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  1. Jkrenzer

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    This customer isn't going back, way to expensive for what you get.
  2. Jkrenzer

    Mixing styles

    I have no problem, but I've been accused of being dressed too casual for heels. Personally, you can't be too casual for heels. I long for the days when blue jeans and heels were the norm (1980's). Here is a picture from this morning at breakfast, waffle house, casual clothes, casual dinning and 5 inch heels.
  3. Jkrenzer

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Personally I love toe cleavage, but do admit loubs have a bit too much in some cases. My one pair of Loubitines have stretched beyond wear and I blame most of that on the overly small vamps.
  4. Jkrenzer

    Others defending your style

    Yep, A little shorter than your post, but get tired reading after a while.
  5. Jkrenzer

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Nice shoes, need some new tips though.
  6. Jkrenzer

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Not too surprised your lips may have gone unnoticed. If you look people in the eyes when out and about they'll usually will look down somewhat or off to the side. In general people really don't like to make eye contact with strangers. I always hold my head high when I'm out in heels and tend to be more aware of my surroundings and I've noticed this year's ago. Have even caught myself doing it too.
  7. Jkrenzer

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    They are suede, leather actually. Yah surprised by the heel height and I do love them. Honestly got them from eBay, US women's 10. They were almost too tight when I first put them on but so glad I pained through them as they stretched to perfection after a couple wearing. I knew they'd stretch. Since I now have perfect fitting pumps that seemed to have stretched max. Loved them so much I searched for other colors immediately, no avail. These have been off the market for a while now. Style is Winkkk, technically classified as boots, but I consider them to be pumps. Whoops, sorry all, Steve Madden not nine west
  8. Jkrenzer

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    At the grocery today with one of my favorite Nine West 5" pumps. Always fun to show off great heels.
  9. Jkrenzer

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Love your travel bags, very basic indeed, easy to spot on the carrasell too. I'm old enough to Remember the occasional flight attendant in heels, but you're right been a long time.
  10. Jkrenzer

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    I hear, he's not to fond of guys wearing his shoes. Odd, as I believe anyone devoted to designing high heels must have at one time or another tried one on.
  11. Jkrenzer

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    The 1st picture on top gives the impression that the blue ones are steeper even if the heel is a bit lower. I actually like the blue ones better but wouldn't mind either one.
  12. Jkrenzer

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    Comparison pictures?
  13. Jkrenzer

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Picked up 2 pair of Highest Heel Hotties. I knew before buying them I would alter the heel color and really like how they look. These are actually comfortable and got both pair delivered for $60.
  14. Jkrenzer

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    I wore these shoes for several errands yesterday started at the P.O., then to Lens Crafter's for glasses fitting, then to subway sandwich shop. Old pair of Shoe Republic LA.
  15. Jkrenzer

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    wow, love both yours and hers

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