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    Nice wedges. The brand is Delicious. I have several Delicious heels. Delicious is an "inexpensive brand" but their shoes fit me and they make taller heels. Below is my Elowen booties with faux back laces.
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    Experimenting with colors and my pleaser heels.
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    Probably have to be this one, apologies on the quality
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    Nothing like getting a jump on next season. Picked these up in a thrift store. not sure of the brand. it looks like just a letter "D" with a small heart. But the best part is they were $7!
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    The simple answer to this question is “no”. The number of men who wear heels will NEVER outnumber the number of women who wear them. The reason why the men’s forum is more active is because we men are seeking support and friendship from others who share our interest in heels - there’s not many of us, so it’s certainly nice to know there are others out there, and we can still maintain an element of anonymity if we desire it.
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    Since an encounter with a coworker while on a jaunt never happened before this past Sunday, I had no idea what to expect, so the worst case scenario was a first thought. Fortunately, that never came to pass, for which I'm grateful.
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    Not sure which of these 3 is the best... Or with a blazer, which is how I went out in the cool evening:
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    Hi Jeff I'm very happy to see that you're back to heels that are a little higher, maybe you was in summer mood when sandals and flats are sensible choice. But I'm more to the real heels side and boot lover, I have to say that your two later outfits are just awesome. Keep smiling my friend Flavio
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    Taking a trip today... chilly enough for suede up here:
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    Same with tops! Lots of lace, silk, and cami's for me. Last Saturday on a pseudo date I wore a cream lace women's top, blazer, delicate gold necklace...and skinny pants tucked into riding boots with just a 2" heel...but it was unmistakably comfortable. And "me".
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    This is so true. I just order some tops sold as women's. I plan to incorporate them into my daily wear. I wore a similar top today under my leopard hoodie, the color of the top blended well with the hoodie. About a decade ago I had a "I can pull that off" moment and decided to give women's booties a try, only 1.5 to 2.5 inch back then. People noticed since all of a sudden I was taller. So what, they were comfortable. I haven't bought a men's shoe of any kind since. I had another"I can pull that off" moment about two years ago and I've had colored fingernails ever since. And I love it. So listen to yourself and be comfortable in who you are, wear what fits and looks right.
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    Nice looking sandals... I only have one pair of Steve Madden sandals (wedgies) that I purchased several years ago. They were a size 11 and seemed to be true to size... Picture attached.... sf
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    I usually read the reviews and see what they say. But I find SM size to be true. I have too large a toe box for that type of toe strap.
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    Pharrell and GQ discussing the new masculinity. Blue Chip Mainstream Media now. GQ writes for their advertisers, who have to sustain revenue from the "new masculinity" market. There must be some financial profitability for such new non-binary masculinity to be so popular now. Back in 2001-2005, we all dreamed of media support for men in heels. It's come. Though this GQ article doesn't talk about men in heels, it does address "cross dressing" https://www.gq.com/story/pharrell-new-masculinity-cover-interview?utm_medium=social&mbid=social_twitter&utm_brand=gq&utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=twitter GQ: And do you feel that it is in some ways your privilege to lend your voice to uplifting people who are under attack? PHARRELL: Yeah, but I'm not, like, an activist. And I don't think my opinion is everything. I don't know anyone else's plight. I can just say, for me, the minute that I stopped worrying about what other people thought, and stopped catering to the fears that are taught to you—the minute that I let all that shit go—that's when I started, like: Oh, that Chanel belt? I could wear that. That Chanel hat? I like it. I could pull that off. GQ: There were gender-fluid elements to the way you dressed long before it became a national conversation. PHARRELL: It started with the “I can pull that off” thing. I wore a lot of Chanel, and I wore tons of Céline. Like, I got all the O.G. Céline. Because they were clothes I could fit in. When you listen to yourself and you're comfortable in who you are, you wear what you feel like fits and looks right on you. And that's it.
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    I'd say no. The number of men wearing heels compared to women are microscopic by comparison.
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    Darn it! I keep meaning to dine there! But now, I'd have to eat indoors as it's gotten nippy here. Indeed! I'll see about spending it on womenswear this coming weekend.
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    Congratulations, Pierre! That was well deserved!
