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  1. That is too bad. You are the craftsman behind this? That is really neat!
  2. Yeah we do want to have a castle on the itinerary. Hastings looks great, will look into that. I remember generally enjoying Brighton last time. My general idea is to use public transport to get into London, but drive myself for trips away from London. Thanks for all the great ideas! Will bounce them around the family and see what we land on.
  3. Just booked a trip for our family to London! Planning to wear the knee high boots with 3” heels for the whole trip. We’re going to pack the 7 day itinerary with a variety of cultural and educational adventures. Must-dos we have so far on the list are the Globe and Tower of London. I’ve gone back through Cali World’s thread and picked up additional ideas. A day trip to Dover might be fun.
  4. I admit I didn’t know what button up boots even were until today. They look amazing!
  5. I mow with a riding lawn mower and won’t do it in shorts ever again. Last time I got pricked by way too many thorns and bugs. Only tall boots and jeans for me.
  6. It’s nice that you are skilled enough to improve those boots with your cutting and sewing. I’ve done a lot more sowing that sewing in my life. It yields tasty food but doesn’t help with clothing :p.
  7. There is an inside joke in r/malefashion about people’s fashion outfits not being manly enough to change a tire in. I thought I’d give this one a test:
  8. I saw some white boots for sale last month and almost bought them. This would be why: Tagging these as “boots I wish I owned”. We all need at least one pair in white right?
  9. It’s been years since I have worn tennis shoes for any reason now lol. Despite starting so late in the day yesterday, I managed to get both heads and all the camshafts on and torqued down. Found out I need to buy a couple head plugs before wrapping up the passenger side so I stopped there. This motor is going into my Subaru Legacy GT. I have run full Mobil synthetic through almost 400k miles in my Subarus now, and it gives me peace of mind when the temperatures go up or when I let the oil change intervals slip a little. I’ve never really liked the idea of semi synthetic because they don’t ever tell you how much of it is synthetic. It could be 1% and we’re still paying double over conventional.
  10. Thanks for the reminder - now I remember it’s time to treat this pair with a coat of cream soon too. Yeah I’ve done it before and couldn’t be bothered to push the car into the garage. Plus it is really hot and stale in the garage right now. I blow out the important stuff with compressed air just in case.
  11. Finally got to start assembling the motor on the GT. Too bad it is now 95 degrees F out. I’ll still be in boots though:
  12. Man I hate HOAs. Can’t even wear heels without a permit.
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