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  1. I expect to reach the goal within 10 years !
  2. Same for me. Except I will try to get rid of 2 before buying one! Until only approximately 10 pairs left.
  3. Hi everyone i will stay in Fort Lauderdale from feb 16 to 21 anyone who would be close and free for a drink is welcome Pierre
  4. I have been once and haven’t been impressed So probably the first and last time. I must add it was an “ in case of” appointment without any real problem
  5. Undoubtedly true. More than 3 days with no heels and then a few hours practice is needed. Stretching can reduce this problem. same about heel height. Some days in not more than 4 inches then 5 becomes difficult
  6. I could wear everything the same but the red bag. And probably lees chunky but higher heels
  7. I still believe that a setback heel makes the walk more difficult.At least for me. Maybe not the only factor. What we all agree is that setback heels are more dangerous when going down the stairs. Aesthetically it just depends on the general design. Setback heels are more in fashion nowadays.
  8. Agreed! Straight heels from the back is technically an aberration! No need to wonder why so many women find walking in heels impossible. That would never have happened when high heels , sometimes very extreme, were manufactured by real experienced shoemakers.
  9. Agreed! I can walk 2 hours in 5 inches but can’t comfortably stand for more than half an hour. Same in flat : 5 hours walk is ok but more than one standing is a torture. Mainly for the lower back. i also do a lot of cycling and it’s of no help for heel wearing. Obviously not the same muscles involved.
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