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  1. Although not boots, I have traveled to and from Brazil with 5 inch block, 1 inch square, loafers. Had no issues. Those shoes are long since gone.
  2. We will likely never see men in high heels openly in public under normal everyday circumstances. My coworkers can't say that as long as I'm around, but they have only seen one guy in high heels. High heels will likely never really catch on, few people have the gene.
  3. Interesting the note would even be sent like that and more interesting it was ignored. Nothing makes teenagers do things in a certain way better than suggesting or telling them not to. Next time hopefully they say high heels are discouraged.
  4. Wow Cali in stilettos, like it.
  5. The arteries in our legs are much larger than those in our arms to feed the much larger muscles.
  6. Love the boots. A bit surprised they aren't slippery on the fresh snow.
  7. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    I have only stock up to 12mm across. I think you'll need a cobbler for these. They often use larger parts then grind and buff to the shank shape.
  8. Excellent story. Too bad you're both apart but must been fun.
  9. Jkrenzer

    Cali World

    Which booties. I have many tips available.
  10. I just purchased 2 pair of proper pumps. 1 a 10 wide width and 1 an standard 11. Pics once they arrive.
  11. If he's out of business there's no product. Also, eBay will contact seller first to "solve" the problem, meaning if the boots exist they will be delivered or the seller can refund without penalty.
  12. Yikes, those are nasty ugly.
  13. Ebay uses tracking so eBay will ensure you're refunded and will potentially kick the seller out. Contact eBay, nothing takes this much time.
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