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  1. Today at the post office I had a women behind me snapping pictures with her phone. She stayed 2 or 3 feet back. I turned and you could tell she very specifically had her phone pointed at my lower legs. I expect there are hundreds of pictures circulating amongst unknown family and friends groups for many of us. She knows I caught her but I didn't say anything, just smiled. Plenty of people there. The staff is so used to me they just go about their jobs. For whatever reason the site won't alow me to search for an image let alone attach it.
  2. Red pumps would cap off that outfit really well. Look good buddy.
  3. Have to ask what size you wear to actually fit Louboutin?
  4. I'm wondering if you saw a couple passable cross dressers or transgendered ladies. There are many very good looking people of such circumstances these days. Good to see in any situation.
  5. Amazing boots, perfect heels in my opinion. Hope these get worn often.
  6. Pictures I'm tired of having to add ap after ap to look at occasional images. Please post pictures here.
  7. One of life's mysteries I guess.
  8. I occasionally get those walk out pumps or wear them to that point. These many of my pumps have a Mary Jane Strap or an ankle strap. With these features there are no issues. Also, good pumps will narrow above the heel cap, gripping my ankle. This is also a reason I don't care for platforms. All platforms have less flex and all platforms will dislodge more easily.
  9. I don't know, if kryptonite slows down superman what will it do to us common folk in high heels?
  10. What other heel material do you have. Hardened rubber, plastic (worst) and steel tips are all I'm aware of.
  11. I installed bamboo floors, DIY, in my home. Solved all dent problems, metal tips or not.
  12. Wow, missed this. Those are beautiful heels. Watch out, you're turning in to the pumps guy. Join the club
  13. Beginning to think we are grey hairs here. Site should be call GERIATRIC HEELS FOR MEN
  14. Happens. Sent you a pm Never mind says you can't receive messages
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