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  1. I'm always aware people notice my heels, usually stilettos even though I'm in otherwise male attire. People here often say they are not noticed, but can say that's not reality. Most notice, many simply can't grasp what they are seeing so they ignore. I've overheard many conversations and seen many women sheepishly look me in the face as I approach, but i have the sense they turn and look down after I pass. Good outing and keep going. By the way love the yellow beauties you added to your gallery.
  2. Honestly you should feel out her thoughts by showing something like ax commercial of last year or see her reaction to internet images show men wearing heels in less provocative or over the top ways. If you're into full x-dress then you're in for a much deeper conversation. Myself, when I first met my wife and 2 previous girlfriends I mentioned it very early on, none seemed to mind. The one I altimately married thought it was sexy.
  3. I'll be honest. It started as pure fetish lust for me until I finally donned my first pair. Then I fell in love not just with the look (fetish) but the feel (me and no fetish). Now I wear my heels because I like the look and feel on me. Do I still get excited seeing women in heels? Absolutely, but now it's more because I think about how I'd look and feel with them or how much better I actually walk around in them than the person wearing them.
  4. Can't imagine the kind of income or spending money one has to drop that kind of money on a pair of boots that at most will only be worn a few times a year. Guessing the same people put on a pedestal for their charitable contributions. They are hot though.
  5. Ooh I like
  6. Get over it, you now are like everyone else, heels require A larger volume simply because they are different from pair to pair whilst you so called man shoes are all the same.
  7. About 3/4 in she's inside a bared room in what appeared to be a more true action seen and sure enough the heels are gone even though she's still in suede boots. Drives my wife crazy that I always pick up on constant shoe changes mid seen in movies. I always wonder if directors really think it's not noticeable.
  8. Agreed Amanda, this post seems out of place to me too.
  9. The problem I see is in the last. The slope from the heel to the soles will not support anything and in a normal heel that portion is not flexible for a reason.
  10. Always wear personal protection when working with a stripper.
  11. Your confidence seems to be growing.
  12. Like the boots but please tell me you took the sticker off the soles, nothing worse than shoes worn with labels still in place. It's a sign of laziness.
  13. My white sidewalk. Actually nice in North Carolina now.
  14. Just had a nice little comment from a young female clerk at the local grocery store on the shoes pictured. She said "your walking around in heels even I can't walk in". I told it's because I like them. She had a very warm smile on her face. Just prior at a gas station several Latino men in a van took in the image in a different manner, but they kept their comments to themselves, I just smiled back at them. A span of 15 minutes, two polar opposite reactions, but that's OK because I enjoy myself in my heels.
  15. Great shoes and look. Can't agree more as I always wear heels while in otherwise "male" mode.