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  1. Lesson one: long pants only make heels more obvious, because they guide the eye to your feet. Lesson two: he could have decided to prevent you from entering the store, or to reject you. Instead he shook your hand. No lesson here. The question the store people all have in mind is: are these ladies, that constitute the bulk of their sales, and that saw them let you enter the store, still going to feel comfortable with the place ? They surely already experienced the visit of trans women or crossdressers (that may have more or less success in "passing"), and surely even have a formation on how to react. But your visit is different. Are you, as a fashion conscious alpha male, a sign that a new kind of customers is going to improve their sales in the near future ? As they do not have enough experience with this new kind of customer, they observe. The impact of a single visit of yours on their sales is not going to be noticeable, so they will only report it. When they experience more visit like yours, they can establish a policy.
  2. So true. @HighHeel2 Telling her is only seeking your own salvation. Anyway, this quest - improving your own life - should be pursued, even by gentlemen.
  3. Wait wait. For me it could have been "City hunter".
  4. Yes I too ! I am just LOL when reading your comment and amused to have started such a mess ! Well when I said "the shoes deserve a better background", it is mainly because I have trouble connecting the pictures you posted before and this, well, functional, pipework. I mean, not only the shoes deserve a nice background ! Regarding photography art, I would say otherwise: at least by no way this background can steal the show :-) ... wait, does it ? Regarding avoiding the wife from telling this is too much time spent for a pair of shoe, well again, the pictures are brilliant !
  5. Well, apart from providing a decent background for the shoes, I am sure a nicer environment can also improve your well being !
  6. All these are nice but probably deserve a better background !
  7. Thank you for the kind comments. The heels are very wearable (3"), and they are completely silent and shock absorbing. The downside is that the somewhat elastomeric material of the heel will not keep its shape for years, compared to heels made of wooden materials, yet hollow and noisy, .
  8. My most recently added wedge boots. Very simple and effective. I like how they look on me. Please don't notice my shirt getting out on the second picture!
  9. Hum, I was definetely looking at what was wrong with this wording but I kept missing the point ! Thank you so much to be so openly cristal clear about it. Also if I understand good, "I am 35 years old" in english means "I was born 35 years ago", and not "I am old at 35". A french speaking guy would say "I have 35 years", and thus, once lost in translation, "people having 35 years and more", or more seldom "old people having 35 years and up". However, gentlemen are not lost in translation.
  10. Well Jim's question Why round closed toe pumps are almost only worn by old women with 35 years and up instead of younger women? is mainly an assumption that should be scientifically proven first before we open a debate on why it should be so. A simple answer may be because fashion evolves. Round closed toe pumps have been in fashion cyclically. People that took the last wave were used to wearing these shoes. Younger people that were not aware of the former cycle may be surprised to rediscover this.
  11. Just trolling. Don't mind this post ! Of course the ladies don't work in the machine shop. Good Men let their wives bring the kids to McD. Of course. Apart from hot women, only hot moms wear stilettos. Excellent ! Yes and if you are not so attractive, please don't wear heels. It will help spotting the attractive ones. Good point. The cherry on the cake. Ah the good old time when women could not vote.
  12. The place looks chic. While they surely host familly events, they also know about entertaining adults (bar, danse etc.) without shoking the youngest. To me Adam's attire (on the picture) is too much provocative, even worn by a girl, for attending the bar before 23:00.
  13. I never thought about custom made shoes. You can google "bottier femme" to get more choices.
  14. I think you have to raise the level of the rest of your outfit to match the shoes. Or was it to have them stand even more out ?
  15. I suggest both of you have your wives talk together. That could resolve the problem for both. On any topic (kids, familly, clothes, car, furniture, holidays, health), when I propose something new to my wife, she would be half (or lower) convinced. It can take months without agreement (or disagrement) on her side. Then suddenly she would accidentally meet a friend / her cousin / an unknown other woman at the hair dresser / (in fact anybody) suggesting her something regarding this same topic (of course reaching the same conclusion). Then she will be 2 /3 third convinced. Best