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  1. Always try to look good. You can even get that extra bit of confidence knowing you look good.
  2. Sorry they aren't hiring. Your company doesn't allow wedges at work? It's not so much the company allowing you to wear wedges to work, its more "do you have the intestinal fortitude required to wear 5 inch heels in to work for a full workday?"
  3. Her's are Clark's I think. First time she wore them.
  4. Thanks hhboots. The first one is on the less than cute side and too short. With a 2 inch platform I looking for 6 to 7 inch heels. The second one could work , but I don't get that "WOW" factor. But at that price........ I like the lace-up from the toes since I have a high arch. Most of the time it's this part of the shoe that I have trouble with. One of the reasons I don't do pumps is how then cut into my tops of my toes. That's why I use the foam padding trick at times. These are Maxx Out wedges by Restricted. I have them in the tan and cognac colors, but these are now 2 year old models. You wouldn't believe how many women asked me where I got these, two even asked to try them on and then went out and bought them. But they are 2015 models and I looking for 2017 shoes. After all I have a reputation to maintain.
  5. The taller one of course. Cord pants, blue toes.