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  1. Cali

    Cali World

    I have done this set of flights before in the light tan booties shown above with no problem. If I was really bold, I would wear my Jessica Simpson knee high stiletto boots. My brother is picking me up and he knows I wear heels. I like to upgrade my seat on the way home.
  2. I had a pair of older heels brake when I got out of the car at work two weeks ago. I had to wear my running shoes. I got so many questions of "are you all right?" "Why no heels?". It like I am expected to be in heels.
  3. Cali

    Cali World

    Everybody needs a pair of simple booties for the fall/winter. Flying internationally tomorrow on American wearing these booties. Hope the Aussies let me in.🙃.
  4. Cali

    Cali World

    These aren't new but its the first time I really wore them. I think I got the 5 years ago but never wore them. I got them because I had gotten a similar pair, and these where my back up chill booties. Will the heel gave way on the light tan shoes after hundreds of miles. But then my feet were too swollen to put these on. The issue with many things, including swollen feet was sovled this spring. So out came these shoes. Today was the first day I wore them to work. These booties are both Sodas, so they aren't expensive, but they are in my stealth range. Sometimes you just need a good bootie. I have been search for replace heel shown below
  5. That's because I don't have pictures with me in them. These are Bamboo T-Strap platform sandals, US size 10. Taupe laser cut. And these are Steve Madden Gretchen, Black suede uppers 6 inch heel, 2 inch platform I should add that I didn't reffer to them as CFM until a woman called them CFM heels and I had to ask her what that meant. So naive. 😁
  6. My son sell many things on the net. I asked him about selling some of my CFM heels. They are in very good condition, but they are not very comfortable to wear long time. So they have sat on the shelf for YEARS. To him it was just not worth it. Yes, he might be able to get as much as $30 each, but the work to showcase them was not worth his time. I plan to try some consignment stores or donate to a LGB... support group or a ... Then I have several Charles by Charles David gladiator wedges where the glue has failed. I have gotten my use out of them However. I have not found decent replacements. And I looked! And looked1 Those heels go into my shop and hopefully I can get them back in my closet before fall rain.
  7. It's not a purge but a culling of your herd of heels. My heels go to a new home when they are worn out. Those that are still in good shape are now being donated to LGB..... suport groups.
  8. My plan was to buy coastal land when it was cheap. Up over 200% in 9 years. Grow your own organic food. Retire triple dipping. The key word is when.
  9. Cali

    Cali World

    I miss those strappy heels from 2018-2020 days. Now known as the good old days.
  10. Cali

    Cali World

    Today I had a governing board meeting. I walked into the meeting room 10 minutes early with a female colleague. As I walked past the woman who was hosting the meeting, she asked me to stop so she could see what shoes I had on, old black Charles David gladiator wedges - 5.5 heel, 1.5 platform. The woman I walked in with also stopped and she had strappy black sandals – 2 inch heels, the host had on black strappy sandals and the woman that followed us in also had black strappy sandals. Never thought the pre-meeting talk would be about BLACK strappy shoes.
  11. 😁😁😁 I stopped wearing watches in the 60's. Just didn't fit my life style as kid. Then when I worked as a chemist, we couldn't have anything on our hands or arms.
  12. Cali

    Cali World

    Unprofessional. We've worked together for at least 15 years. We both wear 4 inch heels all the time, it's a very smaill club at work. Fun thing, she also told me she was walking in pair of platform sandals and the platform separated from the shoe. I had tht happen in the spring too.
  13. But they would make great lawn aerators.
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