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    I bought these a couple of months ago from ebay for $70 but just started wearing them with the cooler weather. They are Sam Edelman "Rylan" from a couple of years ago. Brand new. The color is dark red but photos seem to drift to brown due to color balance issues. They have a 21" shaft and 4" heel with a partial inside zipper. They are a soft leather upper and shaft with a small slit in the back of the tops. These fit fairly snug over the calves and a good fit in a size 10.5. I usually get 10's in Sam Edelman but this style seems a bit snug so the half size up seems to be perfect.
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    I bought these boots few years ago but still love them!
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    I’ve come to realise by wearing various styles of heeled boots on full show both in coffee shops and major shopping centres that really nobody gives two hoots what you’ve got on your feet, no i don’t over do the feminine dress code, I’m pretty much average male fashion but with high heels boots of all lengths worn over jeans, I’ve stopped and engaged in conversation with both males and females and still no questions asked, so all you heels wearing men all over the world, just get out there and wear your heels as freely as any woman would and don’t be worried about other people, it really isn’t a big deal if done tastefully
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    Bought these recently. And the two pairs on the bottom I just bought tonight for a total of $30
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    Well I’m here again to start the weekend, i actually engaged in a little conversation with the young female assistant, while she was preparing my latte she noticed me adjusting my boots and she said i don’t know how you manage those, i said these are only 31/2”” heels but to be honest I’ve started coming down a bit in height as I’m getting older, she replied no i can’t do heels at all but i did buy some nice flat boots from Birmingham the other day, i said great i do like flat boots too then as she passed me my coffee she said we’re so used to seeing you in heels i can’t imagine you in flats, i said trust me it does happen, thank you and want and sat in my usual seat, fairly quiet here at the moment but did enjoy the few minutes of conversation
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    I bought a couple "stealth" high heel boots last week, same brand, Sam Edelman, similar style. At first glance they look like a western boot. The first style is call "Walden", zips on both sides, and a 2-1/2" ~ 2-3/4" modified western heel. Smooth leather. The heel is higher than advertised. The other is called "Winona", similar heel, pull on with elastic around the ankle. Western stitching on the toe and arch. I wore the one pair to work today, of course, nobody noticed. Fairly comfortable, the size is slightly larger than I am used to. I generally find a woman's 10 to be a bit tight on my left foot so I ordered these in a 10-1/2 and ended up reordering them in size 10 and they fit fine with thin socks. As they are leather I anticipate they will stretch a bit then I will wear a heavier sock. The toes are a bit long and narrow, but I have narrow feet. Hard heel so they are noisy on hard floors. Roughly $150 for the one pair and $160 for the other.
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    This is my first time posting pics what are your honest opinions on the look
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    Took the opportunity to wear the high heels on a bit of a different outing today running errands. I’m waiting to get some tires mounted and the shop is full of older retired people as typical of the demographics of this area away from the city. I initially went to hide in the corner but realized that would be defeating the purpose, so now I am sitting right next to the front entrance
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    I was in Costco and an young Asian woman came around the corner and she couldn't take her eyes off my heels. She looked up at me for just a moment and went right back to locking onto my shoes. I used the "Don't you just love them" line as I passed. I heard her whisper "yes". LOL
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    Chaosheels.. First of all, if you have an accepting wife consider yourself VERY lucky!! You are one of the few guys here who have wives / girlfriends who accept that their guy wears heels. Many gals, when they are told or find out, run for the hills screaming. Like you I am one of the lucky ones. I was honest and told my wife (then gf) about my fondness for high heels way back in our dating years. She accepted me and my "quirk." Sometimes we even laff about it, even to this day!! I enjoyed wearing gals shoes with and around her and the family for years. When the kids came, things did change a bit and it was mostly my decision. As they grew and became more aware, I still wore flat gals shoes around them but made a purposeful decision to use a lot of discretion on the heels. I never wore heels in their presence, save for being seen once or twice, and I brushed off the incident in a casual way. I did not want to have my kids stigmatized or bullied in school if their friends knew that their dad wore high heels. And because of my decision, none of that ever happened. My kids are all grown up now and out of the house, and I have gone back to wearing heels and gals shoes whenever I want. The kids know I wear heels, and see them lying around the house when they visit, but it doesn't get mentioned at all. It just the way their "quirky" dad has always been, and they accept me for it. The wife is still OK with me in heels after all these years, she's a great gal, I consider myself very lucky. That's my experience. Obviously I do not know all the details of your situation, but I wish you the best of luck in getting thing sorted out... Have fun... sf
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    I keep reading everyone's posts about finding larger sizes at Nordstrom rack....So, I finally opened one of those mass emails from Norstroms and found just the pair of boots I love for not that much money.... https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/2641825/sam-edelman-olencia-leather-knee-high-boot?color=BLACK Unfortunately, they were out of size 11s, so am risking that size 10s will stretch a bit...A little discomfort at first will be worth finding a great pair of leather boots, styled in my favorite way, with 4" stiletto heels that will be easy to walk in.... Jeez, I feel like a little kid around Christmas time, can't wait for them to arrive, will take some pictures....j Thanks for all your encouragement and advice....Don
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    Source: Zig Ziglar Facebook page. Visual pun 100% intended.
