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    I don't wear heels to work, construction and heels don't mix. But I do wear them when I go out, shop, drink and eat, coffee, and hang in the city
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    Whhhhooooopppppssss forgot the pics first 2 are nine west, 3rd is jo mercer. All fitted ok but didnt grab me 4th is my fave. Size 10 nine west 'hatcher' boots but tight on left zip. Great colour grey / khaki blend 5th is nine west Maloney stilleto boot. Again fits beautifully in the 11 in black but the 2 colours i loved; grey and tan seude only in 10s back to work wallet intact
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    Here are some more piccies of my boot and shoe collection.I do hope you like them, Hugs,Miss Paula B,XXX
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    Out and about in bris vegas im staying in centre of cbd area in a hotel overlooking the main mall lots of shops nearby. Lots of stores to visit. Went out shopping first day in jeggings and wittner block heel boots, then later went out in black zara leggings with same booties. then 2nd night went out in jeggings with knee boots over the top (my first adventure like this) apoligies for pics. Only mirror in hotel room faces toilet
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    carherine and other heelers. My interest in high heels started at an age from the crib. As far back as memory goes I loved/liked looking at any and all kinds of high heels. As a child I wore my moms high heel shoes when no one was around, until I grew to where those shoes would no longer fit. Never wore heels while in the military. My first pair of good stiletto high heels were 5" heels that I had custom made at Ableman Trading Co out of Hong Cong, China. in 1969. I still have them, they are still in good condition. I first started wearing heels in public ( full time ) around 45 years ago. I always wanted to wear heels in public but was to afraid to do it. One day a friend, who knew of my high heel interest, said go ahead and wear them out. So what, What is anyone going to do ? So now at age 76 years old I am wearing stiletto high heels every day all day long. spikesmike
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    Well it finally happened. A while ago I mentioned to my wife about me wearing heels. Yesterday, we had some time alone and I wore heels around her as we did some housework. Not glamorous, but successful. She was more accepting then I hoped. What a wonderful woman. Her main concern was was for my feet and legs. Dont think she will accept public wearing for some time, but she did enjoy watching me vacuum in heels. Thanks to everyone for their support.
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    Comparing wedges with a coworker at work..........
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    Since you like pics of new shoes on. On the way to work this morning
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    The red pumps are my least favorite. To honest I hate them.I welcome any questions or comments. Happy Heeling.
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    I'm still trying to get my head around how I was able to fit these booties!!! They are Nine West ankle boots and I know that this brand is very generous when it comes to sizing! This particular pair is a size 8 and usually anything no matter what brand in a size 8, I don't even look at it twice because that's ridiculous to try and even imagine fitting a size 8 shoe on a size 10 foot. Still I was able to fit them on. Much to say they fit pretty well, still snug because the last person who wore them didn't break in them. I'm speechless. I did try on a different pair of Nine West shoes in a size 8 and my foot couldn't even get in halfway.
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    You're post sounds familiar in a way. In a basic sense I would never need any heels because flat shoes would be more practical. But I just love them because they are so awesome and beautiful. Most of my heels I don't wear that much either but I do rediscover them every now and then and that renews the excitement for a pair. And when you have a lot you can rotate and don't wear them much because there aren't enough days in the year. I buy heels if I see something I like and want to spend the money on them. My only criterium is that I have to be able to wear them. Do I have a heels addiction? I think so, but not in a unhealthy way. For me they are art too. I have some on display in my livingroom as well. And for what some people spend on a painting, I can but a lot of heels.
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    Hello all I have ventured onto 'The Iconic' a mail order shop in AUS for fashion. I have browsed this site for a long time but last week I bought a pair of boots. They are by ATMOS & HERE. I had never heard of them beforehand, but they go to size 11. I ordered the size 11 and was surprised that they were too big. I returned them and got the size 10, which fit like a glove. The style name is HANNAH. They have a all leather upper and a block wooden heel of 85mm. I just went down town in them and first wear had them on for 3 hours, walking all over, very comfy, very easy to walk in, could easily become my GO TO booties. Enjoy James
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    Always loved the sexiness of stiletto heels. Thanks to me my ex hand 100 plus pairs of shoes and boots but didn't like heels as much as I did. When she would complain about wanting her to wear heels when we would go out or when she would wear them how they hurt her feet or they were uncomfortable I would say it can't be that bad. She then said if you like them so much then you wear them,,,,,,,,, OK!!! I bought some and some more and some more after that only to come home One day to find she threw everything out including my Little Shobox boots. I could have killed. 200 plus pairs of boots and shoes gone. How can you be mad at me when you told me to wear them? Needless to say she is my ex and my gf is awesome and is completely ok with me wearing heels out within and without her.
