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  1. While many here would find the heels you are wearing here to be not high enough I think those are a great height to be attractive while giving some comfort. great choice
  2. i wouldn't miss the platforms, but I still enjoy strappy styles and some open toe styles
  3. Hope you get better quick and there's no serious issues. Ishare your chagrin.
  4. Back to A shaped heels. that shape was quite common in the mid to late 60's when my zest for heels really kicked in. some would also show a bit of toe cleavage which i also took a liking to. thanks for sharing the photos and sparking my memories!
  5. Those heels look very comfortable I'd enjoy those as the heel height would be right in my range.
  6. Those appear to be opaque, which seems to be considered acceptable in the fashion world. Personally, I think hose are fine with open shoes, but it is considered a faux pas in the fashion world. I grew up in the world when hose were always worn with dress shoes, whether they were open toe or sandals. It's mainly been in the last 15-20 years that hosiery and open shoes became a no-no.
  7. I don't think anyone needs to be apologetic for wearing "shorter heels". For one thing, it is the current trend for footwear. Second, not all of us here follow the line of higher is better. Enjoy what you wear!
  8. Somehow I doubt her comment was confined to the wearing of heels at said market. However, the duties required as the mother of a young child could definitely curtail the heel height of a Mom's shoes. Chasing a toddler is better left to flats.
  9. Ahh, the old wish I could wear those line. I know there are people that could not wear heels, my wife included. But that line comes out of the mouths of way too many people perfectly capable of wearing them. I find the statement mostly frustrating, especially coming from a woman.
  10. I think red looks fine with all three. It is a classic nail color.
  11. The wedges shown here are not a bad looking pair of shoes, and there are a couple others on their site. Is that first pair something they actually offered?
  12. Wow, that is a lot of shoes that didn't get worn much. A bit sad that they didn't. It is unfortunate that you can try on a pair of shoes in store and walk around a bit and they seem to fit fine and feel good. But wear them for an hour or so and it's a different story. I know that many women have had the same experience, including my wife, who has bought in store or even on line and thought the shoes were fine, only to wear them once and find that they were uncomfortable. I'll admit that has happened to me even in men's shoes. That is a big number of shoes to own though!
  13. Nice to see some posts from you again @HappyinHeels. Looking good.
  14. Years ago I did a lot of housework while in heels. I miss those days.
  15. They were a previously owned pair and are no longer available at retail, which is likely why there is no link with the photo. I think I paid $16 on Threadup. The heels are a bit on the low side for you @Jkrenzer . They are about 3.75 inches in this size 11 shoe. For being previously owned, they are in excellent condition - look they they were rarely worn.
  16. For sure Cali. And I'd add that it's not healthy for your feet as they need to be able to breathe and dry out as well. Just don't think it is a good idea.
  17. HinH, did I misunderstand. You said you thought you might have over 200 pairs of heels, but state that you have 18 that you have actually worn out of the house. Is that correct?
  18. I bought this pair on Threadup. Enzo Angiolini Sandria in size 11. They fit me pretty well and I think they will be comfortable, but given the style, it's unlikely that I will wear them out and about. I will enjoy them at home though.
  19. Nice wearable sandals. I must say I am a bit surprised with the slap on the rump! Wouldn't have thought that was you! lol.
  20. Thanks for sharing your story, and welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here.
  21. While I did get off the path a bit, the point I was trying to make is that there are options for men to experience the height of a heel without wearing a shoe intended for a woman, and would pretty much disguise the fact that a heel is being worn. @p1ng74, your choices are pretty much male styles but with a heel. Cowboy boots can somewhat offset the heel look. But chunky heel booties or oxfords with heels that extend to 4" or so remain pretty much a feminine style. Boots and shoes of that nature are available now as the block heel is in style. But should styles evolve again to something like the 1960's or mid-late 1980's, block heels would be near impossible to find, so if a heel was desired, it would most likely be a thin heels of some sort. If that were to happen (which I doubt, but it could), and only thin heels were available, would you guys that now only go for block heels still want to wear heels of that look?
  22. It is rather difficult to see the heels for sure.
  23. Hopefully it was not because of heels? That would just give your wife more reasons to tell you that your heels are not great!
  24. I think for the most part those of us that wear heels tend to wear heels that fall on the feminine looking side of the scale. After all, if it was simply wearing something that was elevated at the heel, there are shoes available in men's styles that offer built-in "lifts" which are not at all obvious. So technically, a man could wear high heels without being the least bit obvious. True, they are not going to be 4-6" heels, but I have seen some offered that get close to 4". So I think our desire for heels goes a bit farther than the heel alone, as we like the design that is typically classified as feminine. I think perhaps the most difficult part for the ladies is the reaction of those around her regarding her partner's choice of footwear. She's going to hear about it from family and friends and it is likely not easy to deal with. There will most likely be a lack of acceptance within the community at large that she will have to deal with. It is unfair, as women can wear a pair of wing tips that are absolutely a male shoe style, but they are considered "cute" and "stylish" when a woman puts them on. They can pretty much wear whatever they want, but men can't. I don't see that changing any time in the near future. While there is a trend of unisex clothing among the young, it is not really toward feminine looking heels for men. Heck, even young women don't wear much in the way of heels. Yes, there are some men's boots that include a chunky high heel and it seems that is being somewhat accepted. But not stilettos, low cut pumps, strappy sandals, etc. If the world does change enough for that to be acceptable for men, I guarantee I will not be alive to see it.
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