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  1. Gay and heels are not mutually inclusive. Yes there are gay men who wear heels, but I'd bet the % of straight men who do and don't wear them but wished they did is no greater than the gay community. Key here is in the gay community there may be less reservations about actually wearing them so the numbers are skewed. Expect the female population that actually want to wear heels is equivalent to the male population. You either enjoy the feel and look or you don't and I can't think of a less gender specific part of the human body than the foot. Society has just pushed us this way for no real reason, especially when you consider it was male aristocrats who first made heels a fashion over function item.
  2. Jkrenzer

    Noticing people in heels

    I hate to say it, but reading mackey's posts over time makes me think he has a general issue with women.
  3. Jkrenzer

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Stick to the single soles my friend. Case in point a couple weeks ago a picked up a rare, for me, pair of 5.5 inch platform boots at goodwill. Loved them, very comfortable, then wallah the soles split in half. These were double platforms, with a seem running parallel to the soles, half inch above and below. I super glued it back together then manually broke the other boot to fix it the same way. So I now have experienced failures in thin plastic platforms like yours and in wider ones. My soles never fall off my single sole pumps and boots.
  4. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Beautiful shoes, love the toe cleavage and exposed ankle.
  5. Jkrenzer

    Costa in boots

    Need some new heel taps.
  6. agree but overall I really think the article was pretty well done.
  7. Great picture, really love the low cut vamps. Are these the new pair shown in the mew shoes section. Love to sit with you with a pair of stilettos, wonder what reaction we'd get if two of us were there side by side.
  8. Jkrenzer

    Something Different

    You look so much better in single sole heels.
  9. Jkrenzer

    Something Different

    Love the darker shoes.
  10. Jkrenzer

    Show us your most masculine heels

  11. I guess you just made his point, Cali is not an obvious male name. I use Joe when I post reviews, it is after all my actual name.
  12. Jkrenzer

    Show us your most masculine heels

    All of my heels are masculine because I wear them and don't attempt to pretend I'm trying to be fem. Stilettos, slightly fury legs, a beard and no otherwise feminine attire. To be honest, the ladies like it.
  13. Jkrenzer

    Show us your most masculine heels

    If unattractive means masculine you have it in spades with these. Just me but I never got the hidden heel sneaker thing.
  14. Jkrenzer

    Guess Carrie Pumps

    I agree with NZ, they are easy on my legs walking. The heel is so much easier than the back position straight heels. My only issue with them is the slightly extended vamp, the toe tips tend to drag a bit and as such wear out quickly. However the design originated when elongated toes were still popular.
  15. Jkrenzer

    Highest heel you've worn

    CL's stretch and stretch. I bought a very well worn pair from a woman who wore them to the point she couldn't keep her feet in them anymore. I continued where she's left off and they even stretched to oversize on me. Still have them though, honestly I like to just caress them, tactile high I guess, but still very gratifying. What can I say I'm sure I'm not the only one here who likes to fondle his heels from time to time.

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