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    My 1,000th post. Wow, it only took 15 ½ years.. When I “stumbled” across this site in 2002, I was elated to find someplace where like-minded folks could gather and exchange ideas. And it has been a wonderful experience. I am a straight, married guy with kids who, for my entire life, has always liked ladies shoes and sandals. And to this day, I still do not know why, but I just do. I knew that there had to be at least one other guy out “there” that felt as I do, and the discovery of this site allowed me to realize that I was not alone. As a teen and young man I wore gals flats, but in 1996 I “jumped the shark” and got hooked on high heels. Being out in public in ladies high heels was, to say the least nerve wracking, but with the support of an understanding and loving wife, coupled with the interaction at this site has made my venture into high heels an enjoyable experience. Looking back, I hope some of my posts expressing my experiences, frustrations and successes in wearing high heels has been helpful, and maybe even entertaining to some. I don’t claim to be an expert; and I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I am very happy that I have found this site and been allowed to contribute over all these years! Thank you... Take care all, enjoy your high heels, wear them proudly – I know I do!! sf
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    Ysl Tribtoo boots. So sexy omg I love them :D. Expensive but so worth it
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    Since a bunch of my old pictures were deleted due to being too large, I thought some new ones would be in order ( this time I checked the size ). Firstly, boots I wasn't sure about at DSW, felt great but seemed just a little too similar to ones I already have. So I passed on them. However, If they get discounted some more by the next time I'm in there again. I may have to go for them.
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    Hi all I am on a boot buying spree! Got 2 new pairs of boots on Polyvore a few weeks ago & the first of them just arrived yesterday. These are Marc Fisher Neela2 boots in size 10. They have a 4 inch block heels. Wore these out last night with tight jeans (pictures uploaded in my gallery) & they are very comfortable to walk in. The fit is a bit tighter than my Polomia boots but it should loosen up when I wear them more often. I love it that they have a opening at the back which can be tightened when I am wearing the boots.
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    These aren't new, I've have had them for about 6-7 yrs, but I've never wore them out until now, so there is that LOL. The thigh boot in general is a bit bold for me to wear, and they are kind of hard to walk in, even with a platform they have a very steep incline and a narrow base . I wore them early in the morning to a place where I knew there would not be many people around.
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    Bought from Amazon.com late last year, and finally got around to wearing on an outing yesterday. It's the Pleaser "Dream" four inch heeled knee boots. The buckles on the sides made for quite a dynamic touch, and yeah, they were a dream to wear!
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    Calvin Klein Laneige If it laces up and comes in smooth or patent leather, I must make it mine!!
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    Returning to the group after several years away. It wasn't because of you all :-) Pictured here in Nine West Tatiana
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    When I wear my Madden Girl Krisis (below) I have had men ask me where I got them, they want a boots like that. Peter, just be prepared with an answer.
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    Hiya all, Long time no hear... I haven't heeled in almost a month, been having some challenges at home (not heel related) and I just haven't had the motivation to put them on. Today I felt like doing it, and have enjoyed it again so far! I wore my wife's flat tan leather boots for a while (more on that below), and then changed to my pull-on high heel tassle boots, seen here - and they surprised me by pulling straight on over my skinny jeans and socks. I haven't worn them in ages and forgot how lovely they feel. My wife came home before from running some errands, saw me wearing them after she hasn't seen me in heels for ages, smiled in some kind of an amused way and said "ooowa" and looked at them a few times during our conversation. We have been through a lot over the last few weeks and things are very sensitive right now. its going to take a long time to fix the issues that have come up, but I am hopeful that it can be done. I guess not wanting to heel during this time might be not wanting to complicate things further, but at the end of the day, its just that I didn't feel like doing it. Anyway - back to the tan flats. They are real leather, bought from M&S I think, size 9 UK and are a really great fit. They are actually my wife's and she has worn them for years (you can see the leather kinda needs some TLC -- any suggestions?). She pretty much lives in them during the cold winter days and I can definitely see why, seen as they fit so well. I find myself becoming a little more interested in flat boots lately (am I getting old??) and even bought my first pair of OTK boots recently - which were flat. I guess they are just less of an issue to throw on, casually. Though worry not - my love for heel still burns strong! These have very different sound to that of high heels - a more high pitched clupping, rather than click clock... am sure you know what I mean. Seen here with my dark skinny jeans tucked in. Still gotta master that part... not having them pull out when I stand/walk.
