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    I was missing for some time, but I have a new set a photos, all public outdoor, with different shoes /skirts. Tell which of this looks do you like
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    Silver! These are my other new ones.
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    i received a pair from cq boutique. black leather boots. this boots were made on order, so i can choose the color of sole and interior lether . cool ! so i take all in black and red (and you can chosse the color of rivets too) So the quality is pefect, very good quality, i am so happy !
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    my new Michael Kors heels. Outlet store bargain
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    Got these last week. Broke them in today by wearing them from 7 am to 7 pm.
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    If you can overcome your shyness or embarrassment to make friends on this forum, those friendships can often lead to real life meetings and lots of fun. I had three of them in three days, a new record for me! On Thursday, July 26, HappyInHeels, on his way east to visit family, stopped here in Ohio and we had happy hour and dinner at our retirement community. He met some of my friends and was warmly welcomed by the spokesperson of our "Meet and Greet" happy hour committee. She's only 99, sharp as a tack, still drives, walks without help from a cane or walker, has beaten cancer, and will celebrate her first century in September. HiH and I didn't have any opportunities for shoe shopping this trip, but we've done it in the past. He brought some new acquisitions and showed them to me; nice wedges and knock-out stiletto platforms! I showed him some of my newer shoes as well. After breakfast on Friday morning, he continued his eastward travels. Then my wife and I drove to western New York, where Bluejay and I got together for an evening of shoe shopping. We went to an upscale mall, where DSW was our first stop. I found a fantastic pair of navy David Tate pumps in 12W which fit perfectly and were very comfortable. Unfortunately they were priced out of my range and the sales gal didn't have the authority to mark them down at all, so I didn't get them. Bluejay tried on some casual shoes but didn't buy them either. The store wasn't very crowded but there were a few other customers. Nobody stared or commented. We had fun looking at all the shoes and trying some on. From there we went to Macy's where we were both appalled at how messy the clearance racks were. It was awful. I don't understand why sales people can't straighten out such a mess in their spare time when they aren't helping customers. It's just bad management. We left Macy's and went to Payless, where they had one of the biggest collections of Sizes 11, 12, and 13 I've ever seen! We tried on several styles, and Bluejay bought a nice pair of shoes which he liked. They were brown suede sandals with an ankle strap, which looked very nice on him. From Payless we went to Torrid, where I splurged on two pair of flared jeans, but we didn't see any shoes we wanted. So we went to have dinner and a beer in a local pub and then went back to Bluejay's place. I brought a gym bag with about a dozen pairs of my latest shoes, and he had a couple of bags of his own. We spread our shoes out on a table and proceeded to try on each others' shoes. We had a great time and learned a lot about shoes we hadn't considered. Bluejay isn't into mary janes, but looked great in mine. I'm not into platform wedges, but he had some comfortable ones. He also demonstrated what good a pad on the ball of the foot can do to keep feet from sliding forward in sandals. On Saturday my wife and I attended the wedding of Vector, who posts here on occasion. I first met him in June of 2011 at a Canton, Ohio, heel meet, and we hit it off well. His girlfriend was with him then, too. We have kept in touch and a few years later they visited us in central Ohio. They finally decided to tie the knot and Saturday was the big day. I always thought Vector was quiet and reserved, but he sure knows how to party! It was a fabulous event and we really enjoyed ourselves! No, he didn't wear high heels to the wedding, but I'm sure he wanted to! I wore my Naturalizer "Taylor" loafer pumps with 2" heels. We took satisfaction in seeing lots of women dressed in some beautiful heels, including the bride herself! Anyway, our best wishes to Vector on his new journey with his lovely bride. So that's it! Three heeling friends in three days! Gotta love HHP. If it weren't for this forum, I wouldn't have the privilege of meeting these life-long friends with a common hobby! Steve
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    Time for another outing report. I wasn't going to post this one, But events during my outing told me I should do otherwise. The weather was decent again. Not as hot as it as been. It was still nice though. I knew I would be wearing some shorts. I have received compliments in the past about my legs. And these days I am very much enjoying showing then off! Once I had my outfit together and was dressed, I headed off.I took my laptop and went to my usual haunt. it wasn't dead, but certainly not busy. I grabbed a table and a beverage. Then I proceeded to surf the net. There was a table right across from me and just slightly to my left. And during my surfing and older lady sat down at said table. She was busy on her phone or tablet. But if we both look up we are making eye contact. When I sit it is usually habit forming to cross my legs. That means I usually have them off to the side of a table unless there is room underneath, which there usually isn't. so in this case if she ever looked up from what she was doing she was getting a perfect view of my legs. As much as I surf I also like to people watch. At one point we both looked up and we made eye contact for a few seconds. Then she proceeds to tell me "you have a beautiful pair of legs!" I thanked her wholeheartedly! That complimet made my evening and outing even more enjoyable then it already was! After that I knew I had to post something here. So I finished what I was doing and my beverage, and proceeded to head home. The Outfit 1) Liliana brand white 3 ankle strap t bar wedges 2) Garage brand white shorts 3) Old Navy brand black t shirt 4 Aldo brand black purse with gold accents
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    This should be better. Turns out they're Carvelas
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    Black pumps and leopard leggings. 6.25" beige mary-janes with gold chain accents with brown brushed leggings.
