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  1. RonC

    Police in Milan

    I'm with you there my friend.
  2. Quite understandable, as size 13 is indeed very, very rare. I have seen some at Nordstrom Rack stores if you happen to have one anywhere nearby. A small selection but some nice heels.
  3. RonC

    Police in Milan

    I would love to see that! However, age, health and pandemic likely preclude me from making that trip, darn it!
  4. Welcome! Glad to have you participate.
  5. MMM, you are one fortunate person to have found a partner to share your desires with. I hope that you take time to accommodate her in things she enjoys as well, as if things are one-way only, it would like eventually sour. Hold on with both hands!
  6. RonC

    Police in Milan

    I remember those commercials well. Easy Spirit did make a pump with a higher heel, but they didn't use those in the commercial. Not a 5 incher by any means, they were probably in the 3.5-4 inch range. Those in the commercials are likely 2-2.5 inches. But a nice classic shape though. Would still be a challenge to play basketball with a heel that narrow, even if not high. The first time I dressed as a female for Halloween, I had a pair of kitten heels. I found them somehow more challenging than a higher heel. I think the lack of height left me feeling that I didn't need to be as cognizan
  7. When I was working, I had 27" and 23" screens. These days I am limited to a laptop. I do miss my big screens!
  8. Yeah, Nordstrom Rack in my area is also becoming rather barren. Not sure what is going on there. Very few heels.
  9. I don't want to see anyone get dumped here, but if the specific intent of this site is men wearing heels as men, then Tech does have a point. Jeff, I respect what you do and wear (except the lack of heels lately....lol), but once you put on a dress and add jewelry and lipstick, you look not at all unlike many a black woman that shaves her hear or has very close cropped hair (Grace Jones for an example). Sorry, but you present as a woman. So you may not want to be a woman, but you do try to look like one. There are many crossdressers that don't want to be women either, but basically because
  10. If they are really loud, a shoe repair shop can attach a quieter heel pad, which should quell any additional concern on her part about the noise. It will be a muffled clomp rather than a click.
  11. I tried the link again and got the same two photos. You indicated that you would update. Still plan to do that? Would like to see your other photos.
  12. Yes. I always found that a bit frustrating! I wanted to see the heels. Yet here I am doing the same thing...lol. However, contrary to my wanting to see the heels these women were wearing, I doubt most of the viewing public would actually want to see me in heels!
  13. The Bears are an illusion. Their true colors will be shown in a few weeks. They have been lucky more than once.
  14. Enjoy the warmth, HinH! I'll be stuck here knee deep in white crap while thinking of you in sandals...lol,
  15. I think the tan looks much nicer. Too much contrast with the black. Shoe wise, I'm personally not a platform fan, but enjoy!
  16. Cali, I'd love to. But I have a difficult enough time trying to find shoes that fit at all, much less a pair with room for pads. Yes, there are some shoes available in sizes such as 11WW that might allow that, but I haven't found anything in that size range that I would even consider buying. They tend to be low heel, clunky looking things for the most part. That said, I am not an all day, walk alot wearer, so I can get by for the time I am in heels. And you wear them well! I'd like to be able to wear what you do, but honestly, as mentioned, I am perfectly happy with a 4" heel.
  17. A simple pair of men's jeans that did cover most of the heel. I'm not one to put my heels on display. I just enjoy being able to wear them without being noticed, etc.
  18. Thanks for all those comments Jeremy! Unfortunately for me, age and health issues are causing me to go the other direction. I am finding anything at about 4" or up is now beyond my comfort limit. My feet just can't take the pressure on the forefoot, and my ankles are not as flexible as the used to be. So I enjoy what I can wear. That said, as I've expressed in the past, to my eye, a heel of greater than 4" holds no real attraction for me. I do have to say that it seems the vast majority of HHPlace participants seem to like the more extreme heights.
  19. Yep. That was the idea. A walkable, wearable pair of heels.
  20. Nice to see some pics again from you CAT. You make Chicago look better....lol
  21. I bought these today. Naturalizer Soul Noela. Paid $48 at DSW. The size 11 medium I bought fits pretty well, though still a hair on the narrow side for my wider than typical foot. The heel in size 11 is 3 1/2 inches which is a good height for my rather bad feet. Wore them grocery shopping and they were good, but hopefully will break in a bit on the width.
  22. I don't think anyone would complain. Always nice to see what guys are wearing. What heels, and what clothes with the heels.
  23. I rather like them with the pants.
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