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  1. Shyheels, the 10k posts would make you Ballerina Heels.
  2. So that's what I doing wrong. I'm not sleeping with them BEFORE they see me in heels. But when you almost always wear heels, that's pretty hard to do.
  3. I wear sandals (with my short shorts) to work almost every day in the summer. Tall sandals, 6+ inchers. I take great care of my feet as well; get regular pedis and wear color, almost never red or pinks. However, right now I am recovering from an in-grown toenail that had to be re-done. But I still wear open toe sandals and color. Like bluejay I too get compliments on my toes and sandals. Some people's feet are hideous, both men and women, and I agree they should be kept out of sight.
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