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  1. As far as huge sizes go, I know that some of Jean Gaborit’s biker style boots are available in sizes up to EU54
  2. Since I am a man, by definitional all of the footwear - boots and shoes - that I own must be a man's. In terms of styling I have a few pairs of ankle boots and knee boots with heels. I also have a couple pair of knee and otk boots without heels, or rather, with low heels. Otherwise several pair of hiking boots and trainers, and a collection of colourful Converse lo-tops
  3. Reminds me of what is said to be the most frequently uttered phrase before a trip to A&E (the Emergency Room for American readers) "Here, hold my beer and watch this..."
  4. I worked at a newspaper once where one of the subeditors made a mock-up poster with a grotesque darkly humorous shock-horror headline about a real, on-going high profile trial. He made the poster to take to a party, for a laugh, but left it on the printer. It was then printed up, for real, by the printers and distributed throughout the city. I remember seeing it on a street corner the next morning as I got off the train to come into work and just standing there, dumbfounded. But I was nowhere near as dumbfounded as the chap who did it...
  5. My favourite headline was the New York Post’s “Headless Body In Topless Bar“ Sheer genius....
  6. Yes, you see a lot of phonetic phrasing these days. It's not so bad in dialogue (in novels) as it does reflect how a character would sound, but outside of that context it mostly reflects the ignorance of whoever it writing it.
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