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  1. It's always great seeing heels in situations like these but i really don't see it as added difficulty. Most time when agility is foot movements are needed it the toes that do the work. Heels may even help by holding the foot more prone to toe tapping.
  2. Many of the chinese knockoff makes use tbe same heel regardless of size. Great if wear an 8 women's. I've even had a pair once that the angle of the last actually was high while the heel was easily 1/2 too short. The toe tip sat nearly a half inch off the floor with then bend of sole and on the floor. As a result the heel was not square to the floor, guaranteed to break with tbe bending moment caused by the top of heel behind the bottom of it. Buyer beware.
  3. Thanks man. You missing out not going public but i get it.
  4. This morning at the grocery store was asked by the clerk why i wear heels. I told because i like them. She then told a second clerk that same thing. They had been discussing me. I've been to this store to many times to count so I'm sure I have been a subject of conversation for some time. The 2nd clerk then said they are good for my butt. I thanked and said that's the first time anyone ever said that. We then went on for about 5 minutes, the second clerk even knew how heels started out as mens shoes. Love these kinds of interactions. Shoes i was wearing.
  5. Jkrenzer


    These are shoes i mentioned earlier today while at the grocery after breakfast at the waffle house.
  6. Jkrenzer


    I'm wearing a pair of fsj stilettos right now that I've wornout and about many times. I consider myself lucky. I've found with these mail order Chinese outlets your about 50 50 in quality out of the gate.
  7. Like watching a pot of water boil.
  8. Curious why a majority of the population need a day. Women do after all make up more than 50% of the population.
  9. I appreciate the look god by dressing better, but for me heels are simply everyday wear. I have no problem wearing heels even dressed down. Admittedly I'm normally in some more worn heels in those cases.
  10. Quite the outfit for someone else's wedding. Hope you didn't distract from the couple. Were you the only cross dressed person there? Shoes are amazing, don't know how you can get about in heels that steep. My limit is 5.5 max, and been doing it for years yet can't go higher.
  11. Thin heels don't mean hard to walk in. The rise is shallow, you'll go through tips quickly though.
  12. It's hard to hear your story. You did deceive her but only because you couldn't get her to accept your desires. She also bears some responsibility since she is unwilling to accept you as you are. I hate to say it but your situation is not a two way street. If counseling is in your future then you're not really the one who needs it. Purge your heels and be sad about it is your likely future.
  13. I'd agree with your sentiment as far as the comment could apply to men too, except considering the source. Loubitine is on record of being anti males in heels. Still can't figure out why, a guy designing sexy heels only does so because he's attracted to them in a deeper way. Expect he has a fetish for shoes, just saying. Can't see why that should preclude who wears them.
  14. Highly unlikely for either solution. Find a pair of used heels with a similar strap at a thrift or someplace and swap out the straps.
  15. Here's a comment, very hot my friend.
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