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  1. Bummer. Yeah he was likeable online too for sure.
  2. I think he symbolizes the ultimate aspirational hhplace.org member: stylish, fearless enough to show his face, and even put his own money and time into manufacturing a heels for men line.
  3. Do you still maintain contact with Johnieheel? He was always so positive, encouraging and had the balls to actually post pics of his face. Fond memories for sure.
  4. Wow, I'm as bullish on heels for men and gender fluid expression as I am on margined longs on bitcoin. Reversals are always possible. Some words from Vogue.com's Sarah Mower's review of the Dior Menswear show (necklace from Dior show on pic below). She's widely regarded as an authority on fashion, "What if the 2020s are a time when it becomes completely anachronistic to think of clothes and fabrics being assigned by gender? There’s a creative generation now in power at the very top of fashion that sees none of those old boundaries." Then I stumbled upon Emily Farra's article in Vogue titled, "Will These Boundary-Pushing Men’s Looks End Up on the Oscars Red Carpet?" In it she states, "It’s the first time the major men’s collections have merited words like beautiful, lush, and even feminine, to the degree that calling it “menswear” feels kind of regressive" Then I read Christian Allaire's article, "Valentino Continues the Bold Men’s Beauty Movement" (photo below). Guido Palau, one of the most influential hair stylists in the world designed the looks. Allaire commented, "The dainty addition of flora in the hair—more of a hint versus a full-on Coachella flower crown—proved to be refreshingly unexpected for a men’s show, which tends to veer towards neat hair and clean complexions. The creative spirit falls in line with the bold beauty movement that men in Hollywood have been embracing on the red carpet lately; stars such as Ansel Elgort and Ezra Miller have been pushing boundaries and experimenting with high-octane makeup on the step and repeat, while musicians Lil Nas X and Harry Styles have favored statement manicures." Then I looked up Vetements. How could I forget them? Thigh high boots worn outside pants for many men. I don't know if all the collective activity above are enough to create a Tipping Point of mass adoption (probably not). But the cumulative effects will build. Given 15-19 years ago we all dreamed of a society like we have now I'm super grateful for all this change. Let's see what will happen next!
  5. @p1ng74 Just browsed through r/malefashion The number of pics of men in heels is remarkable. It's more widespread than my previous biases assumed. Wow.
  6. Shout out to the designer Laurentin Cosmos, who actually has "skin in the game". http://90c515c419.testurl.ws/laurentin/
  7. Jared Leto in heels at the Gucci show for Milan Men's Fashion Week. Check out his brooch! People might not like his style which was specific for the Gucci show. But check out Gucci's financial performance relative to the fashion industry. It makes heels for men sustainable. Article courtesy of Christian Allaire for Vogue.com https://www.vogue.com/vogueworld/article/jared-leto-gucci-front-row-milan-fashion-week-heels Gucci's designer, who has worked for Gucci for 5 years now and symbolizes Gucci's financial ascent, remarked, "Childhood means romanticism and this is missing in today's aggressive phallocratic society. If every one of us would free his feminine side everything would be easier and happier." source
  8. For those interested, ETRO had a few New England style prep menswear looks with knee high riding boots https://nowfashion.com/etro-menswear-fall-winter-2020-milan-29003 Knee high riding boots were also on Dolce and Gabbana https://nowfashion.com/dolce-gabbana-menswear-fall-winter-2020-milan-28973/shots/1404065
  9. Quite the cultural anthropological shoe analysis there! Maybe you should've been an anthropologist?
  10. I laughed it off actually. If it doesn't affect his willingness to do business with me, it's irrelevant.
  11. So besides the start up that I work at, I’m also working on creating another start up. This one I’ll hold founders equity. We’re going to run a pilot test in Moscow. I met with one of the probable seed round investors last night. We’ve know each other for about 7 years now. I wore my womens camel coat from Michael Kors, women’s knee high boots, and he called me out on....drumroll....the coat!! Lol. If anything, the coat is more unisex than the boots. He asked if I had bought the coat for a girlfriend and then taken it back, or if I had stolen it from a girlfriend, lol. Truth be told last time we went out, some girl from Black Rock kept saying she wanted to wear my coat and wear my boots. I think he may have felt a ting of jealousy. Wouldn’t be the first time. One time when I partied in Kiev with several businessmen, we met at a restaurant. The hottest girl there somehow took a liking to me. Within the night she snuck her hands onto me where they shouldn’t have been. Later it turns out the king organizer of the night had been unsuccessfully trying to score with that girl. After that he didn’t like me anymore, lol.
  12. Maybe invite him over here for an Ask Me Anything (AMA)? He could contribute value without necessarily committing to a long term membership. I'm sure people here could learn from his experiences....
  13. Thanks Bubba. I think it's two different people. If he's a member here, his posts are probably full of valuable content. Former head designer of Yves Saint Laurent, Italian fashion designer Stefano Pilate started his line RANDOM IDENTITIES through Instagram. Here's Vogue.com's coverage of his recent release at the Pitti Uomo menswear shows. All looks had heels. https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/stefano-pilati-random-identities-pitti-uomo
  14. Does anyone here know if this guy Mark Mark is a member here? His Pinterest page gets 10K+ monthly views https://www.pinterest.com/Mark_as_in_Mark
  15. Bitcoin as hedge during global uncertainty? It's possible. Especially given it's price action correlation with Soleimani's assassination, and the Iran missile strikes. https://twitter.com/MessariCrypto/status/1215030003261460497?s=20
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