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  1. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    I had no problem with the stick on the wrong side and I will question at9's definition of the "correct" side of the road. Be careful if you find yourself out on a country lane where the two way traffic share the single lane with those fun shrubs on either side. And forget about straight roads, think "drunken sailor". There are people working the tracks and they are very helpful. Try to get express trains whenever possible and (very important) trains don't always run. Sometimes they get cancelled en route. The tour buses (jump-on-jump off) are on the river side of the Waterloo station, on the other side of the street.
  2. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    Train fare is higher during morning rush hours, and get the return at the same time, it's cheaper.
  3. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    I would recommend Bath as well, maybe Windsor Castle, but don't expect the Queen to invite you in for tea.
  4. I have camped with heels, my SM mules. However, I only used them when on the smooth granite during breakfast coffee time and "hors d'œuvre/cocktail hour". I find large gravel and lose dirt too hard to walk in. But that's where my new SM sneakers with a 2.5 inch heel come in.
  5. Since I don't wear skirts and my legs aren't skinny enough for skinny jeans, I don't have that particular problem. But I do like short shorts and get mine in the women's department. I searched and found shorts that fit my wallet, cell, and "keys". I don't have real keys anymore. card keys at work and a small 1 inch by 1 inch transponder for the car. Also I have a small phone. If I have my laptop with me I might put my wallet in there.
  6. I hope to wear my shorts and heels for another month.
  7. So do something other than complain about it. Do a photo essay of straight men who wear hills. See if you can sell it to Vogue. I do my part by wearing mine in public, but so far no stories about me and my heels (or nails).
  8. Those Steve Madden Crunk are my type of heels. Since I have a high volume toe box, being able to adjust the strap across the toes is what I look for. My Freebird Canti are that way and I was able to add an extra hole. I looked at reviews of the Crunk and saw that the buckle is not functionable....too bad
  9. Cali

    Cali World

    Steve Madden sells these sneakers as a Women's with style name Cliff and as a Men's with the style name Ridge. Both have a 2.5 inch heel and a .5 inch platform. I bought the Cliff because my feet fit women's and don't fit men's These women's are milder than some of the men's
  10. Be very careful, women are very observant and may recognize a replica.
  11. Cali

    Cali World

    Thanks HinH. Don't you just love that wood-on-pavement sound, it's so distinctive and it turns heads. If you can't handle the sound then you wouldn't be able to wear heels like these. We have a lot of concrete and polished concrete floors where I work so there is no avoiding making noise. I have about 6 pairs that make this sound. These are also very bold in-your-face, perfect for an almost senior citizen.
  12. Cali

    Cali World

    Chunky Heel Day With temps in the 90's today I wore my FB Cantis with short shorts and a linen shirt. The wooden chunky heel on these Cantis make a great LOUD sound, especially when walking on concrete. It's a sound you have to own. I had FIVE women tell me they love these heels today. One women not only wanted these heels but also my legs...lol I just love these heels and have them in two colors. These listed at $300, but I didn't pay that for them (new). And I have meet Canti, the women these heels where named after. Sorry the above picture is so dark, but this after at 14 hour day, spend in these heels. The picture below are the same heels in the other color.
  13. That's logical for you alphax since you are in Antarctice, no way would you wear and open-toed shoe there.
  14. HinH Did you download your Certificate and framed it?
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