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  1. It's a no from me for moto, wouldn't rule out cowboy boots, but seasons trends are definitely low on my priority list.
  2. Hit me a few weeks ago that I had expanded my collection too far and many pairs were not getting worn or even saw the light of day. So i've taken to having a purge. I think the deciding point was when I was about 5 - 10 pairs more than the shoe storage could take.
  3. And after another couple of weeks of waiting and another order they finally arrive!!! They're 6 1/2 inch heel with 3/4 inch platorm, came from an ebay outlet based in the UK but pretty sure made in China.
  4. I conclude that I hate the delivery services. They only have to get it wrong once in a hundred but it's enough to yell and scream about. An order that I knew had been dispatched seemed to never arrive. After two extra weeks of waiting I checked only to be told by the supplier (after they had checked) that the package could not be delivered and was returned to the supplier. No one told me! Having to negotiate another purchase now, don't know if/when it might arrive 🤨
  5. Never bought any but seen them and wondered about them many, many times. One day I might decide to take the plunge.
  6. So 2 things, first regarding egg rolls, and I'm sure I could dig through the forum and find out myself but could you narrow down the location? Even just to the State would be a start. And secondly shouting at the TV or computer, oh yes! Not generally about anything in particular but just often, maybe hurling insults at the stupidity of people on the news,or even just the stupidity of people. Tiktok seems to be the home of stupid and time wasting, not that it's everyone but from what I've seen it's rife.
  7. Oooooooooh! Very long, very high, very nice. Yes please every day of the week. Enough said I think.😁 Was busy working today, got completely side tracked, ended up looking online and through a random journey of clicking links I came across these. Wasn't looking for them or anything like them but suddenly realized that i'd got an email confirming my purchase, whoops. So I've got a pair of Hella Heels BabyDoll Old Money velvet coming next week. 🙄
  8. I have various pairs at various ages. One of my longer older (and favourite) pair of boots by Kurt Geiger are good quality materials (generally). Unfortunately there are secions of the inner that are not as high quality (cheaper) and it's those which are degrading. So after waering for a couple of hours small bits come off. This doesn't affect the outer leather or appearance so it's more of an annoyance than a major issue. Because of the age though there is little chance I would ever be able to replace them. Should have bought two of everything at the start.
  9. For me, like has been said, if something doesn't fit or rubs, the chances are it's not that they are bad but that i've got the wrong size. I think everything that has been said so far is completely on point. I would only review something if I had something constructive to say about it, even constructive critisicm but after i'd given it enough time to have a proper judgement.
  10. Agreed, thoroughly approve of this look. Hope it was a fun night.
  11. I think a bit of context is needed. What are they, where are they from? I do really like the decoration on them, brings them to life.
  12. If we're focussing solely on the heel, then I don't think they would be my first choice as they don't have that harmony with the rest of the shoe, they seem a bit alien, although I wouldn't turn them away if given a pair. On the other hand, as a package I think the height and the rest of the shoe makes enough of a visual impact that it's not obvious or a problem. Could easily make it in to my closet.
  13. ohnoberty

    Cali World

    Excellent news, wedges are making the summer comeback! Very nice.
  14. Well if elegant was the look you were going for then you nailed that!
  15. Just went ot check out who M DiGia was, and it's quite clear now where you get some of your inspiration. This outfit and others that you've posted are of a similar characteristic to her. Not so sure this style will be quite so comfortable in the hot summer months (not that the UK is renowned for hot summers) but keep posting them. 👍
  16. Yes, interesting to Google them, it does seem that there is a certain degree of content relating to the ethical side of this organisation. There was a mention in some site details that there are regional distribution centres, EU, US, which may help reduce the green issue but does not go anywhere near the topic of workers or materials. Maybe I won't make it a regular haunt.
  17. I've used the word New in the title, but I may just be slow on the uptake and this may be old news, correct me if i'm wrong. Over the weekend, while browsing hhpage on my phone I was plagued with adverts from Shein. (Shein.co.uk) Decided i'd go and see what all the fuss was about, and they have hundreds/thousands of shoes and boots (among other things). Not completely sure of the origin of the site, as in this day and age contact details can be very sketchy. Long story short, I've placed an order, which I think will be coming from China. Estimated delivery in 8-10 days. The post person will be busy.
  18. So maybe that means we can get away with anything. 😄
  19. This article is a fascinating read. I'm certainly not someone who would actively push a direction that is thought to be socially unacceptable but am certainly open to ideas, changes in dynamics and general acceptance of people who are more free with their inner feelings than others. I mentioned something similar to this the other day, that society is changing, to be more accepting of people who do not necessarilly conform to the believed social norms and as such gives everyone more of an opportunity to be themselves. But changes are not coming fast enough, I particulalry like the quote: "but society has taught us to hide certain aspects of ourselves because they are not socially acceptable. Many men fear their feminine side because, as I stated above, they have been conditioned to be that way by others who are not comfortable with their own feminine sides"
  20. These are my recently acquired Steve Madden boots, don't know the model. Picked them up on the internet for a steal. Meant to post pics previlously but have been very busy. Still struggle with the 500Kb file size limit, always catches me out.
  21. Had a great week away recently, far off lands where you can let your hair down in a manner of speaking. Enjoyed wearing my Steve Madden ankle boots for the week (recent purchase, should share photos) but now feeling on top of the world. With that my excited trigger happy fingers just went and bought a new pair of long boots. I won't post stock pictures, i'll wait till they arrive and post real photos. I'll be checking my email every five minutes now till they arrive.
  22. 🤣, thank you. You remember that we cannot unsee this. We are scarred for life, i'm going to go and lie down.
  23. Sloped streets are a devil, likewise cobbles. You're still in one piece though so success!
  24. All the bullets listed and the additional comments sound like we're all referrng to the same book, our book of life, experiences, tolerance, concealment, revelation and so on. Maybe we should all get to gether and write a book on this, might change the world, for the better. @hideenheels, it sounds like we're on the same page of the same book, how strange is life.
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