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  1. To each their own, but if I'm not comfortable wearing them outside I wouldn't bother.
  2. Have a good break and come back strong.
  3. Thanks, enjoy the boots. Don't hide them.
  4. Alex, what size do you wear. Look like 5.25 inch relative to my size. A comfortable in size 10 women's.
  5. I can't attest to their open toed heels. I rarely fit open toed heels from anyone very well, mostly they bother my big toe where the vamps start. Always been a problem for me. I do however think you'd like these.
  6. Those are nice, but maybe it bit too large for me. A 42 is my normal euro size. I'd buy them, but too expensive if they don't fit. I'd gladly wear them openly in public and really love metal heel taps. Draw lotsof attention.
  7. Can you picture the soles, and how much to ship to the U.S, North Carolina specifically
  8. Totally agree. Surprisingly nobody is listening to me when I recommend Hey Si Mey's. Heels are perfectly placed, high than usual arches. Quality is nine west level, price about 40 to 50 dollars.
  9. Nope, they love heels but don't want to tower. Personally I'm all in on that, but society deemed it bad for tall women almost as much as us guys. Oh well.
  10. She's not actually driving, but i do it all time in 5 heels. It's no issue, manual or automatic.
  11. Yes he does. He has tremendous legs paired with excellent heels.
  12. ???? What This topic is what it says it is. Male or female or in between. It's best legs.
  13. Some days It's hard to decide:-)
  14. Honestly I'm more jealous that don't appear to have work for a living.
  15. Personally I'm all into casual styles with heels. Do it all the time. To me, my heels are not an item limited to the level of dress I am wearing. Heels look great on women and men in geans or shorts in my opinion.
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