the bottom to provide a bit of a buffer. Ideal? A heel that has a bit of a platform in the front. The platform reduces the incline of your foot, making things more comfortable all around. 3. Add More Cushion Store-bought inserts can be your BFF. Add a little extra cushion to your shoe and your dogs won't be barking as quick. My go-to? Foot Petals tip toes ($6.95, footpetals.com). 4. Shop at the End of the Day While you're at it, do your shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet are more swollen, podiatrist Franklin Polun advises Washington Post readers. 5. Lead With Your Thighs When you walk, lead with your thighs, moving your entire leg forward at once. Think about it: You're probably used to letting your feet lead, right? It takes practice, but you'll find yourself putting less pressure on the ball of your foot this way. And remember: Move your legs from the hips and keep your legs straight. Bending knees looks goofy with heels. 6. Take Breaks Whether you're wearing heels or not, being on your feet for an extended period of time will hurt your tootsies no matter what. Do yourself a favor and take turns standing and sitting over the course of a day/night in heels. 7. Go Wedge, Young Lady The narrower the heel, the greater the pain. So go for a chunkier heel or a wedge. Podiatrist Erika Schwartz tells the Washington Post, "The bigger the heel, if it’s chunky or a wedge, seems to be better because the shoe has a wider base of stability. A skinnier heel and you’re more likely to have ankle spraining." 8. Score More A surprising high heel tip from supermodel Tyra Banks: Score the bottoms of your shoes with scissor points to create grooves so you don't slip when you (inevitably) wobble. 9. Break in With a Shoe Stretcher Break in your new pair with a high heel shoe stretcher ($24.99, shoesmart.com), which will stretch out the width of those pumps. 10. Check the Heel Placement . Choose shoes with heels placed directly under the center of your foot's heel (left), not at the very back of the shoe (right). 11. Get Strappy Heels are more comfortable to walk in when you get a little extra support from straps, like ballet slipper, Mary Jane, gladiator, or T-strap.
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    I'm not sure if Stuart Weitzman shoes are considered "designer", but for my pocketbook they are "too expensive to make sense" so I'm giving them a pass. These are a 2015-2016 model, and I love them mostly because they have a tall shaft, right up to under my knee, and are a superb fit for my 160lbs legs. Body weight, not the detached limb [rolleyes]. What makes them special is that I find them elegant, yet they manage to achieve that without a stiletto heel. I wear stilettos 4 days a week or so, and sometimes I feel like something else. I bought them at retail at Bloomingdales, which wasn't a painless experience, but I am really happy that I did. They are listed on amazon as a 4.25" heel, but those have to be metric inches, because they definitely feel like 5-inchers. Perhaps they were measured one a size 4.
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    Probably some dark denim, or black skinny jeans. Something like this...
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    Got them today. They're made of rubber and they're from Faith. Super cosy.
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    My latest pair of sandals is somewhat unusual for me for a couple of reasons. Number one, they are not mules, which I usually prefer, and number two, I paid quite a bit more than I am usually willing to pay. I regularly browse ebay, usually looking for certain things (like more mules or clogs), but every once in a while something just catches my eye. When I saw these Alaïa sandals, I knew I had to have them. Thick straps, just the right tan color, high but not too high wooden heel, and just a look of quality about them. However, I then noticed they were Alaïa, so I was afraid to look at the price. I think they initially wanted 175 USD for them. Not too bad, but after getting my Jimmy Choo pumps and being somewhat disappointed with them, I wasn't going to pay nearly 200 bucks with shipping for just a whimsical feeling. However, I did put them on my watch list, and there they sat for several months, being listed and re-listed without selling. Finally, they dropped the price down to 110 USD, and at that point I offered them 85. They let them go for 96 USD plus shipping, which as I recall was about 15. I surely shouldn't have done that, but it was a months-long process, and I thought they could be a rather practical addition to my collection. And the fact is, I just really liked them. They spoke to me. A few days later, the reason why shipping was 15 smackers became obvious. They came in the bulkiest, fanciest shoebox that I've ever seen in my life. I don't know if the box is covered in actual leather (I think it's imitation), but the little belt that holds the thing shut is real leather. Affixed to the box is a tag that reads "Barneys New York, Size 8 1/2, $975.00." JESUS, I thought to myself, I've hit the Big Time here. And then, a second later, who the f*%& would pay a thousand dollars for a pair of sandals? And then not wear them? Anyhow, on to the particulars: 4 1/2" heel, a sort of tiny platform, but it's not really a platform, just a very thick leather sole, of the thickness you'd find on a men's dress shoe. It's arranged in such a way that there is about 4 1/4" of effective difference between ball of foot and heel. The heel itself I have no idea what to call. It's not really a block heel, not a cone heel, just a tapering, wooden heel that slims down to about 7/8" by the time it reaches the ground. Super nice. Now for the bad news: They're a little tight. However, I still have hope because they are real, thick leather straps and they didn't even have any signs of toe prints on the insoles, and hardly a mark on the heels, just a little scuffing on the leather sole. They look like they were worn once or twice to some sort of special event. Therefore, I have every confidence that they will stretch a bit over time. I will not be using the Steve Method to stretch these (wearing them in the shower). I'll just have to be patient and disciplined and wear them for very short periods of time frequently.
