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  1. Boot cut or not

    The top photo is how I went to work. The bottom photo is to show the boot. I wish I could show it all.
  2. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Now if you can get the high heel version with the big fur....I would be in.
  3. Boot cut or not

    I wish I could show all the boot at work.
  4. Word Association Game

  5. Boot cut or not

    Remember they make flat shoe stretchers and stretchers for high heels. But where RonC describes his pain, I think it has more to do with the toe nail.
  6. Word Association Game

  7. Boot cut or not

    That sounds like an ingrown toenail..it wont go away to easily.
  8. Boot cut or not

    I have feet that are very different as well. One shorter with larger girth. What's happening? Where do they start to hurt. I've given up on pumps...haven' met a pump that didn't hurt and I avoid single strap sandals, now. I've learned my lessons the hard way (aka costly mis-purchases). I still buy online, but I try to be very careful.
  9. Word Association Game

    007 btw....my phone number
  10. Paris to Beijing

    A friend of mine's daughter can run in her stilettos (a goal of mine). But you come down on your toes and don't touch the heel. I can run or jog in many of my boots and some of my wedges.

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