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    Went shopping today and bought some new boots! Can't wait to wear them out!
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    Same place different boots, got these about 3 years ago from Dorothy Perkins, down to £15 in an end of season sale, uk size 5, 4” slim block heels, very comfy to wear theres a man sat opposite me who hasn’t took his eyes off them yet, wonder if he wants a pair, let’s see if i get a comment out of him
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    Hello to everyone Been a quiet period, work and weekend sports taking up a lot of time. Im just finishing a 3 day trip to Canberra, and was brave enough to wear some shoes normally reserved for warmer climes. I guessed I would be spending most of my time indoors. Here are a few pics The 1st 2 are my Wittner peep toe ankle boots in a sand coloured leather. Ive posted these before and these boots are a go to now for me, with denim jeggings The next 2 are Wittner 11.5cm (4.5inch) stiletto pumps, pointy toe and set back heel. I love these. Lounging in bar with black leggings. These were the 1st 2 days Then this afternoon I dropped in to the Canberra Centre Wittner store and checked out some current styles. try on 1: Gold boots are super comfy and with only a 9cm heel are way easy to walk in. The gold is gorgeous but I dont think went with the denim jeggings, maybe with black or a lighter blue ? Try on 2: Mid brown thigh boots, a stretch suede that fits like a glove, pull on, but surprisingly easy to get on and off. these have a 10cm heel, they are reduced big time but still $250, so I will wait a bit longer. They also come in black leather which I think I would prefer
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    I was looking for boots and I came across the Jessica Simpson Rollin Boot (Women) at Nordstrom.com. A platform sole gives an extra style boost to a tall stiletto boot upgraded. Full length zipper, goes up to a size 12....just in case someone is interested.
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    Had short trip with this bike that was lend to me. Bye bye bike... Had a great time riding it with these stilettos. Too bad I couldn't take a lot of photos.
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    Hello. I just found this place last week. From looking around, it looks like a fun forum to share. I look forward to sharing and learning techniques, and, of course, finding more new shoes! My favorites are mostly wedges, as we have a lot of sand where I am, and I'm not real fond of sliding on a stiletto. My booties, getting ready for a ride.
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    Little shopping trip tonight bought these!
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    I like to put on my boots occasionally during the warmer weather but some styles lend more towards the proper outfit and outside temperatures. For example...this pair of over the knee fur trimmed boots are not what you would expect to be wearing when its 25 to 30 degrees celcius outside. Never the less still fun to pull out of storage and try on once in a while.
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    Hi all, I would also like to join this contest wearing my only pair of heels, Pleaser Seduce 420. Thanks! LB
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    Hi All, Going to give my favourite boots an overdue polish later today. The leather loses it's lustre slowly and it's hard to notice. It's not until they're polished and you think, "wow!"  Will try to get some before and after shots if the lighting is suitable... Cheers
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    Well, the rain cleared last night, so I drove to one of my favourite secluded spots and set off for a 1 hour walk. Wore my favourite black boots. I know I should dive into my collection and mix it up a bit... But we know how it is... We all have that one special pair! All my boots are special. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise!!! , But there can only be one favourite pair! Anyway, my calves were a little sore, but my feet were fine. So, my high heel fitness continues to improve! I used to marvel at the women on the railway station, wearing their sexy high heel boots, I wondered how they would manage a 10-20 minute walk to and from the railway station every day. (Not all of them got driven to the station by car). Well, now I know it can be done. Now I can walk in my 5" heel boots for an hour without noticeable discomfort. Fun! Fun! Fun!!! I still watch and daydream about walking to the station in my boots, wearing boots all day at work, and then walking home in my boots at the end of the day. For the moment, I'm still dreaming. For the moment I am still discreet. But not forever! The day will come when I stride out confidently in public, wearing my boots! Cheers 
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    The women I am thinking of, who glide all day in killer stilettos, do not have massive calf muscles, but rather calves that are slender, fit and toned - deceptively so. I didn’t have trouble walking in the heels at all, no tottering Bambi on ice, just that my calves certainly felt it. Like I’d just done a good hill workout.
