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    Came across this news clip on the Highland boots where Stuart Weitzman himself says “I wish guys had the choice of things like that.” But we do have it, since I regularly wear them...
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    The skirt and boots was today's outfit since it was so nice out. I just ran some errands that needed to get done. And the leggings were from yesterday when i went out to grab some dinner
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    This is what I wore to pick up my kids from daycare. Our oldest(2.5) loves the colour pink. He enjoys it when I wear these pumps.
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    Sounds like a great place to work, p1ng74. And you are right, start with something reasonable height wise. That is what is so bogus about all of the "I tried high heels for a day" videos done by men who make them sound like total torture and impossible to wear. Sure, step into some 4+ inch heels without ever having worn a heel and it will be hell very quickly. Women start out as young girls with 2" or so and eventually work their way up. When I met my wife, she said she hated wearing heels and only had kitten heel shoes. But I purchased a few pairs for her in the 2 3/4 to 3/12 inch range which she wore more and more often, and she eventually got to the point where a 4" heel was fine for her. Wouldn't be any different for a guy!
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    Who else here in America is bundled up in boots as the arctic front rolls in?!
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    Just received these. I bought them because I was just curious surprisingly they are very comfortable.sizing is perfect.And very walkable ( at home only) A funny feeling because the pressure isn't on the balls but on the arch and the heel. Could be good training shoes 7.1/2 minus 1 inch platform slightly slendered.
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    Black Pumps are mine. Loubs from a hot mysterious blonde on the right.
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    I have been a heel wearer for a long time. First, the late 70’s platforms, then Cowboy boots. I found large size women’s heels on the internet and in one or two California “exotic wear” shops. I am six feet five with my bare heel on the floor, Size 13 (US) male feet with a high arch made for wearing heels comfortably. My legs are short proportionately - so a three to five inch longer trouser brings my appearance into proportion. I don’t consider what I wear cross dressing, but there are places and times I do not wear heels, though almost all the time my heels unnoticed, even if my ‘new’ six foot eight height does. My wife accommodates my choice, but is terrified that I will be recognized in heels and she will need to explain. So usually my public experiences are in cities I travel to when I touch a few extra articles of clothing, long jeans or slacks, in with the heels. The Jeans store Buckle has long men’s and women’s jeans. I am wearing their Payton bootcut jean with a 31 waist and a 37-1/2 inseem with a platform oxford from Pleaser that has a 4-3/4 heel at the back right now. I’m sure I’ll get lots of support and ideas from the members here.
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    Well, after a full day working yesterday I’m back here again today in my little snake affect stiletto ankle boots, a few in again today, mostly men, nothing to report though really, just sitting here minding my own business and enjoying my latte, if anything exciting happens you’ll be the first to know lol
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    I believe when any one of us is able to inspire another to enjoy their life more than before we have fulfilled not only our mission as a forum website but also our fundamental obligation as human beings. That is to simply care for one another. This is not the exclusive domain of the those who say they care more rather it is the collective conscience caring for the neighbourhood no matter how far flung it may be. It is inherently in our best interest to inspire and encourage others so our species can continue thriving. As for motivation I can only say I have drawn on the strength of my experiences and certain people along the way to master small but important skills. I am not college-educated though many are surprised at the revelation. I have run no large company, started no business, have not invented anything, have not been elected to any major office and have not made splash on the world in any famous way. Yet, I am successful. I have been successful at marriage whilst many around me are not. I have, with the solid foundation that is my wife, been successful at child-rearing. A daughter is a registered nurse and a son is an engineer. I have been successful at investing. When I left the US Navy at the end of 1985 I had a net worth of about $6000. I saved and invested and saved some more over the next 31 years by buying older cars with cash and driving four of the five over 200,000 miles, taking a bag lunch, brewing my own coffee, doing my own yardwork, my taxes, and removing my own snow. I retired at the age of 57 last year and had a net worth of $975,000 at the end of 2018. No inheritance, no gifts, no cozy relationships on which to ride someone else's coattails. I listened to good advice along the way and especially listened to anyone older than I. Listened to what they did wrong but honed my ear to what they did right. I have a monthly pension for the rest of my life and a decent amount of savings for travel, projects, and incidentals as well as a supplemental retirement account which continues to grow. I have my 2 acres with my house, our 40 acres in northern Wisconsin, one acre near Flagstaff, AZ, a 250-acre tract on my dad's family farm in Quebec and have NO debt anymore. I do not need creditors or their system anymore because I am my own system. When one renders the credit system irrelevant it is a source of power and confidence. I seem to have a nearly inexhaustible source of internal energy which is where my confidence comes from. Why not use it to enhance the lives of those around me??? Once you get to the point of self sufficiency you realise one day that banks and lending institutions have to compete for your business instead of you groveling for theirs. I believe so many more people could be successful at solving life's financial challenges if only they'll do without for a while and avoid the mistakes others are making. So much of the poverty which plagues young people here in the USA is because of poor life choices. Buying new cars they don't need, buying a house three times the size of their needs, buying too much crap online, smoking and "going out" and hanging out with others who do the same. Sure, you can hear and see motivational talks out there but it always comes at a price. I give my advice free of charge. It's the best kind really. Just one story of one average person who kept his eyes open and ear to the ground. Anyone can do it. Everyone should. HappyinHeels
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    I got a really nice deal from a very lovely lady. Given the price of these beautiful black patent pumps it was like sold to as 80% off. Shoes were still brand new due the fact that its too big on her (full size bigger from her original size) so i got pretty lucky. I was waiting for her to ask whom the shoes are for but unfortunately she did not wonder or anything. I cant wait wear these out with a nice out fit.
