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  1. In my opinion there is no rule. Or the opposite : feeling good. So,depending of the place,the time of the day,outfits ,mood ... I hide my shoes or not. Sure that a small village doesn’t allow much fantasy. A crowded mall in a secure area much more.
  2. You’ve perfectly nailed it! Most women buy heels for the look and don’t wear them as soon as they can. Men, well that ( tiny)part of men who wear high heels buy them for wearing. Comfort comes first. Technic is a way to avoid bad purchases
  3. Maybe the angle of the picture is the reason. This heel seems to go a little to much backwards.
  4. Interesting! So far only Sobern shoes fit my feet perfectly. Plus a perfect service.
  5. @ShyheelsAs I am living in France ,could you give me the contact of that bookmaker? many thanks. Pierre
  6. I have bought shoes from 100 to 500€. The comfort has nothing to do with the price paid. The durability does. The balance seems to be more a question of chance than the knowledge of the shoemaker!
  7. 3000 € is expensive. But I had thought it costed even more! A custom pair made to measure by a real shoemaker in Paris is close to 5000€ @KneeBootedyou may be right. Better one perfect pair than 50 Chinese ones that are badly constructed.
  8. You’re right @spikesmike: I also met Pablo and Esther. I had some fantastic shoes made specially for me there . Very nice people!
  9. Ernest Chausseur still exists. The company has been bought by a woman from Lebanon (?) They are still selling high and less high heel shoes. But no large size anymore. Prices are high.
  10. It may worth trying FSJ shoes. With an equal chance of getting what you wish or something totally crappy ! in France we have some renowned shoemakers. Price range from 3000 to 6000 €. Yes. No error with how many zeros!!!!
  11. It was not an accident @Puffer .An existing skeletal condition. My back weakness has always been something I had to deL with. Successfully so far.. high heels don’t bring any problem. Sometimes even kind of a relief.
  12. When I was 14 the doctor said” stop riding immediately,if not you will be in a wheelchair at 25.I didn’t listen to him and told my dad my back was perfect. Then during nearly 45 years I used to ride up to 4/6 ( even 10 on some days) horses daily until I stopped because bored 4 years ago. So sure I won’t never tell my doctor I am wearing heels as soon as I leave his place. Sorry. About myself again. But just for help. Have you contacted a chiropractor or equivalent? Most are shit. Some can do miracles Looking at the XRay and RMI of my back I should be operated in an emergency! A nice Osteo who is also a real doctor saved my life. I wish you to find the equivalent Pierre
  13. Walking in heels alone isn’t so difficult. Only the first steps ,or more exactly take the decision to have those first steps,deeps some courage. The more you delay ,the more difficult it is. Then you have to be in your own wold. Bubble. No need to know if anyone is watching you .Go your own way. One regret: not easy to find a heel buddy from time to time. That would be funnier and easier. Then ,instead of having ppl wondering if you are gay,they will be sure you are. And if you are not,is it such a big deal? No matter what they think.
  14. Keeping heels for home use only is frustrating. Not good for mental health .
  15. The first time white snickers were in fashion was in the late 80 with Stan Smith sneakers. But it was more for the upper class. I can’t say if I like that style or not. It could have been fun if worn from time to time for a change and mixing styles. As nowadays 90 % male and female wear that,I am not far to hate them. And appalled by that lack of individuality
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