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  1. It’s quite clear that as straight guys we wish both.A wife or gf wearing high heels and wear heels ourselves as well . Shall I imagine it is the same for our fond of heels gay friends. Both of them in heels?
  2. I agree. Thin heels are easier.They just wears out too quickly. Block heels also look more masculine. So... different factors to take into account.
  3. The risk is if most women wear flat shoes then the few who still wished to wear heels could feel out of fashion and weird.
  4. Me I am.Her face is to dye for.
  5. Exactly the same for me,but with my former wife shoes. She had never understood how her thin feet could stretch her shoes that much. So we went on buying more expensive shoes hoping they won’t stretch! Nowadays I am feeling ashamed when I remember that. I was also adding fold socks at the back of the shoes,in order not to destroy them. It was working well and probably put me in the love of very high heels because of the increased height.
  6. I also had from time to time taken a look to that channel. Not my cup of tea neither. By the way earl grey is also my preference. Back to high heels: the higher is with no doubt the better,as long as we are able to walk gracefully. Depending on the surface and other factors 4” to 5.5” seems to be the best And about platforms :it’s just cheating. 1/2 “ can be acceptable if it improves the look. Just my opinion Pierre
  7. Exactly. If women keep abandoning heels, maybe that will open room for men to adopt them. perfect! Women will get jealous and go back to heels ! 🤔
  8. I agree with @Cali.Seeing which shoes members wear outside helps others getting more comfortable going in heels publicly. @Pumped I think we don’t have many women here because wearing high heels isn’t on fashion anymore. The only ones left are more on the fetish side. And probably men pretending to be a female. .Or it’s just a clothes accessory and no need to post anything. Fetish people can find specialized sites. HH place isn’t the right place for them. Lets keep on doing what we like. The acceptance is slowly growing and heels fashion will come back. It’s a recurrent tre
  9. I love the Mary Jane ones. Should be a great feeling to walk in these outside.
  10. So am I. Only male clothes plus heels. I think there are many more here. Pierre But why suddenly such an activity on guys wearing some female clothes ? I have been seeing so many here with some or only female attires.And it seems it pleased everyone And that diversity is fun I personally only wear male clothes with heels and don’t feel like adding any female thing So my taste goes naturally to guys in heels as guys But wouldn’t it be possible to behave as dog lovers who prefer some kind of dogs but like all of them For me a guy in heels is at fi
  11. I had the same feeling. I am afraid it’s just an illusion. Mouth expression is of course as important as eyes . But more for ourselves. Face mask,sunglasses,bonnet,then we could be unrecognizable. But so weird that got immediately noticed.
  12. there's one thing I've learned as a man wearing high heels, is that most of it is presentation. If you look like you know what you're doing, if you look like you are comfortable, then people won't bother you. So so true!!
  13. Yes! It’s a crime. Should be punished severely!
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