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  1. ASOS have a massive sale on right now. Something that some may want to take advantage of as they have the Recite boots for not much more than £10. Many others for a bargain. UK guys, just a heads up, as we head out of lockdown, be prepared for a massive sale in Debenhams and others who will be closing for good shortly.
  2. Can’t wait to see them!! Im looking at a 13 or 16 inch shaft, 3.75 or even 4 inch heel, conical or his thin heel in ostrich leather for the foot and another leather for the shaft with no embroidery, apart from on top of the foot. Looking at that butterscotch colour with natural coloured heel/sole. They will be my party/going to gigs heels. My Tony Lamas with a 1 5/8 inch heel are like wearing flats now.
  3. They are quite clicky, the right one especially. I’m experiencing the same, the sky don’t fall in. Im planning a pair of MJ cowboy boots with a 3.75 inch heel. Something with a bit of a click. Once we are allowed out again, I’m going to a discount outlet where there’s tons of names and tons of deals. I’m overhauling my wardrobe, want items that will be with me for decades now. Might see a pair of higher heels I like there. Im tired now, the vaccine is killing me, just tiredness and sore body parts now, and a brain fog.
  4. I can report that yesterday’s outing was a success. Driving is no issue, I feel safer driving in heels than without. Got out the car, the click is assuredly loud enough in the car park. Going down the stairs was easy, hold the handrail - right? On the cobbled floor walking was easy, then got to the venue, loads of flooring changes, nice slippery surfaces, the heel click was beautiful. Got checked in, got my shot of the AstraZeneca, then waited 10 minutes as I was driving, it’s different and difficult to imagine the venue is where I’ve seen some of my favourite bands/artists play to massive cro
  5. That’s a super cute, warm looking look with those heels as the cherry on top. She doesn’t look a day over 40 to be honest.
  6. Got another pair of those Cuban Heels I got a few weeks ago, this time in suede, just need to waterproof them now. Went one size further down to a 9UK/43EU and I like the tighter feel now, no heel slippage. I also got a pair of Chelsea style Snakeskin effect ones (https://www.shuperb.co.uk/club-cubano-mccartney-mens-leather-winklepicker-cuban-heel-boots-python-p17951) and they look the part. 2.5 inch, maybe to 3.25 inch may be my daily height, I am looking at a pair of Miguel Jones cowboy boots, with a 3.75-4 inch heel. If they can do a conical heel I’d love that. Something that give
  7. Scottish Lowlands. A bizarre place I know for lots of heel wearing. Lots of block heels and stiletto boots/ankle boots at the moment, some pumps as well.
  8. Have to agree on that point. I see many come into my work with heels in the 2-3 inch mark, mostly boot variety at the moment. We have regulars that often wear 105mm+ heels as a normal, most are in the 75mm to 95mm range. Heels are on their way back at the moment, folk are “dressing up” to go food shopping as it’s the only thing we can do right now. Once we start to emerge, once all the shops open and most importantly restaurants I’ve had regular customers and say they are already buying nice things to go and meet family/friends and for the office. I am confident in my prediction that
  9. An article in today’s Sunday Times magazine here in the UK. https://ibb.co/dkDjGZP https://ibb.co/J7XJXYz https://ibb.co/2sc3yfM Some interesting points of view, especially as and when the pandemic ends.
  10. First time out in heels today. The confidence boost and power you feel with heels, even if mine are a tad on the low side, on is amazing. I now see why folk were pushing me towards 3, 3.5 or even 4 inches. I can now see why women get what do they call it, “bad bitch” energy, and “boss bitch” vibes. Wont be long before I’m pushing for higher heights once I’ve got full confidence and security. I don’t see a slender stiletto being much of a issue as well. Cannot wait to get out and about in them again soon. Maybes when I get the letter to go get my first vaccine.
  11. They look brilliant on, not sure I’d be okay with the white, I’d probably go with the black ones. What like is both heights to walk in? How comfortable are they to proper heels? I would like to know more, please. How clicky are the heels? Thanks!!!
  12. Finally got a pair of heeled boots to get me started. 2.5 inch to start with. They are comfortable to walk in, easy enough I guess. Offer good support on my ankle and fit really well. There’s a good cushioned sole as well. In the hour I had them on when I got home from work I already felt my sciatica disappear and my posture increase. Size 10, so I’m not squished at the toe box. Time now to walk in them, learn how to walk well in them, the itch to go higher is now there. 3.5 or 4 inches may be the next height. Also need to complete the look now, black jeans and one of my metal t shir
  13. I suppose we have different likes. I like booties, Oxfords and some pumps (even if I’d never wear a pump) as I like my feet to be enclosed but with a shaft of less than calf height. As for ASOS, I’m just not sure. As long as we get what we want out of our heeling? Got them. Lovely shoes. Only problem is they just don’t fit. My ankle is just way too wide. Gonna look at sending them back. New note, shop in person. I think the search will go on in person now and not online.
  14. https://f-trend.com/blog/rise-mens-feminine-masculinity-2019-and-future-fashion-trend We may be on the edge of a more androgynous future for clothing. I for one am looking at feminising my wardrobe a little in certain areas. Might not be a massive amount, just certain prices if I can loose a few more pounds in weight. Discuss.
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