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  2. In the UK the RAC (who ought to know about these things) say that it's urban myth that it's illegal to drive barefoot or in flipflops: https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/advice/road-safety/driving-without-shoes-is-it-illegal/ As far as I can tell, driving shirtless isn't an offence either. The Highway Code says: "You should ensure that clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner" https://www.highwaycodeuk.co.uk/rules-for-drivers-and-motorcyclists-before-setting-off.html Technically the Highway Code is guidance, not law. But if you do something that's against the HWC and have an accident you are likely to have to justify why you went against the recommendations.
  3. It’s a explicit law here in the UK that you cannot drive barefoot, or with sandals without a supported heel element that secures the shoe to your foot. Heels are fine. It’s also illegal to drive without a shirt on as well. Something about how the seat belt can grip clothing better than bare skin. Women here drive in heels all the time.
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  6. I suppose it's very difficult to write an appropriate law to cover every situation, which is why to my knowledge, no U.S. state has ever written such a thing, with the exception of Alabama, where it is illegal to ride a motorcycle barefoot. I think all of these things would be covered by the vague but way less vague, "Failure to maintain control." So much depends on driver skill and attentiveness. For example, I would still be a better, safer driver than my wife if I were wearing 8 inch pole dancing shoes and she were wearing flat loafers. I'm not being mean, that's just a fact. To be fair, she would be a safer motorbike rider then me, wearing high heels, if we were to ride in Hanoi, Vietnam. That's mainly because I have trouble not thinking/driving like a Westerner in Hanoi traffic, which can get you killed (and nearly did one time).
  7. The first part may be true, but it doesn't really get you any closer to answering the question of "why." The second part is definitely true, which is "why" I continue to check in on this thread from time to time.
  8. As Bob Dylan once sung: the times they are a changin They do it all the time, but not always at the same pace. Sometimes it takes a long breath to notice a change.
  9. ... that´s the name of the colour. 😉 I really like this colour, join me if you have some nude heels too.
  10. I have a higher standard. I must be able to wear the heels to work, since almost all I wear is heels. I allow myself only 2 pairs that I wave that requirement for.
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  12. Sure, just like someone can be gay all year and celebrate pride month whenever
  13. I understand, but I generally don't wear heels outs of the house unless they are fairly generic. Inside the house anything goes!
  14. As long as it is on topic, relating to high heels I don't see why not!
  15. To each their own, but if I'm not comfortable wearing them outside I wouldn't bother.
  16. Sure but Christmas is a seasonal thing. People don't celebrate Christ's birth all year, just like you celebrate your own birthday just one day a year. You can be a Christian all year, but you still celebrate Christmas in December.
  17. So high heels woman buy a woman are ok, but if worn by a man not ok? What are appropriate heels? Who defines appropriate? "Well your honor, the heels go with my skirt, so I believe they are appropriate!" Really a vague law!
  18. I have a pair of Pleaser sandals with a 4" platform and 8" heel. Clear plastic platform and heel, and clear plastic uppers. They just scream "Stripper"!! I like wearing them with my bubble gum pink poly skirt and a white blouse.
  19. Thanks for your comment, it has really helped me a lot. It is true I shouldn't worry that much. And also it is true that discarding them won't help, in fact I have discarded a pair of boots in the past, and then I bought my other shoes. I will try to talk about it with my girlfriend, maybe not telling directly what asking for her opinion about the topic, maybe her answer can help me. Thank you very much for the support. Yes , I am from Uruguay, South America. Here is not common to see man in heels. I think it could be risky to wear them in public. Some people could be violent, especially men. Not necessarily physically but verbally. Luckily, I don't aim to wear them in public. But buying them, even online, would make me anxious. However I am not planning to buy more shoes now, but surely I will do it when I live without my parents.
  20. how about a link to that channel....D
  21. 3.5-4" is what I wear. @spikesmikelet me try some 5" heels and higher when we met and I can't really stand up properly in them lol.
  22. In 3" cowboy boots or in 5"stilettos? That might be a difference. 😉
  23. I wonder if anyone has been asked to do a field sobriety test while wearing high heels. I'd want to pass wearing heels lol. More generally, if anyone uses high heels as evidence against being in control of my vehicle, I have a youtube channel of me racing and driving thousands of miles in heels that might be counter evidence...
  24. May I ask is it allowed to promote my own yt channel here?
  25. I haven't looked up the relevant documents but in the UK I'm pretty sure there is a requirement to be properly in control of your vehicle. So if you had a serious accident, wearing high heels mignt be part of the evidence.
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