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  1. I like the monochromatic undertone of black. You look good and your spirit looks vibrant. Well done.
  2. Just black Patent laceless Wearable Cap Toe Oxfords. Never met a girl, including the GS girl, who didn't compliment them. That's my default, but I didn't even wear that this evening. No follow up date with GS girl. I forgot to add she started to take off her Manolos to let me wear them. Unfortunately, I'm just not that attracted to her. I think the context that lead up to that was me asking what size she wore, her answering "39", me saying "OMG, that's just about my size! (it's a playful comment)...." I probably won't follow up with her. I did meet some other blonde that same night who I'm direct messaging on IG to see if she'll hang.
  3. It was actually a really fun conversation. Her test of my brooch integrity was probably just a standard s__t test that girls sometimes disperse to weed out "beta" males. Her reply on instagram direct was, "Yes plzzz, f--k me pumps required. Let me know your schedule next week." She didn't offer any compliments on my outfit. The girl I went to the party with said I looked better than her. It was near Union Square, Manhattan.
  4. So I was invited to a party at 55 Irving Place tonight. Drew Barrymore was hanging out there. Met some girl whose dad is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs. She too worked at Goldman. Once she told me she lived in Hudson Yards (aka 5-6K/mo for a 1 bed room) I knew she was in another league. She asked me if my Chanel brooch was real, lol. My answer? "Marc by Marc Jacobs top (real), Calvin Klein blazer (real), zara pants (real, lol) and Nine West shoes" She answered, "I was just giving you a hard time" That was the end of the convo. I also lost my brooch. So good thing I didn't drop $400 USD + on it. Will replace for another immediately.
  5. Wow! Looking forward to any incoming updates!
  6. Beautiful. Curious if you're willing to share, what your ex's feelings were about your heel wearing
  7. What a great way to creatively socialize! Are you going to work there or will you be a student? My guess is you'll probably be one of the few guys in the class too. Lots of girls.
  8. United Nude promotes men in heels. Not sure their revenue, but probably around 5 million/year. Smaller company. Trinidad James, the rapper has worn United Nude heels, among other brands. And Sam Smith also has worn United Nude.
  9. That's great news! I wonder what the total combined views amount to....I used to think that England was the global capital for freestyling. Maybe it's Germany now!
  10. @Tech and I fixed it myself before being told, yet you still punish me with a warning, making that warning public again when it could've been private messaged, and issuing an official warning point(s) after I fixed it?
  11. Thought I answered this but my post isn't showing. It originally started as a means for showing social proof to attract other girls. "She's having fun with him, so I can too." Here's an innocent video of me spinning one of my all time favorite girls for further background info:
  12. kneehighs

    Cali World

    You can walk elegantly in 6" heels? More Nancy Kerrigan + Natasha Poly power to you!
  13. Fantastic outfit as usual! Well done.
  14. Video of me spinning a girl on my back, while wearing heels. Most girls squeal. She was a bit unemotional.
  15. OMG, I didn't mean to leave you out of the names I referenced. Apologies!
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