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  1. Yeah we never know how much longer any of us really have here on Earth. Seize the day, wear the heels!
  2. It's a commodity with limited supply. I guess it's too stable and boring for those who want to get rich quickly 😛
  3. Yeah the overall effect of long bootcut pants draped over heels helps create a nice long-legged silhouette. I don't think it's about hiding or showing the heels.
  4. You don't think I would look cute in that Gucci dress? I did enjoy wearing this today, and it didn't cost $2600:
  5. I think it is a nice piece, and I think I would be challenged to find something like that at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart clothes are usually slapped together with no attention to detail. On this piece, the lines on the pattern of all the fabric pieces line up nicely, etc. But yes, a good tailor can also put this together for a fraction of $2600.
  6. They had my size in black so I quickly picked those up as well. For video conference calls I just layer a shirt over it and it works pretty well...
  7. Perfect, all the more reason to wear heels. There is no arguing that wearing heels will make a man taller, and I would argue that they also make a man stronger and progressive looking.
  8. lunapic.com is also a pretty good tool for image editing
  9. I finally found some of those references I remembered of Carhartts in fashion: https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/mens-overalls-are-back-thank-you-chris-pine It's still too hot here for me to be running around in overalls, but I tried them this way around the ranch and it's not too bad!
  10. And to think, some people pay $2600 to be just as fashion forward: https://www.gucci.com/us/en/pr/men/ready-to-wear-for-men/shirts-for-men/tartan-cotton-long-smock-shirt-p-632536ZAFDL7261
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