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  1. Please post pics of the 1st boots, pumps and you newly purchased stiletto boots for reference. Great story.
  2. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    I've been close many times, usually on hard supermarket floors. Glad you're OK.
  3. You are luck at that. You have oddly small nails, that has to help.
  4. Can't wear socks in sandals. I don't wear open toed sandals due to my toe nails. At 59, they just haven't held up.
  5. That's quite the record you have. I have no clue what I've worn or when. After a few days, the memory fades and I've never jotted down my choices. I know which are my favorites and seem to rotate amongst them most. Sounds to me like Söfft has become your favorite brand based on comfort. I don't get the sandal seam placement. Seems if the could move just a bit forward would help. Realize they need the tip to be rounded into the sole unlike pumps for better structural protection, but seam is in a bad place.
  6. Perfect color match with your hose.
  7. Being more comfortable in your heels reduces your own alertness. I used to know all around me but as I have become more comfortable I have become less aware of my surroundings. My guess, people are still taking pictures, you're just not on to them. For me that's fine. I know I'm the odd character, even most women don't wear the heels I sport and not nearly as frequently.
  8. Excellent, should pay more attention.
  9. I do it all the time, never an issue even empowered to some degree.
  10. Excellent casual look. Love the rush even years later of openly wearing my heels.
  11. Great looking comfort shoes and love the bold color.
  12. Nice lower heels, well done.
  13. Bow legged is natural, not much you can do about it. I'm the same. In my case its my left leg that wears heels faster. Eventually after enough heel tap replacements my shoe itself won't stand up as the heel will be twisted outward at the top, i.e. the heel tip is inside of center. Once that happens I consider the shoes to be worn out. Takes a lot of wear so it just is.
  14. I see rockup replied to his post. He should join us too. Nice story but to not buy something, especially since he loved a couple pair, wasted the sales staff's time.
  15. So I'm not the only grey beard in heels. Looking good. Heels aren't really too high with the platform seem to be about a 4 inch rise.
  16. Agreed, mostly it's in fun. Not many women really wear heels regularly so obviously even less men. The videos Mike is taking about are all over you tube and other locations. They aren't much different than other trivial oddity look at me videos. Red pumps, I got great compliments on mine Monday.
  17. Looks fine by me. Great basic pumps and nice foot arch.
  18. He did slap hands of both men prior to being knocked out. One must be aware of their surroundings. I don't think it's the fact he was in heels.
  19. That bike is a metaphor for us buddy. Looks pretty good until you get closer. Age is catching up on us. The heels help keep us young.
  20. Those fine looking heels.
  21. I'm able to do it with most of my basic pumps. Obviously not with anything with any form of added features
  22. Yikes, the heels already look to be falling off in the manufactures photo. Way too far back and leaning.
  23. I agree about usually knowing in advance. For the toe box is key. Almond toes seem to be the best for me. Until wearing pumps I never realized the foot fits slightly side ways in pumps. Obvious once you see that the foot bed is wider in the inside relative to the heel. The tip of almond toed pumps actually lines up just inside the big toe. In my case my big toe is the furthest forward so it lines up well with the longest part of my pumps. Round toed pumps actually pinch my big toe more and square toed pumps are even worse as over time with wear my feet slide deeper into the vamp. That's wear I end up with more uniform support across all of my toes.
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