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  1. The difference would be if they are making them for a man's shape foot, rectangular, for a woman's shape foot, pear shape. I agree that they a very girly looking, but there is a market for that, just ask Pleaser. Niche markets.
  2. Cali

    Hi. I am new here.

    My advice, wait for a sale. I have several pair that listed for almost $300, but I didn't pay that much for them.
  3. Cali

    Word Association Game

  4. Look at Nordstrom's shoe site. The link below is to today's knee high boots, 246 different ones, heel height, size to narrow your selection. Have fun. Not all heels are in the store. https://shop.nordstrom.com/c/womens-knee-high?campaign=0910bootshdrc&jid=j009473-6476&cid=qyezy&cm_sp=merch-_-shoes_6476_j009473-_-cathead_shoebootswmn_p01_shop
  5. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    That says it all. That's the difference between creating and reporting (what was created). Creating is the art of putting imagination into reality. If you can't imagine you can't create. If you can't imagine something then you have absolutely no chance of it ever happening. Many years ago I couldn't imagine selling water in bottles to people. Boy was I wrong. Couldn't imagine Netflix making it when it went down to $10/share, or Apple when it hit $10/share..
  6. Cali

    Cali World

    Shorts with heels. Maxx Out wedges, shorts, new nails, off to work.... You can't hide your heels when you wear shorts. Just walk as if you own the place, because you do.
  7. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    Shyheels we are very different people. Living within blocks of the ocean and having a large swimming pool for decades leads to life of shorts. Going to work in heels with shorts or knee high boots are shorts maybe unthinkable to you where it's a "why not" for me. I enjoy my world (CaliWorld), you enjoy your world. See pics of today's shorts over at Cali World. LOL
  8. Cali

    Hi from South of England

    Welcome both Stevie and BillieJay. Tell us about the heels you wear (or would like to wear) and if you wear them in private or public.
  9. Cali

    A difficult decision!

    WC is not an uncommon term on blueprints in the US.
  10. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    Shyheels, the lack of hot days in the UK would certainly limit the use of shorts. Today it was over 95 degrees F here. SHORTS weather for sure. Like mlroseplant I delay wear my closed toe heels as long as possible. But sometimes I want to have fun, hence knee high boots with short shorts.
  11. Cali

    Boot "season"?

    Yes there is a boot season. I have been wearing open toes sandals, wedges, block heel shoes since about May. I'll go a few more weeks before going to my closed toe heels. Only worn closed toed shoes (outside of kayaking or hiking) except for about 7-10 times this summer. I was asked by a woman that had only seen me in open toed shoes if I had closed toed shoes. I assured her I did. Plan to wear my knee high 4 inch suede boots with shorts next week, just for the fun of it.

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