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  1. Very cool, very freestyle.
  2. Oooh those are hot
  3. You tap dance? Very cute for that type of shoe.
  4. Absolutely they noticed.
  5. Love the boots, then suddenly I see the spurs. My mind immediately thinks wow how edgy. Not because of the heels I had no reaction to those. Keep up the heeling.
  6. Good idea. I have a boxes of heel tips and a proper tool to pull the old ones, saves a lot of $'s and time. Like the toe tap idea.
  7. I routinely replace heel taps just as the nail is exposed. This makes the toe tip the primary wear spot that ultimately kills my heels. Long pointy toed heels are short lived compared to almond shaped toes.
  8. Wearing the hose foot pads is for sanitary purposes, although not sure how effective they are. Careful though, If you're like me and prefer barefoot wear, the hose actually eases you foot into the shoes. You may get a false sense of fit.
  9. I didn't want to be critical but you're so natural in your heels without the wigs. I believe people are drawn to you because you present a level of confidence that is lost once the wigs go on. Keep heeling, you're one of cornerstones of hhplace.org.
  10. Like the outfit and boots, but honestly the wigs look out of place. You present so much better in your heels when you don't go with the wigs. They simply look as if you're trying to hide your age.
  11. Very nice.
  12. Nice shoes. Post pictures of them on.
  13. Oh, yah, they look great.
  14. I expectthey were simply mislabeled.
  15. I the subject itself is the very reason this site even exists. Nobody needs heels.