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    Hi guys, not posting for a long while... But why not start with some photos of my new boots, a gift from my wife. I'm in love with them. Hope you like them.
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    Here are some photos of my wife's new boots too. Hope you like them.
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    These are the first pair of boots added to my collection
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    Picked up some new pumps tonight. Pleaser Teeze from Electrique Boutique in Dallas.
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    This site is EVIL. Down RIGHT EVIL. So I have been looking for boots for sometime. Been looking and trying boots on for weeks. Went to DSW and found these...more later.
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    Thanks all for your input.... happy to have facilitated one of the busier threads here for a while Some further clarification: Take a look at my albums, you will see I am no stranger to high heels (truly high!). My topic here focuses specifically on *public* heeling - for which I have virtually no experience. so yes... these Chelsea boots at the beginning barely pass for having 'heels'... but for me its a start. yes - some of us started with 6", but I think that's the exception rather than the rule. For me to start with simple fem virtually flat boots (but still fashionable!) is a place to start and hopefully gain confidence... Thanks to those who understand where I am coming from, like @Shyheels , @pebblesf, @SF , @Heelster and @Peter1 and others Thanks also for the suggestion for something like Cuban or western high heels - had not thought of those... though still prefer the fem heel style! Also I agree - most of us just want nice looking heels - and not always extreme, or the highest or most fetish looking on the market. we all have our styles, and that's OK.
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    I bought a pair of Nine West Fallon's in black, size 12. My comments from my album: The front is Nine West's flexible nubuck leather, the back is a stretchy synthetic with a flocked lining inside the shaft. The outsides actually blend well together, and are not visibly different. The gold tone zipper pulls were a surprise. Usually Nine West keeps its hardware silver/chrome. I love the pointy toe which is a nice change from Nine West's usual almond toe. The stiletto heel is stylish and a manageable 4 inches, albeit on my size 12 feet. I also liked the no-nonsense cut between the shoe upper and the shaft that wasn't just a straight line. What I didn't like was the huge amount of slack around the very top of the shaft. The shafts fit nicely around my calves, but I find the extra space above them a curious design choice, s the soft material makes the slack sort of flop around, It should be easy to take up the slack by hand-sewing a dart along the seam in the middle of the synthetic back Sorry for the hairy legs
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    these are my first posted
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    I think they are pretty hot. I wonder how many guys have a wife or a girlfriend who would buy him shoes like that. I think I can consider myself pretty lucky.
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    Morning everyone heading to Canberra for a overnight trip. Wearing jeans business shirt and nine west swarm booties in dk brown. Have a great day
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    Now for the second pair of boots
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    I just got these in today. They are from Andres Machado on Amazon. Sorry guys, I think I got the last ones in a 13.
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    Hi everybody, I am a man that just recently decided to fling social norms by the window and embrace my attraction to some items of feminine fashion. In my case, this is expressed from the waist down, as I am very fond of men's tops. I tried to find like minded individuals with whom to share outfits but all I could find were men that were in the whole shebang (meaning they fully dressed in women's clothing, doned make up, wigs, fake breast, a female monicker, etc.). As you can already tell, this is not what I am looking for. I am not interested in any way in presenting myself as anything else than a man, albeit one that decided he was going to be the only judge of his wardrobe. I am thus very happy to have realized there were men in here that were also into incorporating female fashion to their own without any change in gender identity. I am also glad that this website has drawn its boundaries as far as CD/TV/TS themes are concerned. I have nothing against those themes, it's just that there are already a bazillion websites catering to this population. I mainly own boots and booties and am very fond of the Frye brand. Clarks is a close second. I hope you enjoy my collection (still very small) and I can't wait to discover yours as well:) I'll usually submit whole outfits but some pictures may just present from the waist down. Moderators can delete them if they are deemed inappropriate. Lastly, I would love to hear anyone's feedback on the outfits I submit here (whether from men or women - it doesn't matter). My goal in my outfits is to present feminine and masculine elements in balance. P.S.: the oufits I submit are outfits I regularly wear out in public and also in my work environment. Best regards!
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    hi, its been a while. I thought this was nice to share... A new pair of Nine West right up to the knee boots, and my new leather dress. Very short dress so with the leggins. Its difficult to know if the boots actually stop ! Fantastic. Hi to my friend Maril, hope you like it, a bit of fun. js
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    Sefir, Be your own person. Wear what you want. You don't need anyone's permission. Yes, you'll get looks, but rarely questions or comments. You may get compliments from women who love shoes. But most people don't care. Teenage girls in groups will giggle. Ignore them. It's a great feeling of freedom to wear the clothes you want. Be in command of your life. You only get one chance at it, so make the most of it. Beware, however, that you MUST practice in heels to walk gracefully and confidently. You must take the time to do it, and you can't do it indoors - practice outside on real pavement. Watch for grates, cobblestones, sidewalk cracks, and other obstacles. Walking like you're an accomplished high heel expert exudes confidence and most women find confidence sexy. Go for it! Steve
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    Just saw this, seems to echo a lot of what is said here This Man Is Making A Case For Beards With Stilettos
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    These are my new boots i love them
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    I got these tonight. Ellie Sneak ankle boots. They were half off at Electrique Boutique. I absolutely could not pass that up.
