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  1. your opinion

    I am normally a stiletto guy as well, but I think the thicker heel here looks better. Maybe I'm just used to seeing blockier heel boots - been a while since stiletto boots were a common sight.
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    Jessica Simpson shoes that are wider than normal? Wow, that is rare. I've never found a pair of those that fit me anywhere near comfortably.
  3. My curiousity is sparked

    SoCalGal, one more straight married guy reporting in. While many of the guys here report that they can wear heels all day without pain, I am not in that category. While the level of tolerance is greatly influenced by fit, I can only go so long before having pain in the ball of my foot area regardless of fit. I do admit that fit is a tough place for me, as I wear a man's 10.5 wide, and a women's equivalent to that is very difficult to find. There is also no doubt that wearing four inch heels is a lot different than something lower in the three inch range. That said, I have some 2.5 inch heels that start to give me discomfort before others that approach 4 inches. You say that you are basically "required" to wear heels in your job. But do they specify a specific height? If you are wearing Jimmy Choo's, you are likely at least 4 inches and in some approaching five. Yes, I do believe you will have painful feet at those heights. There are hundreds of good looking women's shoes these days that still look quite stylish but have heels in the 2.5-3 inch range. Kitten heels seem to be all the rage right now, as well as the lower block styles. Can those not pass muster as heels in the courtroom? You might not experience so much discomfort if you went that route. I love to see ladies in heels - nothing looks better than an attractive woman in a dress and heels. But they don't need to be 4-5 inches high to be attractive. Maybe try some lower styles and see if that reduces your pain - you can still look stunning in a feminine styled 3 inch heel! Best wishes - please stay with us for a while!
  4. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Jeremy - interesting that as your wife gained weight, she shunned heels. Mine has been pretty heavy at times, but she always felt that attractive shoes were the one thing she could wear, even if she had to start finding things that came in a wider width. Heels only stopped when her poor feet just would not allow it. It is interesting because, when she was young, she didn't wear heels pretty much until I came along and requested that she wear them. She got used to them, and then they became an integral part of her wardrobe. When she could no longer wear them, she was actually upset about it and hates wearing, as she puts it, "these ugly shoes." She said that she wouldn't have believed that she'd love heels when she was young, but that I had gotten her hooked on them. I should thank my lucky stars that I had all those years of her in great shoes. mlroseplant, from what I see, not many women in their 50's wear much in the way of heels any more. There are still a few stalwarts who continue to dress nicely with heels, but honestly, the entire population has become so casual with dress that heels are getting to be rare in many areas. In the suburbs in my area, heels are basically non-existent, even in some of the nicer restaurants. If one goes into the city, where the population is younger as a rule, you will see more heels in the evenings at restaurants, bars, etc. Take me back to the late 80's/early 90's please!
  5. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    JeffB, just curious, have you measured the heels on those boots? The sure don't look like 4". Very nice looking boots though. I like the buckles as well.
  6. My 1,000th post...

    You made me check where I stood. Joined in January 2002 and I have 902 posts to date. Maybe by my 20th year, I'll hit 1,000 as well!
  7. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Jeremy, just curious, have you asked her why she never wears heels anymore? Is it a foot problem maybe, or some other physical issue? And again, just curious, do you ever request that she wear a certain pair of shoes? When she could still wear heels, my wife was wonderfully accommodating. I probably picked out 75% of the shoes she owned, and any time I asked her to wear something I really liked, she never had an issue (unless maybe they were just the wrong shoes for the outfit she was wearing). That said, since I had a major hand in picking out he shoes, I liked most everything she had! Unfortunately, foot issues put an end to any type of heels, and continued foot issues together with some nerve damage which has impacted the function of her left leg have resulted in her not being able to wear much of anything that I would call cute. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but it has been very difficult for me. I really miss her in heels!
  8. High Heeled Vacation planning

    Wow, those shoes look to be having a severe identity crisis....lol
  9. Heels for today

    Yes, I love those too. I like the ornament and pleating.
  10. My first public heel adventure

    Wow - you walked in those heels for 5 hours! I doubt that there is a woman on the planet that could match you on that! Personally, there is no way - my feet would be killing me. Very nice!
  11. My first public heel adventure

    Very cool - I just don't quite have the stones for a pair of pumps like those yet. Maybe some day! Likely not obvious that someone noticed them, but if they do, I would guess that 99% of people would simply look and not make any kind of fuss about it. Think about seeing someone from say 30 feet away, where your glance gets the entire person - would be pretty hard to not see the shoes. But they are not going to come running over to you laughing or stand there and point, hoot and holler. They will see what they will see, and go on their merry way!
  12. A Message from Thighbootguy

    The Shoe Show store I go to (I believe this one is called The Shoe Department - same company), actually does carry a pretty darn decent collection of large and wide sizes. They don't always have something that interests me, but always find a few things to try on when I'm there. No problem at all with the staff - I think they are used to it. As for quality, it depends on the manufacturer - they have some of their own brands like It's OK that are, as indicated, about the same as Payless. But then you can also find stuff from J/ Renee, Nine West, Naturalizer, Lifestride, and other national brands. Just depends on what they can scarf up cheap and re-sell I'm guessing. Never had a problem with then.
  13. My first public heel adventure

    Very nice look - as several have stated, you have the shape for the outfit and it looks great on you. Congrats for having the gumption to go out in public in that outfit. I'd kind of look like an egg on stilts if I tried that...lol. Also, I absolutely love the toe cleavage on those heels! Too bad Aldo doesn't make size 12 US. I'd have to have a pair if they did. Very cool, balletboot!
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    You are indeed a lucky man, and any woman that bought me a pair of heels like that would earn my everlasting love and respect! Only in my dreams!
  15. My first designer pumps

    I find them very attractive as well. A classic pump with a nice detail. But they do look narrow! Way too narrow for my wide foot.