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    Hi! Maybe this has already been done but I thought it would be nice to share pics of couples wearing heels together. I'll go first!
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    I did mention that I got a few pairs of shoes So here is the 2nd new purchase Steve Madden black suede ankle boots 14cm heel, 3cm platform, size 11, The outer is black suede whilst the heel and platform are both gloss black creating a nice look. They are the very first pair I have by Steve Madden and the size 11 fits nicely, good length and wider then most other 11s in the toe area. Even my slightly wider left foot is comfy. The heel height takes a bit of getting used to, but is very solid, with no wobble in the heel.
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    We've bought these in the last couple of months! They're not all here but we've got more than 50 pairs. Only 10 are mine...
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    Well its been awhile but i finally got back out in my new lace up sandals. I went for a quick trip to aldo in the mall and ended up buying a pair of wedgs and wore them out of the store! Here are a few pics of each of them
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    Actually, I don't shave my legs and I wear heels, in shorts but no "female" attire. My legs are not the hairest anyway, but I don't conceal who or what I am. I'm a guy in heels with no problem as such. Take me for who I am or move on, I simply don't care. All my neighbors see me and deal with me with no care while I wear extremely high feminine heels hairy legs and all. If guys want to be accepted in heels than we shouldn't have try to present ourselves as women to do so. Personally nothing against full out cross dressing or trans, but that's not going to be me nor should it have to be.
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    The Twelve Step Program for Shoe Addiction is to stay 12 steps from any shoe store.
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    It was long time ago when we took this picture but, fortunately, it's still here
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    I just ordered a pair of the Luichiny heels like the red ones, only with a leopard print toe. A while back I bought my wife a pair and decided we needed matching heels!
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    A new pair of Purple strappy high heels $10 on Ebay.
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    Time for another outing report. The weather today was sunny and hot! I knew I was going to wear some shorts for this one. I figured some kind of wedges would pair nicely with what I was wearing. I have also been experimenting with some stuff outside of the clothes and shoes. Rings, earrings, makeup, purses and the like. When I look in the mirror now there are days where I definitely see more of a female appearance rather than just a "man in heels"! Today was one of those days! I wouldn't say I was 100% female looking. But my look is very androgenous I suppose. There are people that will definitely do double takes with the way I have been presenting lately. Before I get to tonights outing I should tell you about an interaction I had the other day. I was wearing almost the exact same outfit as tonight. I was at the grocery store. And as I was leaving one of the older checkout ladies came up to me. She said and I quote. Ma'am Where did you get your shoes, we just adore them! I told her and she thanked me as I left. I was not fazed at all! Just my longer hair alone has got me a Ma'ammed a time or two in the past. I guess I'll take comments any way I can get em! Now back to tonight! I headed to my usual spot for an outing, laptop in tow. My outing went off without a hitch as usual. I defintely had a new wrinkle tonight though. I had to use "the facilities". Back in the early days when I was just about the shoes. I would wear only shoes and they would be hidden. The rest of me was all man! There was no mistaking! And I would just use the Mens Room. But now I am presenting much more androgenous with outfits. To the point where I am getting double takes and The occassional Ma'am. So I figured I would probably get less hassle and feel safer the way I was dressed if I used the Ladies Room. It was near closing time and the restrooms there are never very busy anyhow. Plus I am well known with the staff. But just to be safe I politely asked my favorite staff member. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom. I told her I would feel more comfortable and safe if I used the Ladies Room. She was totally cool. She told me I should use whichever bathroom I felt comfortable using. I figured that would be her answer but I wanted to find out for sure! I didn't wan't any trouble! I thanked her and went on my way. I did my business and left. On the way out I thanked her again and told everyone to have a good night and headed home. Now for the outfit and pics. Still not ready to show above the neck. But trust me when I say my appearance was definitely more on the female side tonight with everything I had going on above the chin. The outfit 1) Bamboo brand tan wedges 2) Boom Boom brand jean shorts 3) black t shirt 4) tan purse
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    You are over thinking this. If she is a good SA, then she will say hi to you at the gym. She's looking for a future sale. And knowing her product she probable recognize the brand of legging you have worn to the gym. It's just normal. I returned some pants I had order to a outlet store (free return), wrong length. I had already re-order the correct size online. While the sale associate was doing the transaction I saw a pair of short shorts at 50% off and grab myself a pair in size 10. After the return was done I purchased the shorts. The SA didn't question me that they were women's, so I questioned her why she didn't. Her reply: you returned a women's size 10, I thought you knew they were women's without me telling you. She also said they have many men who purchase the women's version because they fit better, AND they have women who come in and purchase the men's version for themselves because they fit better. So you'll most likely not the first man that bought leggings from her, and you are not the last man to either.
