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  1. Las Vegas could be a good location King of Prussia also. As most members are based in the US ( I am wrong) and most of the others in Europe, USA could be the best. Many brands are now carrying men sizes. Even some models are only available in large sizes At least 10 different brands propose men sizes. Some should be interested in advertising The problem is they have visibility. Only a few guys in heels somewhere won’t bring enough except if the medias are present Then,as Spikesmike wrote many of us won’t be ok being visible. Or? Communication is done based on: men in heels,fed up to have to hide themselves. With blurred faces on the pictures.
  2. @jeremy1986 could you please ask your wife why she uses that ‘French shoes’ expression i am French and have no idea what it could be. Pierre
  3. That would be great. As there are already many brands carrying heels for men( some even propose some items from 41 to 46) we should invite them to exhibit. The difficulty is to find the right location,date. And the cost...!
  4. I was in Florida last week. Have been to WPB outlet stores and the Garden Mall. Chelsea 13 cm. Many noticed,no bad comment. Nice moments.
  5. Yes! pushing a shopping cart in heel is fun. Then the heels are not so visible and thanks to the support it allows to wear higher heels
  6. As many of us have noticed the main reason can be they have tried poor quality shoes,found them un uncomfortable and then decided to give up. Most women buy shoes for what they look and don’t even wonder how confortable they will be after a couple of hours. Or don’t take the time to break in them at home. So their excuse is: I am not able to walk in high heels.
  7. I just mean worn tips heels are slippery. The danger is when one is worn out and not the other one.
  8. 5,5” is not shy! i imagine you love the sound .But it could mean slippery also
  9. Whaou! Wonderful.! Any reaction? How high? Easy to walk-in?
  10. Hiding the heels is what I did for a long period. Now I realize that visible shoes draw less attention. But with block heels and all other clothes totally masculine. I wish i had the courage to wear stilettos boots but didn’t take that decision yet @RonC I am also n old dog. Sometimes I wonder if wearing heels matches with an old face,despite of a slim body. So far I keep going.
  11. I appreciate the way you explain why we like to wear high heels. Well said .
  12. That makes sense for me. Has anyone here Experienced the same thing: I feel perfect with shoes from 5" to 6" heels. Single sole. Less than that I can really walk properly,the sole slapping the ground noisily. Higher is impossible except at home , for training purpose. Size W 12. 43/44 European I also now always add a special sole insert that gives arch support. Even if it raises the heel of 5 mm more the comfort is much better.
  13. No real threshold. Just wishing to look like as a female It mainly depends on what is our mind. For some of us heels are a fetish,or just a style,or crossdressing What about men wearing women underpants,bras and others, but hidden? Unavowed crossdressing ? My personal opinion : no rule . Again mainly stereotypes
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