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  1. Guys? I get this from women all the time. They try to transfer their experience to me and I wont let them. They don't have the skill (balance and muscle tone) or they make bad choices in the heels they buy. I had a younger (20 something) tell me that she was mad at me because I made wearing high heels look like wearing running shoes (trainers for you brits). To me wearing the right high heel was VERY EASY. It took less than a minute to find my balance and off I went. Been wearing ever since.
  2. Do they come with sunglasses to block the glare?
  3. Cali


    I was going to try and sell these, but I decided to put them through my shoe stretchers since these are real suede. Great now. New cords too. Off to work, an eight step commute.
  4. @SF can I get you stop calling them girl's shoes and just call them shoes or shoes with heels. You need to normalize them to yourself and to others. When you call them girls shoes you imply that there is sometime wrong with what you have on. You've been wearing them for years (decades), they are just your shoes now.
  5. So you're not crazy enough yet? Then keep trying, you'll get there.
  6. Sweet spot for my body is 3.75 to 5 inch difference between toe and heel.
  7. How many 4+" stilettos do you now have? I have over a half dozen (and counting)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I've hard a room with my office since the 80's. network, computers, printers, scanners, ... Had to add a network cable to my breakfast nook, set up camera(s), lights etc for the "Home Studio" when this started.
  9. Working more than ever. Turn my breakfast nook into a studio. Trying to get a vegetable garden in. Cloning tomatoes currently. Beans carrots, onion, lettuce, peas, all growing nicely. The peas and lettuce are tasty. Fruit trees in blossom, gopher having the time of their life. Construction (demolition) as soon as I have time and it dries out a bit. Have to use this time to design a new house as well. And then there a million other projects to get done. Only trouble I'm sitting working remotely for too many hours each day, not enough time standing walking in heels to meet my body's needs.
  10. You got to keep up the appearance from your home studio.
  11. I could do that look in black (pants and heels) sans plaid top
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