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  1. JFC, I’ve been openly gay for over 20 years and it’s no easier for me to wear heels out in public then any of you.
  2. Have you guys covered Fernando Berlin? He’s got guys modeling high heel boots.
  3. I would have to say my Fifi’s are the thinnest heels I have.
  4. If more people were helping Tech out with site costs we might not have that limitation. (He won’t ask, but I will)
  5. @Jkrenzer The black Mary Janes look great!
  6. Not sure. I know I’ve never been impressed with the screw wooden ones, so figured I’d try this out.
  7. So, a no go for boots. They stretch the toe area fine, but I need the widest ‘around the ball of the foot’ area opened up to prevent a compressed nerve issue I get. I now have them in a pair of patent Anouk’s who’s toe box is so tight I cannot wear them for any period of time.
  8. So, after poking around Amazon I decided to try the Forme shoe shaper. I'll let you know if this works, seems to be better then the old style wooden ones I used to try. You slide the stretcher into the toe area and run the slider down to add pressure outward.
  9. Got a knee high pair of Jimmy Choo boots with 85mm heel from The Real Real. Comfie, but was a bit tight around the ball of my feet at first. Seemed to break in a bit by the time I went to bed though.
  10. Yea, these will be in the house and not out and about shoes.
  11. Finally decided to try these from Italian Heels. 150mm, so a challenge. I’m hoping these make 5” heels seem easy.
  12. @Pierre1961 As different as people try to make themselves out to be, most of us are alike in an amazing number of ways, for good or ill.
  13. There seems to be a misconception that gay men are universally accepting of heels or freestyle dressing, but that’s not the case. There are a lot of gay guys who get offended by a guy doing anything feminine. Some go as far as being very anti woman. You might be physically safe in a gay neighborhood (unless someone’s there to beat up gays and goes after you), but don’t expect everyone to celebrate crossing gender lines.
  14. Maybe tomorrow.. Today’s work day trippled in length, and I’ve got to get the dogs to the kennel for a trip this week. Maybe shots from the Atlanta airport in a couple days.
  15. 85mm pumps from Jimmy Choo, used from Vestiaire Collective. Seems comfortable, and plan to go shopping wearing them today.
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