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  1. Nope Only hope is virus "self-decadence" ie "reproducing" with itself and corrupting its own genetics. Otherwise, it will survive here when people have get rid of it there, and conversely... Here, media explain how the virus can still spread after 50 days of quarantine. Answer is because it spreads within families. We have a lot of people exchanging their kids with their ex. every week, thus "families" of several dozens of people do exist. It can turn forever.
  2. But I don't want to know whether journalist did that by themselves or they were encouraged by the authorities...
  3. Yes they obtained closure of public parks and beaches in France this way. This is a pity as these are the only places many people could be alone (especially in cool months march-april brrrrrr)
  4. Well last year when I got out of home I risked cancer, stroke, car accident, falling on banana peel, slippery staircase, terrorist attack, gangster settling, shooting by a jealous lover, drowning in floods, landslide, a fire, a plane crash, a storm, a shark or wild beast attack, a meteor fall, a volcanic eruption, a nuclear explosion, food poisoning, etc. Now I risk cancer, stroke, car accident, falling on banana peel, slippery staircase, terrorist attack, gangster settling, shooting by a jealous lover, drowning in floods, landslide, a fire, a plane crash, a storm, a shark or wild beast attack, a meteor fall, a volcanic eruption, a nuclear explosion, food poisoning, coronavirus, etc. As you see the list only grew a bit. And this growth will surely be matched by slightly reduced lifetime. Conclusion: it is becoming more and more urgent to live our life, spend time with our SO, wear our heels, set back the normal life and economy.
  5. Yes but here it is not home office, not organized as you probably do. It is working in the kitchen, then move to the dining room when the children want to eat something in the day, then go to the bedroom for some phone call, etc.
  6. Go to footwear... Go to where ? All these shoes and nowhere to go
  7. I understand. What happened in Gunnison, Colorado can unfortunately not be done again. China attempted an unthinkable lockdown, yet the virus is all around the world. That was known before it arrived in France. Italy attempted an unthinkable lockdown, yet it is all around Europe. That was known end february. France attempted to track the previous contacts of confirmed cases. Yet the 1st case was a tourist in Paris. I mean, when this poor guy finally opted for the hospital, a choice you don't take with only a few symptoms (have to wait for 6 to 7 hours amid infected people), he had sighted the most visited places in France while contagious... I mean, governments take strange decision for their own politic issues Protecting vulnerable people is our best solution, with hoping that immune system or recovered people will act as a confinement. http://www.rfi.fr/en/france/20200325-france-nursing-homes-coronavirus-covid-higher-mortality-reported
  8. I don't know. All I see is the fabulous heeled boots I ordered are stuck in closed post office and I cannot even get there anyway. Yes I know in fact. Chinese stats also claimed people were recovering from it. Thanks to what if not to antibodies ? Maybe governments don't think chinese stats are reliable.
  9. The chinese statistics have aired for long. Followed by Italian stats. The government should have taken measure to protect vulnerable people as soon as 1st case occured in the country. 1st they should have confined retirement residences, have people with preexisting troubles be in touch with their doctors for instructions, etc. For the rest, antibodies are the best way to fight viruses.
  10. Oups ! Maybe I should compare the government to an elephant frightened by a mouse, and destroying everything around.
  11. Well I am not so sure. Life as a human being is not a safe task. Many people got out and struggled with all the risks threatening their lives, back from millions years in the past. They never stop working, producing food, raising kids or anything. Even during war. Many people died from Covid -19. So many more people died from something else meanwhile. Some from Covid-18 and from Covid-17. This is sad, but death is part of life. I am ashamed that our governments reacted that way. They are hiding like rats.
  12. I thought women not only liked the look but also the extra warmth ?
  13. I hesitate for these ones. http://www.lemerciertraiteur.fr/Choses-Bon-March%C3%A9-Marco-Tozzi-Femme-Santiags-noir-Bloc-Santiags-95NAMtuA/p_2736/ Did anyone know this seller ? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the responses ! Please note that there are some trouble with this very model / brand according to the comments on Amazon. There is a similar model with better comments, also available in size 12, and with the same plague (no delivery to France). https://www.amazon.com/Journee-Collection-Stacked-Lace-up-Booties/dp/B01N6NW6DY/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=chunky%2Bboots%2Blace%2Bjourney&qid=1582273061&s=apparel&sr=1-5&th=1 Thanks but I can only find up to size 11 on Amazon for both. Did you spot larger size anywhere ?
  15. I 'd like to buy these https://www.amazon.com/Brinley-Co-Womens-Birdie-Regular/dp/B01NBROV6B/ref=sr_1_32?dchild=1&keywords=Brinley%2BCo.&qid=1582131916&sr=8-32&th=1&psc=1 What I like on this one is that the shoe is not bending upward at the toes, there is no platform, the block heel. But unfortunately they won't deliver to France. Has any of you seen a approaching model in large size more available ? Thanks
  16. Looks may be because there is dirt on your heel tips. Seems to be still there after the day. Unforgivable :-)
  17. It is only so that the public can see the bottom of their pants. With all these smoke, heels were required.
  18. You do not deviate much from the initial thinking. And magically in HHP, content spawn by itself in your thread, thanks to the other users.
  19. This is just automation, not real products. For example you search "rear light bulb support plate for my car" and there are a number of car parts resale site showing up. Click on them, they show a page displaying standard products, entitled "'rear light support plate for my car", with images of approaching products. But they don't have any. This product is sold as a complete light block. They just redirected the search to their own search engine and show approaching products. In other words, the site displays what you want to read. Or you could say more positively, it tries to accept several wordings for the same product.
  20. IMHO women doesn't need a specific forum to chat about high heels. Fashion magazines are all they need. For women only specific questions may be answered here e.g. foot/ankle care, or tall women wearing high heels.
  21. HHplace being about integrating fashion and high heels, I find normal that man tries every possible items, regardless of gender. This is a trial and error approach, with some looks improved little by little, with great advice from friendly, sometimes anonymous, open minded people. I don't see hhplace content as a showcase, but rather as a mirror. Or the eye of a shopping pal. A good laugh is possible.
  22. 6'3 and a half inch, no heels. I am happy with my look in heels in the miror, which is also 6 ft apart from me. So my reflect lies 12 ft afar. In a crowded area, my colleagues can chat with one another, and at the summit I get the minutes by radio.
  23. On my point of view this looks great. I don't wear heels to work or with friends because basically I am tall. Being tall is a handicap for relations. It is like not smoking, not going to coffee machine or not watching for football. Thus to me wearing heels is a selfish satisfaction out of any social life. But it is largely different for you normally calibrated guys.
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