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    Seeing both these guys doing their thing certainly makes me think this is precisely what most of the members here would like to see. Men expressing themselves with fashion in ways that are neither underwriting any gay status nor trying to "pass" as female. Sort of like how females have been wearing things obviously intended for men and just go about their business without worry of some hierarchy placing some of label on them. But really the only way to find and enjoy yourself and that new sense of fashion freedom is to get out there and do it like these two are and the way many of our members do. As for you mlroseplant, my Iowa neighbour, I know how you look since I've seen you in-person a number of times now. You are unafraid and unapologetic but at the same time don't appear "threatening" to anyone. Your best trait I suspect is the good heart you carry. Not untypical of many Iowans really. That is what truly matters once we are gone and the only fabric left of our existence is the knowledge (and perhaps the wisdom) we shared with those around us. The undeniable need to interact with others, to listen and be listened to, to watch and be watched, and to use the five senses to the best of our collective ability seems to be the foundation of the human experience. It is the unspoken reason why forums like this one exist. It may not help all who view it or post on it but the fact it has helped many many people understand themselves better than before and given rise to something else needed to properly enjoy the human journey: CONFIDENCE. It only come from experience and knowledge. Confidence inspires people all over the world and this forum does a pretty good job as a conduit of human kindness and understanding. And that's what I have to say about that. HinH
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    Out for sandwich shop in my 5.5 inch silver heels. Love these pumps. Legs still splotchy from the poison oak, but hells bells i needed to heel.
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    Back to the sandwich shop after a stop at the post office in my old Madden Darrts. Easy heels to wear. My jeans are not lifted, plenty of shoe as it should be. Couple extra days off around independence day. Short time in old pair of Pleasers at the home depot. Also a few additional stops. Cooling off in the neighbors pool. They say as long as i don't wear my heels in the pool.
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    Aller chercher sa baguette de pain dans les rues vides Getting my French bread each morning walking in the empty streets New mandatory accessory } I didn't find it in black simili! (not sure it can be comfortable)
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    Not a lot happening on this forum recently, so I thought I'd find an old photo and upload. These are Jessica Simpson, size 11. I like the block heel and apparently so do others, because I've gotten positive comments more than once. Twice at gas stations/convenience stores. Once last winter a woman also pumping gas, glanced at my shoes and said, "I don't wear my girl shoes much at this time of year." I should have said, "It doesn't't stop me," but I missed it and instead just made a general comment about the weather. On another occasion, I went into the convenience store to buy a drink and a woman told me outside how much she liked my shoes -- and then commented again inside, asking me where I got them.
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    I replied two days ago to a high school classmate's Facebook post, which was captioned "Where are you on this scale?" I replied, "Two children, but I still wear the 'single' shoes." That shut the thread right the f*** down. Crickets. I seem to have that talent.
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    Got in some public heeling last evening after a round of golf. I stopped in to subway for a sandwich. Sorry for the poor imaga, hard to photograph yourself without drawing attention.
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    I have been to Paris today 4 months I hadn’t. What a surprise! No traffic, much less noise, much lees bad smell But the most noticeable is all people in shops,restaurants are so nice, helpful, polite. Everything we weren’t used to. It’s pity you foreigners can travel yet. You could forget our lengendary arrogance Please come and visit us as soon as you can before we fall back in our ways. Pierre
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    It may not technically qualify as foot jewelry, but I took these BCBGirls sandals on their maiden voyage this morning. I managed to get one mile in before it started raining. I've had them for some time, I've just never worn them out before. They have these odd little medallions on the buckles for the back straps. I had originally planned to cut them off, but I have changed my mind. They give this oddly satisfying sensation against the side of your foot with every step. By the way, these shoes don't bite. No blisters, no funny marks, no nothing. You just never know until you walk a couple miles. I am provisionally approving them until I can do my two mile test.
