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  2. I like Naturalizer too. I have many pairs of both shoes and boots. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  3. I always leave reviews on the shoes or boots that I buy. I always include in my review that I'm a guy that likes to wear heels. It's a part of my life style. My reviews are always published and that's the way it should be. Heels are not only for women but for guys too. If you like the heels that you bought, guys post a review, Happy Heeling, bluejay
  4. If she's supportive, and you enjoyed the experience, planning on doing it again ??
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  6. Hi all. I have many shoes that are 6 - 7 years old, well worn years. The one below is a Charles David wedges. I have at least 6 of these in this design and another very similar design in different colors. Extremely easy to walk in. But they are shows their age. This one fell apart last week. As you can see, the glue disintegrated. I had to wear these for two hours until I could get back to my car.Also, the padding on the one is coming loose. It happened to this pair last year. What I am asking for is a VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT waterproof glue that is also flexible.
  7. Got them on a special one day sale with free shipping.
  8. Good buy - Amazon is at $84.00
  9. This is even more true, if, like me, one prefers to buy his shoes on Poshmark or Ebay. In that case, all that matters is whether the thing got there on time or whether it got there at all.
  10. I love Naturalizer's shoes! One of the few companies who make lots of wide-width pairs ! Hope you are rocking your latest heels ! As for your question, my brown aldo stilleto boots are still good but getting used. Had them I think since 2011 or something. The same about my little black wedge boots from aldo. Leather still good but the inside sole is barely holding. I've worn them a lot but never the brown boots outside; my wedge boots were one of the first pair I ever wore outside, on several occasions.
  11. I've noticed that on Naturalizer' web site, you can now select your gender when you leave a review. I've used this function and will always use it. Proud to be a man wearing heels! As for the reviews, indeed it seems unfair to give a shoe a low score if the shoe doesn't fit. The buyer would have never bought this pair if he had went to a real shoe store to try the shoes before buying 'em. It's also true that lots of pairs go out of stock quickly, never to be replenished, so we often leave reviews for products no longer available. That is especially true if, like me, you prefer to buy your pairs while they are in discount.
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  13. I have written over 20 shoe reviews over the years, but never include my gender in the review. I write about fit and walk-ability of the shoe.
  14. I concur with Shyheels. Most reviews are useless. However, if you notice 50 bad reviews, and most of them say, "The strap broke after only 3 wearings," then it's probably useful. Otherwise, it's a waste of time. I don't know how many shoe reviews I've seen that have some saying that these run large, so order a size smaller, and a short scroll down, you'll find others saying that these run small, order a size up. By the time I feel qualified to write a review, they have usually quit making the product that I liked. I'm only about 80% kidding.
  15. People write reviews based on all sorts of loopy or idiosyncratic criteria. I noticed a review just this morning on Amazon where the reviewer gave a book a one-star review because it arrived a few days later than he had expected. So, no, a lot of reviews just aren’t fair or are simply useless, and that would apply to footwear as well. Most reviews are useless anyway as they’re usually written a day or two after the item arrived - before the purchaser can possibly have used or worn it sufficiently to judge its merits.
  16. As I shop online, I read the reviews seeking comments about fit to help my decision to buy. Something I see a lot more of recently, is men leaving negative reviews on women's shoes for a poor fit/width. So my question is this: Is this fair? For me, I'm not a fan of it for the most part. I just don't feel it's fair to rate a shoe that's a B width negatively because my C width foot didn't fit. If I leave a review, I keep that perspective in mind. I was curious if anyone else has noticed this, and what their thoughts were.
  17. I am probably a little bit biased, but my wife, despite all her faults, makes the best product available locally. I think it's because she has the perspective of having grown up in Asia, but also having lived in the West for a long time. She understands how to modify the Asian food to cater to the Western palate. Also, to be clear, I did not come up with the business name, "Egg Rolls Yum!" That's about the dumbest name I could ever imagine, but, like my own presence as an ugly old guy in high heels, it doesn't seem to have hurt sales. I do seem to have mastered saying, "Thank you! Y'all have a good night!" in an enthusiastic way. A standing offer to Shyheels and all other hhplace people. While I seriously doubt we'll ever take our van to Sussex, if any of y'all ever make it out this way, you eat for free. That's not my decision, that's my wife's.
  18. Heels aside, I love the sound of those eggrolls and crab rangoons. I wish you'd open up an annex in Sussex!
  19. Last night was the 4th week for the "big" farmer's market. For those of you who don't know, my wife has a side hustle making egg rolls and crab rangoons. The "big" farmer's market is not really a farmer's market at all in the true sense of the word, as about a third of it is food vendors. At any rate, it's on a city street that has been blocked off for the evening, so I always wear heels of some sort to work the evening. It can involve up to 5 hours of more or less continuous standing, with loading and unloading bookending the evening. We actually bought a full size cargo van to accommodate all of the necessary equipment to make this operation run. I have not been very brave so far this year, and have been very conservative in my choice of heels. I have not worn anything so far but my Söfft "Calvados" mules, which are effectively 3 inch heels. I have them in 3 colors: Black, silver, and taupe. The reason I haven't ventured any higher yet is because I have been slacking off on the endurance training this month, and also because our sales volume so far this year is a big upstep from last year. We set up at 3:15, start selling at 4:00, and so far, every week by about 4:45 or so, there is a line of 3 people or more from that time until closing/teardown time at 8:00. I am pretty much tuckered out by then, and ready to go home. Achy feet would be a big liability in such a situation, but nevertheless I'm sure I will wind up pushing it by summer's end. The Söfft mid heeled mules have not disappointed so far. It is very difficult at that height to notice that you're even wearing heels, and I've suffered no ill effects at all from any of the 3 pairs so far. I hope to get some pictures at some point of me actually working instead of taking a mirror selfie in the bathroom.
  20. I bought them second hand, but they are brand new. Originally from Mango women, for me look unisex
  21. I think a bit of context is needed. What are they, where are they from? I do really like the decoration on them, brings them to life.
  22. I just got them! I think these boots looks awesome with jeans!
  23. My personal test for heels is my wife's farmer's market booth, and that's only 5 hours of 95% standing. If I can work that in relative comfort, then I have something there. I have not been brave so far this year, sticking with effective 3 inch heels.
  24. Yes, a sound analysis. And Joe might agree that the shoe design and construction is what one might expect from an engineer who had been told 'Make a pair of shoes with very high and thin heels.'.
  25. You get a pair, you'll love them. A little more more traditional today.
  26. If we're focussing solely on the heel, then I don't think they would be my first choice as they don't have that harmony with the rest of the shoe, they seem a bit alien, although I wouldn't turn them away if given a pair. On the other hand, as a package I think the height and the rest of the shoe makes enough of a visual impact that it's not obvious or a problem. Could easily make it in to my closet.
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