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  2. I think you're on the right track and it extends beyond right wingers - guess it's time to move on. I have been in that group as long as I have been at HHP, and it is very well known that some of the members live and work near me - this is basically cowboy boot country. But in the entire time no one has expressed any desire to meet or develop any kind of friendship. Guess I wasn't good enough for them. On the other hand, the HHP community is spread across the entire world, and yet I have managed to meet two people here in person.
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  5. Its a shame that you feel the need to leave so soon but as everybody has pointed out, the door is open anytime and I hope at least you have made a few friends along the way.
  6. ????, not aware of this group your talking about. Cowboy boots? Too right wing possibly to accept your fancy boots? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  7. I'm baffled - have I already pushed it too far with this pair of boots? I posted these 2 pictures up on a Custom Cowboy Boots group that I had enjoyed, and I was mysteriously kicked out of the group with absolutely no explanation. Crazy times we are in.
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    My outings...

    My nail artist just moved back to her home town, but their shop was moving location before the pandemic and is not open yet. I had planned on a red, white, and blue zebra stripes on black nails design. Now I need to find another nail artist as skilled as the last one.
  9. Beautiful color combination
  10. Yeah they're hard to find! And they run small to
  11. Heh, that was my original intent, but my manicurist said everyone was doing that this week, & I'm far from being a conformist!
  12. Had to take a quick picture of the new custom boots that were finished and picked up today. The heels aren’t quite 4” but I think they make a bit of a statement beyond what men usually wear:
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