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    Hi everyone, As a male heel lover since my teenage years and dealing with lack of support in many long time relationships, I’m finally in peace! For two years my amazing girlfriend is more than a big supporter, she loves my heel wearing and makes sure its not something that will be stuck in boxes or in hidden places. This picture is from a nightclub last weekend. She bought us two pairs of the exactly same heels... from onlymaker. Hope you like it.
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    Kurt Geiger Tuesday
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    oh my goodness is it safe to write here anymore?!!! so many complainers! anyway: the wild adventure becomes more: exciting! sorry to have not shared the last couple of years of fun stuff! i'll try not to tick off you more conservative folks! ah ha ha. the heels are not getting lower.
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    A couple more shots from that magical night.
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    This is pretty bold fashion, with the white and black, but I did wear the boots to a dermatologist appointment with two interesting comments. First, as I was entering the Doctor's office through underground parking, I noted a woman looking my direction as she got into her car. Before I made it to the entrance, she had turned her car around to pull up along side me and said something through the car window. I didn't quite make out what she said and I swirled around on my heeled-white-booties to ask, "What's that?" She then repeated, "You look fabulous!" I thanked her profusely and headed into my appointment. In the dermatologist's office there were a few female helpers and interns all crowded around my chair during the simple treatment on my forehead. Just as we were finishing the dermatologist said "Your boots remind me of my new Tesla." I said, "In what way?" He replied, "All of the seating is in white leather" "Cool", I said. The boots are a size 11, inexpensive footwear from Charlotte Russe, paired with ankle pants and Keith Haring T-shirt from, both from Uniglo and blazer from H&M, all male attire.
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    You could do a marathon in your apartment, maybe change heels every hour. It's tough, I find myself on-line 12+ hours a day.
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    Really fancy a pair of these, what do you think? Should I or shouldn’t I? Anybody got any experience of this style?
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    Yes.And as I asked for the leather upgrade it is not far from 300 $ but they are wonderful shoes. Perfect sizing,quality i can walk hours in them. It worthies the money. It would have been impossible to find these shoes in any shop. What about these @xlheel?
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    Bought these Pleaser Vanity-2013 boots from Poshmark Friday night, they showed up today! Ill get more pics up tomorrow!
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    My wife now allows me to wear women's loafers. It's a start!
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    they look fab up there: right where i can see them. (i always thought some brands super high heels were like works of art!) at the club: waiting on a lady friend! this was in an August: my feet are tanned to the maximum and that is a Revlon nail polish i'm wearing with my white 7.5 inch spike heels and stretch blue jeans! i remember that glorious afternoon: August. blue skies and very sunny! i had the good fortune of spending that entire summer at the cottage where i spent 8 weeks in my little black bikini! every now and then i came to the city to visit and of course would bring along my fun wear: super high heels and super skin tight jeans! when i arrived at that bar they had the big front windows open and there were street scenes happening, music and performers, so most folks were sitting around and watching those scenes. i arrived early as i wanted a drink before my gal pal showed up! i was of course feeling super sexy! at the end of the bar were two men, desk jockeys, office guys, likely my age, both of them wearing bizarre "Hawaiian" style colourful shirts, comb over hair dos, pot bellied big time, grey, and ugly. it was August and neither of them had a hint of a tan. they saw me come in and of course looked me up and down: i was the tanned and long haired beauty from the country, slim and graceful: the exact opposite of them! i got the usual disapproving looks from those two clowns but paid it no attention. i