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  1. @ohnoberty Yea, I was surprised to actually find a used pair with 120mm heels. @Jkrenzer in boots I wear 41. Usually 40 with pumps. I’ve been working on getting used to this heel height, and these boots are more challenging then some other models. I just found some wedges that would be good for practice without putting too much wear on these.
  2. Sorry, I tried, but the app I used to use to resize photos now wants a subscription fee.
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/9ydbt4t9rrw25z2yoilk4/2024-05-23-15.53.21.jpg?rlkey=9bxtw0fte0pno0bah3f13euxb&dl=0 Recently got some So Kate 120mm booties. I’m a bit out of practice for heels this height, but I plan to wear them out for dinner for our tenth anniversary in September, so I’m getting lots of practice.
  4. I reported for jury duty wearing 100mm ankle boots once. Only comments was from the officer at the security checkpoint.
  5. Morning, if I remember my history right, when Little Shoe Box closed, one employee, Ilia, took over and re started production of the shoes and boots they were well known for. It took me a while to finally try their products, but I am glad I did. The knee high boots seem to be a better quality than the pair I got back in 2001. If anyone is considering ordering from them, go for it! https://i.ibb.co/djM96M4/IMG-0144.jpg
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