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    I was going out with this lady for a while. We had meet at work and our relationship grew from there. One day we were setting in the break room and the topic of men wearing heels came up. She said that she had never tried them enough to be comfortable wearing them. The next day we went to the nearest mall and went shopping. I already had my pair so I went and got her the exact same ones except smaller. We were walking around chatting. We walked by a lady that was handing out a paper on something. She just started chatting me up and giving me compliments on how brave and such I was for wearing them around so many people. I interrupted her and I said that my girlfriend had never worn heels before. The lady had to have thought that my SO was my sister. I never heard the end of that.
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    The first pair I properly bought was a charity find. They were Jeffrey Campbell fakes but I eventually gave them to my girlfriend. I liked them a lot but in the end they were perfect for her rather me. From there, I bought a pair of Pleaser Domina 2000 boots and the rest is sorta history.
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    New boots from Dolls Kill. "Nola Boots." They have sizes up to 15. These are 13 and fit my US men's size 11 feet perfectly. Definitely my style.
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    I just joined here, and am really glad to have found this place. I already had a growing affection for western boots, and last year when I started purchasing more boots to wear I also developed an affection towards heels. It started when I bought a pair of Tony Lamas, initially because I liked the tall 16" shafts, but they also happen to have a 2 3/8" heel. The first night out with them my wife complimented the way the heels made my feet look, and my interest towards heels and shoe fashion grew from there. Since then I have worn western boots every day, all day. I am always on the lookout for taller boots with higher heels. I might have more footwear now than my wife, and it has to be stored in various closets around the house, LOL. I haven't figured out yet how to get into the kind of heights that you all wear here. I know cowboy boots with high heels exist, though they are in women sizes. Fortunately I have narrower feet, measured 9C at my favorite custom bootmaker, but I am not sure how that translates to off the shelf shoes. The other day I was walking through Nordstrom and I almost melted when I saw that one of the sales guys was wearing a pair of lace up boots with 4" block heels. He was working the women's section, and it's too bad all I did was admire them, rather than walking up and asking him to sell me a pair! Anyway, attached is a picture of the elephant boots I am wearing today, just to give an idea of the kind of shoes I wear all the time. I am open to suggestions on where to go from there!
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    @hernaezjames wow great Pic, loooove your shoes specially with the bike. I have ridden in stiletto booties and loved it. How was your instep shifting with so much cleavage? I am guessing CBR 250? Skinny front wheel and the Honda on the crankcase and the CBR logo. I have to get myself new riding stilettos
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    p1ng74, Good timing on the question. A cold front just blasted into the Midwest and I decided to wear my pair of Exiliaration knee boots from Target with 5" stiletto heels because it was a 21 degree drop from yesterday. We need another 21 degree drop to get rid of these damn mosquitoes here. I think September is a transition month between open-toed styles and closed-toe ones. HappyinHeels
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    Getting ready to ride. Bootie on the motorcycle
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    Certainly in the uk boot season tends to refer to the availability in the shops, during the summer you only really find sandals and flip flops and light shoes whereas boots don’t really come into stock until mid August to the start of September hence “boot season”and I’ve noticed this year due to our exceptionally hot summer boots are actually quite late coming into stock, I’m with the majority of you though that boots season is all year round because i wear them all year round
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    I wear my boots all year round, regardless of the season also...
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    Yes there is a boot season. I have been wearing open toes sandals, wedges, block heel shoes since about May. I'll go a few more weeks before going to my closed toe heels. Only worn closed toed shoes (outside of kayaking or hiking) except for about 7-10 times this summer. I was asked by a woman that had only seen me in open toed shoes if I had closed toed shoes. I assured her I did. Plan to wear my knee high 4 inch suede boots with shorts next week, just for the fun of it.


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