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  3. Feeling shiny and bight even on dull and dreary day.


  4. Much as I'm a shorts guy, I wear longjohns from October to April, in general. We've been having weird weather these last few years, and it did turn out that I wore sandals to Christmas Eve church service last year, but that's very unusual. I started wearing leggings as longjohns a few years ago, and specifically cropped ones, unless it's really, really cold. I think they're supposed to be capris, but on me they come down to within 3 or 4 inches of my ankle, perfect for most occasions. They don't bunch up with my socks, if I'm wearing socks, and they don't show out the bottom of my pants if I'm
  5. Jaunt #557, 9/25/2020: Due to the inconsistent nature of the weather, I have no way of knowing just when fall will fully assert itself, leading me to change over to my fall/winter attire. Case in point, even though it’s late September, temps here reached into the upper 70’s after some early morning showers, so I outfitted myself accordingly for this trip, going with a sleeveless black sheath dress, the Payless “Corey” black semi-patent flats, a black satchel bag and a matching mask. Every fashion freestyler should have at least one nice black dress in his closet, I have somewhere around a doze
  6. She brought a change of shoes in her bag
  7. But she wore heels in that rough terrain?
  8. Yesterday
  9. fun stuff: it is smoking hot and beautiful here today. we (a new gal pal!) went for a drive in the country this afternoon and took in one of the nature trails. i was in my super fun second skin shorts, a black tank top, and going barefoot down the nature trail. after 30 minutes we were both sweating and i said enough with this tank top and took it off. she looked me over for a few minutes and then said: you have no body hair? no hair on your arms, chest, back, legs? i admitted that i did shave my legs every three or four months but the rest of me is silky smooth! i laughed when she
  10. Pretty darn cool. Glad to see you’re back out and about. Sounds like you had a good time.
  11. Abandoned places in Long Island City. Long Island City is the western most part of Queens. It’s distinct from Long Island. It’s a very common misconception so don’t feel bad. Regarding the moped type, it was auto transmission with floor boards. While I I’ve worn heels solo, not only did I have a passenger but I also planned a lot of rough terrain walking for our outing. So no heels yesterday.
  12. It is true that my wife wears the pants in our family, but I wear the heels, dammit!
  13. Those are definitely Instagram-worthy pictures, and in addition, the location is actually interesting. I had no idea there were "abandoned" places on Long Island! I have had similar misgivings about wearing heels riding a motorbike. I don't know what actual machine you had, but I would not hesitate to wear heels on a scooter (auto transmission with floorboards, rather than footpegs). I really don't enjoy riding a traditional motorcycle, the kind that has footpegs and you shift the gears yourself, in heels. It sounds kind of exciting in theory, but the reality doesn't live up to the fanta
  14. Finally starting to explore the city a bit more since the March lockdowns took effect. While I've been out a few times for dinner, today marked the first time I actually went out for 2 days back to back. We rode a moped from Long Island City Queens to DUMBO, Brooklyn...then back to Long Island City. In between, we explored some abandoned subway cars in an abandoned rail yard in Long Island City. Wearing heels with a passenger wasn't worth the safety risk. But I did wear my women's patent flats for which she complimented me. She obliged my request to bring her patent stiletto pum
  15. I also love to wear pointy toed stiletto heeled thigh high and knee high boots as well.

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      Looks like we have a few things in common ;-)

      Would love to see what you have. 

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