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    Hello one and all. I am a new member and was introduced to the website by my current boyfriend. Who had recently came out to me about his fascination with heels. The news was not hard to accept, for my very own stepfather, has the same hobby. And made me realize that this is not a bad thing. But a new normal. That there are many men out there like themselves, who are struggling to find a healthy balance and not be judged or shamed. I admire him for his courage and honesty. The strength it took for him to tell another person, has made me respect him even more so. I accept him for who he is. Heels and all. And if this is what makes him happy and feel himself...I am 100% supportive. Our relationship has grown tremendously with our honesty. If there are other women or men out there who are like us. Please feel free to comment and give us your feedback, support and love. Thank you for your time...look forward to hearing from everyone.
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    How about this, my 5,9 inch ( 15cm ) Pleaser Patent Ankel Boots . or those, my 12cm Pleaser Ankle Boots, a little bit easier to handle outdoor than the other 's . I put a metall tip under the heel, so they are loud as hell on concrete ....
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    So I decided to do a spur of the moment outing wearing my 7” London Trash high heels. I was at Payless earlier and the sales associate kept complementing my on being able to walk in them as well as having the confidence to wear heels in public. I was in a store called Rainbow in this pic. The sales associate working there was helpful but didn’t say too much about my heels.
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    here is one Jeremy. Black and white. In Amsterdam lounge. Thank you!
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    Some new pics for the best looking legs and hees competition
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    It's Easter and so it means some time off to take some more piccies. Happy Easter everybody!
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    I just got this pair from an online shop. Still in great condition. Christian louboutin in patent leopard print.
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    Usually I wear jeggings (skinny jeans appearance) and not this type of leggings. But thanks to the positive feedback that I received here, I get confidence to go out in public with them, so yesterday I went out (getting a lot of attention of course ). Attached I have taken a selfie of my public outfit (sorry for the photo orientation) Thanks Sydheel, These ankle boots are my favorites. They are a special (limited) edition made two years ago by local shoes shop chain (called Pittarello) exclusively for their shops. Unfortunately they are no longer available. Regards Tullio
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    I have other Soda heels so when I saw these today and they fit so well, they had to come home with me.
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    Hey All, I dropped into Macy's for the first time this year and this pair of Jessica Simpson "Aeralin" wedges didn't speak to me rather it yelled at me to get and grovel. The saleslady brought out a size 10 which fit rather well but I figured for a sale price of $70 it better be an optimal fit so I ordered them. My 5.6" wedges in size 11 will arrive at my house in about a week. I have always liked the JS line but this is the snazziest wedge I have seen at Macy's so I decided to pay more than I usually would. I would to post a picture of them on my feet but figured a stock photo would give you a taste. Despite our light snow and February temperatures in April in Wisconsin I guess I'm looking ahead to warmer times. Still, if I really want to wear a wedge them I am generally quite comfortable all the way down to about 30F/-1C or so. Mind over matter. Wedges over winter. HappyinHeels
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    Wow! where did the time go? I came to Melbourne for work for 5 days and head home tomorrow. I was planning on an update and a pic or 2 every day. Im just finishing dinner in ghe casino and about to head back to hotel bar wearing tight jeggings and wittner peep toe boots. 12cm heel 1cm platform.
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    After a while some new photos with different shoes and poses. Bye
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    Thankyou very much cat Anymore for anymore lol also my 5.5 inch pumps
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    recent ebay purchase! Dune tan leather knee boots
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    Keep on heeling everybody !
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    Just sharing another great find for $19 just now. It was on sale at Topshop, leopard print sandals. And damn! They are really high and very sexy. I think its 5 inches.
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    My submission only have my boots so here it is
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    Today's heels. Stone grey suede - "Pauline" style by London Rebel, bought from Asos. One of the first heels I bought myself. They tend to look lower than they are because of the style of the heel, but they are a nice 4". I love the classic stiletto look.
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    I love your white Bordellos! What size are they cause I’ve been wanting to buy a pair in a 13 but I don’t want them looking extra huge
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    I'm seeing quite a lot of staggery looking "bent knee poses". You should really try and keep your legs straight when walking and standing. Bent knees is a sign that you're not coping with the heel height. Not a good look. Very good material but could be better presented :-)
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    Just got these...have a similiar pair in gloss beige, and one pair with chain accents. These are a matte beige and go well with anything.