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    Mine are my fushia peep toe pumps. Platform of 2" with a 7" heel. Size 11.
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    The best thing about donating to a charity is you get to walk through the store. Not easy to miss these...large and bright ! Enjoy js
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    Two new pair, The beige ones are 5 inches with no platform from Shoe Dazzle and thanks to some other folks here I bought the last pair of Nine West Lavish pumps size 10.5 in the US.
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    Got those jeans ! Will soon have a try on with the over the knee boots. In the meantime with via spiga steampunk lace ups. wide and close up. js
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    I have a large collection of heels all of which I like but to be truthfull my most favorites are when my wife wears hers. She has the poise and the looks to make a great pair of heels look fabulous. We have the same taste in heels and even have a few of the same pairs but when she wears hers its shear attraction. I like how a great pair of heels will make you feel empowered and attractive. I am lucky too that she wears hers almost daily to work or even to go shopping. So it"s daily "eye candy" Here is picture of a pair or her heels on a trip to the local coffee shop.
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    My telling my wife was about 3 months into the relationship, before we got married of course. I waited until we were very comfortable with each other, and similar to what was mentioned above, my discussion with her was while were were out drinking and having a great time one night... it was toward the end of the evening. Trying to remember the conversation, it was so long ago, but I said something like: I have to tell you something. I really like your heels, they are very pretty. She said aww thanks... then I said, also, I have to admit, I have a bit of a thing for heels and actually like to wear them myself sometimes. (At the time, I only wore them in private, never wore them outside until a few years after that) Since we were both pretty drunk, we kind of laughed a bit more about it, I then asked her... so, does that make you think differently about me, or do you care? She finally said, no, I think its kind of cute and that she would like to see me in them later and that maybe we can both wear them in the bedroom later that night (since we had already been intimate in our relationship, it was a nice next step). It worked out great from there and she has been very supportive of my heel wearing, even encouraging me to wear them when we go out together. My only recommendation is once she does accept your love of heels. Always, ALWAYS, put her first, and do not take advantage of her new acceptance to suddenly make you think you should now open the flood gates. Be sure to check in with her as your collection will certainly grow over time, make sure you are not getting carried away with the whole thing (I do a little cross-dressing too), etc. Because even if she initially accepts it, you can still very easily chase her away if she senses that you put your love of heels (and similar items) before your love of her. Even though my wife supports my different ways, I have still managed to get on my wifes bad side with all of it a couple of times over the years by pushing things a bit further or faster than she was comfortable with. So bottom line, definitely put her first and keep her feelings in mind as you move forward... Good luck!
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    Lastly breakky in the mall Jeggings and old fave wittner MIllionaire suede ankle boots in sand colour thats all heading home now !
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    Then wittner store for some new season styles dessa leopard ankle boots tammy thigh boots popp chunky ankle boots (clunky) plus 2 pics of all the try ons
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    I wear pumps and boots with stilettos I really don't to many block heels shoes and boots,,,,, a few but not many. I think the stilettos are the way to go. Mine are 5,6 and 7 with platforms.
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    Jeff, Was it too breezy for the printed skirts? Didn't read of any Jaunts this weekend, which was a shame. I pushed the envelope at work and spoke to HR about my wardrobe choices, and after wearing skirts to work (corporate knee-length pencils), I thought I'd try a skirt suit! Teamed with red pumps, though the shoes were a killer. I need to get some more comfortable shoes, might even go back to booties as the heel is easier to walk in. First time with a handbag as well, but it was well received by colleagues Looking forward to your next jaunt
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    It rained the first two days of our vacation. We were stuck inside because of the heavy downpour and high water. We did some shoe shopping online together and ordered 2 pairs each. We got matching fushia cutout platform pumps with an ankle strap. She got a matching pink pair of pumps that I already have. And I ordered the purple floral pair. All our shoes were on clearance and totaled less than 45 dollars. I think my previous order of a pair of light blue ones is unavailable. But it was a good way to spend some time with my wife despite the bad weather.