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    So happy my outings are getting back to normal. Spent a good 6 hours or so this afternoon out and about. 1st stop was to my nail salon for a fresh set. Then a stop at my cable company office, finally drop TV service I haven't used in months what with steaming services available. Next I stopped by my favorite coin shop to place an order, then lunch at an Italian restaurant I'm fond of. Final stop was for groceries. A nice young lady that worked there went out of her way to compliment me on my heels, said she was impressed I could walk around in 6" heels when she struggled to wear kitten heels. I started to tell her that they were merely 4 1/2" heels, but 6" sounded funner, so I let it slide. It was good to get complimented like that, like before the social distancing stuff kicked in. Saw one lady wearing some nice black caged sandals, almost as high as mine, but didn't get a chance to compliment her. Other than that, mostly flip flops & sneakers, as usual...I wore my favorite pair of Nine West pumps that are breaking in quite nicely, a pair of bling jeans by Sexy Couture that I just got in, and a top by Perry Ellis. I'm tempted to pop out tomorrow for dinner, but I need to drop a couple of pounds...
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    I think my Zoe Wittner Mary Janes are the girliest in my collection (with floral detail but still looks smart without it):
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    Thigh high leopard boots. Out of season, they were on a clearance sale. I have been looking for a pr. forever. Especially after seeing a pr. that Cat posted and knew I had to have a pair too. Only wish they were a little higher with a platform. I was not about to pass them up with sale listing them for 60% off.
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    Hello everybody Here is my contribution Can age be a joker?
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    CHrisPap, One would think with my classic French surname that I would have made it to France a long time ago but it didn't happen until December of 2012. Had some business in London and took the train over and spent the entire day in Paris. From my Algerian taxi driver to various folks in restaurants and two fellows in a pricey shop where I tried on some heels just before closing I encountered nothing but friendly and engaging people. Don't know if it was a rare day or they just reacted well to French with a Quebecois accent to it. I have heard over the years of Parisians being arrogant or snooty because your French isn't like theirs or some such nonsense. I encountered none of that. As my taxi driver put it something like "The long-lost cousin finally makes it to the dinner invitation. What the hell took so long?" I do think a common ancestry and being conversant in the language made an enormous difference but so does a positive attitude. I think also a certain event not long ago where three average Americans from Sacramento, CA made a very positive impression in France. People remember these things. I will definitely return to France with my wife and spend much longer there. HinH
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    Photo on request !
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    Looking good chesterx. Finally able to dine at a restaurant, albeit outdoor seating only, last Friday. I was shocked but very pleased to have a couple come in and be seated at a nearby table as she was wearing a pair of black suede stilettos that looked to be close to a 5" heel. Don't see ladies in shoes like that but once or twice a year in my neck of the woods. Made my evening!
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    would have to be my giuseppe zanotti denny
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    I have some news for you. Even though everything is up in the attic for now, don't believe for a minute that they will stay there. Good luck to you.
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    Welcome to the site. This is a misconception, amazing looking heels DO NOT need to be uncomfortable. If you heels hurt, it your fault for buying heels that hurt. Take the time to find the pair that doesn't. It may take longer, but well worth the time and effort. The first thing I learned was "life is too short for heels that hurt." The other thing you will find is that your "style" will change over time. You may see some heels in a different style and decide to try them and they turn out to be fabulous. Keep an open mind and enjoy your journey.
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    Finally just Bought myself some pleaser seduced boots, really impressed with the fit, love them!
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    I love pink heels....just a few of mine.
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    Hello everyone, It's been a while. I just kind of went with my life and got little carried away by real life things that I kind of forgot about this place. But I did remember a little earlier in the month and here I am again with some more heeling I am doing. I did get myself 2 new pair of shoes both with 7+ cm stilleto heels. One pair is sandals and second one pumps. I am incredibly pumped to keep taking them out but need to always find a reason for it which may be the hard bit as I am outgoing personality. But today I am wearing the sandals to Prague as I need to sort out some administrative paperwork and be on my way. Might even visit some shops on the way back. Will give you a pic when I get back home. Also I now finally got myself the courage to fulfill something I was eager to do before. Going to dance lessons for high heels. I believe I wrote about little earlier but can give a recap if needed. And now I even have nice stockings that I can wear to fix the entire issue with leggings and shaving due to my current home being with parents. And I will wear the pumps or sandals to go there and back and have dancing shoes for the lessons themselves. Sadly my current work makes it unable for me to wear heels there due to huge amount of physical work that is not really wise doing in heels. Have a lovely day all of ya and keep on heeling!
