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    Can any of our American friends identify the name of these Nine West beauties? Thanks
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    Just had delivered brand new boots courtesy of Ebay. $40 bargain ! Jo Mercer knee high leather boots. 11.5 cm heel. 1.5 cm platform. Size 42 gorgeous !!
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    Blacksheep : Exceptionally nice pumps. Nothing is more classy than black patent leather pumps. Also, they go with anything. As you can see, I have and wear and love my own pumps. spikesmike
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    Just picked up these all leather beauties from E-Bay for $32 after shipping. Very comfortable and easy all day 4.75" heels. Wore them to restaurant last evening. They remind me a bit of the logo booties for HHPlace.
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    Michael Kors Susan Flex pump. Leather upper with rubber sole/heel tip. So far comfortable and quiet. These might be my practical go to shoes for a bit as with 'feels like' temps over 100, boots are getting a bit warm.
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    I found this picture (now my screensaver) on the web a while back. It sums up the way my wife and I feel about me (us) wearing high heels. Have fun.... sf
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    I was wearing a pair of wittner ankle boots. Stlye name animal. In black leather. 1.5 cm platform. 12cm heel (pics of these boots is from another day)
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    I received another unsolicited compliment today about my Micheal Kors sandals. There is a lady about my age who comes to church every other Sunday (I think she works every other Sunday), and she is always in heels herself, usually sustantial wedges. Today, she asked me if I liked her shoes. They were 5" wedge heeled sandals with marabou type feathers on them. I cooed over them a bit, then she asked me about my shoes, what brand they were and what size I wear. I suppose our conversation might have continued a little longer had my duties not obligated me to go right then. Included is a picture of my shoes.
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    Pierre1961 agrees with aristoc. So do I However, I say " If we can do it, So can they." And she does. spikesmike
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    It's been a while since I received a compliment from a stranger, but I got one yesterday. I was at the grocery store to pick up a couple of things real quick. I was wearing my Michael Kors Sommerly wedges with shorts and a t-shirt, nothing special. As I was walking in the parking lot to go back to my car, a young woman who was maybe about 25-30 years old caught my attention and said, "Cute shoes!" My first reaction was to giggle, which in the grand scheme of things wasn't a horrible reaction. I thanked her and looked down at her shoes. She was wearing white, strappy wedges which were attractive with her office casual outfit. I quickly said, "Yours, too!" We smiled at each other and walked away. A very brief encounter, but I thought it was worth noting.
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    Hi all chilling at work. Tapping away on the computer. Giving my Wittner pumps a go. Have a great day
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    Just collected my new Pleaser, devious scream 01 heels. they are size 10 with a 6 3/4" heel and 5mm dia heel tip. they are too high to walk in, standing is a challenge but awesome in bed
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    About a year after the Nicola Thorp case: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-36264229 comes this report on the pros and cons of wearing HH: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-40779617 Some of the comments are amusing such as: "But my wife makes me wear them "
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    although i have a single pair of strappy heels they have a closed heel. On ebay i found a pair of 9west us11 strappy sandals. I was expecting it to be a try on, not comfy, doesnt fit exercise......... i offered $15-16 ish. Accepted and here they are. Im stunned by how well they fit, how comfy they are AND how easy to walk in. 11cm heel, .75cm platform apologies, i need to touch up toes, but its winter here officially! So thats it. Im off ebay for a while. I need to sell some to make room for my 3 recent purchases
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    Got them, tried and wow <3 I love the arch, the style, the look and useability
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    Hi everyone was in Tony Bianco yesterday. Tried on a pair of black stretchy sock style boots that were crotch high. Dimity is style name. 11.5 cm heel. They have some wow factor but a little high in heel and tight on toe but wowee, felt nice also nice that the shop assistant said. "They look good on you. You have better legs than me. I cant wear them"
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    Just order these Steve Madden's on clearance. I hope they fit. · 5 inch heel height · 1 inch platform
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    All down at our big convention & exhibition centre for a 3 day expo. Wearing my fave CLARKS knee boots 9cm heel, 1cm platform.