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    I like several stiletto pumps thigh high boots 5 and 6 inch single sole 6 and 7" with 1-2" platforms. My go to all time favs are Steve Madden Dejavu's in black and beige in the pics. I also just found a pair in leopard!! My Pleaser Devious Daggers are 6-1/4 single sole with ankle strap that I was in Chicago out and about for 7 hours. My usual time out in heels is 5-7 hours with no problem
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    I do agree with you guys.....I purchased two pairs of Onlymaker and I´m quite happy with the results....shipping time from China to Germany was fast and for the moderate price paid you get a reasonable quality. The fit is (at least in my case) true to size.
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    curiousheels I have several pair of Onlymaker high heels. The shoes I have ordered are ankle boots. I am very satisfied with the workmanship and quality of what I have received. I also believe the prices are reasonable. For the little cash outlay, If you do not like what you get, the loss in cost isn't that bad. If you order these high heels, let me know what you think of them when you receive them. spikesmike
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    I agree on DSW. I was there last night near closing time. Many shoppers in the store. I saw a young couple ,both in their 20's a guy and gal, that were both trying on heels. They were trying on matching pairs of white, chunky heels. I commented to both of them, nice choice. They both smiled back. It reminded me of my wife and I wearing matching heels together. I'm glad to see the younger generation following in the foot steps of us more experienced heelers! Happy Heeling, bluejay
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    Rather not say my discipline. While I'm not in heels 24/7, I'm in heels more than I'm not in heels. Wearing heels has made my life so much better, I'm so much more happier and my friends have pointed it out. It a quality of life issue to me. I even have been out dancing in heels. So being an open male high heel wearer I thought I should join this group.
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    It has been far too long! I'm still wearing heels about three days a week and still rotating my assortment around to keep my selections healthy and fresh. Amazingly I was able to hit the Nordstrom Rack lottery (it had been a long time) and found this first pair in my size. Amazingly it seems that the size 13 section is making a slow comeback (however only a dozen or so total pairs and many still at near inflated retail) and the size 12 area is back and decently sized - for you guys and gals who take a size 12. These are BCBGeneration and I've noticed with their size 12 and 13 heels sometimes they tend to be using what looks like the size 11 heel, so they come up just a hair short. It's not very noticeable unless you really look for it up close but it's something I've come to expect. It doesn't throw my stride off any and the shoes are always really comfortable, but it is something to keep in mind if you put miles on your heels over hard surfaces. I tend to be on carpet most of the time so it's not as much of an issue. These are kind of a textured matte black but are still smooth to the touch, something I call "80's faux leather." The second pair are Christian Siriano for Payless, the "Habit" pumps that it seems everyone is divided on. I tend to wear a 13 in nearly all heels (exceptions made for some Torrid 12W styles, some MUCH older Payless 12W styles, and an occasional pair of Nine West 12M that fit loose), and that's what I ordered in these. Yes, as many have said, they fit tight - to begin with. However after breaking in, these fit PERFECTLY. I cannot think of a pair of pumps I've owned in my life that fit so perfectly. I wish Payless would restock these in black so I could get another pair, along with the faux suede dark teal and silver. Another case of Payless only paying attention to the complaints. These really do have that perfect "foot to shoe" fit and look, but yes, they did have to be broken in.
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    When I notice someone looking at my heels I just smile and say "hi." Sometimes that will start a conversation, sometimes not. Most of the time the looks are from ladies, who almost always have a positive comment. No one has ever been critical - nice. One time in Vegas a guy noticed my heels and asked, "Are you wearing high heels, that's really cool." Then he pointed out my heels to the lady he was with and said agin, "this guy is wearing high heels, that's really cool." Then he made some comment about always wanting to be taller - he was shorter than me - and I said to try wearing heels, and he said that he may just do that. We all laughed and smiled then went our separate ways. Sometimes a simple "hi" and a smile works wonders. Have fun, sf
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    alphax I like/love those thigh high boots. Do you wear those out in public, if not, shame on you. spikesmike.
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    I wore them from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm except I found out that I couldn't drive in them, so I swooped out my SM clog on the right foot to drive. You got to take smaller steps in these,comfortable all day. But tiring for 12 hours because of the shorten strides, I walk and stand a lot during the day.
