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  1. While many here would find the heels you are wearing here to be not high enough I think those are a great height to be attractive while giving some comfort. great choice
  2. i wouldn't miss the platforms, but I still enjoy strappy styles and some open toe styles
  3. Hope you get better quick and there's no serious issues. Ishare your chagrin.
  4. Back to A shaped heels. that shape was quite common in the mid to late 60's when my zest for heels really kicked in. some would also show a bit of toe cleavage which i also took a liking to. thanks for sharing the photos and sparking my memories!
  5. Those heels look very comfortable I'd enjoy those as the heel height would be right in my range.
  6. Those appear to be opaque, which seems to be considered acceptable in the fashion world. Personally, I think hose are fine with open shoes, but it is considered a faux pas in the fashion world. I grew up in the world when hose were always worn with dress shoes, whether they were open toe or sandals. It's mainly been in the last 15-20 years that hosiery and open shoes became a no-no.
  7. I don't think anyone needs to be apologetic for wearing "shorter heels". For one thing, it is the current trend for footwear. Second, not all of us here follow the line of higher is better. Enjoy what you wear!
  8. Somehow I doubt her comment was confined to the wearing of heels at said market. However, the duties required as the mother of a young child could definitely curtail the heel height of a Mom's shoes. Chasing a toddler is better left to flats.
  9. Ahh, the old wish I could wear those line. I know there are people that could not wear heels, my wife included. But that line comes out of the mouths of way too many people perfectly capable of wearing them. I find the statement mostly frustrating, especially coming from a woman.
  10. I think red looks fine with all three. It is a classic nail color.
  11. The wedges shown here are not a bad looking pair of shoes, and there are a couple others on their site. Is that first pair something they actually offered?
  12. Wow, that is a lot of shoes that didn't get worn much. A bit sad that they didn't. It is unfortunate that you can try on a pair of shoes in store and walk around a bit and they seem to fit fine and feel good. But wear them for an hour or so and it's a different story. I know that many women have had the same experience, including my wife, who has bought in store or even on line and thought the shoes were fine, only to wear them once and find that they were uncomfortable. I'll admit that has happened to me even in men's shoes. That is a big number of shoes to own though!
  13. Nice to see some posts from you again @HappyinHeels. Looking good.
  14. Years ago I did a lot of housework while in heels. I miss those days.
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