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    I'm traveling with work and have packed light... a leather mini dress, long coat, leather gloves and My fantastic new heels bu Sam Edelsman. They are superb !
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    If i came into your office and asked for job, would you hire me?
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    Here is my latest purchase. I abolutely love these! The are Ivanka Trump brand and they are in mint shape! The only pronlem is they are small and tight. They are not my size and are roughly a half size too small.they fit fine in the back but the problem is the toe box. My toes are pretty cramped. I am hoping they stretch out a bit. I knew they were small when I bought and tried them on. But I just couldn't bear the thought of passing up these beaties and letting someone else have them! Plus I bought them second hand and only paid $15. So if they don't work out it is no harm no foul. But I sure hope they do! If worst comes to worst I can admire these on a shelf or something.
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    Hello We all get stuck in the everyday routine. We get up early to fight the congested traffic just to get to work on time. We get through the hectic work day and race the door to either have a after work drink with coworkers or spend time with the one's we love. As time moves forward so do relationships. You meet someone that makes you feel good and share common interests with. That all happened to me when I was in my late 20's. I was introduced to a hard working woman one night at a chain restaurant. We all had a good time laughing, talking and getting to know each other. After a few dates I began to take notice in my new girlfriend's footwear. There was a variety of shoes she would wear with her summer dresses or just the casual tops with jeans. As time moved on we were spending afternoons and weekends together. She introduced me to her family, friends and coworkers. I did the same when she wasn't working long hours. There was always plenty of conversation and lots of good food when we got together. Then one day she handed me a set of house keys and ask me if I wanted to move in. So after thinking the opportunity over I took the offer and we continued building a good relationship together. Once I was settled in I began to notice the assortment of her clothes and shoe's. I knew that I would have to open up to her about my interests in High heels. I had a pair of size 12 black pumps ( My 1st pair of Heels ) packed away in a storage box in the spare room with my seasonal clothes. As we were adjusting to each other's habits and quirks one night at dinner she ask me what other things excite me in private ? Was I being tested, did she discover a large pair of black heels ? So I slowly shared some ideas of what else I would like to share together in private. She was very curious about my suggestions. So I asked her the same question and she began to open up the me. That's when I knew It was time to purchase her a personal birthday to go with some of her dress up outfits. I ordered here a pair of black pleaser d'orsay pumps size 8. I got out of work before her in time to cook dinner for us and enjoy a big bottle of wine. I left her gift on the table with a assortment of flowers and a card. She was surprised at what she saw on the kitchen table. So she took a shower and dressed into something comfortable to enjoy a peaceful dinner together. Then I passed her the gift and I could not believe her reaction. She tried on the new heels and walked around the house for me. There's something about seeing a tight fitting sweater, jean's and heels. We finished dinner and began enjoying the wine that's when she ask me upstairs for the night and what a fun night it was. Then following morning I woke to the smell of breakfast cooking so I joined her. After breakfast she ask me if I would like to share something personal with her. She leaned into me and whispered I know you have an interest in heels all I could do was smile. She ask me to join her upstairs. As I began to walk in the room she stopped me and said it's ok I not going to judge you please show me what you have. So I went into the spare room and unpacked my heels. I put them on and nervously walked into the bedroom. She noticed a new difference in my overall height. She ask me to walk around the room and was surprised at how stable I was. She pulled me closer to her and we continued to enjoy the moment. After I ask her how she felt about my personal interests about wearing heels in private and she was very accepting. I couldn't believe it I found a woman that I love and she was comfortable with my private kink. So I continued to share my interest with wearing heels with her when we are just hanging out watching a movie or just relaxing together on the couch
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    Currently at home depot, blue jeans sweatshirt and 6.5 inch boots
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    Long day, 15 hours in my boots. Three women told me they liked them, one called them cute. LOL. Men as men in heels
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    I spent the last 3 days meeting some new colleagues in a training class at our office HQ, wearing the 4+” heels. Today multiple men and women complimented them, and we had positive conversations about shoes, style, and what it felt like to wear heels. I’m at the airport now, heading home...
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    Taking another trip in heels. TSA lady looked at my boots on the conveyer belt and asked me to take my shoes off. I pointed down to my feet to confirm that they were off... guess she didn’t think they were mine at first lol.
