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  1. It’s sad you decided to quit. We are not so many men on that earth wearing heels. So one more or less counts. I saw your pictures and if I was personally not shocked ,I also can understand Tech who tries to keep a website which could easily go over the limits if no regulation is applied. i have been warned at my early beginning here for posting pictures that where ok for me.I now agree that we don’t have to cross the border that makes this site unique. There are lot of other sites to express something more than our fashion tastes. I hope you change your mind. As written above,anyone counts here Pierre As we say in French. Ce n’est qu’un au revoir .
  2. I agree. Tried once. Doesn’t worth the effort. look,style and feeling aren’t as great as a nice 6” court shoe.
  3. If it has to be ugly,at least these boots must be very confortable
  4. Yes i did! And was a little bit worried to notice that my calves started to hurt after 45 minutes walk.Locked down wasn’t a good training. Before 2 hours were fine. Have to restart training!
  5. I have been to Paris today 4 months I hadn’t. What a surprise! No traffic, much less noise, much lees bad smell But the most noticeable is all people in shops,restaurants are so nice, helpful, polite. Everything we weren’t used to. It’s pity you foreigners can travel yet. You could forget our lengendary arrogance Please come and visit us as soon as you can before we fall back in our ways. Pierre
  6. I find it interesting. Because walking at home all day and reaching, let say,15000 steps is something which isn’t so difficult But just walking 5000 steps without any stop could be more difficult and even more in the street with uneven sidewalks. So,taking it as a challenge or a training makes sense,despite the fact not sure fun is granted .
  7. I like your 2 miles rule @mlroseplant! I don’t want to keep shoes that hurt either
  8. That’s an interesting experiment i personally never walked such a distance with no stop or break. Maximum 7 km in 14 cm block heels. The only think I would be scared is your heels are thin and the tip may not bear the distance. Of course it depends on the surface I also would have wear a pair I am sure I am confortable in.Not brand new ones Nevertheless I wish you succeeded and would have like to come along. And keep us updated please Pierre
  9. I took my chance! Another day maybe.
  10. Too sad! I will more than likely be heading over this place on Monday evening!!! IN case of... i will be in Zaventem Monday 8 and Tuesday 9 in the evening.
  11. I got some shoes from Italian Shoes. The quality is very good. I mainly bought 15 cm shoes,which are more 16.5 in my size I recommend to order one size larger. Except for mules ,half a size is ok
  12. I agree with Mike. FSJ allows you to customize any kind of shoes you want. The sizing is easy. Quality more than acceptable
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