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  1. What imaginary world do you live in where Blue Chip stocks don't issue more shares??? And what other imaginary world do you live in where they aren't making more property (real estate)? I think my point was missed, lol. Not my job to convince you though. That's cool. It probably suits your personal risk to reward ratios right. Wouldn't suprise me if sooner or later Vanguard ETF starts adding bitcoin ETF to diversify risk with an uncorrelated asset of bitcoin though.
  2. Looks like Turkey might be needing some monetary reform too. Inflation rates are expected to All Time Highs in the near future. Regardless, if anyone here wishes they could've bought in on the last bull run of crypto, we've probably hit bottom now. There was a major Short Squeeze on bitcoin today. This means, buy orders (which limit short losses), were automatically triggered. Consider that this time around, the infrastructure for institutional money to enter the space has been built during the bear season. Why is institutional money significant? First, all previous bull runs have been driven by retail investors. Second, institutional money accounts for 60-70% of volume/price action in traditional markets. This next bull run, crypto could hit a market cap of 5 Trillion dollars. Coinbase has solved custodianship problems with the SEC/FINRA, the CBOE which has proper insurance and infrastructure applied for a Bitcoin ETF, and South Korea even legally recognizes exchanges as banks. These gateways for institutions didn't exist at market peak last December 2017. The market was worth about 900 Billion then. Why is crypto/bitcoin valuable to institutions? Because crypto re-establishes the property rights to assets. When you put money in a retail brokerage account, you don't really own the property rights to the asset. The brokerage owns the asset. The brokerage gives you an IOU. So you own an IOU. (Same holds true for banks. Property Rights to the assets belong to retail banks. Retail banks loan out the assets for mortgages. And we know from 2008-9 what happens there). The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation owns the stocks. Anyway, the problem with The Dole Food Case from 2017 easily illustrates the property rights problem. 36.7 Million shares outstanding. 49.2 Million applications with valid brokerage statements for those shares. The Wall Street accounting system failed at a rate of 12.5M phantom shares. As there exists fractional reserving in banking, so the Dole case illustrates fractional reserving in securities. As in the housing crisis banks were loaning out money they didn't have, securities are also being lent out by brokerages which don't actually own the property rights to the asset. How many times has one institution who owns the true property rights to a Treasury Bond loaned it to another institution who claims they own the property rights, who then loans it out to another institution who also claims they own the property rights to the T Bond? This is how the Fed is conducting securities policy in 2018. For every 1 Treasury Bond that actually exists, there are 3 T Bonds reported. Phantom assets that don't exist are being created. No one really knows how leveraged the securities industry is. In the same way bitcoin/crypto solves fractional reserve risks in retail banking, crypto solves the same for securities. Distributed ledgers remove single points of vulnerability (which increases security), immutable ledgers make cooking the books impossible , traceable ledgers make searching transactions transparent, and peer-to-peer nature improves the speed of settlement process. Ultimately, who owns the Property Rights to an asset is clarified through crypto. There is still time to get profitable entry points for this next bubble bull run.
  3. Interesting. Are you sure you're not just projecting onto them?
  4. I actually touched upon that in a post from November 9th, 2013. Pics included here:
  5. Sears Catalog 1912 The words "high heel" and "pumps" were even used in the ads. There's even a modern day "mary jane" on the 2d ad called a "military heel".
  6. Let's go back to the flawed fiat banking system. And for this particular moment in time, Venezuela. If you want to send dollars to Venezuela, good luck. It'll be "censored". But with crypto, you have "censorship resistant" money. So governments can't intercept transactions. And it's working. I'm on reddit, and there's nothing so moving as interacting with a father of a family fighting to keep food on the table. Wife and kids going hungry. Local grocery stores not even carrying normal goods. Black market sales. When the rest of his local community is in shambles, it's quite inspiring to see this man able to make ends meet though the use of crypto (nano and ethereum). He makes ends meet not only for himself, but he shares with locals too. The support from the reddit crypto community is incredible. I couldn't be more proud to be associated with a community of forward thinkers and early adopters in crypto.