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    Just a couple of pictures of my highest heels 17.5 cm
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    A couple more of my fav heels and leggings
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    Hello everyone some news: I am on my way back. At present having a rest in the lounge.its really appreciated because the check in ,passeport control and security took me 1 hour. Standing and walking. As i am wearing the 5,5 spare shoes that were supposed to be worn only in the hotel,I admit it quite hard. After 11 hours in the plane I should have brand new feet for the arrival I hope so. Because I know the way is long in CDG 2E airport from the gate to the parking lot. And as the arrival time is around 6 pm,we could expect a long waiting time at the passeport control. French policemen are not really early birds keep you updated Pierre
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    So here again my ankle booties with 12cm block Heel. Wear those mostly with this kind of jeans outdoors .
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    ... hope this is ok from the side ?
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    Thank you so much everyone for all the kind words. And encourage of my mates openness. I'll continue to be supportive of him. There is talk of a possible photo shoot. I'll have @Barr post when they are ready. Happy heeling everyone!!!
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    Hello Amanda here are some new pics with a better leg attitude. I hope you would prefer these ones Pierre
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    Grlnxtdr88, If you like heels, and the company of those who like them as well, then you have landed in the right place indeed! AS you referenced your boyfriend I hope you'll both enjoy the site together. Our site is a fashion site, no porn or kinky crap, so it attracts the right kind of advertisers and a reputable membership base. It's all about the shoes and perhaps the outfits and where on this big Blue Planet any of us may be wearing it. There are men who wear men's clothing with their heels. others are more freeform and wear skirts or dresses, or other mixed articles from both sides of the aisle, while others will dress completely en femme. The unifying thread is the love of the high heeled shoe. I have had many discussions over the past several years about the number of men I believe want to try heels and buy them compared to the number who actually do. I have never had a bad experience and, in fact, have had the best experience when actually wearing heels into a store. I have bought all my heels in-person since 2009 when I started shopping at Bakers before they went bankrupt. I have had the pleasure of meeting several of our members over the years. I personally like higher heels and have just two pairs at 4"/10cm. My preferred range is 5-6"/13-16cm. We have some folks here who really have a great fashion sense. Call it getting in touch with their feminine side but I'd say it's just men finding color and creativity in their lives. ANyways, welcome aboard the "High Heel Train" HappyinHeels
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    I'll add my welcome, too! My wife is very accepting of my footwear preferences. Sometimes, too accepting and I worry if I'm overstepping what's good for me! LOL Steve
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    One more from me. This one also goes into the "Seniors" category, and obviously, also the "tattooed" category :-)
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    I bought some new booties yesterday. I will wait till the snow clears first. My first pair without a block heel
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    Day off pics. I really like my bordellos! I've been having a difficult time trying to upload. Finger crossed. My girlfriend bought these for me as a gift.
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    Spring has sprung and sandal season is here!!! Finally... Ankle strap styles seem to be popular recently, and I like that look. Zappos has a pair of Naturalizer sandals called Tinda that I saw and really liked, so I bought a pair, well two pair. It has been years since I have gotten any Naturalizer shoes, so I was not certain of the sizing. I got a pair in size 11M and 12M, just in case. The size 12M fit perfectly. I am glad that I acted quickly since there do not seem to be any more size 12's available. The sandals are comfortable, the lower (slightly more than 2 inch) heel is very stable and there is some nice cushioning in the insole. To me they have a simple but classy look. I have only worn them around the house and am looking forward to getting outside. I really like the sandals and hope to get a lot of wear out of them this season. I wrote a review at the Naturalizer site (even tho I did not purchase from them) which they promptly published. I also wrote a review at Zappos, and they have not yet posted the review. Strange they have always posted my reviews in the past. It it does not appear soon, I will send another review. Here are a few pics..... Take care all, have fun.... sf
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    Springtime is here (so far in name only), so it is time for new sandals! I scored two new (to me) pair on ebay. Both of them are mules (really, is there any other kind worth wearing?) Both of them are Nine West. Both of them are non-current models by several years which I'd never seen or heard of before now. Neither has been worn much at all. The salmon colored pair is called Dance Card, and features cork-look heels of a whopping 5 3/8 inches, but with a 1 1/4 inch platform, so they are surprisingly easy to walk in. The black pair is called Versell, and I believe they've never been worn at all. There is one silver metal doodad missing on the front, so I got them for $5 (plus shipping). The Versell model has a 4 5/8 inch stiletto heel which appears to be made of molded plastic. With a 5/8 inch platform, they're right at 4 inches difference between the toe and heel, making for relatively easy walking. Actually, I can't comment on either of these yet, because I have worn them only cursorily. Both of them fit exactly the same--tight. I can tell they will straighten up and fly right in pretty short order, but they're a bitch to get on with the multiple straps to scrunch up your foot. It will just be a matter of wearing them for a few hours, and they will be fine.