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    I've been lusting over these for a while now, but I can't bring myself to putting down $600 for a pair of boots that is, while attractive, in essence fairly classical. And then there is the thing about sizing, I don't own any Yves Saint Laurent boots yet, so I can't really say if their "41" is going to fit me well. Is there anyone that owns this model and can give some feedback on fit? Cheers
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    Finally decided to try these from Italian Heels. 150mm, so a challenge. I’m hoping these make 5” heels seem easy.
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    Got these shodazzle 5 inch mules off ebay and i can't take them off. Went to home depot this morning and stopped at a dozen garage sales. The comfort level on these is a 10, I'd classify these as perfect shoes. I can spend hours in them including a lot of walking around and the look is stunning, i.e. perfect heels. Structurally sound as well.
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    hi heelers HaHa i just thought i'd show apair i've purchased and are on their way from FSJ shoes these are going to be my new go to casuals
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    There seems to be a bit of bias towards streetwear on r/malefashion, but I thought I’d drop this and see what happens:
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    The funny thing is, I am not wearing a skirt. Perhaps the silhouette and heels are a little deceptive
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    It was fun to stir the pot, but I dialed it back on my next post to r/malefashion. Blocky Cuban heels seem to be a bit less shocking to the larger crowd, and there are already many on the sub who are getting into the trend of heels as male fashion.
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    JS Claudette, wanted forever.
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    Wow, I have not posted in here since February? Sheesh, where does the time go?! The excuse is that work and family take most of my time. The truth is I have a tendency to be lazy and when there isn't much going on, I don't see a need to post about it. However, I thought I would take a few minutes and post an update here to say, 'Hey, I am still here and still heeling!' Since I last posted in February, there honestly has been little in the way of noticeable heeling, aside from my Converse wedges. Those things are just so darn comfy, and they go with everything! The first thing I want to talk about is church. The church that my wife and I have been attending regularly since moving out to the Bay Area in California is wonderful. It is not 100% of what we like/want, but then it's not really supposed to be about us. It does do a great job of getting the message across, and we really enjoy the atmosphere and people that we attend with. Since we have been attending this church, I have worn my Converse wedges every Sunday. I usually wear my American Eagle kick boot jeans with them, so hardly noticeable, right? However, the nursery that our son is in during church has the same staff each week. They are a wonderful group of ladies who just adore and get so excited to see our son. Now I tend to be an observant person whereas my wife is not. Needless to say, there was one week where I caught one of the younger staff checking out my shoes, then looking up to see a guy wearing them. She didn't say she liked my shoes, but she didn't give a sneer or ugly look either. She smiled and we dropped him off. But when we came back to get him after the service had ended, I now noticed that her and another younger girl on the staff(when I say younger, these two girls are in their mid-20s I'd guess, so younger than me, lol) were checking out my shoes. I looked to see if there was any kind of response; nope, they just smiled and wished us a good week. Each week that I wear a different colored pair, they definitely make an effort to see which ones I am wearing. To expand on church today, I did change it up a little bit. Seeing @JeffB and his posts about fashion free-styling made me realize that just because I don't wear "noticeable" heels, that doesn't mean I cannot post about them! So today I changed it up a bit, but it was the result of my 20 month-old son picking out my boots. I set out a pair of riding boots and a pair of 3" heeled boots. He chose the riding boots, so I decided to make it work. So today I did not have on but 1" heels, but it still felt great! They are my Frye Melissa back-zip riding boots. I wore my usual AE kick-boot jeans and my Old Navy top. Now I think the top maybe got a few looks, but my wife also noted that from straight on, it makes me look 'wider' than I really am, lol! I admit I have been wanting to find/wear some slimmer fitting tops, but I am still working on my gut and love handles... However, I noticed no looks from our friends in the nursery today. I guess I need to be more adventuresome next week! I've got more to post about, including wearing heels to work for the first time! That will be in another post.
