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  1. I would be interesting to see the responses to the same questions from men with (and without) autogynephilia and women without it too.
  2. I have had my 24 inch screen for 8 years, been thinking of updating to a bigger screen. But with 5 computers I don't have room now. Having issues with modems. I had one go out and then the power supply on the new one was faulty. Some days I spend 11 hours on Zoom.
  3. Tell her it called the "power click", yes some men's shoe click louder than some of my heels.
  4. I have a friend that is an email friend with Mark on another site. We had a brief discussion and I felt Mark would consider himself a "freestyler" and he thought otherwise. The result an excerpt from a private communication: "Mark says he does not consider himself a" X D "since he feels all clothes are non-gendered."
  5. I posted this in another thread and the post got flag because I used a "banned word", Stupid. In an excerpt from private communication, "Mark B. says he does not consider himself a" X D "since he feels all clothes are non-gendered."
  6. Look at what's happening in Europe and the Midwest. Cases are growing and it only going to get worst. People may be fooled by a mild case, but the real issues will come in 5 10 15 years from now when they find out that some organ/tissue was scared. Maybe they will be sterile, maybe they will have a lung problem. It going to be a long rough winter!
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