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  1. It is great when we actually finally do the thing we've been wanting to do! With my physical issues, I cannot walk too long in heels anymore, but I still enjoy the occasional outing. WIth the heat of summer here, things will be limited for a while as long jeans and 90+ temps don't really go together so well...lol
  2. I do not have a problem with it either
  3. How fortunate to find nice heels in your size at a garage sale
  4. Thanks HinH. I appreciate that.
  5. I’m sure many if not most of us here have had most of the feelings and conflicts you have had. I am at a point in my life where, while I’d love to openly wear the footwear of my choosing publicly, it’s just not going to happen for me. I’ll likely continue to do things similarly, with long pants that cover the heels. I don’t need someone to take an unknown photo and end on Facebook or somewhere. It’s just too late in my life to want to upset my wife and family just for a bit of my own enjoyment. So I’ll take the occasional outing and enjoy it as much as possible. Life would be easier without the desire for heels for sure!
  6. I agree on this point. When I have worn chunky/block heels I feel like I’m clopping along and not very fluid or graceful. My knees seem to take more of a beating. But I will say I also do not have a problem with weak or wobbly ankles.
  7. Tell your shoe buddy to take a look at Classic Pumps - www.classicpumps.com - she might find something she likes there without them being overly expensive. The quality is similar to and maybe even slightly better than Nine West.
  8. RonC

    My collection

    Wow! Quite the variety. As another reader stated, I also like the stilettos best.
  9. Very nice! Those heels are the right height. You can walk in them with a degree of comfort, yet they remain high enough to look wonderfully sexy!
  10. I wasn't so sure the second pick was a man either. I think it might be a female.
  11. RonC


    Looking good Heike.
  12. I had a pair of chunky heeled oxfords from Clarks last year. They were probably the most comfortable heels I've ever had. I also have a problem with the heels slipping off. An oxford or maybe a mary jane style with an instep strap should help. Not a great photo, but this as what I had.
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