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  1. @mlroseplant didn't say to "master heels", but to look graceful while walking. The higher the heel the shorter the gait
  2. I predict when people go back to the office, and they will (because they are tried of being stuck at home) I suspect the women will want to show new outfits and I hope new heels will follow..........or maybe I'm just a dreamer.
  3. I was in San Francisco back in 2014 around Pier 39 area (tourist trap area by the waterfront near Fisherman's Wharf) on a knee-scooter with high heels. Out of the blue a black guy came running up to me to give me a high-five and just said "Yeah Prince" . 😍
  4. The person was gushing over the shoes. He said he spend a lot of time looking a boots for his mother and could tell my (Jessica Simpsons) were a nice boot. You don't get compliments when you hide them under your jeans. If you are going to spend that much money to get good knee highs then you got to show them off.
  5. spikesmike: I think too much bling might be too distracting in my work environment. With the number of shoes I have and wear, I need to only add shoes that I know I can wear almost anywhere. The Nine West Kimys, in Black and Wine, were what I had been looking for: Knee high; leather; at least 4 inch differential; full zipper. The full zipper was hard to find, but I need it. Above, those are nice shoeties, but I just got some blue suede Jessica Simpsons lace ups like that and now I have enough stilettos My next purchases will be to replace some of my summer wedge sandals. The faux
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