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  1. I agree with you @mlroseplant. I have 6 pairs of sandals that are worn out and I had planned on replacing. I have been looking at heels from Steve Madden, Charles David, and many others as well as DSW, Macy's, .. and I'm only seeing a sea of 3.5 inch heels, really something approaching 4 inches. 5 inch heels with 2 inch platforms, etc. Lucky for me I have over 60 heels that I wear and 5 replacement pairs still in their boxes. And with this pandemic I rarely need to go any place, so I not wearing many different heels.
  2. Cali

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    It does get easier as time goes on. I have my legs waxed so I can sports tape them. After about 15 times, I don't have much hair left and what grows back is lighter in color and thickness. The waxing professionals are jealous that I don't have as much hair on legs as they do. . And the waxing now is nothing like the first several times, it's a piece of cake. But our waxing places are now closed again. so it will be a while until I get my done again. I got the large package and go every 4 - 6 weeks in the winter. Make sure they wax your toes as well.
  3. I suggest dog food as a better use of you money.
  4. Virtual Jaunts. Time to reconsider.
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