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  1. Gudulitooo


    Of course people do notice but don't care in several circumstances, e.g. downtown in a busy street, at the movies, etc. Specifically in places where they don't expect to encounter relatives I would say.
  2. Indeed, Seems "feminine boys" use genderfluid expression while waiting the HRT is finished.
  3. Gudulitooo

    Noticing people in heels

    I suppose Shyheels (and I) only want to say "Macky, you have an issue with it otherwise you wouldn't have complained about the way women comment or look at you in other threads". Deal with it. See a councelor. Question yourself. Is it safe for children ? Would the mothers let you be the teacher, the preacher, etc. after having seen you dressed like this ? Maybe you have children. Or you could. Would you appear in front of them this way ? What about you spot another guy dressed the same and you learn that he is the teacher of your son/daughter? (Please don't answer here. And of course all your answers can lead you to continue without changing anything, but in peace)
  4. Gudulitooo

    Cali World

    how can you be sure they are not falling apart ?
  5. Gudulitooo

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    For newbies (like me), it is easier to plug a <16 A appliance on an outlet and check that the matching line in the electrical box is rated at 16A, thus I am sure it works. If I need several appliances on outlets connected to the same fuse 1) I can easily identify which are together (by removing the fuse), and 2) I sum up all rated currents and insure the sum is below 16A. Period.
  6. Gudulitooo

    My wife and my heels

    Flowers also. Better deal than cleaning the house
  7. Gudulitooo

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    How to make things complicated when you could have them simple.
  8. Gudulitooo

    Noticing people in heels

    Macky, I was sure there was something with the bulge. Maybe you could have a more peaceful life in your mind and in reality after seriously dealing with this issue. Of course ballet dancers are fully displaying it. But dance attire is very rarely seen out in the streets Regards.
  9. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    But, shouldn't one do something to be somebody ? Being there, dressed, etc. is only being, not doing.
  10. Gudulitooo

    My first public heel adventure

    Nice combo. These wedge reduce the size of your fit so they have to be worn with fitting jeans. I like you jacket. Is it from men or women ? The skirt looks short. Here the fashion is more with less fitted skirts just up the knees. Again the jacket finishes the look.
  11. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    You mean you blend in the crowd and are a nobody there?
  12. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    Thanks for the translation help. Maninboots I get it but can't figure how you can spend such an amount of time in Costa and malls in general, and alone on week ends furthermore. I suppose this is the one place where you can connect to the internet, or to hhplace at least ?
  13. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    Well in downtown Paris of course there are a number of "cafés" that are replaced with "brasseries" along the big avenues. I have seen starbucks mainly on highway stations, and at major train stations, maybe airports. In suburbs and small towns centers you always find at least one "café / PMU / bar / tabac / sometimes restaurant" where mainly smokers and bettors go in daytime, and employees of some nearby companies for lunch. Not many women there, and even less in heels. There the coffe is the best though. (1st time I use the word bettor. May google translate be with me. PMU is the local bet organisation for horseraces) On the contrary, in malls, you find only fast foods or sandwicheries where you can have a seat and a coffee no better than the coffe machine (poor).
  14. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    Indeed I find they decided to forget about France. Only Starbucks survives.
  15. Gudulitooo

    Costa in boots

    thanks, I ll see if I can find one

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