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  2. Interesting comment, skyheels. For years I’ve had the practice of noticing the shoes people wear, especially women. When encountering a person that has attracted my notice, I usually glance from head to toe at the way they are dressed. I am quite sure that I would notice any man wearing women’s shoes, as it was in this case.
  3. While we, those of us that wear our women’s shoes regularly, know that the number of men that wear heels in private is way more than any of us imagine, I believe the major reason we don’t see more men wearing heels in public is because of the negative stigma current society attaches to “crossdressing,” which keeps most men from going about their daily routine while wearing them. (I don’t know of any male that wants any person to believe they are less masculine than any other male). And, as long as present attitudes persist in attaching the idea that men wearing items of clothing associated with the female gender in a deviant sexual practice, guys will keep wearing their heels in the privacy of their own homes. Case in point. Just take a look at the number of “guests” this website has browsing this forum at any one time. Out of curiosity, recently I have been reviewing the number of people browsing this website. While the number has been lower during off hours - any where from 50 to 80 - the number browsing on line, viewing the forum during peak times, is more than 200 during the 30 minute timeframe that the website collects data. An additional point. Lately, the number of members posting comments is way down from what it used to be just a few months ago. If we could encourage some of these “guests” to post comments occasionally, this forum might return the place of interest it once was. It’s currently 8:24 AM - EST. And there are 194 people browsing this forum.
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  5. People’s tastes may well lean towards heels along with a secret wishing that it were possible to wear them without such a big deal being made of it, but while there is this pervasive fear of stepping out of line, it won’t happen
  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if, as we talk about so few people noticing our heels, we ourselves fail to notice anybody else’s ?
  7. When visiting a friend in a local hospital last week, I encountered a male nurse as he was exiting my friend’s room. Even though he was wearing his hospital scrubs I noticed that he was wearing female nurses shoes with about 2 1\2 “ wedge heels. Later, when I was leaving, I noticed a well dressed man coming into the hospital wearing a pair of black patent ballerina flats with little black bows on the vamp. I wonder if he noticed that I was wearing a pair of black penny loafers with 4” heels?
  8. Very interesting, and encouraging - but a picture of the boots would be very helpful. As an outsider, I would regard the US as the land of extremes: very strait-laced in many respects but surprisingly liberal and relaxed in others. Just look at 'People of Walmart' to see some examples of conduct or appearance that would almost never be seen in the UK. I'm not judging either country, just expressing an impression gained from my life in the UK and my visits to the US.
  9. Although not boots, I have traveled to and from Brazil with 5 inch block, 1 inch square, loafers. Had no issues. Those shoes are long since gone.
  10. We will likely never see men in high heels openly in public under normal everyday circumstances. My coworkers can't say that as long as I'm around, but they have only seen one guy in high heels. High heels will likely never really catch on, few people have the gene.
  11. Good call, I’d say. There’s a time and a place. One does not live in a vacuum
  12. Same here. Not long ago I did spot a guy in chunky heeled ankle boots with about a 2.5 inch heel. It’s quite rare, no matter what trendy fashion writers like to suggest, or what online retailers like Asos might offer on their sites.
  13. I have occasionally seen a man in slightly higher than normal heels, but it's been a while. I have never personally met another man (with the exception of @HappyinHeels) wearing anything more elevated than what you described. Not counting the 1970s, of course.
  14. It will be soon once again time to visit the family in Vietnam. It has been 5 years for me, thanks to the pandemic. Could I get away with wearing heels in Vietnam, at least in the city? Probably. Will I wear heels? Absolutely not. Although the time is long past when my wife has even bothered saying anything anymore, it goes without saying that she is there for the purpose of visiting her mother, not for answering stupid questions about her silly husband.
  15. There may be an old thread on this but I can't find it. Even in London it's rare to see men wearing heels in public. Yesterday evening I saw a man on the Tube (London Underground) wearing ankle boots with about 2.5" block heels. Black suede or fake suede, simple design. He was in his 50s or 60s and otherwise unremarkable. I was wearing my Hush Puppies brown wedge ankle boots with about 2.75" heel.
  16. Yes, it pays to be familiar with your environments. I don't think I'd care to try wearing heels in, say, Dubai, for example, even on a layover en route from London to Australia. Especially stilettos. There is leeway with chunky heels, but none with stilettos. I would risk it with the OTK boots I've been wearing around lately though as they come across as bohemian rather an outright challenge to gender norms. I should add that I do not wear these as a form of compromise, but because I genuinely like the style. After the initial rush of blood in trying heels for the first time, when five-inch stilettos thrilled with their novelty and athletic challenge, I've settled into my own style - which is chunky heeled boots of some description; clean, classic lines and almond toes, worn with jeans. And because this is my style, and I feel so comfortable with it, that in itself makes me blend into the scenery. There's nothing contrived here, no sense of provocation.
  17. Even I subdue my footwear in international locations. I wore the booties that lost the heel recent in Australia. A similar pair in Canada, England and Scotland. But in Argentina and Chile I went with a 2 inch heel.
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  19. It's strange, but being from the US, I always asssumed that places like France and England were probably much more open and accepting to guys going against social norms like us. Nonetheless, I rarely get any obvious reaction to my boots while traveling the US as well. But yes, I have encountered some giggling from young girls walking near me. Honestly can't remember the last time I got a negative/disapproving stare from anyone though. For me, I have just made the assumption that everyone else on earth notices/hears footwear the way I do, but have learned that most folks just aren't that interested to notice...
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  21. Interesting the note would even be sent like that and more interesting it was ignored. Nothing makes teenagers do things in a certain way better than suggesting or telling them not to. Next time hopefully they say high heels are discouraged.
  22. Another high school band concert last night. Amazingly, there were lots of heels! Of course, they were all low- to mid-heels, but it was pleasantly surprising, especially when the band director put, and I quote, "Flats are preferred over heels" right in the email reminding students of the dress requirements for the concert.
  23. You are correct @AlexC94 And yes they are very nice!
  24. Sounds like another good reason to avoid McDonalds! I think you can find trouble anywhere, and no matter what style of footwear you are wearing. But for the most part people go around in their own bubbles and they’re fairly harmless anyway
  25. I think these belong to Carrie LaChance. I recognise her legs and the floor from her old residence. They look nice, I'll say that.
  26. Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm doing random heelings it's been 1.5 years now and having almost the same no-big-deal thing. I rarely got compliments from strangers, 3 to be exact, all from men. I've got one laugh from a girl on a group of teenagers at the street in plain daylight but not sure it was on me. I've got stares from a right-wing radical group at a McDonalds restaurant once. No problem in the end but I know I was on their radar. I was with wife and kids so I found it threatening for them. Anyway, I try to be careful where I go and avoid heels on small villages where I can find trouble. Don't know how it goes in England but I see you're doing the experiment
  27. That's why they invented faux suede for you birtish chaps.
  28. Yes I love my suede boots but wearing them in England can be quite chancy and problematic!
  29. I'm with @mlroseplant, I go as long as I can in open toe heels. Right now it's a mixtue of knee high boots, ankle booties, or pen toe shoes. Wet chance the equation and removes suede from the mix.
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