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  1. Funny thing is, over here they try to hold up EU countries as being more enlightened. Its interesting to see opinions like yours exist elsewhere, not just the US South.
  2. One site brought up the anti gays comments they were getting. Must have gotten more as they still have the pride flag going in August.
  3. And I thought I was cynical 😎 Trust me, corporations drop LGBT stuff as soon as June ends. It’s gotten to be a joke in our community.
  4. @Isolathor They might get more wear around the house then out and about. My biggest worry is actually dressing around the patent leather, as I usually wear regular leather shoes. The wedge will help when taking the dogs outside.
  5. @Pierre1961 Those look fun. How are they?
  6. Found these on clearance today, I was hoping for red, but the price was too good. Louboutin Tanja 100. photos wearing them soon.
  7. I will say the sales people at Jimmy Choo stores have been very friendly and have been happy to let me try pairs on if they have my size (40 pumps, 41 boots). I have a few pairs of both that are quite comfortable, but I usually get them for about 1/5th MSRP used.
  8. You might want flats for TSA, and dragging bags around wearing 4” heels can be less fun then you would hope, but no one cares.
  9. So I was poking around the Zappos app this morning and noticed a new option under Men’s. So there is only one option right now, but the shoes do show men’s and women’s sizes.
  10. @mlroseplantI actually used Gay or Minden pointe shoes inside the boots to provide proper support for my feet. I then packed the empty toe area between the inside tip of the boot and the pointe shoe I’m order to keep the boot from getting crushed and causing the heel to angle forward. Sadly my second toe is a bit longer then the rest, and it kept taking all the stress. After I lost my second toenail I lost a lot of interest in ballet heels.
  11. The only time I get interaction about heels are when I wear heels 3-3.75”. If I wear 4” or higher I just seem to get odd side eye looks.
  12. These are taking some work to break in, it at least I can wear them around the house for a couple hours at a time without pain now.
  13. It took me a few years to be able to move around without issue wearing ballet boots. As others have said, it’s best to level out the heel so it is vertical when standing. I also used a pointe shoe inside to fortify the toe box of the boot with hood success. Even at my best walking was a bit clumsy.
  14. Breaking these in. Already far more comfortable then when I got them. Just need to be careful not to over stretch them.
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