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  1. Pierre1961

    Reason for wearing heels??

    It's the same for me. May I add that the only fact of wearing high heels bring me in a better mood. So a task that could have been a boring one become a nice one. About public heeling it's both a confidence and an ability to create my protective bubble exercise And with the proper outfits it also have an erotic effect Are we all the same? I could personally add that if I could wear men style high heels with normal men outfits that would be my everyday style without any erotic purpose. Pierre
  2. Hello @at9 as i am old enough as well,I should have a memory of these guys in high heels. But I don't have . what kind of heels was it? I am curious!
  3. Some shoemakers use heels with a metal insert. So they don't flex. Maybe they can break ? For me the main problem is still the way the heel is fixed to the shoe itself. Shoes made in China are often poorly made. The Italian ones are much better.
  4. My own experience,with some heel flex and break has made me understand that could happen if: - the shape of the shoe doesn't fit your foot.So you won't walk properly - the heel is too high.So: same concequence - the quality of the manufacturing is poor. I noticed( after it broke and repaired by myself) that some heels are fixed with only one short screw and 2 poor nails. I now only buy and wear shoes with strongly fixed ,non flexing heels,in which I Immidiately feel good ( comfort and balance) Following these rules I haven't experienced any more problem. So far! To be honest it takes time before finding the right brands,sizing,heel height. And so... Pierre
  5. Pierre1961

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Hello It seems to me that if you keep on practicing you should wear these 17.5 at home. They look lovely the red ones are perfect! Pierre
  6. Pierre1961

    The perfect pump IMHO

    Fuss shoes are making some shoes like that I think.
  7. Pierre1961

    oh well, I tried....

    A quick and very approximatively calculation brings me to the conclusion that there are probably not more than around 100 public heelers on our earth. So not surprising we never meet any. We must urgently explore new planets! The number of Men in heels at home seems to be much more important.
  8. I agree! But that is not true anywhere in Paris. I often wear my Cuban 5" Oxford in the Paris streets.Sometimes,I can hear:'watch that guy,he is wearing heels!' It never comes from women, always from guys.And I would say mostly from guys I wouldn't have a drink with.
  9. Pierre1961

    Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    So you should buy'41 I am 43+ and these ones are 44. Perfect with no socks. As I am to buy 2 more pairs for the winter time my choice may go to 45.A try of these 44 with socks is needed before I buy. I hope it helps.
  10. Pierre1961

    Difficulties finding suede stiletto bootie.

    Maybe these one. Too high? Available in any color and men sizes. Very comfy. Italian heels.
  11. Pierre1961

    High Heels Losing to Sneakers in Popularity

    You are absolutely right. And that is ( one of) the reason why I try to wear the highest heels I can as often as possible. In addition of the pleasure of wearing high heel,the look it gives ,it is also my way to look different ,with the risk that goes with
  12. Pierre1961

    Boot cut or not

    Nice look. The heels are not so visible. I suppose you can walk publicy ,being unnoticed. Exept if the heels are noisy. Such nice shoes could also worth an attempt with skinny jeans . It should still give a manly look. Depends where you live of course
  13. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    They are from Extrem high heels in Spain. Very good quality. Reliable,honest and gentle people.
  14. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    Back home now. It was a total succes . No broken heel! Here are some pics inside the plane and hotel elevator. No bad comment. Some men gazed at me for sure. I am getting more and more at ease. Walking isn't the problem,I feel totally confident in these shoes . They are very easy to handle mm I still can sometimes have the same negative feeling I had when I was a kid and very shy. At the age of 12/13 it was impossible for me to walk in front of people on a station platform. I had to find a way behind them! Of course this is over for a long time now. But wearing heels in public has reminded me my teen period. Is heel wearing also a mental therapy? Or the last level before a total self confidence. I guess it is.
  15. Pierre1961

    What would be the best for a flight

    That's true. Custom,immigration,security are bigger issues for high heels wearer. Personnaly taking off my shoes at the security is my main( only?) concern.

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