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  1. Tina beautiful pumps, can you walk with them on? Just got these black pumps and burgundy D'Orsay's. The green pumps are the same as the black ones, had them for about 2 weeks. Incredibly comfortable with heels just shy of 5 inches. The brand is KRIS & JESSI. I got these from Aliexpress and can't be happier. The green pumps made a splash at Buffalo Wild Wings a week ago Thursday.
  2. Not that i don't like better dressing at places like church, in those days even Melrose wouldn't be caight dead in heels. I'm fine with how things are. At my Catholic church growing up, religious classes were held on wed evenings, us kids dressed like public school, cords and collared but not button down shirts. Girls, typically pants and blouses. Religious classes ended after confirmation. I always had to explain to my "born again friends" that confirmation was your approving of your faith and baptism when old enough to know better. Of course, had the best co-ed strip poker party o
  3. Thought I'd ask everyone their opinion on the perfect shoe. Mine varies over time but here is where I'm at right now. My perfect shoes is: - single sole, closed toed, mild toe cleavage, open instep, low outer side, 5 inch stilleto. Sorry for the image quality, taken from my phone at work.
  4. Seriously out of my price range. Even a stiletto wearing, high heel junkie like has his spending limits.
  5. They've become accustomed to you. It's a good place to be, I know I enjoy it.
  6. Mike i love these pumps. Seems i remember this from a while back. You still have these.
  7. We all knew it was an assembled image. Well done.
  8. It doesn't mean you're an idiot, it means it's not relevant if you are or not since the perception is the rule. Perception is reality, Donald Trump made a career out of. A really bad business man who inherited his wealth, would be wealthier if he never did anything. Convinced the masses he is a great businessman, perception became reality, became president.
  9. In most cases perceptipn IS reality. If your boss perceives you're an idiot, you're going to get canned. It applies to most things in life.
  10. He has two left feet Melrose.
  11. Excellent look. You have the highest heels at the service? You are an elder at church, how large is the congregation? Just notice you have some rot on the lower edge of your siding, looks like a summer project.
  12. These shoes are well proportioned. I don't have too many plats, but this ia a pair I'd wear.
  13. Those oxfords are tremendous. It's always easier going up stairs or inclines, even in training shoes. My normal rise is 5 inches, about the same as you relatively speaking seeing i wear an average size 10.5 womens. Today I'm in my 5.25 in boots, my limit, but still gracefully walkable provided no downhill slopes.
  14. Hey Melrose, those pumps with a 4.5 inch rise are very high considering your feet are much smaller than Pierre's, not to mention the vast majority of other human males.
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