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  1. kneehighs

    HHPlace is 17 Today

    I second this. A big thanks to Tech for years of continuous effort. Praise well deserved. And speaking of meets! Those were the days at The Miller! Such good memories from those years. I'm a little nostalgic for those times, when our forum was breaking new ground before social media like twitter, facebook, or instagram came along. They were times filled with hope. Didn't know that Tara actually transitioned. Also curious how she's come along. Unbelievable right!? P.S. I was just in Rittenhouse Square last week! Hoped to spot a JeffB sighting, but alas no luck.
  2. kneehighs

    Typical day..

    Is this link safe to click?
  3. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    It works well with classic pieces for sure. The classic pieces tone down the edgy/sexy vibe (fabric) of leather.
  4. Thanks for sharing @p1ng74. Do you wear those outfits to the office?
  5. Wasting time today I discovered a Sub reddit called "feminine boys". 11K members. They all like to feel feminine, not necessarily look like a woman. https://www.reddit.com/r/feminineboys/search?q=heels&restrict_sr=1 Did a search for hhplace.org, but no links appeared through the reddit search engine.
  6. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    @Bubba136 That's funny. I'm fortunate, but also careful. Going to treat myself to a Chanel brooch pin. Versatility is key. I will get a pale gold color that goes with gold or silver accessories. Will wear it like the girls in the attached photos. Almost copying everything about their style. For use with sweaters, blazers, and coats. Absolutely can not wait!!
  7. My current analysis of the crypto market bottom, which is defined by Bitcoin price action. This is my analysis, so do what you will with it. Primarily, b/c bitcoin is the foremost gateway to crypto. This is the definition of Brave New Coin. It's an index from 6 top exchanges. It's a weekly chart. Log scale. Compare the bear market capitulation of Jan 2015 with what the market needs now to capitulate. True capitulation hasn't happened yet. More blood to come. Period of accumulation will follow true capitulation. Will probably have to wait another 4 years before another period of accumulation opportunity will present again (at next bitcoin halving). NOTE: resistance of the 2013 bubble occured at it's peak price of $268. That's the price at which the bounce off the support line in September 2014 occured. If same holds true, I'm prepared for bitcoin to hit around $1100-$1200 (All Time High of previous bubble) before true capitulation occurs. I started dollar cost averaging in a bit too early (back in Q2 2018) on Bitcoin. Always had a sell limit order in though to manage risk. Oddly, my sell limit triggered when btc broke 6K while I was on a plane. UPSIDE NOTE: oversimplified. Resistance turns into support. This means the 2017 all time high of 20K will someday be support to be broken before true capitulation occurs in the next bubble pop. Can you imagine how high bitcoin will go in the bull run? It'll be driven by Wall Street Institutional money. The gains will be astounding.
  8. kneehighs

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Source: Zig Ziglar Facebook page. Visual pun 100% intended.
  9. Hey Kneehighs , yeas i’m Still alive and kicking over here in Australia & I notice your now living in Europe, hope all is going well for you cheers  malinheels :clap:

  10. kneehighs

    Another member from down under

    Dayum!! Nice to see you are still at least reading the forum @malinheels
  11. Mid-term risk to reward analysis of Bitcoin. If you buy Bitcoin at 5200 your downside is 50% even if it drops to 2700 (you can add more on dips to 4400-3400) Potential Upside is 100% @ 10,400 1:2 Potential Upside 200% @ 15600 1:4 Seems like a good Risk to Reward ratio for me! Especially over the 10 year long term. p.s. A non Main Stream Media (MSM) thread on the origins of Bitcoin. Authored by Phil Wilson.
  12. Eleganza Heels for Men Ad, from 1972. Ad says Eleganza was based in Massachusetts, USA.
  13. kneehighs

    Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    I think this guy has a look some here aspire to. https://www.instagram.com/pellehusvall/ He's from Sweden.
  14. kneehighs

    My first public heel adventure

    Going for a retro chic image?
  15. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    @HappyinHeels I think you are right. That's not me in the pic. It's a girl who lives in Amsterdam.

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