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  2. Gutted

    Others wear heels to ease lower back complaints. And many wear them just because they happen to like a particular style. I happen like suede knee and otk boots - and although my suede boots are essentially flat (standard 1-inch heels) they still fall outside the norm for male footwear. But I like them for aesthetic/fashion reasons not because of any fetish.
  3. Gutted

    This concept that if a male is wearing high heels then it is fetish or he "lost a bet" is something I have to confront daily. Especially from women, and even more so if they can't wear heels, jealousy I think. That's why my heels need to fit first, as a women told me years ago "Life is too short for heels that hurt." Then they need to look good. I hear "I love your heels" everyday. I want women to envy my shoes, so I wear a different pair of heels every day, I can go over 10 weeks before repeating. I know they envy the height. But to me this is not a fetish...I HAVE TO wear heels or take pain killers, so I might as well have fun doing it, and do it with confidence. Wearing high heels has changed my life.
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  5. Word Association Game

  6. Word Association Game

  7. cowboy boots

    Let's see for how long I can stay away from those pups I just found at eBay
  8. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Nicely done, @JeffB for the big 400! (though I secretly was hoping to see heels for the occasion!)
  9. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Simply stunning, especially the last pic. You are totally killing it with the striped dress. The cut and length suit you. Make the most of the warmth before it's tights and boots weather again. Looking forward to your next jaunt
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    That, and breaking them in.
  11. Some portfolios can tolerate the risk associated with Crypto and do so comfortably. Absolute certainty doesn't come with any investment. When it comes to risk, people deal with it on an emotional level, and really deal mostly with the potential for loss. "Diversifying across the spectrum of risks — particularly pursuing investments that face different conditions so that their success or failure is not all tied to the same market characteristics — is widely considered the best way to build a portfolio that can be depended on over time, because it ensures that no one risk will turn into the problem that kills a portfolio." MarketWatch. The value of Crypto only as a currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum also overlooks the many other values the underlying blockchain technology can bring.
  12. The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    Nope, not even that much.
  13. The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    not at all - not even unmentionables?
  14. The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    Other than experimenting with outfits to wear on jaunts for an hour or so on certain days when the mood strikes, nope.
  15. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Nope, no change in foot size. At least none I could tell. I don't mind, really. As for my regimen, I hit the gym two times a week, sometimes three, depending on my mood, and, more importantly, I watch what I eat, cutting out junk food and eating healthier fare. You have to dedicate yourself in order to make it work, and I've done just that. Meanwhile.... * * * * * * * * * * Jaunt #400, 9/23/2017: I certainly do enjoy momentous occasions when it comes to my adventures in freestyling, and this is one. On my very first jaunt on this thread in October 2008, I wore high heeled pumps under long jeans at the King of Prussia Mall, 399 outings later, I openly wore a dress at KOP. After eleven outings to the huge mall in skirts of varying lengths (but, oddly enough, no heels, but that's coming), I decided to try my luck on my 400th adventure in a black and white striped dress from Old Navy, the Payless “Geneva” loafers and a black satchel bag. As is my wont, I was a tad nervous at first, mainly because I was venturing into the unknown, with no idea what to expect or what sot of reactions I might get, be they good or bad. After arriving at the mall garage, I needed a few minutes to gather myself before I left the car and entered that aforementioned unknown, and do you know what I experienced? Yup, you guessed it, absolutely nothing. It was about eleven a.m. when I entered the mall, not much of a crowd, and nary a soul looked my way as I strolled past, something I'll admit left me mildly surprised as I went to the comic book shop where one of the guys who worked there nearly blurted out a rave review of the Kingsman sequel he watched Friday night, but I asked him not to reveal anything since I hadn't seen it, he grinned and said “My bad”. My next stop was to Modell’s sporting goods where I bought some sweatpants I would need for my trips to the gym once the weather turns cooler, then it was off to the always crowded food court for lunch where I had a chicken club sandwich and a bottle of water from Chick-Fil-A, and it was pretty tasty. Next came a slow stroll to the other end of the mall and Old Navy where I found a nice, long sleeved swing dress in burgundy that was on sale from thirty bucks down to twenty-four. It should be noted that on my last several trips to stores like Old Navy, Sears and JCPenney, I looked exclusively to buy dresses as I've gotten into wearing them more frequently, and why not? Dresses look good on me, and, more importantly, I feel good when I wear them. Does that mean I've undergone another paradigm shift in my evolution as a freestyler where instead of all skirts all the time, it'll soon be all dresses? Maybe, maybe not, but there's no rush to find out, I'm just going to enjoy the trip and see where the road takes me. After returning to the main area of the mall, I stopped to sit and chill near a most impressive looking fountain, then I did something I had never, ever done before....I asked a complete stranger to take my picture. With the fountain as a backdrop, I got an employee from the nearby Microsoft Store to snap my picture on my iPhone, and it turned out pretty good which you can see below. I figured that for my 400th jaunt, it would be a good thing for it to be a special occasion, thus the outdoor (well, outdoor from my place) photo as a memento. Once again, an unremarkable outing made remarkable by having worn a dress in the largest mall on the east coast with so much as a raised eyebrow from the people in attendance. More to come, including....THE NUMBERS!!
  16. Gutted

    What defines it as a fetish? whether its a sexual thing? Sure, its a turn on, but its just also plainly because we enjoy it and like the look.
  17. Gutted

    Interesting ! For me it has been at first a fetish. And then it became my favorite way to dress. Now both go together.
  18. I'm sure that flat OTK's would have been more acceptable
  19. Any Recommendations For Skinny Jeans?

    Would love to see some snaps, @bluejay That's such a good point!!
  20. Her mom's video was pretty good!
  21. Any Recommendations For Skinny Jeans?

    Would love to hear too
  22. The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    @JeffB- that's a great attitude and I applaud you for being so upfront and proud about it. As you say, not everyone is in the same situation, and certainly not everyone looks as good as you do If I understand correctly, you don't dress like this ALL this time - its just for occasional excursions, correct? When at home, do you wear anything fem?
  23. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    wow - that's impressive! What has your regimen being? I could lose a few too... I guess the improved figure could do with some more shopping has your shoe size been effected at all? My wife has put on a lot of weight over the last period, and it seems her feet have grown!
  24. Collection and pics from down under

    Love the booties, @Sydheel - they look great on you! Cant wait to see the other pair too
  25. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    I think that's the whole idea
  26. Gutted

    I really can’t understand why so many people, especially members of this forum, automatically assume that any guy who likes to wear heels must be doing so for fetish reasons, or that any man who likes heels must have a fetish for them. Is it really so far beyond the realm of imaginative possibility that a guy could simply like heels for their style and fashion’s sake, just as a woman does? Nor is describing your liking of heels as a fetish to your partner likely to help you achieve your goal of acceptance - unless of course it genuinely is a fetish and you are being candid, but that is a different sort of conversation altogether. No doubt there are members of this forum whose liking of heels is indeed founded in fetish, and fair enough, if that is what floats their boat. But it is a very big, and usually incorrect, assumption to make that it must be a fetish. I would say that the majority here, and possibly even the vast majority, like wearing heels and boots as fashion items, and simply that.
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