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  1. Very nice 'footwear'! I don't wish to (re)open a debate but I would regard them as 'shoes' rather than 'sandals'; having an open toe is not in itself the criterion. But who cares, they look great.
  2. I don't think the ASOS products differ between the countries. If you look at a selection of reviews, it seems clear that US (and other) customers are commenting on the same items as are sold in the UK - particularly when sizing differs. But China does seem to be the source of most if not all, and quality is sometimes an issue.
  3. So, if they are truly branded 'Crocks', they are not made by 'Crocs' - but probably someone's idea of passing-off as a 'Crocs' product.
  4. I am not surprised by your initial findings. As the width/diameter of a heel top piece doubles, its area quadruples and the pressure exerted for a given weight of wearer reduces to one-quarter of the original. Allowing for 'rocking' and other differences, a five-fold increase in durability sounds about right. But of course one's gait and the composition of the top-piece will likely make a lot of difference to overall longevity. Your more detailed findings should be interesting - some PhD material there if the University of Life is receptive.
  5. If they were truly labelled 'Crocks', they are not going to be from the same source as 'Crocs'. But I see that there are some wedges from 'Crocs'.
  6. Melrose: can you please clarify what the 'public health issue' refers to, and its impact Is this to do with Covid?
  7. Thigh boots with heels (but not perhaps stiletto) would be of benefit in such an environment. Why not push the boat out?
  8. Replacement heel tips (top pieces) in suitable material are readily available econominally online in a variety of sizes and are quite easy to fit with a minimum of tools. The size of the fixing pin can vary, as of course can the size/shape of the tip itself; the latter is not difficult to trim/shape to suit. I suggest that you give such DIY repairs a try, regardless of the availability of any local repairer.
  9. Does not walking 'heel to toe' put an initially large weight on the small tips of high stilettos, as they are the only item in ground contact? Conversely, walking in low heels, where the foot is placed almost flat when walking, would surely distribute one's weight more evenly? I can see that, if standing still, more of one's weight goes forward as heels get higher, but wear when stationery is minimal so not really relevant.
  10. I think that is a very valid proposition; you are much more likely to be overlooked (literally!) or ignored because, with or without height-boosting heels, you do not stand out, either in the company of others or against objects such as a doorway. I am tall (but by means a giant) and am quite conscious of being more prominent than many men. I have always been reluctant to draw enhanced attention to myself by what I am wearing - however normal that might actually be in terms of style, colour etc - and it took a fair measure of courage for me to venture out in even modest men's cuban heels some years ago.
  11. I'm not sure I can agree that saying (for example) 'Give 110%' is wrong, albeit frequently misused. If someone is working or producing something at a certain level or pace that is considered to be the acceptable standard (so '100%'), then asking him to do a little more (say, to 'give 110%') is neither an impossible concept nor illogical, even if it is unreasonable or unrealistic. No different from the 'motor' example, really. Unless one can be sure that a particular measurement can never be bettered or exceeded (e.g. the speed of light, or absolute zero), it must be possible (in theory anyway) to vary it, up or down, by some stated percentage.
  12. Agreed, but I doubt that any are large enough to be used effectively (and safely) on holes bigger than about an inch diameter, which is likely to be insufficent for cable or pipe runs. A solution (at least if drilling through wood) might be to nail a piece of 6mm MDF or simlar board over the existing hole and then drill through that and the underlying substrate with the holesaw (including its pilot) of the correct (larger) size.
  13. You are both correct! Yes, I have a vertical drill and it was duly used. I did prepare a guide by drilling through a piece of 6mm MDF with the holesaw, and then placing this on top of the composition material to 'centre' the holesaw (with its centre drill retracted) before cutting the required disc. Clamping was not necessary (although it might well be advisable to avoid 'snatching') and a little water was used as a cutting lubricant. If and when the extra top piece requires replacement, it should be possible to prise this off and simply glue another on. But, if the original plastic top piece fails (or the extra height created by the composition is unacceptable), I would fill the peg holes with dowel forced in and use brass panel pins to nail the new top piece into the dowels, reinforcing with suitable adhesive. Adding some wood forced into the hollow void before glueing and nailing would give a stronger job.