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    My employer has recalled us from work at home. Today was the 1st day in our new office. It is a further drive for me than our old office by about 20 minutes. I dont care much for that, but the building is very nice & I'm just dying to get a pair of pumps on the flooring. Concrete parking garage, Long marbled floor lobby, & tiled hallways thru-out. I was lucky enough to be behind the only women I saw wearing heels & they made such a lovely sound. I forgot how jealous I can get...
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    These are boots instead of the normal shoes but look pretty girly none-the-less, with the abundance of fur trimmed laces and the boot tops.
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    Suppose I have been fortunate. My area is solidly conservative, and quite well armed to boot, so nothing is going to happen anywhere near me. I ran into a county sheriff while waiting outside wingstop for lunch today. He hasn't seen anything to worry about. We had a normal conversation. Well, as normal as you can be while wearing a green striped blouse, grey slim fit trouser pants, and my black Jessica Simpson pumps...
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    Amazing! Love them! Enjoy!
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    From some time ago . mike
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    I bought these sweet sexy things the other day - what do you think?
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    Following some 'interchanges' between myself and admin you'll note that my gallery has been wiped. This was ultimately at my request after I'd reviewed the content and decided that perhaps there was a little bit too much of me on display. That having been said thanks to all those who 'liked' my posts and left positive comments, it was very much appreciated. This site has been a pleasant distraction during the Covid lockdown but now things are beginning to return to normal my alter ego 'StockingTop' has been retired and it's trappings cased up and consigned to the attic. So best wishes all and to quote one of my 'supporters' - 'HAPPY HEELING'
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    Had to take a quick picture of the new custom boots that were finished and picked up today. The heels aren’t quite 4” but I think they make a bit of a statement beyond what men usually wear:
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    Took today off to make for a long weekend. Got most of my errands for this weekend done today. Started with an fitting appointment at Nordstroms. I got in a nice light blue pant suit on sale from Long Tall Sally (they are going out of business), it has pretty little pin dots all over it, & it will nicely match those blue pumps I have coming from ItalianHeels.com. Unfortunately, it was far too large for me to wear in public. I needed the pants length shortened, the blazer sleeves shortened, & the sides taken in. I didn't know that Nordstrom did alterations, & it was reasonably priced, so I booked an appointment. That was kinda fun & intend to get more custom fitting done in the future. After the fitting was complete I went next door to Claire's boutique & got my ear pierced, so now they are both pierced. Along with the stud earrings I bought a couple of necklaces that I thought were cute. Then I stopped at Romano's Macaroni Grill for some grilled salmon, pasta, & a little wine. Savored that visit for a while then stopped off at my nail salon for a new set. Went with a crazy purple glitter dip that is sure to draw some attention. They were not busy & I was able to have a good conversation with a lady & her daughter about a range of topics. I enjoyed that, as it is usually to noisy to hold a conversation for any period of time. My final stop was at the hardware store, as my house is getting overrun with fire ants. I suppose the dry weather is driving them in to look for food & water. It is pissing me off getting stung just minding my own business in my own house, so I got some poison to spread around the foundation with hopes it will keep the little buggers at bay. Took a casual stroll around the shop looking for any bargains, though none were to be had. Then back home after filling up the car with gas. I find that when I'm out like this actually doing planned stops, as opposed to just looking for an excuse to wear heels in public, gives me the most satisfaction. Not sure why, I suppose its just the sense of purpose when out in public. Sure have come along way from my 1st outings when I took pains to hide my heels. I wore my Levis skinny fit jeans & a new top by Tommy Hilfiger (that I got a drop of olive oil on...grrr...) & my Jessica Simpson black pumps. I have worn them enough now that they are broken in & I can wear them for hours on end with no problems at all. My Nine West & Calvin Klein pumps are reaching that state as well, so I'm happy about my current state of footware. I expect a couple of additional excursion will be coming this weekend, but nothing as involved as today. Y'all have a happy & safe fourth of July!