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    Me!!! I've ordered some new boots
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    Hi all just thought it was time for a new pic. Blue jeggings with older fave pair of wittner boots.
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    As a cyclist I know that the formula for establishing the optimum number of bicycles one should own is n+1
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    Having a couple of days in Melbourne and planning on visiting some shoe stores on Sydheels recommendation _ so here’s hoping! Just got back to my hotel after a quick dinner. Wore my new Wittner ankle boots and they drew heaps of attention!!! Really pleased with them though
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    These were my weekend find at a thrift store. Practically new. Protective covering on the bottom of the soles was still on one pair.
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    These are mine, super comfy, even though they are hard to keep clean because they are white, 13+ hours a day walking for over 3 days.
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    Steve.... Yes, she is the greatest, nice gal too !!!! As for the sandals, they have been around for a few years. Actually got them at Target. Forgot the style name. Mine are an 11 and hers are a 6 1/2. The kitten heel is about two inches. I (we) have worn these sandals on occasion both individually and together. They are good for short walks, not too comfy for longer walking, i.e. going out to dinner. For me, I really like the thong sandal style and look...... To each his own..... Take care.... sf
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    I am one of the ones that is in the "lucky" column. My wonderful wife is OK with me wearing gals shoes and has purchased me shoes on many occasions. We even have a few pair of matching sandals that we wear together. Here's a pic... It's fun !!!! take care all... sf
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    @KneeBooted Very nice looking converse sneakers! i also have an old pair of wedges sneakers from Le coq sportif, and they are extremely comfortable and discrete (6cm heel height). In fact it's the only pair of shoes with heel I have manage to wore in public few years ago!!
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    I had always been interested in wedge sneakers myself, but couldn't bring myself to pay so much for the Dunk SkyHi wedges... Fortunately, I found the Converse Lux MidWedge sneakers at their outlet locations for no more than $30 each! The wedges are no more than 3", but they are super comfortable.
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    Today I bought these boots. (UK10, US14)
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    Just heading to dinner in perth casino skinny jeans, tee, jo mercer knee boots
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    Been wearing my Charles David Affluents to work, first last week my white pair and today my black pair.
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    I love it because the sun can shine under and the wind and the falling leaves can blow under my feet.
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    Good topic. For me, like most guys on here, it started out as fetish, but about 10 years ago I made the decision to go public, and by wearing heels everyday, the fetish aspect quickly wore off. But the enjoyment didn't. I still love wearing heels. My wife didn't want to see me in heels at first, and still wouldn't be comfortable with me in public in really femme shoes, like stilettos, strappy sandals, bright colors, ultra high heels, etc. But she's fine with me in boots, sandals, pumps, clogs, wedges, flats, and even with a pedicure (and manicure, too). I always carry a purse and almost always wear legwear. What is it about heels that I love? I love the feeling of being a little taller, and the feeling of having my foot bent into an S-shape instead of flat. I love the way women's shoes caress my feet. I love the way heels look, too - how they can be like works of art sometimes. That about sums it up. Steve
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    Jeremy, I just playing with our friend from down under. I think Sydheel wears his heels in public all the time, so they should be considered just his shoes. I've been wear women's shoes almost exclusively for the past 7 years. The only way I part with a pair that has made it's way into my closet is when they just fall apart from over wear. It's hard enough to find heels I can wear for 12 - 16 hours straight, that's why I don't part with mine. Most of my life I hate shoes, mainly because they never fitted. So shoe shopping was worst than getting 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time with no novocaine. Since I discovered women's shoes fit, I just love shoes and shoe shopping. It's so nice to wear shoes that fit. So what if I have 50 - 60 heels, they almost all get worn in public. Besides I can't be seen in the same heels twice in one week, I have standards.
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    Well, its official, I cant help myself when i see a bargain. Surfing on Gumtree and found a pair of Windsor Smith platform sandals in black leather, in size 11, Cheap and only a 30 minutes zoom to collect They are high, but with platform easy to walk in and Im surprised at how well they stay on your feet. ankle strap is velcro. Heel is 14cm, platform is 3.5cm
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    I've had a beard since 1981. - non stop. It's pretty white now. Now if only folks could see a Santa Claus in Stilettos. Nope - better stick with boots after Black Friday.
