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  1. Forum engagement seems low Hope this post increases engagement. Social media really is the new message boards.
  2. I like the red top. It looks unfaded, as if the color is saturated--indicates quality. Blue jeans look good too. Note, wide black belt looks good too. Well done.
  3. The UK just triggered the last stage of a failed empire/currency by turning their printer back on. Pension funds may have gone insolvent without money printing. If QE continues, debts in pounds will become worthless. It will not be accepted for debt. They don’t have reserve currency status If this follow the pattern of fiat the last 1k years, it’s over for the $GBP Bitcoins time isn’t here yet, but value of self sovereign custody of hard assets coming to a theater near you soon
  4. I wouldn't wear these heels. I prefer more classic styles. Yet for the ASOS target market (age 16-30), it probably appeals to their freedom, exploration, and variety (range of choice).
  5. Fun way to waste 8 minutes of time. Straight couple. He's feminine presenting. She's masculine presenting. That's where they claim their polarity comes from. They're heterosexual, monogamous.
  6. only thing I'm rushing is getting them into the sack, lol Kidding. I still haven't figured out a cookie cutter system for which girls are cool with guys in heels. In my experience: Stockholm girls were cool with it 2009-2015. Gender stereotypes were/are less valuable in Stockholm Girls with good relationships with their dads are almost always open minded about it. Ukrainian women were open to it. Why? they told me b/c I dressed unlike all the other guys in Ukraine. I have screen shots ad pictures. Solid 8's and 9's open to it.
  7. It was fun. She took some outfit photos of me wearing black patent pumps. Also, she looks way better with her hair down (see pic) I'll see if I can get a video or two posted with sexual/romantic partners later--without violating the forum TOS. Here's a photo link of a model I went on 4 dates with. She was drop dead gorgeous. Funny how she didn't shave, wax, or use laser to remove hair from her legs. Didn't matter to me. My 6 cm "heels" are the Alice mary jane from Carel France. I've found a lot of success dating. Now it's time to create a more stable foundation of Love and Connection me thinks. The hunt for Mrs. Kneehighs shall commence.
  8. Short video of me streetwalking with a friend
  9. Good find. I don’t have a problem with the comments here. It’s been the same set of comments for the last 20 years I’ve been on this forum. “We need normal average guys in average clothes to wear heels to go mainstream.” Yet heels for men has never known more mainstream success in the last 2 decades than now. Especially among GenZ and Millennials, the younger generations. Take TikTok for example. These guys have massive engagement. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRagVTYW/ https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRapdUey/
  10. Monthly update. I honestly have no idea what the markets will do. So I'm just pretending here, with my best analysis. Since big banks got bailed out in the US back in 2008, we've experienced unprecedented Quantitative Easing (QE). QE 1, QE2, low interest rates (credit based economic growth increases in low credit rate environments) and globalized supply chains. All these factors contributed to unprecedented stock market gains. Since things have changed, I'm currently referencing the Amazon chart from the pre and post Dot Com Bubble. The US Fed wasn't quantitative easing then. They're not QE now either. Amazon was the dot com leader. BTC is the crypto leader. The world was coming out of the dot com bubble then, The world is coming out of the crypto bubble now. Structurally, Amazon in 2000 looks almost exactly like BTC in 2020-2021. Interesting how the human emotions of fear and greed rhyme over time. The chart suggest a generational low in September 2023 at the latest The chart also suggests a price pump in 2024/2025. There is confluence with this as the Bitcoin halving occurs in April/May 2024 My bet is the Russia/Ukraine war resolves by April 2024's Bitcoin halving My bet is new higher rates of inflation get normalized by April 2024's Bitcoin halving My bet is the Russian gas challenge gets resolved by April 2024's Bitcoin halving. So the Bitcoin halving will catalyze a price pump for crypto in 2024/2025. Amazon pumped 1000% from it's Oct 2001 bottom to October 2003 top. The Bitcoin halving falls right inside that same chart strucure In conclusion, bullish for 2024/2025
  11. Can you imagine the risks associated with such a surgery? No way I'd risk health (short or long term) for that.
  12. There's always a return policy too. If done within 28 days, shipping is free and a full return is guaranteed. That reduces risk from the buyer side. The reality is if one is buying heels from mainstream outlets like ASOS, they are probably niche buyers or ahead of the curve (Innovators and Early Adopters). I wouldn't expect reviews on mainstream sites b/c the proportion of the population buying heels is small. And then the proportion of those buying heels that will take the time to leave a review is proportionally smaller.
  13. I agree with all these well thought out points. They address challenges on a micro scale. For me, I was addressing a broader macro scale cultural and economic momentum that encourages men in heels.
  14. I don't really see the absence of reviews as a problem. It's more "noise" to me. There's no reviews on more traditional menswear shoes on ASOS. Case in point, a standard conservative faux sued brogue https://www.asos.com/new-look/new-look-smart-shoes-in-black/prd/203829322?colourWayId=203829346&cid=27116 With ASOS, imho, presence of a testimonial proves positive. But absence of a testimonial isn't necessarily negative.
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