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    In my part of the sticks, we have a joke - - What does a West Virginia Divorce and a Tornado have in common - - Someone is gonna lose a trailer !!
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    I think we are allowed to use the word UGLY, but only when referring to Crocs.
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    Our state ride is the Earthquake, but we get everything, even a tornado - of course they only hit mobile homes here.
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    Fifty years ago this summer, Montgomery Wards Catalog offered "A Trio of Tiny Straps" Mary-Jane on a sculptured 1 1/8 inch heel. They caught my eye when the girls wore them to high school classes. I was too intimidated to go to a shoe store and make the buy. But in the fall, I started my college career and when the Wards sale catalog offered them at a price of $3.99, I had to make the purchase. I had no idea if a size 10B would fit but hoped they would ---- they did and the feeling was … you all know there is no way to describe the initial feeling. The 3 strap Mary-Jane is still a favorite design and maybe find a pair similar to the ones you found. Congratulations to you,
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    new purchase, delivery for July 3rd, great https://www.asos.com/fr/asos-design/asos-design-bottines-chelsea-a-talons-en-cuir-avec-fermeture-eclair-et-semelle-compensee-noir/prd/20048891?clr=noir&colourwayid=60004228&SearchQuery=&cid=5774
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    Yes, I know what you mean. I've also been wearing largely the same pair of shoes for the last several weeks. I try to change it up every once in a while, but I always end up coming back. Part of a consequence of really having no place to go. I have actually been wearing my new Diane von Furstenberg wedge mules to go to the grocery store, and other such incidental errands, but they are kind of a pain to get on and off. It certainly is not a "no hands" operation. My BCBGirls Bonny mules are at once very comfortable to walk in, and yet very easy to slip on and off without hands, so that's what I've been wearing 90% of the time. How boring! The biggest problem with the DVF wedges is that they've got a leather sole. Why would you ever put a thin leather sole on the bottom of a platform wedge? Which means, I can't wear them if it's been raining at all, or they'll be ruined in a New York minute. And speaking of rain, that reminds me of a story you might appreciate, being from California. My ex-wife is from southern California, Orange County to be more specific. When she moved to Iowa some 25 years ago, we were driving around out in the countryside, and she innocently wondered out loud, "Where are all the irrigation rigs out in the farm fields?" To which I replied, "Oh, the irrigation rigs are built-in. We have developed a very effective irrigation system here. . . It's called rain."
