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  2. My point is other than the news, I never heard anyone in a personal discussion mention it. I think various news companies were trying to make something of it, but it really did not go anywhere.
  3. $10 says he will reply again, and if not, well, that works out nicely too
  4. Because!
  5. Come now, Donald Trump was not the reason for Rubio's getting such a hard time about wearing heeled boots. Trump may have made some smirking, snide comments but that was nothing his competitors weren't doing as well, nor the mainstream media for that matter. The Washington Post and New York Times are hardly Trump mouthpieces. Rubio's heels were seen as a matter for mirth by a conservative and censorious American public. I am no fan of Trump's but, geez, you can't blame him for everything.
  6. I get the Gel Instep Cushions from Aldo shoes for about $7 a set. I got 2 sets last week.
  7. I had foot problems last year. Ran into a 2" by 12" by 10 foot while barefooted and broke my baby toe, It stuck straight up, They had to go in and take a joint out of the toe and then pinned my #4 toe and baby toe with 6 inch pins. Foot surgery is not fun. My podiatrist never heard someone scream so high pitched, not loud, when she pulled the pins out. Three years ago during a spa pedicure, the pedicurist notice that my feet had lots of knots in them. She recommended Reflexology. I would recommend giving Reflexology a try for Morton's Neuroma.
  8. What's everyone's experiences with the various gel inserts for high heels? I wind up buying the cheapest kind with a rubbery surface to stop the insert and my foot from slipping. The fancier ones that feel smooth and have a skin I would think would be too slippery and they also feel thinner than the ones I buy. I also see the inserts that are full length with arch support, but those also look a bit thin in the ball of foot area. Online, I see there are pads that have toe loops to keep the pad in place in relation to the foot.
  9. It is weird how even seemingly sensible shoes can cause problems. I wore a pair of Dr Scholls work shoes for about a month, and my big left toe went numb. I changed back to sneaker style Red Wings and instantly felt better. The numbness took about a year to fade away. Now if only the RWs were more sensibly designed with something to hold the tongue up and were more durable...
  10. I call that a WIN-WIN.
  11. Cali, President Trump has released his tax returns. You can find them under President Obama's Birth Certificate and college transcripts.
  12. I not saying Cruz was a saint, all I am saying is that Trump has a history of using unreliable sources (in Cruz case the National Enquirer) to marginalize his rivals. This was just another example. Now if we can only get WikiLeaks to find (if they haven't already) and release Trumps tax returns......
  13. I'm a men's size 7 to 8D depending. I have a hell of a time finding work boots that small. I end up ordering women's boots. Funny this is - - the women's work boots are usually cheaper, and have more padding. I'm a 9 to 10 in women's.
  14. It wasn't just Trump. Had many a local call him a closet stalker, pro LGBT (a no no for a true conservative) and flat out F-in weird.
  15. Playing quite nicely, Steve. Going somewhere. So, LuvsStilleto, why do you get the last word?
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  17. Video worked fine for me. I wish I had that problem with my size 12-13 feet.
  18. Can we all please play nicely in the sandbox? Steve
  19. The video downloaded and played on my Win 10 PC just fine. Steve
  20. Trump used it as a way to marginalize Rubio. Just like the false statements Trump said about Cruz's father "was with Lee Harvey Oswald" before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Once the rumor was out there Rupert Murdoch and his fake news service took off with it, thus marginalizing another one of Trump's rivals. It was his campaign strategy. Very effective.
  21. A quick check on Google (Rubio+heels) shows it was quite a lively topic in America in January 2016 - New York Times, Breibart, US New and World Report, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Fox News, NY Daily News, NY Magazine, Mashable, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Washington Post, NBC News...etc. etc. etc.
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