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  1. Thanks to YouTube or others we have plenty of videos. It’s easy to improve by ourselves. Plus stretching and it can make wonders!
  2. 5.5”/6” everyday except for gardening,carrying heavy loads and meeting with some people I think it’s better not to do.
  3. The combination is fine. Nude shoes with jeans is always a good match. Nice legs,slim body. Nothing to worry about.
  4. You’re right But if we make comparisons with sports training: -watch people who are doing well again and again. Understand why , inspire -train and watch yourself, point out what’s wrong , improve -if necessary watch someone who is making the same mistakes as you. It can help to understand what’s wrong with you Only for this purpose
  5. So better not to watch. It’s already difficult enough. No need to have bad images in our mind. For improvement only good exemples are inspiring
  6. Lifting weights and squats in heels undoubtedly works for getting nicely shaped calves. Much better than cycling. But beware of lower back pains i have also heard than ice skating gives nice calves muscles
  7. That’s so true @mlroseplant! And your wife have a very common attitude @p1ng74
  8. Of course ! If not what could happen in case of an urgent need?
  9. Very easy: we men love to WALK in high heels. So we choose the heels that DON’T hurt our feet. That’s our priority. I may be wrong but you,women, you choose your heels for the look first. So many chances they won’t be comfortable. Worse,comfort has not much to do with the price you pay.
  10. Same for me. The ball skin hurts after a few hours. Or a few miles walk. Depending on the material of the socks it could make a big difference. Long distance bare foot is a no way for me
  11. a/I am more or less the same. b/ the problem increases with the heel height c/ a thicker inside insole ( walk fit platinum works for me ) helps . initiating the leg movement from the hips makes the bow legs figure less obvious The funny thing is we,mem,gives much more cerebral care to the way we walk than most women.
  12. Hi Mike! Which videos are you mentioning ? If it what I guess I probably will agree with you. But in any case please accept the advice of keeping your energy for what you like to do . Idiots are everywhere and shouldn’t take a single minute of our time. Pierre
  13. Poland isn’t renowned for being the most open mind country in Europe with the LGTBQ community!
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