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  1. Research is showing that bitcoin is uncorrelated to other assets. That means that whether the price of gold, stocks, bonds, or commodities goes boom or bust, bitcoin is unaffected.That’s important to Wall Street. Why? Because they build portfolios of uncorrelated assets to tame risk. The classic example is the 60/40 mix of stocks and bonds we mentioned earlier. When one asset class goes up, the other generally goes down. Owning just one can lead to big ups and downs. But owning both smooths out the performance. Done right, a well-built portfolio can earn better returns with less volatility. Or in Wall Street terms: better risk-adjusted returns. It’s every portfolio manager’s dream. So when JPMorgan comes out and says bitcoin can help investors diversify portfolios, it’s a big deal. It’s a green light to the entire industry that bitcoin is a viable asset class and needs to be owned. And JP Morgan did just that. Coupled with Goldman Sachs and their reported release of a crypto trading desk, Wall Street is about to jump on board. Shyheels--this is a circular discussion with no end to the same talking points of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Why don't we do this. You put 100 pounds in escrow in a bank. I'll put the equivalent in crypto and make the info available for everyone to see here. And on the last day of this year, let's see who has more money. Otherwise, this endless circularity is respectfully a waste of time.
  2. Do you want a great place to do some public heeling? If you're in London anytime between Feb. 3-June 2, 2018, you now have your chance: http://www.huckmagazine.com/art-and-culture/photography-2/secret-history-cross-dressing-photos/ I know this forum isn't about wearing heels to look like a woman, but the challenge to overcome socially constructed gender stereotypes is the same. And this exhibit in London artfully questions culturally constructed gender norms of clothes.
  3. I've found that when people really believe in their opinions, they'll have the courage to back it with money. Money gives character to one's opinion, since there's no risk to typing the written word. Those without skin in the game cheapen their opinion. To just mention how crypto is different from dot com, without also stating how they are also the same, is just selling half the whole truth. VeChain, Icon, and Stellar have consumptive value to start with....and as dot com was a new technology then, so blockchain/crypto is a new technology now. Spectators always like to make lots of noise, but they're not in the arena playing the game.
  4. The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Hi Rick, thanks for your words of appreciation. I'm not so sure that you can't have both a relationship and the heel lifestyle you want. It's not necessarily and "either/or" situation but probably in today's world, a "both/and". Good luck to you!
  5. Thanks. They are. For me, I'll be patient with the market. Also, look back on how the tech space acted between 1990–2000. Even if one had the worst timing and bought every market peak from 1990 to 1998, one would have still made money. Every pullback—no matter how steep or how long—was followed by higher highs. I expect the same to be true in cryptos for many years to come. I firmly believe that we’re still early and all you have to do to make a ton of money is position-size right (dollar cost average long positions) and just ride out the volatility.
  6. Did anybody catch this guy in the link above? Also, the CEO of the CFDA posted this on his Instagram: Which lead to this post from Mic https://mic.com/articles/187849/new-york-fashion-week-calendar-adds-category-for-unisex-and-nonbinary-fashion#.3eUsYnDXe The gender non-conforming movement (non binary fashion) is officially upon us from the most influential ranks of the fashion world. I assume this will add to a favorable cultural climate for men who wear heels/stilettos/women's footwear.
  7. It's just the beginning. Also I'd like to challenge you with due respect Shyheels. You have no skin in the game, as far as I can tell. If you are so sure that crypto is a losing proposition, short it. I don't mean this in a disrespectful way, but endless talk is cheap.
  8. Thing is, among the Millenial and Gen-Z population (gasp, yes I dare to use this terms despite being triggers for others here), the LGBT association doesn't carry the stigma that Gen-X or Baby Boomers might assume it does. The way I see it, the emergence of more businesses with "skin in the game" who put their money where there mouth is at, is symbolic of the times. If you go back in the archives here at hhplace to 2001-2008, the hope we dreamed for back then is in existence now. And though that change hasn't brought the communities desires to fruition yet, it's an improvement on the past. http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/30/i-dont-need-vogues-permission-to-wear-stilettos-men-in-heels-is-and-has-always-been-ok-6878051/ (a man with a bear who wears stilettos)
  9. http://www.refinery29.com/2017/11/182470/instagram-men-heels-syro-photos An interesting interview with the design team behind the Syro, the Bushwick Brooklyn based brand of heels for men. I'm sure a comment in there from Shaobo Han will be met with controversy here.
  10. Agreed. Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.
  11. Still feeling bullish? Key word there is feelings. My investment in crypto is backed by virtually zero feeling. Honestly, I laugh about the dip right now. I'm in agreement with alphax's points. The article which I read in it'e entirety is pure FUD. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.
  12. Works for me on a browser that I've never used to visit the site. Could be Fluevog blocks IP's from countries they don't deliver or sell to.

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