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  1. Funny how things work in this woke liberal managed message board. A few weeks ago, I wore my heeled mary janes out on a date with a girl who works for a central bank--specifically the monetary policy division for her country. Her father is a prime minister. She absolutely loved my shoes and style. And I have time to manage my reputation here? Take me like I am or just ban me. As I see it, there's about 5 people left on this board who I truly admire and wish great gratitude towards. I need more than heeling to consider someone worthy of investing a friendship in. @Tech--even though I disagree with how you manage this site, it's been a decade + long labor. I don't like you one bit, never did really, but thanks for the upkeep and dedication. I can dislike you but be grateful for your efforts. Which I truly am. @Bubba136--my man. From Jenny's place to here. God Bless you sincerely. You've lived a full life with family, children, adventure and heeling. I still feel a sense of belongingness here mostly because of our shared history together here dating way back to the JTurbo, Firefox, and Xaphod era. Fond memories of sitting in my NYC living room texting with you among that group fulfilled a purpose for this site: to feel like I belonged somewhere. @Shyheels--also a fellow adventurer with similar citizenship goals ;). I think you came along in the second wave of post 2010 members, but our online comradery has been appreciated. Rock those boots! @mlroseplant just a down to earth guy sharing his heeling stories from the Midwest USA. Love the simplicity and bravery from the cornfields of Iowa (not literally cornfields I know). I also respect that you maintain a marriage, family, and church participation. Well done, really. @pebblesf I see. your posts and am thankful for your interactions That R2D2 guy AT whatever, I just don't give a damn.
  2. I'm so sorry about whatever this racist accusation is.   Did the accuser actually point out the offending comment/picture so it could be reviewed and explained/denied/taken down if necessary?   I'm hoping this is just a misunderstanding..

    You are a valuable member here, and we do not want to lose you.  

    All the best


  3. It's not a style that would work for you because lace shirts, wide legged/high waisted pants aren't your "thing". Nor is his hairstyle and jewelry. It's perfect because it works for him.
  4. perfect style IMHO. Make sure to swipe to the 4th and 5th pic https://www.instagram.com/p/C6blM-uIVhr/?igsh=YmR3ZnYzNzV5aThj
  5. March 20, 2012 Beating the drum for Social Media, including Instagram, broadening public acceptance of men in heels. And here we are. One thing I don't see much of nowadays are memes supporting men who wear heels. We're by no means new to the meme revolution, but it is a defacto cultural communication standard among GenZ and Millennials now.
  6. From a pro photographer no less. Would love to see your final product! Do share
  7. Wondering if @Shyheels new nickname should be Johny Cash? https://www.instagram.com/p/C3vnVROtpDK/?igsh=dG0xcG96dW04aWdh
  8. Off topic from the most recent thread, but did you ever find out the back story on this?
  9. Any chance you have a parental control setting on your wifi? Or some kind of safety setting? The archive.ph often doesn't work in that situation.
  10. Diverse series of comments from this Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/C1m1Nf2sRc5/
  11. Here's a good article on the recent history of heels for men on the runway. It's from V MAN which was a reputable status symbol before social media took over in fashion. I'm sure many here will exclaim "gasp, how ugly and disgusting" per usual.... https://vmagazine.com/article/the-mens-heel-renaissance/
  12. It seems that there is growing coverage of the topic of men in heels outside of hhplace.org This thread is for discussions about men in heels. For pictures of Male Celebrities, Runways, and Rockers in heels, post those in this thread. As a resource for those of us who are interested, I thought it would be useful to put all the URL links under one roof, under one thread. As time passes, we are seeing more and more discussions about men in heels from the general public. I have tons of links, but will start with these for now. MYSPACE.COM Abdul Lagerfield My Space Blog: Men In Heels Part One Abdul Lagerfield My Space Blog: Men In Heels Part Two EZINE ARTICLE by Clark Hunter YAHOO ANSWERS started by Shoeiee Design Taxi by Bianca Zen TIME MAGAZINE August 21, 1972 New York Magazine by Amy Laroca BLOGS Holy Candy features a picture of FashionableFun on the right. FORUMS Discover Vancouver
  13. How to use fashionable pictures to advance Freestyle Fashion -- Internally and externally. Internally through the development of our own unique fashion tastes. Whether you still experiment with different styles or have already found that special style you call your own. Externally, through outstanding public displays of your own unique fashion perfection. Internally, the purpose of this thread is provide a pictorial journal for members to choose styles from that they would like to try for themselves. Styles of men in heels! Take what you like and need, leave the rest. Get to know yourself better, what you like, what suits your body type, and what you don't like. The goal is to help you find a basic look thats stylish and that incorporates high heels into the overall picture. Then once you feel comfortable, share a picture of yourself. It might inspire others and more importantly it might inspire others to street heel with style. Maybe you can find some inspirations for your basic wardrobe. Then you can just buy more of the same thing that adds to your basic style. When looking for clothes, think of how you will wear it with what you already have in your closet too...if you can come up with at least 3 different outfits for something new, then in my humble opinion, buy it. If members stick with this process, their own individual expressions of fashion will begin to uniquely mature. Externally, from this refinement, our tastes in fashion will improve, with the end result being the best possible examples of men appearing as men in heels that one can give. Thus giving Freestyle Fashion a better chance of being tolerated by mainstream culture. One of the newer members at The Fashion Spot.com summed up the process of attaining fashion maturity as follows: Most of all, lets remember that fashion should be fun and its not really a math equation. We have enough structure and equations in our social culture already. Have fun with it.. Its ok to wear heels and experiment with different heel types because it means your are evolving and growing!!!!! Remember, we are individuals, not defined by what's going on around us but defined by whats going on within our own heads and hearts. So let your hearts sing, let your inner creative genius out, and lets see the best possible fashion ensembles you can come up with. All photographs appearing on this site under the user name of kneehighs are the property of kneehighs. They are protected by the U.S. copyright laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of kneehighs.
  14. kent was in town from Shanghai for the holidays so we were able to meet up at the last minute. First we met up at Barnes and Noble in Chelsea. From there we spent the rest of the evening at One in the Meatpacking District. This is what it looked like at dinner time: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/NYC%20Heel%20Meet%203/nycheelmeet016.jpg This is what it looked like after dinner time: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/NYC%20Heel%20Meet%203/nycheelmeet029.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/NYC%20Heel%20Meet%203/nycheelmeet017.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/BuenosAires7002.jpg And here is a picture of me on Perry Street outside of Nicole Kidman's apartment. Martha Stewart and Calvin Klein used to own property in this building. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/NYC%20Heel%20Meet%203/nycheelmeet038.jpg And another one of me in Times Square after the night at ONE was over: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v231/creditech/NYC%20Heel%20Meet%203/nycheelmeet039.jpg --Seven New York Dark jeans --Ralph Lauren knee high boots or Nine West 4" pumps --Armani sweater with asymmetrical buttons along shoulder line and grommet buttons along each wrist. --experimental one half of oxford shirt layered underneath sweater --Linea Pelle woven leather wide belt Anyway, thought the pics would make for some good entertainment value as the night was a spectacular success. edited to remove oversized pics.
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