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  1. Mistook my meaning, centrist by not being far left or far right. I'm not abdicating single party system by any means. However both parties have have strayed so far off center, dems are almost socialist and republicans are almost neo. We need to meet in the middle to get things done. Trump was elected due to his outsider status, problem is he can't get off his "all about me" mentality. He actually was not right wing until he realized how easy it was to polarize people, but he did it to get elected.
  2. This guy is a clown. I used to be a registered republican, hated it but i did vote for Hillary. Trump was elected due to both parties inability to work together. Even an outsider in republican circles. Bothers me how the party threw away any semblance of morals when he won its primary. They didn't want him, but threw themselves at him to defeat the dems no matter the cost. I'm embarrassed by the current U.S. political system. Every time I keep thinking ut can't get worse and it does. Trump could be the pinnacle of bad, but all the dems can do is give us Biden. Lots of skeletons there too. I ramble, but we need a fresh start, a young, intelligent non partisan who can lead from the center, either party.
  3. Back to the sandwich shop after a stop at the post office in my old Madden Darrts. Easy heels to wear. My jeans are not lifted, plenty of shoe as it should be. Couple extra days off around independence day. Short time in old pair of Pleasers at the home depot. Also a few additional stops. Cooling off in the neighbors pool. They say as long as i don't wear my heels in the pool.
  4. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Cali you live in a fringe dessert. It's why you have the huge fires. Every place has good and bad.
  5. I know what you mean. Weird though i have several pairs of doubles even one triple of the perfect heels and for whatever reason the old ones just keep going. I think Melrose said sort of thing once too.
  6. Out for sandwich shop in my 5.5 inch silver heels. Love these pumps. Legs still splotchy from the poison oak, but hells bells i needed to heel.
  7. Thanks Jeff. The itching is all but gone and The rash is mostly just discolored skin. A few smaller regions have popped up and still some bloating in my feet. Case in point.
  8. I cut down a diseased black walnut tree, about a 14" trunk two weeks. No problem but then i got carried away and went nuts on an overgrown siding. Then two days later my reward was this. Both legs, both arms and my belly. Kinda put a stop to heeling for now. Anyway finally past the itching stage. Last week i really could have put a bullet in my brain, just kidding guys, but it would have been a relief.
  9. Wouldn't work, you need a steel shank pin, and a durable rubberized plastic. Neither are achievable with a 3d printer. Even an all metal printer won't yield good results. There is no grain structure to the metal. Would shear off at the interface of the pin and the actual heel tip.
  10. Since i almost exclusively wear stilettos only heel tips and frequently. Sounds like you got your money's worth and the boots owe you nothing.
  11. I have purchased from them before. Shipping from Europe to the U.S. is very expensive these days.
  12. The color is great, just wished the heels were balanced like the seller image. Even though have several, i really prefer the heel to be under my foot not behind it. Shoes self destruct quickly when poorly balanced.
  13. Google it. Most pleaser use standard pins that you can buy on ebay or amazon. You'll need her boots to get the rubber size. I have tons of tips and replace often. Did a tutorial a little while ago on resizing the pin diameter with a house hold drill, shipping tape and a dremel moto tool with a cut off tip. Biggest issue is pulling theold tip without breaking it. Redrilling tge hole is next to impossible.
  14. Oh well disappointed, These were supposed to look like the initial image, alas classic Chinese bait and switch. These are what I got, I'm keeping them but really they should at least try to match what they advertise. Left a neutral on ebay, $100 out. Heels not well balanced all the way back, not under the weight of my foot. another image.
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