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  1. Rag and Bone Newbury’s off eBay. Good price, and comfortable but the leather could use a bit of conditioner.
  2. Agree’d, been to airports and multiple Disney world parks with mine on all day.
  3. I’m not sure the model, but I got a used pair of Jimmy Choo pumps off TheRealReal for under $100. They are already broken in and have a sole protector. I’d prefer non patent leather but that didn’t stop me from wearing them to walk several blocks to dinner in Key West last night. KW is a double edged sword for heels. You won’t have any issues with people, but the sidewalks are a mess. My blocky heeled boots were a lot easier for getting around earlier in the day. 4” heels will get people’s attention, but not one dirty look.
  4. If a pair doesn’t work for you when you put them on do not feel bad about returning them. Stuffing them into the back of the closet to be forgotten about is a waste of money.
  5. CL/JC/YSL’s generally fit about the same across a numeric sizing, and going by Euro sizing will be more acuurate then a conversion. Be careful though as I’ve seen a 40 be really oversized and too tight depending on the pair. If you order online make sure you can exchange them. Best option is to shop in the store, as high end stores tend to be very accommodating
  6. Found this graphic that might be helpful.
  7. I’m usually out wearing boots, but so far no issues out wearing pumps.
  8. Got a pair of Sorel Kinetic wedge snow boots, needed to size up 1 size compared to the Joan wedges. Comfie and warm.
  9. I’m pretty lucky, as I met my husband via fetish interests, and while heels are not his thing I do indulge in some of his kinks that I don’t have. I’ve not pushed heels in public while out with him (usually wear long pants), but that’s more I’m not quite ready for friends/family knowing, as I also work with family and don’t want to add strain when none is needed.
  10. Focus on her for a while. We will be here
  11. Hello @Rockpup!

    i am in west palm and Riviera beach at present 

    but not alone and also for business.So,nothing in easy 

    But in case of ...I have brought a pair of Oxford Cuban heels. 

    As don't feel secure enough in unknown places,i haven't worn them yet. Palm beach garden mall? The outlet close to 95? 

    Any idea? If you wish we could meet for a coffee ?


  12. Around the house I mix athletic and heels all the time, but not outside.
  13. If I win the lotto I think I’d have them make a custom pair of thigh boots in 85/100/120/130mm, and even ballet heels for personal use The odd bit is how one pair may fit different then another, and I’ve also tried pairs on that are ‘my size’ but had a giant heel gap.
  14. The pigalle was changed a few years ago. More info can be found at purseblog’s forum, but you might have to dig. https://forum.purseblog.com/forums/christian-louboutin.150/ I’ve neber had the chance to try Hot Chicks, but I did try the Mercy Allen in 130mm and they were a challenge. Sadly they were too small. I prefer the rounder toe and am hoping to catch a Fifi 120 boot second hand.
  15. Good luck. I hear thick socks and heating the leather with a blow dryer helps stretch them.
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