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  2. Good idea. I have a boxes of heel tips and a proper tool to pull the old ones, saves a lot of $'s and time. Like the toe tap idea.
  3. Those Pleaser boots are amazing, they sure look great and must feel so nice
  4. Those boots are fun, but I liked the Wittner suede boots a lot better. I have a pair that are that tall but I haven't worn them out and about. I have a pair similar to the Wittner suede boots that I wear whenever I want a fancy look.
  5. I have had a toe plate (tap) attached to most of my boots to prevent that wear. The first trip to the cobbler is heel tip and toe plate.
  6. I routinely replace heel taps just as the nail is exposed. This makes the toe tip the primary wear spot that ultimately kills my heels. Long pointy toed heels are short lived compared to almond shaped toes.
  7. That makes sense. My boots are low-heeled, I knew exactly the sort of thing I wanted and - at least at the time! - I could afford it! It will be worth it later, though.
  8. Hello went into a shop today and dound they sell pleaser boots. Tried on a size 10 pair that went all the way up. The tops were touching each other
  9. Puffer, you are right on assuming that I ment US 12/13 women's sizing. However as I stated previously I will more likely use the cm length of size from each company/brand as it's the easiest way to ensure the right fit for the type of shoe. Thanks you anyway for the info as I'm sure it helps others out I can understanding buying very good well made shoes, however for me as I'm still getting into heels and determining what types suit as well as money being limited atm, I am buying cheaper nice heels so later on I know when I can spend the money on good ones I will know what I want.
  10. Interesting shoe-size/height comparisons just discussed! BFG is lucky (in terms of footwear availability) to have feet that are quite small for his height. Can I remind everyone that, especially when commenting on size comparisons, it is important to 'speak the same language'. Remember that UK sizes are unisex and usually (but not univerally) one size smaller in number than equivalent-sized US men's footwear and three sizes smaller in number than US women's. So, my UK11(or Eu45) = USM12 = USW14. Using the 'USM' and 'USW' prefixes avoids confusion. I'm assuming that BFG is USW12/13 and Stoney is USW14.
  11. I'm short, 5'10", but with 5-6" heels I'm 6'3"+, I know I get looked at more than when I 'm in running shoes.
  12. Likewise, I am about 6' and wear a US men's 13-14 I am not so much into heels but like knee and otk boots. Not so easy to find in those sizes outside of fetish shops. Rather than buy lots of inexpensive ones which would probably not be my 'thing' anyway, I have a couple pair of nice custom made suede knee and otk boots. Not cheap, obviously, but a treat and what's more they fit beautifully and look classy.
  13. Thank you Puffer! Im glad that my story and experience is helping not just u but others on this forum. My shoe size does vary for from maker to maker... My foot length is 28cm so for boots I try to go as close to that as possible but when I get pumps, etc I go smaller (e.g. 27.5 cm) cuz they stretch out and shape better. My shoe size is US 12/13, again I go off length rather then actual size. Hi Stoney3057 Haha thanks but my feet aren't that big . US 12/13 ( I go off foot length more then size). My boots and pumps (which go to a 6 inch stiletto heel) I get from two place currently they are (got the boots from there and some pumps) and (Australian site that has lots of heels for everyone and lots of sizes so please have a look there). I can post a pic of my other shoes if anyone is interested. THB those boots are my smallest ones I have so far and I do have 6 inch pumps so yeah wearing heels makes me stand out more then most (up to 6'10"), but once I get confidence and maybe a gf that supports it then I might walk more freely outside in any size heel. Luckily my sister is 6' so we both stand out a bit more then usual. I do have my sights on some female clothes that might fit me better and match my heels (jeggings, jeans, shirts.. but just looking currently). I am still looking for other boots (ankle and knee) in my size
  14. Kings Cross
  15. That 3.8 will go a long ways! My neighbor bought a used Pontiac with the 3.8, with 175,000 miles on it with a bad transmission. He bought a used tranny out of a wrecking yard and drove the car for another 100,000 miles and sold it to a friend. It is still running down the road, but the body is in bad shape. Seems to me it has 375,000 miles on it now and minimal repairs have been done considering the miles. I know the intake has been changes, along with the coolant elbow, plus timing chain and gears were replaced to at some point. My neighbor is pretty handy so he did the repairs himself, probably wearing tennis shoes!
  16. I get about 15 months from a pair of running shoes/walking shoes and then they are just too worn out. But it's not about wearing out the sole, but wearing out the shoe. I hope to get many miles from my Freebird boots and since they are leather, they can be resoled. What I am talking about are fashion heels, like a pair of <$40 heels.
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  23. Sadly TBG, you were not correct. There was a reason you could see them, then couldnt, but it was not due to any faults with the website, it was simply coincidental timing of events. Try not to assume everything is faulty software, and that you are not the only person using this website.
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  25. BFGheels I am 6'1" and wear size 14, so you have to be at least a size 14. If so where do you find boots that will fit? Cause I am having a hard time finding any in my size.
  26. Agape
  27. Well done, BFG! I have a pair of knee-length boots with a very similar heel of 3.5" (and no platform) which I have worn out under boot-cut jeans a few times, without obvious problems. The slim heels are scarcely masculine, and neither really is long boots-over-jeans, but I am encouraged by your outing to be more adventurous with mine! What is your usual boot/shoes size? I assume a large size, given your height. (I am 6' 1.5" and a UK 11 or 12.)
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