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  1. Small world! While I get that a lot of Instagram is faked, from my end it's true value is twofold: inspiration (art, fashion, beauty) and meeting new girls (Tinder substitute for me).
  2. Stuck in quarantine NYC. Most importantly, I'm healthy and so are my loved ones. Naturally I had to turn my energy somewhere which for me means Direct Messaging random girls on Instagram! Discovered this drop dead gorgeous high heel aficionado. She also lives in Milan, go figure. Turns out she thinks guys in heels are cool. Sigh.
  3. My concern right now is for my friends and loved ones, first and foremost. Since I've been following this since China's outbreak, I started prepping about two weeks ago, literally. Dropped off alcohol and disposable gloves to a friend today. Staying in touch with friends and family to see if there's anything I can help with before NYC goes on full lockdown. Ozone air purifier/Ionizer for inside the home. Ozone has proven effective at killing SARS. COVID19's similar chemical structure will probably respond similarly, pursuant to research conducted via Chinese sources. Gloves, alcohol, daily vitamins, liposomal Vitamin-C, and daily yoga. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Gold will continue to drop during the crisis. Look at how it performed in 2007/8. Currently, it's down 11% over the last few days. I think Gold along with other assets will pump after the inflection point. Of course Bitcoin dropped. Everything dropped. Something interesting. Despite Gold's daily price downtrend in this crisis, there's an increased demand for custody of physical gold. Seems smart since there's a risk there's more gold traded on paper than there is physical gold to back the paper traded version.
  5. So I really haven't had a chance to update lately. Here's my personal humble opinion of the current market economy. 1. Fiat currencies like the $USD aren't pegged to anything now. The British Pound isn't pegged to gold, the Euro isn't pegged to gold. Nothing is. 2. The US government spending is exceeding tax revenue. Probably the same in other major global economies 3. Powell from the US FED just announced interest rates are ZERO. US FED also now requires ZERO reserves for banks. Banks are required to keep ZERO reserve. 4. The US Bond market is a 100 Trillion dollar market. If Bonds now yield less than inflation, the entire bond market will be at risk. 5. Eventually people will wonder what's wrong with bonds? They're denominated in $USD. 6. This will be a global currency crisis, uncovered because ot the problem with bonds. 7. There will be many options to how countries choose to resolve this issue. Bitcoin could be one. So could Gold. Bitcoin settles equity ownership almost instantly though. 8. It's a crisis right now, so markets are psychologically in panic mode. Fear is causing market to sell off risky assets (Risk Off Environment) to preserve cash for basic living expenses. When markets sell risky assets for fiat currency, it's called BIDDING the dollar. Markets are bidding the $USD. All assets correlate in a peak emotional panic. Conversely, assets correlate in peak greed/exuberance mode too. In between is when specifically bitcoin non-correlates with the S&P. 9. When Corona hits a key inflection point on the below chart, it will be time to long fast (for me). Keep that gun powder dry. For me, the Inflection point occurs when the new numbers are smaller than the previous day for 3 days in a row. When new numbers are smaller, people will feel safe again and turn Risk On. Until the key inflection point occurs, I'm in full cash preservation mode. (I did buy the wick down from Thursday and sell for a small profit, but not repeating as risk is way high now). 10. Governments will overinflate the economy. The buying power of fiat from whatever country one is in will be at risk. That's my plan for how I view the current financial situation.
  6. Yeah, he's got a few heel outfit photos on his instagram that suit him well.
  7. This guy Jamie Ford wears heels. He's based in Greenville, South Carolina. I can't tell if he's genuinely in a relationship with the girl in the pics. See the screen shot of the comment from her.
  8. Jeff getting out in some knee high boots! Love it.
  9. As usual, when I get bored, Instagram private messaging random hotties usually ensues. This time I found an Italian that stopped me dead in my tracks. Beauty personified. Heels too. Usually I don’t instantly fall for an Italian girl. But Chiara, OMG DM’d her. This is how the convo went. Too bad I’m not rushing to Milano soon.
  10. Glad you listened to it! From my end, he really seems like a cool guy.
  11. CELINE via Hedi Slimane, had heels for men on the runway. I checked AmericanVogue.com, BusinessOfashion.com, and Now Fashion but couldn't find close up shots of the shoes. So just watch the video. Select the far right vertical bar for best viewing the heels. https://www.celine.com/en-us/home Vogue's coverage confirms what I've been talking about for a while now: a macro level integration of feminine and masculine unisex looks.
  12. Here's a short video The Soul Anarchist did. His real name is Paul Duane. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Is he? Source? Giuseppe Zanotti was recently quoted by Footwear News, “Splitting men’s and women’s doesn’t make sense anymore,”
  14. Footwear News, arguably the go to source for all things shoes for the fashion industry 'Old Guard' (pre social media influencers), has covered mens heels recently. Famous shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti, is referenced in the article, "he’s embracing the genderless movement that’s starting to surface in the fashion world. “Splitting men’s and women’s doesn’t make sense anymore,” he said." https://footwearnews.com/2020/fashion/designers/mens-heels-fashion-weeks-fall-2020-jimmy-choo-louboutin-1202903728/ And via Harry Styles: https://footwearnews.com/2020/fashion/celebrity-style/harry-styles-marc-jacobs-womens-suit-mens-heels-1202928555/ I'm prepared for thanklessness and standard complaints "those aren't heels!" but hope for the best. Consider Footwear News' audience: It's Baby Boomers and Gen X, with executive buying power that can trickle down to mass consumer markets. It's an older audience. It's a good thing! And an update from the Random Identities Instagram:
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