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    I was surprise by how many high heels I saw flying today. Most were either boots - stilettos or booties with block heels, and some high wedges as well. I had a 50 min wait before my flight that increased by an additional 40 minute delay at LAX, so I got up and walked around the terminal. With the hard floors of airports, my Soda booties made quite a loud sound. They were among the loudest, LOL. When we finally landed, the airport was basically closed and the 50 or so passengers had to walk about 25 bays through this empty cavernous airport to exit. You could hear the echo of those Soda booties the whole way. Sometimes you just have to own the sound.
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    I think one has to be careful not to generalise too much. When saying women complain about heels - not all women do, some do, and what shoes are we talking about - the term 'heels' is not specific. I wear heels all the time, I understand why women would complain - many wear heels because they feel they should - and womens fashion requires heels if you want to be trendy or go-ahead etc. Try wearing a pump - 4 inch heel in a stiletto - or even a narrowish heel for a week and see how you find it. Doing shopping, carrying stuff, hanging out the washing, running erands at lunchtime, climbing stairs at work rather than using the lift. Then you've got the hazards of wet floors, slipper lino in dept stores, uneven footpatchs, downhill gradients, rough pavements that are a pian to fine stilettos, slippery marble floors, stairs and escalators in heels. Getting on buses, balancing standing in trains etc - commuting in crowds in heels And then when you wear heels everyone looks - so you have to put up with that too. In winter in pumps even with hosiery you can get cold toes because the shoe is much finer than mens shoes or sneakers are. Then you've got the pointy toe to contend with and you do get used to them - but it takes a bit of wearing of pointy toes... While heels are fun - they are hard work. You have to want them more than the inconience. If you're into heels of course you choose to wear them. But what if you can't be bothered - women still feel pressured to wear them because its what is expected. Men don't have this issue because their shoes are all boring and flat. We can't really compare on any general basis.
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    I got quite a surprise today. As I may have mentioned just a few times before, I have a very good friend who is my partner in crime when it comes to shoes. It just so happens that I have been doing some babysitting for her lately, because of her work situation. "Babysitting" might not be exactly the best word, as the children in question are 8 and 12 years old, but anyhow, they have been staying with us for several hours a week. My story has to do with the 12 year old girl. She is a bit of a tomboy, does not like wearing dresses or worrying about her hair or anything else like that, and up to now, she has sworn up and down that she will NEVER wear high heels. Well, look at what she showed up to my house wearing this afternoon! I would like to think I had something to do with that change of heart. And they weren't little heels, either. They were 4 1/2 inch wedges.
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    On the subject of boots and boot season, I have often mentioned that my knee boots pass unnoticed - and they always have. Today, however, when I was out with my wife at a tea and cake shop a woman came up saying how much she loved my boots and asking me where I got them. We had a nice chat. It was a bit of a pleasant surprise.
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    Tech + p1ng74 et al, Well said. There is simply no substitute to getting out into the world. I am not an "easy on the eyes" man by any stretch but it is amazing how, after wearing heels for a few years, I started to get noticed and complimented. That can't happen when one is penned up in an apartment or house. And once any of you who have been hiding indoors take that first step outside you will ask yourself, "why the hell did I wait so long?" Then you'll realise all the money you've spent on shoes or other things you wear with them only for an audience of one and ask yourself, "What the hell was I thinking?" From my perspective I first met members Spikesmike and benrheels and iloveboots at a Chicago restaurant in 2013 followed by Steve63130 and mlroseplant and Cali in years after that and have seen how they enjoy life OUTSIDE the confines of the apartment or house. They have seen me as well and we all know the pleasures of interaction away from the mirror. Why should what we already know be limited to a few when so many more could get out there and "get on with it"?? We should measure 2019 here at HHP by the number of members who finally stepped away from the mirror and out into the world where they belong. Let's see how many more will break out of their shell and discover what we already know. That may be the enduring legacy of this forum indeed. HappyinHeels
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    It's outing time again! The weather was quite nice tonight. And I had some recent purchases I wanted to try out. So it was a perfect time for an outing. The outing itself was short sweet, and uneventful. So lets get right to it! the outfit 1) Ann Michelle black knee high boots 2) Eclipse brand grey sweater like dress 3) tres you brand black jacket 4) Grace Adele purple handbag
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    Hi all, here is my new pair of boots, « only » 5cm heel height but nice for going out without attracting attention!
