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  1. Beautify shoes...they got to get out on the town.
  2. So it's time to bring heels back! I'm doing my part are you? But the premise is false.
  3. You didn't offend me, I wear heels daily in public, have manicured and painted both fingernails and toenails, shave my arm pits, blend my clothing, and wear some light make-up, yet I'm not feminine and I feel what I do as expressing myself, not feminizing. Many here call it freeI need to remove the hair in the winter, so I get waxed 3 - 4 times a season and now I'm enjoying some of the "side effects": thinner and finer hair. And I think it makes my legs look better in my heels and shorts.
  4. Welcome fellow Californian. Use whatever you can to lose and keep weight off.
  5. High heels are my footwear, not my fetish. I want people to see them as "just my footwear", so I must treat them as "just my footwear". I can't ask others to do it if I don't do it, you've got to lead by example. That being said, there is no reason (except space) that I can't have 35 - 40 pairs, specially if this is what I wear.
  6. My now Ex knew that I started to wear women's running shoes after my 3 ankle reconstruction. She never paid enough attention to notice when I started to wear booties with 1 to 1.5 inch heels. But she had terrible taste in shoes and ugly feet, bunions etc. Our marriage feel apart over other things, but I also knew she would never accept me for me. Compromise? What compromise? What I saying is that if your foot wear is the cause of your breakup, then there was not much of a relationship to begin with. If you want your SO to be okay with your choice of footwear then stop calling it a fetish and treating it as a fetish. Today I returned my madden girl combat boots to Macy's (didn't fit ) while wearing a polo shirt, shorts, and my Steve Madden Lace-up wedges with a 5" heel. Purchased a scrub from one of the make-up counters and no one notice my heels (or my colored toenails). They're just my NORMAL EVERYDAY FOOTWEAR.
  7. I had a guy walk across the street in front of me yesterday at a stoplight in women's flat sandals close to where you live SF. You just have to be more observant.
  8. I had a neighbor and she would have to shave her face several times a week. Her daughter now has a hairy face. And her mother has a hairy face. I reject the notion that body hair is "part and parcel of being a man". I project as male, even alpha male while wearing my 4-6 inch heels. It's how you conduct yourself.
  9. One of the side effects of a drug I need to take is long eye lashes and eye brows. When they start to weave together I get my brows cleaned up and trimmed (waxed). Warning: Wishing too hard will cause it to fall out faster.
  10. We must all find the style we are comfortable in. In some sense I am envious of some of you that wear skirts or dresses out and about, that is (for now) outside my comfort zone. It took me a while to get where I am at.
  11. I almost started this the other day when I saw a picture of a member in their stiletto booties with hairy legs. And I know many here shave their legs while some have gone the laser route. So do you shave, wax, laser, or go au naturel? What are your results? The last couple of winters I've had to remove the hairs on my legs so I can tape them. Since I hate stubble and I am lazy (I don't want to do constant maintenance) I have my legs waxed...about 4 time a winter. This year when I let the hair on my legs grow back out I have about 30% of what I use to have.
  12. Mentalities
  13. To me this is a very new image of you, a dress. So I think it is more that you are wearing dress and sandals and leaving your legs exposed. That's maybe why you want the security of your OTK . But I would question the hose, very few women wear hose, specially in the summer months, so that may also be drawing more attention to you. I would like to see the same look without the hose. Shave or wax the legs and color those toes to complete the look. The hair and everything looks fine. Earings?
  14. Flat-earthers