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  1. This article with the SEO friendly ULR "Men in Heels: Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, Kanye West" title has been on the Vogue Landing Page above the fold for 3 consecutive days now: The attached video came from an instagram story that ran Saturday 4.22. I downloaded it b/c Instagram stories are only live for 24 hours. @cristalserranoo.mp4
  2. Back in 2008 in London I had a bouncer challenge my re-entrance. Similar experience. Story is here:
  3. Did you guys see the GQ video that speaks to this issue?
  4. I agree with this "show then tell". Then she responds to the reality, not the runaway imagination inside her head. Did you have a chance to share your interest in heels with her yet?
  5. This is refreshing. Blue Chip Media site and arguably the world's foremost authority in fashion, American Vogue offers a serious look at Paloma Spain. Plenty of photos of men in heels. Quotes from Alejandro Gomez Paloma, the designer: "I feel that boys need to discover different ways to wear clothes that we haven’t been able to wear up until now," “I work with materials that are usually used for womenswear" I already know some here will have strong opinions against this line, because it's innovation doesn't represent the interests of "critical mass" (Sears, Debenhams). And that's fine. I look forward to hearing their strong opinions.
  6. I haven't Only time I've been to Japan is on Google Earth Virtual Reality and that doesn't even qualify as a true trip.
  7. Genderless Danshi in Japan. (Video shows man in heels) Genderless Kei in Japan. Links to specific examples of genderless kai. (didn't have time to find guys as guys in heels, but I'm sure examples exist)
  8. Fun survey distraction from June 2016. onehallyu calls themself "Your number one Asian Entertainment community forum!". Reality vs. idea distinction again is key to interpreting results.
  9. VIVIENNE WESTWOOD SUPPORTS UNISEX CLOTHING: supports swapping clothes with partner Her latest show, a unisex affair on Monday with male and female models, closed the four-day event. The men tramped down the runway wearing a range of outfits, including sharp suits (wide lapels, flared pants) and billowing capes and tulle tutus. The women wore the same. And that, Ms. Westwood declared, was precisely the point. “Unisex may sound like a joke, but, in fact, it’s all about styling and being able to dress however you like,” Ms. Westwood, 75, said. “Swapping clothes with your partner means you can buy less, choose well and really make them last.”
  10. Fun night out with content the audience here can relate to. #entertainment
  11. I posted it because it contributes to the thread theme "general public discussions of men in heels". Had zero to do with Amanda's comment.
  12. Australian actor, singer, and cabaret artist Adam Noviello.
  13. Wow, I bet you school everyone don't you. Next time, take it past 101 level okay?
  14. Link please. This comment mistakes the tree for the forest. A heel difference doesn't mean other parts in the product development cycle weren't shared. The design teams choice of materials, leather, buyers sourced these materials...production teams choice of manufacturing methods...manufacturing locations etc.