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  1. Jkrenzer

    red guess heels for sale size 11

    AJ I'll buy them if K2 doesn't. Let me know.
  2. Jkrenzer

    My first ( of hopefully many ) posts.

    Ditto, tremendous shoes
  3. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Just got my new Luichiny tan suede pumps. I've been wearing them to break in in the mornings for a few days. Today I took them for a spin. Started out for breakfast at my usual place, then off to the home depot for this weekend project materials, finished at Walmart for golf supplies, oil/filters, and a few other items. Great walking heels even at 5". These are a size 10, I bought them as my other Luichiny of the same style but different color and pattern have worn into a too large shoe. They are an 11 and started out nice but have stretched even after moderate use that they slip too much while walking. This so far seems to be the right way to go. I so love the forward tapered heels, so much better balance the straight back heels. I did wear pants this morning, cut just to the ankle, but it's warm and I wanted to show the shoes better so I donned the shorts.
  4. Yah, getting kind of personal here. The reality is, heels will never be mainstream in male attire, we are and always will be outliers. Acceptance is another thing and it's been my personal experience to not be an issue. I had a long conversation with a female bartender last Friday night wear she simply said if I'm happy wearing heels than nothing else matters. She quickly pointed out she'd not be able to wear the heels i was wearing, Casadie blades, but really loved the color, deep orange patent. I told her I wear them because I love both the look and feel. Side bar, heels are really outliers for women too. My experience again is far less than 50% of women rarely if ever wear heels over 2 inches.
  5. Jkrenzer

    Obervations can get you in to trouble

    SF, hate to say this but the "Peter Principle" in business is promote those who can't over those who can to not disrupt productivity. It's classic American business process. Leave the the good productive people to produce and make the less productive managers to reduce the risk of upsetting the flow. Currently on display at the white house. Typical short sighted business school philosophy, the belief that those who can won't teach those who can't so simply promote those who can't.
  6. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Incredible, I have 20 pair from them, top notch. Love you foot impressions from the inside out. The brand is perfect and the build is solid. Expect you'll buy many more.
  7. More than that I spec out materials all the time. Always amazed how people hear titanium and always assume super metal, far from it. Strength and hardness are the steels and nickel alloys.
  8. Pleaser heels actually have thicker than normal stiletto heels and use reasonably thicker walled tubes between the heel tip and upper. Pleaser have always been designed with men in mind, hence they all come in very large sizes. I have many and they don't do what is described here for me. Can only guess he's not walking correctly. As for titanium, even though in it's base alloy it's stronger than un heat treated steel it will flex more since it's modulus of elasticity is only slightly more than half of that of steel.
  9. Jkrenzer

    The perfect pump IMHO

    Wow, do tell name, style and wear you purchased these. I will buy a pair of you let me know.
  10. Jkrenzer

    The perfect pump IMHO

    1969 has a line of long toed pumps like this, heel height is about 5 inches. Good looking shoes, but like you said all tastes are different. The elongated toes will drag some if you choose to wear these out and about. To me the heel shape is perfect, low cut vamp is perfect, but I'd rather have the toes almond shaped.
  11. Jkrenzer

    A phenomena at eBay...

    The sexiest maddens I ever had were made in China. I wore the daylights out of them steel spike stilettos and all. About 5 inch, low cut with leather uppers and single soles. Sold them well used on ebay recently for over $80 to a heel collector. I have 2 more pair ready to be worn. Even compared to my 1969's and Cassedi pumps these were better shoes.
  12. Jkrenzer

    Word Association Game

  13. Jkrenzer

    Miniskirts for Men

    When I was a kid all shorts were this length. I remember when they got longer thinking, why?
  14. Jkrenzer

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Story telling is exactly his specialty.

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