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    Oh! I am so happy and proud! thank you ! But also a bit ashamed because of so many other wonderful legs which could have also won. Anyway more happy than ashamed as I take it as a result of lot of sport and careful diet. Thanks again Pierre
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    I'm going to post my outings in this thread, just to share. A few things about me: Have been married for a long time, with kids. My wife knew about my heels before we got married, but was never supportive, and eventually all heels became hidden (hence my alias) from view, we didn't talk about, I didn't wear it in front of her, nothing. Recently the topic came up, and the conclusion was that she said is OK if I go out periodically, she might join once in a while. It's slowly been improving, I showed her my heels, we discussed them, etc, but she doesn't want me wearing them at home. I'm used to that, so it's OK. Traditionally, 50% of my outings have been at night, with noone around, lasting about ~30 minutes. 50% of my outings have been to parks, or other more-deserted locations, during the day, hoping noone would be around. I usually wear jeans which cover the heels, and the heels vary depending on my mood. I much prefer boots, or ankle-boots, so it's almost always that. I have never ventured into a store or anything like that. Now I'm working hard to change that... More recently however, I've been getting really angry, sad, anxious, etc, most of it I am convinced is because of my inability (self-imposed or otherwise) to wear heels out. These emotions have been really difficult, and have preoccupied me greatly. I am getting really fed up with it, and have decided to try to challenge myself a bit and try to wear them outside. This is all recent, and has been happening in the last 2-3 months... OUTING A while ago I had to go downtown for work, and was in a huge mood to wear heels. I decided to take the required cloths with me, and a ~3.5" ankle boot that looks professional, no platform. After I was done with my work stuff, I quickly changed... Jeans covering almost the entire heel (about 1" was showing), and off I went. Broad daylight, with your general downtown population moving about, roads, etc. Put in headphones and walked around downtown, looking into stores, just browsing. Obviously lots of people saw me, but I was having fun. Didn't bother me who saw, and I didn't hear, was busy listening to music. Once I was done walking around, I walked too far from the car, so I decided to take the bus back. Got on the bus, in heels, sat down, and paid no attention to anyone. Was a bit self-conscious, but it was great. This was the first time I went out in public, ever, in broad daylight. I had a blast, still processing the experience. Cloths were: jacket, white shirt, very dark blue jeans, and black ~3.5" chunky heel ankle boots. The outfit I think worked perfectly. OUTING A few days after the above adventure, I got another chance. Was near a shoe store that I don't get a chance to go to often. Was coming home from a work-thing, and wanted to challenge myself. After my work-thing, I got changed, put on very long jeans, and a pair of 4" stiletto boots which I simply love. So comfortable. The heels could barely be seen. I got out of the car, shuffled around a bit, battling my thoughts, but then decided to just go for it. Ventured into the mall, past some coffee shops, and into a large department store. I looked around a bit randomly, just enjoying that I'm there in my heels. Then walked around the mall for a few minutes before making my way to the shoe store. I looked around, found nothing of use, then walked around the mall for a few more minutes and out to the car. The entire thing took 30 minutes or something, but it was broad daylight, with lots of people around, and I loved it. I was just a bit self-conscious. Cloths were: dress-shirt, black sweater, long blue jeans, and black 4" boots. I think it looked OK, upon reflection the outfit could be improved, but am still trying to figure that out. OUTING, OUTING, OUTING, OUTING A few days after the above adventure, over the course of ~2 weeks, I had the chance to be alone during the day once in a while for some hours to do my own thing. I wanted to challenge myself again, and wear heels. This time I decided to go to a coffee shop and grab a drink & some food, and work. So I did just that, picked a coffee shop that was far enough away from home, packed myself into the car, and went. This time I was quite self conscious in my brown wedge ankle boots, and long jeans covering most of it. While standing it was OK, the heels weren't showing, but when sitting I'm sure they were. I tried it out before going to the coffee shop and the jeans would ride up if I sat down, so I assume people could see some of it. But I sat down, enjoyed my drink, ate a bit, and worked on my laptop. Spent about an hour there. Got to repeat this 3, maybe 4 times over the course a few weeks. Quite enjoyable, but doesn't beat the above two adventures. Cloths: Varied, but long blue jeans with 3" wedge ankle boots covering most of it. --------------- The above outings might show progress, and they are huge progress compared to what I was doing a year ago, or further back. But I am still very much conflicted with this heeling thing, and I am sure these emotions will not go away for a while yet. I am trying to challenge myself, and in the process wear my heels, and so far so good. I am still very uncomfortable showing photos or URLs of the heels, or myself. I love it when others post photos of themselves in coffeeshops, etc, but I am not comfortable with that, for various reasons.
