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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Ok, now I'm curious, what kind of conference causes you to get glitter on your face?
  2. your opinion

    I disagree, a stiletto heel, maybe a bit higher, if it was paired with the upper the block heeled boot had would be my choice if available. Guess it's the entire boot, not just the heel type. If all other things are identical then stiletto always beats block. My experience has proven that thin stilettos are actually easier to wear and better balanced besides looking better.
  3. your opinion

    I'm a stiletto guy but the shaft on the boots just below the knee seems perfect for these pants, almost looks like a seamless transition. I'd go wit that boot.
  4. My curiousity is sparked

    Heels hurt most when they don't fit right. I'm a guy who has worn heels for over 30 yrs, mostly over 4.5 inches. I wear them because I like the way they fit, the way they look and the way they make me feel. But you are right, if they don't fit right they do hurt. It is possible that as a male I may have stronger more muscular feet and legs making heel wearing easier, but honestly I have never considered this.
  5. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Why wouldn't love heels. My old Pleaser two tones at work.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Me too, no trouble admiting I'm hooked and it's way more than just wearing them. I look at shoes second only to faces, so by definition I have a shoe fetish. I expect more here do than don't in my humble opinion, including the ladies. This is a great forum but be honest who would be here if it weren't for the love of high heels.
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Well done, but just exactly why were you in dsw in the first place if you have too many pairs.
  8. The Adventures of kneehighs...

    totally agree with kneehigh. I wear heels publicly a lot, with and without my wife. She doesn't wear heels, her choice. She has no issues with me wearing mine, often 5 inch thin stilettos. I don't CD, I just wear my heels. Her only concern is not how I look or present myself but rather how my knees will hold up. I tell her, not To worry, as I do wear "male" as work for 9 to 10 hrs everyday so I keep my tendons and knees in good shape. So there is no reason to shun a relationship simply because you want to wear heels. Just do it and let the chips fall where they may. Life is too short without companionship. Male or female, we all need someone.
  9. Where can I find these pups?

    More a bondage thing. Fetish styles are mainstream now. I'll admitI love it.
  10. Pleaser sexy 21

    I have those, surprisingly comfortable, Pleaser actually knows how to fit the male foot. They are easy walking, only issue is loop that holds the strap is not well sewn on. To be honest, I super glued mine back in place after they pulled away from the shoe.
  11. Collection and pics from down under

    6 week break, wow where can I get one of those.
  12. Wow, not my place to vote, but 1st place for now, especially the 1st pair.
  13. Manolo Blahnik

    You should see the Steve Madden documentary on Netflix, intense guy.
  14. New Heel Tips

    In the US, metric is about 50%. Automotive is the primary use. Pretty much all else is still UN, C-F-EF-J. Put J in front for fillet root radius threads used in all military applications.
  15. Psychology paper on high heel wearing

    How about people who wear heels are typically in better physical condition than those who don't. And well I don't know why, but I'm normally attracted more to people who are fit than those who are not. Maybe this is the reason people are more attracted to others in heels because a higher percentage of them are simply more attractive.