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  2. Bored with no chance of descent outings ahead, so I will post a couple of my newest heels, starting with this pair by HALOGEN I bought at Nordstrom Rack. I don't normally go in for chunky heels but I really like the soft blush pink color & those straps are so soft, they felt pretty good when I tried them on & walked in them. They were also 50% off, so I bought them. I think they will look good paired with my white skinny jeans.
  3. I ran across a similar looking pair on the FSJ website awhile back but good luck finding anything specific on their website, they have wayyyy too many options & pages keep going on forever it seems. I have been sitting on these strappy heels for awhile, have no idea if I will ever get a chance to wear them in public as they seem to "special occasionally" for casual wear. Not sure what to wear them with either, was thinking maybe a cream / ivory or robins egg blue satin pantsuit might work. I though they were gorgeous & were on sale for $16, so I just had to have them.
  4. Amanda declared the winner back in October 2019, so you're just a few days late Scrappy....lol. Haven't seen you post here in a while. Good photo!
  5. I'm not sure if it is the heels or just some of the technique that differs from what I know about organ playing, which is limited to what I have pieced together from various sources, none of which were formal lessons. I mean, the first thing I noticed is how low on the pedal she toes the natural pedals. Makes for a huge distance between the natural and half-tone pedals, which I imagine creates a ton of extra movement and work for legato playing. But then again, I am so tall that when I sit at the bench my heels are basically already sitting on the pedals, so I can't help but toe all the pedals really high up. This kind of playing is what I'm more used to seeing:
  6. The organ itself seems absolutely top-notch. There is a church in my town that has a similarly sized tracker organ. Unfortunately, it's not MY church. I've often threatened to defect and become a Presbyterian just because of that organ! It is fairly obvious in the video that the playing suffered on account of those heels, however. There was not even an attempt at legato playing.
  7. Jkrenzer


    Agreed, those are intense. My only wish would be the same shoe, no platform and a 5 inch heel. All day in a pair like i just described.
  8. I watched it the whole way through, but I just love tracker action organs. It must have been a real treat to play that piece on that organ - I'd love to place myself in her shoes, heels and all!
  9. That is a great find! Well, visually anyway. I know this piece very well (although my organ skills are not up to it), and my first thought was, "What the hell is REALLY going on here?", as that was one of the most tedious and ponderous interpretations of the opening Toccata I believe I've ever heard. Then I made it up to the point where the pedal first entered in the fugue, and I had to stop and look her up. After reading the comments on this video, it all makes perfect sense. I didn't take the time to find out who she is, but she's obviously not a professional organist, and the heels thing was meant to be more of a joke or experiment. I'm certainly not against that at all, but it's not a recording I would ever listen to for its fresh interpretation. I'm sorry if I sound like a music critic, I'm my own worst critic, and I recognize the limits of my abilities. Are those Hot Chicks? O.o
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