was a half hour early for my meeting, as i said, i wanted a drink because... the gal pal i was waiting for, she is Persian and one of the most gorgeous of the gorgeous and most goddess like beautiful: tall and slim, long black hair, dark eyes and oh my goodness just paradise on this earth. (i had the butterflies and this time not because of my white 7.5 inch heels!) while i waited i too watched some of the insane street scenes and the two clowns at the other end of the bar. those boys were into an hour or two at those bar stools. i looked at them and the impression i got from them was sadness. fully and completely sad, missed the fun times, too far down that road to ever do what i was doing, to wear what i was wearing, to have the spirit of wild and free. those boys looked like toads down there and i thanked my lucky stars that i did not look like them. sadness and ugliness are not things i would wear. pretty soon "SHE" arrived. she is the type of gal who, when she enters the room, everyone stops and stares. she was tanned to the maximum, wearing her skin tight clothes, her long black hair was hanging down to the small of her back, full of jewelry and bling, the gold on her tanned wrists looked amazing. absolutely goddess like and elegant supreme. she's not a high heel gal so she was wearing some flashy summer sandals: flats! (we talked about this before and she told me about her "high heels nightmare") those two office nerds saw her come in and watched as she approached me, and our sweet greetings. now they were looking at her as can be expected, every man in the room would be watching something like that! we didn't stay long. after we left the bar i said i wanted to watch the street show for five minutes and so we stood out there in front of the bar, right in front of those big open windows, where i knew those two sad toads could see us! what i really wanted was to stand in plain view of those two sad and sorry looking toads, i wanted them to see her. and i wanted them to see me in my super tight jeans, my bright white high heels, slim and tanned body! earlier they had given me that look that says: what you're doing is not right. what you're doing is stupid. what you're doing is queer. etc. and they of course were very wrong. you can have it all!
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    Funny about that. Usually, when somebody does that, you sort of groan (and maybe out loud at the computer), but in this case, it has actually worked out rather well. I can remember back in the Jenny days (before HHP existed, circa 2000) that if you admitted you liked platforms it was like admitting you were tacky. People were vehemently against platforms at that time. Of course, that's probably because what was available before the height explosion of the 2000s wasn't particularly attractive in any way. Ten years later, in 2010, platforms were everywhere, and many of them became lighter and trimmer, though many did not. My point is that we got used to them somewhat, and they didn't seem nearly as evil as they did before. I suppose it's like anything else that's trendy. It will eventually fade, and probably come back a few decades later. Kind of like this post.
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    I want those. My fav heel! (For shoes boots are another story!!). Those are killer !!!!!! They go with everything, skirt dress jeans dress pants leggings.
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    Here's an article from the Footwear News trade magazine that says Payless is coming out of bankruptcy and may get back in business again. Time will tell! https://footwearnews.com/2020/business/retail/payless-open-back-in-business-stores-1202903821/ Steve
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    How can you walk in 6 inch or more difference in between the sole and the heel? I tried to walk with those waders but was unable to 6.5 inches heels with 1 inch platform
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    I've got a few flat knee high boots, but I've only got a couple with a heel. I like these a lot. I like that they are wide around the ankle. They are Vince (Camuto), size 10. I'm typically an 11, but occasionally a 10 will work. It''s a bold look with shorts, which I've only worn a few times. Once to a paint store, where a woman complimented me on the boots, in the midst of talking about house paint options. Another occasion walking through the parking lot to an office supply store a woman glanced down and gave me a broad smile without comment. I'm much more likely to wear with pants however, shown here with men's clothes all from Zara.