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    i received some shoes : the black pump from cq boutique are perfect, but there is just one thing that unsatisfact me. the heel is too high. more than expected. 17,5 cm, ist just 5 mm over my limit, and its hard to walk with. so i need to train more and more for this height, but i dont think i could do it... i will see... and the second pair is from 1969 ebay store. 13.5cm of heel in brown, i just love it !
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    Well Well Good things occasionally come to those who wait and keep in touch with things Was in my normal WANTED store in the Sydney CBD last week and found out that the WANTED store in Westfield Sydney, about 500m away was closing. I dropped in there today on the last day of trade and everything is silly prices New shoes and boots 5 pair for $100, or $30 each I found both the Siren Posse boots in black leather and Ruby Patent in my size, so instead of $249 each about 4 weeks ago. I got them both for $30 each I am calling that a bargain !!
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    These are all relatively new but I thought some might be interested in seeing our matching styles and colors. .
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    More weekend heels. Sunday night and it looks like these pink platforms are the pick of the night with this skirt.
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    Weekend is upon us and starting it off right in my ankle strap sandals and shorts. Tgif!
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    I know everyone's taste is different. And I guess that I've looked at 10's of thousands of shoe pictures looking for what I'd consider to be the best pump for me. Today I saw this picture on pinterest and I believe the shoes to be perfectly proportioned. Pointy but not too pointy, high, but not too high. The problem is that i dont know where i can buy it. I would be eternally grateful if someone here could tell me where it can be purchased.
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    I've been going back and forth on this pair. But for $34 what the heck. SpeedLimit 98 Mail in black. I'll get photos next week when I wear them to work. Similar to SpeedLimit 98 Manji, but different shaped holes.
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    Since a bunch of my old pictures were deleted due to being too large, I thought some new ones would be in order ( this time I checked the size ). Firstly, boots I wasn't sure about at DSW, felt great but seemed just a little too similar to ones I already have. So I passed on them. However, If they get discounted some more by the next time I'm in there again. I may have to go for them.
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    HeelForMen : I like them all except for the ugly flats. spikesmike
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    Heelers : To my way of thinking the high heel pump is the classiest shoe around. Boots and oxfords are great or I would not have so many. This is the " ellie " shoe. I have owned this pair of heels for years. Nice toe, Nice heel, Nice fit. spikesmike
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    I find that one of the secrets to success as a freelance, and working from home, is making certain you separate your work from your home life. A good way to do that is to dress for work. Sitting around working in your pyjamas or track suit bottoms, just because you can, isn't such a great idea. That doesn't mean wearing a coat and tie - I don't even own any of those things - but smart casual, heels too if you like. What's important is to make the effort. Doing so helps create the sense of a working environment, and removes you from the temptations that can come with working from your kitchen table. I've been freelancing successfully for over twenty years - I know just how easy it is to start to blur the lines and lose focus.
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    I thought I would add today's heels I wore. Not only to work, but out shopping and running errands. Many times more double takes and triple takes than usual today.
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    if you want link. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wonderheel-New-16cm-stiletto-heel-super-high-heels-extremely-pointed-toe-patent-leather-ultra-thin-metal/32885700871.html i just see in my emails the pair was shipped today. so, i just need to wait shiping from china to france ...
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    I found these Steve Madden Dejavu platforms on sale for 50 dollars. I couldn't say no! So know we have another matching pair!
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    One of my favorite brands is Rock & Republic. I rarely see them at the thrift stores, but when I do my eye is always drawn to them and those these were 8.5 and I'm a 9, I had to try them. Yes.... they fit and they weren't going to be sitting on that rack anymore. Once again, super comfortable to wear, to talk in and of course my weakness for ankle straps. I decided to wear these to a department store at least long enough to find a full-length mirror to take a photo or two before I would leave. A few people saw me and only one really took notice at the shoes and her look was one of surprise and a touch of envy... maybe she liked the shoes, maybe she isn't able to walk around in shoes like this. I don't know because unfortunately, I'm still too shy to hang around. I did feel a bit of pride when she gave the second look and looked at them as many women check out other women's shoes and not like it was something out of the normal. It was only 5 or so minutes walking around... but each time I go a little longer and each time I feel better about it.


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