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  1. I thought it was a joke: with the words "Escrow" and Kedar "Iyer" in the same text. Escrow ressembles "escroc" in french (crook)
  2. I read a series of articles in "Science & Vie" magazine (french) (or was it "La rercherche" I can't remember?) about blockchain. There was one paragraph or two about the problems, I will try to sum it up here: 1) downloading the whole blockchain and having it updated takes time and memory, you can't do it on a smartphone that easily. So in practice only fragments of the blockchain will be available for decision making, thus leaving room for trichery. 2) Mining one transaction requires time. Not because the mining process is long, but conserversely the mining process is intended to be long enough so that a number of transactions happen after yours so that they can be agglomerated in one block. The issue is the time is currently around 20 minutes, and you are not waiting that long at the supermarket nor at the ATM. The Visa network is able to compute 10 000 operations while the bitcoin networks does only one. 3) new blockchains (eg for another app) show a weak period at their beginning because the number of computers that check the transactions is sufficiently small so that an organisation can take the control of a large enough proportion of them to alter the results. 4) you need a website client to connect to the blockchain. This client is a weak point that could be hacked and recorded by thefts. There was also a few other issues. I suppose issue #2 reported here is a non issue. With more and more transactions, the time to wait for new transactions before agglomeration of the block will be drastically reduced, while someone may come up with a solution that allows to skip the agglomeration into blocks. Conversely, issue #3 is to me much more important than only at the beginning of new blockchain. It is supposed that the thief organisation has limited computational capability. Underestimating your enemy is a very bad idea. I am sure that the hackers will find a cascading way to convert the checking computers one after another to their tainted goal. The environmental issue of the mining process requiring energy is really not an issue to me. First, the purpose of mining is to slow down the computer, so that other solutions than occupying the processors can be figured out. Second, you could imagine that these processing capabilities are made available to scientists (or to Google) so that their -not so confidential of course but intensive- calculations can be processed by the miners. Finally, if you think of a bank using the blockchain as an internal and completely private way of securing theirs transactions - eg between the agencies and the central data centers - then it is not so ankward at all. There are other applications too. So that if I had money, I would invest in technology providing companies. Not so much in user companies (like bitcoin), because many problems are still to overcome. My 2 cents.
  3. This was temporary seemingly
  4. sorry I posted this twice. But the article kind of disappeared now.
  5. A nice article http://www.konbini.com/us/lifestyle/john-benge-man-in-heels-fashion-gender-fluidity/ refering also to this one http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/30/i-dont-need-vogues-permission-to-wear-stilettos-men-in-heels-is-and-has-always-been-ok-6878051/
  6. When you have doubts something may be strange, try to see who is going to immediately benefit from this. This message tells (OK bitcoin is not the only blockchain), but nevertheless, it tells : "look, folks, my new product is going to be used by [insert here a well known and financially sound potential user], it is time to invest massively in my company". And what it implies, is: "and the minute after you invest, I take my interests back and jump in the first plane to [insert here a place with a lot of sun]"
  7. While Blockchain technology looks nice, it certainly has flaws and work arounds that will be discovered soon or later by people as skilled as the inventors. The more complex the technology is though, the more complex it will be to address these flaws. For exemple, something I just can't understand is the faith in the fact that only a definite number of bitcoins can be created. Rules are made to be broken. Also the fact that it requires more and more computer power to create more bitcoins. Why would it require computer power to create a money with the prupose of exchange in the first place ? All these people having faith in it as it was brought by some kind of new prophete, while most of this people hardly understand half of it from the obscure explanations in the media. All these elements ring many bells in my mind.
