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  1. Some use it as a cons to men in heels though. And others refer to it subconsciously, provided that this word exists ? And why would women wear uncomfortable shoes if not because of - or thanks to - this premise ?
  2. HappyinHeels, Yes but women are supposed to be emotional, lighthearted and illogical. That is what it is said to explain why women kept wearing high heels, while men discarded the idea after the end of monarchies centuries ago, when wearing heels was a symbol of aristocracy. Who wants to belong to aristocracy when republicans behead them ? That was reasonable. Now we want to explain to women that they should stay with a man wearing heels, a type of shoe said to be uncomfortable, unhealthy for your feet, back and ankles, and that prevents the wearer from moving as quickly as he/she could ? You could directly say that her man has become emotional, lighthearted, and illogical, and she now has to deal with seriousness and reason. They should be allowed to discuss this with each other.
  3. In my opinion the wives are not going to ask themselves these questions spontaneously, and even less find the conclusion all alone. This will need some help. Having women confronted to the same situation, meet and talk to each other may help.
  4. I recently found the Faultlne bar (LGBT friendly) in LA regularly organise Men in Heels events. Have any one already attended some ?
  5. I suppose this video will have less visibility in the mainstream media. Yet it has a big audience among young peoples "millenials" that have switched to web medias. The same people that are going to drive mainstream ideas in the following years. Perhaps the biggest problem is the actors themselves that are already known there (look at the incredible number of videos they already posted) and fall in the same category as clowns and humorists I would say. Indeed the last one aired just during the big controversy in the UK about corporates rules telling women to wear heels. Moreover, the guys were professional stylists. Most of all, the purpose was to teach male administrators that wearing heels is a demanding personal choice that every woman should be free to adopt. As the target was older corporate people, it had to be reported in conventional media, outside of the internet. Very true - up to now. But in this one, the girls are not mocking the guys. They go to cool places (bars, restaurant), and not to boring places (work !) as in the other ones.
  6. The positive side of this video is that the girls tell this in the video. Not all. One chose 3" booties and is much less complaining about the pain than the others. (look at 5'10) : "I look good", "I am taller".
  7. 4 341 986 views 121 000 likes 6300 comments This one is a real public discussion about men in heels. And is nice !
  8. CAT, I am curious how many times you posted this same set of pics every here and there ? Or is it evolving ? You could start a Lookbook ? Regards.
  9. Nice thing with wigs is you can match the hair color with the shoes' without changing shoes.
  10. Sorry I forgot to bookmark this and it seems google is against me !
  11. I have a problem figuring out your proportions. Your body is divided in four parts (feet + ankles / bottom of the skirt / bottom of the coat and top of the skirt / top), which is uncommon. I would suggest to have a look at a website explaining how to dress (for men or women), then have a look at basic silouhettes. The skirt looks a bit too wide at the hips ? All in all, a new style.
  12. I hope this is not the only attire compatible with these oh so nice boots! By the way they are Zara according to him, but I can't find them in the men section. Maybe an old collection.
  13. Same for me, I already noticed this guy's style on lookbook or instagram (below). But I did not notice this torn jeans before.
  14. And here they marketise the hoodie, nether mind the heels.
  15. On soft ground ? But, I mean, the heels could become a training accessory when specific muscle cannot be trained otherwise ?