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  1. I really like my 5 foot commute compare to a 40-45 minute drive over a curve mountain freeway in the EARLY morning. I haven't had covid (to my knowledge) and I have major surgery coming up in April, so I want (need) to stay that way. This spring I need to be on-site 2 days a week and 2 days off-site. Thanks @Shyheels. Real suede. They have a platform, so it's only a net 4 inch rise, but very comfortable. Bonus is they fit my calves. I have other JS booties with the same basic profile and they are all very easy to walk in. Too bad I only found these too late to get another color.
  2. I've only been on-site for less than 40 days since the start of the pandemic. Today was one of those days. I will be back on site less than 30 days till June. Lunch meeting heels. These Jessica Simson boots are so comfortable.
  3. Sorry @spikesmike, there is a point that you have too many shoes. When you need to get a much larger walk-in closet just for your heels. I'm don't know how many I have, buts it north of 80. And few (8) are un-opened new replacement heels still in their box. I have some mainly for winter and a few for summer.I have 6 knee high boots and I have been looking for more (why). Pre-pandemic I wore a different pair to work everyday. People would drop by just to see my heels. I have been working from home since the pandemic and don't wear many different ones. I have a few pairs I need to get rid of, they don't fit right or not in good shape to wear to work.
  4. I have many duplicates (different colors) of heels bought about the same time. If I like the shoes, I will sometimes buy a second pair in a different color before they are gone. I haven't check them all, but those I have check have been the same height.
  5. Although I have mostly size 10 some 11 (US women's) feet, I have strange pear shape feet. Large thick toe box, skinny heel. For too many decades I suffered through men's shoes, 9.5 EEE. I could get my toe box in but then have over 1 cm gap on each side of the heel. This lead to multiple ankle problems, injuries, and surgeries. This issue stopped when I "discovered" women's shoes fit my feet. I went from hating shoe shopping and having few shoes to enjoying shoe shopping and having over 80 heels.
  6. Or maybe he needs to get something from the attic. Attics are really cold in Iowa.🤨
  7. Cali

    Cali World

    I went to a DSW (aka Designer Sneakers Warehouse) for the first time in 6 months yesterday. This store use to have 20% sneakers, 6 months ago it was 50% and now 75%. Sad, really sad. I searched the discount racks - saw nothing I wanted. I did find a pair of Vince Camuto clogs that I liked. But my heel stuck out a little and a women trying of some club shoes told me to go out a half size. But that was their highest size. So I decided to look online to see if they had large sizes. They were not on the DSW website. So I searched the Vincecamuto website and found they came in up to size 12. And they were $30 cheaper! But the heel differential was low, under 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) so I passed.
  8. I wear my boots on the outside of my pants all the time. The last time I wore my Jessica Simpson stilettoes shoe shopping, the shoe manager told me she had the same pair, but had to give them away when her feet grow during pregancy. Mine are not "modest" heels, most 4 inch + whatever platforms. I get the eye roll, more often from older adult women. The eye roll is where they see your boots, roll their eyes up and see you're male, then roll their eyes down to look at the boots again. By that time I am past them Kids sometimes will point it out to their parents. Rarely a comment. My boots are real or faux leather or suede. I would guess the responce might be different if I wore a fetish or shiny plastic looking boots. Or boots covered in sequins. It took sometime to start wearing them on the outside. But my boots weren't cheap, so why hide them. I trying to expand my boots into other colors and styles, like the western boots in ICE from Freebird.
  9. My running (track) friends have always envied my calves. When I tore my calf, it swelled to a circumference over 24 inches (61 cm). It was winter and all I could get on over the calf was extra large sweatpants or shorts. Currently, they are 16.5 to 17 inches (~41 cm).
  10. Update: It should be fine for my calves.
  11. I would love to try these on but the closes store is a 2+ hour flight away. They look slim to me too, especially the toe, so I was going up a size to a 11 (they come in a size 12 as well). Free shipping and RETURNS. But I'll look at the calf circumference again.
  12. I comes in 3 colors, but they are not solid colors. The edgy cowgirl look?
  13. The color is called "Ice". The trouble is they are expensive, even on sale, But they go up to a size 12. And they have stores in towns you visit.
  14. Thinking about getting these. Any comments?
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