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  1. Hey you should see the god awful looking shoes my wife wears. It's up to us guys, Helen excepted of course, to keep high heels relevant. I still think men actually are better built to handle heels, typically stronger and better weight balance, i.e. no protuding fleshy things up top and forward of our support structure.
  2. Jkrenzer


    Up hill is easy in heels of any height. Down hill not so much. The vast majority of my heels are 5 inch rise. Often on down hill grades of 1:3 or more i have to side step somewhat. Stairs don't count since they are essentially a series of platues.
  3. Put those heels on and strut around town. Easy wearing heels.
  4. I consider myself lucky with Hey Si Mey and for me Onlymaker seem to be less than ideal. We all have different shaped feet. Shoes are generic in design and heels are especially prone to fit issues.
  5. That level of damage is fine with me. I like my stilettos to show wear, it tells any observers that I'm truely wearing my heels. I've even purchased preowned shoes with damage at this superficial level.
  6. Agreed, I'm fully expected in heels. These days I get more comments when I'm not in heels. Kind of like that is so normal being in 5 inch mostly spike stilettos.
  7. I hear you, but it's why i bought hundreds of stiletto replacement tips years ago. With the proper tool, replacement is quick and easy. Some heels have smaller diameter pegs, so I'll grind down new ones and install.
  8. Really, everyone has their own taste. Personally, any closed toed pumps, slings, d'orsays, or T-Straps with High thin heels and low cut mildly revealing vamps with single or very minimal platformed soles.
  9. Helen, those pumps are among my favorite of yours. We both seem to enjoy the same styles and wear the same size.
  10. Thanks for those few here who did not already know all this. Short answer, heels are for anyone who wants to wear them according to history.
  11. Not a fan of the rear place straight heel and extended toe. 5inch on a 44 looks a bit low compared to the Penelope. The Penelope seems to be a more classic pump. Also, what's with the dent in the vamp ofyour left shoe?
  12. Too many people have to much money to seriously justify these kinds of dollars/euros. Love to know who slaved in the past to allow such expenditures on a pair of rarely worn shoes. Can't say I wouldn't enjoy living off the toils of such a benefactor.
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