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  1. You don't have to explain if you had to explain it means it is now too late for these people. Don't wais your time. Sorry for them
  2. Hello these shoes look perfect. Please wear them and take a picture. Pierre
  3. Hello. I am 43.
  4. Very high ,definitely. Pink is not my preferate color!' thanks anyway.
  5. Does anyone here has already bought a pair of 7 ". I would like to have one for home,training. Not ballet or pony shoes. I already have plenty of 6"and don't have any trouble walking in these at home or good surfaces outdoor. I hope that training with 7" could help me In walking faster and longer with 6" outside. So two questions: Has anyone already tried doing that? where to buy that sort of shoes,good quality and secure payment and delivery thank you!!!
  6. Yes,definitely: 1/ Fuss shoes in Germany 2/ Italian heels, 3/ Peter Chu,6 inches for ever. I am waiting for some shoes from Xtrem heels. From Spain I will tell you if they could modify my personal top 3 knowing that I am only interested in heels not less than 5 inches. For lower ones mainly others are good. Pierre
  7. Congratulations! I wish I could reach that self confidence you have
  8. If I feel in confidence with the place then I will. Thank you,
  9. Saturday may be possible. Frankfurt also. Please give me one more week for choosing the day thanks
  10. Very nice. Perfect cleavage,,
  11. I don't know yet exactly when. It will be one day,specially for that meeting
  12. That is a possibility. It would be the first time for me having such a meeting. So no idea how organize that. Pierre
  13. Yes we can. And I do ! With a real pleasure.
  14. I love that picture.