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    Sunday was denim day....monday was my casual leather look day with my new to me leather heels.
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    I was watching a Perry Mason episode recently and a woman is standing on a foot bridge. Long thick dark hair, dress and the traditional black leather pumps. There is a bright spot on the leather where the sun shines on the smooth surface. The quality of these shoes surpasses anything you can buy today. Perfect point, thin sole, nice leather and no toe cleavage. Sweet little spike heel. At the beginning of the Crafty Kidnapper episode is a woman on heels so thin they are almost invisible. The fashions, the cars, the buildings are all perfect. Take me back!
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    If only the fashion cycles would bring back some of the exact styling and looks of the late 50's, early 60's, and some of the 80's and 90's high spike heels that proved to be the best of the alluring classics. They have made our hearts yearn to feel their caress and long to accent our appearance as we gracefully move along our pathways. It's styles like these: that encourage us to wear high heels in making life seem a bit brighter and worth the effort.
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    Picked up 2 pair of Highest Heel Hotties. I knew before buying them I would alter the heel color and really like how they look. These are actually comfortable and got both pair delivered for $60.
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    Sounds like you guys had great days out, love talking boots with like minded strangers.... I don't think I have to worry about anyone naming boots after me though, "old corn flakes" probably won't attract many boot buyers
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    Hahaha love the pun hey still got a week or two but got my cast off atleast
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    Meeting the namesake. I went heel shopping today, still looking for knee high leather boots with a full zipper. The mall was EMPTY today, many shops had NO ONE in them shopping. Went to major brand names, Stuart Weitzman, Kors, Steve Madden, …. Stuart Weitzman had a very nice leather pair for only $285 (reduced from $795+), but not in my size. At the Steve Madden store a sales assistant and I got into talking boots. It turned out that she use to work at one of the Freebird stores and had meet the man that design Freebird shoes. I reached over to look at some boots and she asked “Are those Freebirds?” I had my Freebird Blaze on today. We then went on talking about Freebird boots, how she rarely sees them in California. Then she said they named a shoe after her, a shoe that I own two pairs of – the FB Canti. It’s a very small world out there. FB Canti
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    My Wife texted me and asked me to pick up some milk on the way home tonight. I called in to a small supermarket to pick this up wearing my Ralph Lauren ankle boots with a 3 1/2" heel paired with denim jeans. I haven't worn these for a while so I noticed how different they were to walk in compared to my lower heels. By the time I had walked from the car across the park I'd got the hang of it again. These heels are very quiet, so no noticeable heel noise but they are clearly visible below the jeans because of the slightly higher heel. I felt confident though as I shopped around the store and stood in the queue to pay. There were plenty of other customers who may well have noticed the boots but to be honest I couldn't say as I wasn't taking any notice. Dissapointingly my regular coffee stop has started closing at 7pm and so I now don't get there early enough to call off before they've closed. Looks like I'm going to have to find an alternative venue for a post commute coffee.
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    I wore these shoes for several errands yesterday started at the P.O., then to Lens Crafter's for glasses fitting, then to subway sandwich shop. Old pair of Shoe Republic LA.
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    Take care buddy, heel quickly
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    My afternoon relaxing in a skirt and heels
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    I am member since November 2004 so I like to introduce myself Name: Christian Age: 49 Gender: M Location: Bern Occupation: IT Height: 184cm Weight: 84 Kg Shoe size: European size 43 What's your favourite heel style: Stilettos What's your favourite shoe style: Sandals and Coutshoes and Boots Do you wear your heels outside: Only to quiet places. What is: (a) Your favourite heel height: 6" ( Your highest heel height: 7" How often do you wear: (a) Your favourite heel height: when I am at home. ( Your highest heel height: Occasionally Do you wear socks, hose, stockings or bare feet with your shoes: bare and hose Anything else you wish to add: I have been wearing heels for almost 30 years now. I have a big collection with maybe 70-80 heels and growing. Right now I am working on the 7" approach. Sometimes I go out in the nigh to wear my heels and I allways take 3-5 with me to chnage. And I go to petrol stations, ATMs and Parking spaces to walk arround and emjoy the heels hight. I am a freak of very high heels
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    Well we can’t have everything all the time I guess. If someone else wants them badly and picks them up then we all still win. There will be other boots, other days... Also, very interesting day today in the office! We were all gathering for a meeting and the lady on our team said to me, “I wish I can walk in heels as well as you do.” I thanked her and wished her a speedy recovery for a foot injury that currently has her in a big plastic boot cast. She told me she has high heels at home, and asked how high mine are. At this point other people in the room are jumping in on the topic, and an older male colleague asked me if they were women’s shoes, because “you don’t see men wearing heels”. I replied “doesn’t matter, they are my shoes now” and the whole room erupted into applause. But he continued, saying that if I kept growing my hair out people will think I am female. At this point, another colleague weighed in and revealed that he used to wear heels when he was in college! Still, the response to this was taunting by a 4th person in the room, joking “well well, now we wonder what other things you wore in college”. Anyway, if the office had somehow not noticed my heels up until now, today is the day everyone discovered it lol. It was a nice light hearted discussion, no different from the usual chit chat about anything else like family, weather, or politics. Once the meeting got going it was business as usual, no big deal.
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    Just bought these Jessica Simpson heels off poshmark


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