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    Hi everyone to another journey that i took. I did go to work again in the outfit showcased last time (black outfit with sneakers) and I had quite a busy 3 hour work session. Gotta say that I do not comprehand why do all woman keep complaing about heels. I see no problem with them at all. I think quite a few people noticed but none decided to say anything or show anything. I genuinly believe they really do not care a bit. I think they do need to start creating more heeled shoes for men and I would say that it could become a thing. I never enjoyed myself and got such a good mood from nothing as from heels. Well tbh I never had the opputurnity with s.o. but that will come with time.
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    I’m not sure the model, but I got a used pair of Jimmy Choo pumps off TheRealReal for under $100. They are already broken in and have a sole protector. I’d prefer non patent leather but that didn’t stop me from wearing them to walk several blocks to dinner in Key West last night. KW is a double edged sword for heels. You won’t have any issues with people, but the sidewalks are a mess. My blocky heeled boots were a lot easier for getting around earlier in the day. 4” heels will get people’s attention, but not one dirty look.
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    Amazing news. My wedged sneakers I got to wear to school have finally arrived. They fit really well and feel amazing to walk in. So excited to take the out this saturday. I even have somewhat cool "leggings" to go with it. Its not exactly that but close enough. Very thin completely black trousers. (Not the ones on photo). I will say more when I return about how it went. So expect some experience on saturday or sunday. Good heeling everybody. Ps: Would love to add more but can not do that :-(
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    That's how I like to street wear corsets @spikesmike, a proper yet powerful look. Boots are my favourites Fernando Berlin model 112. Comfy. Beautiful. Classy. Stable for the cobblestoned Paris. I have been out on the streets like this a couple of times, a bit different look with a longer and thicker jacket, faux leather pants, detached hair and polished nails. This is different, just my relaxing outfit for today's' working from home. For those who matters: I'm not wearing fake boobs, I have some gynecomastia. Long torso corsets can be very convenient for guys like me.
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    I’m usually out wearing boots, but so far no issues out wearing pumps.
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    Found a pair of pants tonight at Last Call. At first glance they are another pair of black office appropriate pants that blend with everything else. But this is my first experience with Lyocell fabric, which I am really liking so far. I refuse to wear the polyester fabrics that they put in many mens’ pants. Polyester breaths poorly and feel awful. This Lyocell and cotton blend, on the other hand, drapes and moves around really nicely. I wore this down to the bar tonight and a guy pointed out how tall I am and asked why I am wearing women’s shoes. I responded with the usual “they are my shoes now, I like them”. He added that he has never seen a guy wearing high heels before. I replied that there is a first time for everything. He raised his beer glass and said he is down with that. One step at a time...
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    Sorry SF, when you wear high heel shoes you are on the spectrum. But not very far. I on the other hand are further down that spectrum on a daily basis. I live my life close to this idea from Eddie Izzard: An interviewer asked: Eddie why are you wearing a woman’s dress? “It’s not a woman’s dress,” he replied. “It’s my dress.” Although much of what I wear might start in the women's section, once I wear it, it becomes a man's clothes.
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    Thanks for the coments! I'm used to wear stockings because I often change my outfit during the day. I drive a lot and is more comfortable in skirt. Variation with the same trousers and heels Or with a skirt and oxford
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    The famous chef Escoffier wore high heels in the kitchen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auguste_Escoffier
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    I wear 3 1/2" to 4" heeled cowboy boots on a daily basis and they are very comfortable for me and my clients and friends love by boots and the higher heels that they have. As a matter of fact, they usually give me crap when I am not wearing my boots. I am trying very hard every day to get the people around me to be comfortable with me wearing boots with heels and make it more normal for them. I am trying to do my part to make it more normal in this world for all of us. I have a massive boot fetish and I am done feeling that I can't wear them on a daily basis.
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    There is no reason in the world a man cannot walk gracefully in heels. He does not need to adopt any alien feminine walk to do so. We associate femininity with heels and so we mentally are expecting a feminine walk. Truth is walking in high heels is not natural. Women have to acquire the knack and grace too. If one was more used to seeing men in heels, we would see that men can walk in heels perfectly well and with a masculine gait Men can also walk elegantly in flats too. A masculine walk is not necessarily or naturally some simian waddle - some men may walk that way, some women might too.
