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  1. new avatar kneehighs , i'm liking it . probably need to update mine as well 

    1. kneehighs


      Good eye.  I had the previous one for years.  

  2. Jaunt 500, wow! That's quite an accomplishment over the years. Congratulations on nearing a personal milestone.
  3. Another public figure to add to the roster of men who wear heels is Brendan Scanell from Netflix's Bonding.
  4. I personally don't believe Bitcoin needs to be adopted as a Medium Of Exchange to have a valid use case. Why? Take the combined market cap of the top 5 payment processors (Amex, PayPal, MC, Visa, Square) and it's only 700B. Gold is 7T. With that said, AT&T today announced they will accept Bitcoin as payment. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/mobile-carrier-att-will-now-accept-payments-in-crypto/ Volatility Is Normal For Price Discovery With Store Of Value Candidates Seems a common fear is Bitcoin's volatility. If you go back to barter times, before money existed, there was a problem. It's called DOUBLE COINCIDENCE OF WANTS. Let's say I have a loaf of bread. And you have tomatoes. I want your tomatoes, but you don't want my bread. You want eggs. In barter times, I'd have to play the law of numbers, approach prospective egg holders for trade for bread, negotiate the value of bread vs. eggs, and then go back to you for your tomatoes (provided you hadn't already traded them). This whole process is inefficient and why money was invented. It increases efficiency of trade. Eventually groups of people in a free market will decide that one collectible, usually a commodity, makes the best Store Of Value. With time, some collectibles in a group become more widely demanded than others. Some are more divisible into smaller units without loss of value, some more durable over long periods of time, some more transportable over large distances. All of these advantages make for greater marketability. As experimentation with Store Of Value Candidates grows in groups of barter societies, SOV candidates will experience volatility as it's portability, divisibility, and durability is tested in the market. The more durable, portable, and divisible the collectibe aka Store Of Value candidate is, the more marketable it becomes. The more marketable it becomes, the more likely it becomes a stable Store Of Value and Medium Of Exchange for that group (as consensus grows). My argument is BItcoin's volatility stage is no different from any other collectible as it evolves in value.
  5. I see. Makes sense knowing that with therapy you mean chiropractic techniques. Glad you were mindful to catch it early. Yoga is amazing isn't it? It's really changed my life. Started for the physical benefits. Stick with it for the mental health benefits.
  6. Honestly curious. What does therapy do for you that yoga can't?
  7. Agreed. Those who are fortunate enough to overcome their own self imposed fears (risks of disconnection with others while wearing heels, risks of feeling exposed, risks etc) won't need any external inspiration. To me it's noteworthy how profitable Gucci is as a result of risking a Non Binary brand identity. It's a whole financial picture that goes beyond the runway show (expensive). Check out the patent heel on Gucci's e-commerce site.
  8. From the world of luxury fashion, I think we're in an era ripe for men to wear heels. Luxury fashion is embracing Non Binary/Gender Fluid expression. Case in point: Gucci. Right now Gucci is one of the hottest fashion brands in the world, not just from editorial/aspirational value Point Of View (POV), but financially too. Aspirationally, the mule loafers that all the girls are wear now (attached)? That Steve Madden copied? Those are Gucci. Financially, Gucci sales amounted to 8 Billion in 2018. According to Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault, millennials made up 62% of those sales. Alessandro Michelle, Gucci's Creative Director wears heels. He had Harry Stiles wear heels at the Met Gala. The Gucci show at Milan Fashion Week MENS was a show about Gender Fluidity: https://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/gucci-wraps-up-milan-fashion-week-performance-gender-fluidity-1202963183/ Gucci's aspirational value + it's financial success has created for luxury fashion an era highly tolerant to men in heels. Now combine that with Stefano Pilati's Worker Boot for Random Identities (referenced just a few posts up)....and from a cultural anthropological angle, times in luxury fashion seem ripe to support men wearing heels.
  9. Thanks for contributing the time + labor to share!
  10. Don't know how I missed this Vivienne Westwood outfit from her Ready To Wear (RTW) Fall/Winter 2019 collection: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/fall-2019-ready-to-wear/vivienne-westwood/slideshow/collection#62
  11. When are we gonna get an update Jeff? I like hearing about your Rittenhouse Square endeavors...!
  12. Similar sentiments back at ya for whatever more conservative investments you've chosen for yourself.
  13. ha. Maybe if I wore heels more, I'd reduce my dating/relationship pool and decrease my monthly/yearly entertainment expenses. So maybe I'm the one doing something wrong Welcome back!
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