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  1. A business ticket on short flights absolutely doesn’t worth the price. We get nothing mote except I bigger but often crappy meal and a free seat in the middle. For 3 to 4 times the price of an economy one. I use to fly business on for longer flights and am also often disappointed. As a platinum frequent flier with Air France I get nothing! I am afraid we won’t ever find back the pleasure of traveling we had in the past
  2. Hello Welcome of course keep them. Too cute!
  3. Hello. Welcome! would love to go heel shopping. Not easy from France! Plus the covid!
  4. You are right. The Cuban heel style doesn’t appear anymore in the new extreme HH. But for sure you can ask for such shoes. I got one pair from Miguel Jones a few year ago. It was quite difficult to get the right size. I don’t think you can have really high heels there ( I am wrong?) The pair I got is ok for garden work, very strong , heavy and even if these have a real male( more rustic cow boy) look they not suitable for matching a city outfit. Nevertheless I like them.
  5. Thank you @bionicbabe. I don’t have more pictures at present. And I wasn’t proud of the quality. I would need someone else could do that for me. Not easy or more exactly I m not bold enough for asking. What could be fun fotrvel, with heeler buddy and bring a lot of pictures from different places And situations. Better wait covid 19 is over. No real fun at present.Only the heels keep me motived. i Lomé the square boots you have in your album. As asked some pictures I took myself as strolling through the city no bad comment,no one had stared at me.But for sure noti
  6. Here are 2 pictures I took at the beginning of my last trip. These are both Chelsea boots. One is 14 cm and suitable for all sorts of activities .The other one is 15 which I keep for even surfaces as hotels Both are very similar so the height difference isn’t obvious
  7. Yes it does attract attention! And feeling people behind me,having to be slow because of me is something I don’t like. But to be honest I wouldn’t care being slow going downstairs behind a woman in heels. So?
  8. It happens several times to me. Trying to get to the immigration counter before the herd wearing heels much too high.Result : heel break. Twice. For sure I wasn’t able to master such heels I now have improved my walk and also wear the proper shoes I also fell in the stairs,getting out from an hotel in Toronto. Some people could see me. I got back on my legs immediately as Nothing happened. And realized I had a strained ankle. Not that bad. Just enough to worry me during some weeks .Same thing: feeling to confident. I now have leaned how to go downstairs and how important a h
  9. A famous brand could take the idea. It would sell out for sure.
  10. Yes sure! Extreme high heels from Spain. A special order.
  11. I am not the best fan of clogs and mules in general.But these may help me change my mind. So comfy! And so easy to slip in after the shower in the morning. I still prefer shoes that cover the feet. But nevertheless quite happy to have gotten these.
  12. I take the heels apart. I like to modifying some shoes with a difference heel. And the trash for the shoe itself. A shoe that does fit will never fit. The fitting of a shoe depends on several factors that the Chinese factories don’t master.And unfortunately not only Chinese. So chance takes an important part. I like heels that are rather high. And I want to be confortable. So no compromise.
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