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  1. Pierre1961

    Help me decide an outfit

    Definitely the blue jean covering the black boots. And the jacket. No doubt about that. !! great look! Pierre
  2. Pierre1961

    Help Needed. Where to buy?

    I kike : Peter chu ,fuss shoes ,Italian heels,high feeling. All these are around 100/200 euros. My favorite is : Extreme hh in Spain. But more expensive. You can try Devious or other chinese made shoes.Prices are much cheaper but the comfort is not as good . On the other hand many members here seems to be happy with. So......
  3. Same for me. But that talk is always postponed to a better day
  4. Pierre1961

    Help Needed. Where to buy?

    Hello. Welcome here. There are many possibilities for finding shoes on line. 44EU isn't a problem. It just depends on how much you are ready to pay.
  5. I am jalous!!! Wonderful legs!
  6. Pierre1961

    Heel Comfort - Can it be Had?

    100% agree with you. It can't be said better!!!
  7. Pierre1961

    Am I Gay Cause I Wear Heels?

    Yes,yes,and YES'! I wear heels because of the feeling and the look it gives. That's it!
  8. Pierre1961

    Noticing people in heels

    Gait for the eyes. Sound for the ears.
  9. Pierre1961

    Midland meet up

    I will be in Toronto around 6/8 of November. If any heelers want to have a drink? Pierre
  10. Pierre1961

    I Space Out Sometimes!

    For me the secret is to,perfectly handle walking in heels. If not: lack of confidence,then it's a nightmare
  11. Pierre1961

    My Perfect Heel Height

    Yes,very accurate. I am also a 12 woman size and my perfect heel height is 14,5cm
  12. Pierre1961

    Noticing people in heels

    I got my first congratulations 3 days ago, from 2 African women,in the elevator in CDG Paris airport. " oh! You are wearing heels! That's nice! In general or people don't notice,or notice and have only a short glance,or do notice and probably think I am crazy. The worst attitude comes from middle age,not sexy at all ,baggy dressed women when they are with their husband.Or from men ,obviously narrow minded,also middle age.The ones you would hate to have as a neighbor. I am not searching to be noticed .I just feel good in my heels and feeling as being inside my own bubble. As Maninboots,I can notice a woman in heels from 50 meters.Never had the chance to see any guy in heels. Some women are naturally walking so nicely that I am sure they are wearing heels,but ,what a disappointment : ugly sneakers on their feet ! That doesn't happen so often.
  13. Pierre1961

    Costa in boots

    I agree twice. Best places for watching people. And personnaly the best places for wearing my high heels.
  14. Pierre1961

    Show us your most masculine heels

    I love them. That could be the pair I would fell in love with.
  15. Pierre1961

    Show us your most masculine heels

    Hi @Gudulitooo. For sure what on calls masculine heels depends on the person. So it's not surprising that a woman can wear outfits that give her a masculine look. That's what 95% do. They can wear anything they wish,it's ok Not at all the same for us. If we don't want to look as a cross dresser ,a transgender,we all walk on a tightrope! Please don't imagine I don't appreciate these communities. Open minded people will always have my preference. And ,yes!great topic.

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