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  2. Like the silhouette but I couldn't take the bow, sorry
  3. i definitely know a thing or two about wearing an outfit that leaves nothing to the imagination! said outfit is a million times more interesting with some 6 inch heels! (and long hair helps!) oh yes: i hope to drive down that way and see it for myself!
  4. These shoes seem to be well balanced. Maybe one of the reasons why they are easy to walk
  5. This was one of those times when I was innocently browsing ebay and happened to run across something that struck my fancy, and I said to myself, "Yeah, I'm probably going to have to have those." As I have become more financially stable over the years, this sort of thing happens a lot more often. Just a few short years ago, I wouldn't have even clicked on these because of their expense ($109 plus shipping), but as you people know, I have sort of a weakness for this wooden heeled style. I'm not really crazy about the bows, but it's impossible to remove them without completely destroying the vamp
  6. This one's been around a while, in different iterations. I don't like it because it covers up the back of the foot, and why would you ever want to do that? Haha. Do you like THIS version of those heels rather better? Why? Compare and contrast. This is my niece, by the way, from several years ago. Feel free to criticize her as you see fit. I know I do! To continue in that theme, there is nothing new under the sun. The age of individuality never existed. Those who are innovators are generally lonesome. You oughta know that, being as you're one of us!
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  8. Heard mentality! The age of individuality is over. Blessed be those that follow the crowd for they will inherit the heard’s shallowness!
  9. I agree with you on that one. Big difference between "could still" and just don't bother. I was on vacation last week and stopped in the town where Western Kentucky University is located. We went out for dinner Sunday evening and when we came out, there was a group of 20 or so young ladies waiting to get in to the restaurant. I guessed that it was some kind of sorority get together as it was graduation weekend in town. All of the girls were nicely dressed, mostly in dresses. But of course what I noticed was their footwear. I would say maybe a third of them were wearing flip flops
  10. MinP, what are the heel heights on most?
  11. If i remember correctly (i wouldn´t bet on that) they were from Gianrico Mori via eBay. 🤔
  12. IsoIathor & Helen : Where does one get fuzzy high heels ? Strange. I thought these people were different .(Years ago My wife and I met a couple who would spray paint their high heel shoes and boots to have different colors .) To each there own . Mike
  13. I guess I never even noticed this post, what..., 2 years ago? I promise I will contribute just as soon as I am able, and the clouds cooperate. Or perhaps I can use the streetlamps if necessary. However, even in our small town we've gotten rid of the high pressure sodium lamps in favor of LEDs. I do kind of miss the yellowish, crappy light of high pressure sodium, though. Plus, they didn't blind you when you looked up at them. No technology is perfect.
  14. Well, my wife had furry heels too, and i liked them a lot. Unfortunately they were too small and are now living with a guy who has smaller feet than my wife.
  15. When she is in the mood she will even do her Zumba workout in heels .....
  16. Will lighting by a sodium vapor lamp do?
  17. Last week
  18. Since I have an extremely high arches and a huge toe box, the height of the heel is not the determining factor. It's how my toes fit in. I have a few pairs I would call shortrange, my 4 inch Victoria's Secret stilettos are shortrange. Most of my heels need to be longrange. Pre-pandemic, I would zip on my heels at 7 am and wear them until 8 or later pm.
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