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  1. Vegas is not the real world. Please tell me they weren't all plats. Plats are part of the problem, low relative rise and stiff inflexible soles. Makes inexperienced heelers incapable of wearing real heels. They go from plats to flats.
  2. Good looking all day pumps.
  3. Careful Tina, i have 300, he could end up like me.
  4. You're the perfect mate. He's fortunate, I'm sure he knows it.
  5. Couldn't hear him coming without them, eh. :-) Honestly look a bit slippery, hope he doesn't fall.
  6. Pretty clear what he got is not what is shown on the picture to the left. I recently purchased 4 pair from Minaloo, 2 pair were perfectly matched to their photos, 2 not so much. My fault really. I normally read the reviews and especially focus on the customer images. Of the 2 that didn't really match I'm fine with one anyway. The 2 perfect pair are shown here, the round toed pumps pictured a few posts back and the incredible blue patent pumps with silver colored heels i inadvertently posted in the new boots section. Caution must be used when buying from Chinese wholesalers. Minaloo is not the manufacturer, 4 pair I got were from 4 different makes.
  7. Some English may appropriately apply the language, but Britain is not full of only the English. It's a small place and languages and/or context vary greatly over very short distances. Language is an evolutionary thing, it's not meant to continue without change. I'm sure Shakespeare would be appalled at the way proper English is spoken today.
  8. At this height you can look me straight in the eyes, except likely not as I'll be wearing heels too:-)
  9. That's the plan:-)
  10. Same for me. I'm approaching the age where physically i won't be able to wear them much either so until then I'm all in.
  11. Hospice is great for those last few days or weeks. I hope she's able to enjoy her family in her last days.
  12. It's removable so i did. I'll like it either way, depends on my mood.
  13. Love the higher heel, hope you sport them more often.
  14. Tried a new (for me) outlet, Minaloo. Quality is way better than expected on these. Heels are 5 inch, name inside sole is Wingtsing Chow size is 43, US 10.5. As seen on the soles, I've been wearing them, very comfortable.
  15. Got these from the internet outlet Minaloo. These are my very tall at 5.2 inches. Well made and i really love them. Size is Chinese 265, US 10.5. Name inside is Maiernisi.
  16. Why did you have to give them away? Last time i checked, they don't take them away at customs.
  17. Just love the carefree way you wear these.
  18. Yah, was in dsw last week for the 1st time in a few years. No height anywhere. When I'm out I'm in the higher heels than everyone. Never under 4.5, usually at 5 inch, no platform. The women more than not like the look but most who do comment also say they simply can't walk in higher heels. Still many very high heels are available on the market, so women must still be buying even if they ultimately just end up in closets.
  19. I always fly 1 day in advance of the cruise then don't buy cruise insurance. The $'s saved on the over priced insurance pays for my hotel, like a free extra day of vacation. Love the Cuban district in Miami near the docks. Great food, also been in heels doing it. No hills in Miami.
  20. RPM's, double plural. There are so many more. Beer is my all time favorite. How many beers have you had? I like to reply 1 beer, since I drank beer just happens I may have had more than 1 bottle.
  21. Love the boots. I totally agree stilettos are easier to walk in. Had on conversation with a young lady this morning about walking in heels. She complimented me on my effortless ability while wearing these. Said she's tried but can't walk without tripping. I was at the store this morning.
  22. In the store with my new asymmetric T-Straps.
  23. Wow, really love these sandals in the last image. Brand, make, link?
  24. Sharp looking shoes. They look to be just a bit small with your foot heel off the back a bit. Did you buy them in your normal size?
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