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    Pierre 1961 has won the competition. Sorry, I forgot to mention.
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    Hello i will be downtown Toronto from November 1st until 5th. Free any evening for meeting,drink,food,whatever in heels ! Shopping session in the morning or afternoon also possible. Hope i could meet some heel fan there Pierre
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    Way to go jeff! Sounds like you had fun. And the small winfall never hurts.
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    Great story Jeff! The new winnings would've made a great opportunity to try Parc Cafe in Rittenhouse Square. Great venue for heeling too, imho.
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    I finally broke today. It was the wind that did it. Mid 30s for a temperature (0 - +5º C), and a 30 mph wind took the fight away from me, and I put on long pants and a jacket. Still wore sandals for a brief run to the grocery store, but opted for closed-toed shoes when I had to make a run to Des Moines, the nearby capital city of Iowa. It's still a very long walk if you're broken down.
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    HA! We're both up early on a Saturday, but that's ground which has been covered before. There are two main things I do with a golf ball--one is massage and engagement of the sole of the foot. I start by placing the golf ball on the floor (a non-slick floor works more easily) and pressing on it with the ball of the foot, then rolling it slowly back to my heel. Gently at first, because it may feel strange or uncomfortable, but fairly firmly once you've gotten used to it after a time. I am really trying to knead the plantar fascia, that often problematic ligament that runs pretty much the entire sole of your foot. The second and perhaps most important thing I do with the golf ball is I pick it up with my toes and move it around. Depending on one's natural physiology and condition of one's feet, this may prove to be difficult at first. I know it was several months before I could do it reliably, sweating or not sweating, with my right foot. It was much faster with my left foot, which is strange, because I'm right-footed. Anyway, I have no rhyme or reason at this point. I just play with the ball, picking it up with one foot, setting it down, picking it up with the other foot, setting it back down. Sometimes I see how long I can hold the ball with a clenched foot before I get tired. I just go with the flow, usually while checking social media or something like that. I am crediting the golf ball thing with greatly improving my quality of life. Several years ago, I was at the point where it was hard to make it through the day at work because my feet hurt so much from walking miles and miles every day on concrete. Today, I never really think about that. Of course my feet get tired, just like everybody else, but I never think about wanting to sit down at every possible moment because of my feet like I did before. I do some other things without the golf ball as well, but again, they are not necessarily regimented into a "routine." For example, every time I go upstairs, I take 30 seconds to stretch my calf muscles. While I am stretching one calf muscle, I am flexing the toes of the other foot back and forth between extreme "high heel" position, to toes folded under like a ballerina would do. As my present tool partner at work says at least 20 times a day, "I'm not saying it's right, it's just what I do." I hope this explanation has been adequate.
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    Hi all, I was yesterday at the EMO (World Machine Tool Exhibition) in hannover for Professional purpose and when walking around the booths, I came across this amazing piece of art! A high heeled shoe completely milled out of a solid piece of aluminum! Normally the manufacturer show technical parts, but some of them show some artistical or non conventional pieces. It was 1:1 scale and quite well realized as you could see. I wanted to share with you, enjoy! Bye.
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    Would you let this contractor into your house to fix the heat pump?
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    Found these the other day, LOVE them, cant wait to wear them somewhere What do you think
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    I'm getting old, but have never seen another male wear heels, dressed as a male. It's a bit daunting, but I have noticed that as I get older, I realize that the time I have available to me to do this is getting shorter. So I venture outside more. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback. I am making progress in my adventure to wear heels. I hope I will be comfortable to wear them more openly as time progresses.
