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  2. yup... flip flops, flip flops and more flip flops.... oh, and slippers
  3. Thanks @Cali - i appreciate the effort in dedicating the pics. Wedges, as you know, are one of my fave styles! I liked the boots you pictured as well. Thats a nice comfy looking style, and the straps add some interest.
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  5. Yeah, this pretty much sums things up. Might find a few older women with a boot with maybe a 2" heel, but the younger ladies are all about flipflops and sneakers.
  6. Seeing as how the DSW stores in my area have stopped carrying size 11, I'll have no chance to try on her stuff in store.
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  8. Try walking on cobblestones in Brussels. That’s a real challenge. also a good way to ruin an expensive pair of pumps.
  9. When I was in my teenage years and twenty’s, the higher the heels the better I liked them. 5” heels were my normal hight with 6” heels a close second. I even tried 7” heels but found them to be very difficult and tiring. Back in my teenage years, I had a couple of pair of platform sandals with 6” heels and 2” platforms. I wore them out one evening and badly sprained my ankle when my foot rolled over when I stepped on a rock. It was hard to walk in normal boys shoes, not to mention high heels, for several weeks. I swore off of platform shoes and haven’t owned a pair since. Anyone that wea
  10. so much for high heeled sandals this year! at least in and where i live. we had all of saturday to enjoy the outdoors, which we did, but sunday the snow arrived and didn't stop until midnight! i will admit it did feel kind of weird walking around out there on Saturday in my sexy 6 inch heel Sherbert sandals in black, my fave and go to sandals when we're out and about in some weird places (uneven sidewalks, etc.). it was cool, boot wearing season is truly underway. in the evening we had a chance to air out the idea of "why?". ha! i enjoyed that conversation. my thing has alway
  11. Cali

    Cali World

    I'm looking at different jeans with these calf length boots from Madden Girl, about 6 years old. I have worn out a brown pair and have this black pair and another NEW brown pair. Before I started to unhide my heels with skinny jeans I used to most wear them with boot cut long jeans. These black jeans are size 8 and reveal about 2 inches. I have others with a 34 inseam that reveal almost nothing. (I know its fuzz, that's the black on black effect.) Wore these to the farmers market yesterday. Now here's the same pair with my Levi's 311 with a 30 inch inseam. The ankle is tight on t
  12. I have a pair from years ago. Before the alliance with DSW. They are good quality and comfortable. I have yet to try on any of the DSW flavors yet. I may get near a DSW in the next month or so - -
  13. Heels ???? Never see them anymore. Went to the Grocery store yesterday. 40Degrees F and we had women in Pajama pants, flip flops, and slippers - - - Yes, fuzzy slippers.
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  15. So uh, howdy there folks! Somebody mentioned in another thread about lifting heavy objects in heels. This triggered a memory from several months ago, involving lifting a heavy object. My wife sells egg rolls at the local farmer's market, and she has become fairly successful in this endeavor, to the point where our cheap Chinese meat grinder had failed catastrophically from constant use. To replace it, my wife found this ancient Hobart meat grinder for sale, I think it was made in the 1940s, but it still grinds the heck out of meat. It suits our needs perfectly, without having cost us th
  16. It's about getting attention from those that you like. Heels short skirts, leggings do just that. All comes to the confidence woman have with their bodies. If females feel comfortable and get many eyes on the lean legs they enjoy the attention it brings. Wearing flats maybe more comfortable but if gal wants to make herself stand out from the crowd heels are the go to gold standard. Depending on the heels they are wearing also amount of attention they willing to encompass from their peers.
  17. I agree....sure-fire way to sprain an ankle or break something
  18. Hello spikesmike. I am your old fan. You own my dream colections of high heels and boots.

  19. The lady supervisor of circuit board assembly wears very high heels often (usually over 4"). The other day I heard the sound in the hall (yes I had to peek) and she had platform heels over 5", maybe 5.5". The HR manager also wears high heels, though not as high as this lady does. This company does not allow athletic shoes in office portion except on Friday.
  20. There is a similar beach in Wisconsin, I can't remember exactly where, but I walked on that stuff in athletic shoes and it was very difficult. Would be virtually impossible in heels!
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