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  1. It's not going to be a National Convention,,,it's going to be an International Convention.. To pull off Heel-ly-con 202__ we need sponsors and vendors. We need a location with flat streets...NO HILLS. We need activities. I'm still looking for a shoe company or nail company to sponsor me.
  2. Heels with shorts is really fun and it makes a bold statement. I always draw attention when I wear that combination.
  3. Now for something you can sink your teeth into.... https://nypost.com/2020/01/15/these-fancy-cakes-are-actually-high-heel-shoes/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=mail_app
  4. Driving is one thing, but it's the bridge toll that gets you when you drive to Asia and Australia.
  5. It was also a news story on the local news. They sell on Amazon now but plan their own website and every stores.
  6. I have had two 50 pound check bags for each of the international trips including the domestic portion, while my niece had a carry-on only ticket on Norwegian Air - a very low cost carrier. I fly Southwest mostly now since my skis fly free. But I also get a "shopping list" when I visit my family in foreign lands, so I need the space.
  7. Jeremy, that's not how you do Perfectly MisMatch. Since you didn't say what you need to do today, use the runners to mow your lawn and the stilettos to go dancing.
  8. And you get the checked bags from start to finish on many International carriers. There are airline that do charge for international luggage on some tickets.
  9. Same here. Several Sample/Display People at Costco will call me over to look at my heels and nails.
  10. I bet their clothes were just a fraction of the 200 pounds. That's just four 50 lb bags. A 50 pound bag is easy now that they have wheels. I took 40 pounds of summer clothes to South America for my daughter and came home with 40 pounds of winter clothes.
  11. For Sale Steve Madden Gretchen, $35 + shipping US size 10 Black suede uppers 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform Slightly used, in excellent condition.
  12. For Sale Bamboo T-Strap platform sandals $35 + shipping US size 10 Taupe laser cut 6 inchheels, 1.5 inch platform Slightly used, in excellent condition.
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