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  1. https://www.lofficiel.com/hommes/paul-smith Not about heels, but interesting.
  2. Gudulitooo

    Cali World

    Why not set blog rules for posters (so that your posts are well identified e.g. by a specific font not allowed for others)?
  3. Gudulitooo

    Show us your most masculine heels

    @Pierre1961 I said this mainly because of this woman I remember in a clothing store. She was wearing this kind of outifit with white tights jeans pants and a trench coat, and I said, wow she could be a man she wears that outfit so manly. I tried googling "masculine heels" but got only outfits in womens fashion. The most relevant results were with more precise words such as "male/masculine/mens stilettos/pumps/wedges/boots etc. But, yeah, this thread is refreshing
  4. Well I have read this thread as a potential investor, and not as a wearer or customer.
  5. Gudulitooo

    Show us your most masculine heels

    Dear @Pierre1961 I think you can achieve masculine without having the heels to be chunky. It all depends on the outfit and the wearer's attitude. Your outfit on the picture is OK so it is up to you regarding the attitude....
  6. Gudulitooo

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I suppose you could pair this outfit with almond/pointy toes black 3 to 4" stiletto heels pumps as well, it will be as manly and more powerful.
  7. Gudulitooo

    Reason for wearing heels??

    So Macky if I understood well, the reason you loved heels is : because the block heels you experienced as a kid were so well suited to kick the ass of the annoying others. This is the most original reason ever registered here I think !
  8. Hi Puffer, Seeing men in heels in the real world means, unfortunately, heels marketed to men by shoe stores, magazines, TV shows, runways, VPC catalogues, in addition to by the guys of this board. I mean, yeah, in spite of the recent studies finding that Gen Z and Millenials men are slightly chosing their attire regardless of to whom it is marketed (that was for KH), humans are still behaving like sheeps. Even the tough alpha males have "followed" another one. That means the shoe store owner invests in a pallet of heels in mens sizes, AND he has a good idea on how many are actually going to be sold. Shoe retails are big companies in the real world. The store manager does not choose, he/she receives automatically the shoes, and only have to present them. Sales managers choose the models. They go to shoe trade fairs, they meet the suppliers sales officers, they sometimes attend conferences on fair trade and environment. And they look at charts, power point presentations with bullet points keywords etc. They invest a lot, and sell shoes at 100$ In the fairy world, shoe retails are small companies, such as Cross Swords for example. Owners are good willing people that bet on their intuition. And they sell the same shoes at 500$. Welcome to the real world. G.
  9. Tech, I don't get it. As far as he is not breaking the rules, on which ground would you want to control what a member writes in the thread he created ? And how can the other members be bothered by what is writen there ? Don't they read it willingly ? G.
  10. Only Kneehighs could properly explain why it only seems that it is virtual self expression. I am grasping the idea at a very early stage. I could have said "specifically targeted self expression" (to the followers). Something that is possible online (though some bystanders may lurk) as well as during private events that you or I are not invited to.
  11. What Shyheels misses is that today, for younger people, posting a selfie is equivalent to go out in public and having your friends, familly, employer, agent, hairdresser, ennemies, in-laws, be aware of it. A post in the social media has a much greater impact on the poster's life that anything a guy like me ever posted under the cover of a pseudo. What Kneehighs misses, as HiH stressed, is that it seems that after expressing themselves on the social media, these guys are satisfied and can live back to regular boring formal globally accepted day to day attire. Virtual self expression seems enough while standardized attire will do for real life. Do you think this could explain why Shyheels experiences a lack of men wearing heels on his radar? Another concern raised by Cali is the quick and wide spread of heels for men in the 70's, whose speed is absolutely not matched by the sluggish present trend. Do you think it will keep on lurking instead of coming out ?
  12. To me the problem in the financial system is that too many possibilities are allowed. Period. E.g. the fact that the authority entity decides to close its eyes for 3 days, entirely relying on the participants. It is like the police decided to stop registering conflicts 3 days before the elections, or the worl cup soccer final, or whatever event, and left the individual kill themselves freely during this period, and let them do the justice themselves. I mean, either they allow the activity and keep watching, or they stop controlling, but also freeze all activity. The article below explained it the best to me. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-02-17/dole-food-had-too-many-shares
  13. I say HappyinHeels speaks the truth. Nethertheless MackyHeels may not be prepared for it yet, as it is harder to hear than keep his business as usual. You can compare it with smoking. Some persons can only keep on with it. Among them some will eternally regret their cowardice, and others will accept their fate and won't complain on web forums.
  14. Gudulitooo

    A phenomena at eBay...

    how do you know ? I know a company that sells so called french made articles, but in fact buys a large part of it from Asia. The customers never knew because the final operations are made in France (e.g. packaging). New rules were inforced a few years ago to be able to put the label (made in France). But still industrial find workarounds to be able to buy in Asia (with more intermediate companies), with mostly the design, or only choice of material, made here. So you can't really be sure of what pollution went out of the factory.
  15. Gudulitooo

    A phenomena at eBay...

    If you buy from high ranking brands, the prices are high AND the items, or part (99%) of them, are produced in China all the same. I bought a shirt at 79 € in a french outlet, thinking "at this price it comes from eastern Europe or closer ", on the contrary to the ones at 9,90 €. Lost. Made in Bengladesh either one.

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