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    Here is an great article from www.heelstoday.com about men wearing heels. SHOULD MEN WEAR HIGH HEELS? September 20, 2019 • High heels for men • High heels size 13 and up Men In Heels The concept of having men wear heels sounds very strange for a lot of people. And that’s because we are expecting the obvious. Women are known to be the ones to wear heels, so when a man does that it’s very strange and quite a bit uncomfortable. Which is exactly why it’s important to know what men think about it. Debate.org has created a poll where they asked the audience to see whether men should actually be wearing any type of heels or not. And it turns out that 35% of the men voted No, but 65% of them voted yes. What men think about wearing heels Obviously, most men that agreed to the idea of wearing heels stated that they should wear heels in private. Which is a very important aspect to keep in mind here. Men still want to impress their ladies and even do some role play. But that won’t really leave the comfort and safety of their home. Those that are against men wearing heels go with the idea that this is not something masculine at all. It sounds and looks interesting, but it’s also a tad problematic as you don’t know what to expect with all this kind of stuff. The primary focus when you wear high heels is to feel comfortable and to constantly try to push the boundaries yourself. But doing that is not that simple for some men, so it can be rather daunting and demanding at the same time. The problem with all of this is that men are expected to wear particular things and they are imposed these shoe types. Which is not fair. Wearing what you like Men and people, in general, should be able to wear whatever they want without having to deal with any restriction. That really goes to show how important it is to focus on growth and value, and the quality itself can be very interesting and powerful at the same time here, which is exactly a crucial aspect. We always wanted men to be more serious and to wear only shoes. But times have changed, we are in modern times and it’s important to allow men to wear whatever they want. That’s a crucial thing, to open up a great range of new ideas as we bring in more support and outstanding options to the table. That’s definitely a tricky aspect, but with the right approach, nothing can stand in your way. So, should men wear heels? That’s up to every man and what he wants to do. No one should impose a person what to wear and how to do that. If a man wants to wear heels and if he feels better doing that, then that’s all you need to know. Of course, there are demanding situations along the way, but the results themselves are among some of the best. It’s just a great opportunity and the options themselves are among some of the best every time without any hassle. We encourage you to wear high heels even if you’re a man, as you get to showcase your ideas and notions without rushing or imposing this idea to anyone. I liked this article it is well written and echos closely how I feel about wearing heels. It is each man's choice as to what clothes he wear or shoes he choices to wear. While it is somewhat sad that a lot of the 65% that said they should wearing heels, yet they feel pressured by society to only wear them indoors. Hey I know what it feels like wanting to wear my heels in public and taking that first huge step out the door in heels. But I know from experience that the fears you have about walking in heels in public are not as bad as your mind makes them. You just have to make up your mind that you like wearing heels, they make you feel good, look good and just take that first step. Like the poem says in "Lord of the Rings": So then in 2020, if you have not yet taken that step down from the door and out in public in your heels, let this be the year that you start this new adventure! Good luck, and like I say, "Keep strutting those heels! Ciao!
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    Poor conservation planning in CA and NV have gotten those two states in their predicament. It's not a matter of if just when it happens. Anyone who has seen Lake Mead can only be shocked in the drop of the water level. Too much water usage for too few people and stupid policies in CA regarding water management have rendered this verdict. If CA actually managed for results instead of talking about it this future may have a better ending. I would hope so. You'll see those places which abound in water will have enormous importance in the coming decades. It will become the new gold. HinH
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    I didn't think they drank water there, just alcohol! LOL Steve
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    You are so right, this man has done a lot to help men wearing heels in the direction of "mainstream".... Sure wish I could pull it off so well.... Love the black jeans and great Paul Bonds
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    many thanks! i have been out there: high heeling and having a lot of fun with it! my wild adventures continue. here is a snap shot from a long ago summer time: that is my reflection: me walking down the sidewalk, a downtown street in Toronto, Ontario. those are my new 6 inch heels, on the same heel and platform as my go everywhere sexy Sherbert sandals. my feet are super tanned as it was August. those are a pair of fun stretch jeans i bought while in Scotland. that was a long afternoon and evening in those shoes: 8 hours worth, with a gal pal. when it was time to take them off, oh my goodness my feet needed the rest! we walked for miles that day.
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    Hi all got these super tall and sexy pumps now for some time(maybe 2 years). And I thought to myself I have to have the same in black - so I logged into the website of the producer... and I ordered them and they willl pop up in the next days in my postbox. (the heels has 16cm of nice heel hight and are very comfy to walk despite the hight and the sole is not slippery at all.
