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  1. Funny idea. I am naturally reserved and shy. Where and how? the idea is fun. As i wrote this morning,before being declared the winner of the competition, I will be in Toronto on the first day of November So Any heeler who wants to join is invited for a drink and why not a dinner somewhere there. Pierre
  2. THAnk you Tom. Many others as well. So,somehow it is a surprise
  3. Oh! I am so happy and proud! thank you ! But also a bit ashamed because of so many other wonderful legs which could have also won. Anyway more happy than ashamed as I take it as a result of lot of sport and careful diet. Thanks again Pierre
  4. Hello i will be downtown Toronto from November 1st until 5th. Free any evening for meeting,drink,food,whatever in heels ! Shopping session in the morning or afternoon also possible. Hope i could meet some heel fan there Pierre
  5. Good idea. Having strong and supple ankle for both improving and keeping our abilities in case of no heeling for a while what about proprioception wearing heels outside?
  6. In these situations my natural behavior is to ignore the people. And do as if I haven't notice anything or I don't care.
  7. Absolute right @hhboots! i have noticed the same thing. One exemple: hotel breakfast place. A few people. And have to get up several times for picking up food or standing at the coffee machine. Now i am able to get fun knowing people are looking at my shoes Absolute right @hhboots! i have noticed the same thing. One exemple: hotel breakfast place. A few people. And have to get up several times for picking up food or standing at the coffee machine. Now i am able to get fun knowing people are looking at my shoes Thank you @kneehighs your comment is a warm help for my next public walking
  8. YES,the Mary Jane with chunky heels and round toes are wonderful. Can’t blame you. I did the same mistake so many times because thinking I had too many shoes. I realized that I almost always wear the 4/5 same pairs and own more than 50. And still keep on buying more. Tell me I am crazy. I have to agree. But happy like that!
  9. That high tip system works in the US for sure. It doesn’t in France and most of European countries. It did in the past when the salary was low and the tip was the most important part of the income. In Japan: no tip.people would feel offended. And a perfect service. All different mentalities and education.
  10. Yes,you are probably right. But that the height I really feel at ease. Lower and I feel flat. I can walk hours in the city in these.
  11. Thank you @pebblesf of course I cleaned them. I worn them again all morning and finally am happy they are nor carpet boots. So I now have a pair of heel for working outside. Consequence:even boring tasks bring more fun Pierre
  12. Hi Tomham Yes it is just a cliché I guess some people have. The heels are 16cm with a 2,5 platform. Surprisingly very easy to walk in. I got them from FSJ shoes. That was a custom order and I am very pleased with it. Thanks for your nice comment Pierre
  13. Hello Today I decided to push the look a little further ( see pic) I wore these clothes and shoes for going to a self storage where I keep some not really useful things, including some pairs of shoes I had to wait for the elevator with 3 other people. They looked at me and started giggling.One guy,( the other were a man and a woman) pretend he has to go urgently to the bathroom.The reason was he wasn’t able to refrain laughing because of me Don’t even think I have been affected with that behavior. The question is:what is your opinion.I usually wear real typical men clothes plus shoes with Cuban or block heels.In general visible.But nothing more extreme or could have anyLGTB connotation So today was a test and I am just wondering if In your opinion anything is wrong Any comment will be appreciated Pierre
  14. Ok. I hope you will soon. Let’s keep in touch
  15. Just received these boots a few days ago. They are from Miguel Jones. The craftsmanship is perfect. Unfortunately they fit a bit too large despite of a great care choosing the rift size. With a thin inside sole plus a thick sock it’s ok. At first I was more looking for a pair of boots I could wear everywhere but they are definitely not carpets boots. Much more adapted to farming or whatever similar. What they are originally created for I guess. By chance I have some acres and horses. I worn them all morning,cleaning the stables and other things outside. Now I love them. Very confortable. The heel is 13 cm for a size 10 which is the perfect height for that purpose. Thanks to the very thick heel it doesn’t sink into the soil even damp as it is now here in fall So a finally good purchase
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