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  1. I use to drive with high heels for years now. Never had any trouble. Automatic car. Just wondering what could the police could say if they were to stop me for any reason? It happened 2 or 3 times to feel uncomfortable in a rented car. Even once I had to take off the right shoe. Too dangerous. Strange positioning of the pedal.
  2. I never bought any pleaser because of the fetish connotation they have. Maybe I should. But it’s kind of rough to lump all Chinese brands together. Of course a lot of craps. But some as Hey Si Mey ( quite cheap) or Sobern ( quite expensive) produce good quality shoes,well balaced.
  3. They are very “ serious “. Stable and comfy. 14,5 cm.They now have to pass the sidewalk test. I mean cobblestones included.
  4. Finally got them! Wasn’t able to resist!
  5. That’s absolutely fine by me
  6. I don’t want to bring any opinion or judgement here. It just seems to me that being a strong heel passionate can be a great help for keeping the motivation staying slim.
  7. Mike. I found them in a second hand shop in Paris. But brand new. I haven’t seen them in real neither tried them on yet of course. I hope they fit well. I agree the heel is chunky. They could be very convenient shoes for traveling with the zipper i guess the heel is 15 cm .Which is perfect in my size I should be able to go on Wednesday.
  8. With 60 degrees ou reaches extreme heels. Anyone who is able to master 40/45 degrees outside is already a .... Master. Who. Not ou ! Sorry.
  9. You’re right. 40/45 degrees is the minimum to be in the high heel range. Less is just heel.
  10. You’re right. A face mask and heels. That’s all we need. And not such a bad match !
  11. Long time I haven’t travelled ! Cologne ,Marburg,Liege,Eindhoven,Mons. 1400 Kms i have been able to find some free time and twice have a walk in the city. An clear need of training. One year ago,2 hours walk in heels was a normal activity. Now only one and calves are on fire. Thank you Coronavirus. Here are the shoes. Nothing exceptional : 16 cm block heels minus 2 cm sole combat boots.
  12. Yes. A lonely life. I wonder why we ,here,don’t try to meet from time to times.
  13. Happy to read your comments! In that period of politically usual way of communicating . To see that out spoken ppl still exist is sort of a relief. My turn now: Stocking tops heels seems to be pretty high. Not extremely but high to be ranked in the very heels category. The limit of the walkable one . Same for yours Mike. And I love that round shape. Also in the same height category. Where do they come from? On the other hand I am not a great fan of black stockings with red shoes. Nobody is perfect. And no wish to be Pierre.
  14. No much chance i would give up wearing heels in a near future. Nevertheless it could be sad but a necessity in case of medical reasons Be sure I will first try lower heels before giving up for ever. No chance any toxic relationship could succeed in having me giving up heels But I must agree that from time to time evil eyes,mean looks worry me. If of course I behave giving no attention at all,I can feel it. Some day I would prefer to be unnoticed. That’s not enough yet for having me giving up the heels. A better acceptance is for sure coming in general. But for specific reasons,mainly religious ones ,some people are getting aggressive with everything isn’t in their norms. I am not sure God would mind. Has He even been asked if a man in heel can’t be a good human? Whatever the answer would be,I can say that a lot of man in flat shoes are terribly shit So far,I can manage that with block or Cuban boots heels more less hidden. Block heels Oxford are worn for traveling by plane or car. Not in the train. Too many narrow minded ppl in there. Commuter trains are dangerous .Undergrounds as well stilettos heels in Hotels are ok.And at home of course. Pumps are too feminine for me. Even if they are the classic best looking high heel shoes. At home sometimes and very seldom in hotels with a formal costume plus tie ....
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