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  1. Pierre1961

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    100% same feeling.
  2. Pierre1961

    Shops that one should visit.

    I recommend : fuss shoes,extremehh in Spain and Italian heels. Quality is great,service is perfect. Totally reliable.
  3. Pierre1961

    Boots and Shoes that we wish we owned?

    As a French born guy I have to apologize. CB shoes could look nice but they are uncomfortable and often even not long lasting And the ones for men( flat) are ridiculous,designed for no taste nouveau riche. Sorry about that.
  4. Pierre1961

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Yes,go higher but just for fun! @Jkrenzeris right. If you wore 5.5" all day long you will ruin your body. I wear 5.5" to 6" at home.For fun,feeling and training. So not so much walking. Outside 5" is high enough.Sometimes to high!
  5. Pierre1961

    Excursions Of HeeledSteve

    For a man in heels feminine gait looks as stupid as a cowboy gait. Walking in line is the only medium way for a nice and secure walk Pierre
  6. Pierre1961

    Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    I wouldn't bet Chinese people won't be able to create nice things in the future. I met in Beijing some people having a real good taste. Ok,not the majority. And what about that growing obvious lack of taste I can notice in America ( sorry friends) and more and more often in old Europe ( shame on us) i am afraid Chinese people produce what we ask for. Cheap,cheap and that's it.
  7. Pierre1961


    That's totally right. Is true in 99% situations execpt: a bunch of jung drunk guys,searching for someone they could give pain to. So there are some city areas I would never walk in heels.
  8. Pierre1961

    Reason for wearing heels??

    Hello @Shyheels i suppose you may have some joins pain that doesn't allow you to run. But can you wear high heels without any trouble? I used to run a lot in the past.Now because of back,knew problems I can't anymore. But biking,hiking,swimming AND wearing heels,even very high and on long distances are ok. So why would I ask for more?
  9. I can't agree more ! I am trying to resist to the everyday degradation of the French language !
  10. Pierre1961

    My wife and my heels

    Same ! I rent a small 1m2 in a self storage for the shoes I could get rid of but I know I will regret sooner or later
  11. Pierre1961

    Hi form Italy: my story.

    Hello. Welcome here. Yes please ,we are waiting for the rest of the story. Pierre
  12. Pierre1961

    Boot "season"?

    You can still get that service with airfrance in cdg airport if you travel 1st class. And in Frankfurt,same,with Lufthansa 1st class. But don't expect anything even if you are platinum or diamond and travel business.
  13. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Thank you @spikesmike! I don't feel at ease enough for wearing these Oxford outside. The heel is 17 cm They are perfect for house work,even all day long. But for walking on different surfaces I can't handle more than 14,5 and preferably block heels. That's my limit. Always with no platform. Thanks again. Pierre
  14. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Italian heels

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