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    All of the above seems pretty accurate to me. Except that part about women going barefoot. Cooler months are one thing but not in July when the average maximum temperature advances to 103F/ 39.5C and pavement temperatures are much hotter than that. Las Vegas exists for enjoyment (and separating you from your money) and they do a magnificent job entertaining the world's tourists. I have become more familiar with it over the last five years as it is on our route from Wisconsin to my my wife's home city of Mexicali, Mexico where the average July maximum is a toasty 110F/43C in late July. I have developed a decent working knowledge of the city after driving around, shopping, and staying there. Yes, wearing heels is no big deal there. Go while you can. Las Vegas will run out of water within 40 years if a different approach to business as usual isn't taken. In the meantime, go and enjoy. HinH
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    When in Vegas I wear heels everywhere. But I wear heels everywhere anyway. In Vegas it just seems to be more fun. Like bluesman says, there is so much activity going on that no one notices, and if they do, they don't care - unless you get a compliment, which has happened to me several times. And that is nice. One consideration, depending on where you are staying, getting around can involve a LOT of walking. Not an issue in flats, but depending on your heel height and comfort of the shoes, a lengthy walk could be an issue. Many times I have seen gals in heels struggling to get around (still looking for a guy in heels BTW). Some gals even opt to go barefoot - yuck. I would never do that. Enjoy yourself in Vegas..... sf
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    Any of the casinos are good choices. All are carpeted so you don't risk slipping on tile, and everyone's busy losing money so no one's paying attention to what you're wearing. I also like to go on Fremont St. and out on the strip, particularly around Plant Hollywood, Bellagio, etc. Again, everyone is busy gawking at the sights. Welcome to Vegas, enjoy!
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    A fun scene from the Halloween adventures, 2019. I'm wearing a tell all black body suit and my white 7.5 inch heels! Made a 6 hour adventure of it, a beautiful evening and a very beautiful lady next to me!
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    The outfit looks amazing! The Tesla comment stands out since I work for them lol
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    Mail's arrived, Christmas heels.
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    Here's the pic I said I might provide. Maroon Ann Taylor LOFT lace top. Fake Chanel brooch. She loved it. Michael Kors 3” heel boots. She also loved them. Reached down to caress the heel and admired the gold details. I also put her on my back (piggy back style) and spun her around in circles. In heels. It's something I do with a lot of girls. Overall a good time in Williamsburg.
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    Well done mate, if in doubt you can always rely on a good coffee shop, great progress though, you’ll soon be wearing your boots over your jeans before long, keep it up mate
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    Bought these classics after a year long pause with heels...absolutely love them!
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    Now I have finished a closet for all my shoes. Please share your pictutes of your closet.
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    Great job buddy....Doesn't it feel liberating? You will gain confidence with every outing, have fun....D
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    At breakfast this morning and stopped at walmart for balls and tees. I think my golf tees have wider shanks than these heels.
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    Somewhat in a similar position, but I try to go far enough from home that my immediate neighbourhood will not find out. There's a danger that others who know me will see me, but at those times I take that risk. Otherwise I will be stuck at home only, which is no fun. Starting to focus more on potential trips, and trying to plan ahead... OUTING: Had a chance to try my new 5" ankle-boot (no platform) outside, along with another 5" ankle-boot (with 1" platform). It was in a suburban neighbourhood, and it was dark already. My no-platform-boots, although they're size US9, I have no idea what kind of messed up sizing system they used, as US9 would be way too small and unworkable for me, but these shoes are a perfect fit with socks, and I mean 100% perfect, so comfortable. I don't think I've ever gone out in a 5" boot before, but I simply had to try these out. As usual, it was with long jeans covering most of the heels. Getting out of the car is getting less of an issue, and I am starting to not worry about that at all. Although I've worn heels this tall inside, outside turned out to be a challenge. Took me about 10 minutes to get used to it, and figure out how to handle the slopes on a sidewalk, and the ups and downs of driveway entrances. I didn't trip, ankles didn't go out, so am quite proud of myself. Walked around for ~30 minutes, and it was an amazing 30 minutes. Had some people walk by, but didn't care. Did get a small group of teenager guys walk my way for which I stopped and messed around with my phone until they passed. I didn't trust that situation. After 30 minutes of walking about, my feet didn't ache, my toes weren't crushed, I love these. Although the heels are higher than my usual, I'm surprised how well I did. Before calling it quits, I had to try the other boots, so changed into them, and took a quick stroll. I don't know why, possibly because after 30 minutes with a 5" lift, wearing something with a 4" lift was child's play. I felt like I was wearing my sneakers, so comfortable, so easy to walk in. Overall, I had no issues, both new boots did great, and I'm super-happy. Before heading home I considered stopping by a grocery store or something just for the thrill of it, but decided to head home and not freak out my wife (that I went into a store in heels - maybe next time).
