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  1. Any update on finding the back story for this? Great find.
  2. Mass serfdom, in my limited worldview, will come through Central Bank Digital Currencies. Control over financial transactions: CBDCs are digital currencies issued and controlled by central banks, which can potentially monitor and regulate individual financial transactions more closely. This could be seen as analogous to how serfs were subject to the control and authority of landowners in the serfdom system. Privacy concerns: With CBDCs, central banks may have access to detailed information about individual transactions, raising concerns about privacy and financial freedom. In serfdom, serfs also had limited personal freedom and were subject to the landowner's authority. Potential restrictions: Depending on how CBDCs are designed and implemented, central banks could potentially impose restrictions on certain transactions or access to funds, which might be reminiscent of the constraints serfs faced under serfdom.
  3. Yup, one thing we agree on this for sure. If UBI happens
  4. I think AI will increase unemployment and increase deflation. Both will force central banks to start Universal Basic Income via Central Bank Digital Currencies. Risk assets will skyrocket like there's no tomorrow, leaving the poor to only get poorer sadly
  5. Looks like Midjourney V could eventually risk parts of the photography industry that are not supposed to be "news" This image is entirely AI generated. And AI is just beginning. I can definitely see brands using AI to save on production costs (site rentals, photographer + talent + models fees) etc. Sure, someone is going to create a class action suit stating their protected image was modified in the final AI, but that's years away.
  6. Funny how the FED works isn't it? They told the banks rates would be low. Forced banks to loan out at 2-3%. Then the FED spiked rates to 5%+ a year later. In the US, that amounts to about 2 Trillion in unrealized losses for banks. Is your cash deposit safe at a bank that's insolvent? And it's even more funny the US regulators knew about this but hid it from the public. And now the same thing is happening in Europe. Except it's worse. Many banks bought negative interest rate treasuries. Then the ECB spiked rates. Unless the rates went even more negative, the Euro banks are equally if not more insolvent than the US banks. This is why Bitcoin was invented. Buy Bitcoin. Self custody it on a cold wallet. And walla, counter party risk of a bank run is instantly solved. Just don't lose your private keys (password).
  7. Chat GPT's response to both of you. I gave it the prompt to include a reference to Moore's book. I think it's wise to include a small percentage of one's economic/psychological resources to experimental technology. I don't see it as an "all or nothing" situation, but something that like a successful trade, should include incremental positional allocations over time.
  8. Thanks! We even created a mood board. Fingers crossed.
  9. We just hired a local photographer. We'll get dressed up for the shoot.
  10. The following audio is completely AI created. Created at https://beta.elevenlabs.io/speech-synthesis With the enterprise edition, you can lip sync celebrity voices to to video. synthesized_audio hhmp4.mp4
  11. We already did a "couples" shoot. She's already agreed to do a couples pic. It's just a matter of finding someone to take our pic.
  12. I'm not so sure she'd feel envious or jealous that I was outshining her because of my shoes. Pretty sure she gets her style self esteem from make up, sparkly dresses, and a cohesive rocker chic look. On occasions when she wears the black pumps, we'll probably match. For example, next week we go to Paris. We'll do a night at The Ritz. She'll wear an elegant dress, the black pumps. And she said, "we'll look so good together" in response to me wearing black leather pants and black pumps. Anyway, if she feels jealous or envious, we have good communication so she'd probably open up about it.
  13. There's 12 emotional archetypes created by Carl Jung. Studies by Young and Rubicam indicate companies who revolve their marketing message around just one archetype outperform other companies with mixed archetype messages. Nike's "Just Do It" evokes the Hero Archetype, for example. The same holds true for movies. Titanic also evokes the Hero Archetype as does Star Wars (good vs bad). I asked Chat GPT which archetype would most apply to men who wear heels. It's answer was quite reasonable. It even left room for individual answers too.
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