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    So me and my wife had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours today, and I approached her about letting me wear my heels. It went really good I offered to let her have a rest while I cleaned the house and I got to wear my heels at the same time!!! I didn't push the subject and waited till her mood was good thanks for the advice again guys been a good day so far today Chaosheels Some pics lol
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    Hi I’m Pete from Hampshire in the Uk, I was on here about 10 years ago but due to work and other commitments never got much time to get involved hopefully now it will be different. Ive been wearing tall stiletto boots for 36 years I’m 51 now and still get as much of a buzz out of it now as I did back then. Luckily my wife shares my passion and we have had some great fun over the years. will be good to chat with like minded guys and women on this site and share stories pics etc. anyway feel free to get intouch I will try to monitor this site daily and look forward to being involved . pete.
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    A little humour, and punctuation, go a long way in getting through life's daily travails as well as helping the reader understand exactly what the writer is saying. If we were all professors of writing I doubt we would have wound up here. Anyone who reviews my first post (17 Nov at 1130) will see the focus was on his communication with his wife...which needs no punctuation. That communication, which is a product of organization, is the key. I am 57 and retired earlier this year. Many say I'm the youngest retiree they know. I had a plan and stuck to it. I have been married for 33 years because effective communication was the foundation of that marriage. I know the difference between knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom. Our new member, Chaosheels, joined our community looking for help and interaction and I believe we are facilitating that help and interaction. I will continue to do so with humour and punctuation. I just like it better that way. We're here for you buddy! You can message me anytime, I think I understand you better than you may think. HappyinHeels
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    Being a high heel lover and crossdresser myself with two children ...well young adults . When my wife and I were dating ,long before we were engaged I asked her the same questions you did . When the children were born we tried to put the heels and dresses up for the time being and just let things "ride" . Well it was bound to happen my daughter asked her mommy why she had size 12 and size 8 high heels and my wife simply told her "Daddy sometimes likes to dress up and be pretty to" and left it at that . Fast forward to the middle and high school years she only asks if I have seen some of the new styles out or tells me I would look good in a top or dress she sees . She has gone with her mother and I shoe shopping and we have had great times with it . She has also told me I look silly in some of my older heels . When it's just jeans and heels she has no problem with it . My point is this children learn from their role models (mom & dad) if you both make a big deal of it then to them it will be . Be straight with them , do you honestly think they won't figure it out ? Children miss nothing and will find them . The best a parent can do is teach understanding and tolerance . They will figure out the rest .
