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  3. New ballet heels

    I just picked these up for the wife on poshmark. Haven't told her yet and not sure how to breach the subject. She knows I have a huge heel fetish but we've never done anything this extreme. Thoughts to make her more comfortable with it?
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  6. My extrem heels

    tomham : I would like to see full length also. I looked them up on Gianrico Mori site. Those puppies are not cheep. Good for you.
  7. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Nice jaunt, and nice skirt, Jeff! Not surprised no other female was skirted, perhaps to them its a hassle, or for everyone its easier to throw on jeans. Its good you represented in a skirt, as you said perhaps weather was a factor. Still it is nice to dress up for a shopping trip, as you have so expertly demonstrated. No stares, looks, giggles is a good thing. I need to buy a corduroy skirt soon! The strappy dress sounds good, surely something for a future push of the envelope down at the mall
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  9. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    @JeffB - that skirt looks great and goes super-well with the tights and wedge booties!
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  11. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! I found them most intriguing and instructive as well. When it comes to fashion, we, as men, are far behind the learning curve. When it comes to how to wear women's clothes and how to put together stylish and tasteful outfits, we're learning in our 30's, 40's, even 50's what women learned as little girls, so we have do a lot of cramming in order to catch up with them, if that's your ultimate goal. Not to brag, but I like to think I've done well for myself, nzfreestyler was spot on right, women DO notice and criticize what other women wear, and when we freestylers venture into their arena, we become subject to their critical eye, so far, I've escaped said criticism, in fact, I've been complimented on my outfits, shoes, jewelry, even my handbags, so I guess I'm doing something right. But, that doesn't mean I sit on my laurels, no sir, I continue studying, continue learning all I can about fashion so I continue looking my very best.
  12. for sale extreme shoe and boot collection

    fits 10.5/11 US male $30US plus shipping
  13. for sale extreme shoe and boot collection

    black ankle boots
  14. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #424, 2/24/2018: Oh, look! For a second straight outing, I didn’t wear leggings! I know, shocking, right? With the weather damp and nippy, I figured the best place to be for an outing was indoors, and what better place for that than the King of Prussia Mall. Garbed in a Lee black denim jacket over a beige mockneck, a brown cord pencil skirt, black tights, the Payless “Missy” wedge heeled booties and a black satchel bag, I arrived at the mall shortly before 11:30, there was already a good crowd inside, and one thing I noticed right away after only fifteen minutes of wandering: not one female, young or old sported a skirt, it was all jeans, pants and yes, leggings, no doubt because of the gloomy weather, not much in the way of heels either, lots of sneakers, riding boots, Ugg (UGH) boots for instance, and while I hardly towered over everyone in the three inchers I wore, it felt a wee bit odd to have been wearing heels while all the women weren’t. Was I overdressed for my outing? Most definitely, but I didn’t mind that at all as I love looking sharp. Even after nearly twenty trips to the mall in women’s attire which I put on full display, I continue to express occasionally mild surprise at how easy it all is, how I’m able to go to and fro with no difficulty whatsoever, no stares, no long looks, no double takes, no chuckles behind my back, no nothing, I’m just another shopper enjoying his day, and that’s fine by me. After lunch in the always crowded food court, I took a slow stroll to the other end of the mall where Old Navy was to do some shopping, and looked for one thing and one thing only: dresses. As I’ve stated previously, my shopping mindset had changed as I’ve put dresses ahead of skirts, and of late, I rarely bother looking for the latter, and nothing changed as I settled on a long sleeved navy casual number which I’ll show off on a future outing. With spring on the way, Old Navy also had some cute strappy sundresses that caught my eye and got me to thinking about how I could integrate one into my wardrobe for when the weather turns warm. There’s not much I can’t work with and look good in when it comes to women’s clothes, and I'm sure I can make sundresses work as well. In fact, I’m most eager to give one a try. Yep, it’s such fun to do the freestyling thing in a mall among a huge mass of people and no one pays me so much as a lick of attention, I find that to be extremely gratifying because that means I’m doing things right when it comes to looking appropriate for the surroundings I’m in. And, in turn, that figures to spur me into pushing the envelope a little for a future mall outing, I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure something out. More to come....
  15. your opinion

    The stiletto heel boot calf seems too wide
  16. You are totally correct - - - For some, this would be a great chance to finally step out into the world, and nobody would think it out of place. Most of us here realize that the concept of men wearing high heels being normal may not come about in our lifetime. Doesn't mean we can't push the envelope, have some fun, and in my case, freak out a few folks on the way.
  17. I have read a review of the exhibition, and it looks interesting, although I can't see how wearing heels to it - specifically making a point of wearing heels to it - would do anything other than perpetuate the idea the heel-wearing men were somehow different, belonging to a twilight world, and emerging for this exhibition; isn't the idea to make it seem normal?
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  19. Yep - saw him a few weeks ago. Had dinner at a nice little Greek place Still playing guitar, and now cello. Adding violin to his mix.He's doing fine.
  20. for sale extreme shoe and boot collection

    43Euro 10-10.5 US Male selling for $40US plus shipping
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  22. Pain relief....

    I have, in fact, tried the taping thing before. I cannot tell that it made any difference whatsoever. I am skeptical of such a claim in any case, on the grounds that, even if the stuff about the nerve and the 3rd and 4th toes is 100% true, do your toes really move all that much inside a closed-toed high heeled shoe anyway? I have found other methods of dealing with discomfort to be far more effective.
  23. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    Just to throw another log on the fire in your mind. How appropriate is it to overdress? Is this what you're worried about? That you are being inappropriate by overdressing? Tough question. My version of "freestyling" I call blending. On almost every day at least 60% of what I am wearing stated out on the other side of the store. I present (alpha) male, but I like tighter fitting clothes, I like to layer, more color ... and these qualities I can find better in women's clothing. Since I started blending and wear high heels I find that I take more time in putting my outfits for the day together. Also, I dress better than I use to. Either matching my heels to what I have on or knowing what heels I want to wear dictate my outfit for the day.
  24. The answer to the question is yes, sure I play in heels. However, there are very few instruments where it makes any difference at all. Not even piano, in my opinion. Drum kit, yes, pipe organ, yes. Other than that, I can't think of any other instruments where the choice of one's footwear would make any difference at all. I suppose we could think about marching bands in high heels. That might be interesting!
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