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    I had some running around to do this morning and the temperature was 80F (27C) so I went out wearing a green short sleeved top, a blue scarf, a short denim skirt, hose, ans OTK faux suede boots with 4" block heels. It was thinking about raining but I long ago discovered that I wasn't going to melt so I didn't take any rain gear. The first stop was the County Clerks office to pay vehicle taxes. I stood in line for a while and finally got to a clerk. The transaction only took two minutes and when we were done she called me by my first name (male name) and said, "Is that you?" I took the question as a complement and said, "Yep, that me". I got a big smile and was wished a very good day. The next stop was to pay my water bill. Before you ask, I could do all this stuff on line or by mail... but whats the fun of that. I see this as a good excuse to get dressed and go out. Anyway, The bill paying was uneventful except that I got called, "Hon". That seems to be the universal salutation for a guy in a skirt. I stopped at my favorite thrift store and none of the clerks that knew me were on duty. The gal that was on duty just took me in stride. The last stop was Sams. This was also uneventful. I did get my favorite register clerk and mentioned that I had to remember not to sit down in a skirt this short. She replied, "Or bend over." We had a good laugh and I headed out to my car and loaded my stuff into the trunk, without bending over.
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    Hi all been hectic this trip so haven't had proper time to sort pics and post them in timely fashion so here are a few from shoe trying on adventures windsor smith ankle boots nine west grey knee boots 3 pairs of wittners sandals boots. The strappy sandals were SOOO high 12.5 cm effect, i could barely walk but actually quite comfy
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    Well oh yea I have a problem but it's my vice I have just a few pairs Pair 397 Wild Diva work boots now that spring has sprung I think I have found the boots to do the yard work ? Another @poshmark find #guysinheels #guyinheels #meninheels #maninheels #hisheels #myheels #myheelsarehigherthanyourstandards
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    For me it's sort of the same story. I don't have a specific event that made me want to wear heels. My interest in footwear started at a young age. When I was in groundschool the flatform sneaker just came in style. They where for girls but I totally loved them and wanted a pair. I didn't dare to ask my mum back in the day if I could get a pair because they where for girls. When I got in my teens my attraction to heels grew. I noticed them more and more on women and really loved them. I always wondered what it would feel like to wear them and when I had the chance I put on a pair of heels that belonged to the sister of a friend. They felt so good to wear. Things where a bit on hold until 2006 even though they never left my mind. In 2006 when I was living on my own (with a housemate) for little over a year and then I finally worked up the guts to order a pair of heels. I was so excited with them. They where sort of Pleaser platform style with a black sole, transparent part over the toes and black laces to tie them to my legs. I've worn them so much until the transparent bit came off, it was attached with round head nails and they ripped through the transparent plastic after a while. These got me hooked on heels and my collection has been changing / growing since. I have no clue what made me want to wear heels in the first place. Trying to answer that question has given me many depressions in the past. But I gave up finding the answer en just started enjoying heels. And things get easier every day. I've reached the point that I'm pretty sure I'm show my mum a pic of me in heels next saturday and ask: how do you like my new shoes? To get the conversation started.
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    Stoney and JeffB count your financial blessings. I have size 10 feet and its just too easy to buy and buy and buy. I only have two pairs of men's shoes left, used for digging in muddy conditions, and I'm out of room for heels. I have three 2 ft by 6 ft bookcases with 8 - 10 shelves each with 2 - 3 pairs per shelf. It's forced me to learn to go shoe shopping and try on shoe just for the fun of it. To be extremely selective when I purchase, set boundaries or have boundaries set for you - like space to store them :). I use to not be able to understand why some women liked to go shoe shopping so often. Now I understand it and enjoy this activity as well. Styles come and go so fast, some shoes sell out fast and you have to jump on them.
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    Well, it's going to rain here all day today, so I'm locked inside as I detest being out in the rain, but, tomorrow promises to be nice and dry, so, we'll see. By the by, I forgot to mention a scant few weeks ago that April 28, 2013 marked the last time I wore jeans or pants on an outing as I've been all about skirts (and the occasional dress) ever since. I don't think that was anything I intentionally planned, but as I came to enjoy wearing skirts more and more, I no longer saw any reason to wear jeans or pants which I saw as dull and boring and seriously bereft of options when it came to fashion. However, migrating to skirts opened a whole new world in terms of fashion, giving me almost limitless options when it came to putting together outfits for my jaunts, and that brought my passion for fashion freestyling into full bloom. Of course, there's also the purely visceral angle as I love how skirts look on me, either with heels or flats and, four years later, my love for skirts burns as brightly as ever.
