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  1. Ha, good point! That might be a useful metaphor for personal change for some!
  2. Trump is allegedly seeking to ban gender non-conforming people from homeless shelters. Yes, that could arguably mean a man who wears high heels as a man. Best bet is don't wear heels to the shelter. I haven't done my due diligence on this (don't have time sooo busy working). If this becomes an issue, would anyone here be interested in creating a Go Fund Me for any hhplace members-- assuming a post history proves evidence qualifies-- that might be affected? https://twitter.com/ACLU/status/1278426853720678400?s=20
  3. Oooops, I see a trading view chart link there. Totally by accident.
  4. Wondering if this Danish gentleman @_etwas.anders is a member here... His Significant Other @madsen.marlene seems supportive too. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/0AKBG6PZ/
  5. Relatively, a tree with a trunk 8" in diameter in NYC may as well be a Sequoia
  6. Relative to the flats I've been living in since lockdowns started in March, it looks like a refreshing heel to me! Girls in heels in NYC seems quite a scarce sighting recently.
  7. She picked strawberries in heeled sandals? That's dedication when sneakers would no doubt be more practical.
  8. Wow, COVID re-emergence fears caused SP500 futures price decline yesterday. Price declines into today's open. FED announces it'll buy corporate bonds. Stocks bounce back up. Robinhood traders very happy now.
  9. Would never suspect you, sincerely. Yeah you just wind up holding your drink in a plastic cup, putting it on the ground, or putting on a nearby mantle.
  10. Lots of block party style happy hours everywhere in NYC now. It's like city bars and restaurants have opened up into the streets, but without tables. Still, not an ideal environment for heeling. One girl I asked out on a date said no b/c she was still practicing social distancing. C'est la vie. Here's another conversation snippet I had with an attractive girl on Instagram. She responded to the pic of me wearing shorts with pumps. The topic was breached after a lot of rapport was established first. To be clear, I'm not sharing their user names anymore b/c I suspect some here then go onto IG and contact the same girl. You gotta pay your own dues if you want the girl(s) mates!
  11. Sounds like Soho in Manhattan. Or Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. They really look more like apocalyptic movie sets. Not suitable for romantic heeling walks at all.
  12. Word argument time again “Unlock” or “steal”? https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-unlocks-150-million-from-dormant-accounts-for-coronavirus-response
  13. Thanks Jeff, hope you stay safe too. So sad to see the burning of center city Philly. My heart truly goes out to all who suffered needless injuries, small business owners who watched their property get destroyed without justice. And to think just last week the world was debating whether it's safe to get a cup of coffee in public. How quickly things accelerate....
  14. ADVENTURES UPDATE: Attached is a screen shot of a short conversation I had with a Ukrainian model on Instagram. I showed her a photo of me wearing black pumps with black leather shorts and a white blazer. Her response, "I wouldn't care. This is outfit is fire. Ukraine is not ready for this outfit, but I am." blew me away. Normally, I'd include her username, but I've since switched gears on that. Sorry guys, you'll have to put in your own time and labor to find pro-heels girls on IG. NYC COVID UPDATE: On the topic of COVID, NYC is slowly opening up. I tested negative for both antibodies and COVID, despite being exposed to multiple co-workers who had COVID. In my opinion, the neighborhoods in NYC that are doing whatever the hell they want (South Williamsburg and Inwood as two case in points) have stifled all containment efforts. Non essential service stores in Inwood were open before it was legal, people without masks indoors everywhere and large group gatherings are everywhere. I've come to peace that I will likely re-encounter the virus. My peace has been made with my death and if it's my time to go, I'll go. Until then, I'll practice safe hygiene and basic common sense. PERSONAL GROWTH UPDATE: one thing I realize I do is rehearse the feelings of when attractive girls found me attractive. I tend to rehearse that feeling and then immediately associate it with me wearing heels. It's a sort of self programming.
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