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  1. RonC

    The perfect pump IMHO

    Pointy, but not too pointy?.....wow, I didn;t think things got any pointier than those...lol!
  2. RonC

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Redandwhite - both are very nice styles! I'd happily put on either pair!
  3. RonC

    Who has bought some new shoes

    A bit surprised that you're finding so many platforms. My trips through the local shoe and department stores showed next to no platforms with the exception of wedge sandals. I pretty much figured the trend was over.
  4. RonC

    Wild about Wedges

    I like those as well. A good look for a wedge.
  5. RonC

    Show us your girliest Heels

    Sweet heels!
  6. RonC

    My Heel Blog is LIVE

    I like the blog!
  7. Welcome here. You are a fortunate man to have someone that shares your fondness for heels!
  8. RonC

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Great looking shoes Jeff. Nice to see you in a traditional heel again!
  9. RonC

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Nice looking red sandals! I like the ankle strap treatment.
  10. RonC

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Great looking pumps. LK Bennett has many styles that I like.
  11. RonC

    Noisy Boots

    Aly has the right answer. Take them to a shoe repair place and ask to have the heels filled with silicone or foam, and rubber caps added. That will do the trick. I've done that to three different pairs of shoes/boots.
  12. RonC

    Nine West

    Well, there goes another company that sold size 12 US in just about every shoe they market. There was always something at Nine West that caught my eye. That's too bad...really too bad. I suppose someone might take them over, but I would expect major changes that would destroy what they are all about. I'll miss them!
  13. Anything that will get women wearing heels again is a good thing!
  14. RonC

    Boot cut or not

    Biggest problem is if I buy a pair that is large enough for my right foot, within 10 minutes I'm walking right out of the left shoe. However, I haven't had the experience that these Karmen pumps are giving me with pressure where the nail joins the outside of the toe on the left foot. Left foot feels fine until I start walking, and then it's quite uncomfortable. Sandals would likely help, but it is quite difficult to be inconspicuous in heeled sandals. I just can't do the full out public thing as you do.
  15. Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! LOL Somehow I'm guessing that they would meet with, at best, limited success!

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