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  1. Agreed as to the clothing but i like his taste in shoes. I'm just in for the shoes anyway, kinda like Melrose.
  2. Agreed, today I'm wearing my Wetkiss Cassadei blade knockoff 5 inch high ankle boots. I can't seem to kill them, have many miles on them. Much more than my actual Cassadei pumps which jave struggled to keep up. Been to few shops etc, love these and so happy they have been so durable.
  3. Yes, I do like them. Surprised about the quality though Steve Madden usually makes goot middle quality pumps. Oh, yah I'd definitely wear them.
  4. At work with decent shoes, a little high to be perfect.
  5. Yah, these kinds of robots are loaded with uncontrolled A.I. they tend to never do as programmed, but I still have one too. Mine's not so physically appalling thow and it's not built for heels. So i keep trying to show it by example, the A.I. just doesn't play along. A robot trade????
  6. Puffer, i love the boots would get a pair if I could ever find one.
  7. What's your size and the actual heel height?
  8. Love both types, but there is a hierarchy.
  9. The best kind and are the sub class I really love.
  10. You need to wear your heels is all. My wife is much shorter than me, 5ft4, I'm 5ft10. She doesn't wear heels. I'm usually in 5 inch heels almost all the time in public, about 3.5 inch in human height, so I really tower over her.
  11. I agree with your assessments as a whole, and love your examples. I have a pair of blades, actually seem to get the most and best comments when I'm wearing them. I have another example not shown, I'm at work so no access to imagery. I have severl pair of metal round cross section heels with little taper from the tip until just before the foot heel. I consider these to be stilettos but kind of a sub-class. Spike stilettos.
  12. I know I have drawn attention, but a man in 5" classic stilettos usually does. Helen's packed in pretty good in the 2nd picture, prefer her seat in the first. Not sure I'd be comfortable being the guy in the outer left seat with another guys foot up between my legs. Her, all for that;-)
  13. Honestly i all but guarantee you'll be excused by both sides.
  14. Height and diameter?? Must have lots of fat Bonsai trees.
  15. Merry Christmas buddy, looking comfortable in your heels.
  16. Actually most home owner's insurance covers the damage the tree does. They total the car at some lower value but cover the rest.
  17. Plastic spikes really don't hurt much. Great outing.
  18. ?????? His issues are his doing. He's dealing with them, no legal issues.
  19. Don't worry, as an "old men" we aren't expected to follow the new trends. This grayed old man will continue his single soled stiletto wearing ways.
  20. Agreed, both look good but the pumps are step higher. Glad both are working out for you.
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