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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Yes. It is a good topic. I would say the main one. I started as a kid wearing my mum shoes. I enjoyed the feeling. Never try to know why. Then it became a fetish and it was impossible to imagine having a relation with a flat shoes wearer. I for sure missed many interesting women because of that. Then,wishing to see more often nice shoes around me,I decided to go in high heels myself. I love the feeling( never high enough) and the look. Now it is a habit ( need?) and ,as most of us here,I just wish a guy in heels would be considered as normal. Note: I am straight,not a cross dresser and no wish to change. Pierre
  2. Super Arch

    For me super arch,as Peter Chu does is a special sole shape that gives a more vertical look and a more arch shape to the foot,with the same heel height. A very extreme heel height doesn't give necesserely an increased arch. That special arch gives this very sexy shape with a slightly lower heel.
  3. Hello! 

    Welcome back. 

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      Hi Pierre1961, thank you very much:)

      I will be updating my first gallery very shortly!

    2. Pierre1961
  4. Hey! I am old and still have fun with 6,5 inches. But I am doing a lot of sport and watching my weight. And we won't fight trying to know how high must be the heels. The higher is the better. The maximum is the one we can walk easily and not ridiculous.
  5. That point of view makes sense. It's a way for starting I never thought about before. the opposite way :why not starting with men shoes with heels as cow boys boots ,Cuban ( extremheels in Spain make some with very high heels) or totally men style ankle boots with an 11 cm heel as Peter Chu makes ? The ultimate goal,mastering a public walk in 6,5 inches pumps is unfortunately not reachable for most of us. For several reasons. No shame.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Yes. Great boots.
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Amazing boots! I love them. From Giaro?
  9. Yes!!! Ten times yes!!
  10. I wrote the shoes are nice. And I really think it. The only thing it is supposed to be a fashion high heel oriented forum. I just don't see the heels.
  11. Treadmill

    Thank you and congratulations.
  12. Treadmill

    I haven't succeeded in making a video. I would need the help of some one. So only 2 pictures they don't reflect the motion at all. Better than nothing
  13. Any Recommendations For Skinny Jeans?

    You are right. 511 covers the shoes nicely. I will try a 510 next time. Could match ankle boots better. Thanks!!
  14. These shoes are really nice. But nothing to do with high heels. Start walking public with a long pant and 3 inches. For me high heels start from 4 inches. 5" is good. From 6" you can really talk about extreme heels. Sorry if I am rude. Pierre