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  1. Happy, actually that was Tim0578 that made that comment - I just added that I liked his choice in heels. I am with him though. 4" is my limit of comfort. I've tried the gel pads. Problem is most shoes are not really wide enough for my feet - so putting a pad in the toe box just takes up too much space, so they end up being very uncomfortable. Ho the woes of cramming a rather wide male foot into a shoe designed for the narrower, more delicate female foot! Boo
  2. Hope you're not melting the soles of your heels with this recent weather!
  3. Welcome. Glad you have an accepting spouse! Nice to be able to wear heels out without too much worry about what your mate will think.
  4. Nice classic pumps style - and one can never go wrong with black patent!
  5. Nice heels - I am jealous regarding the "making out while in heels"! That is cool.
  6. Nice looks - I love the seamed stockings!
  7. Thanks SF. They are quite comfortable. I was able to adjust the width of the toe area which helps with my rather wide foot.
  8. From my perspective, I'd say the last pair looks best with the shorts.
  9. Hate to say this, Jeff, but we're going to have to change your name to Your outfits always look well put together. Wear and enjoy!
  10. I will try to get around to that soon!
  11. My wife always wore great heels - mostly because I bought most of them for Unfortunately, about 7-8 years ago she began having foot problems. Three different foot surgeries that didn't help, and a spinal issue as well, heels are very much a thing of the past. Can't even wear a decent looking pair of flats or very low heels anymore. Heart-breaking it is.....
  12. Happy, I am not a big fan of the florals for some reason. Have some a few I like, but mainly find that, to my eye, it seems to distract one from the shape of the shoes to looking at the pattern. Goofy, I guess, but that's me! I do like many of those with the thinner straps - personally though, I've had quite enough of the gladiator style however, that just seems like it won't go away. And the single high ankle strap with the single tor strap is also getting a bit worn out in my eye. In the end, however, you are mostly correct - I do tend to like pump styles more than most others. I have in the past had a pair of these from Aerosoles, though mine were black. I did enjoy them - easy to walk in but have the feminin touch I seek.
  13. Here is my latest purchase. Nine West Hedonna in size 11. Bought them at K & G Superstore for $35.99. Tried them on in store and while the 11s are snug, I think will will give some, and they stay on my feet nicely, which has been a probelm for me as of late, especially if I go to a 12. Heel is right at 4" in the size 11s.
  14. Hey HiH. Is that the store on Milwaukee near North Ave? I haven;t been there - will need to try it some time. I'm guessing, however, that 11 is as large as they carry....sometimes I can squeeze into an 11, such as those I am about to post.
  15. Just my personal point of view, but for me, for wedges to look good, the upper has to be very feminine. The pumps above are a great example - a very feminine cut on the upper balances the bulk of the wedge. When the upper gets overly bulky looking i.e. thick, heavy looking straps or a very bulky looking pump style, or a wedge on a boot, the wedge style loses it's appeal for me. For a long time a wouldn't even consider a wedge, but I have over time purchased probably four pairs - but again, I guess I would say "dainty" looking uppers to balance the heaviness of the wedge. Just sayin'