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  1. Rockpup

    Pics of couples together in heels of all sorts

    this thread was done recently.
  2. Rockpup

    Word Association Game

  3. When using my phone I use the 10 second timer and a chip clip as a tripod to keep the phone from falling over.
  4. Rockpup

    oh well, I tried....

    I have, but only low heels in public.
  5. Rockpup

    Wild about Wedges

    Pony boots? I had a pair with hooves.
  6. Rockpup

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Not stiletto narrow, and I can walk in the yard. Normal inside zip.
  7. Rockpup

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Another pair from Therealreal, CL wedge ankle boots with a 4.5” heel in size 41. Very comfortable
  8. Rockpup

    Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    How is the sizing on those? I've got a couple pairs from Italian Heels but I seem to be between 40.5 and 41.
  9. http://www.connectingvets.com/articles/gay-high-heel-wearing-veteran-elected-mayor-texas too bad they do not show him in heels.
  10. Rockpup

    Looking for non skirt/non skinny-jean bottom

    I have a pair of pants from Volcom that I like to wear with boots. With pumps I e got a pair of Levi’s 510, but I’m trying to find a better option.
  11. Rockpup

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Rag and Bome lace up boots off Therealreal. I’d tried a pair on at a Last Call and regret not buying those, but this pair was cheaper. So far they are comfortable. I think I’ll enjoy these
  12. Rockpup

    BTBAIHeels Updates

    Congratulations on graduation, and I wish you the very best in your future. Try not to forget about us again
  13. Rockpup

    Damage your heels can cause

    I was well aware of this concern when my husband suggested we install wood floors in our house. I made sure to pick one that would have little issue, but I also cannot have metal heel tips.
  14. Rockpup

    Wearing High Heels in Las Vegas !!!

    I’ve only been to Vegas once. I should have brought 4” heels to wear out, as I only ventured into the casino once in the 5” boots I had with me.
  15. Other then pink skate laces and a rainbow Jersey I suspect this is not much different then a photo of any pickup hockey game between friends.

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