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    I would be surprise if there wasn't a picture of me out on the internet. I have been wearing 4+ inch heels everywhere for over 5 years. So Don't Worry, Be Happy and wear those heels proudly! Project that confidence one needs to walk around in public while wearing shorts and heels.
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    For me, the different steps walking in heels outside are: 1/- hidden block heels boots or booties 2/- hidden stilettos booties 3/- visible block heels boots or booties 4/- visible stilettos booties 5/- hidden very female style stilettos court shoes 6/- visible court shoes i personally am fine until step 3.sometimes step 4 .Not yet steps 5 and 6 as RonC wrote,the risk someone could take a picture and post it somewhere worries me . The odds are 1/10000 (?) but not nothing depending the place the risk being noticed by someone we know is more important.So far it personally never happened So....let's go ahead and wear heels Pierre
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    Permission is not required. I really understand the problem with smooth hard floors and have had heels slip on occasion. These shoes are well balanced, i.e. the heel is not too far back or forward and as such i seem to be able to walk much easier in them. I also don't wear this pair all that often anyway.
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    As long as this thread is resurrected, I've just thought of a question. How are those to walk in on slick surfaces, such as polished tile floors? I have a particular grocery store that I can't wear certain shoes into until I get around to replacing the heel tips with rubber, unless I want to look like a complete fool. I would think those metal tips would skate right out from under me, and leave a huge mark on the floor in the process of it rising up to meet me. Except for that one fear, I rather like your idea. Permission to steal it and use it?
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    I've just took delivery of some new Only Maker 5" heels. They're so nice for the money
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    I have been wanting these for so long as they are what my wife wears so often, SEXY
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    @mlroseplant I appreciate that, I do need to shave my feet, I am going to do that today. I think they run pretty true to size. I wear an 11 in heels and have found them to fit really great. I have found cheaper off brand shoes that are too bid but these are amazing and feel great. Sadly my high heel wearing wife does not understand my want to feel what she feels in heels. She has not idea that I have any heels. Some day I hope to feel the joy of wearing a pair of "so Kates" if I can find them for a reasonable price.
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    Here's a freestyle fashion contribution of the sort that I think @kneehighs was asking for when he started this thread years ago.
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    I bought a couple "stealth" high heel boots last week, same brand, Sam Edelman, similar style. At first glance they look like a western boot. The first style is call "Walden", zips on both sides, and a 2-1/2" ~ 2-3/4" modified western heel. Smooth leather. The heel is higher than advertised. The other is called "Winona", similar heel, pull on with elastic around the ankle. Western stitching on the toe and arch. I wore the one pair to work today, of course, nobody noticed. Fairly comfortable, the size is slightly larger than I am used to. I generally find a woman's 10 to be a bit tight on my left foot so I ordered these in a 10-1/2 and ended up reordering them in size 10 and they fit fine with thin socks. As they are leather I anticipate they will stretch a bit then I will wear a heavier sock. The toes are a bit long and narrow, but I have narrow feet. Hard heel so they are noisy on hard floors. Roughly $150 for the one pair and $160 for the other.
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    My new boots in the fall. I like simple boots I can wear all day.
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    After a pause I'm back to HHplace
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    As Cat said. Don’t care what other people think. Same as me, I’m as straight as can be but you can’t help your love for heels/boots. You either love them or hate them and most of us love them.
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    Mr Wanderer, Homosexual? I would suggest reading all the posts you can and read the earliest ones especially. The word Gay might be used sparingly. But Homosexual. Not so much. I realized after the first reading I did on this site and first question I asked after that. Sneakers and boots and (strappy sandals my favorite!) are just footwear. Enjoy! Life is too short. Welcome to the site.
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    I'm a straight male that only wears (formerly) women's shoe.
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    Well, leme splain it.... As for me, I am a married straight guy and I have been wearing gals shoes (flats, heels and sandals) in public, since I was a teen and have enjoyed every minute of it !!! I suppose that some homosexual folks also wear heels and girls shoes, and I guess that would be their choice also. Fine with me, have fun.... No hay pedo....... sf
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    I didn't understand one word in three of that, not even the title of the thread...
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    That'll be me... my common style from this fall. And just seconds after posting this I realized I posted the pic already on other thread. sorry for double post.

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