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  1. RonC

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Not a big fan of slides and platforms, but these are cute! Great calssic pumps with toe cleavage - a favorite of mine hernaezjames. Sandals are pretty cool as well. Was that something else wrapped around your ankle above the shoes?
  2. RonC

    Something Different

    Well done! Those heels look great - they'd be beyond my capabilities though!
  3. RonC

    Chores in heels

    That is true, Cali.And yes, Don, if I had it to do over again, I would tell my partner.
  4. RonC

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Picked there up today and immediately wore them out to do some shopping. They definitely run on the large side, as the size 11 I bought are actually a bit large on me. Heel height in size 11 is 3.5 inches, which is just right for me. Paid $39.95 on Amazon as they are a last year style. I will enjoy these. Bandolino Women's Layita Ankle Bootie, Kona Tan, 11 M US
  5. RonC

    Chores in heels

    No Cali, she does not.
  6. RonC

    Chores in heels

    No Mike. Wife has never known and I will die that way unless something unforeseen happens. Just too late now to go down that road.
  7. RonC

    Nikki Haley

    Looks great on her!
  8. RonC

    Chores in heels

    When my wife was working and I was between jobs, I used to do the housecleaning in heels.
  9. RonC

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Watch out for the Bears cheesehead....lol. Mack is going to make Rodgers life a bit more miserable.
  10. RonC

    Can feet shrink?

    While there is no denying those who had shoes that were too tight but now fit, I also believe that shoe sizes as a whole have gotten somewhat larger - what used to be a 9.5 not maybe fits like a 10. I used to have to really squeeze into a size 11, but most now will allow me to get into them. Though that is not across the board. In store yesterday I tried on a couple pairs of size 11 and found one that fit very nice and a couple that were snug. Then I saw a pair of Nine West pumps in size 11.5 and thought great, these should fit nicely. I could not even get them on!
  11. RonC

    High Heels Through The Ages

    That photo from 1959 is great. As an 8 year old, I was just beginning to figure out that I had a thing for high heels. I really like the very feminine look of the shoe on the left as well as the bow pumps second from right. Those shoes from the late 60's and early 60's will always be my fvorities, which is why I still have a thing for the classic black patent stiletto.
  12. RonC

    Highest heel you've worn

    My limit on a single sole shoe is about 4" to 4'5". Anything higher is too mych pressure on the big toe/ball of foot joint. And personally, I agree with Shyheels - anything much higher than that is too fetishy and in my opinion just doesn't look right. Just watching celebrity ladies in their 120mm Louboutin's tells me that even mst of them find the height to be a bit much as many have ankles that just don't flex enough and they end up looking awkward walking in them. I prefer to see a lady that can walk comfortably in her heels.
  13. RonC

    Need your help!

    As a rule, I would say the brands you mentioned tend to run on the narrower side. The length is generally fine, but the width is usually a problem for me.

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