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    Time for another post. These days my outings are becoming very routine and uneventful. Plus my outing venue tends not to change much at all. I am down to a handful of places I frequent on my outings. So generally I decide wether or not I will post my travels on an outing by outing basis. Unless something postworthy happens on an outing I don't always post. Such was the case tonight. I wasn't going to post but my outing results dictated otherwise. Ever since the calender turned to July we have been getting some "hot" weather. The kind of weather you expect around here in summer. Most days you can wear shorts no problem! I am starting to acquire several pairs of wedges and or heeled sandals so I have started experiment with womens shorts as a result. I have never been a fan of long shorts anyhow. So womens shorts just seemed like a natural! I put an outfit together rather quickly and headed out. Laptop in tow, I went to my usual spot for some internet browsing. Everything went as normal. I was winding down my outing when It happened! A university aged women was in the establishment. She looked familiar. I had probably seen her there before. She was wearing a nice pair of black and cork wedges. And she definitely wasn't ugly either! I had every intention of saying something to her, I was just waiting for the right moment. She was waiting for her order feet away from my table so I got a good eyeful. Once she had ordered and sat at a table I decided it was go time! I got up and walked past her table to check out a rack of items for sale. On the way back I passed her table and said "I love your shoes!" She said "Thank you! I like your shoes as well, I was admiring them!" I went back to my table and you couldn't wipe the smile of my face. I guess she noticed them waitng for her order but didn't say anything. That was a great way to end things, so I packed up soon after and headed home. Enough rambling! Now for the outfit and pics. The outfit 1) black t-shirt 2) Boom Boom brand dark jean shorts 3) Bamboo brand tan gladiator style wedges 4) Tan color silver detailed handbag
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    I don't know if @badmike is a member here or not, but he's got some decent looks. His profile says he's from Salzburg. https://www.instagram.com/p/BUNb7wpgPZt/?taken-by=badmike
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    I have a pair of brown boots just like the ones you just showed. I don't remember the exact name but I will surely go home and look for the name. They are the highest pair of boots from Nine West that I have ever had. They are really nice.
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    Jaunt #386, 8/5/2017: You'd think that as much as I love numbers when it comes to my thread, I would've known that this outing was my 300th in a skirt, but I wasn't aware of that until I returned home and entered the stats for the jaunt. In a word….WHOA! To think I've worn skirts THAT many times now has been astonishing, but, more importantly, it's been a hell of a lot of fun, and it continues being an absolute blast. Anyhoo, I found it appropriate that my 300th jaunt in a skirt was to the King of Prussia Mall, a place I would NEVER have thought about venturing to just a year ago, but now has been commonplace when it comes to destinations to enjoy a day of freestyling. Anyhoo, regarding today's ensemble, I sported a turquoise blouse with a tan chino pencil skirt, the Payless “Stacia” low wedge sandals in tan and a beige satchel bag. I arrived at the mall garage shortly after 11 a.m., hopped out and went into the mall. I remember experiencing a measure or nervousness the first time I wore a skirt at KOP, wondering how my appearance would be received, and when nothing of substance happened, despite being around thousands of people at the largest mall on the east coast, I came to realize that what I was wearing had no impact whatsoever with the people there, and on my ninth trip there in freestyle mode, nothing at all has changed, and I find that refreshing. Being a creature of routine, my first stop was to the comic book shop there where I spent a good fifteen minutes or so, then I sauntered down to the food court which was mildly crowded for lunch. I stood in line at Chick Fil A where I bought a chicken salad sandwich and a bottle of water, then sat next to a large and rather boisterous family, intentionally to enjoy my meal, and without nary a notice from the family, in fact, the only time those folks took notice of me was when the mother, looking a tad frazzled, apologized for her kids being noisy, I grinned and told her it was no problem. After lunch, I wandered about, passing by the now shuttered store that used to be JCPenney, I felt down since I bought several skirts, women's tops and handbags there. My wandering through the mall, passing scores of uninterested people led me into Old Navy on a whim, and, on another whim, I wound up buying a couple of dresses that caught my eye because they were cute and casual and interested me. I'll be sure to show them off on future adventures. And so, with my 300th skirt outing in the books, having spent little over fours at KOP, I'm looking forward to many, many more outings there in the future. More to come....
