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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    I agree with Tacchi Alti. I am much more excited by a woman wearing sneakers and who tells me : i miss my high heels. And totally disappointed if ,wearing the most sexiest pump we could dream on,she tells me: i am really looking forward to get rid of these stupid shoes Pierre
  2. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    If you wore heels in front of her,for sure she would run away! If your relation is recent you can hope to bring her to high heels little by little. Doesn't she have a female friend who wears hh? That could help .You can explain that heels is just something that add some excitement but is of course not enough by itself. I supposed that you already did it. It makes me think that your girlfriend is not old.You have a chance she could change If she really refused that then you have to keep your high heel fetish somewhere hidden in your mind and let her forget you have a fetish Please don't look at other women wearing nice shoes when you are with her have a compensation with wearing bed shoes yourself when you are alone Many difficult things! I hope you could succeed!
  3. Having to watch my step,so not being able to enjoy enough looking at stores,people,surrounding....
  4. Hello from the US!

    Hello. Nice to have you with us here. Pierre
  5. Have YOU / ANYONE heard of this Shoe maker

    Never heard of that brand. Looks nice. It seems a little bit too cheap for such extravagant shoes and get a good quality. Made in Turkey. So why not.
  6. Hello here are my pics. Tell me if ok. If not I will do more. Thank you Pierre
  7. High Heeled Vacation planning

    Congratulations @heelguypa.As i am also using the treadmill as a double (heels and health ) purpose,I perfectly realize how difficult it could be. Its not so easy to walk in a perfect line on the treadmill. So,despite the fact walking outside could be different it's a perfect training. Keep on training and posting !! Pierre
  8. Extreme block heel Oxfords, where to buy ?

    Hello i am looking for high and ultra high heel Oxford shoes. With slender and/or bock heels Has anyone made a nice purchase these least weeks? Thank you Pierre
  9. Bedheels

    Hello,Alphax Interesting video.We could do some of these exercises. Maybe not so extreme. Personally my knee won't accept the one around 12:00m I can stand in 16,5 cm and walk at home. Not able outside on average surfaces in more than 14,5 cm and that is not so easy to look relaxed than you for the video Alphax. I will nevertheless try some gentle exercises. Pierre
  10. Bedheels

    Thank you for your answer Alphax. Keep on training! They look so,so high that even if you can't really walk properly in these shoes,it may make you feel much more at ease with more normal heels. Pierre
  11. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    Yes Tech ,good idea. You could somehow do something similar as the points on a driving licence. For exemple we get rid of our warning points if no new mistake is done during 6 months. Thank you for the time you spend trying to keep this site clean Pierre
  12. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    I recently got 2 warning points in a row for posting in the girl section. And i can't say I wasn't aware of it's not allowed. I just did it because I didn't pay attention to the mention " for the girls " And why did it happen? I would say because the girl section brings so often much more interesting topics! And as I am( we men,are) so enthusiastic when it comes to our passions! Should we brings these subjects to the men section? Or the for everybody one. I would suggest : yes! I personally don't want to be banned just because of a lack of attention and too much passion. And i don't want to miss interesting topics I of course also hope i would be more careful in the future Pierre
  13. Bedheels

    Hello Alphax Thank you for the review! The shoes are great Are they walkable? Please keep me informed with what happens with the flexibility of the heel. Pierre
  14. my 017 adventures

    That's right. One day last October ,in circumstances I should keep secret a good looking 25 years old woman told me she was jalous of my legs and my shoes. I was wearing tight jeans and 17cms court shoes from Italian heels. We opened the laptop and I ordered the same pair for her. That was fun. Pierre
  15. my 017 adventures

    I agrée totally.very well said.