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  1. RonC

    A Lack of Heels

    for sure. A sad reinforcement of current footwear habits. Personally, I'm not counting on heels making a big resurgence this time. Way too much negative info out there about heels and the supposed damage they do.
  2. RonC

    Sexy peds

    Creates an interesting look!
  3. I agree, those pants look absurd. Mom looks quite nice though!
  4. RonC

    My outings...

    " I was happy to see a young black lady wearing a lovely pair of heels for her night out. Heel sightings have been rare for a while now. Seems most women want to look like they are on their way to a workout at the gym. Seems like women are just not into heels anymore..." Totally agree with that sentiment. Your heels would blow away just about anything I've seen on a woman in the last three months. Heck, my 3.75 inch chunky heel booties would beat 98% of what I see these days.
  5. Good point jeremy. But women have been wearing shoe and boot styles from the men's aisle for many years. Wing tips, brogues, combat and construction styled boots, etc. Yet those are considered a non-issue for women, and sometimes even the "height of fashion". Seeing a lot of combat boot styles this year - and not liking it either...lol.
  6. RonC

    A Lack of Heels

    It is interesting to note, however, that the entertainment industry has certainly not abandoned heels. Watch any US talk show and the female guests almost always wear some very nice and still largely stiletto styled heels. Also most news women tend to wear heels, as noted by the morning news shows where their shoes are often on display. Even the ladies on the Golf Channel here in the US almost always wear stiletto heels. Yet most women in the general populace wear few heels, if any, and if they do wear heels, they tend to be either wedges or chunky heels. Historically, the public tended to follow the lead of the entertainment industry, but that does not seem to be the case any longer. Yes, occasions such as weddings and corporate holiday parties do bring out the ladies in heels, outings such as church or a dinner out are now typically a casual affair. And for most jobs, it appears that casual clothing and footwear is also the most typical choice. I'm giving away my age here, but I do miss the "old days", lol.
  7. One usage that really grates on me is seen and saw. I hear so many people use "I seen that" rather than the correct "I saw that" It aggravates me.
  8. RonC

    My outings...

    Not a huge platform fan myself, but those are pretty nice looking. I also find the feel of the stiff sole an odd sensation when walking.
  9. RonC

    A Lack of Heels

    You guys are both right. I never stopped to think about that. It is something I would never do unless I had the permission of the wearer. However, I also do think that as long as there is no way to identify the wearer in a photo, a candid shot of a pair of shoes is not worst thing in the world. But in this day and age, it is likely better to refrain. HinH, I was not so much indicating a lack of availability of heels - yes, they are out there - but more so to the lack of women actually wearing the shoes. I've often wondered where all those heels that are sold in the stores go, because I so seldom see any in real life. Do women buy them and not wear them? Actually, I probably have my own answer for that as I have seen many a pair in second hand shops that have obviously seen little to no wear. And you're right about the economy=heel height thing (which of course makes no sense), but I wonder if the cycle will repeat this time as, as I indictaed, the trend toward more casual and athletic styles and away from dress styles is far stronger than ever before.
  10. RonC

    A Lack of Heels

    I also am 68 and see or feel no reason yet to stop wearing heels and if I could I’d wear them daily
  11. I was just browsing through the Gallery section and noticed that the last post in the "Street Shots" section was November 30, 2018, almost a full year ago. It sure does seem like heels are a rare sight these days. While I'm rarely in the business district any more where I'd guess heels might be a bit more prevalent, I'll bet I haven't seen 10 women wearing a pair of heels in the last year. Some wedge platform sandals in the summer maybe, but a non-wedge shoe or boot with a heel of more than maybe 2.5 inches is basically non-existent, either stiletto or chunky heel. Even in boots, which for several years seemed to be the primary choice of footwear with a heel, most are now two inches and less. No wonder there aren't any current street shot postings! I was in a store today known as Shoe Department Encore, a very large store, and they had a single side of one aisle with dress shoes/heels, and at least four double sided aisles of sneakers/sport casual styles etc. Even DSW, which always had a great selection of heels, is down to one aisle in the store. While it is not the first time in history that heels haven't been overly popular, even during the times of low and chunky heels, women were wearing dress shoes. Today, we have low heel riding boots and booties, and casual/athletic styles - not even a halfway decent looking pair of dressy feminine flats for the most part. I know in the past that heels have been cyclical, but the lack of dress styles being worn, regardless of heel height, is most troubling. My state of health is going to limit my ability to weather an extended non-heel cycle, and it is kind of depressing for me...lol.
  12. RonC

    My outings...

    A nice outing, Chesterx. Hope your Mom is doing well and that you and she have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  13. RonC

    My outings...

    Nice. Personally, I wouldn't last long in a heel of the height! So the red pair is 12W then? I don't think they go as large as 13.
  14. RonC

    My outings...

    Great heels for out shopping! Classic and walkable! Wish I had the gumption to wear my heels on full display as you did! As an aside, Chesterx, what size do you typically wear, and do the INC heels run true to that size? I have been eyeing those heels for some time, as I love the classic cut, but I am afraid they'd be a bit on the narrow side in the toe box. I have a somewhat wide foot, so I guess I could get them in 11W (thanks Macy's for at least having the wide sizes available), but I hate to buy without trying, and finding an 11W in a Macy's store is about impossible. I know you said they were comfortable, but are they also true to size?
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