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  1. I agree with you on that one. Big difference between "could still" and just don't bother. I was on vacation last week and stopped in the town where Western Kentucky University is located. We went out for dinner Sunday evening and when we came out, there was a group of 20 or so young ladies waiting to get in to the restaurant. I guessed that it was some kind of sorority get together as it was graduation weekend in town. All of the girls were nicely dressed, mostly in dresses. But of course what I noticed was their footwear. I would say maybe a third of them were wearing flip flops
  2. MinP, what are the heel heights on most?
  3. A while back, Crocs actually made a pair of wedge heel pumps. Typical low cut pump style with a wedge somewhere near 3 inches I'd guess. I actually tried them on in the store. They were quite comfortable, and I could understand why a woman would want a pair of them. But I've never seen anyone wearing them in public and I don't believe they make anything like that anymore. Typical clog like Crocs - no thanks for me.
  4. Well they certainly are hotter to look at than the pretty boring Clarks pumps. I agree with you on the oxford style being much easier to deal with fit wise. It goes back to the looks thing again, as I much prefer a low cut pump to a closed up oxford. But like you said, if you had to wear them all the time, better to choose comfort over style. But that would be boring....lol.
  5. RonC

    Cali World

    What you're seeing seems to be the norm, though I must admit to having seen three different women wearing stilettos that I estimated at about 4" in the last week. I hadn't seen three women in heels in the last four months or so, so it was a surprise and a pleasant one at that. I just wouldn't expect to see a lot of heels any time soon though.
  6. I don't think I could walk five miles any longer period, much less in heels such as those. Impressive!
  7. Seeing as how any heel I wear seems to hurt these days, that leaves me to choose by looks I guess....lol. I would think the "perfect" shoes would need to be one that more than satisfies in both looks and performs. For folks like @mlroseplant and @Jkrenzer that wear their heels all the time, I would think that performance plays a role at least equivalent to looks. For me, given how rarely I actually get to wear my heels, I lean toward looks, though I will admit to trying to find something that I can wear more comfortably even if it means giving up a fair piece in terms of look. Haven't
  8. Absurd applies as well. Will never understand that. Simple punishment I guess.
  9. We're getting it today. Hopefully this will finally be the last go around with this crap. I see 70's in the forecast for next week. Hope that is correct!
  10. As I am happy with 4" heels, I think that is fine. I will say this however. I bought a pair of their Rossi style in both size 9 and size 12, the heels of which are stated as 3.5 inches. Measured up the back, they were both 4 inches in height, and they do state that the heels tend to get taller as the shoe size increases. So I would imagine that their 4" styles in larger sizes may well measure 4.5 inches. You could always text Walt, the owner, as to the actual heel height in your size. Shoes in the Lola/Lucy line might fall in that category. They are wonderfully cut shoes in real leather
  11. Did you mean Classic Pumps site? If so, you have a good eye, as they are the Rossi style from Classic Pumps (who is still in business btw).
  12. I did have one pair of oxfords with a thicker heel of about 3 inches. They were the most comfortable heels I've had as they were of sufficient width, and I think the lace up feature of oxfords does provide extra opportunity for comfort as it does create a "customizable" fit. That, combined with the thicker socks you wear with those, I think makes for a better overall fit with less slippage of the foot within the shoe. Btw, I don't think you look annoyed. More like bemused...lol.
  13. If she doesn't mind, I don't mind...lol
  14. I think mine will always be the shoe in my avatar. A single sole, black patent, low cut pump with some toe cleavage and a 4" stiletto heel. Unfortunately some health issues are causing me to have foot problems and 4" heels are becoming quite uncomfortable for me. Think I'm going to have to lower my expectations!
  15. I'm trying hard to remember my confirmation class from like 1966 I believe. While all of the girls definitely wore dresses, I think only one or two had heels. But every one of the boys wore a suit and tie. I think the world was a nicer, much more well mannered, place back then. I wore a coat and tie to church Easter sunday, and I have to say that is the only time this year that I have done so. I'd be happy to go back to the days when ladies in dresses and men in coat and tie as expected dress in church.
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