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  1. Well. That was interesting. The amount of women there in some sort of heel was amazing. There must have been 80 that I saw, plus triple that in those Doc Martens with the 3-4 inch sole. Timberland Kingsley boot was common, plus one’s slightly shorter. There was also a lass there with white 6 inch boots with a platform. There was Kitten heels and some 80mm stilettos in the seated areas of the Arena. As Melrose said, the body gets lazy quickly. I am fit, I can run for most of 10K and am 4 inches slimmer than when I saw those bands last in 2019. But gig/concert fit, I am not. Parts of the body are sore and have cramps that I forgot I had. Not used to standing for 4-5 hours at a time with no seat. Plus the fitness element has me a half inch shorter than I was too, spinal compression of the vertebrae, which is normal with runners. I think I’m gonna look at some comfortable heels in the 2-3 inch marker now. Or at least in the morning.
  2. Like the look of them, they are a little pricey. Going to have a look around to see if there’s something slightly less pricey.
  3. Thanks for all the help! I’m going in boots, sadly no heels. It’s due to be about 0C tomorrow for the queue. Think I’m gonna go away and find/try on boots like the Timberland ones with the 2.5 inch heel. A warm boot with a moderate but comfortable heel.
  4. I know that. Once almost went my length when seeing Stone Sour in 2017. Had my hunka chunka Timberland boots on then. The view will be greatly improved as I always have to cope with Mr 6foot4 brick outhouse about 10 foot in front of me.
  5. It’s a hard rock/metal show. I will be attending as a fan. Not much, if any seats in my area. There’s seats high up, but I’m down in the standing area. There will be pits. I may just need to practice.
  6. It’s a gig I’ll be attending as a fan. Not one I’m performing at sadly.
  7. How many of you wear heels to a concert? If it’s seated I see no problem. However, with standing, often, standing, in the same position for 4 to 5 (maybe 6 or more) hours, how often does this give cramps or give you some other issues with your feet? I’ve a gig next week, and with the cold weather coming in, I’m thinking about my 4 inch cowboy boots as they are fleece lined and will keep my feet lovely and warm. What’s your experiences with heels to a concert? Thanks in advance.
  8. To be honest, when I’ve tried with my guitar rig, it’s easier with pointed toe heels as you can direct to what you need on a switch. Wah is a slight adjustment to get the pivot point correct. It’s about motor adjustment. Not a big thing, it’s trying to modify muscle memory to be honest. Now we do all that via MIDI switching or using a digital amp/effects interface, so his tone and playing would have changed if he was alive today.
  9. https://www.vogue.com/article/mens-platform-heels-trend/amp All based off of this look: https://fashionista.com/.amp/2021/07/olivia-rodrigo-white-house-outfit
  10. What suits the media and their narrative I suppose. If it didn’t suit their narrative, they don’t get a say or won’t say something positive as it could omit their argument. Eventually times will turn, and they will look stupid. I was reading something recently where it was suggested that men will start to wear heels more regularly than women do. Whilst not the slim sexy stiletto, however a block or slim block heel.
  11. Totally agree on this. We are more tolerant in many areas. Religion for one, the right to mock every religion including one’s own is one area we are more tolerant. More tolerant on right to choose on bodily autonomy. When it comes to other perceived “faux pas” and challenge of the normal. We are still a fair bit away. Albeit, closer than where the USA could be.
  12. To be honest, there’s a butt f ton of toxic masculinity here. Here in the UK, the machismo has been on the rise since 2016 and the Brexit vote, the rise of the populist right wing and the folk who, like the USA have stirred up the pot and are all against Women. Dare I mention the name Andrew Tate, the man who went to Romania to avoid being charged with alleged sex crimes. The Incel movement as well. Do your research on him, that is typical of some in the male population. The only good thing about being here in Scotland is we have a law enshrined in constitutional agreement that church and state is separate. The good thing is the Church here don’t have no power, plus folk here are not worried about offending the church type. We are less open minded in this there ways. It’s the football culture I guess. Thats something the USA will never understand. Two teams yelling obscenities at each other, stuff you would be ejected from an arena or a stadium. We are segregated as well. Check out some USA v UK football chants on YouTube. We need to become more open minded, over in Europe they are about a few years ahead, some places like the Balkans and maybe the south of Italy you could get beaten up by the police if you don’t justify and answer accordingly. Hungary are another country to avoid as he is pushing through anti alphabet laws, again mirroring what is going on with the GOP/SCOUTS in a more authoritarian tone. Theres a lot of work to be done in that reguard. Socio-economic-populist ways are on the rise, they are receding in some areas, but they are on the rise elsewhere. Its all a bit political, I am sorry if I took it that way. Times are changing, it takes time.
  13. Someone decided to queue wearing heels for like 13 hours!!! Most others feet would have gone in that time!!!
  14. Well… Parked the car, got changed into my heels. Walked down the stairs, the sound was glorious, but… went over on my ankle. Changed back into my trainers. Think I’m going to have to look to see if I can get some 3 inch heels. Get used to them before I go back to 4 inch heels. NOW PICS ADDED
  15. Problem is with the original stiletto heel boots is there’s no reviews on them. Makes me wonder how many bought them. Those other new ones look great, more 70s.
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