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  1. Jkrenzer

    Share your pics of couples in heels!

    Unfortunately I'm the only heel wearer in my house, lucky you.
  2. Nice pics, but I think Amanda wants legs to be uncovered, bare or in hose.
  3. Jkrenzer

    Damage your heels can cause

    I've been installing bamboo floors, has helped a lot, still no metal tips without rugs.
  4. Lovely classic pumps, nice arches.
  5. Jkrenzer

    Are we addicted?

    To the original question, absolutely.
  6. Jkrenzer

    Boots platforms peep toes or wedges

    You should start by answering your own question. Myself, order in preference, all narrow heels 4.5 inch to 5.25 inch rise. Meaning if platformed, heel minus platform. Classic single sole pumps T-bar pumps, sinlge sole. Mary Jane's single sole Slings, single sole Ankle boots, single soles Mid calf to just under the knees, single soles All above, same order with 1 inch or less platforms. Open toes, just not for me. Sandles, never really liked the fit of thin straps.
  7. Jkrenzer

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    I remember this picture, nice.
  8. Jkrenzer

    Heel protectors

    Hate to state your premise is wrong. Lower heels actually put more pressure on the heel not the opposite. Higher the heel the more the weight is shifted forward until there is no heel at all. Good you kept your weight off the the heel but no surprise you got tired and you likely looked funny doing it.
  9. Jkrenzer

    Have you been caught?

    Didn't run into anyone I know, but did enjoy the day. Many saw a guy in heels with his wife and dog. A family with several kids came over to pet my dog while sitting legs out on the grass, dog up against my heels, no issue no comments as it should be.
  10. Anne may be insecure if you wore real heels. That's a shame, we are all equal here, she should embrace it.
  11. Jkrenzer

    Have you been caught?

    About to head downtown with my nine West 5 inch block heel ankle boots. May run into someone else who doesn't know, we'll see.
  12. Jkrenzer

    Nine West

    That's a shame, they made great mid range heels and usually to size 11 US, big enough for me.
  13. Jkrenzer

    Have you been caught?

    Have you? In my case, many times. Yet to be an issue.
  14. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Impressive, like the unshaven look too.
  15. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Look great, I'd be surprised if the plastic soles don't crack on the black pair. There's not much give, I have a few. When they crack there is a noticeable snap, but then suddenly they become easier and more comfortable to walk in.

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