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    Well yesterday I was so tired after a week at work that we didn't go out but today we went into one of our local towns. I wore my black ankle boots with a cone heel, we were going to be doing too much walking for me to manage anything beyond that for the length of time we'd be out. We drove to an out of town retail park but when we arrived the shops would have been shut if we had joined the massive queue for the car park. Instead we opted to park a bit further away and walk to the shops. In the end this was the best option as people were still driving around looking for parking spaces plus it gave me more chance walking in the heels We decided to have a coffee and a toasted sandwich before starting to look in the shops so went into the coffee shop, pretty busy but we enjoyed our drinks and food before going into TK Maxx to browse around including the shoe section. We looked in the 8 and 81/2 section but didn't see anything we liked, so no purchases of new boots unfortunately. I had to smile to myself as many of the women in the shop were shuffling around in Ugg boots whilst I was enjoying my heels. I personally thought my heel click sounded much better than the shuffling of an oversized pair of Uggs draging about. We spent a bit of time in store generally looking around before quickly stopping in the other shops before walking back to the car and heading home, I think this was the only time anyone took any notice of my boots because as we walked back a young woman who was just about to pass us looked down and took a good look at what I was wearing on my feet but didn't seem too fussed and carried on her way, quite clearly more interested in grabbing a bargain than wasting valuable shopping time checking my ankle boots. Although I have to say they would have had to have been noticed as we sat at the table in the cafe or by people behind us on the escalotors or stairs. When we got home my Wife showed me some ankle boots she'd seen on the web as we are still looking for ankle boots to add to my collection. Although I do have a pair already on the way. All in all I've had a good afternoon "owning the click"
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    I suppose Shyheels (and I) only want to say "Macky, you have an issue with it otherwise you wouldn't have complained about the way women comment or look at you in other threads". Deal with it. See a councelor. Question yourself. Is it safe for children ? Would the mothers let you be the teacher, the preacher, etc. after having seen you dressed like this ? Maybe you have children. Or you could. Would you appear in front of them this way ? What about you spot another guy dressed the same and you learn that he is the teacher of your son/daughter? (Please don't answer here. And of course all your answers can lead you to continue without changing anything, but in peace)
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    I like this style in general, but to me the platform is about twice as thick as it should be for the heel height, making the shoes appear very clunky. If that's the look you're going for, that's fine, but the thickness of the platform really makes the shoes unsuitable for anything dressy or formal. I've never had a problem walking in a set-back heel like that, which is the opposite experience of many on this forum, but I will offer one caveat: You must be VERY careful walking down stairs in such shoes. Make sure you pick up your feet that little bit extra, lest you catch your heel on the edge of a step and wind up in a crumpled, broken heap at the bottom of the staircase! Hasn't happened to me yet, but I've come uncomfortably close a couple of times, always in shoes with a set-back heel.
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    Seeing your underwear would be one of the highlites of the TSA guys day for sure buddy....I remember having a TSA guy ask me: "is this your bag?" after it passed through the xray with two extra pairs of boot inside....I just smiled and said: "it sure is"....He seemed speechless, and I felt kind of good about that....
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    Starbucks In Stilettos I managed to make it to one of our local Starbucks on my drive home. Walked in accompanied by the click of the 3 1/2" stiletto heels, and ordered an espresso as I couldn't spend too long before I needed to get home. There were a few customers sitting around but mot overly busy so after confidently walking past the other customers accompanied by the heel noise on the tiled floor I settled down into a nice comfortable chair. I relaxed back to savour my espresso and probably spent ten to fifteen minutes before leaving and walking across the car park with plenty of people walking past. So for today at least I've had my daily click fix
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    I really liked what you said at the end here
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    4" is a great height. Very comfy but still stylish and sexy! and yes, you also want the flexibility to wear those jeans with slightly lower heels (haha)
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    Neither sex needs to wear knee boots these days - the women you see striding along the city streets in their knee boots, or waiting in the railway platforms for their commuter trains, do not have motorcycles or horses waiting to be ridden, Boots are part of their overall look; they are theatrical in that regard. Theatricality in dress is frowned upon in men. We are supposed to be sober, serious, part of the herd, not standing out. A guy wearing knee boots would indeed be expected to have a horse or motorcycle very nearby but the fact that I don’t just seems to slip by unnoticed. Nor was my overall look in anyway theatrical - nor is Maninboots’’ look either, nor P1ng74’s, nor HeeledSteve, nor others on this thread. I think the ideas that needs to be promoted are that - 1) tall boots worn tastefully do not really stand out, and 2) that a touch of theatricality is perfectly permissible for men and should be.


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