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  1. Like you, I am a boots fan. I especially like chunky heels too. Shape and proportion of heels is what really makes the look in my opinion, much more so than height. Those are nice boots
  2. I’m more of an almond toe fan myself, but I like the styling of these.
  3. You’re so right! I used to look forward to flying, years ago - decades ago - but now the prospect of going to an airport is like the halo before a migraine.
  4. I found it awkward taking off my pull on knee boots while standing in the queue. There was no place to sit and remove them. There are seats in the other side of security but none as you approach the metal detectors. My pull on knee boots fit beautifully but take a bit of effort to remove. Its been more than two years since I’ve flown anywhere, but at least not I have knee boots with ankle zips.
  5. Are you seriously suggesting that most people - women - who wear heels aspire to the highest heights and that those who cannot wear these lofty 13, 14 and 15cm heights (or greater) dismiss them as fetishy simply out of a sense of sour grapes? Seriously? The overwhelming majority of people who wear these heights are those who are obsessed with heels, men, basically, for whom heels are not only an obsession but a sort of athletic challenge, or women in a line of work that requires such heels. There is a reason that high street shops do not sell extreme heels and that is because there is no general market for them. Similarly there’s a reason that the. Embers here are almost exclusively make - most women just simply wear heels and get in with it.
  6. Both are quite nice. I’m a fan of chunky heeled ankle boots.
  7. Because heels higher than 12cm look tarty and fetishy I knew a woman who was a true expert in wearing heels - 120mm was her usual height - and she owned a pair of those but never wore them because she couldn’t walk well in them. I think also that few women like the look of heels that high. I know some who love heels but won’t go over 100mm because they say it creates the wrong impression.
  8. I suspect this is because there are two entirely different markets. Ten and twelve centimetre heights are what you find on high street and with designers; fashion heels in other words. Above that you enter a different world entirely. Few designers go above that - and for a reason. The look becomes much less elegant and graceful and is overtly tarty and fetishy
  9. Italian Heels has a lot in the 120mm range and they scale their heels heights according to size too. They are more expensive than high street shops, but far less than designer brands.
  10. It’s extremely rare here - to the point where I can say I’ve never seen it
  11. Well, a jump from 1 to 2 would be a 100 per cent increase but hardly a trend
  12. I’m not afraid of them, I just don’t care for them. There’s a big difference
  13. I have had back issues - quite serious ones that required emergency surgery some years ago - and I do find that 3” block heels help if I am experiencing back spasms. Shifts the center of balance slightly and eases the stress on the lower back
  14. I’m always in boots, although not always with heels.
  15. True! A very warm day here is 22°C. I think we are also more formal over there as well - you’d never see a businessperson here in shorts.
  16. I live in a seaside town too. I still don’t wear shorts - not all that many people here do
  17. Unless I am cycling or doing something like mowing the lawn, I just don’t wear shorts. The only grown ups I ever saw who could really carry off the shorts look were the Desert Rats c. 1942
  18. Absolutely ! There are far worse things one could do than spending time and money learning to shoot film! It is great experience - all good grist for the mill.
  19. I’m old enough that I learned on film and loved the hours I used to spend in the darkroom. I also went for medium format - a Mamiya 67 and a Pentax. Having said that there is no way I’d go back to film. I know it is now sort of retro-chic, especially with millennials, but digital has far outstripped film. I’ve a full frame DSLR with which I can shoot useable fine grained images at ISO 3200 with no trouble at all - something that is utterly impossible with film. And with instant results you can see where you are, in real time, in the field. And the resolution is better as well. No comparison. I know some people like to think the colours are better or more interesting in film, but there again with Lightroom or post processing software from DXO you can mimic the effect of any film type imaginable. I am glad I learned on film and as I say I loved the time I spent in the darkroom but I am quite happily digital now.
  20. As far as my prose output goes my MacBook is pretty much a glorified typewriter, but photo editing is another matter. Although I am no computer geek I have to have a general proficiency in Photoshop and Lightroom
  21. I write and shoot for magazines and have done for 35 years. Apple is universal in my world.
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