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  1. Thank you! they are Oxford.But thanks to the height it was possible this jean( straight fitting) over most of the shoes. If not flare jean would have been the choice but somehow it would have been more obvious. About showing the shoes,it ok for me but with less high heels. I will post soon some pics from the outfits I wore in Canada. Pierre
  2. The choices are 60 km,or 10/15. Which is dangerous.Or more than 60. Which is stupid. Thanks for all your positives comment. It helps a lot.Without I could easily think I am just a freak. Pierre
  3. Courage is exactly what I wanted to test today i decided to go shopping in a great supermarket. And after in smaller frozen food shop.Both 60 km from home for security reason The courage was to wear 15 cm heels.( could be equivalent to a 5”2 for an average woman size) I never worn such a heel height publicly. It’s ok at home,but I wondered if I would be able outside. It has been a 2 hours tour and surprisingly everything has been easier than expected A little shade : the heels were partially hidden by a long pant,not a flare jean,just straight fitting. See pic Honestly said,no one seemed to noticed . Lot of fun. To be done again pierre
  4. So,you are close to become a high heels wearer yourself What we can’t get from others,we have to do it ourselves
  5. I would like to appreciate any high heels on a man. But theses are ugly Can’ write anything bad on the woman. She is beautiful
  6. I would have been surprised if you had written you could walk 10 miles in these ! And ashamed of not being able to walk one mile in these shoes myself Very sexy! I guess a pleasure to wear at home. Good purchase!
  7. Hello Still going to Toronto soon. My proposal is still valid. Pierre
  8. It’s what I thought! Thank you! Are you happy with the quality?
  9. Yes. Very impressive! which brand ?
  10. Would have been nice! Domage!
  11. Congratulations ! i always wear high heels for traveling and never had any trouble.Airports are the most secure and with the easiest surfaces places for that. Like you it has been my first long heeling experience But i always take my shoes off at the security. Because I guess they have some metal inside. Never had even a strange glance.
  12. Funny idea. I am naturally reserved and shy. Where and how? the idea is fun. As i wrote this morning,before being declared the winner of the competition, I will be in Toronto on the first day of November So Any heeler who wants to join is invited for a drink and why not a dinner somewhere there. Pierre
  13. THAnk you Tom. Many others as well. So,somehow it is a surprise
  14. Oh! I am so happy and proud! thank you ! But also a bit ashamed because of so many other wonderful legs which could have also won. Anyway more happy than ashamed as I take it as a result of lot of sport and careful diet. Thanks again Pierre
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