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  1. Some quotes from the Paper article that could apply to anyone (motivating truths that still hold value for the straight community): "When I wear heels it's not me being trendy or trying to attract attention, it's me expressing myself. I don't think of wearing heels as much of a big deal. It's normalized to me because I don't hold onto the toxic gender norms held over everyone's heads. In fact when I do wear heels I'd rather not have people comment on them. It sometimes can feel like I'm getting a pat on the back from a cis person for going against the gender binary, and things like that don't move us forward but set us back." "'Be you're own cheerleader' — Suzanne Farrell. I grew up with and still live by the saying, 'Treat others the way you want to be treated.' All we have is right now, so why not live your truest self." "It doesn't matter what gender is wearing the heels. All that really matters is, if they can SLAY in them." "Heels on the male body isn't just a fashion trend as it has been around since heels were invented. As a gender nonconforming person, wearing heels has allowed me to feel powerful in spaces where I'm otherwise made to feel small and unseen." "Personally, I believe the most masculine thing a man could do is wear a dress with a pair of heels and not be afraid to embrace his inner femininity."
  2. So Paper Magazine published a response to the Vogue article. It's told from a queer perspective. The truths still hold value for the straight community though. Why 'Men In Heels' Isn't Just a Trend by Michael Love Michael
  3. Thanks for the compliments on my writing style! Still in NYC. Had a contract with a company that would've lucratively relocated me to Kiev. Then the Board of Directors had other plans. Somehow, still found myself a beauty! Best fish in the sea for sure.
  4. We've actually discussed it already at length, but I left out the part of limits. I do think she respects my feelings deep down. She stated unequivocally, "if you want to wear heels around me it's not a problem." Once we come to an agreement on limits, I'll probably just wear the heels. I'll probably lead with a statement, "I'm going to wear such and such outfit with heels" and then just do it. Noted! I will ask about this in our next discussion. This is really good advice. So many times I've read on this forum about people willing to relinquish a good relationship for their lifestyle choices. While that's a path that I respect, that's not the path I wish to take for myself. Thus, I clarified my priorities.
  5. Love the texture on these! This style seems quite popular with the fashion crowd lately too.
  6. Thanks @flavio I associate wearing heels with feelings of admiration. I admire women's beauty in heels. And I wish to feel that same sense of admiration towards myself when I wear them. I told her this. Her reaction was fun. She was like, "But there's so many other things to admire about you!" Overall, I'm just going to pick a time and place to wear heels without asking for her permission. It will be a low risk context for her. Low risk = no social status to lose if she doesn't like it. We'll see what happens. Ultimately, the relationship is priority over the heels.
  7. Surprised no one has posted this article from US Vogue.com Men In Heels? I Put the Tricky Trend to the Test Authors conclusion "The final verdict? Men’s heels are much more of a commitment than my go-to sneakers, sure, but can give you that extra pep in your step. I found myself walking taller, and even feeling more confident along the way. Sometimes, I even strutteddown a hallway at work, as though I was Bella Hadid. (I am most definitely not.) And that change of demeanor, at least for me, is worth the aching arches and pinched toes alone."
  8. Thanks. I enjoyed the single life for a long time. I understand it's value. Ultimately, living with integrity is more important than her approval. It will be a new experience for her and a new experience for me, as I find my voice of truth in the context of wearing heels in a committed relationship.
  9. This 100%. In my discussion with the girl I'm seeing, I was careful to articulate that me wearing heels doesn't change my spirit of leadership, spirit of responsibility, or spirit of ambition. It doesn't change my intelligence, my sense of humor, or my self confidence (things she finds attractive in me).
  10. Fantastic. Good to see you back!!
  11. The difference this time is the context. Previous experiences were with non-committal relationships. This has potential to grow into a marriage. I'll probably test heels out when we're traveling. Indeed, keeping the peace without making waves has value. So does maintaining individual integrity though, heels of which are an inevitable side part of mine. Boots she likes. Now let's see what happens with heels. She may find the heels neutral at first.
  12. Indeed! A full look, head to toe! Looks nice!
  13. She has, but only in the privacy of inside an apartment. There was no downside social status risk.
  14. I wear women's riding boots and over the knee boots on an almost daily basis. She did say she loves my boots. Goes back to the idea of man in heels is worse than the reality.
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