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  1. It's not an issue. Walking on soft ground is the same. When you know the surface gives, you simply use the front of your foot. Don't be fooled. Not a special talent.
  2. If that were true and they dressed like this guy then heels, and high stilettos would be everywhere.
  3. Sad but honest article. I couldn't see a spot for comments. The Hey Si Mey heels i have been buying recently are listed as unisex along with many other internet sellers. I wonder if tapping into the male market with heels is the result of lost sales to women. A few men in heels are on mainstream TV, even though they are gay, it's still being viewed by mainstream people.
  4. Not much tread on that stair case. Careful walking down those.
  5. Hey si mey, sweet. Been saying how great these are. Have several more styles coming.
  6. I just placed 3 public reviews on Amazon for the recent Hey Si Mey's. Pictures below were submitted. Please share some of your reviews. Not sure how long before the reviews actually get posted. The review in general reads: Amazing pumps. The heels are perfect height for me, 13cm at a size 42, US men's 10.5. The sizing is dead on an the shoes are amazingly comfortable. I wear heels publicly dressed as my image all the time and 10 hrs in these is no issue. I bought several others from this maker, only wish they offered these in nude and navy blue.
  7. It's a rehearsal, not church. Melrose's heels and attire are much nicer during service, right?
  8. Pink shirt and heels. Looks like good times. How did you all sound?
  9. It's also clear, stilettos are the best. She likely used to wear heels too. She knows stilettos are actually more attractive and more comfortable.
  10. I have a few boots and honestly have almost always found that fitting them was difficult. Boots require fitting the entire foot, ankle, and depending on the style much more. By nature they will be less likely to fit as well as shoes.
  11. Getting to vote this morning. Love showing off my new stilettos, heels 13mm. Same brand as my t-straps. Fit is so good with this group of heels.
  12. I started at about 27. Like most, it was in private. I went to 5 inch heels immediately. Seems my feet were designed for 5 inch heels. I've been open publicly for about 18 yrs. Wished I hadn't waited so long.
  13. Absolutely. Love showing them off. Amazing fit, the soles don't just go up, the bend back towards level at the top. High arch i guess makes these 5 inch heels very easy to walk in and surprisingly comfortable.
  14. I really hope Jeff does not leave, but apparently this is the only type of picture of fully dressed allowed. Me and Melrose are the only two heel only wearers that I'm aware of.
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