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  1. Those will cause some damage, in terms of style and wallet.
  2. Didn’t get to wear my heels. It appears I injured myself whilst watching a important football match. There will be another outing opportunity soon.
  3. Just adapt a persona. A thick skin, and a F the world attitude. People can criticise, but just like what comes out of their arse, their criticisms can be a drizzling dump. Anotger shoe manufacturer said it well, Just Do It.
  4. I’d go with the boots you have in your album that you have on with your pedalboard as your background, if they have a nice zip at the side.
  5. Her only passable redeeming quality I’m afraid.
  6. I’d take ankle boots to be honest. Quickest and easiest way to get through security. Knee high boots would be okay, as long as they can be slipped on and off quick and efficiently enough.
  7. https://pagesix.com/2022/04/07/lenny-kravitz-helped-design-his-grammys-2022-high-heels/amp/
  8. Thanks, will enjoy it. I’m working tomorrow, so can’t wear them. Bloody flat safety shoes for work 😔. Don't get me started on politics, I can rip a hole through them all.
  9. Recently, it’s been “cold but dry” of 14-16c, that’s warm for us so summer, only had rain for 3 days in past 4 weeks. It’s to be 17c on Monday, dry seemingly. Im Scottish, so don’t mind the cold. I’m feeling the Khaki, heels and a hoodie. Look good, but relaxed. After all, we have ditched the masks and all but gone and put fingers in our ears and gone LaLaLaLaLa to the pandemic. This look will have the heel fully exposed. No where to hide. A confidence bump. I’m gonna drive in them too, so more new heeling experience.
  10. I’ve refrained from posting recently, things in life et al. Been searching for a second outing in heels recently. I am now planning a second outing in my new OnlyMaker Cowboy Boots with the 95mm heel next Monday. Got to go to the opticians. Looking to go the whole day in heels, or as long as I can. Now to plan the outfit. Black slim jeans or khaki trousers.
  11. Was gonna wear them to a gig. Didn’t, as I just couldn’t stand as I’d killed my legs with exercise that day, didn’t feel comfortable. Been working constantly since, so no time really. Might have time soon.
  12. They are UK10/EU43/US12. They fit like a glove, they suck your feet in and are snug and secure. Am going to wear them tonight for a gig, fully exposed heel. I feel this will give a confidence lift and more!!! 5 Pics:
  13. Got my boots today, pic over on the new boots page. OnlyMaker are really comfortable so far to wear. I know where I’ll be buying some heels from at a later date!!!
  14. New OnlyMaker cowboy boots today. Size 12US and the fit like a glove. Really comfortable and easy to walk in for a almost 4inch heel. Can’t wait to wear them, maybe exposed and not with jeans covering the heel. That would be a massive step and confidence bump.
  15. He is right, we are not know for our sun, it often rains in some form here 200 odd days a year. I am at 55.85 north, same as Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan and Shamattawa, Manitoba plus a city where there’s a bunker baby right now Moscow I believe. Had about 70 sightings today at work, from 2 inch block and kitten heels to 4.5 inch stilettos. Im thinking it may be cultural and economic, we may be different. There’s a phrase, when times are tight, heels and hemlines go up, when times are good the hemlines and heels go down. And with the pandemic entering endemic stage and the inflation rate here at 7%, probably 8.5%+ once Russia/Ukraine is factored in, folk are going back to more traditional ways.
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