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  1. I'm on Pinterest? I found out in 2015 that raising my heel by about 4 inches changed how my hip works. The pain I had been living with for 12 years dramatically reduced. And the pain quickly returned when I tried to return to flat shoes. So I basically wear heels almost all time. The injury that lead to wearing heels was rather sever and I couldn't stand or walk without heels for over 5 months. At the beginning I would hide my heels with long pants, but I got to the point I wanted to wear knee high boots and hiding them under pants was hard. And if I going to wear a $200 suede boot I'm sure don't want to hide. So pre-pandemic I would wear my heels with skinny pants and some days with knee high boots. I am also not interested in marketing my heels on social media at this time.
  2. I've worked for them for well over 30 years and have been on some very high profile committees with upper management, so I am a very well known person. The fact that I also wear 4+ inch heel just adds to it.
  3. I almost always wear heels to work and every place else. Have been since 2015. 2 years ago I started to wear knee high stiletto boots over my skinny jeans. I had a chat (meet and greet) with a new administrator last week over ZOOM. During the chat I asked if he heard about the guy who wears heels, and he said yes so I said that I was the guy. So it is something that the upper management talks about.
  4. Count your blessings squirrel, it's better than chipmunk.😉
  5. I love my Jessica Simpson stilettos with platforms.
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