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  1. The sensations you got from the pantyhose over powered your trepidations about being seen. Aka Forbidden Fruit Syndrome. Since you have to fine time to wear your heels, the addition of pantyhose just overwhelmed you. Yes, skirts are very comfortable. Wore a faux leather one for 16 hours on Halloween and completely enjoyed it. It was very comfortable although a little different driving because it was a tight skirt. As to what top to wear with it...the coat looks good with the skirt, keeping it monochrome, but your shirt/top distracts from the overall image, IMHO. As to how to process this, that's really a personal thing that everybody processes this differently.
  2. This one has a platform, but it is a lace up. These were cheap. The brand is Soda, this model is the Agenda. They may have models without a platform. Soda and Delicious make heels like these with and without platforms.
  3. You might be able to find the material for the strap (I'm assuming it's the stretchy kind) at a fabric/hobbie store
  4. I'd wear them with short shorts, but that me.
  5. After I wrote is I wore bunch of single sole heels...just happened to work out that way. Many of my calf and higher boots have single soles. Wore my Nine West boots yesterday..I'll put a photo in my album later.
  6. The driveby compliments works both ways. I give many of my compliments this way, mainly because we are walking in different directions. I get many of my compliments from men in this fashion. Today I guy pass me on his bike and by the time I hear "I like your jacket" he was already far way.
  7. Just because a person wears clothing sold as women's doesn't mean you have to look like woman. Some women's version work better than men's. The only way we are going to get of these things as men's fashion is to acquire and wear them. Skinny jeans is an example. They wouldn't make skinny stretchy jeans for men if it weren't for all the men that bought women's. However, women's are still better fitting to me. There are many emotions that women feel when they see a man in heels, and in my case, also colored nails. For each its a different combinations of these emotions. For some its okay if a random guy have heels on, but not okay if their significant other does. Many falsely associate gender with heels. The only way to combat this is with counterexamples, be that counterexample. Jealousy is something I have encounter as well; "how dare a man wear heels". ......
  8. Glad to see you back in skirts. You had some of us worried there. You never know what people will compliment you on.
  9. I'm now divorced so I wear what I want, period. I started to wear heels while I was still married. After another reconstruction, I was looking for shoes that fit my strange feet and found that women's shoes fit better that any men's shoe ever did. That was 2010 and I have not bought any men's shoes since...its a waste of money to me. I bought some booties (1.5 inch heels) and started to wear them.. Never told the wife, I wanted to see if she even notice them. It took over 6 months before she noticed. By that time I had 5 pairs. Our relationship ended (not over heels). A few years later I discovered the benefits of high heels on my hips. Since we have two kids together, she will come over here ever so often. She has seen me in some of my heels, not all. But I will wear my knee high Jessica Simpson stilettos in front of her. She only had a few short heels and UGLY shoes. She's noisy, if she see's a shoe box she will open it to see what shoes I'm getting (so I leave empty one's laying around). She has even asked to borrow some of my nail polish, to which I tell her to get her own. I am in the process of looking for a girlfriend. I wear heels all the time and fingernails to envy. Very few women that say they are open minded really are. But I continue to look while in high heels and with fingernail color, because I want a woman that has enough confidence in herself that she doesn't feel threaten. If she doesn't accept me in heels now, I doubt she ever will.
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