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    Yes we can, only problem is girls don't enjoy or care for us to wear them, heels or tight jeans even pantyhose and skirt no matter or very least accept it without bemused grin or giggle or cackle roaring laugh. Call it envy, jealousy but i find most woman are conditioned to respond in negative manner at least some to regards of our fashion style. Heels look sexy no matter who wears them yet to bad some can't get over the fact men wearing them. Struggle we face..
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    Ordered those beauties yesterday, for €60 I couldn't resist. Specially when the old price was around €220.
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    I already do it at night! With someone else it would be easier.
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    So a while back, I had posted in one of the threads about how a girl I am friends with at church was eyeing my riding boots one day when I was wearing them under jeans. I called her out on it, and since then we have discussed shoes somewhat and she has seen pictures of my heeled boots and current converse wedges I have been wearing to church. So that's one girl who knows and I called her out on. Then two weeks ago, another girl at church saw my wedges, asked if they were wedges, and in front of some other people I initially denied it, because in all fairness I was caught off guard and nervous. Afterwards, I told her she was in fact correct, and she complimented me saying that she likes them. Then there was today. After service, the our minister's wife was standing in our lobby/gathering area. As I walked past her, she was dead faced staring at my shoes. Now I'm an observant person, so I noticed her looking. I then proceed to watch her go over to the first girl I told to ask if she noticed I was wearing wedges. Now I can read lips pretty darn well, for those that don't know. Again, they still are unaware I am privvy to their conversation. The first girl tells the minister's wife she knows about them, and tells her I also have boots that are flat and heeled. Now the second girl walks up to them to say hi. Minister's wife asks her if she knew I was wearing wedges, to which she said she found out two weeks ago. So the minister's wife leaves, then I go over and call the two girls out on it. Not in a mean way, but a playful, hey I know you were talking about my shoes. You should have included me lol. They try to deny it and play it off, whatever. So then I message the minister's wife on Facebook, and informed her if she is curious, she can always ask me about my shoes directly. She apologized profusely and complimented me, saying she thought they looked good and she loved the color! I told her not to be shocked in the fall/winter time. She said she won't be, but she'll make sure to let me know if she likes the shoes I wear! The reason this is important is because up until roughly this June, I would never have contemplated wearing any kind of heel or wedge around our church. So I guess I'm finally less nervous and apprehensive now. Once the minister's wife knows, all the ladies will know, haha. Overall though, I'm glad I had a chance to talk with her. It makes me more comfortable with wearing them around people I know won't judge me, even though I fear they will...
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    I have recently recounted my church story elsewhere on this forum, so I will not repeat it in full here. I am well accepted at my church, and I never feel it's like, "Oh, we mustn't upset him." However, I do agree with @Cali that not all background talk about your heels is negative. I have found that in many cases, people talk amongst themselves, but are nervous to ask me directly. That's really a pretty normal reaction. Fairly recently, I had to occasion to have a private meeting about some staffing issues with our Associate Pastor. He's been with us for about a year. He had never mentioned anything or reacted in any way about my heels up to that time. Toward the end of our meeting, he finally asked about my heels, almost apologetically. As it turns out, he has enthusiastically admired my courage to wear what I like from the first time he met me, but it took a year of wondering until there was finally an appropriate time to ask me. I think in our minds we often think that people are way more negative than they actually are.
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    nzfreestyler: Well, I do pay a great deal of attention to my appearance because I strive to look my very best. I wouldn't leave the house if I didn't. And yes, I agree that I do blaze trails for others to follow through my experiences in public as a freestyler, and that's a good feeling. Lawrence: I don't have enough hair to let it grow, so I don't worry about it. When I go out in a skirt or dress, I only want to look like me.
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    I agree with @Cali - now that its out there, and no one is objecting (and to have the minister's wife happy with it is a big thing!) - you might as well push forwards and enjoy it!
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    The next step is to announce it to the congregation for the few that haven't heard. Or you could put a notice in the church newsletter. (just kidding) So they will be looking are your shoes. You can do nothing but own it and enjoy it. Always have stylist shoes from now on. Make the women envy your heels. Have fun, there's nothing else you can do.