  8. To me Cosmos targets people that will "buy at a glance" (I hope google translation is right), and not the buyers that could go through the whole custom made process. Having a look at ebay, amazon or aliexpress, there are indeed plenty of large size high heels sellers (even payless is on amazon !). They are presented by lovely female models. Or with the mention "ideal for crossdressers and transvestitites". You just have to browse the women section, shoes, and filter by size. However almost all (except the ones here) men don't buy the slightest thing in the womens part of a store, even unisex, fearing being mocked at by other men (or their own subconscious) and losing their alpha status. (note that YSL approach does save the aplha status thanks to the brand). Of course you still can buy online, but what do you say to your relatives that open the door when the postman comes with a nice flowery parcel ? Or see you browsing the women section ? It still requires the same open minds. You are right, it would be straightforward for these sellers to align their communication on Cosmos', and crush his business hopes. How many will dare to do it, Instead of talking about it ? As an example, I and some others tried to convince a french "pleaser type high heels" reseller to change his marketing by including references to men. This seller is highly receptive as he has a large fraction of shoes sold to men. He actually changed a few of the shoes descriptions in the online store (!!) this year, adding that the shoes can be worn also by men. But I think he still missed something that Cosmos captured well. Of course, YSL does different things, but he still managed to put a number of guys on heels, for the sake of wearing heels for some, but you are true, mainly for the sake of wearing the last YSL. Anyway they walked the heels. Maybe Campbell's Litas are closer to what YSL did.
  9. Totally agree. Though through checking these links regularly, http://yooying.com/tag/Hedislimane and http://sirstyle.tumblr.com/ I found a large number of guys (several 10th at least) have bought the YSL heeled boots worth >700 $ each. (or they all tried the same pair one after another ...). That would be enough to run a small store managed by one person or a couple (as e.g. custom made boots). So there is a small market, but it still clearly does not support the development and maintenance of a collection with many models in all sizes, and of course all up to the last fashion standards every season... A problem Cosmos (and Vera) will have to deal with. Not even speaking of the fact that Cosmos communication is based on gender equality, while YSL targeted bad boys, even though Slimane also found a female public it seems.
  10. 1. with the size of the potential market (heels for men), there is room for many 2. busted speaking :-)
  11. I suppose this prices come from the fact he couldn't raise investment money ? Though he is cheaper than Mauro Vera (store) I answered the same question on another forum about what makes a skirt manly. ("the legs underneath"). I should have said "the guy wearing it". Same answer: the only way to say a garment is "genderless" is to find it worn by both genders. Women wear skirts or heels so the stores market skirts or heels to women period. All Cosmos can do is noticing some guys are into wearing heels, then he can market heels to men (these men that are into heels), in turn supporting the movement. Only problem is to match the actual number of guys actually desiring to wear heels to the ones that are able to afford 500 $ a pair (that means : are able to set their choice on a few pairs). YSL did it with his boots. But he proposed only one pair, which was genious. Yet many commercial successes were not original at the beginning, but they did things instead of speaking about doing .
  12. Stay positive. Find another one. Let's say this has nothing to do with you, instead this has to do with the rest of the world that seems more attractive because more diversified. Poor girl she will have a hard time finding one guy offering as much as what the whole world is promisinig to offer. In the end she may regret her move, ... or not, who cares.
  13. http://dilei.it/lifestyle/vi-immaginate-un-uomo-con-i-tacchi-alti-ecco-le-scarpe-di-laurentin-cosmos/502239/ The guy was already spotted by hhplace members : https://hhplace.org/topic/24167-laurentin-cosmos/ I suppose that he managed to have his article published in the frame of his marketing activity. This may give a clue on my previous questions regarding the small but steady number of articles regarding heels for guys in fashion magazines. The targeted male customers may effectively lie among the few but enlightened male readers of these magazines. Another explanation would be that, through these articles, women are questioning the sexuality -and availability - of their male icons, such as for Harry Styles (have a look at youtube)
  14. Kneehighs, Thank you for these findings. There is something I don't understand in these articles about mens "fashion" featuring heels in Vogue magazine or the likes. 1) There is roughly one or two each year, maybe at specific times but I did not study this 2) I don't know many men reading these magazines except in a waiting room at the dentist's. In France, men may follow things like "belle gueule" or "Men's Health", but much more often they will read about sport results. 3) I did not check the other articles (and maybe interests) of the writer, but for the last ones it was 99,99% women fashion. So my question is, are these writers somehow forced to write the article about men in heels each year ? How do they decide who will take the burden ? Best