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  1. I say HappyinHeels speaks the truth. Nethertheless MackyHeels may not be prepared for it yet, as it is harder to hear than keep his business as usual. You can compare it with smoking. Some persons can only keep on with it. Among them some will eternally regret their cowardice, and others will accept their fate and won't complain on web forums.
  2. Gudulitooo

    A phenomena at eBay...

    how do you know ? I know a company that sells so called french made articles, but in fact buys a large part of it from Asia. The customers never knew because the final operations are made in France (e.g. packaging). New rules were inforced a few years ago to be able to put the label (made in France). But still industrial find workarounds to be able to buy in Asia (with more intermediate companies), with mostly the design, or only choice of material, made here. So you can't really be sure of what pollution went out of the factory.
  3. Gudulitooo

    A phenomena at eBay...

    If you buy from high ranking brands, the prices are high AND the items, or part (99%) of them, are produced in China all the same. I bought a shirt at 79 € in a french outlet, thinking "at this price it comes from eastern Europe or closer ", on the contrary to the ones at 9,90 €. Lost. Made in Bengladesh either one.
  4. * As I quoted, high heels on men are not specifically a feminine accessory. I am more thinking this is very manly (too much) and reminds me on a lonesome character leaving in the sunset singing. With the picture from Tom Browne I see his funny ennemis. (Though they should be 4 and they are missing a striped costume). Eg for block high heels, you can wear them manly https://weilspasst.tumblr.com/post/175047768317/koreanmodel-kim-sang-woo-park-hyeong-seop-by-zo Or womanly https://weilspasst.tumblr.com/post/175079980252 Both in an attractive way for opposite gender I suppose
  5. Gudulitooo

    Pride 2018

    Not sure Tesla will approve its logo with different colors than the original (these or others), but what can them do ? What is a local electric vehicle(EV) group ? What is the link with pride ?
  6. At least crypto is worth being robbed. A good selling point.
  7. Gudulitooo

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hi JeffB. I think the earrings + the collar + the ligth flare on the glasses are reshaping your head in a way that is not familiar to us here. I don't recognise you.
  8. Yes thank you for clarifying my opinion. Indeed, the link is the problem, and my concern was that the guy does not seem to have created the link himself. Journalists did. He could have simply been straight and paraded in high heels for the sake of carnival, humor, and a good laugh. Later in the campaign he claimed he was gay. Then journalists understood "he is gay this explains why he paraded in heels". Or "He paraded in heels, this is why he is gay". A new problem with coïncidences that have a causal bias, you are not sure what is the consequence and what is the cause. And most people can't imagine coIncidences at all. I like your wording "link". High heels are not even in the 10 items that make men look feminine. NOTE : before you interpret the expression on the guy's face on the picture below ! The guy tells he is not against appearing feminine in the video. This is just a style. NOTE 2 : I doubt more than 5% of the 1 M viewers held more than 20s on this. In fact my problem with this way of separating generation is where (when) you put the limits depends on what you want to show. So this looks like a flexible support to any hypothesis. I mean, real generations are overlapping. Each year there is a new generation which have an exact one-year-delay with the former.
  9. Gudulitooo

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    wearing comfortable shoes.
  10. Gudulitooo

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    I think it is a good thing for women's health in general
  11. Not at all. Journalists had a role though. A meme of the new mayor reportedly surfaced on Facebook, showing the politician wearing heels and a tutu. --> look here https://intomore.com/impact/after-landslide-victory-del-rios-first-openly-gay-mayor-prepares-for-office he triumphed in the election after choosing to march in high heels during last year’s veterans parade. I didn’t use the LGBT flag in my campaign And further, it could be said that he's got some balls to appear feminine, especially in his town, which is said to be under the threat of "rapists": The current administration occupying the White House demonizes Latinos as “rapists” and paints border towns as dangerous places where “caravans” of immigrants are flooding into the United States from Mexico https://intomore.com/impact/a-gay-man-in-heels-will-be-the-next-mayor-of-a-texas-border-town
  12. Gudulitooo

    Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    Maybe there is a Darwin evolution thing behind this. I mean - women wearing attractive garments having more chances to reproduce. The question could be "how the interest in attractive garments is passed from one generation to the next, and how does the fashion industry follows up ? ".
  13. I suppose you have to use a proxy to access this one (so that the website thinks you are in the US). Simply Google "gay mayor texas heels" and you will find the other accessible articles.
  14. You can try office picture manager. It comes with office. Very very useful. You see your pictures in thumbnails much more faster than in explorer. You can set resizing commands to a bunch of photos, and then decide to actually apply the changes to the files ... or not. Only problem: I just can't understand how it accesses files. It kind of register a file path to your directory, instead of opening the actual files. Strange but efficient.
  15. depends on the venue of course. Much more fun also. The main outdoor social events we have are weekly flea markets, and yearly carnival and funfairs. As there are numerous small towns next to one another, one can attend several funfairs per year. And weddings. And strike (this is France here, heh !). Thanks. What amused me was not your post or the articles themselves, but the way the website tells me that I am not a desirable reader ! "This article is exclusive to BoF Professional members ". With underlined Professional in italic... Don't bother and be a member of any forum and website as you wish !

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