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  1. Or putting flares in there at a Euro 2020 final when their Country reaches said final. Humans do some weird stuff, from inserting things into places they shouldn’t go (Jackass Toy Car stunt) to wearing things on our feet. Running towards danger. Running away at times when we are needed. I suppose that’s why some of us go to the gym or go for a run/walk/swim to punish ourselves, other than fitness, others go to a head doctor, some sleep with others for payment or some folk want humiliation in a dungeon or have a mummy need. Some need plastic surgery or some need to be instantly gratification watching hollow reality TV. We all have something wrong with us, none of us are perfect. This is something that should be celebrated and not put in a bottle in the back of your head, locked away. We are all individuals. Some of us need to wear heels, some just want to and have fun doing so. I suppose that’s my reason, because I can. And it helps with back pain is a bonus.
  2. Saw this on Twitter, seems Syncro swimmers have taken to wearing heels in the pool. Where else have you seen heels in a unusual area???
  3. There is a global supply chain shortage at the moment. Building materials and semi conductors are the largest hit, many other items are also being tanked. The Evergreen Evergiven in the Suez incident is still to properly clear, and the fact there’s a global container shortage. In short, this shortage will continue for the next couple of years.
  4. It’s a explicit law here in the UK that you cannot drive barefoot, or with sandals without a supported heel element that secures the shoe to your foot. Heels are fine. It’s also illegal to drive without a shirt on as well. Something about how the seat belt can grip clothing better than bare skin. Women here drive in heels all the time.
  5. Lzzy can operate a Wah pedal on those heels!! Not easy when playing a guitar at the same time!!! I know her pedalboard is really small as well with only 4/5 pedals on it. Amy has to dodge 3 pedalboards on stage, however her job is slightly easier as they are mostly all behind her.
  6. It seems as if the thing of Heels & a Hoodie will be a thing this year. I like this look! With a nice pair of jeans or shorts. Great for the cool but not warm weather!!!
  7. There was no explanation. I am in full agreement with your point on consultation. Sometimes we hit it lucky on sizing, this one I’m putting it as a win, sometimes we loose. As my mum taught me, if it lands in your lap say nought, if it doesn’t, stand your ground.
  8. I ordered a UK10, a US12, They sent me a UK9, a US11. I’m not unhappy as they fit well, and fit like a damn glove. The sizes are erratic I’ll admit. Not gonna complain as I now know my size, I could see me getting these again in another colour.
  9. Thanks! They did come from the USA. Amazon World Store deals with all of that garbage. Only thing I paid more for was the 5 day shipping option via UPS.
  10. Just had these Naturalizer Callie Boot in within the last hour. A great stretch for me from my 2.5” Cubans, these are 4 inch, the specs say they are 3.5” with a .5” platform, the size 12US/9UK/42EU is closer to that elusive and brilliant 4inch number. They are comfortable, you don’t feel as if it’s a heel you are wearing, really good footbed if a few millimetres too narrow, not a deal breaker. Only issue is that the tounge doesn’t stay in place when pouring your feet in to them. The leather wrapped heel is a lovely addition to a killer boot. The reviews I read were correct, they fit a half size larger. It’s how short your stride becomes at that 4 inch marker. Stunning boot for the fall/winter. Will look great with some jeans, t shirt and a long down coat or a trench coat I have coming. I worried about the sizing, now I don’t have to worry, I can wear this size with socks. Will now be looking at other Naturalizer boots, and other companies. I’m attending a wedding in April and want a nice pair of shoes/boots for that!!!
  11. Probably. Long day/brain fade.
  12. This has to be business. It’s a capsule collection at the moment. It’s less a toe dip, more an ankle in the water. It’s not a full leg or even torso yet. Id also suggest that it’s also from taller women, women with larger feet I’d say. Women have feet over a size 7US/9UK/43EU. Its business, if they get taller women with generally larger feet they will get men. It’s a double addition. If they get an extra day third of sales, that may be many times that in profit. It won’t be an easy thing to add into a manufacturing line, it will add complexity, if they have done their production line correctly it will be easy to add in. Its a massive plus for us. I could see me saving for a pair of Jimmy Choo boots, if they got the colours sorted. The orange is the only one I like.
  13. The collection has some really nice pieces!!!! https://www.jimmychoo.com/en/billy-porter.html?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0K-HBhDDARIsAFJ6UGirJbrRFaAXXKUGleiQZk8WQFWsIzjqYgWbkAV5GYgcePpQ4FhfrvwaAmJdEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Mind you, if I had money, I’d have a couple of pairs.
  14. Have found out they are Christian Louboutin ‘Aoussam’ boots.
  15. The boots Adam Lambert has on here. They look killer and probably 2.5-3.25 inches.
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