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  1. Yes ,of course. You can make a custom order. Get ready to pay something as 280 $. And be patient as the production is stopped because of that coronashit
  2. I have these ones. Not original Doc Martens. A copy from FSJ shoes. 16 cm heel. 2 cm sole size EU 43. Very easy to walk in
  3. Any kind of surface if not uneven nor slippery is fine for me.
  4. I never said I knew much about Darwin. Far from me such a thought! It was just to say that the Swedish choice means the strongest will survive. A sort of adaptation to new environment anyway
  5. I don’t agree. Governments have 2 issues: the cost of the decisions they take and if they will be re-elected. The 2 main options,lockdown or let all people do what they want,are both costly. The first one is a quite easy decision to take because it could be supported by the world Health Organization.And it works. But must be totally followed.No middle way.And the cost is huge The second one is probably the one Darwin would have preferred. It’s less costly.Are you ready to dye or say good bye to some members of your family or friends. I am not. Let’s see what happens in Sweden . Pierre
  6. It’s Rat’s year in China,Japan....and more
  7. Thank’s @CaliJust tried it. That’s not so easy. Will keep on doing because I can wear my heels at home at present
  8. Hello @mlroseplant that’s interesting. I am now stuck at home. And I am afraid for long. With no possibility to wear heels. So,what foot/ ankle exercises would you recommend? Thank’s Pierre ps. I love your Oxford shoes.
  9. From FSJ. Despite of some negative reviews I love them not easy to find on the web site : type chunky heel ankle boots and you should find them. And many more. I have asked for a special 14 cm heel and a leather upgrade. This morning I walked one hour in these in the mall. Maybe the last time for a while because all shops will have to close in Europe due to Coravirus.
  10. That’s right but long tall sally also sells interesting jeans in big sizes for whom wishes long legs that could cover the shoes.
  11. Jeans and boots: also my favorite. Plus Oxford shoes But I must confess I feel more confident with block heels. Have been a few times publicly with stilettos heels. Never had any problem but don’t feel confident enough for really enjoying The only real embarrassing moment was in Orly Paris airport,wearing 5,5 block lace up booties,not so feminine.I have already related that embarrassing moment
  12. Pierre1961


    FSJ shoes quality varies from one pair to another. As I already wrote they have 3 workshops. That could be an explanation Same for the leather. I had some pairs made from an excellent leather. And others very so poor that the synthetic would have been a better choice FSJ shoes gives the possibility of having any model of shoe in any size which is unique. On the other hand we have also be prepared to be disappointed. For that price I can understand some people who don’t recommend that brand.
  13. Today’s boots in IKEA ,Algarve mall ( Portugal) 2 hours walk Not only in IKEA which bored me quickly No reaction,but it looks masculine doesn’t it? Not so many people scarred of the virus here. I will fly back home on Tuesday and have canceled all trips until mid April.
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