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    Although I’ve already posted pics, I want to throw these uber sexy pics (according to my fans and friends) into the mix!
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    Here I go again! I had a few errands to run. But the Stanley Cup Final was on tonight, so I had to make it quick. Even My outfit was put together rather quickly. And it was what I deemed "quick running errands casual". The kind of outfit you would wear to the grocery store and the like. I got dressed quickly and was out the door. I did my errands and then headed to my usual internet spot. After and hour or so I headed home to watch the hockey game. The whole outing was short and went off without a hitch as usual. The Outfit 1) Ardene brand gladiator style jeweled white flats 2) Old Navy Rockstar whitish grey pants 3) Old Navy blue t-shirt 4) Fortuna Valentino yellow purse
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    These are my favorites, Whistles 'Dee' wedge courts. I particularly love the thin wedge and pointed toe. About 4.75" heel height, very comfortable too
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    As Always, a Great look @Sydheel! they are absolutely perfect with your skinny pant!
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    Women play a role here too in perpetuating this overt machismo.
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    Certainly it shows more character, self assurance and aplomb - I wouldn't say those qualities should be pigeonholed as either masculine or feminine.
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    I think those of us that break ranks show more masculinity. It takes guts the members of the herd don't have. And are we are freer as well.
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    Being a self proclaimed wedge lover and admirer . I thaught I might tell you guys in here about an experience I had . My sons graduation from high school was this past weekend . We arrived early as to get bleacher seats close to the floor . My in-laws are in bad health and unable to climb the steps up the bleachers . While in line outside the school waiting I could not believe all the women wearing platform wedges in all kinds of colors and styles . There were not as many block heels as one would think with them being in style this year . I told one lady to the front of us in line she had a nice outfit and her shoes really looked great she smiled and said " I always wear wedges , they are so cute and comfortable " . My wife told her she loved them as well . She and my wife decided the block heels were just a fluke of time and I agreed . I really wanted to get some pictures of her shoes , but some ladies think that is creepy so I figured best to just try to find some on line to share . The picture shown is almost a perfect match only her's were a little darker in shade like a chocolate brown .
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    I think part of is your predisposition. Kill them with kindness. I had three encounters yesterday with people I had never meet over my heels. The first was when I came out of a building and saw two women walking across in front of me look down at my heels. Before they could form an opinion I said "don't you just love them" as I continued walking across campus to pick up some papers from another office. I try to help them form a positive opinion of men in heels. Just using the old jedi mind tricks on them - "Let the force be with you". After leaving that office I had the second encounter. An Asian woman came up behind me and said "your feet must hurt walking in those heels." Since was walking in the same direction along a path between buildings I engaged her in conversation. First I informed her I wouldn't be walking in them if they hurt and I wear heels to relieve pain. It turns out she can wear heels and more. Could this be jealousy? I hope I changed her opinion about a man in heels. She turned at the end of path to go to her car as I continued, running into the third encounter just 100 meters away. When this third woman joined the path she immediately said "I love your heels." We had a small chat about men in heels. Turns out she lives in San Francisco and frequently sees men in heels at parties with no indication of gay, straight, it doesn't matter. She said that some are now wearing leggings, shining or faux leather. I hope I run into her again, real soon!
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    Yes I do spend a lot of time in heels - I think it might just be because of the amount of time wearing heels? I am a little shorter than everyone else so heels are good for me.
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    Deadpool wears platform heels. See trailer. https://youtu.be/D86RtevtfrA


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