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  1. Cali

    Cali World

    "I can do that" and "Just Do It" are two phrase to use. Years ago there were certain things I wish I had the confidence to do. I am finally getting the confidence to do many of these and I am much happier because of it. Last year I was a "want to expose my knee highs" type of person, this fall I got the confidence to break that self imposed glass ceiling.
  2. Did you find your were treated in a different (better) way, more like a viable customer, when shopping for heels in heels?
  3. Cali

    Cali World

    So today was the day for me to wear my boots outside my pants. I did a short 2 1/2 hour in public with my Nine West knee highs and these vegan leather pants as a test run. But today was a long one, 16 hours. I wore my JS Rollin knee high boots and vegan leather pants. First time wearing the JS boots and love them. Easy to walk in, easy to drive in and gorgeous!! Got lots of compliments on them, especially from women, but the most interesting comment came from a guy. "I wish I had the confidence to wear boots like that."
  4. @hiddenheels its always nerve wracking when you expand your comfort zone. Especially those first few steps, we all experience it. But it is also very satisfying when you have expanded it. Good job.
  5. @mlroseplant You might want to look into thermal legging for those extra cold days. I have been using leggings and yoga pants in place of longjohns for many years. Much more comfortable and warmer..
  6. Cali

    Cali World

    It just happened that way. What can I say, I like a wide variety of heels. Macy's had a special flash sale on boots, 40% off + free shipping, so I thought I would give the JS Rollin a try. Then a few days later Steve Madden changed their rewards system and gave me some % off, + $30 off, and free shipping. I saw they had this tall mule, it just so happen to be a stiletto. Then one day I had two hours to kill so I went to see what was at DSW (big mistake). The JS Rachie captivated me as I passed by them.
  7. I would wear my Nine West knee high boots outside my pants.
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