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  1. Rockpup

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    If I win the lotto I think I’d have them make a custom pair of thigh boots in 85/100/120/130mm, and even ballet heels for personal use The odd bit is how one pair may fit different then another, and I’ve also tried pairs on that are ‘my size’ but had a giant heel gap.
  2. Rockpup

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    The pigalle was changed a few years ago. More info can be found at purseblog’s forum, but you might have to dig. https://forum.purseblog.com/forums/christian-louboutin.150/ I’ve neber had the chance to try Hot Chicks, but I did try the Mercy Allen in 130mm and they were a challenge. Sadly they were too small. I prefer the rounder toe and am hoping to catch a Fifi 120 boot second hand.
  3. Rockpup

    finally treated myself to some nice boots

    Good luck. I hear thick socks and heating the leather with a blow dryer helps stretch them.
  4. I know I can fit the foot of a ballet boot into a dive fin, but I’ve yet to try scuba diving with them. Always have High Tide Heels
  5. Rockpup

    Backpack or Messenger bag?

    I don't always have a bag, but my go to is a 5.11 Covrt ZAP bag, fits my ipad, assorted over the counter meds, etc. Lots of pockets, and zipped spaces for little things like adapters, memory cards, my PADI nitrox card, paperwork if needed. Works great when traveling and with one hand I can keep it from moving around when I do have to physically run.
  6. I have a few gay friends with a heel fetish, but I’m the only one I know who tries wearing them in public.
  7. Soo... Drudge Report linked to a story about men wearing heels https://www.thedailybeast.com/more-men-are-wearing-stilettosif-they-can-find-their-size
  8. Rockpup

    First pair of heels?

    Congrats My first pumps were from Payless. It’s amazing how every little addition to height changes things dramatically when it comes to how you can move.
  9. I was poking around to see if Buffalo was going to come out with more mens heels, and I found that they are making pumps for men. Sizes 42-45, so it's not a translation issue. A bit pricey though. https://www.buffalo-boots.com/buffalo-london/men-pumps/
  10. Rockpup

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I was asked for a pic of me wearing these.
  11. My 'sign of hope' is the number of times I see an obvious guys name on reviews of heels. Progress is slow. Be patient
  12. Rockpup

    Show us your most masculine heels

    Probably my Timberland Glancy boots. Very comfortable
  13. Rockpup

    machines to make shoes.

    I’ve seen someone 3D print a pair of boots. But not sure if a single machine can make an entire pair of heels.
  14. Rockpup

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I’ve never felt short without heels, but they came in handy when I repainted my first place, as they let me trim the top of the wall without a ladder.
  15. Rockpup

    Have you been caught?

    The world is changing. Trans rights seem about 20 years behind gay rights, but people are less shocked to see someone crossing gender lines these days. One day it won’t be a big deal, except you might get crap for wearing impractical heels for an activity

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