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  1. RonC

    My outings...

    Very true. Most makers do increase heel height as sizes increase to maintain the aesthetic of the design. Not all, but I would say most do to at least some extent.
  2. RonC

    My outings...

    Very nice chesterx. I'd enjoy those as well. Do they come in size 11, or even better, 11W? I answered my own questions - on line at ShoeShoe/ShoreDepartment and available in sizes to 13 and wide widths. Heel looks higher in their photos of the shoes than in your photos though.
  3. For a while, I did prefer no sound from my heels. Now it doesn't bother me too much, though something truly loud is not my preference. I agree on squishy carpet being nasty to walk in. My choice of commercial type carpet over concrete is for the stability it offers, as it is not squishy at all and offers good traction with a softening of the blow on the ball of the foot. A berber type of carpet is fine too, as long as there is little or no pad. It's really the pad that makes carpeting difficult in heels I believe.
  4. I like the stability and comfort of commercial type carpet - no pad beneath - over a concrete floor. Offers just a tad bit of padding for the ball of the foot while still being firm when stepping with the heel. I don't mind concrete/asphalt, and most tile is ok as well.
  5. RonC

    My outings...

    You were very fortunate to spot a young lady wearing heels period! 'Tis a rare sight these days. Of course, now no one is out and about at all, so these days would actually refer to just before the Covid-19 social distancing! And you know, why do we have to have a catch phrase for everything these days. Social distancing is a stupid term IMHO.
  6. I would think a meet would be fun. I recall a number of years ago there was a meet in Chicago, relatively close to where I live. Unfortunately, I was heading out on vacation early the next morning and could not attend. Maybe it will happen again some day.
  7. Wow, I just checked to see when I joined and it was January 2002 - 18 years ago. Hard to recall how I found the site, but likely a Google search for men wearing high heels brought me here. I, like others have noted, found it reassuring that there were, in fact, others that shared my enjoyment of and desire to wear high heels. What I do find puzzling is how many others have come and gone, even though they indicated they were heel lovers/wearers. There is nowhere else on the web that I have found that deals specifically with this subject, so if one is a male heel wearer, I can't believe you wouldn't remain active here once you found the site. With whom do these others share their passion and receive the feedback like we all get from this site. Yes, there are many here that enjoy a segment of heel wearing that I personally do not gravitate toward, such as those that like extreme heel heights and thigh high boots, but we all are heel lovers and as such have something in common with experiences and information to share, which is what keeps me here!
  8. Those heels are well beyond my capabilities! Makes my feet hurt just thinking about walking for more than a few yards in those puppies! Kudos to you!
  9. RonC


    I like the Mary Jane strap on those. The gold trim is rather nice as well.
  10. Hmm. I guess I can see that, though at 4 inches, they certainly fall on the more feminine side of things, yet she is ok with that. I'd be perfectly content if that were the case for me!
  11. Just curious, are you wearing any type of legwear with the skirts, or bare legs. If bare, are your legs shaved or perhaps you have minimal leg hair? Personally, I'd have to wear some type of hosiery to feel comfortable at all with my legs showing in a skirt, or have hair free legs at least.
  12. Don't feel like a failure - that simply does not apply. It's not easy to go outside the norm. Take your time with this. It will happen when you are ready!
  13. Not sure how the boots over pants is not considered feminine. The style is rooted in the ladies and the exposure of the boots is akin to how they show with a skirt. Yes, I know male horseback riders wore them over their pants, but beyond that, not so much. But the ladies have been wearing them outside of their slacks for years.
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