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  1. I used to work the edges, night walking, long pants, etc. Now openly just about everywhere. I don't walk around at work but do have a nice pair of 5 inch basic black pumps i keep at my desk and wear from time to time when i know i won'tbe up and about much. Several coworkers are aware and i discussed with one. I simply said I'm more relaxed with them on. Nothing more. I think my confidence grew at a logarithmic rate, took a long time to get comfortable to being known as different by wearing heels to boldly going where no man has gone before with no concerns.
  2. Having fun at ruby Tuesday after league bowling tonight. These are my very well broken in pumps from 1969. They know me well here as the guy in heels.
  3. Love those shoes. Yep, one must keep in practice.
  4. Honestly looks better with the men's pants. Do love those boots.
  5. 1st, but i always prefer thinner heels. I like sexy spiky heels anyway.
  6. You people need to drop this. Tbg got out on his own. Let it go already, tech did not ban him and he decided to move on. Please let's just get back our own thoughts and deeds. Almost like a bunch of school girls who can't get past someone didn't want to play with them anymore.
  7. You'll be billed regularly if you purchase or not. Good shoes but glad i got out. I'll buy them 2nd hand now via ebay etc.
  8. Absolutely, just like the mountain. Cause there here.
  9. None of the above or all of the above. If the question was do i wear them under my pants? Yes. But in answering this way assumes i don't show them is incorrect. Most of the time all of my shoes are visible and my boots are visible from the shank down. I therefore don't consider it hiding. Also, am i the only one who doesn't like to ball or skrunch up my pants inside my boots. I really don't like close cut geans, uncomfortable, bad for pocket use, etc.
  10. Have the exact same pair. Gotten to like mules lately.
  11. Got off the course after 18 holes. Was about 92 deg, veey hot. Anyway went to ruby Tuesdays afterward with my 5.25 ankle boots. Love showing off great heels even if my aging legs are getting long in tbe tooth.
  12. At breakfast this morning and stopped at walmart for balls and tees. I think my golf tees have wider shanks than these heels.
  13. I've seen him, got style and openly wears heels. He's a low budget film maker or producer. Lot's of images on google.
  14. Yep, mail it to yourself, it will offer size reduction, works well and maintains suitable definition. Not sure why smart phones don't simply allow reduction without mailing? Should be a simple option on the crop set up, or maybe I'm not smart enough for my smartphone.
  15. Ok jeremy you started it. Think anything's better than "Feeling Myself". I chalked it up to translation and let it pass.
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