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  1. That is what I wear with my heels
  2. Incredible dancing in heels. That can't be easy. I do wish they would have had less of the visual effects which I found distracting.
  3. I leave that stuff to the pros. Last 40' tree I had taken down only cost me $250. Money well spent IMHO.
  4. Sorry. Murphy's Law - if something can go wrong, it will....lol
  5. Probably what most of us would choose to wear....lol
  6. I enlarged this quite a bit so I could see what the ladies were wearing. Not one heel in sight. Sign of the times I guess, sadly.
  7. The video that automatically follows this one is quite nice as well. Ladies in heels - seems as it's becoming a thing of the past.
  8. Is that a brand of shoes or a style of shoe? Not familiar with butterfly shoes.
  9. RonC

    My outings...

    Looking good chesterx. Finally able to dine at a restaurant, albeit outdoor seating only, last Friday. I was shocked but very pleased to have a couple come in and be seated at a nearby table as she was wearing a pair of black suede stilettos that looked to be close to a 5" heel. Don't see ladies in shoes like that but once or twice a year in my neck of the woods. Made my evening!
  10. Heel height is well beyond my capabilities, but I love the design of these. DOuble instep straps with a sling back plus some nice toe exposure. Very nice!
  11. If you shrink by the water method, they will stretch out again in a fairly short time.
  12. Thanks, vinheel, but I'm too old for heels that high! lol.
  13. I'm jealous, though those temps in the 100's can be a bit brutal with pounding sunshine. I know, it's a dry heat.....lol. But still not ideal for a golfer like me!
  14. I ran into a friend at the store a couple days ago while wearing my new wedges. I did have on long jeans so they weren't overly visible, but if he had looked down, he would have noticed. Fortunately, he did not and we went our separate ways. At this point in my life, I'd rather not try to explain things to folks, so I was glad to not have been noticed.
  15. Sweet. I love the bows! These would qualify as girly!
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