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  1. I remember that time very well. I was a kid but already fascinated by high heels. My mother had some but nothing higher than 4" At this time extreme heels were kept for fetish purpose only. See Betty Paige. One female friend of my mother was always wearing very nice bespoke shoes. Maybe 4""/4,1/4. As she was probably a shoe addict I was always checking if she had gotten new ones. I can't remember having seen any advertisement featuring a shoe with more than 8 cm. 9 was considered as crazy and only for the whores
  2. I would suggest you a dark non too skinny jean and over the boots. Just my opinion
  3. Congratulations! That's the perfect style ! In my eyes. The perfect way for a man to wear high heels. My preferate are pics 1 and 4. Do you wear these shoes anyplace you go? I personnaly am not bold enough and stay stick to booties or Oxford. But quite high (5" minimum) as a compensation cogratutions again!!!! Pierre
  4. I totally agree.
  5. Everything is right. I just don't personally feel like going to wearing skirts. I love flare jeans. I buy them in the women section. Also slim fit jeans. Honestly said both draw people attention the same when they are worn with high heels. Pierre
  6. Whaoo! Congratulations! That's not because I don't like the look. The opposite. I love it! I use to wear stilettos at home without modifying any of my male outfits. Just i am not bold enough for wearing such shoes publicly my 14 cms ( size 43) Oxford block heels are already visible enough for me I admire you pierre
  7. I share most of your points of view and feelings. No desire to be noticed,wearing heels for my own pleasure ...... So far, I think boots,Oxford with Cuban or block heels are the easiest to match male outfits. I would wish to wear pumps but that's too extreme for outing without getting the risk of troubles Pierre
  8. Great style! Why not the farmer shirt with the red pump? I love the dog.
  9. The wold is on the right way! Look: that brand is producing some high heel shoes ONLY in men sizes!!! https://www.fuss-schuhe-shop.de/epages/64752260.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64752260/Products/Pumps-5017-Vitello-nero
  10. Pierre1961


    I agree: long pants and block heels are most of the time and anyplace unnoticed. That's my nearly everyday outfit.
  11. Pierre1961


    I think the dream of many here is to walk publicly unnoticed!
  12. Pierre1961

    Heel Flex

    Hello yes I did ! And it appears that there was 3 raisons to that. First I wasn't walking properly: the heel was touching the ground first with a lot of pressure on it. So I trained,trying to walk in an exaggerate way,the heel and the ball reaching the soil at the same time. That's just training,not the way we have to walk in real. Then I realized that the heels that flex or break were ( also ) of poor quality and not well fixed to the shoe itself. Only one screw and some short nails. A normal cobbler can fix if easily.And the heel if very high must be reinforced with metallic insert.If only plastic,very high heel are not strong enough and flex And the construction of the shoe must position the heel righ under your heel foot. Not behind,not to much forward. Hope it could help
  13. Hey! Easy. Just have a look to "Italian Heels" the site is old fashion. But the quality is great. The prices are more than ok. And these people are reliable. Pierre
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