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    OTK stacked heel look boots showed up today. Faux suede with full zipper and very comfortable.
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    Hello! I have been a long time lurker on this site so I figured it was time to make an account and get involved! I enjoy wearing heels on a regular basis. I try to put outfits together that usually incorporate heels and skinny jeans. Currently trying to venture out in public more often but it is a slow process for me. I love to see that a lot of male members on here wear heels out all the time! I have a pretty big collection and look forward to sharing with you all!
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    Found these yesterday on a final sale. They are the match to my knee high boots without side zipper accents. These are the OTK version. Just a cheap china version but for $15. Who is going to complain.
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    Ordered these today. Found them on urbanplanet.ca on clearance. I am not usually into the lower block heel but I saw a woman wearing a similiar pair and liked the look. Thought maybe the top could be turned down and worn under a looser fitting jean. This could be my first step out into public with a rather inconspicuous heel depending on the heel coverage.
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    They look great @Peter1 - exactly your style! Considering to wear them out? *** I am considering buying these - on sale from asos - stiletto thigh high boot, for £13.00 Doesn't say how high the heel is, but probably a 4" any comments?
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    tomham: I do not remember ordering these ankle boots. One day they appeared on my doorstep. I must say they are a great fit. These ankle boots are size 47 eur.. however, You can find an identical pair on the ShoesPie site. ShoesPie show them in much smaller sizes. If you write the ShoesPie people and ask for a larger size, They may fill your order. On the ShoesPie site be sure to Go to the " Ankle Boot " section. Good luck. spikesmike.
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    ...maybe not super-extreme but at slightly over 6" and no platform, these boots are a bit of a challenge (at least for me - lol)
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    Got some new boots. 18,5cm heel with a 3cm plateau, very high but amzingly comfortable to walk.
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    Bare leg...the lighting kind of sucks, but anyway.
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    There are already a lot of nice legs and heels. Let me try. I start with these photos. Other will come later...
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    Yes they are. Made in the UK by the old Leatherworks team. Have more than a few pairs of Skyscrapers including some thigh boots and always pleased with the quality.
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    It would have to be someone who would be present! I'm wondering about wearing my new block heeled boots instead of my usual wedges. They're still fairly quiet, but of course the heel would be much more obvious.
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    Howdy, It has been forever since I have posted regularly. The last three years have been absolutely insane. Every now and then I get to poke my nose in and see what is going on but I rarely get a chance to post or even reply. It has been nice over the last few months when I have been around as it seems like there is a real decent bunch of folks hanging out here these days. With the exception of Walk a Mile in her Shoes events (which in Sacramento is a huge family affair with 800 - 1100 walkers) I have not been out in heels for just about two years. I have been wanting to get out for some time and yesterday I finally got to do it. A couple weeks ago I picked up a pair of wedge sandals from Shoe Show online (pic below) that I absolutely love and they actually fit well. I have spent years trying to find a decent pair of tall wedge sandals and I finally found them. I wore my new wedges with jeans and a black tee shirt out for some errands. I went a couple towns over to Citrus Heights and did our grocery shopping, a trip to the pet store, and had two stops at gas stations. It was so nice to get out again. I felt like a rookie getting ready to go though. The nerves and butterflies were huge. I forgot just how nervous I can get when preparing to head out in heels. I did, however, have a huge challenge getting my right shoe buckled - could not, for the life of me, get the strap poked through the second loop. It was enough