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  1. But why not create a misalignment between supply and demand across time! We got the FED committed to infinite liquidity, committed to low (possibly negative even) interest rates, and even committed to inflation! The longer this goes on, the greater will be the adjustment to realign output with demand to return the economy to sustainable economic growth with rising standards of living. Negative rates just create misalignment between demand and output. No bueno! At least there's hope though! 35,000 publicly traded companies carry a total of 5 TRILLION in spare cash (Apple anyone?). I
  2. Fantastic news for UK residents. A bank deposit of 1000 Great British Pounds today could literally be worth 990 Great British Pounds in 2021! What a steal! Negative Interest rates incoming.... https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-17/boe-steps-up-talks-on-negative-rates-amid-uncertain-outlook So bullets to stop the IRS and government from collecting their due?
  3. And here I thought the real bubble was the FED injection of trillions of liquidity propping up the stock market!
  4. WHERE'S ALL MY BITCOIN PERMA BEARS AT? Stocks look ready to dump. Economy in the US is crap Simplified, it's a risk off macro environment. The highest risk assets like crypto/Bitcoin will be the first to be sold off in the event of a stock market reversal. Now is the time for all the perma bears and skeptics to poke fun at Bitcoin and crypto. Come on!
  5. Good to hear! You've always got a "family" here...
  6. @KneeBooted You still in hhplace.org town mate?
  7. Wow, she's gushing with praise for your legs and shoes! Cool anecdote!
  8. On topic: She looks great! That's Arielle Charnas, otherwise known as Something Navy. Off topic: She's controversial for her quarantine practices after testing positive for Covid. Her husband is in commercial real estate. Wondering how he's adapting to the dramatic drop in demand for commercial real estate in NYC.
  9. That's what hazmat suits, scuba diving suits, and space suits are for! Just travel in a protective bubble to really enjoy yourself!
  10. @mlroseplant @Jkrenzer @Cali @Bubba136 Interesting consensus among you guys! From my end, I guess I'm more like a woman than a man when it comes to contextually enjoying my heel wearing.
  11. Wow, wow, wow!!! Great find! Globally, there are over 20 million active customers on asos.com, which the retailer defines as “having shopped in the last twelve months as at 31 August 2019. Statista This is great news!
  12. Today the FED announced their new inflation policy "Taxes for thee, bail outs for me," Wall Street This policy will exacerbate the wealth inequality gap in the US. It devalues the purchasing power of those who store their purchasing power in US dollars (the bottom 50% of Americans). And it devalues it at a faster rate than it has in the past. It basically loots and robs the purchasing power of bottom 50% of Americans and gives it to Wall Street. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fed-unanimously-adopts-new-strategy-widely-seen-as-leading-to-easier-policy-2020-
  13. Thanks for sharing. Attached a screen shot of Luka Sabbat for those who haven't clicked and scrolled through. Literally since the March lockdowns, I've counted 2 women in heels in NYC. Maybe I'm subject to confirmation bias, but there just isn't a lot of opportunity for contextually appropriate heel wearing lately here in NYC's Blader Runner 2049 environment.
  14. In case anyone is curious, I'm still waiting for the proper time and place to heel again. Heel wearing was largely done for my entertainment, and often focused around social settings (nightclubs, indoor dining, dating). None of that re-exists yet in NYC. So until group gatherings in NYC or the global travel economy re-opens, I'll wait patiently. And yes, I realize the timeline on that might be Q4 2021. This is a current video of NYC. The city is riddled with 9 Billion in debt. Crime, theft, violence, shootings are all going bonkers here.
  15. Wow, what an adventure! I like the update from Rittenhouse Square especially. Good to know things are turning around.
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