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  1. I'm guessing he's the one with the larger feet. Looks like fun, good on having a fun gf and being able to enjoy.
  2. Nothing about any of the shoes or clothes are attractive. Also, no actual rise on the boots, just horible.
  3. My biggest complaint has been the unnerving way many of the makes use the same heel no matter the size. Heel height should increase with size or at least every other size. The shoes are way out of proportion resulting in the tip of the toes pointing upward when not on. The really bad part is the heel gets overloaded when worn as it does not contact the ground squarely. Now i never buy without previous reviews, preferably with customer pictures.
  4. Agreed, the boots in the 2nd picture are awesome. Not sure i even like the other two, just my taste though.
  5. Never heard of him either, but doesn't matter. Very nice heels and not chuncky. I'dbe in higher heels but honestly that coat was horrible. Would have looked greater without the coat. Tge heels is a big deal. This is mainstream stuff, of which i never watch any crappy awards shows, but many do.
  6. Well, he didn't ask about my mental status :-)
  7. A little bit, but been in heels for so many years now I'm well balanced.
  8. No reactions. It's a larger grocery that i heel in at least twice a week. The shoes are just shy of 5.5 inches. Surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in. They are a bit loud as the nail is poking through the worn heel tips. Love the soumd bit I'll put new oneson soon.
  9. I used to enjoy bakers shoes. They had a cutting sexy edge and your right the quality was mid of the road, way better than payless but just below nine west
  10. Well said, can't argue with that. I have more or less followed the same path, other than block heels to stilettos. Have always been a stiletto guy. I also think i have stopped my progression. Very high, single sole heels with ankle length jeans when casual or my dressier work attire which is slacks and a collared shirt.
  11. Sell them yet, will buy all if you're interested.
  12. Ah, good old Mel Brooks. Back in biblical times there was no distinction between men's and women's clothes. Everyone wore the same rudimentary garb including footware.
  13. Looks like a great crew. I did spot you in the red shirt, and knowing what to look for i felt you were in heels. Even squatting heels change your posture just a bit, but no i wouldn't have guessed not knowing in advance.
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