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  1. I disagree with the wider heel statement. Maybe i have very strong ankles because i find my thin stilettos way easier to walk in, as i said before, the weight is at one point, in wider heels the load moves around and i find harder on my knees.
  2. Good luck, they are hot. I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off them if i saw you out and about. Somehow i think 5" will still be your staple though.
  3. Jkrenzer


    It's something that took some time. Don't forget i wear an 11 vs your 8.5 so 4.5 inch to you is about 4.75 to me so we aren't really that much different. I splurged on mules the last week and these 5" leather beauties are from Steve Harvey's son Yevrah. Landed these for $35 brand new on ebay, normal list is $295 so I think I did good that way. They were a bit challenging for a day but the leather quickly conformed and they fit great now. I bought these at 40.5 so thought they'd run small but they actually fit well. They need to go public soon. A better image of the odd heel shape, OK, but really would be better if they were a classic stiletto and if they were more forward. Seem solid though and don't want to skid, the quality of the shoe is obvious from that perspective.
  4. Well put, i am the same. I simply must wear heels and so i do.
  5. Jkrenzer


    Got these shodazzle 5 inch mules off ebay and i can't take them off. Went to home depot this morning and stopped at a dozen garage sales. The comfort level on these is a 10, I'd classify these as perfect shoes. I can spend hours in them including a lot of walking around and the look is stunning, i.e. perfect heels. Structurally sound as well.
  6. Permission is not required. I really understand the problem with smooth hard floors and have had heels slip on occasion. These shoes are well balanced, i.e. the heel is not too far back or forward and as such i seem to be able to walk much easier in them. I also don't wear this pair all that often anyway.
  7. You have small feet. She may have wanted them, but it's an odd offer. Plus many people cringe at the idea of wearing anothers shoes. I wouldn't take it bad that she ultimately didn't accept, initially she was being spontaneous but given the time to think it over I'm not surprised she declined. By the way, were going to leave the store shoeless?
  8. Heels in general have nothing to do with sexual orientation. I consider myself hetero, i do have many gay friends and get more or less the same reactions either way. I have been with 2 men in casual experimental encounters that I didn't hate but don't miss either. In both cases though it was the footwear that created the encounter. We both were heelers experimenting.
  9. I have. My wife's best friend lives in another state and spent time with us with her fiancee. My wife showed her my shoe room and she flipped in admiration. I had a flamboyant pair of stiletto boots, silver, red, and blue. I put them on for a bit and Lee her fiancee was very inquisitive. He tried them on and admitted he likedthe feel. He kept them on but other standing and a little test walking didn't do much else. He took them off after about 15 min. I loved the look on her face and she was way into it. The next summer we were in n.y. they came to our place we stayed one night. I wore some 5 inch pumps with shorts while he kept his sneakers on. I then snuck out and put the boots in his truck. I told her, she loved it. Never more but I'm sure he's at least worn them for bedroom kink. They are getting married on the beach in n.c. this fall. I'll bring and wear heels but not to the ceremony.
  10. Either way, they are both more attractive than anyone I've ever bedded.
  11. I'm not so sure. When standing straight in these the heel will line up with back of you calf, therefore the weight is actually more squarely on the heel. It's been so long since shoes were made this way I think most people forgot how much easier they are to walk in. The heel won't want to split from the front, ever notice how on heeled back shoes the front of the shoe wants to slide forward a bit after your foot completed its step? That won't happen with these. Just my opinion though.
  12. That's a beautiful shoe. There are some out there. I just don't get why the style has fallen out of favor to point the mid quality makes like nine West don't carry them.
  13. Jkrenzer


    By nature men are competitive, this is likely the reason. I agree, it's not about the height, it's about the feel. For me and my size 11 women's sizing, 4.75 to 5 inch rise is the feel I prefer.
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