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  3. Spring is almost here. Time to break out my wedges as well!
  4. I generally agree, as I don't really have much by way of platforms in my collection, but these looked so classy on the models feet I could not resist, & took a chance on them. I am pleased with the look & will add them to my rotation...
  5. Been a good few months since i wrote here. Lots been going on, but very little heeling, what with the kids being home etc. There have been a few interesting heel related stories and transactions - i'll try add them bit by bit. Will start off with some wedges i recently bought (in Jan i think), on one of Asos's specials - discount off discounted items.... which made these hard to refuse along with some additional items (for the wife too). These i actually only got to try on properly today. The wedge is 5.5" with a significant platform, which makes them easy to walk in - and exac
  6. me too. I did manage to convince her to buy a mid-heel pair of sandals a few months ago. We'll see if she actually wears them. Sounds like win-win-win!
  7. Nice going @chesterx , very sharp looking heels, and nice convo with the old lady
  8. I really hope I can wear my 5 inch heels at 60! Incredible πŸ‘
  9. Nice heels chesterx. They show off your pedi very nicely. Thanks for the pic. Happy Heeling, bluejay
  10. That reflects my viewpoint as well. What happened to reporting facts without opinion or slant?
  11. I agree - fortunate gentlemen both. I very much miss the days when my wife could wear heels.
  12. My sentiments exactly!
  13. I'm with you on the height. I think 4" is a better look than 5".
  14. @chesterxwhile not a huge fan of platforms, I do loke your new heels. I've always liked the see through nature of mesh uppers.
  15. Well, she is 60 in the pictures above, but still young at heart and mind ..... πŸ˜‰
  16. So You are a lucky guy too! ☺️
  17. @mlroseplant usually travels to Asia in the spring, so this could be that he's missing his normal HHP vacation.
  18. Isolater is a lucky guy. It is great to have an attractive spouse. I like to brag about my wife. She will be 60 years old this summer, 5'2" and 105 pounds and curvy considering her size. 34-25-36 if I remember. A little smaller on top, a tiny bit extra in the trunk, but I love it. Last night we had a quiet date night at home, sit and visit watch a movie and eat junk food. She came into our family room wearing a tight tank style mini dress, fishnet stockings and heels. She was complaining that her butt sticks out and her hips are to wide. I just laughed and said your butt is supposed to st
  19. You guys worry me! A good looking woman with nothing on but stockings and heels and you get hung up on the Cello!
  20. Likewise. Hopefully just a bit of vacation and nothing permanent!
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