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    My calves come in at 15+ inches, they use to be larger around 17 inches. When I injured my calf I had a 28+ inch circumference calf for a month. What shoe manufactures label as the Shaft circumference is the smallest circumference which occurs at your ankle. On these boots, at the top, the shaft opens to 16 inches.
  3. It's funny how they recycle names. I have a pair of NW oxfords from 10 years ago called "Sizzle." They have been, to date, my most durable shoes, even if they have a dumb name.
  4. I don't see how this could possibly be right. As you can see below, my calves are bigger than that. I realize there's nothing in the photo for context other than the tape measure, but you know from many other photos that I don't have anything even approaching big calves.
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  6. Is that the Sizzle? I need the full zipper to get my feet in. My ankles have a large girth, so making them bend in half zippers boots just doesn't work. It too much work to get the heels on and then a lot more to get them off. You have no self control, I have even less. I just hoping to be more selective.
  7. @Cali I like half zippered thigh boots because my thighs rub against each other. TMI? To a lesser extent, my knees too. p.s. I pulled the trigger on the Nine West cherry patent OTKs. *buries my head in shame* I have no self control.
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    I got these last year (Nov. 2020) on a black Friday special from Macy's. Liked them so much that I got a pair in Wine (dark red). They are snug (not tight) on my calves, but I have large calves.  Heel height - 4.33"  Shaft height - 15.36"  Shaft circumference - 12.6"  Shoe width - Medium  Zipper closure  Round toe  Leather  Spot Clean  Imported ======== The unicorns must have come out from hiding. Saw at least 5 women in Costco in 3.5 plus inch boots over the weekend. The most at one time since forever. Today at my doctor office a women came in with 5+ inch heels (3/4 inch platform) OTK boots. I did get a chance to talk to her, but as we pass each other (me going out and her going, I told I liked her boots. She responded that she liked my boots as well. The down side, the doctor had crocs on. UGH!!!!
  9. They are easy to walk in. now at a pub having breakfast in my heels. doing some serious hour building. I’m gonna ask my mate to video my walk back from breakfast to the car. Should be up in a couple of hours. Here are more videos http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid1.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid2.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid3.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid4.mp4 http://www.pineway.co.uk/vid5.mp4
  10. I think more of us need to take video. Very, very few have, and I'm among the many. The walk is not bad, not bad at all!
  11. How does the Kimy fit around the calf? I don’t think I’ve seen that style before
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  13. Yeah buddy, you handle those heels like they were nike AF1s!
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