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  1. We're all unique and our differences make us interesting. What a dull world we would live in if everyone was the same. 16cm pumps 👍
  2. And like Shyheels and Jeremy1986 i've been restricted hugely due to a house full of people. In fact on the other extreme, working from home has meant far longer days to the point that i've virtually not been on hear over the last 2-3 months, i've just had no time. Life is looking to be heading back to some form of pre-March 2020 normality, but it'll take a while.
  3. I'm no authority on fashion, many will confirm that, but I agree that this outfit by Marc is bad. Who knows though, as a fashion designer he might be starting a new trend (don't think it will catch on).
  4. That then was surely a "Good Friday"
  5. ohnoberty


    So finally got through the papers to allow me to shut down for Easter. Needless to say WFH for me will resume next tuesday and I'll be spend Easter working in the garden. Sadly the work required is not conducive to wearing 5 inch heels.
  6. ohnoberty


    Definitely a bold statement, but nothings to bold for WFH. (Being careful not to type WTF, which I did earlier )
  7. ohnoberty


    Never got to it yesterday and a little delayed today as i've been very busy on the run up to Easter. Never the less today's WFH is Carvela 'Sizzle'.
  8. These do look good. I'm actually looking for a pair of "So Kate 120" as we speak, although the Pigalle might be an alternative.
  9. This is another WOW moment, i'm really loving these, I seriously need to go shopping. You must have the most awsome shoe closet on the planet.
  10. And I bet you were wearing a big smile too
  11. Sometimes you just do have to have them, and a bargain too. I like the look of these, not my usual style but still very nice.
  12. ohnoberty


    Kurt Geiger Tuesday
  13. Tracked down the photo finally. Was undecided on an ebay item, Dolce & Gabana boots which had an 'offer' option on them. Spend ages thinking what would be a good offer and I finally had a value in my head, although reluctant to offer it as I thought it may have been an insult. Anyway, suddenly they were gone, and the offer made was way less than I was thinking of Moral of the story - make the offer, else you'll loose it.
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