  7. Again, you conveniently ignored my first point about the risks involved with traditional fiat banking. Regarding Buffet, who cares? You are debating on appeal to authority as opposed to acknowledging the weaknesses inherent in the flawed fiat banking system. My arguments stand by virtue of being conveniently overlooked. Just to entertain the moment, Buffet doesn't even use email. He has only sent one email in his life. You think he understands crypto? Probably not. Might freeze your funds? I had a transaction recently on my Citi card. Citi froze my debit card for the entire weekend. This also conveniently froze access to my online account. When I asked Citi who was the merchant I conducted business with (to avoid repeating the error) they said it was confidential. Yeah, okay. I also got my funds frozen when on a trip in Copenhagen. Bitcoin may yet need work to become a viable medium of exchange, but that doesn't mean it won't happen for crypto. Further, some cryptos are pegged to the dollar. Some networks like VET/THOR create dual token economies. The underlying asset is subject to volatility. The second token is a "stable coin".
  8. First off, You conveniently ignore my 2 point value propositions for Crypto. As well you ignore the fact that today, Coinbase launched crypto for institutions, compliant with SEC and FINRA. Second off, regarding Buffet: Buffet came out and said "I woudn't invest in it because I don't understand it". That is sound investment advice. Buffet is generally not tech savvy and heavily invested in banks too.
  9. Can't argue with you that Buffett might not be a fan. Doesn't mean it won't happen. At this stage in it's technology maturation cycle, Bitcoin/crypto is a series of bubbles. It's gone from $30 to $3 and from $1000 to $250. It's just a cycle that repeats itself. When there is a bear market, major technological advances occur. Volume is low, so there is time to build scale, security, and growth properties. Ultimately, the value of crypto is what I believe in, not just the price rises. This value comes from 2 points: 1. In traditional banking, growth in the economy revolves around debt, which reduces fiat purchasing power over time. You put your money in a bank. Then the bank legally owns it. Then the bank loans it out. And multiple derivatives of property loans on the initial loan are created. This created the crash of 2008. In this model, growth revolves around a deflationary currency. So spending more now actually makes sense. With crypto, banking is based on savings of a deflationary currency which increases purchasing power over time. 2. In traditional banking, the bank can censor your transactions based on politics. My funds get frozen any time I travel, unless I notify the bank in advance. With crypto, decentralized ledgers and currency creates censorship resistant control over with whom, when and where I choose to exchange monetary value. As for me, I will continue to spend less than I earn and invest the difference. EDIT: Institutional Custody Solutions for crypto now available on Coinbase!! This breakthrough is significant because it will allow institutional money to flow into crypto within legal regulatory framework of the SEC and FINRA. https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-custody-is-officially-open-for-business-182c297d65d9
  10. Anyone here who thinks it’s too late to get into crypto to make parabolic gains needs to read this: https://bonnerandpartners.com/what-a-nasdaq-vp-told-me-about-the-future-of-cryptocurrencies/#.WzlOcRKnNvg.reddit Wall Street is planning on tokenizing the entire traditional investment industry. When this happens, the world will change. Instead of having to buy a whole Berkshire Hathaway stock, one will be able to buy a fractionalized amount. And Institutions will likely use bitcoin, ethereum, and maybe VET/THOR (who knows) to gateway in. And Security Token Offerings will greatly reduce fundraising costs as contrasted to traditional IPO costs. Buckle up folks and DCA your way in. In the meantime I’m 80% sure the current protracted bear market will end around August.
  11. B/C if a style doesn't match the exact style a critic here (an hhplace.org member) would wear, it's just worth a cheap negative opinion. It's a common pattern here.
  12. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Here's some online feedback I recently received. 2 laughed. Both that laughed followed up with "you look great though" or "you killed it". One just downright digged it.
  13. Guys in heels and skirts exiting the Thom Browne show at Paris Men's Fashion Week. (Can't wait to read the negative opinions from here)
  14. kneehighs

    Mr. X's travels

    Bohemian. Reminds me of Tory Burch.
  15. kneehighs

    The Adventures of kneehighs...

    Thanks Steve!

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