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  1. Pierre1961

    Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Maybe these one. Too high? Available in any color and men sizes. Very comfy. Italian heels.
  2. Pierre1961

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    You are absolutely right. And that is ( one of) the reason why I try to wear the highest heels I can as often as possible. In addition of the pleasure of wearing high heel,the look it gives ,it is also my way to look different ,with the risk that goes with
  3. Pierre1961

    Boot cut or not

    Nice look. The heels are not so visible. I suppose you can walk publicy ,being unnoticed. Exept if the heels are noisy. Such nice shoes could also worth an attempt with skinny jeans . It should still give a manly look. Depends where you live of course
  4. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    They are from Extrem high heels in Spain. Very good quality. Reliable,honest and gentle people.
  5. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    Back home now. It was a total succes . No broken heel! Here are some pics inside the plane and hotel elevator. No bad comment. Some men gazed at me for sure. I am getting more and more at ease. Walking isn't the problem,I feel totally confident in these shoes . They are very easy to handle mm I still can sometimes have the same negative feeling I had when I was a kid and very shy. At the age of 12/13 it was impossible for me to walk in front of people on a station platform. I had to find a way behind them! Of course this is over for a long time now. But wearing heels in public has reminded me my teen period. Is heel wearing also a mental therapy? Or the last level before a total self confidence. I guess it is.
  6. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    That's true. Custom,immigration,security are bigger issues for high heels wearer. Personnaly taking off my shoes at the security is my main( only?) concern.
  7. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    I haven't even thought about having an accident ! Maybe because I fly quite often.And my son is a professional pilot So,better not to have such ideas in our mind And honestly said,if it would happen the chances we could survive are so tiny! Also,pretty sure that if we had any chance to escape no matter the shoes we wear.Just run! Or we may have time to take them off? I can't tell you.Because never happened to me or to any still alive relative Now back to the main subject: I worn my Cuban Oxford ( 14cms) all day and no trouble at all. I still have them on as having a beer in the hotel bar at present while I am writing For the room I have brought a pair of 16cms court shoes. I am just worried about the noise they make on the floor. That wouldn't be fair to disturb the people on the floor below.
  8. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    Merci! Here is the pair I am wearing at present. In the lounge
  9. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    That’s exactly what I also think and what I will do thanks a lot
  10. Pierre1961

    Are we addicted?

    English is not my native language.if addicted has the same meaning it has in French and I think it has,then I would consider we are addicted if to stop or decrease doing something causes a sort of mental désorder. i personally did it for smoking: total success never tried for heels! Not able to imagine doing that And I don't care at all being addicted to heels or not.If it would be Alcohol ,that would worry me much more
  11. I am wondering which shoes/ pants would be the best for a short flight. thanks
  12. Pierre1961

    Dream vs reality

    Thank you all for such interesting advices After having testing ,following NZ advices ,I am ok with 13 cm heels.not higher for outside walking . As Cali I sometimes start the day with 15 cm clogs.( Carpet floor)Some days I need some minutes and a hot shower before. Cali: thank you for your stretching advices I also suffer from the lower back,not as intense as you,and feel I nice relief with 4" heels
  13. Pierre1961

    Dream vs reality

    Thank you @nzfreestyler for your long answer and advices. I have no doubt you are an expert and admire you and your style even if I am not a "free styler" as you are Stilettos heels are also my preferate because of the look but also( probably same as you) I can feel the ground better. Stilettos allow to touch the ground the way I wish and give more freedom to my ankles. Block heels force the feet to be on the ground as the shoes are built. Maybe one more raison to explain a faster tiredness except the height itself. Cuban heels could be a compromise for the ones who don't want to draw too much attention (?) So far i am perfectly at ease at home with 16 cm ( size 12 US,43/44 EU) i can stand on 17 cm but not really walk. So not interesting at all 14/15 cm in hotels or airports because the surfaces generally are easy 12/13 cm in the street on different surfaces,stairs..... i keep on training......
  14. Pierre1961

    Dream vs reality

    Today I decided to wear my Oxford 5" Cuban heels. My aim was to spend a shopping day in Paris in these shoes. They were partially hidden with a long boot cut jean,but still slightly noticeable and a little bit noisy.Thats was ok. Feeling good. No one cares. Or I didn't pay attention. But after one hour walking in the streets I felt exhausted. No ball pain. Only muscles. So i had to head back to the parking lot and make a change for a pair of flat shoes. Disappointment ! I can spend the whole day at home with 6 " inches. I already traveled in 5,5" Oxford stilettos style heels. No real problem except a heel breaking My questions are : are thin heels easier than block or cuban heels? It seems it is. Surprisingly! Are home walking,airport,plane traveling and city walking to be ranked such different levels ? sharing all experiences are welcome thank you Pierre
  15. Pierre1961

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    Not at all. But it’s strange to walk with flat shoes after in heels for long. i feel better with 5 inches. Better balance and less back pain!

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