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  1. That's, weird posted a response that went pink and didn't show up.
  2. Spikes, Mark Bryan was a big Pinterest poster for yrs before getting noticed. I don't post there, Cali? You? Think he was looking for notice even though he claims otherwise. Also, he is nearly a full-time crossdresser, with some risque skirts. He does look good too, so that helps.
  3. I'm guessing he didn't continue on the topic of you in heels beyond "yes". In the business world it's not wise to, plenty of potential legal ramifications these days. Honestly, I judge it more by peoples attitudes. Since I've opened up to wearing my heels (another thread) at work the vast majority of my colleagues have had zero attitude adjustments but, a few have. These are the ones I assume are those who are upset. I won't do or say anything either to them. Some will, have been, come around as they get used to it, some never will. I started seeing this years ago since I've been public and typically have a pair or two in plain site in my vehicle.
  4. I've got some metal tipped pumps that I bring in and claim are safety shoes.
  5. Many of my colleagues are aware I wear heels as I do so publicly. But about 2 months ago I decided to just go ahead and be myself in tge office. I'm happy to report I'm openly wearing pumps in the office. One guy calls them my compression shoes. I do stick to basic pumps, minimal color, navy and black. I don't walk the shop in them, there is a safety shoe policy outside the offices anyway. It's been continues to be fun.
  6. Isolathor, I like how your Avatar and this post are cheap Chinese heels, Highest Heel to be exact. Used to have 2 of these, well made actually.
  7. Chorlini, Digging up some old posts. Dated responses. Pebblesf, too bad you didn't actually approach him, sure he'd appreciate it. I know I do and think you do too.
  8. Now wearing heels is medical. Your doctor fround on you solution, why?
  9. It's called fatigue. I doubt the cobbler had anything to do with it. I mentioned previously I've had an exact failure. High heels are by nature less stable and are stressed more than lower heels. Given enough reps (walking) eventually you'll break them.
  10. Wow a public man in heels sighting. Were they a block heel like Siro or were they thin? Inquiring minds want to know.
  11. It's simply not possible to have too many, all are unique.
  12. A few weeks back i stopped at an inner city McDonald's. I walked in heels in full view as usual. Clerk, an african American stopped a bit short when he took my order. Then said, i love you heels, but then heard your voice and didn't know if should say anything. I put him at ease saying, i just love wearing heels. He grabbed a female coworker and said they were cute. I told him it's OK, i thought they were too. She went crazy, said she loved them but couldn't wear such high heels as i lifted my leg to give a better profile view. I told them i have been wearing heels for 35 yrs. It was a fun encounter, but he must have initially assumed I was gay until he heard my voice and manner of speak. I believe he thought if I were gay it'd be easier to understand. I put him at ease but leads me to wonder something I always have. Why do so many homosexual men alter their speak? Not all but enough to stereotype. Homosexual women don't seem to, just curious. Not to upset anyone but it is still a bit odd.
  13. Like both. Any comments when you went out in them. I would have complimented you, of I'd be in heels too:-)
  14. I wouldn't mind if 85% of men wore heels. I do my part, but .01% is not cutting it. I do think the number is closer to 5% with closet male heelers.
  15. I thought you mentioned you already have a backup pair.
  16. Done that befor as well. The steel tube used to hold the tip and to strengthen the shaft doesn't go all the way through the heel. You broke the heel at its termination point. New boots are in your future.
  17. No "S--t" higher heels are easier with larger feet. I'm a woman's 10 and 5 inch is my norm. For you that works out to about 5.5 inch. It's not a linear relationship. A woman with size 8.5 ( about average) a 4.5 inch heel is like a 5 inch for me at size 10 women's.
  18. Love those, I'd wear them out fast.
  19. Think she could find a smaller blade for shaving your head? Nice home office, heels everywhere.
  20. The U.K. is a micro country yet accents across it are huge compared to the other "English" speaking countries. Pardon me for saying the "English are the most offensive of their own language". Only an Englishman would say "phonetic spelling" shedual in place of skedual and skool in place of shool. Go figure. Also, language evolves like anything else so slang is not a problem, it's evolutionary like it or not.
  21. Barbies heels look like my Mary Janes.
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