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    Spring has sprung and that means ..... more wedges . jeremy1986 you should really like these . My wife found them on the Payless web site . With all the great reviews , I figured , why not and with a 25% off discount they would be fine even if I hated the fit . They are a great fit and a little wider than Payless usually has for wide width shoes . The shoe name is "Escape" . The ankle tie is long enough to tie in the front or back of the ankle . They are real easy to walk in and fun to wear .
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    Same heels as the other day just experimenting with my favorite jeans again.
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    Well finally found a girl that loves and not only supports but encourages me to wear high heels. And best of all we wear exactly the same size so I can wear her extensive collection of shoes. We want to go out in heels however we are from Panama and this is not the most accommodating and tolerant society for thing that are different form the norm. As well as it is a small city, there is nowhere we go at any time that we don’t with someone either of us knows. So, doing it here is out of the question. We have done it but very very discretely but not the way we wanted, for instance once we went out really late around 3 am for “dinner” at a dinner that is open 24 hours, at that time usually drunk people are in but I just wore wedge sneakers hiding the heel. Another time we rode our bikes wearing 4-inch stiletto almond toe booties late at night and no stops. But I digress, we want to enjoy full time high heel wearing. Our plan is around April to fly over to San Francisco, we chose it because it seems to be a very open-minded community and city. And April so it is not too hot nor cold. The idea is that as soon as we land and until we are back at the airport going back home, during those 2 weeks all my footwear would be chosen by her and she told me that I will be in highs heels 24/7, trying for most of the time to be in stilettos. Not opposed to that, actually looking forward to it. We have a few items in our bucket list for the trip: - - As I said I would be in high heels 24/7 - - Go out for a fancy dinner she wearing a black cocktail dress and me a sharp pinstripe suit with a tie and black stilettos - - The same as before but wearing pink or very girly and flashy high heel stilettos. - - During the day walk around, shop, get to know the city, visit land marks wearing high heels and carrying comfortable wedges if it gets tiresome but always on high heels - - At night go out to different places bars all in high heels and casual clothes - - Sometimes go out in matching shoes - - Shoe shopping and trying it at the store and walking out wearing them. - - Purchase matching designer high heels, we both are in love and want 12CM heels Pigalle shoes from Louboutin. But still open to alternatives. That list I our must do. Well that is our dream adventure and plans, I am posting here from a very long absence (my previous account is lost). We want to know your thoughts, ideas, recommendations, critiques, anything you can think of. We could change location if you suggest a better one and we like it. Suggest activities, places to visit, places to avoid, bars, restaurants… Suggest some more goals for the list. All and any ideas are welcome. Thanks a lot and thanks for all the people ins this forum it makes it so much easier and more to do something I love knowing I am not the only one.
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    Yes @balletboot I will do it. I walked in the hotel corridors ,lobby,lounge. I think it would be possible to handle these shoes. These are my spare shoes. 15,5 cm. Oxford 55 fetish heel style fron Extremehighheels in Spain. Originally dedicated for the room and restaurants Departure on Monday 1 am. Direct flight to Paris. So one more day for training. Even 2 considering that early ( more late than early) departure time. Pierre
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    Ordered three skirts while on vacation. Now to figure which pair of heels to pair with them.
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    Steve, you know by now that being a member here is an expensive proposition, very hazardous to your checkbook. You constantly see new shoe you just have to have.
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    Well..no pictures today....but the consilation prize is that I am sitting in sunny Punta Cana on the beach.lol. Not a heel in sight except my wifes when we go to supper. A week without heels is going to be hard. Might even have bad withdrawls... But I think I will be ordering a new pair when we get home. Probably these puppies...they are "to die for".
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    Taking a roadtrip today. Decided these will be my driving heels for the day.
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    Sometimes a basic black pump is the best choice for the day.
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    Thankyou Tina I’ll try find a few more Couple more, the last one was difficult!!

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