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  1. Lululemon leggings are nice BUT pricey. I have legging from various sources. Compression leggings are great for sporting endeavors. I really like my textured pairs from Express and wished I had bought more therma leggings from VSX while they sold them. And I do wear them in public with heels.
  2. Short legs, try petite length. Know you size and look at the different lengths available.
  3. Luckily she is very mobile, walks without a cane. Stopped playing golf when the pandemic hit, it lost the social aspect of it.
  4. I wear lots of open toe shoes with out socks or stocking, so I want my feet and toes to look good. I've been getting pedicures for over 16 years. I enjoy the lower leg massage and foot scrubbing. My pedicurist remarked that I getting the same pads that women who wear heels get. I'm a regular, so I know many of the other clients. I have heard some wild things from some of these women, it's a side of women many men never see. LOL I either wear shorts or leggings in so I can pull them up. Each time it is different color scheme - design - art. Red and pink hues are very, very rare; I might have red in a black with red stripe zebra design. I have 10 pieces of art on my toes that I like to change monthly.
  5. I visited my mother for her birthday shortly after I tore my calf and it was still too swollen to wear pants. Heels and/or a scooter was my only way to get around so she saw me in heels. Which is good since I wear heels almost all the time. But I haven't shown her my colored toenails. She just turned 101 a few months ago, unfortunately she is starting to lose it.
  6. I remember all the nice heels I saw in the stores and on the streets in Argentina in 2015. But I couldn't look at them or try them on in person. Too bad. There once was a brand, Cathy Jean, that had their shoes made in Argentina, I have only one pair but they are very well made. Too bad they went out of business.
  7. High Heel Day Sandals. Pulled these 'vintage" lace-up wedge Steve Madden sandals for my trip to Costco this morning. Ukraine Tip nails.
  8. I see workman's compensation for your injury at work.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Surgery like this is scary as a patient. I wish you good luck and swift recovery.
  10. A major part of wearing heels in public is CONFIDENCE. If you act like it is no big deal, most people wont even notice. If you show any weakness you leave yourself open to criticism.
  11. So @Puffer are these sandals? Open toe perforated (with a back) or the open-toed backless mules. How about these?
  12. Stop being envious and do something about it. Toenail problems can indicate other issues. Take care of your health, you want to wear high heels for as long as you can.
  13. I have major titanium non-OEM parts and those don't set off the detectors, but the zippers in my boots do.
  14. I would avoid stilettoes because airport floors are usually slick.
  15. I have been flying in heels since 2015. Ankle boots with zippers always, easy off/on.
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