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  1. Thank you. I will have a look. I am not able neither to go shopping in 16,5 cm heels! I just did once with Oxford block heels 16 cm. My favorite height on good surfaces is 15 cm. With no improvement for some years now. I won’t complain if it is the same on the day I will be 80 ! 🤪 Take care Pierre
  2. Very nice. Which brand? Difficult to find such a height and single sole.
  3. It seems to me these heels are closer to 8” ?😈
  4. These boots look more than nice ! Do they have laces .not easy to see the details
  5. HSo far it seemed we are on the same planet @mlroseplant😋😋😋 And happy we are.So we can share so many different opinions. walking uphill is as difficult as towing a wheelbarrow. In my days of stupidity I tried that ,wearing my Miguel Jones cow boy boots. Very difficult. I still confirm I find easier to walk downhill. Do I have to precise I mean normal slopes we use to find in most cities. I may would have to change my mind after a full day walk in the SF heights
  6. Ah! Strange. I find walking in heels uphill more difficult than downhill! Uphill ask the calf muscles some effort. Downhill only add some height which is a nice feeling.
  7. A few years ago it was very common to see extremely young girls in high heels and short in the street of big cities in Japan. They were far to imagine people could think they are hookers. They were just trying to be as close as possible to what was considered as the latest trend. Same outfit for employees in female clothes shop.
  8. About Ernest is just because the new owner wanted to bring the name to a higher level. She thinks that men,TV,strippers gives a bad image. She also wanted to add a lot of fuss to please oriental women . The classy “ less is more” but on extreme heels is now lost there .
  9. Ernest WAS the shop to go in Paris for high heels lovers. Customers were high heels passionate,strippers and men! Since the company has been sold ,the new owner made in short men are not well anymore. I got my first extremes heels from there 15 years ago. Perfect quality. Nowadays no large size anymore and not so many real high heels.
  10. Hello The Official HeelsWearer's High Heel Survey here is mine : 1) How often do you wear high heels? Everyday 2) What type of heel do you prefer? Block heels,Cuban,and stilettos if not too skinny 3) How high is your average daily heel height? 14/15cm 4) Do you find high heels uncomfortable? No! I only keep the comfortable ones 5) Do you find high heels difficult to walk in? No.Except on uneven surfaces 6) Did you know high heels can be bad for your legs, feet and back? I have hear that. I suffer less in heels
  11. Yes Italian heels are made in the factory in Italy. You also have Fuss Shoes. Give the preference in the “Italian made range” Also Extreme high heels in Spain. Hand made by one shoe maker. So true @Chorlini! The only real height is the difference in between toes and heel. And even more ,depending on the size. We should mesure with the real angle of the sole. 45degrees seems to be a nice high heel angle.
  12. Hello @HeelsWearer i will try to explain my thought: it seems to me that women who don’t want to go higher than 2/3 inches are jealous when they see another women in very high heels. Then come the usual comments:” she is a slut”,she will destroy her ankles,isn’t she already tall enough?,it’s ugly,and more. The ones who really can’t wear heels for a sad but true reason don’t react that way and often have positive comments. By the way you haven’t answered my question. I was interested in knowing the shoe brands you wear. Because such a long time in extreme heels requires th
  13. The pressure may be too much only on the balls.you can try to distribute the load more equally. Using some special insole that gives arch support.
  14. Hello @HeelsWearer i have been to the ‘’ for the girl forum’’ and read your page. Very interesting. For sure most of the women in 3” heels aren’t passionate with heels but do it for different reason as professional ones or special occasions. They don’t pay much attention in purchasing shoes that fit properly.These are small chances they move to higher heels one day. To sneakers for sure. The ones who go regularly to higher heels ( 4” and more) are all heels lovers and then pay a lot of attention to the shoes they buy,how to bring some more comfort and give their feet the cares
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