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  1. Or some form of sexual harassment? I'd be surprised if in Western run companies, the #MeToo movement is over yet.
  2. Are there possible legal repercussions for him if the does that while being on US soil?
  3. From a pro photographer no less. Would love to see your final product! Do share
  4. Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock talked about that today. The BTC ETF is the most successful ETF in history. But the ETF is a narrative. Narratives change rapdily. In 2023, the narrative was recession while markets rallied. Even Elon Musk was wrong. Nevertheless, the Bitcoin halving narrative (daily BTC issued gets cut in half) occurs in April. 😕That doesn't address the demand side of your question, but it does address the supply side. Many ETF issuers also can't promote their ETF until +90 days after initial issuance for regulatory reasons. So with 6 trillion in cash sidelined from the 2023/2024 recession, and a supply shock (halving) and demand surge (ETF) you get three new narratives to pump price from. So for me, I'll rely on Technical Analysis indicators to bypass narrative hype. As price accelerates through the Optimism, Belief, Thrill and Euphoria stages of the Wall Street Cheat Sheet cycle, dips get shorter and shorter in time. The shorter the time the dips average, the greater the risk the top is near. Why? Because in the final parabolic stage, dips barely last more than a few days. Coupled with Super Bowl ads for crypto, Coinbase app being #1 in the app store, and multiple mainstream celebrity crypto endorsements the top will be near. But that is for cycle traders (about 4 years according to the liquidity cycles). For those who hold BTC for 10-15 years +, they'll hold BTC into a whole new global financial reset when the USD loses it's default global reserve status
  5. This guy in this conversation always told me "trust the FED" and constantly mocked me buying Bitcoin Bitcoin was at $5K USD at this time. This was March 2020. Bitcoin never went back to $5K ever again after this. Naturally I playfully have to occasionally give him a hard time for his decision to not buy Bitcoin back then. Per usual, most don't understand risk to reward is in your favor when the rest of the world is fearful. Now that Bitcoin is consolidating near 70K, most are becoming greedy. And that my friends has me playing defense now.
  6. Good to see you around @Mr. X
  7. Wondering if @Shyheels new nickname should be Johny Cash? https://www.instagram.com/p/C3vnVROtpDK/?igsh=dG0xcG96dW04aWdh
  8. Bitcoin is at $71,000 and Ethereum $4,000 Now that optimism and belief are returning, things will heat up even more
  9. Off topic from the most recent thread, but did you ever find out the back story on this?
  10. Any chance you have a parental control setting on your wifi? Or some kind of safety setting? The archive.ph often doesn't work in that situation.
  11. Now that Bitcoin is starting to gain attention again, if anyone has time to read this article it makes the strongest case that Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto is Len Sassaman. I'd bet money on it. Satoshi's online footprint and Len's peaked at the same hours of the day, they both spoke the same kind of British english, Satoshi made reference to Euros too. And most importantly, Len roomed in San Francisco with the creator of Bit Torrent, Bram Cohen. Bram started an online Peer-to-Peer marketplace called Mojo Nation. Mojo Nation was powered by "Mojo" coins. It collapsed due to hyper inflation. Thankfully, Bitcoin has the 21 Million limit in supply forever. I wonder why? https://evanhatch.medium.com/len-sassaman-and-satoshi-e483c85c2b10
  12. Diverse series of comments from this Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/C1m1Nf2sRc5/
  13. kneehighs

    Cali World

    I've been in Istanbul for awhile now. I've seen 2 girls decent beautiful heels here. That's it.
  14. How times have changed, eh? I gotta laugh at the comments that mocked Bitcoin. All the people in this thread mocking what Black Rock and Fidelity are selling to their clients. For what it's worth, I doubt these clients even fully understand Bitcoin. The sales call, if one even occurs, probably goes something like "BlackRock here. Larry has a new ETF. He wants to get you to 1%. It's our best performing ETF in history. $5B of inflows in 5 weeks." Client "Do it". Click Imagine fading Bitcoin now. Ethereum also has ETF's coming in May. So it'll get a bid too. https://x.com/thomas_fahrer/status/1757905177196298331?s=20
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