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  1. Pierre1961

    Mixing styles

    Baggy logo. That's why I had a mixed feeling. Your opinion is very useful
  2. Pierre1961

    Mixing styles

    What do you think about mixing sporty outfits and heels? Personnelly a mixed feeling Pierre
  3. Pierre1961

    My first public heel adventure

    Wonderful legs!!!
  4. Pierre1961

    Anbody Notice the recent changes to the Pigalle

    i totally agree with you @Histiletto. The positioning of the heel is so important. I can't understand that so many designers have no care about the comfort of the shoes. I can't understand either why so many women are still buying such shoes and prefer complaining. If all shoes makers could give some attention to biomechanic we may have less people saying that high heels are a body destroyer One solution: the designers and the shoe makers,female and male have to wear high heels all day long. That would help our men in heels problem. Two birds with one stone !!!
  5. Pierre1961

    Toe cleavage

    You are not the only one @luvmaryjanes! I don't like so much toe cleavage so much neither. And to be honest I rarely find toes beautiful. Some members will "kill" me for that !! But,but! With very high heels,a pair of nice sandals could be more than appreciated .
  6. Pierre1961

    The Wonder of Women's Clothes

    Have you ever tried " Long tall Sally"?
  7. Pierre1961

    Designing Heels

    I am already doing that with extreme high heels in Spain. I can't really say that I am designing the shoes but by picking from different possibilities they already offer..So at the end it is somehow a shoe I have more or less designed.
  8. Pierre1961

    The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    A few months ago I was traveling with KLM. One of the flying attendant,a 40 years old woman,nice figure ,was wearing a cure pair of black stilettos. Rond toe cap,at least 4 inches. I indentified them as Louboutin As I was surprised to see such cute but expensive shoes ,I complimented her.She said these shoes were not part of the uniform the company provides to the employees. As she hated the ones she was supposed to wear,that was a personal purchase. She kept her nice shoes on until she had to start her service. Then she changed for the ones I supposed were the ugly ones. What a change! i don't know if she noticed that I was wearing 14cm Cuban heels Oxford ( my usual travelling shoes) Pierre
  9. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new shoes

    @balletboot That's a good option. Please tell me when you receive them. And a pic as well?
  10. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new shoes

    @balletboot hello! The brand is Jialuowei. i got when through Aliexpress. Good service.
  11. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Please do ! These shoes worth it! Very different from " normal" ones
  12. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Just received these. I bought them because I was just curious surprisingly they are very comfortable.sizing is perfect.And very walkable ( at home only) A funny feeling because the pressure isn't on the balls but on the arch and the heel. Could be good training shoes 7.1/2 minus 1 inch platform slightly slendered.
  13. Pierre1961


    Hello Tom that's sad but we will find another opportunity sort sure. Thanks for having warned me several days before Pierre
  14. Pierre1961

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    The only positive comments I got when wearing my heel publicly came from black women. All negative ones from white men. all suspicious glances ,from white women.
  15. Pierre1961

    A new member “Hello”

    Hello Welcome ! For sure you will get a lot of supports from members here. Mine for sure! Pierre

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