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    Well, it appears there is already a fall guide out for 2019. I didn’t get through the entire gallery, but I must say that of what I did scroll through, only a couple really caught my eye that I liked. It’s weird that it is barely spring time yet and we are already discussing the fall season, lol. Feel free to have a look for yourself: https://footwearnews.com/gallery/fall-2019-boot-trends-photos/
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    If a pair doesn’t work for you when you put them on do not feel bad about returning them. Stuffing them into the back of the closet to be forgotten about is a waste of money.
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    Snapped a picture on my way down the elevator at work. I hadn’t really thought much about how these pants show even the ankles until today. No hiding or special illlusions - just boots with 4+” heels. Did some shopping after dinner to get in 3.1 miles of walking before taking the shoes off for the night.
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    Mostly hideous. Why do footwear designers persist in putting a slim heel right at the back where it unbalances both the shoe and wearer. It should be under the centre of the wearer's heel.
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    It's nice to be remembered. We had such fun sharing our love of heels. I'd like to think our early success helped bring thigh high boots back into fashion. I love being able to find amazing boots with sexy but wearable heels now that knee surgery limits my high heel walking. That's part of the reason I'm going to part with a lot of my collection. They need to go to someone who can wear and love them instead of gathering dust in a closet. My heels need a loving home lol. Although Robert still tells me....if that heel is too high to walk in....I can always lay down!
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    It is indeed. I was quite surprised by it. We had a nice impromptu chat. It is the only reaction I have ever had to my boots. They are a nice conservative pair, dark brown riding style with brass buckles at the top of the shaft. Custom made, and very nicely fitting. They are incredibly comfortable and having enjoyed warm ankles and shins this winter there is no way I'd go back to not wearing tall boots in winter.
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    It’s always nice to get a compliment no matter what people say
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    So as promissed i said that i will give you what happened during my time out. To be honest with you guys nothing interesting. Sadly i was trying to get home soon. So no venturing to shops or so. Will do some in like 2-3 weeks probably as i need to find a few things to wear for summer. Again nobody cared at all which is really nice to know and I am happy with it. I have to say that the more i go outside the happier of a person I am. This is really big for me as I do suffer from deppression even tho I am not really into trying to get rid of it. (my bad) So this picture is just from my home. After arriving and almost sending this :-)
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    I guess I never thought of "accepting" as being a negative term. I would use the term "begrudging" with my wife. I kind of say that in jest, maybe about 80% kidding, as I seem to have worn her down over the past several years. It has become a seldom discussed topic, it is just an everyday part of our lives. However, I would love to make it up to "accepting!" Seriously, I do understand what you're saying, but I guess I just don't make a big deal about it any more. I don't even get upset when people refer to me as wearing "women's" shoes. Whatever. Can this possibly be right? I know I'm a small minority, but I didn't think I was quite that small of a minority, particularly here at HHP. As an aside, I don't really see the point of pictures of just feet, unless they are accompanied by other photos to show the whole of the outfit, and the foot picture is meant to show a closeup of the shoes (New Shoes/New Boots thread excepted). Evidently, some people like them.
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    The training budget was tightened so I had to fly Southwest and zig zag on connecting flights across the midwest. But I am now way more comfortable power walking through the terminal in heels, so it was fun. The Maxes have been pulled out of service. I welcome slowing down the pace of replacing current fleets with marginally more efficient equipment. I love classics like the 757 and 767.
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    The word BUT in "Men as men but in heels" Should be just "Men as men in heels"
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    There are plenty of people wearing boots in the office - it’s still boot and suede season up north.
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    Agreed - a really nice look, one I use myself.
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    Has anyone in here ever visited a fabric store? You'll see hundreds of yards of fabric, denim included, all rolled up like giant paper towel rolls. Stacked on top of each other. Same goes with shoe leather rolls too if I'm not mistaken. Most of the clothes we wear, just comes from a sheet of fabric. And that sheet of fabric doesn't hold intrinsic masculine or feminine value. So all this value I ascribe to wearing women's shoes or boots literally comes from a sheet of fabric, which in it of itself has no male or female value. It's male/female value comes from social consensus achieved via advertising, marketing, media, and in today's world social media. Yet, I'm still susceptible to outside definitions of what is male/female.