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    To shift gears for just a moment, here's an update on the Alaïa sandals I bought, mentioned last week in the "new shoes" thread. To recap, they are very nice, and pretty much just what I wanted, but a little tight. I have now worn them 3 times, and they're loosening their grip a bit. I think they'll be fine after a few more wearings. On the first wearing, which only lasted about 30 minutes, they were tight to the point that it was difficult to get them on. Upon the second wearing, I applied a good amount of water to the parts of the one strap that is tight (right around the outside toes) and wore them for about 2 hours, plus walked a mile in them. That helped a lot. The third wearing, pictured below, did not involve a lot of walking, but was about 3 hours. They are still snug, but much different than a week ago. I think if I keep on them, they will actually become comfortable.
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    In all honesty, I dress for myself and not for others. I do recognize the risks that come with that when wearing heels. Risk of social disapproval, risk of social isolation, risk of social rejection as a possible long term romantic suitor (short term girls don't care). The pleasures though, far outweigh the fleeting risks of the above possible pain points. If I choose to be extroverted, I am engaged in some sort of social value exchange when I wear heels. The value I create for myself wearing heels ought to be stronger than the lack of value others perceive. Then I can bring them into my reality. It's the backbone to sales really. That's if social assimilation is important to me. Which it isn't.
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    Recently a lot of anger has surfaced in me, not in relation to heels, but in general, about some things life has thrown my way. I've found that quite often the anger helps in overcoming any reservations about wearing heels outside. Contributes to the "F all this negativity, I want to live my own way", and out the heels come and off I go. Once I'm back, it's a lot of the confusion usually comes back... Thank you Cali for the encouragement. One thing I've tried to take away from my lurking on this forum is how everyone here dresses. I'm trying to look masculine, don't care for skirts or anything else from the ladies' side of the store. Trying to combine heels with my regular wardrobe has been a challenge, but I think I'm getting better...
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    It’s getting kind of warm though - I’ll go casual but you can’t get me out of boots: Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice that boots with shorts seemed to be a theme for Raf Simons today: https://nowfashion.com/raf-simons-menswear-spring-summer-2020-paris-27800
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    I have been debating on whether to say anything, but for professional reasons (I just installed one that is bigger than the average person's living room), I feel compelled to point out that UPS, other than being a shipper that often brings me new shoes, stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Because we have to make sure that all those cat videos on social media aren't interrupted. Congratulations on passing 500, by the way!
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    I couldn't help myself, for under $24 with free shipping Textured Peep Toe Mules from Express.
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    Went out and about with the family this morning in the new 19” tall cowboy boots with 3.5” heels, and nobody paid particular notice. They look a lot like the other pair with 3” heels that I often wear, so I wasn’t expecting it to draw any attention really. But it feels good to keep building up heel height in nice footwear that doesn’t cause controversy with my wife over “girls’ shoes”. Meanwhile, there’s been some good response to the boots on Reddit. I think there is a growing trend towards guys wearing higher heels, especially in boots and Cuban heels.
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    Jaunt #500, 6/9/2019: When I began this thread in the latter half of 2008, I honestly had zero idea where it would lead, or even how long I’d be doing it, in short, I ran this thing up the proverbial flagpole to see who, if anyone would salute. But, I’m happy to say a great people here did indeed salute over the years, something that pleased me then, and pleases me today. As I’ve said here more times than I can count, I had undergone an evolution over the years I’ve been regaling everyone with my adventures, going from a mere heeler who, at the time, had been perfectly content to wear heels with men’s clothing to a full fledged fashion freestyler who proudly wears women’s clothing and accessories from head to toe on my jaunts. And, as I’ve also said, if I stuck with just wearing heels, I would’ve gotten bored and quit long ago, I have no doubt about that, but, by trading jeans for skirts and dresses and other female garb, a whole new world opened to me, exposing me to the wonders of freestyling, and I’ve loved every last minute of the experience which has enriched my life, leading up to this, my 500th outing. The timing for this special outing was by no means an accident. You see, it was on June 5, 2011 that I wore my first dress in public on my 100th jaunt, a sleeveless black sheath which I paired with a steel gray blazer and and black spike heeled patent pumps. I remember having been more than a tad nervous at the time, having no idea what to expect, but, being I was already an old hand at skirt wearing, that first time in a dress wasn’t as terrifying as I imagined to have been, on the contrary, it felt damn good and I enjoyed myself, little did I know that first time would lead to one of my most important paradigm shifts as a freestyler. Eight years