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  1. So, was at a friends 50th birthday last night, among a group with a wide variety of interests. I was wearing a pair of 85mm wedge pumps most of the night, and a few friends commented that they have tried heels, but their feet are killing them within an hour. I tried in vein to explain most shoes marketed toward adult activities do not have the subtle details that provide for longer wear comfort. Sadly, I wonder how many people have tried uncomfortable heels in private, and decided to forgo trying heels as a style choice.
  2. A friend suggested shorter shorts with heels, as it’s often a bit warm for jeans or pants in south Florida. I do think I was noticed a lot more then when wearing long pants.
  3. Was trying to figure out why these were a little tougher to wear out and about then my other 4” heels, and I now realize these are 110mm/4.5”. I guess that extra half inch is the difference between what I can easily wear outside, or if I have to concentrate on my walking. For now.
  4. Wedge sneakers are meant to be fun and more practical then sexy shoes. I enjoy mine.
  5. New snow boots, the Cloak model from Steve Madden. Over half off right now, they fit snug. https://www.stevemadden.com/collections/womens-booties/products/cloak-black
  6. I found a video of these being made a while back.
  7. Just got a pair of Schutz Zhara booties. I recommend socks, as the footbed feels funny with stockings. https://schutz-shoes.com/products/zhara-o99-high-heel-bootie-leather?_pos=1&_psq=zhara&_ss=e&_v=1.0
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