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  1. kneehighs

    My first public heel adventure

    Going for a retro chic image?
  2. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    @HappyinHeels I think you are right. That's not me in the pic. It's a girl who lives in Amsterdam.
  3. This is Merlijn Wolsink from the Netherlands. According to his Instagram, he's a "Entrepreneur. Energy Wizard. Dancer. Beach Boy. Bodylover" I discovered the attached photo of him giving a presentation while wearing heels on Pinterest.
  4. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    After the initial surprise wears off, I don't think anyone really cares TBH.
  5. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    @KneeBooted Through private message on Instagram (the last 2) + Facebook Direct Message (the first), with friends.
  6. "It's still early in the lifecycle of digital assets but there is a compelling case for investors to allocate some portion of their portfolios to this new asset class. A lot can happen over the next few years, but remember: Diversification is a free lunch and asset allocation is all about the long game." "Looking at the results, it appears that portfolios containing an allocation to digital assets performed even better than the global 60% equities/40% bond portfolio, on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis." Pensions and Investments.com It should be noted that David Swenson, who took the Yale Endowment fund from 1B to 29B just invested 400M into 2 crypto Hedge Funds. Harvard, MIT, and Stanford soon followed suit. Win the decade, not the day; for history has been unkind towards those that bet against new technology.
  7. That’s true. Bitcoin isn’t a good medium of exchange right now. And it may never be. I like to believe it’ll go from collectible to store of value to medium of exchange to unit of account. It’s still optimizing in the store of value stage, which explains the institutional infrastructure like Bakkt, Eris X, Fidelity, and Coinbase Custody etc. have been built. To improve it’s function as a medium of exchange, Secondary layer applications like Lighting Network address that. Bakkt for example partnered with Starbucks and Microsoft. Eventually they plan to enable exchanging Bitcoin for a cup of coffee at the point of sale (on an off chain secondary layer).
  8. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    In NYC, wore black stiletto pumps with track pants, a blazer, a white button down shirt out the other night. A guy came from nowhere and excitedly asked me "are you wearing heels?" The voice tone was friendly. My answer was "yes". His response was "you're more of a man than me!" Then he went back to sit with a girl he was talking to.
  9. Yesterday marked 10 years from when Satoshi Nakamoto announced the creation of Bitcoin to the cryptography mailing list. This marked the birth of a new monetary policy with the power to change the financial and technological worlds for decades to come. Here are my top 10 reasons why I believe Bitcoin has the power to become the next Global Reserve Currency. I don't believe in it because it's cool (it's not). I believe in it because it has the power to invert existing monetary systems around the world on their head. It could mark a digital wealth transfer much like the information age changed the world as we know it. 1. Money works when it's difficult to reproduce. If the value of gold increases, more can be mined without limit (save natural limits). If the value of the US Dollar increases, the Fed can print more without limit. 2. Bitcoin has a fixed production limit of 21 million. Even if the value of a Bitcoin grows to 1 million per Bitcoin, more can not be mined in response. It's 21 million. Period. 3. Bitcoin has a fixed production schedule that is transparent. That production will decrease with time. The # of Bitcoin mined gets cut in half every 4 years. From 2009-2012, 7200 Bitcoins per day were mined; from 2012-2016 3600 per d2ay; from 2016-2020 1800 per day, from 2020-2024 900 per day. Around the year 2140 the last Bitcoin will be mined. 4. Bitcoin is scarce. Bitcoin gets more scarce every 10 minutes. As demand of a scarce object increases, it's value will grow. New institutional demand will grow with Bakkt, Eris X, Fidelity, Coinbase Custody, and more. These organizations have created infrastructure for institutional money to invest in Bitcoin with regulatory clarity. Ultimately there will be Trillions of dollars competing for the 21 Million Bitcoins. 5. Bitcoin has the highest yield of return per unit of risk across all asset classes. 6. "But it's too late get into Bitcoin!" It's actually less risky to get into Bitcoin now than it was in before 2018. The Lindy Effect states, "every additional period of survival implies a longer remaining life expectancy." With each new block mined every 10 minutes, with over 200 companies working on secondary layers of Bitcoin now, with the best programmers and best engineers in the world it's life expectancy grows more secure over time. 8. "But no one takes Bitcoin though!" Bitcoin is still early in the evolutionary process of a new money. Bitcoin is a synthetic commodity that has properties of money. It will go from collectible to Store of Value to Medium of Exchange to Unit of Account. Once it's optimized as a Store of Value it will move to a Medium of Exchange. Bitcoin is not competing with Venmo, it's competing with existing monetary policy of Central Banks, Investment Banks, and Retail Banks. Next. 9. "But Bitcoin is volatile!" The only way Bitcoin can go from worthless to worth a lot, is to endure volatility. Overall, Bitcoin is a net positive asset. As Bitcoin's traded volume grows, as it's order books become more abundant, as there's more infrastructure, as there's greater security and as it's market cap increases, it's volatility will decrease. 10. "But Bitcoin can be hacked!". Actually, the base layer ledger of the Bitcoin blockchain has never been hacked. Secondary applications have, exchanges have been hacked, but not the Bitcoin blockchain. Onwards and Upwards (In heels)
  10. Great find. Thanks for sharing. I think it was a well written article, even bullish in some sentences.
  11. kneehighs

