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  1. Yes, that does the job! I'm jealous
  2. In fairness, the third image looks like she's just fallen down.
  3. @jamie1608 Well if you do, be sure to post pictures. LIke others have suggested it's an individual taste, i'd certainly be up for trying them but I can imaging they would be utterly impractical to try and walk in. But as always willing to try them to be proven wrong.
  4. ohnoberty


    Friday is going to be Miss-Guided thigh boots day.
  5. Oh yes! With heels like those there is a silver lining.
  6. ohnoberty


    As far as I have experienced, SAH is not an acronym that i've come across before, but maybe it will from now on.
  7. ohnoberty


    Well you can't ask for a better find than that surely. On the other point, another 2 months WFH, i'm hoping that isn't going to be the case here
  8. ohnoberty


    Today I will be wearing Guiseppe Zanotti whilst WFH.
  9. And as a cyclist you may already have the super smooth aero legs to go with stilettos
  10. Came across Sorbern last night and had a good old look around. Some very interesting footwear there, you seem to have found something fun. The choice also seems to go on forecer. I especially liked the stupid high 18cm wedge heel ankle boots. Completely impracticle but I thnik they look fabulously fun.
  11. Being "off the cliff" isn't a bad place to be . I have more fun here than on FB for instance and FB (and others) can get too political and hostile in relation to everyday issues.
  12. Yes, you're right, or at least I follow the same philosophy, get up, get dressed, blah, blah, blah, ready for work.
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