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  1. Just saw this. Visited "First Base" Home Run definitely awaits. She's open to heels as most are at Short Term relationships. She's probably not qualified Long Term wife material though.
  2. I haven't done shorts with pumps for awhile. If I was to do it again, I'd probably go for a look like Esther Quek.
  3. Any chance you actually work on the planes in flight? Asking because there's this cute Flight Atttendant based out of Chicago. She posts on Instagram frequently. Seems friendly based off a cold Direct Message I sent her on Instagram. She has a lot of photos with various black pumps in them.
  4. Within the last week, the President of the United States, The Secretary of the Treasury, and the Chairmen of the US Federal Reserve have all publicly discussed bitcoin/crypto. Bullish on Bitcoin. Bearish on crypto (until Bitcoin breaks 20K). EDIT: yesterday the US Sec of the Treasury Mnuchin, “if the US doesn’t increase its debt ceiling, then by September the US will run out of money to fulfill it’s obligations” WTF??? Yes, Mnuchin said that. We could be in for a Wall Street (fractional reserve) versus Silicon Valley (fully reserved banking) showdown sometime soon (5-15 years..who knows). Cryptocurrency will be at the forefront of the next big global risk event. The US Dollar backed by the US Govt has more debt than it can service. Facebook and Google with fully reserved cryptocurrency’s could wind up being the next big global behemoth Banks. They’d have the AML/KYC requirements for regulators met to the maximum. So if the US doesn’t want to allow it’s citizens to participate, FB with it’s global reach and Swiss based Libra, will just leave the US out. The US could be left behind. Will the US give up some of this control to Silicon Valley for a backdoor into what could be the next global behemoth banking system? Or will it support Wall Street (again) and it’s system which has lead us to where the US is today? Ultimately Bitcoin with no CEO control, no government control, and based on sound money is the solution.
  5. Updated my chart from May. The black vertical lines indicate Bitcoin halvings. When Bitcoin halves, Bitcoin production gets cut in half. This should happen again in June 2020. Historically, Bitcoin goes parabolic the year after. If history repeats itself, the charts would suggest Bitcoin clearing 20K around Q4 2020. When Bitcoin clears former All Time Highs, the alt coin market historically goes parabolic too. Anything could happen. Institutional money will be involved this time. It's a good start for planning.
  6. Casual photo shoot in pumps.
  7. JeffB update, yay! Good to see you positively enjoying your outings! Curious to hear where you wear the red dress at!
  8. What’s the difference between that standard and saying “you’ve got to remember that Tory Burch makes heels for other women, not you, not me?” Granted...her target audience may be females, but the key takeaways of her message stays the same regardless of the sex of the listener. You’ve probably got a point about trust. I wonder what her behaviors are like when no one else is looking.
  9. Really? I think she's hot. A part of me finds more pleasure listening to her encouraging words to wear what I want to wear than random guys on the web.
  10. Stefano Pilate, as most of luxury fashion, caters to the top 1% of the global economic class. Pilati's influence is extensive. At worst, his designs might create "heels for men" conversations among designers + commerce divisions at mainstream retailers like Zara, Target, WalMart etc.
  11. This YouTuber known as Mrs. Midwest makes some good points about wearing what you want to wear. One key point, "all you have to do is push through and let people get used to it" The innuendo--I'm sure unintentional-- in the following quote had me laugh. "When you dress in that feminine way that you want to, you're going to feel release and free from all of that stress and tension." (14:12)
  12. Skirts and heels made for men. Courtesy of Stefano Pilate's Random Identities. Click the link. Not a single look shows a man without heels.
  13. You could always just ask me to clarify the parts you didn't understand.
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