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  1. New boots, 3.75"
  2. We've gotten several inches of rain this week, so my red rubber Sorel wedges are getting a lot of use.
  3. South Florida here. I wear boots when I want to wear boots
  4. Find 4.5" heels as the next step, after 4" every half inch is as bad as the previous inches. I can walk ok short distances in 5" right now, am starting to be able to straighten my knee's at 5.5", but the 5.75 and 6" I still have to have my knees bent
  5. I am also lucky as far a day heel sizing goes, as I fit 9-10 depending on the shoe, so I can shop in any store. While I am hard pressed to name a specific store, I've had great service all over Miami and Boca Raton. Most purchases have been from Nordstrom, Nine West, Cole Haan, and Steve Madden. One of my best experiences though was a Saks in Boca where the sales guy was also wearing heels and nearly insisted I try on everything in my size
  6. Well, that's full MSRP, they were $800 at Last Call.
  7. Yea, have shopped at Steve Madden, they always seem surprised that my foot size is in the women's range
  8. I do enjoy test driving $2000 boots in the store
  9. Wearing them does not show the Glancy model well. I've liked them. Only 1/2" higher then the wedges but certainly feel more like heels.
  10. A Last Call in Lauderdale had a pair of YSL Babies 90 lace up boots I've loved the look of, so decided to try them out. They were nice but I kinda liked my timberlands more (YSL smooth leather, Timberland the other). Sometimes wearing heels while shopping lets you know if something is worth the extra cost or not
  11. I plan to get a pair, but need to wait till after next week's trip
  12. I love Hunters, and even without the extra heel I have a red pair for work. Glad they gave you the boots, tough to argue with free.
  13. Bentley seems to be selling a few of their SUV's, there are plenty of people with too much money
  14. They only have one pair, and it's size 40. If that works out they should be a good buy. The other pair of Alaia boots I want are $1400, and far out of my price range. Alaia boots I tried one on at a Saks, and even though the sales lady kept saying the platform helps, the pitch of the heel is obvious.
  15. Westin: theoutnet, I think the last pair they have is my size, but I don't think I'm $260 in love with the style. Maybe if they did not put Patent leather on the toe.