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  1. Cali


    Don, I heard that some airlines started to fly into Paris some time ago. Maybe you could check that out. Cheaper than moving. Maybe see you in Paris in June.
  2. I haven't purchased any replacement. But once I find a pair I really like and I see they are selling out I try to purchase additional pairs. I wish I had started this earlier because there are some favorite heels I have worn out.
  3. Cali

    Cali World

    I beach comb around here. The island trip is this summer. This was a one day visit trip. I hope to be in Canada for a week in mid-April, Europe end of May.
  4. We all have different reasons for wearing what we wear. I'm a non-posting, non-visiting member at H4M. I wear heels as a man. But I also - wear other items: socks, sweaters, tops, leggings, shorts, ... not to look like a woman but because they fit better or there are no male versions available. - I paint my nails (pedicures and manicures), regular polish on my toes, gel on my fingers. It's not about trying to look feminine, I avoid reds/pinks, neons, for this reason. I wear polish because I like polish, always have, always will, and after a half century I finally gave myself permission to wear it. - I sometimes wear makeup, not often, just once in a while when I think of it. Extremely light , mostly concealer and/or shadow. But in it all I'm just a guy. I just happen to have high heels on and nail polish.
  5. Sorry @Puffer but I have been very busy the last couple of days. First let me can confirm that Jeremy and I are different persons. I felt that Jeremy wants his wife to be more supportive of him in the respect to wearing heels and at the same time he is questioning himself for wearing them. This internal conflict is hard on yourself. The first step is to stop calling it abnormal. This gives it a negative connotation which makes it harder to accept. I would also keep away from using the word hobby.
  6. IMHO I think you first need to accept them yourself before you can ask others too. And that is usually the hardest. You are your worst enemy sometimes.
  7. Cali

    Cali World

    I only fly American (and it's partners) on international flights or connecting flights to international flights. I don't like to pay for luggage and when you ski, you have luggage that doesn't fit in overhead bins. Maybe one day our paths will cross. I'll email you if I fly American somewhere. Or you can just listen for the loudest clicks in the terminal.
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