  14. I did succumb to these; details here: https://hhplace.org/topic/25644-asos-chelsea-boots/
  15. These ‘ASOS DESIGN heeled chelsea boots in black faux leather with chain detail’ seemed to me to provide the right balance between enjoyment and discretion and I could no longer resist them when a double discount was on offer. I usually wear a UK11 or 12 and opted for 12 (securing the last pair, it seems) to allow thicker socks if needed. First impressions were favourable – a 3 5/8” heel, a zipped shaft taller than the online advert implied, and an almond toe. The fit was good and comfortable indoors. The ‘round’ heel may not appeal to some, but it is not really noticeable. Likewise, the gilt chain detail is perhaps rather too ‘blingy’, but could be removed. The hollow plastic heels were, as expected, rather noisy – and the plastic top pieces will obviously wear and need replacement. I decided to modify them before wearing them outdoors. The top pieces (held by four pegs) were carefully prised off and fitted with discs of 1/4" composition material, glued on. (I used a hole cutter, without its centre drill, to produce discs just a tad too large, which were then reduced and smoothed on my grinding wheel before glueing.) To dampen noise, I filled the hollow heels with compacted sawdust, with pieces of crimped drinking straw inserted temporarily into the peg holes to stop sawdust entering. The top pieces were then pressed in; the fit seems firm enough not to need any adhesive. The composition layer can of course be removed when worn and replaced. Adding the extra layer to the top piece has increased the heel height to 3 7/8”. The balance of the boots has not been affected; indeed, they sit rather better with the extra height. I wore them outside briefly with thick socks and bootcut jeans and they seem comfortable enough. The pics show the boots as received, as worn with bootcut jeans, and the stages of heel modification.
  16. Agree that she is attractive (if without a discernable figure) and does indeed favour high heels, despite being 5'10". There's hope for the world yet!
  17. I know nothing of the actress 'Zendaya', who is apparently the star of a forthcoming tennis-themed film 'Challengers'. But she was pictured in Rome wearing a pair of eye-catching 5" white stilettos with tennis balls impaled on the heels. It is apparent that the heels are parallel-sided 'dowels' in shape. They look like the style of shoes jkrenzer would favour - if he has the balls!
  18. Interesting boots - but don't wear them on safari or you might become a target!
  19. I too have received Temu e-mails. It is a Chinese marketplace (somewhat like Amazon) with a wide range of products, mostly at low competitive prices - especially where the same item is offered by several sellers. Although some customers have complained about missing, damaged or incorrect items, the general trend is of satisfaction. I recently bought a selection of small tools and workshop items with a total cost of about £17 (with free delivery for £15+) and they arrived within a week exactly as ordered and with no apparent defects. There is a free returns service if needed. I did search more widely on the Temu website and there are many footwear items offered - including a large number of high-heeled shoes, boots and sandals, including stilettos. So, I am surprised that Bubba could not see any; maybe the offerings to US customers are different? I don't know what the quality is like; the low prices (typically £10 - 40) may be indicative.
  20. I can certainly identify with Bubba136's view that a lot of civilisation went downhill from the mid-60s, as the rock-n-roll era was replaced by the hippie culture. And recovery has been impeded by the fact that (i) the majority of the hippies are still with us; (ii) the next generation or two have been directly influenced by their hippie ancestors. However, we must be careful if trying to establish a causative link: arguing post hoc ergo propter hoc ['after this and therefore because of this'] often results in a fallacious result. But I still blame the disciples of flower power!
  21. I look forward to hearing how you like them! I see that the price has reduced to £36.40 - very tempting!
  22. It all depends upon what one regards as truly 'feminine' in appearance. On the basis that most of the present clumpy and ugly footwear is rarely worn by anyone other than a female, they can indeed be regarded as 'feminine' in style and appearance. But that doesn't make them automatically attractive, let alone pretty or elegant, in the way that most 'feminine' apparel is designed to be, even if (such as lingerie) it is not intended to be on show. Leaving the truly grungy and the light and strappy aside, few of the prevailing female footwear styles are attractive to look at and I doubt they are particularly comfortable either.
  23. These appear to be a recent ASOS introduction; sizes UK 6 - 12 and £56.00. The height of the rounded heel looks to be close to 4". Sleek looking - although the chain detail may not appeal, but is much more discreet than that on previous offerings. Now, this is a boot that I would wear!
  24. I'm sure you will remain OK for work - as long as you don't wear stilettos up a ladder. It is my birthday today so I am naturally feeling a little more vulnerable as yet another year passes, especially as the physical activities I have been carrying out in retirement (some 10 years now) progressively become a little more onerous. But, around the family, there is a steady demand for plumbing, electrics, joinery, etc etc - none of which was in my original contracts of employment ...!
  25. Are you referring to the potential time that your employment might last, or to the remaining time during which you expect to remain on the planet and fit for work? If the former, then (as Bubba says) you should not find it too hard to get alternative and suitably lucrative work.
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