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  1. There's still time SF to get you pic taken. Go to Walmart and strike a pose by the beer display and wait. Someone will take you pic, especially in O.C.
  2. Tiger Woods fyi...Hawthorn is the street where Tiger drove off the road
  3. She had a 1 year on her back. But she thought the wedges were cute. The open air market takes place in the parking lot of a old shopping complex and the pavement is in very bad shape. I rarely see anybody else in any heels there.
  4. Had that conversation with a woman behind me at the open air market this morning. We were talking in line and she said "I just saw your wedges, wish I could wear wedges like that." I take every opportunity I get to show that a man can wear heels and be perfectly normal.
  5. I'm no longer a red or pink fan. That's 20-30 years ago for me. Mine are a sky blue with cluster of white sparkles, like cotton candy clouds in the sky. Next month who knows.
  6. I could be persuaded to wear them for say 9 figures.
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