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  1. No need to wait for the weather, I wear the in 100 degree weather:
  2. We were watching an episode of Quincy, M.E. yesterday, aired 1981, and I noticed that one of the truck drivers wore boots that I would wear. The heels are tall heels by today's standards, and he's working in them too.
  3. Just a disclosure, there are some prominent and sex scenes, so it is NSFW. I've just finished watching it, and it's a nice drama on various tensions during the time of Jean-Baptiste Lully's service to Louis XIV. It's the era when only men danced ballet and wore heels, what a time!
  4. I just came across this historical drama, and I'm only 9 minutes into it, where we are introduced to the story of King Louis XIV's red heels.
  5. Tanks are great for staying cool in this heat, but I'm still doing boots:
  6. I put boots with 4” heels on, followed this guide, and did quite a few reps. It feels really good in heels, way better than barefoot! I’m not feeling anything in the calves yet, but I have a great feeling in the thighs at the moment. https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/strength-training-101-how-to-squat-properly/
  7. I wear 4" heels full time yet I generally loathe leg exercises. You just convinced me to start doing squats...
  8. Their title refers “shorts” but after watching the video we clearly see that it’s not about shorts at all, he’s wearing a skirt.
  9. But it seems the issue was more than just the short skirt he was wearing, and there was some concern about his behavior...
  10. It's all good, I like to do a lot of walking in my shoes so stilettos probably aren't too practical for my lifestyle anyway.
  11. I have the opposite experience. There are people like my wife who tolerate the 4" cuban heels on my cowboy boots but she would throw a fit if I wore stilettos, of any height.
  12. I like my boots tall, but sometimes it does depend on the outfit. I'm just in my cowboy boots with 4" heels today. This is not one of my wilder outfits, but when I walked into the hotel lounge one of the staff immediately gave me an approving smile. Later when she was servicing the coffee machine she said to me "I don't want to overstep, but I love your outfit!" It motivated me to step outside and snap a photo:
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