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    No music or fancy editing, just her talking a little at the beginning, then walking and pirouetting, but these just take my breath away...
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    Indeed jeremy1986, i bought more than 60 pairs of shoes/boots for her since we started dating 12 years ago, now She Said it was my Turn... Heheheh
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    So I finally wore heels out. Been a long since I wore them out. It was fun, exciting and felt like me, but also nervous and my mind couldn’t stop thinking of what other people were thinking of a guy in heels. This is what I wore to a party our realtor was having.
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    A great opportunity to take your wardrobe more upmarket, professional looking pencil skirts and away from the denim and chino This guy is on Pinterest, and he dresses like this for work everyday. Looks very presentable as well, though perhaps I'd change the polo shirt Time for you to take a skirted jaunt to King of Prussia tomorrow and spend spend spend! Slimmer ladies have access to the nicer fashions which is good. Not sure if size 12 is similar to UK size 10, which is a popular size for skirts and dresses over here... looking forward to your next jaunt! Pinterest had some other men's fashions which looked nice for work. The fluffy dress looks great seeing as the weather is getting cooler. Team with tights and booties for the look! LookBook has tons of ideas too. Nearly all these guys are in heels as well save for the last, but the sneakers look good
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    I recently lost a relationship and I believe part of her calling it off was the shoes. I am one that truely believes in being open and honest in any relationship as I have also lost a 2 other relationships to not speaking from the mind and heart. I have told and worn my heels with my mother and sister (separately) and my mother accepts it (probably not that comfortable with it but she hides it) and my sis likes it and supports it. After being together for 3 months I told and showed her my shoes and she was shocked. I went away for 2 weeks then when I cam back she told me that we weren't a good match.. she said I was the perfect guy (saying and doing the right things) but she felt she couldn't equally return the love and I deserved better, also that she knew my heels were part of who I am (not a fetish or a fad) so she said that she could never ask someone to change for someone else (she would dump a guy if he asked). She told me to never change for someone and that I should stay me. This may have been a lie but it make me feel better from what she said. I hope to find a women that is open minded and accepts/supports/enjoys my heeling... among other things
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    @jeremy1986 As promised. I am not sure if I like the look with capris, but it at least give you a good view of the boots.
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    New to me shoes, just purchased from AJ and thanks buddy. Added replacement tips to both pair. Micro thin stilettos. I really love the black and white pair. Extremely comfortable (AJ did all the leg work breaking them in), with moderate heel height.
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    @Peter1 - I just came across these - which I think you will like on sale at asos.com for a reasonable price. and if you say the 9's are a little big on you, these should fit nicely. and the should also be very easy to hid under pants in public link: http://www.asos.com/truffle-collection/truffle-collection-stretch-over-knee-boots/prd/7883100?clr=Black stretch micro&SearchQuery=&cid=15373&pgesize=69&pge=0&totalstyles=69&gridsize=3&gridrow=9&gridcolumn=1
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    just in from a road trip to remember! in the smoking hot heat, skinny jeans (bad idea in this heat) and my black sling backs and 9 hours of fun in the city. that was today. yesterday was just as amusing! but i've been on the road since Sunday evening and i am completely drained. be back tomorrow with the fun details. didn't wear the white jessica simpsons as my foot was just too hot to slip them into those size 10's. thank goodness for the size 12 sling backs!
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    Ah yes, the other pair...... I best get them posted A pair from Ebay. Id been watching for a long time. I think they went around about 10 times without selling, then I finally decided 'stuff it' I will give them a go. They are from NINE WEST and a size 10, but been an older style when 9West were a little roomier I was hopeful. The style name in BALBINA They cost all of $15, and are real suede with a very sturdy heel, and a bit of metallic look (chrome plastic) bling on heels. They fit very well, and the 1cm hidden platform makes them a cinch to walk in.
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    Thanks guys for the input. I have to admit that you are definitely right. I enjoy that I can go out in my chunky 4" heels with her. She took me even for a whole day shopping in those- Costco, Outlet Mall, Starbucks, church, etc. I surely could feel my feet after all day of walking in them. I told my wife that I like to wear heels but also I would like her to wear heels more often for me. She used to when she was younger but recently she got used to wearing sneakers with jeans. She was very happy about it and we went shopping last weekend. She picked up nice wedges- Michael Kors Josephine, she said we will go for a date dressed up together to the movies and restaurant. On the top of that she ordered one more pair of heels from Steve Madden, Ryatt in black, that is so I can pick which ones fit better with my outfit. I do consider myself pretty lucky dude and yes I will tread lightly.