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    Went to wittner yesterday to try to decide on a pair of boots. Im torn between elliot ankle boots and mariko thigh boots. While there i saw a whole bunch of shoes on special so spent a bit of time trying some on. These were 2 of my faves. I was really surprised that the bold pink pumps looked so good
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    hey i'm on my way!!! wish me luck! (distressed jeans look good!)
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    An interesting article. I would not necessarily say that people who wear higher heels than the Chelsea boots he mentions are "ahead" of him, only that perhaps they have a different style sense. Both groups - the author and stiletto wearing members of HHP - wear heels above and beyond those deemed appropriate for men by society and Twitter flash crowds. True, killer stilettos are far more likely to attract censure, and require more nerve and a bolder sense of style and self belief, to say nothing of athleticism, but if the authors tastes naturally run to Chelsea boots, or modest wedges, rather than stilettos or much higher heels, that does not put him "behind" anyone. He too is doing what he wants and not what society dictates.
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    pebblesf: Don't hold your breath looking for real leather boots from pleaser. Pumped: You may want to look at Onlymaker <--(spelling) for a fare price on boots. spikesmike
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    I really hope this pleases, my selfies that is. Maybe just a scarred old zombie, but hey, life aint easy. Aug 3d. Todays outfit. Top and skirt from Hm.com. Nice heels from Tamaris, my all time favourite brand. I dont know if I enjoy or like this outfit. Being a tad too young and feminine for old me. The top is OK, but its very fitted, everything shows... The skirt is kind of awkward. It is not leather, its faux. The problem is the slit that goes way up, dont like that! The heels is best of all. Its Tamaris model 24405 in suede, 10,5 cm heel, you get them for 50 euro. They are soo adorable and fantastic to put on and walk with. So, here you go then. Is this not appropriate for my old age, or is this a nicely outfit, showing all and all my best curves......
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    After reading most of yor lovely stories and sooo nice outfts, I couldnt resist the temptation to add some spice and makeup to your latest outfits:
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    swedeheeler: Good going on your new purchase. Your lucky in as much as I can not wear straps or open toe. Lost two (2) toes on my left foot on July 27, 1990. So I am limited to the kind of shoes I wear. Do you wear your heels in public ? Let us know. spikesmike
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    OldMountain: Give Salems Boutique a call in New York, City . Perhaps they can help you. I had to wear a garter belt with these hose for this picture. The belt is a good one and I have had it for years. spikesmike
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    Jeff B is one of these rare individuals that looks like a man when he dresses like a man and a woman when dressed like a woman. Wonderful trait wnen you think about it. :-)
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    This are my fav Booties at the moment, also for some short bike tours . Pleaser Heels, very comfortable. So , wearable outdoors for a dude in Heels ? Well, I would say YES
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    My wife has had a change of heart and has accepted my desire to wear heels with the condition that the very feminine styles stay in the home and no venturing out side. I do wear my 4" heeled Musse & Cloud boots where ever I want, my friends have seen them and think I and nuts! I even wear them calling on customers. I get a few looks from them and an occasional comment, nothing negative, usually more confused wondering why I would wear something like that! I just laugh them off and offer to find them a pair. Anyway I ran across these heels and had to have them, with my wife's blessing. I have a weak spot for sexy black pumps, with or without a platform! I love the straight, slender heel on these. For some reason the heel shape is one thing that draws my eye. They have to have the correct taper, the contour where the heel meets the body of the shoe and even having the heel to far forward or backward ruins it, although a heel mounted rearward with everything else correct I do like, but I have not seen many styles that catch my eye. I am looking for a style similar to this with a hidden platform too. They are better looking in person, full leather, soles too. Amazon had them for under $40 so they were a steal. Vince Camuto Niomi. My left foot is about 1/2 size larger than my right so no mater what I buy I have that battle. Leather I can buy to fit my right foot and stretch the left to fit. When I first got them the left was almost unbearable, but with wearing them a few minutes at a time and wetting the leather the left shoe is getting close to fitting decent. The right one fits like a dream.
