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  1. What you wrote is heart warming! Thank you.
  2. Hello @hiddenheels i share, as many others here I think,most of your feelings. Except one: As you I am not interested in women clothes. I always wear my heels with jeans. Boot cut if the choice is to hide them,or skinny if not. And when I look at myself in the mirror I find the look perfect. That may not be what the other people taste. But I think then we are only facing our well known stereotypes problem. I don't know where you live in Canada. I will be in Toronto early November and would be happy to meet for a drink if you wish Pierre
  3. Not a great fan but much better at least it could be received as a positive sign
  4. Everything is just shit. Poor Paris. Some more pollution. For the eyes that time.
  5. I agree! My preference goes to Cuban heels.These are the only ones that keep ( more or less) a manly look despite of the height of the heel. A lot of nice boots pictured there.
  6. That's a perfect example of what I called " men in heels as men" i love it.
  7. Nice boots. With the poor Notre Dame in the background !
  8. 100% right i have travelled in some of these countries. I wouldn't wear heels there. Even if airport are some how international areas I wouldn't take the risk To add an French expression: "profil bas". That means : don't make any wave.
  9. Interesting! I was just hoping homosexuals would be more open minded. But it's just the same. Depends on the person,not on the community Disappointing
  10. You might be right. I have heard that a guy wearing heels hasn't been accepted in a gay club because it was an ´only men' place and has been considered as too feminine. So: men in heels are still lonely any place they go.
  11. I was in Cologne a few days ago. Booked a room in a hotel in the gay district. All employees seemed to be gay. My aim was to have a drink in one of these "only men bar "wearing gentle 5" Cuban heels When the receptionist at the check in counter saw my shoes, he suddenly behave weird. Not really friendly. Same when I order a beer in a bar that was looking ok. Only guys there,normal clothes. I left 10 minutes later I felt as an unaccepted stranger or a spy with no cover. Very disappointing. A nice end : breakfast place in the morning,same shoes on my feet. The waiter,Asian male said: ' i love your shoes' I finally left with a better feeling.
  12. Never happened to me! The only one I have ever spotted was myself in a mirror or a store window. Sad.
  13. I was thinking about heeling skills. agreed: I must be fun.
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