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  1. You don’t tend to get a lot of initiative from minimum wage help
  2. Stilettos were specifically designed for women - not so tall boots, heeled or no. They were once very much a male fashion. But men are not allowed theatricality in dress and so when there was no longer a need to wear boots, as in no horse or motorcycle, they became off limits. To war boots without a horse or motorcyclis is theatrical and therefore not allowed.
  3. It is really curious how men are essentially bullied into the extremely limited fashion choices - with both men and women doing the bullying.
  4. An amusing little scene in Macy’s to be sure. As you say, what can you do but laugh? nice to be complimented on your boots. I like the boots over skinny jeans look. It’s my normal way of wearing boots. I think a lot of guys would like to wear tall boots but simply don’t dare do anything that is unapproved .
  5. As for me I typed at my kitchen table today in my heavy brown suede OTK boots by Jean Gaborit. Wonderful boots on a damp and chilly Sussex autumn day
  6. You gotta take your fun where you find it
  7. Thankfully they have not crossed to this side of the pond.
  8. I am a freelance and worked from home before Covid as well, unless I was on the road in an assignment. Nowadays I am quite happy to stay home. I get around on my bicycle (running errands) and have certainly noticed an increase in traffic post Covid, as well as a pronounced increase in the level of aggression on the roads.
  9. Yes, looking at the label ought to be an important consideration. There seems to be little appetite or enthusiasm for being “woke” in that regard. I do take a certain pleasure in knowing that my boots were made in France from sustainably sourced French or Italian leather, and by people who were paid properly and work in decent conditions. Yes, they cost more but then I don’t have dozens of pairs. I’d rather have fewer. I do make an effort to look at labels and buy accordingly. And yet I’d be dismissed as an un-woke dinosaur by the self righteous Twitter mobs because I couldn’t care less about somebody’s pronoun or don’t view every human interaction through the prism of race
  10. We seem to have similar taste in boots
  11. Yes, you’d never guess there was a platform there. Like you, I dislike platforms and for the same reasons - too clumpy. I wear exclusively boots myself and the boots one sees with platforms usually take ugliness to an extreme degree! with the chillier weather we’ve been having lately - especially this morning - I am quite happy to be wearing my heavy suede OTK boots to work. One of the joys of being a freelance us that one can declare heels and OTK boots to be an integral part of the office dress code.
  12. They’re not embracing change they’re embracing headlines and buffing up their diversity credentials, Change, if it happens, is incidental. And I doubt much change will happen at the airline beyond a few more women wearing trousers
  13. I agree. It’s a couple snatching at their fifteen minutes of fame. And thanks to social media these days they can get it
  14. It was all about generating headlines and enhancing their inclusivity credentials. They know that few if any of their male staff are going to wear skirts, although I could see Richard Branson himself doing it for a well publicised laugh (he’s worn heels at least once before for some reason or other) But the only changes will be the female staffers wearing flats and trousers
  15. I suspect that all or nearly all of the movement there will be towards women wearing the burgundy trousers, not the other way around.
  16. Hideous and about in par with what are usually offered to males in terms of heels. It is assumed that we do not care for elegance and would prefer stompy things
  17. In my case it was the flying and the general hassles of international travel that makes me glad to work almost exclusively from home. If I had an office with colleagues I might feel different
  18. I’m fairly private although very chatty on messages
  19. Yes working from home has brought a lot of changes. I used to love all the travel that came with my work, now I am quite happy to be home. I think a lot of people are
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