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  2. Thanks! Sadly no there hasnt been any change on her opinion of me in heels. I'm still trying to find a good way to explain/show her that they are just shoes and no one cares that I'm wearing them. Its not like she doesnt love heels herself she probably has 50 pairs. Most of which are 4" or higher. Maybe someday I'll find a way to change her mind or atleast find a way for her to tolerate it.
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  4. mlroseplant : Your coworker may not have been complimenting you . He/she may have thought you are a little lite in the loffers. Just saying, be aware. Mike
  5. I did as I said I would do, and now I remember why I quit wearing my wedge sneakers, which are Nike brand. Don't judge me, I bought them years ago, and I think they were used! Anyways, they are of course high top sneakers, to accommodate the wedge, so they don't really work well with the pants I normally wear, they're a pain in the neck to get on and off, and frankly. . . they're not high heels. They're not! I put a tape measure to them, and, due to the design, it's difficult to get a truly accurate measurement, but they're 2-and-something inches effective steepness. They're not high heels. I don't get my high heel feeling out of them. They're flats that are really hard to get on and off. So why not wear regular tennis shoes when I need to wear tennis shoes? My present recollection has been refreshed. I don't hate them, but I will certainly never purchase a new pair.
  6. This is the exact reason I do not wear, will not wear, new shoes to my favored grocery store until I've done some reconnaissance, stilettos or not. The polished tile there is the ultimate test of slippery heels! If money were no object, I would replace all of my new heels with Vibram or some such hard rubber before I ever wore the shoes outside. Some shoes come with this OEM, but not many.
  7. I got another compliment a few days ago, but this one was a little more subtle, because it was at work, and I was not wearing heels. So it was like, a million degrees below zero that morning, and we all stumbled into the building to begin our work day, in a numbed state, and this one fellow says to me, "Have you got any joint problems at your age?" I replied to him, "Not really, but my right hip has been giving me a bit of trouble lately. It feels pretty good today, however!" I had no idea where this was going, but then he said, "Man, you walk good! You don't even walk. You just gliiiiiiiide!" He is from Louisiana. You have to imagine the accent. Many things went through my mind at this moment, but I simply said, "Well, I guess it's just practice." Before that answer could be questioned, somebody else interrupted our conversation with a morning greeting, thank goodness! As y'all know, I do not go out of my way to hide my heeling, but I also do not mention it at work. This compliment caught me off guard.
  8. Great look there!!! Hows the girlfriend these days? Has she learnt tolerance of you in heels yet?
  9. Today was a nice sunny day and I had a few errands to run so I wore my aldo booties and had some fun enjoying my shadows. These are a few screenshots from a video I took!
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  11. I’m getting my courage together, I’m planning on two outings this coming week, one to the centre of town and one to IKEA. Probably in my Naturalizer boots as they will be easier to walk in them.
  12. You are right, only 3.75 inch difference, which is the lowest end, but on a rainy day these are keep me from slipping. I'm not particularly happy with that uneasy feeling you get when your stilettoes start to slip on the wet polished floor.
  13. Given the obvious platform and the apparent heel height, you are not getting your required 4"+ rise with these, surely?
  14. Went into my local small shoe boutique today. They have been have troubles getting heels in, delays, delays. They even started to sell some clothes because they couldn't get their shoe orders. Today when I entered the manager came right over and showed me that they finally got in some heels. What they had in my 4 inch ranged was the Soda Agenda in black. I have the burgundy version (see below) and I decided to get the black too. These Agendas are easy to walk in and great for the winter and wet. She complimented me on my Christmas pedicure - a dark red with stripes in gold glitter. She then bought over some new Madden stiletto sandals they also got. When she tried them on earlier she didn't have the pedicure you need to have to go with them, like mine. LOL We talked about what they should be getting in during the next month and what I am looking for next - replace my high heel sandals.
  15. I don't know who Mr Bryan is, other than from a passing exposé about a guy in another country who wears heels and dresses in public. I admire that, but I don't follow the guy, or anyone else for that matter. I do like the fact that he, like me, wears gals shoes in public on a regular basis. Something I have done since I was a teen. Mr Bryan is younger than me, so maybe he is following me? Something to think about. Smile... sf
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