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  2. Having been to a number of Bar Mitzvahs, including my own, I don't recall seeing any footwear of special note. Neither on men nor women. Perhaps I mix in the wrong circles.
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  4. Thanks Steve, I corrected the sole/solo typo. "soul" music isn't really my style but I do pour my soul into it.
  5. Where is the store, I will go there (in heels of course) with ya..... Would be fun.... sf
  6. Ha, ha... Yeah, I am waayyy to tall, that's why I keep the heels to less than 3 inches. In this case, the low sun angle made things worse !!! And no heels either, oh the humanity. It was in a pretty place nonetheless.... Take care.... sf
  7. Not at all. Wearing a suit without tie is relaxed, at ease, in control, not uptight.
  8. Is Bar Mitzvah still open? I'd heard it went out of favour. The bagels were good, but who wants screens showing the 1961 FA Cup final on a loop?
  9. I agree, ties should be optional, unless you've chosen to wear a suit. Your story (fair play to you) makes my point exactly. You can wear unorthodox neckwear or you can wear the tie without the suit. Wearing the suit without the tie is just lame.
  10. A "sole" open mike? And you didn't play "soul" music? A lost opportunity! Tsk, tsk! Steve
  11. Awesome heels, BFG! Thanks for sharing! Steve
  12. SF, I knew you were tall but that shadow!!! You must be a basketball player! I'd say at least 12 feet (4 meters) high! Can't see the heels though. LOL Steve
  13. AJ777, Yes, of course you go back to that store again! They were very welcoming and they deserve your business. You should feel comfortable with that kind of acceptance. But don't go there every day or make a spectacle of yourself. Wait a week or so, go back, be a good shopper, buy from that store, and be a good repeat customer. That's what good stores like that want. Good luck! And keep sharing your heeling adventures with the forum. We love to hear about successes (and we can learn from failures, too). Steve
  14. I really appreciate all of the feedback on this so far, I love the idea of being me and am so jealous of my friends that are women that they can wear the heels out there and I am afraid to do so. I do have a friend that has going out with me in heels to easy my mind, that was fun. Need to do that more. Thank you everyone, look forward to posting more!!
  15. Thank you for that and I agree on all. The question I have been asking myself is do I go back to that store again??
  16. Thank you good points, I appreciate them, can't wait to do it again. I have been wondering, do I go to that store again? thoughts?
  17. Thanks alot Steve, I agree, I am so worried people will think I am weird, gotta get over that I guess. I am left wondering what they thought of me. Wow that dude had some high heels wow how does he walk in those?? Or that dude is Gay. Did they think it was a negative that I had those on or was it wow that guy can pull that off? I appreciate everyones support, this is a great place to share, and the only place to share!! Thank you everyone
  18. Jack Russell
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  20. The expected hirsute development will be useful insulation inside your boots, Tbg. Just remember not to go out in sandals. And NO pictures, please!
  21. great choice on the white jeans, the snug fit looks great, so do the boots....
  22. Thanks JeffB. Now I cant decide whether to dust of my Johnny Cash songs or get out to get out my Neural Neutralizer. Anyway here is a picture of the 60's style dress and my red OTK boots. Suggestions of what would go with this dress are welcomed. ____________________________________________ Duh... why didn't I think of this before?
  23. Let's hear it for TBG, the man in black!
  24. With nothing better to do (retired), I decided to get dressed and go shopping. I have a new black dress with a cowl neck I hadn't worn before and decided to give it a try. This dress is a knit of 61% silk,17% nylon,14% angora rabbit fur, 5% polyester and 3% metallic. It is a size medium which means it is a tight (and short) fit. I added the belt for looks and to keep the dress stretched down to a decent length. I paired it with black leggings and ankle boots but decided with a dress this nice I needed my best looking boots so I pulled on a pair of black OTK faux suede with 4" stiletto heels and that (in my humble opinion) completed the outfit. I added a gold bar necklace, took a deep breathe, and headed out the door. I thought this looked fancy enough to try adding gloves and maybe, with a wrap this would work, but not for the venues to which I was heading so I left the gloves at home. I walked into my favorite thrift store and got some "Hi"s and appreciative nods and smiles from the folks at the register. I wandered around and spotter a Keurig coffee maker for $8. I have always wanted to try that system but have been unwilling to make the initial investment. I also saw a pair of white jeans in a size 12 that I immediately thought would look good with OTK boots and especially the ones I was wearing. I took my finds to the register and suggested that I thought the white jeans would look good with the boots I was wearing and got an "Oh yeah, that will work" and then she continued, "We're going to have to take fashion lessons from you. You always look so good when you come in." I thanked her for the complement and headed out to my car. I also stopped at my least favorite thrift store and tried three pair of boots that alas were too small but I did find a white dress with black trim that looks like it is from the 60s and only needs a pair of go-go boots (mine have long since vanished) to complete the image, but I think it will work with my red OTH boots (pictures later). The last stop was Kroger (grocery) for some frozen yogurt and some Keurig coffee. When I got home I brewed a cup of coffee and I now understand why folks like it. It is strong enough to make hair grow on the bottom of your feet, but it sure is good. I pulled on the new jeans and my boots for a picture. The jeans are tight enough to almost make @w6ish happy and there is some fancy stitching on the hip pockets that would get me laughed off @mlroseplant's job site. All in all it was a fun outing.
  25. I dont have a full body picture of what i wear but its just black long tee and denim skinny jeans when I bought these pretty strappy heels. Got a lot of odd looks and giggles but i just walk straight to the mall parking to my car and ignore them. (Thats the only time i got the chance to take these pictures. In addition i got the mary jane flats right before i got the strappy heels.
  26. Me on Route 66 Last week, at Amboy, CA in the Mojave Desert east of LA.... Have fun !!!! sf
  27. For me I just like wearing gals shoes, have since I was a teen. Early on, i decided that if I was going to spend money on gals shoes, why restrict wearing them inside or on a dark street at night? I might as well enjoy wearing the shoes all the time. When I made the "jump" to wearing gals heels about 20+ years ago I just continued that trend and wore my heels - along with my flats - publicly. Some folks notice, some comment, but most of the time folks don't notice or care that much... Have fun..... sf
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