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  1. You get a pair, you'll love them. A little more more traditional today.
  2. I think these are riveted to the shank plate. I won't know for sure without destroying them. Eventually they'll wear out and I'll tear them apart. They aren't for everyone, and I too love hourglass heels. They are however centered, i.e. not straight down from the back and I really love the metal spikes stilleto design. I do love the height, the actual shoe shape is very traditional and the assymetric Mary Jane straps are a sexy addition. They are also functional as the shoes are zero slip while walking.
  3. They are, provided it's an up and down day. I wouldn't be able to walk or stand 8 hrs in these in all honesty. These are a hot trend on alliexpress right now. They are obviously Chinese which is why I pushed the heels hard before plunging into more colors. Once the heel tap is worn I'll insert a cap screw tap for replacement. They'll be very loud of course but won't require constant replacement. Besides, who doesn't want to be seen and heard anyway.
  4. New 13cm pencil stilettos. Love these shoes. They are actually very stable after several days of rough wear trying to test the heels. Pleased to report they past the test. The manufacturer agreed to make a couple colors not in their catalog for me so I'll be getting them in tan and red wine as well as white.
  5. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    In that context, it's good. In sports if a team kills another it dominated it. So Mary dominated the look she was going for.
  6. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Language is simply a tool to communicate. It evolves over time, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Slange is often seen as laziness. I'll argue it's often more efficient. Thank God for evolution, or we'd all be speaking old English.
  7. On order through Aliexpress
  8. You're missing the point. That's why it's in their face. If it wasn't taboo, odd, off the cuff etc it wouldn't be in their face. Celebs are expected to be edgy and unique, not old effers like us.
  9. Purely from a fashion perspective I have to say the following. Those women have been dead forever so today's world has no idea of that past. Today's women have not had the boundaries men have had. It's a bad conclusion to think that women have really had it that rough, that's a feminist cop out. Women have been more than equal in fashion. In the 80's and 90's it was illegal to tell a woman what to wear in the work place. Anything went, even flip flops. Men, shirt and tie, no exceptions.
  10. At 59 going on 60 not so sure. My point was, age cures all inhibitions. Kinda like alcohol, just takes longer. You'll get there, the alternative is not pretty.
  11. ??? No you haven't. You have no issues flaunting it except with your partner.
  12. Agreed, but in this context it's not. Women don't require confidence to dress anyway or in anything they want because they have been for decades.
  13. Excellent boots. I like over the top. I'm so into being in their face but age kinda does that to us.
  14. Ah, that's too bad. These are my backup pair. One of few that I've actually have gotten to as a result of wearing out the original. They are amazingly comfortable too.
  15. You can get them, still sold by Pleaser I believe.
  16. That sounds like a difficult job
  17. You still run your trains? I have tons of good loco's Athern and Atlas, AHM and others. Rolling stock, of limited quality. I also got heavily into European HO, DC not AC. All boxed up but I'll never likely run any of it again. Willing to sell at very discounted costs if you'd be interested.
  18. Automobiles are the worst kind of money pitt. Moving to North Carolina was a dream. Upon moving 12 yrs ago I rapidly replaced all of my Syracuse vehicles with older but 100% corrosion free units. My 2003 Ford 150 with a 97 suburban. My 2003 Mazda with a 2002 buick century and my 2006 jeep liberty with a 2002 Tacoma. I paid $3700, $6500 and $4000 respectively for each. Still have all and all still run great and all still no rust. I'll never buy a brand new vehicle again.
  19. I find hose are hot and too slippery in high heels. Results, sweatier and sore toes due to sliding forward. Bare foot all the way, sexier feel and way sexier look.
  20. Weird lighting I guess but less than glossy silver.
  21. It's annoying. I have many pair of Pleasers do the same recently. Fortunately it's internal only so I do continue to wear them. The mules looked great externally, so there's that.
  22. Perfect heel height and shape. Awesome shoes.
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