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    CAT and TBG Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Also, Thanks for the compliment. spikesmike
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    This morning I felt like getting dressed and going out. The temperature was in the mid 40sF (8C) so I started with a knee length leather skirt, a short sleeved pink top, hair, a black leather jacket, and open front lace up OTK boots with 4" stiletto heels. A cool front was going through so it was raining. With no place in mind, I headed for my favorite thrift store. With the rain, the place was almost empty. I met my favorite clerk as she was coming out of one of the isles and she immediately brightened up and said, "Oh I love those boots!" I asked her what she thought they would look good with and she looked them over again and said, "Shorts". I asked her, "If your not busy, would you pick out a pair?" We discussed size and she headed to the rack and pulled out several and I headed to the dressing room. One pair were way too small but the others fit nicely and I bought them. She has a good eye. Again with no place in particular in mind, I headed for Sam's since it was close by and there were a few items I needed. I parked and went in and ran into my favorite manager. Her eyes got big and she said, "I love those boots, where did you get them? Online?" I told her that I had found this pair at the Goodwill. She called over to another manager, "Look at his boots!" The other lady manager said, "Those are fantastic... and I love the hair! I'm always impressed with the boots you wear in here." These were not quiet conversations, rather they were loud enough for the other shoppers in the area to take note. I finished my shopping and headed out to the parking lot. As background, I have been carrying a purse for 6-7 years but today I did the classic "dumb". I had put my purse in the top of the shopping cart when I checked out and when I put the cart in the cart return area in the parking lot I left my purse in the cart. I had my keys in my hand so I was able to unlock my car and get in. As I did a guy across the lot called out, "Hey Mam", and my door closed. I didn't miss it until I was several miles away when I turned around and headed back to the store. Fortunately it was turned in at the service desk and they were glad to return it to me.
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    So Gorgeous, @bnchmrk!!!
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    Anyone, need your opinion on this. It it will be a daily wear when im not wearing heels and also a nicw addition to my flats. So, which one should i get? Or should i not? Does it look unisex?
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    CAT------ With out a question, I like your style. And your boots and shoes. Kittyinboots---- I am sure you and I have met. I attended a High Heel Meet in Chicago, circa 2013. Iloveboots and Bernheels were there also. If you and CAT manage to work up a get together, let me know. Give me enough time to pack and I can meet you in Chicago. Or any place close. spikesmike
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    CAT, That's a lot of fantastic photos there. Now who is taking them for you? A pal you shop with?? You do have some fantastic heels definitely in the height range I like. HappyinHeels
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    Age. I don't wear heels to work, factory rules. I do wear them otherwise, not as often as you but a lot. Right now I need to lay off for a bit because I developed knee pain in my right leg and heels don't help.
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    joeshaw Nice boots. It does not matter to me about the skirt being a matching set with the boots. However, I do my best to coordinate. If you go looking for skirts, try looking in Country and Western Stores for Jean skirts and Goodwill stores for most anything else. The skirts I am wearing in the photos on this page are from those places. I understand if you live in San Francisco, Calif. You can wear just the boots and nothing else. Happy Heeling. spikesmike
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    A blow dryer should work on a synthetic leather material (vinyl). I have used this method but vinyl will also contract when it cools. I used to have a sign shop and used vinyl lettering. It has similiar properties. When heated it will stretch but only to a point where it will rip or stretch that it ruins the surface or discolor. Be sure to use something in the shoe to retain its shape or size. When it cools it will shrink into or around the object it contours to and tightens up. So leave something in until the vinyl cools and it should be okay.
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    My new made to measure Arollo Princess Long Overknees. They fit like gloves, but if I were to order another pair, I would add 1 or 2 cm all around because I think the leather liner takes up space and reduces the effective measurements. I think I would also add 1 or 2 cm around the knees for movement slack Getting in and out of these things was an adventure, possibly the least sexy fetish boot dressing scene ever But they feel lovely on and sliding past each other.