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  1. The above formula for RSI topping over 84.82 on the weekly would give 1 week advance notice to sell off portions during blow off top. By the way, anyone mocking Bitcoin as an investment is really mocking their own risk management strategy. If you buy Bitcoin at 10K + expect it to hit 50K in 2 years + stop loss at 6K, your Risk to Reward ratio is 1:10. If you buy Bitcoin at 10K + expect it to hit 50K in 2 years + stop loss at 5K, your RR ratio is 1:8. There is no better RR ratio in any other asset class now.
  2. Advance planning my exit for the next 2021/2022 parabolic advance of Bitcoin/crypto. Manage entry point risk with Stop/Loss (stop limit orders). Manage exit risk with advance planning now. At least another 18 months left to mature my exit strategy. This blow off top could be unlike anything imagined by this generation. The euphoria will reach staggering heights as Wall Street money now can finally FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in. If Wall Street drives 60-70% of volume and price action in traditional markets, imagine what impact it will have on an uncorrelated asset like Bitcoin? All previous market cycle tops were purely driven by retail investors (with some hedge funds playing). Emotions will be the enemy. People will feel irrationally elated. Bitcoin to a million dollars! Bitcoin to the moon! Lambo! People will be taking out second mortgages. IT WILL BE EPIC. That will mark the time to sell. Managing risk in exit strategy will involve a confluence of indicators. The weekly RSI will be among them. All indicators subject to change with new market data. Black vertical lines signify Bitcoin Halvenings, where daily Bitcoins mined gets cut in half. If history repeats itself, parabolic gains will occur after the 1/2ing and after Bitcoin clears it's former All Time High (ATH) which is 20K (blue horizontal trend lines in chart).
  3. kneehighs

    Cali World

    Have fun! What a fun shopping excursion that lead you to this purchase.
  4. Consequences are minimal if they do. There are so many variations of Chanel brooches, they'd have to inspect this one under a microscope to really tell. If they ask where I bought it, "online, it was soo fun! By the way, I love your <earrings, blouse> where'd you get it?" "By the way" almost always works to re-direct a conversation.
  5. Check off the bucket list! Cannot wait to test drive. Women have a tendency to signal with Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton. It'll be interesting to see if this turns into a conversation piece, to see what effects it has (if any) on my social experiences. Combined with heels, it should be fun! Caveat: I bought a handmade replica, shhhh. Too much risk involved in paying full retail not knowing if rewards (cost-per-wear; emotional feedback) are justified. Risk management is a supreme priority in my life. Next up on my list is a Gucci belt (or replica, ha).
  6. Love the outfit. The Gucci heels are marketed to men and women. But they're the same boot. Regarding point 2, maybe it's the LGBT crowd that gets people used to seeing heels on men...to the point when they see a straight man wearing heels, they'll no longer even think anything of it. Not that it matters at the end of the day. Agree with your closing sentence.
  7. haha to the jeans comment! Now I understand. Thanks for the explanation. Hopefully he's not spending his share of the 1.5 Trillion $USD Student Loan debt on clothes. I know what you mean brand/corporate sponsor. To me, the word is so full of connotative meaning (Sugar Bowl: Sugar Daddy sponsors Sugar Baby). Ugh, time to detox my mind.
  8. Completely different is a complete overstatement. Josh appears as a man, but dresses in women's clothes. Jeff does the same.
  9. @JeffB here's a lawyer whose dress code reminds me of you. He seem to get loads of positive validation -- not that it matters -- from females too
  10. Christian Allaire again coming through with another Pro-Men In Heels article for US Vogue. Marc Jacobs’s Love for Wearing Heels Just Got More Extreme "Marc Jacobs has been leading the men in heels charge. The designer has sported heeled footwear on multiple occasions; most recently, he accepted the Fashion Trailblazer Award at the MTV VMAs last month in sparkly ruby-red pumps that screamed Wizard of Oz. “Following that brick road always,” as he remarked on Instagram."
  11. Absolutely unreal. Argentina's Central Bank now prohibiting citizens from buying 10K + in $USD. Can you imagine the effect on the wealth of it's people? https://www.clarin.com/economia/restriccion-cambiaria-personas-fisicas-podran-comprar-10-000-dolares-mes_0_HonH2Z9Wo.html This is another reason why a Censorship Resistant Store Of Value like Bitcoin makes great sense.
  12. How much you're style has evolved since 2008!
  13. Thanks so much for sharing! Love TBG. He used to post videos playing his guitar, used to talk about his trips to the museums where he would sketch while wearing TB’s...even had a thread that lasted well over a decade. TBG is/was an OG worthy of honor for his many years of loyal contribution here. I miss him too!
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