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  1. This is my final good bye post for hhplace, in the remote chance it'll impacty anyone reading. First, we live in an increasingly decentralized world. Instead of relying on centralized sources for information, a new social media world that is very LGBTQ friendly, with way more protections than exist here has blossomed since 2006. Social media is very LGBTQ friendly. The protections are like an umbrella and spill over to men who wear heels. In 2006, there weren't many online community options for men who wear heels as men. In 2020, there doesn't even need to be special options anymore.
  2. Intent means nothing. Market reaction means everything. Especially with regards to long term sustainability. It's not like YouTube forces itself to still be a dating site, even though that's what it's original intent was. Assuming an alternative version of hhplace would succeed is like assuming JP Morgan stilettos would succeed. Or like ordering motorcycles from 1-800-Flowers. The market (the audience, advertisers, mods, Tech's tireless work) has proven the existing model works over the long term. How can you risk changing what works for the highly remote chance of on boarding 1
  3. I hope everyone is paying attention here. Your buying power is at risk of being eaten alive by the coming Central Bank Digital Currency movement. Central Bank Digital Currencies are quickly becoming the norm of international innovation. Instead of monetizing debt on government's balance sheets, money will literally just be printed at the press of a button. Instead of waiting for opposing political parties to legislate stimulus for the people, Central Banks can bypass lengthy bureaucratic red tape, press a button, and like magic, a new stimulus deposits into a recipients mobile phone ap
  4. Thanks. To be honest, I didn't read the whole study either 🙈. What I found most interesting was the female responses to the questions testing for a female version of autogynephilia.
  5. In 1989 a scientist by the name of Ray Blanchard popularized the idea of autogynephilia in men. Autogynephilia is defined as "erotic interest in the thought or image of oneself as a woman...". According to Wikipedia, Blanchard identified four types of autogynephilic sexual fantasy, two of which could (but not necessarily) apply to members of this forum. One is Transvestic autogynephilia: arousal to the act or fantasy of wearing typically feminine clothing. Two is Behavioral autogynephilia: arousal to the act or fantasy of doing something regarded as feminine In 2009, another researcher
  6. Risk management bullet point? If Trump contests the election, be prepared for sharp sell offs in risk assets (risk off environment).
  7. I mean wow, his Instragram account following went viral. Climbed up at least 60,000 in a day. Our new celebrity! Thanks for sharing. Great find.
  8. Nothing wrong with gold at all. I've said it many times in past posts. If demand for Gold goes up, it's supply will increase as miners will do more work. Unlike Gold, Bitcoin's total supply can be independenlty audited at anytime by anyone. https://www.blockchain.com/explorer And unlike Gold, Bitcoin's supply is fixed. What's wrong with getting rich quickly if you know how to manage risk? It took Gold 3259 days, or 107 months, or almost 9 years to break it's old All Time High established in September of 2011. Plus, Gold dropped 45% in nominal value during that period.
  9. The IMF is calling for a A NEW BRETTON WOODS MOMENT (https://www.imf.org/en/News/Articles/2020/10/15/sp101520-a-new-bretton-woods-moment) Bretton Woods is where the US Dollar became the Global Reserve Currency back in 1944. Central Bank digital currencies 3-5 years from now at scale. They'll all work together at debasing the entire global fiat currency system. For a 1000 years + now, people have been able to preserve their buying power by holding Gold. The new gold will be Bitcoin. Stay stuck in the stone ages at your own peril.
  10. As long the Curio central bank covid relief policy doesn't devalue their curios, they should be okay!
  11. I agree with that. It's about a difference between buying power and intrinsic value. There is a difference. Some creative Venezuelans were making bags from worthless notes. I'd trade for that! https://time.com/5265941/venezuelan-migrants-bolivares-banknotes/
  12. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-boe-bailey-bitcoin/boes-bailey-sees-little-intrinsic-value-in-bitcoin-idUSKBN26X2AH Bailey still promoting a false narrative that bitcoin needs to have intrinsic value to act as a medium of exchange Unless it's a tree to live in, or a fruit to eat, or an orange to squeeze juice from, a commodity does not have true intrinsic value. And bitcoin is a scarce digital commodity. A paper euro, pound or dollar bill either derives it's value from Government laws and military force or by social consensus. It's value is purely extrinsic.
  13. John McAfee gets prosecuted Uncertainty about new US stimulus. Uncertainty about US election outcome. UK bans derivatives trading for crypto (stupid move considering futures are a key part of risk management. Why not ban all futures?) Yet Jack Dorsey CEO of Square invests 50 Million of Square's treasury into Bitcoin and the crypto market goes UP. Considering The global reserve currency (USD), The global reserve asset (US Treasury), and Euro will be devalued even more in the coming few years, Bitcoin and precious metals (Silver and Gold mostly) provide the best Risk to R
  14. The last week has been incredibly tumultuous for crypto markets. 150 Million Dollars were hacked from an Asian Exchange, KuCoin. BitMex, the leading derivatives platform for crypto globally was prosecuted by the US Government President Trump tested Positive for COVID 19. In all this, one would expect another March Black Swan capitulation sell off of 30%+ Yet the crypto market has barely even slumped 4% This means demand for crypto is so high right now, it's able to keep price up despite all the tragic news. Long term bullish. Mid term bullish. Short term ne
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