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  2. bearly ever see anyone in heels around here anymore.even in shoe stores
  3. I like checking out thrift stores, as I collect movies and TV shows on physical media. If they have heels I usually do a quick skim, but overall it's like 99.99% too small for me. I'm just right of that EU38-41 that the majority of women are in and whose shoes end up in thrift stores.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the age of the high heel is over. Like the corset it had its time. And now women value comfort over style. We live in the age of Fat Tok, body positive and where women feel they don't need to put in the effort to look good, because every woman is now a 10. Will heels make a limited return? Well, the western still returns briefly every often so years. But as I have also said before, if you don't grow up wearing heels regularly and learn how to wear them they won't endear themselves to late 20 or 30 somethings putting them on. And even the designer heel craze of the 2010's was mostly one of a minority of women trying to look good on red carpets. In daily life I can't say I ever saw a woman wear a pair of louboutins. Now chunky heels and platforms, usually the combination of both, will be with us in the future still, as in the minds of their wearers they marry style with comfort.
  5. ...so I don't think the ticks will get me?? I do like chap boots...one of my favourite to wear.
  6. Hello Everyone It has been a while since I have been here. I have a Love for seeing a woman wearing a pretty dress or skirt with pantyhose or tights and a pair of high heels shoes or boots ! I do own a few pairs of high heels but I do not go out in public wearing them. I am a tall man being 6'6" tall and with heels puts me over 7'. I respect both men and women that wear heels in public and walk in them !!! I look forward to talking to people here about there love for high heels. Thank You Yhighheels
  7. Beautiful boots indeed, great outfit also, must have gotten many compliments.
  8. Wore these new chap boots out shopping the other day
  9. My entry for May (at Pridefest in my part of the world).
  10. Hi all, I'm posting a day or two early because I took some extra pictures this week. They are really all the same picture, but I'm not very creative about posing. Yesterday, I did a 5 mile (8 km) walk for only the sixth time since I started heeling. As I've probably said before, I have a 1 mile, a 2 mile, and a 3 mile loop that I walk regularly, choosing one on whim or available time. On weekend mornings, it has been my habit as of late to walk the 3 mile loop. On this particular morning, I chose my BCBGirls Bonny mules, iteration No. 4. No. 4 is pretty unused, as No. 3 yielded up the ghost sometime last fall. These Bonnys are not a shoe that feels good out of the box. Every one of them has been very stiff and rather uncomfortable until having been worn for several hours. Then they become pliable and all-day comfortable. I have never done a 5 miler in Bonnys before, even though I've tried on a couple of occasions. Both of the previous attempts ended in shoe failure of some sort, one of them catastrophic. The fact that these Bonnys only had two miles on them to begin with made them a suspect choice for a 3 mile walk. I had worn them around the house for a couple of hours, but they were still a bit on the stiff side. I took Bandaids with me, just in case. After the first mile, it was obvious that they are going to be just fine, same as the other 3 pair were. After two miles, I began thinking, "Yeah, I remember why I like these so much." At about 2 1/2 miles, I thought, "Hmmm, I've got time, why don't I do a 5-miler today?" So I did. During the 4th mile, the right shoe started rubbing my instep. Luckily, I had those Bandaids with me, so nothing bad happened. A little tender when I got back, but no blister. The rest of me, however, was very tired. You wouldn't think 5 miles would be that big of a deal when you do 3 miles regularly, but those last 2 really took it out of me. When I got back, I made a list and went grocery shopping, changing my shoes to another pair I haven't worn in a while, blue FSJ stiletto mules. Like last week, I couldn't remember if there was a comfort reason why I haven't worn them. Apparently not. They were just fine, and easier to walk in than I remembered. It is really hard to tell the color in this picture, but they pretty much match the color of my jeans. Note: Photos are in reverse order of the story, if you haven't already figured that out.
  11. ????? Really not entirely sure the reason behind this post. You hoping others would wear higher heels. Be like us, put some on and go.
  12. Yesterday
  13. It struck me that in offices and malls etc pre heel height craziness around 2004 to 2016 ish....and then 'me too' they're weren't many sightings. Perhaps things will come full circle?
  14. Great for keeping the ticks off of you.
  15. Indeed, just a really relaxing stroll in the countryside. I might wear some thigh high boots next time...what do you think?
  16. They are perfect walking boots indeed, great outfit, must have been a fun walk!
  17. I thought I would go for a walk today as the weather was so good....perfect walking boots! ...another shot.
  18. Last week
  19. For the t-strap lover in us all...
  20. you mention t straps.you have my attention..lol
  21. This is high level meeting reviewing a large budget. We had a 120 page document (given to us at the meeting) to review and talk about. The tables are arrange in a circle so we are looking at everybody on the committee and she was sitting directly accross from me. I'm just reporting what I saw. Nice T-straps with a zipper in the T-strap. A woman in our team mentioned something to her about it, but I was unable to heard what was said. This is no different from a woman putting their heels on to go from the vallet to the table at a high end restuarant, kick them off at the table, then wear them to retrive the car.
  22. Kinda strange. Perhaps unfitting shoes physical malady? (Reminds me an incident that occurred years ago where a woman at a wedding we were at appeared at the ceremony with her hair still in curlers. When reminded by my wife that her hair was still up, she replied that she would take it down after the ceremony because she wanted it to look good for the reception.)
  23. I don't think there is a bright line regarding classy vs. trashy. There are so many factors that go into that equation, and a lot of it has nothing to do with the clothes, but the carriage and the demeanor of the wearer. I agree with you that you certainly can't quantify it scientifically. One inch difference on heel height by itself is not going to do it. Not being able to walk easily in your heels, on the other hand, no matter their height, counts for way more "trashy" points.
  24. I haven't been to a thrift store in years, and that's probably because I've never had any luck finding shoes there. I'm not nearly committed enough to making the rounds on a regular basis to find treasure. I prefer to do my shopping on Poshmark or Ebay. The bad part about that is you can't try stuff on, but I still have an 80% success rate that way.
  25. This is. . . most disturbing, on so many levels.
  26. There are so maany banks and credit unions around here. There is one block nearby with 5 insitutions. But I live in one of the most expensive places in the world. Now back on topic. I was at a meeting today. The woman sitting across the room had a pair of T-straps on with 4 inch heels. When the meeting ended, she took off her heels and put on a pair of socks before standing up. Then walked in her socks back to her office.
  27. Using the internet online banking feature available at my credit union has greatly reduced the number of visits I personally make each month. I especially like using my debit card for purchases and reviewing my transactions and account balances whenever I need to is very convenient.
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