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    Not all that gossip have negative thoughts. I walked to my mailbox in another building the other day and past a group of 8 women eating together at an outdoor table. They are in a certificate program so 50 all take lunch at the same time. They were talking about my heels, obvious. When I walked past them on the way back one said, "We really like your heels. We've seen you in many other heels and you always got great heels." And of course I got several of "I can't wear heels that high, I'll fall over". Then of course what size are you, etc. Now when I walk past them, they want to know "who I'm wearing" and what color my nails are.
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    Love your experience at church. Found very funny and can somewhat relate. Although i never call out anyone like yourself, wearing my outfits, had amusing encounters of fellow parishioners about my state of dress outside of the church, at the gym. Let's say certain females attending the church recognize my face and wanted to do a intervention or have the pastor of the church do something about it. Funny thing was it backfired on some lady parishioners them being to timid to confront me about my outfits, while them being taught a lesson related to a homily on Sunday in front of entire church. Enough to say, "take out the thorn in your eye before you try to fix someone elses." Pastor said loudly "STOP MEDDLING! in peoples lives" Like you i never contemplate wearing heels to church seeing many might find it disrespectful. Hearing experiences of others in various times in my life of what the church expectation are for parishioners to follow in terms of dress code. Many people are born in manner which they been taught to wear their best dress clothes to church every Sunday. Seeing many don't follow that rule, few do, but it doesn't forbid anyone to enter or participate in Sunday service regardless. Heard stories when folks were vacationing in the Caribbean going to local church, in there white summer clothes, shorts, sandals, tank top, although formal in style were denied entry to put on pants to enter the Sunday church service. So it always stuck with me don't make waves always wear pants no matter the heat lucky my church has A/C. While sometimes i would prefer to wear bootie heel in my tight denim jeans i compromise in flatter sneakers while staring upon many females in court heels, d'orsay pumps or knee high boots even thong sandals. Do receive some stares upon my conservative skinny jeans i wear to the church or should i say snug, compared to what i normally would wear on the street. Yet do see the angst, hatred on some ladies faces at the church totally disagreeing of my choice of attire. Suppose i sort of make these ladies sin being judgmental upon my state of outfits yet i never seem to complete it entirely, heels in particular just because it would send shockwaves and more bitterness from the parishioners. Although find it bit ironic of the judgemental status of fellow church members which i don't know. Unless i wear a Hugo Boss suit with patent leather loafers i'm considered an outcast or someone to ignore. Even when fellow parishioners have moment to show a sign of peace sometimes i'm rejected or omitted to share a handshake of particular lady only because her adult daughter has crush on me. Hope the Minister doesn't object with your footwear. Surprises me that none has quoted a verse in the bible stating, no man shall wear women garments vice versa. Guess it's too late to object about women wearing pants to church is there? Glad you challenged your fellow church mates getting the 600 lbs gorilla off the pue. Don't you love it when you expect negative reactions, they often turn to lust, desire, envy, jealousy about the outfit. Lol, suppose we both are making weak woman in our respected churches, SiN like the devil's we are..... If you believe in tribulation end times guess Lucifer coming back to earth will be wearing heels along beside sitting on his throne his sharp pitchfork and long tail dressed in neon red. Many may complain his outfits clash to much needing to style in better contrasting colours.... Until then keep wearing what you want, just wish i had the courage like you.
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    Sounds like a lot of ridiculous bs to me
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    Pics are here with new colour toes, called dark cherry
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    In all ironic as I have never heard of this guy. Then again, I'm in the sticks where Carhart at Walmart and Rural King rule the roost. Something came up in general discussion among a small group the other day - - - The only people we have seen lately in a 3 piece suit was the funeral director and a Baptist minister. Yep - - I'm in the sticks!!
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    I can't count how many times that I worried about others "noticing" my unusual footwear whe I started wearing heels many years ago - usually with long slacks or jeans so that most the time you didn't have much to see anyway. After a while you reach the revelation that most don't see or don't notice and that infitessimal few that do don't say anything anyway. One thing I learned is to not appologize or feel guilty - embrass the moment - raise your cuff, and ask, "How do you like them?" - at worst you'll get an "Well each to his own."