and four days later, I trotted out in a dress for that 500th outing, there was nothing else I wanted to wear on this special occasion, nothing else that would suffice, however, since I wore black in 2011, I decided to go the other way in terms of color, that being a white, polka dot camidress from Old Navy which I paired with new shoes from Payless, the “Paige” sandals with 2 1/2 inch wedge heels and a matching handbag. Now, the last time I sported a camidress, I wore a denim jacket over it as I was unsure about baring my shoulders, chest and back in such a revealing garment, but on this outing, I said ‘screw it!’ and did just that, proudly to boot! As for the shoes, I took advantage to Payless’s going out of business sale to buy the Paige sandals half off for $18 bucks, admittedly, it was an impulse buy, but I found those shoes to have been really cute, so much that I bought a pair in black. I’ll wear them on a future outing. As for where I went, that place was the Philadelphia Museum of Art, my favorite place to soak up culture by the boatload, the weather was sunny and warm and a tad breezy, perfect conditions for a spring outing. There was a fair sized crowd in the museum when I arrived and, as a member, I was greeted warmly upon my arrival, but no one, neither museum personnel or visitors noticed my attire as I took in two exhibits, one on Japanese woodblock printing from the 18th century and impressionist art, both of which were utterly fascinating, however, I was noticed little over an hour into my visit as a couple of twentysomething women passed me by in the Modern Art area, both grinned and one of them said, “Cute dress!”, I grinned and thanked her, as always, it’s great to get compliments, especially from women who pay attention to fashion, regardless of what kind....or which gender wears it, sure, they saw a man in a dress, but that didn’t stop them from liking what they saw, and that’s the important thing, and why I obsess over looking my very best on my outings. Nearly four hours later, having seen as much as I could (but, as usual, not everything), I left the museum and headed into Center City, it took some twenty minutes to find a parking spot, but once I had, I hopped out, fed the meter and strolled two blocks to Rittenhouse Square Park, more crowded than usual because of an outdoor fair where art and sculptures were being displayed and sold, the park was packed to gills with onlookers, no, I didn’t buy anything, couldn’t afford any of that stuff. Having finished my gawking, I found a bench and sat down to get in some reading on my Kindle, half an hour in, a woman in her thirties walked by, gave me a smile and whispered, “Love your dress!”, I smiled back, gave her a wave and thanked her. After an hour of reading, I packed up and casually strolled down crowded streets to One Liberty Place where I relaxed with a cup of iced tea from Saxbys, simple as that, no one gave me so much as a second glance, short and sweet, I had a great time, perhaps my best time yet in a dress because it felt so good to wear it. Meanwhile, my evolution continues as dresses are now first and foremost in my personal pecking order, while I’m not giving up my skirts, they’re no longer my go to garment, dresses have come to mean a great deal to me and I plan to wear them as much and as often as I can, because I love them. What a long, but not strange trip it’s been for me, sharing all my adventures with everyone as I evolved from mere heeler to fashion freestyler, and there’s no going back to me, not that I want to, I’m having way too much fun! More to come, including.... THE NUMBERS!
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    Jeremy Pope wearing a very modest heel at today's Tony Awards. See attached. And this tweet from Jordan Roth back in April to celebrate the end of Kinky Boots Broadway Shows https://twitter.com/Jordan_Roth/status/1114902824951918596 Hahaha!! Had to laugh out loud at the first comment, "looking like the secretary the wife is worried about." Lots of great feedback there! Good job.
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    Here I am at Costa in Booties getting into the action from Scotland. LOL
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    @Rowland - wow great pictures there bud, especially the first one. I've seen some model's legs that are not that good looking from that angle.
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    They are comfortable and the neutral colour will go with anything. Didn't wear them to the wedding as it was a former co-worker. I have, however, dressed as my alter-ego and attended some outdoor weddings. It is fun just like going anywhere in heels. HinH
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    Hi everyone, Even though I don't like your answer, they are probably reasonable to follow. Merci à tous Thnaks to you all for coming back to me on this and same me probably a lot of troubles
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    Since this is still going and I have not had anything fantastic lately in my opinion,!,!,!,!, here are my entry’s
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    There seems to be a misconception that gay men are universally accepting of heels or freestyle dressing, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of gay guys who get offended by a guy doing anything feminine. Some go as far as being very anti woman. You might be physically safe in a gay neighborhood (unless someone’s there to beat up gays and goes after you), but don’t expect everyone to celebrate crossing gender lines.
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    Good Morning fellow high heel place members , i'm thinking i may head to the piano bar again tonight and see what's HAPPENING !!!!! will report back if your interested let me know who's interested cheers Malinheels

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