struggle that it used up all the adrenaline and I felt pretty well at ease after that. I had no problems during the journey although I am pretty sure that and older fellow laughed after he saw me. It didn’t break my spirit though. It just felt so good to be back out in my heels. Standing atop those shoes at the gas pump on a gorgeous sunny day, breathing crisp, fresh, post rainstorm air while the sun warmed my face was simply magnificent. Walking confidently through the store like I was out on a leisurely stroll lifted my spirits and made me smile. It would be great to do this more often. Well, this was a lucky fifteen minutes at Starbucks. I hope I get to poke my nose in and even participate more often. Not so sure it will happen though as most of my time and energy is with my family and raising our little boy who struggles with high functioning autism - Asperger Syndrome. So until the time that I can step aside for a few minutes and a cup of coffee I wish you all the best. Larry
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    Hmm! I might have to give that ensemble a try....minus the facial hair which is a major turnoff for me. Meanwhile.... Jaunt #421, 2/17/2018: So, two weeks have passed since my last outing, eh? My, my, how time flies when you’re dealing with lousy weather on weekends. Actually, today wasn’t fully pristine as snow was in the forecast for mid-afternoon, making my outing shorter than I’d like, but I still managed to go out and about, garbed in my black leather jacket over an oatmeal colored sweater tunic, black leggings with a pleather panel down the side (both from Old Navy), a black handbag and my latest footwear acquisition: Pleaser “Dream” four inch heeled knee boots. As you can see in the link, those boots with the buckle adornment makes them look super sharp while the heels were good and loud on the pavement. All in all, these are probably the most dynamic boots I’ve worn that weren’t thigh highs. As for the leggings, I have to say they’re pretty darn fun to wear, moreso than I thought, now that I’ve done the long sweater/leggings combo a third time (twice in 2018), I’ve gotten used to how it makes for a great outfit, one I have no fear whatsoever wearing, and I feel bold in this ensemble too. Anyhoo, my outing took me eastward, first stop, downtown and The Rittenhouse Square area, the traffic was thicker than usual because of a crane lift on Walnut Street, but I found a parking spot and sashayed (I’ve practiced putting some sway in my hips when I walk, a necessity when wearing heels) to my friendly neighborhood comic book shop where I picked out the week’s newest books and yakked with the staff about the Eagles and their Super Bowl win over the hated New England Patriots. Then came a walk down Walnut to One Liberty Place, strolling past scores of people, none of whom gave me so much as a glance. Once there, I enjoyed a light lunch of a salad from Saladworks, a woman behind the counter, after giving me my change said, and I quote, “Have a nice day, Miss.” That made for quite a little surprise, in all the time I’ve done the freestyling thing, I don’t recall ever having been called by the female pronoun, but I didn’t mind, I just went with the flow, then went to eat. After I finished lunch, I treated myself to a cup of Saxbys hot chocolate which I’ve mentioned before is pretty darn good. Following an uneventful stroll back to my car, I motored over into South Jersey and drove to Moorestown Mall area and Staples where I bought a new flatbed scanner to use with my computer after my old one gave up the ghost a week ago. While waiting in line at the register, a little girl in front of me, no more than seven or eight looked me up and down with wide eyes. You’d think she’d never seen a middle aged man wearing women’s clothes before. Maybe because she hadn’t. While my outing wasn’t as long as I would’ve liked because of the weather (I wanted to see Black Panther), but I still had fun. In the meantime, look for future outings in leggings, the closest I’ll come to wearing tight jeans like I used to do before I went all in on wearing skirts. More to come....
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    My wife brought these home from Urban Planet for me. They are sold online also. Nice valentines gift.
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    Heading to work on train with sun just popping up and casting long shadows. Wearing my Clarks purple suede ankle boots. I like the shadow effect of the heel, and thought I might share it. Have a great day!
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    My second entry in the pure leg and heels division. Can't show any more of the legs. A few more entries to come.