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    I (re)claimed heels and wear them as my everyday shoes, so I don't consider wearing my heels out as an outing. To me it just my normal. It's more of an outing when I don't have heels on.
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    Dresse de as a man,with heels. That's totally unusual. And that's why it's fun. No one can put a tag on you! I am getting old also. So I am wearing heels visible more and more. Go ahead. Pierre.
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    Oh! That sucks! If my 1/10000 odd is good ( which is probably not), crossing the CDG airport departure/ check in level all the way long approximately 30 times a year,with at least 1000 persons able to see me,that make 3 pictures of myself in someone cell phone! Plus all other airports and different places I use to go with unhidden heels,then more than 10 could possible But! Not so many people notice someone walking from the front,a lot from behind and for sure standing in the escalator. In that case the face is not visible i never noticed someone obviously taking a picture of myself. What a good thing not to be a well known personality! Conclusion: I won't give up wearing visible heels in public!
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    Had a need to go to some stores, and though I would try some new heels I bought. Lower, ~3" chunky heels, but light brown, harder to hide. Jeans, TShirt and my bag. Sat in the car for a few minutes, contemplating things, then got out and just went for it. I felt very comfortable, and not so self-conscious as last time. Walking in heels outside is interesting, can't hurry as much as I usually do, which is kinda nice. Anyway, went into one store, browsed around for ~20 minutes but didn't find what I was looking for. Reparked by another store, a much busier store, and again sat in the car for a few minutes. Then got out, and went in. Timing couldn't have been better, as a lady with awesome heels was walking out. Went in, grabbed what I needed and walked out. Nothing unusual happened, no comments, no stares, nothing. The boots do look a bit like cowboy boots, but they were very hidden under jeans. I'm now happy, I got it out of my system for the time being.
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    So for Valentine’s Day, my wife and I did something special for each other and bought each a pair of boots. Hers were brand new and from Macy’s. It’s been more of a struggle to find boots for her because she has wide calves. Actually, she played soccer and might be closer to extra wide calves. But the good news is that she has lost weight and some calf circumference. She is now down to 15.5” which opens up the opportunities again. Anyway, we found these Bandolino Lella boots in a suede material that were on last call for about $51. They fit wonderfully on her and she was super excited! This is the first time we’ve bought her new boots in a while and the smile on her face was priceless. I’ll include a web picture of her purchase. Mine were a purchase from Poshmark. I absolutely love Frye, and I came across these almost gray Regina boots. By default I am not a fan of pointed toes, but I love the back zip and the color just looked amazing. There was a small amount of wear on the sole, but overall they’re in great shape and were only $60. My wife even complimented them which was a plus!
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    I often use these ankle bands which lock, and wear over my boots. If I leave the key at home, I guess I'm "forced" to wear heels.
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    Amanda : I like this post. Will you also be judging us on age differences ? Or any thing else like heel height ?
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    Have found a Picture on the net of some extreme block heel Oxfords, Wonder if anybody knew where I can buy them
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    Hi there. These are the first pictures I have posted of me in my heels. They are a new pair of above the knee, lace up Stiletto Boots with a tiny hidden platform. With a leather skirt and wide belt, its all leather from waist to floor ! A first try, I look forward to more. Have fun. JS
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    At long last the shoes was released from the tax department.
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    My X BF bought me a pair of black 5" stiletto pumps before. They had the ankle strap with the lock on each one. I wore them for him under a pair of jeans for an all-day outing with him and hoped we didn't get 'stuck' anywhere since I was 'stuck' in those heels.
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    Tx FoxyLady... About that wall pose. I hear what you say, but on the other hand I think it is also sexy when stilettos sink into the turf. That aspect of penetration is seductive and powerful. You should read up what I say about it in my study called, "The language of stilettos" on my website. Tx for the comments Stilettography

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