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    Some quotes from the Paper article that could apply to anyone (motivating truths that still hold value for the straight community): "When I wear heels it's not me being trendy or trying to attract attention, it's me expressing myself. I don't think of wearing heels as much of a big deal. It's normalized to me because I don't hold onto the toxic gender norms held over everyone's heads. In fact when I do wear heels I'd rather not have people comment on them. It sometimes can feel like I'm getting a pat on the back from a cis person for going against the gender binary, and things like that don't move us forward but set us back." "'Be you're own cheerleader' — Suzanne Farrell. I grew up with and still live by the saying, 'Treat others the way you want to be treated.' All we have is right now, so why not live your truest self." "It doesn't matter what gender is wearing the heels. All that really matters is, if they can SLAY in them." "Heels on the male body isn't just a fashion trend as it has been around since heels were invented. As a gender nonconforming person, wearing heels has allowed me to feel powerful in spaces where I'm otherwise made to feel small and unseen." "Personally, I believe the most masculine thing a man could do is wear a dress with a pair of heels and not be afraid to embrace his inner femininity."
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    Found this graphic that might be helpful.
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    @Mr. X - well done on a great looking outfit. Dress is cute and the boots are great, and you certainly have the legs for them both!
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    Even if this answer is cute, because she really wanted to say that you mean a lot to her, it hides something important: The way you dress and your feelings are very important to *you* while she doesn't seem to appreciate it somehow. The question is how much time will it take for you to discover her real feelings about you wearing heels. Insisting on the subject may be worst, you should try to find the best possible moment to talk. I don't agree with you and this idea. She may discover that you're doing things without her knowing and blame you on cheating, and you really will be cheating on her somehow. Girls have strong sense of bonding and partnership and you'll be breaking it. What I did, and work for lots of people like crossdressers, is to agree on limits. What, when and where could you express yourself (other than amongst four walls) without hurting her. If you're the same size, she may be just afraid of you stealing her shoes Well, it's up to you my friend. I wish you the best, more more power to you. However, I'm really really worried about your last statement... for me is the same than, let's say, "baking cakes is priority over the sun", is just not related.
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    I definitely like to wear them. I like the lift, the feel of them in my feet, and I like the puckish satisfaction of rule-breaking, doing something I oughtn’t.
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    Hello my dear friend kneehighs. It's been more than 10 years that we talk to each other around this forum. As you may remember, I'm married since 2005 and wife know my "thing" about heels. The "thing" has grown to other attire from the girls wardrobe so I'm more to the gender fluid kind of thing, or freestyle fashion which I identify myself more. She knew about the "thing" before we got married. She was always supportive since the very beginning. And she never ever saw any problem with it, but to be on full display, getting out. I've made it to closed controlled environments like fetish parties. Since I moved to France and it's a safer country compared to Brazil, I've made it to the streets a few times, usually late at night, or two times during the day when I wore boots under pants. Here is a picture, I'm at a Tattoo studio and I walked the block in this without any trouble, went to a grocery store and a bank. I made it alone, without her. She got angry and jealous because she wanted to be with me that day. I have kids, a girl and a boy. The boy is 9 the girl is 6. They don't know about the "thing". We always discussed a lot about the "thing". It's never an easy talk. I'm sure she accepts myself as I am but she has to protect her reputation and the kids. If you want to know about it, I think she's right. Unfortunately the difficulties I have while getting out, showing myself as I am, that I fight for a lot, it is also *her* problem. No matter how much she loves me, respects me, supports me and even enjoys what I do or how I wear, she may fight her internal fears and the most basic instincts to protect kids in these days of bullying. What I would suggest to you is that you'll have to be brave. I completely understand your desire to be with someone that matters, that is serious, probably someone that fits your needs of company and may be the mother of your kids. I'd say, if you're really sure about this girl, go for her. To better handle the situation, the secret is talk. Talk about your feelings. Be real. Why do you really wear what you wear. What does it represent to you. She already said that she is supportive and likes you indoors. But, to be open with a guy dressed differently to the accepted norms, it sure is a new thing for her and she needs time to adapt, to think and understand that to be with a special heart as yours, she will need to give. Explain as better as you can and, above anything, listen to her. Her fears and reasons. She is surely not just complaining that you don't look good in heels. In this site, we're all looking for support and acceptance, and here we have found a world of our own. The real world won't change for us. We're are not the norm and we take risks to do what we want. Some of us are more comfortable with risks, some not. Some have been assaulted, others don't. Some live in safer cities than others. We're a minority and I bet we'll be for the foreseeable future. I always envied how you managed to be out and about on your shoes, I really see you as an example and a personal goal of style. Talk to her. Listen to her. I wish you the best!

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