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  1. Cali

    Wedding Shoes

    Buy and resale on Ebay. Make a profit
  2. I missed the boat on Apple @ $10 and NetFlix @ $15. And to add to the pain, I live (bought) in one of the most expensive locations in the United States. And it has never stopped to increase in value. And I can live cheap here. @Shyheels, I was at Oddingley Church in 2019 and looked down on the boats in the canals. Some of my relative take barge vacations.
  3. Just came in, JS Xona. They fit but are snug, so I will wear them around the house to break them in before spending a day in them. I'll post a picture with these and shorts in a week or so. Looking at another JS wedge sandal now.
  4. I wear open toe sandals all the time. And almost always the toes are painted. I get my toes (and fingers) done every 3 - 4 weeks. I know how to do it myself, but I don't have all the tools. My thumb is artifically supported, so it is very hard to work on my toes. Besides, I also enjoy the foot and leg massage.
  5. It's funny how we don't keep track of some of these dates. I just know I started my switch to women's shoes in October of 2011 and high heels mid-February 2015, but that's the closest I can guessimate. I had a 22-year out T-shirt on this week. How time flys.
  6. I wonder if you wore a "celebrity sneaker" would they then be excited?
  7. I wish they would fit my feet.
  8. Those are on the longer side for me. I will be in 85-95 F (30-35 C) temps, so short shorts keep me a little cooler. I still use speedos in my pool and tan my full legs.
  9. Just some examples. And for the summer "Mess with your mind," knee high JS Stilettos, shorts, and Hawaiian shirt. Aloha
  10. I wear almost all my shoes with short shorts, including my knee highs. And when asked why I have knee highs and shorts I usually respond with "To mess with your mind. Is it working?"
  11. First I don't wear pumps because the vamp cuts into my tendons and it is painful. So my "slip on" are mules. I can slip my foot in and start walking. And it is extremely rare when I can walk out of them. I have a large toebox and that keeps them on, I wouldn't call them tight, just snug. I can take them off hands-free by 'kicking' the heel with the other foot. I have 4 different styles of mules and they all work the same for me.
  12. My stilettos have worn a hole in the rubber car mat in front of the gas (petrol) peddel.
  13. Nothing like turning a table cloth into a suit.
  14. At 69 I still wear my skinny jeans and short shorts. How else can you wear you boots on the outside. However, I have recently obtained a few non-skinny pants. Now if only I can find some decent looking sandals.
  15. couldn't make it through 15 minutes of MILF
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