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  1. Why did you have to give them away? Last time i checked, they don't take them away at customs.
  2. Just love the carefree way you wear these.
  3. Yah, was in dsw last week for the 1st time in a few years. No height anywhere. When I'm out I'm in the higher heels than everyone. Never under 4.5, usually at 5 inch, no platform. The women more than not like the look but most who do comment also say they simply can't walk in higher heels. Still many very high heels are available on the market, so women must still be buying even if they ultimately just end up in closets.
  4. I always fly 1 day in advance of the cruise then don't buy cruise insurance. The $'s saved on the over priced insurance pays for my hotel, like a free extra day of vacation. Love the Cuban district in Miami near the docks. Great food, also been in heels doing it. No hills in Miami.
  5. RPM's, double plural. There are so many more. Beer is my all time favorite. How many beers have you had? I like to reply 1 beer, since I drank beer just happens I may have had more than 1 bottle.
  6. Love the boots. I totally agree stilettos are easier to walk in. Had on conversation with a young lady this morning about walking in heels. She complimented me on my effortless ability while wearing these. Said she's tried but can't walk without tripping. I was at the store this morning.
  7. In the store with my new asymmetric T-Straps.
  8. Wow, really love these sandals in the last image. Brand, make, link?
  9. Sharp looking shoes. They look to be just a bit small with your foot heel off the back a bit. Did you buy them in your normal size?
  10. Vin, please pose a modeled pic. Shoes look sharp but want to see the shoes modeled so the shape is more visible.
  11. It's hard for brick and mortar. But honestly payless wad filled with the worst rubbery shoes. I'm old enough to miss Picway. They had large sizes in the late 80's in 5 inch classic styles, hard soles, and stilettos. Many size 11's and larger. They cost a few dollars more but were bought out by i think payless and that was it. I cut my teeth on pickway and mail order catalog Sexy Shoes otherwise known as Lesley Shoes in Rogers Michigan. Both lost there way. In the old days Sexy Shoes had their own styles and construction long since lost. Sexy Shoes is still around but just a shadow of it's former self. They probably make more money now but they put no effort into it. Mostly sell Pleaser and highest heel like everyone else. The few styles of their own are trash compared to their 80's and 90's selections.
  12. I like them, heels are perfect height for me. Have fun and please wear them publicly.
  13. I'd have to register to even see the shoes, please just post a low res image in the future.
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