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  1. I personally would enjoy the brick and mortar stores returning, as I much prefer to try on before I buy, and it also gives me the chance to try some styles that I wouldn't likely consider if I had to buy them.
  2. If my memory serves me correctly, the pumps he is wearing in the video are a style that was previously offered. I believe he had the chunkier heel style a couple years ago when I first saw his products. I could be convinced, however, that I can't remember sh**, ...lol.
  3. Makes me want to wear a pair of heels in the rain!
  4. In thje Chicago area, we also had Malings and O'Conner Goldberg. In the late 60's/early 70's, when about all you could find were relatively low blocky heels, O'Conner Goldberg continued to offer at least a small line of stilettos. I gave them a lot of credit, as well as a fair piece of business, for continuing to offer decent heels during that late 60's/early 70's heel wasteland!
  5. Payless and Toys ‘R’ Us had in common hefty private-equity debt loads and an abundance of stores at a time when much of retail was downsizing. Today, the two new Toys “R” Us outposts are smaller-format spaces with experiential offerings, a direction often recommended by retail experts. If they go this route with the stores, you can just about bet your bottom dollar that they would not be stocking large sizes in stores. Too bad - they used to be a great shopping spot.
  6. MartaGanz - the first pair is very sexy. My feet are way too homely for a very bare pair like those...lol. Nice!
  7. "I'm glad he's around and doing his thing even I think it's unlikely I'd ever be wearing any of his creations." - Just curious, HinH, is that based on style or price?
  8. It would be great if both men and women were to attend. Interesting concept.
  9. You look good in those boots - should wear them more often!
  10. RonC

    My outings...

    So sorry - may she rest in peace.
  11. Not seeing much I like, though the Jared Leto boots were pretty decent. The huge clunky platform stuff is just that - huge and clunky - and not appealing on most any level. And the knee high riding boots leave me cold. If they had a heel of some substance I could see it, but otherwise I personally see no appeal. Just my take on things.
  12. It seems like the young girls wear more heels than adult women these days!
  13. RonC


    Congrats! I enjoy being retired and doing nothing!
  14. You sure about that? To me it doesn't look like they are the same people. Oops. I missed a few replies here. I don't thing that is nzfreestyler
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