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  1. Really like those - classic style, nice low cut vamp, and a walkable heel!
  2. Great pair of sandals. I wish I could find a pair in my size 12. Very sexy!
  3. Glad to hear they survived, but unfortunately, my favorite Payless store did not. It was one where the women's size 12 ailse was not visible from the storefront, and the clerks all knew where I was headed when I came in. I will miss that store - it was so comfortable for me trying stuff on there.
  4. I've not been a big fan of the gladiator style for the most part, but for some reason I really like those sandals, though the circular heel is kind of odd.
  5. Agree - nice pair of heels!
  6. Sadly, my wife always hated wearing any kind of gartered or thigh-high stockings. She was a pantyhose girl. She did wear gartered stockings on my request maybe a handful of times, and would complain about them falling down, etc., the whole time. I quit asking......but I sure did enjoy it when she did those too many years ago.
  7. In reading these posts, one thing struck me. It is, to me, very understandable that wearing heels with shorts would cause some trepidation. That is a combination that even most women would not do. WHile it was in style for a very brief time, women wearing heels with shorts was never a common sight. I think most would hesitate on that look (unless they were platform wedges or something on the more clunky side - I am referring to stiletto heels now). So even among women, that look would make one stand out from the crowd.
  8. Beautiful red sling backs. I love the delicate buckle! They would exceed my capabilities height wise, but would love a pair if they came in a 4" max heel! You have some great looking shoes, and I am impressed that you are willing to wear them out and about. Nice!
  9. Personally, I'd be happier with no items found than with this pair....just not my style
  10. I hear you on the lace-ups. They do offer a better fit. Unfortunately, I also find them less than attractive in my eye. Haven't bought a pair yet, though I have come close a few times after trying them on and feeling the fit. One of these days I will give them a try.
  11. Happy, actually that was Tim0578 that made that comment - I just added that I liked his choice in heels. I am with him though. 4" is my limit of comfort. I've tried the gel pads. Problem is most shoes are not really wide enough for my feet - so putting a pad in the toe box just takes up too much space, so they end up being very uncomfortable. Ho the woes of cramming a rather wide male foot into a shoe designed for the narrower, more delicate female foot! Boo
  12. Hope you're not melting the soles of your heels with this recent weather!
  13. Welcome. Glad you have an accepting spouse! Nice to be able to wear heels out without too much worry about what your mate will think.
  14. Nice classic pumps style - and one can never go wrong with black patent!
  15. Nice heels - I am jealous regarding the "making out while in heels"! That is cool.