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    These are a 2020 version of the "Dany" line which Jessica Simpson launched around 2010. I ordered the Dijon pair which are the colour of the famous mustard. They should arrive on Thursday the 25th of June. I rarely order via the internet unless it is something I am already familiar with and I have a pair of Dany sandals from back in 2010. A chunky 6"/15 cm heel which is deceptively cumfy with whatever you are wearing it. I know our friend in the Toronto area, w6ish, has talked about these very fondly over the years. I apparently bought the last size 11 pair they had in this colour on the Zappos website. Didn't care for their activist banner but they are known to be speedy and reliable. My first purchase with them and my first internet shoe purchase in quite some time. Look forward to wearing these with different jeans this summer. HinH
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    Hey All, So here is the first new topic from me since i came back. Ive been wondering for quite a while how much time in heels is actually spent walking rather than sitting down so crazy as i am i have setup a small challenge/experiment. Naturally in order to be as precise as i could i had to organize this whole thing a bit. Logging distance while working, shopping, etc i found to be rather impossible so ive found a route that i will do this on. It's 10km long and more or less flat. Ive purchased new boots just for doing this so they will not be worn for anything else until i dont want to do this anymore. These are the boots. https://imgur.com/a/FROK66Z https://imgur.com/a/60LSifi So the way i will do this is the route 5km and another 5km back, so i will walk on this route as often as i can with no other purpose than this test. Ofc who dosent like to take their heels out for a spin anyway:P I have not broken these shoes in either this will be done during the test so the distance in the beginning prob wont be too long but should improve over time. I will walk for as long as i can in these and then change to my reserve boots which is a pair of 11cm wedges with no platform and also upon changing to reserve i will walk straight back so only when i can make it to that 5km mark in the primary boots will they start getting more distance than the reserve boots. Also no breaks or sitting is allowed. All data will be posted in this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10Cb1iOsagHK6AeepSpDdcUIpZI_Ha8xOZh7q9LjAUF0/edit#gid=0 and some will be posted here as well. I think on the next walk il try and do video too. My plan is to walk as often as work and life permits but at least once per week until i hit 250km. I have no intention at this point to stop at 250 but to have a goal is important and can always be increased. I didnt want to make it to easy or to hard so i went with boots that has a 13,5 cm heel and no platform. So current data is : Last 3 walks: Primary Boots: 1,1km - Reserve Boots: 1,1km - Total: 2,2km. Total Goals: Of Primary Goal: 1,1/250km Of Total Goal: 2,2/300km Let me know what you guys think and also any suggestions are welcome. Br. Sim.
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    Recently got a pair of white Pleaser Flamingo 1020 boots. Bought and ordered on Tuesday, delivered on Thursday morning. 8 inch heel platform boots ain't that much of a challenge. I also got creative and swapped the laces on my 2 pairs of pleaser boots so they look more unique.
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    Here in the land of giant redwoods, a 8 inch diameter tree is called a twig.
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    Yesterday I left work before noon to meet a window installer at my house. He was done quick enough that I had a couple of spare hours left of daylight, so I threw on my white Gloria Vanderbilt jeans & my Black napa Calvin Klein pumps & took a drive into town. Stopped at Academys to buy some shells for my 12 gauge. Dont know if its an ominous sign or not, but they were nearly sold out of ammo of all types. Bought some skeet rounds & a Under Armor shirt that was on sale. Nothing of note happened here, so I went across the way for a late lunch at Chilies. The server was really nice & loved my nails, we had a long conversation about nails in general & other fashion topics. My heels didn't come up in our discussion by I really enjoyed it. Made my day. Again, no one seemed to care about me wearing heels. Was a good outing overall...
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    Berry season is almost 12 months a year here. I go berry picking everyday in my heels...I have strawberries in pots in my backyard.
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    I enlarged this quite a bit so I could see what the ladies were wearing. Not one heel in sight. Sign of the times I guess, sadly.
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    Since this pandemic started I have greatly limited my trips into the "real world", spending only several minutes a day in "public". I have also been very busy working from home, so my interactions with people have been minimal. Yesterday I was standing in line to get into a store. There were two women sitting in different cars talking across the parking lot. (Turns out they each had boyfriends/husbands in the store already.) First one got out and shouted " I wish I could still wear heels like that, I just love it". When she got back in the car, the other woman got out of her car and shouted she just loved my style. My interactions with people has been limited since March, so it nice when you get unexpected compliments. Stay safe. Stay at least 4 inches higher.
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    New 7" Mary Janes from Noo Shoes
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    Well, the Philadelphia area came out of lockdown on a somewhat limited basis this past Friday, meaning retail stores could reopen. I wandered downtown on Saturday (non-jaunt) to see what was what, however, because of the riots here last weekend, practically nothing was open and EVERY storefront was boarded up. My god, I had never seen so much plywood in any one area in all my life. Bottom line, jaunting downtown looks to be a nonstarter for awhile. That leaves the malls I frequent, I'll travel to King of Prussia this coming weekend and see what's up there.
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