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  2. Right now they still look the way they did the first day, but so far I have been able to avoid wearing them in the rain as I don’t really want to test the limits of their effectiveness.
  3. Hi Jeff I'm very happy to see that you're back to heels that are a little higher, maybe you was in summer mood when sandals and flats are sensible choice. But I'm more to the real heels side and boot lover, I have to say that your two later outfits are just awesome. Keep smiling my friend Flavio
  4. But it works all right?
  5. I admit I don’t know the details of the protectant used - I had the retail store do it for me...
  6. I have some lovely suede boots but I'm always scared to wear them out in case of rain. Do you use Scotchguard? Does it work well - assuming no torrential downpours...
  7. Combination of pre-treating the boots and planning ahead... I will wear a different pair if it is going to rain a lot.
  8. How do you deal with suede boots if the weather turns wet?
  9. Taking a trip today... chilly enough for suede up here:
  10. You have got great legs buddy, how are those killer heels to walk in....
  11. Beautifull boots Flavio, hope to see more pictures of you wearing them....The leather looks real soft and they fit like a glove!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Stopped by my local boutique to see what heels they had in. No tall boots this tall enough heels . But they did have something I could wear; so I got these They are Soda Agenda Platform Lace up Tapered Block Heel in Nubuck: Burgundy with a 1” platform, 4.5” heel
  14. They look like they are a perfect fit....
  15. just bought these beauties. Size EU 47 (more like 48, I use to wear around here). I'm in Milano Italy for a conference and visited the physical store of Ghigo Calzature. Their physical store has the same stock as the website. They have a great customer service. I could try them on at the store (and several other great models). Heels are thin 5 inch stilettos, leather is stretch, they fit like socks, no zippers, easy to get in. Really comfortable and soles are strong, good arch support. Goes to the knees. I'm really happy. They are a dream come true. First time I go to a store to try heels that are beautiful at my size. I just had to share this moment with all of you. I'm sure these will get a lot of wear.
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