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    Hi All, I know this has been covered before but, as it was the first time I really noticed it, I decided to post my experience. I was at the Aldo store at the Prime Outlets near Kenosha, WI talking to my favorite store manager when I noticed a guy with his wife while she shopped for shoes eyeing my "Thalia" brand ankle boots had gotten at Macy's about 3 years ago. The boots are black with a 5.5" stiletto heel and about 3" of that was visible under my bootcut jeans. I also has on a longer Michael Kors coat which I had bought a year ago at Burlington for just $50. He locked eyes but said nothing and didn't say anything to me or his wife just then. Once the manager came back she resumed her conversation with me and his attention went back to his wife. I didn't feel any differently but it was interesting all the same noting his look and wondering what he may have been thinking. Maybe he was wondering "when the hell am I going to get around to wearing some". Maybe not. I suppose the look is much of the excitement I guess. I just wish I could wear my heels and share the shopping experience. We're all such lone shoppers here! HappyinHeels
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    As promised, some pictures of my New pair of boots, 7cm heels (with 1.5cm plateform ) very confortable and easy to walk in...at 18€ (with a bargain) i could not let them pass!
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    Two great finds at the thrift stores. The ones with gold chain are Steve Madden shoes... $8. Out and about driving, these images were during a gas station stop. Definitely, keepers, as I really love the arch on Steve Madden shoes and straps are definitely my thing. The second are unknown... the name has worn off, but there are a set of lips on the sole.. Again... I love ankle straps and these are double ankle straps. Very comfortable leather... I think I got these for $7. ( taken while browsing a Rainbow shops store ) Thrift stores are an addiction for sure. No doubt, both of these pair are keepers.
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    HeelAddict99 : Like the heels, Love the hose
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    First entry in the pure leg and heels division...more to come
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    A bit of competition - so I'd better show my legs from a few angles....
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    Here's one from me. No point wasting time.
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    Here’s a question worth pondering: is being overdressed a bad thing? When I embraced the unique lifestyle of the fashion freestyler, I made it a point to always, and I mean ALWAYS look my very best. I mean, if I was going to traipse out in public wearing women’s clothes AS A MAN, then I’d damn well better make sure I didn’t look foolish or inappropriate. Because of that particular mindset, I tend to think I overdo things, that I overdress. I want to look sharp, I want to look stylish, I want to look fashionable, but do I go overboard at times as a result? Perhaps. Case in point: A few days ago on President’s Day, I went to the local casino to have a little fun and spend a little money, and while pretty much all the women there were in purely casual, even frumpy or sloppy clothes, there I was in a nice sweater, a pencil skirt, hosiery and heels, even for a place as innocuous as a slots parlor, I just couldn’t bring myself to dress down. Or on another occasion at the King of Prussia Mall, I sported my black leather jacket over a turtleneck, a dressy a-line knit midiskirt and high heeled knee boots, and I can assure you that NO other female, young or old was half as put together as I was, even though I didn’t need to be, but, I can’t help dressing up for outings like to the mall. I’ve said this a time or two or a dozen, and I believe it to the max: when I look good, I feel good, since wearing women’s clothes is great fun, I want to do it right. Perhaps vanity plays a part in my habit of overdressing because I like to show off, to display my fashion style since I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, something that’s also fun as I just love strutting about in a skirt and heels, it’s a highly intoxicating feeling. To everyone reading this piece, regardless of your level of commitment to freestyling, if you wear just one article of clothing or go the whole hog like I do, it’s important that you take pride in your appearance when out in public. That you put a premium in being knowledgable about fashion and looking your very best, because you’re setting an example to the whole world for men who wear women’s clothing, and that example should be we CAN look tasteful and stylish in the clothes we choose to wear and not odd, freakish or embarrassing. I don’t mind admitting I obsess over looking my best, I never go out unless I am, so, if that results in being occasionally overdressed for the surroundings I happen to be in, I don’t mind that at all. If anything, I’m rather proud to say I overdress, like everything when it comes to freestyling, it’s a thrill. Opinions?
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    New pair of boots on the way to my home! They will normally be delivered on tuesday...can’t wait for them! http://www.newlook.com/uk/womens/footwear/boots/black-leather-chunky-heel-boots/p/536010601?comp=Browse More pictures will follow next week!