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  2. Notice to all: alicialehoux from -- For the Girls -- section Asked, would you wear stilettos to a job interview? Hell yes. I wore high stiletto heels to a job interview this summer (2022) with the State of Ohio. I didn't give a crap - I got the job. Mike
  3. Forum engagement seems low Hope this post increases engagement. Social media really is the new message boards.
  4. pebblesf : Nice story. I notice you do not post pictures with your story. I would love to see you picking up all of those boots while wearing high heel boots. What do you mean- Getting closer. Are you working up to wearing stilettos like the boots I wore when we met earlier this year? That would make me proud. Mike
  5. You don’t tend to get a lot of initiative from minimum wage help
  6. I am very surprised that the male sales clerk didn't take this opportunity to sell you a pair of boots. That's what I would have done.
  7. I remember the 90s as being a lean time in terms of high heels. I don't remember a whole lot about that time, only that the shoes were huge and largely, but not always, effectively low heeled. And oh yeah, kids wore their pants 3 inches too long and walked on the hem. Then along came the television series "Sex and the City," and the stiletto came back into fashion again. Eventually. There is some overlap, however. Bratz came out in 2001, but Sex and the City debuted in 1998. The Spice Girls and their huge platforms were solidly mid 90s. Bratz dolls were almost too late to the game, but I seem to remember giant shoes well past 2000. These modrun platforms are a little different than the ones from either the 70s or the 90s, but they are definitely big looking shoes.
  8. Stilettos were specifically designed for women - not so tall boots, heeled or no. They were once very much a male fashion. But men are not allowed theatricality in dress and so when there was no longer a need to wear boots, as in no horse or motorcycle, they became off limits. To war boots without a horse or motorcyclis is theatrical and therefore not allowed.
  9. Herd mentality, as is in a herd (aka slice) of lemmings. There no freedom in a herd, there's no individuality, but then you don't have to think. I've had men tell me they would like to wear boots, just maybe not stilettoes.
  10. It is really curious how men are essentially bullied into the extremely limited fashion choices - with both men and women doing the bullying.
  11. Thursday night, Friday night, ladies night it is nice to get out of the office and hangout with colleagues and friends. Stomp our boot heels loud on the floor and have fun
  12. I don't see why not. I often wear heels anyway, especially 5" heeled boots.
  13. I think you are right. I caught a couple of guys trying to take another look at my boots, without being noticed by their gal pals. Me too buddy, feels amazing, and I think it looks pretty darn good also, even on me.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I think a pair of platform boots looks like those on Bratz dolls, which many of today's women grew up with as girls, and I've seen social media comments from women wearing them saying as much. They're a retro thing that take more after the 90s than the 70s style platforms.
  16. Wearing boots on the outside of skinny jeans is empowering statement and a bold look for sure. Congratulations @pebblesf on wearing this look in public, isn't it fun? I now have 6 high boots, mostly stilettoes, 4 knee highs and two high calf boots. I love wearing my boots on the outside.
  17. An amusing little scene in Macy’s to be sure. As you say, what can you do but laugh? nice to be complimented on your boots. I like the boots over skinny jeans look. It’s my normal way of wearing boots. I think a lot of guys would like to wear tall boots but simply don’t dare do anything that is unapproved .
  18. The better half is under the weather, so all the shopping/chores have fallen on me. Not the worst thing, I got to spend some time in Macy's yesterday, and they had a pretty nice collection of knee boots, didn't recognize the manufacturers, but the boots looked nice for the price. That is, until this "bull in a china shop" arrived. There was only a male sales clerk in the area, he kind of gave me a second glance while I was looking at boots. There were about 15 pairs of knee boots, free standing on the top tier of a display shelf. Needless to say, I picked up one boot to have a closer look. When I put it back, the boot lost its balance and fell into the pair next to it knocking them into the next pair and so on down the line until all 15 pairs had been knocked over, some on the floor! I could feel the glare of the sales clerk on the back of my neck without even seeing his face. What could I do at this point, except what I'm good at, laughing at my own clumsy self. Didn't run off, spent about ten minutes very carefully picking up all the boots and gently placing them back on the shelf, hoping they would stand up. Kind of like setting up dominos. Needless to say, I was the focus of a few inquisitive customers/workers by now. Oh well, at least I can still laugh, at myself, no issue with that yet. On the positive side, I went to a different store in the mall to buy some needed items. The young male counter clerk stopped me as I was walking away (after paying) to compliment me on my knee high Champion cowboy boots with 3" heels. Believe it or not, I was wearing the boots over my tight fit levis, so am making progress. The fellow said he loved my boot style, and the cowboy look. He asked if I actually did ranch work, I admitted that I had never been on a ranch, and just love wearing boots "of all styles". I thanked the clerk for taking the time to compliment me, admitting I appreciated it. Now, I just must summon the courage to wear my new nine west boots over the levis or "lucky jeans". Getting closer guys, thanks.... Don
  19. As for me I typed at my kitchen table today in my heavy brown suede OTK boots by Jean Gaborit. Wonderful boots on a damp and chilly Sussex autumn day
  20. Today I've got my old 1969 leather pumps.
  21. Last week
  22. My right thumb is reconstructed, so grabbing things can be questionable. I grow my fingernails longer to lift things with my nails. I also have damaged nails, damage at the root base, so I have acrylic nails to keep them together. They, acrylic nails, are pretty tough. But I haven't done color since the pandemic started. My toenails are colored, have been for decades. But what I have heard in the nail salon has very been educating.
  23. I like to try to keep my right hand nails a little bit longer for the purpose of fingerstyle guitar playing. It seems to be becoming more and more difficult as I get older. I, like you, have numerous opportunities to break nails at any time, any day, even with the company policy required gloves. However, not all of us are subjected to such punishing conditions, and artificial nails are actually pretty tough.
  24. My little pinkies are that long as chesterx. I manage OK with work gloves on when I work, but once in a while one will break off, then I start over again growing it out. That happened about 3 weeks ago on my left pinkie. It's already growing out. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  25. For those who like pumps, Jessica Simpson just dropped their fall line.
  26. I just went for my monthly massage, my massage therapist is an early 60s age lady with a very outgoing and pleasant demeanor and deeply-held Christian beliefs. I wore a toe ring, just as an experiment to see her reaction. (Context, her beliefs notwithstanding, she is an overt fan of my tattoos.) upon noting my foot bling, she commented, “Oh, a toe ring! I like it!” Then, a short pause, and she added, “I wish we could get to where people could wear what they like without judgement...”
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