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  1. The scrapyard is now paying $10 for every 100 pounds of metal, so I finally took my wrecked car there to get crushed and walked away with a wad of cash...
  2. Nowadays when I look around it seems men and women wear much of the same clothing and shoes too, so maybe we're back to square one.
  3. I didn't have a lot of places to go Friday but I did pick up a gallon of milk at the grocery store wearing tall boots with 4" heels
  4. Also I noticed that if there is ever an emergency evacuation that requires evacuation using the inflatable slide rafts, stilettoes have to be taken off as they can puncture the raft. But such emergencies are rare and I imagine I would have many other things to fret over than having to leave my high heels behind. I enjoy wearing heels on the plane.
  5. I wear knee high boots with 4" heels when flying, and I can get them on and off quickly at security checkpoints without having to sit down. Some pairs I even wear outside my pants, as it is quicker to slip them on over the pants rather than taking the time to pull the pant legs up and down again.
  6. Nice, I like the ones on the left a lot!
  7. Regardless of the season, I'm in tall boots with 4" heels:
  8. Patent AND suede - spiffy! I am a sucker for mixed material designs, and the buttons are a nice detail too. These shoes scream to me to be worn with a tuxedo. I think leather soles are a must in this style, and resoling is hopefully no big deal. Nice find!
  9. It’s 2022, I think you can just wear the heels and not worry about it. If you are serving my drink at a nice hotel wearing heels I’m pretty sure I’d leave a bigger tip
  10. I have long legs so there are basically no pants long enough for me to hide my heels. But I did wear cowboy boots with 2.5" and 3" heels before wearing high heels so it wasn't a sudden thing for me either.
  11. I find that the less of a big deal I make of it, the less of a big deal it is. When I am leaving the house, I tell my wife that I am leaving and ask her if she wants to come. I make no mention of the shoes I am going to wear, because it's not really the point of leaving the house. If she decides to come, I make a point to wear something that she doesn't find too offensive. If she says she will stay home, I wear what I like. Over time, I think your partner notices these little things, and that you are balancing consideration for her and what you want to do yourself, and it hopefully it will become less of a big deal what shoes you are wearing.
  12. All wide square toe footwear reminds me of things like The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, for some reason: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/01/The_landing_of_the_pilgrim_fathers%2C_in_America._A.D._1620_LCCN2003671548.jpg The shape just looks so manufactured, as opposed to designed, following some contour. But that wide square toe look is still a look, just not one that I like.
  13. Nice! After the pandemic I am seeing more guys wearing more adventuresome footwear. I was at the Apple Store in Austin one day and one of the employees was wearing leather ankle boots with pointed toes, and what looked to be almost 3" block heels. Apple Store employees pretty much have a uniform, so footwear is where the self-expression is at!
  14. Took the heels outside for a turn today and jumped around in the jumpsuit:
  15. Horses naturally have high heels, and don't even need the shoe to lift them. If anyone can walk in these, then they are closer to a horse's foot anatomy:
  16. 3 5/8" is barely a high heel today? I think most people would consider that quite high, even if it's barely high for us
  17. The supply chain disruptions over the last 2 years may have affected quality. I have been working as a consultant for a footwear company the last 2 years, and they have had to switch a lot of their suppliers. The product might look the same to the consumer, but some of these shoes are now being made by totally different factories and suppliers that they may have never used in the past. I imagine this could affect quality.
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