    Looks like I’m moving...

    I always found this comparison between San Francisco and NYC funny to read: https://thecooperreview.com/difference-between-living-in-new-york-and-san-francisco/
  12. https://www.vogue.com/slideshow/paris-fashion-week-spring-2019-street-style#2
  13. @kikepa? I had to go through your post history to see if that was really you. Good to have you back. For what it's worth, my interest in crypto/blockchain has evolved into 80% managing risk by using Technical Analysis. 20% news/tech by following very select twitter accounts from the likes of @TuurDemeester, @TechBalt, @WorldCryptoNetwork, @WhalePanda and a few others. There's a couple of Telegram groups I belong to as well. Mainstream Media is my last resort and is assumed a contra-indicator to price action. By the time it hits mainstream media, it's probably already too late. Nick Szabo is far and away the best reading for technical/philosophical/legal things about Bitcoin. His knowledge of bitcoin technology AND money is unparalleled. He denies being Satoshi Nakamoto, but his BitGold blog posts from his blog unenumerated leave others wondering. In the meantime, Billionaire Novogratz called a bottom, 40+ year trading veteran Peter Brandt called a "Compound Fulcrum" bottom, and since the Dec/Jan bull run Bitcoin has never dipped below 100 Billion market cap (6K range). If one enters now, the risk one won't break even gets lower as time goes on. As Bitcoin ROI has outperformed Apple Stock for 6/7 years now, it's probably a good time put some $ into it now. DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. If you want advice about wearing heels though, I can show you by my actions.
  14. For those that are still following Bitcoin and crypto, billionaire Mike Novogratz just called the market bottom. It's a good time to Dollar Cost Average in by laddering out your Buy Limit orders on Bitcoin. For what it's worth, I'm still skeptical with my crypto portfolio: about 60% BTC, 40% cash. Its safer to remain liquid than call the market reversal too early. Past BTC bear markets retraced around 80%. This would take current BTC prices to around the 4K range. IMHO, it's the Composite Operator engineering another capitulation after letting BTC run again. (sorry for the financial techno jargon. It's the only way I know how to talk). There's so much good news right now. ICE, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange created BAKKT, which is to go active this November. It's a Bitcoin exchange for all the Institutional Clients that the New York Stock Exchange serves. Goldman Sachs is perfecting their custody storage systems, CoinBase.com has custody solved for institutions with more than 150M in crypto, blah blah.
  15. Jeffrey Marsh seems to be somewhat of a public figure advocating for gender fluid fashion. Just learned of him today. https://www.amazon.com/How-Be-You-Trying-Someone-ebook/dp/B0191X34QS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536705512&sr=8-1&keywords=how+to+be+you#customerReviews That's link to his book, "How to Be You". Looks like interesting reading.

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