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  1. We all have our comfort levels/styles and these can change over time. I use to only wear my pants over my boots, even knee high boots. I always wanted to show them off, but was scared to. Recently I have decided to expand my comfort zone and have gotten skinny jeans and jeggings to show off my boots and booties. But I still wear my pants over my heels/boots now and then. There no "right way" or "wrong way", just enjoy them.
  2. Cali

    Foot jewelry!

    I wear 10 small changeable pieces of art on my feet, aka nail polish. My other "jewelry" is KT Tape.
  3. Good job Jeff! I also have recently gotten a faux jacket like that. I know mine really feels great on. This is the one fundamental principle in freestyling: if you going to do it, then do it with style. You don't want do it half-as_ed, because that leaves you open to criticism. This is the principle I apply to all I do, especially my nails...they need to be "envied" not "criticized". Recently I have been getting the "I wish I could look that good in those ______" and my administrative assistant has been telling me she would wear that jacket/pants/outfit if she was slimmer. "Looking Good is Feeling Good"
  4. As a Californian I have no clue to the weather you will encounter. However, I know you will get a lot of "Aren't your feet cold?" questions.
  5. Those Oxfords are nice, I could rock a pair.
  6. I spend the day in stilettos and skinny jeans. Work, Costco, errands...Did I get noticed? There's no way I didn't get notice, But as @JeffB often points out, most of the people are so rapped up in their own world that they don't notice. And as @nzfreestyler says "if you own your look" and show confidence in your look then "the reactions are almost always positive." Did I get noticed? Today the "bank greeter" asked "Don't your feet hurt walking in those? I cant even try." instead of the normal greeting or directing, However, the cashier at costco was more fascinated with my Christmas theme fingernails and never notice my stilettos.
  7. Cali

    A Lack of Heels

    We had a holiday get together today at work.There were at least 10-12 women in heels, all except 2 shorter than mine. But a good number had at least 3 inches. Also did some shopping today and saw several more women in heels. But I was also asked a number of times "Don't your feet hurt walking in heels?"
  8. Cali

    Just curious

    Pumps are tight in the toe box area. I have yet to find a pair I can fit. Some boots are tight too, it depends on the toe shape and brand. I normal wear a size 10 in many heels but most of my boots are size 11. Most has to do with toe shape. Then two very similar heels from the same brand might be different. I have the Jessica Simpson Rachie in size 10 Black (got a Shiraz Red one today!). They fit great. Wore them today as well, all day. The Jessica Simpson Razen (shown in Shiraz Red) are basically the same shoe. Can't even get my foot in a size 10. I have a size 11 coming. Lets see what happens with that one.
  9. Cali

    A Lack of Heels

    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas must apply to high heels too.
  10. Cali

    My outings...

    Learn some of the tricks: Stretchers are great, they come in many styles. I have "Blister Tape" good for preventing blisters and after you got them already. Save that thin high density packing foam that come with many shoes. Cut into shape and wedge it between your toes and the strap. I've seen women stuff tissue paper in there., looks tacky. The high density foam gives much better relief. Something most women don't do: buy shoes that fit to begin with.. I have a thick toe box so I will only get heels with adjustable toe straps or no straps. And I also have a hole puncher to add holes to straps.
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