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  1. Hiheeler, can you tell us where you got these?
  2. Count me as unimpressed. No improvement on the the jumping pop ups, no improvement on the notifications. A minor irrelevant change to textures and improvement to a small extent on replies. A better improvement for replies would block image replication all together. I get users are too lazy to only reply texts costing the sight lots of memory, but still showing half images is just stupid.
  3. My favorite side benny is tge unsolicited positive comments from strange women and the conversations that sometimes results. I wished I was public in my late teens and twenties. Who knows how much more fun i could've had.
  4. Not on topic, but i hate gender reveal parties. A narcissistic concept, just below elementary school graduations.
  5. Cali, you don't wear stilettos, heel tips under 1/4" in size like I do. I replaced my hardwood flooring with even harder bamboo. I left tons of heel marks in oak flooring over the years, bamboo is the only thing other ceramic that withstands true stilettos. I also have plenty of throw rugs.
  6. Love their 11 an 12 cm stilettos, they have perfect hourglass heels. Well balanced. But, alas, 50 Euro to ship to the U.S.
  7. Getting some garden block. Also a trip to Wal-Mart.
  8. I've been living this part of your dream for years. Just do it my friend.
  9. Buddy, very well done and bold with the short shorts. Been getting comments a lot latey, all positive and all women. Is the virus bringing out the best in people?
  10. These fit me fine, not the problem. They were a 41 i think their max. It's been a few years, but I'm not kidding about the poor customer service.
  11. Is it me or is this web site getting inundated with crap? Can barely click a topic, a gallery, whatever without a bunch of crap bouncing in. Just about to pick something, bam all moves and a pop up is picked. It's not me, many other forums no problems. Getting annoying. I get needing sponsored dollars but really.
  12. That's a shame. Eff it, life is finite and short. I love stilettos. I love how they feel, look, and style. I'm all in, and don't care. I'm rapidly running out of years, and each goes faster than the last.
  13. A little color at work today, and yes Melrose, only at the desk.
  14. I used to have a pair of Rosas. Toes scraped when walking, wore through them quickly. Not good. I had another issue with them. They come with flared heel tips, impossible to find. I contacted them about buying spate tips. Got the impression in very convincing manner that they wanted nothing to do with a guy wearing their shoes. Communication stop after a couple back and forths this instant i mentioned who i was.
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