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  1. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    My first heel related blister, hehe.
  2. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Key West is fine, the trailer parks in the middle keys took the hit.
  3. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Out again, 4” heel boots, at Hogs Breath saloon.
  4. Share your best Freestyle Fashion pictures here.

    Out for dinner in Key West, no issues on uneven sidewalks with a thicker heel.
  5. http://perfectfitpointe.com/ So, trying these out with a pair of ballet boots. I need to level out the heels as i used to do, but otherwise the toe pads felt pretty good on a test walk
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Nice hiking boots
  7. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    They are high but quite stabil. Quiet also so even though I had them fully exposed they didn’t seem to draw attention.
  8. My first public heel adventure

    Glad to hear you are getting out in heels it it is funny how we start off trying to find places with less people, when that allows you to stand out. Crowded areas actually tend to be better as people are too busy doing whatever they are doing to do anything if they see someone that stands out.
  9. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Got a pair of 100mm boots I think I could live in. Walked around Disney springs for two hours and am not sore today
  10. Wedge's would have been more practical, just saying.... http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/uk/high-heel-hiker-walking-on-air-after-ben-nevis-expedition-35899943.html
  11. Irma gerd!

    Yea, gas grill with a side burner made things a little nicer here.
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    $30 at an adidas outlet
  13. I thought their logo was a drop bear.
  14. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Just ordered these, the Timberland Glancy 10". I have these in the ankle boot form and they have been great. I wear them exposed all the time and are comfortable for longer walks. These will be good when visiting colder friends.
  15. Heels for an interview

    I’ve seen a male sales assistant at a Saks wearing heels to work in the women’s shoe section. He spotted me wearing heels and seems to want me to try on anything they had in my size. I work for the family business and while my parents found out I liked heels while I was growing up I’ve not pushed to make it a public thing with them.