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  1. But she wore heels in that rough terrain?
  2. In my area, DSW has jumped all over the sneaker trend, now calling themselves the "sneaker headquarters." I bet that they have taken out a minimum of 50% of the selection of dress shoes/heels, and in some stores it's been more like 2/3 of the space formerly devoted to heels. It saddens me to see this, but I'm afraid it is a sign of the times. I've also now seen articles about our vice presidential candidate, Ms. Harris, heaping praise on her for her choice of Timberland work boots and sneakers on the campaign trail. Quite sad to see in my opinion, and certainly not appealing.
  3. I have to say that those just do not look comfortable at all. The slant of the back of the foot, the bend at the ball of the foot and the strap on the little toe would all seem to be problematic. Enjoyable for home wear!
  4. RonC

    I was caught

    That is likely a fact Pierre
  5. Welcome. Don't know why you'd wouldn't keep them if they fit and are comfortable, even if you just wear them at home!
  6. RonC

    I was caught

    While I agree in very large part to your comments HinH, I do have to add that the public is somewhat responsible for the current situation. Back in the 1980's, we were flying to Orlando from Chicago and the airfare, round-trip, was typically in the $300-$400 range. Today, we get upset if the cost is more than $250 RT, and mostly pay less than $200. The public demanded that air travel be "cheaper and available to the masses". I'm hard pressed to think of much of anything that is cheaper now than it was in the 1980's. In the never ending quest to keep fares down, something had to give. Hen
  7. No. I learned a while back that women don't really seem to appreciate that, though I guess if I said something to the effect that she looked great without mentioning her heels maybe it would have been accepted. But after a couple of not so great reactions to compliments, I just keep it to myself
  8. I'm impressed that you can handle that height, especially in your size. I'd have a real problem even in a size 12. A mile in those would cripple me!
  9. Well, I like these better than the other pair with the real wide upper band and platform as I much prefer single soles, and I kind of like the see-through fabric of the upper, but that upper is still, for me, too much. But I have a feeling they would be comfortable (I'd need a lower heel though as I'm physically averse to heels that high....lol)
  10. I agree. I think you could pull that off if desired.
  11. In that case, I'm jealous!
  12. Some nice shoes and boots there, but rather expensive.
  13. Can't argue with that logic. Women were pretty much ditching heels for work even before the lockout. I sometimes wonder who buys the heels I still see in the stores, as I never see anyone wearing them! (and I'm just making a wild guess that it isn't men buying those size 5-8 heels either...lol)
  14. Nice boot. Can you provide some information on them?
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