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  2. Just picked up these all leather beauties from E-Bay for $32 after shipping. Very comfortable and easy all day 4.75" heels. Wore them to restaurant last evening. They remind me a bit of the logo booties for HHPlace.
  3. Hi Anne and John, have added some high heel boot pics to my album, hope you like them x

  4. Some years ago (10 or more?) there were a couple of high heel meet ups in London. I even met Tech at one of them.
  5. looking for us size womens 14 stilettos,
  6. Hello,everyone it's nice to see that a guys wearing high heels community exists. I would be curious about organizing a real meeting in some place. It seems that England could be the best location. And more precisely the south of England ( Kent) is more active? I am right? I personally is quite good with walking with 15 cms stilettos,other parts of clothes totally men style.
  7. Agree about chasing variety. Whilst my preferred heel is a stiletto with a point toe, I have been looking out for boots with a block heel and rounder toe as I think they are a better 'crossover' heel for public outings and certainly prolonged wear. Am I right in thinking you are increasing your collection of pumps?
  8. Many thanks for your reply. I will keep that in mind and get back with my results. regards. js
  9. Well, ya got me beat there. The farthest I've ever walked in one shot was 8.5 km, in 5 inch heels. But they had a 1 inch platform, so that's the equivalent of 4 inch heels. I have, however, replaced the lower intake manifold gaskets in my car and the clutch in my pickup truck wearing 5 inch heels, again with a 1 inch platform. Definitely worn out "beater" shoes for those operations.
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  13. i'm going to get it coloured and soon. i don't like that salt and pepper look with long hair... something isn't grooving. that road in the back ground is a downtown city street! there was a lot of construction that summer and so it was a mess downtown for the entire summer. i remember walking up that brand new street to the halloween party, in the same 7.5 inch heels! also: you're right: the outfits do attract a lot of attention. fun stuff!
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  15. Im just trying to be picky. I have similar boots to the elliot one and im fighting a battle (loosing i think) with myself not to but tooo many shoes unless they're really different
  16. w6ish, If you had seen me you would have seen my salt and pepper hair which is about as long as yours. I suppose you could colour it and it would go better with your mega-heels. Then again, your outfits attract enough attention that your hair is a sidebar. By the way, is that a gravel local road you are pictured on??? That could be tricky in heels of that height. Maybe it's the lighting. I know, from experience, Canada is not as intent on paving as many rural roads as the USA is. Many rural roads here should never have been paved. It is way cheaper in the long run and you have better traction in the winter on gravel rural roads. I do like your height selections! HappyinHeels
  17. LovesHiHeels, Agree with ROnC in that the stocking tops should be hidden by the length of the dress or skirt. If you're going to RHPS then there are no rules at all. I love dresses and much prefer above-the-knee styles so I would always wear thigh-high pantyhose. Otherwise I wear knee-highs which are cumfy and are good for trying on shoes: easier off and on with pantyhose. And yes, my friend, Steve63130 knows the owners of Activskin quite well. I'd even say he has a "fitted" interest in the company. When your heels are really high you can see more! HappyinHeels
  18. I can recommend the Elliot_ I wear mine heaps . I have them in tan but thinking about getting a black pair now they are on sale. The pumps look great on you also. Tough call so I would go both!!
  19. Went to wittner yesterday to try to decide on a pair of boots. Im torn between elliot ankle boots and mariko thigh boots. While there i saw a whole bunch of shoes on special so spent a bit of time trying some on. These were 2 of my faves. I was really surprised that the bold pink pumps looked so good
  20. Thank you @Logjam
  21. I have had mail conversations with them in english, not quick replies but they have replied. Those are the boots i bought from them. They are narrow over the vamp so i suggest one size bigger. Mine is suited for 29.6 cm long but my feets only 28.8 cm long and little wider.
  22. Agree - nice pair of heels!
  23. Laurel & Hardy
  24. CFM.... Other than mlroseplant's definition, I am not familiar with the term CFM... I guess I'm just L7...... ha ha sf
  25. Looks great with the jeans skirt!! And that looks like a wonderful yard!
  26. Botox injections in the tips of all toes. Nurofen gel applied to the feet. Pain killers and 2 bottles of scotch. ? Seriously 24 hrs is a mission, I've spent maybe 4hrs in mine and that is ludicrously hard work! I'd take my hat off to anyone who can do 8hrs let alone 24! Be careful would be my advice.
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