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  1. As a person who constructed his last house in the 90's and is planning on building another one very soon, it all depends on your builder, construction manager, and construction materials you choose. What @chesterx needs to do is to insulate that cooper pipe in the attic., especially if it is near the eaves. As we get more dramatic climate shifts in our temperatures, there will be more and more polar vortex visits, droughts, hurricanes. But many of these homes (especially in Texas) were not build to withstand prolong exposure to freezing temps with no heat generated by the house. You sho
  2. It all depends on your view of it. I see many of the '666' women on dating sites. They say they are 'open minded' and want a man that is open minded until it comes to man in heels. Then they are 'open minded' in the sense they are not upset about it, but they are not 'open minded' about dating said man. For many it's because they don't want other women to see them dating a man in heels. For me, heels are not an option. Heels mean a better life with less pain.
  3. My nail artist moved back to her hometown went the pandemic closed nail salons and I have yet to replace her. It has been strange not having colored fingernails. .
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    In fall 2019 I took a leap and bought the leopard print sherpa shown elsewhere. Its been an unbelievable purchase. It's warm and comfortable. I get lots of double takes Today I wore it to do some shopping. At Costco 3 men complimented me on it. The male exit checker at Costco wanted to know how I could walk in heels. I laughed. Then at a drug store, a woman leopard print fan and I had a conversation about leopard prints and masks (I had a leopard print mask on too). She ended it with "Now all you need is a pair of leopard print heels."
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