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  1. Nearer, my God, to Thee Nearer to Thee E'en though it be a Sky Jack That raiseth me
  2. ASOS continues to offer high-heeled footwear for men (and others). These ankle boots are now on the website, both available up to UK12: The stated heel height on the first is 6"; the second is 4.5". I will leave others to decide whether they are attractive and wearable, especially given the platforms and/or diamante trim.
  3. No indeed - the hi-viz jacket would be totally inappropriate. 😁
  4. At Waterloo Station, you would definitely need platform shoes! I am reminded of the two woman chatting at a dinner party. One told the other that she had an ancestor who was killed at Waterloo. The other asked (innocently): 'Really - which platform?' . The first responded (disdainfully): 'As if that mattered.'.
  5. I agree - and end up with your two legs stretched to slightly different lengths and you would spend the rest of your life walking round in circles! (But, if you ever did decide to go ahead, you'd have to change your name to 'kneeshigher'.)
  6. Quite so. The never-ending (and very repetitive) television coverage all week has been tiring enough, even if watched selectively.
  7. The absence of a review, especially of a more unusual or extreme-styled shoe (ASOS or otherwise) leaves potentially interested buyers at a disadvantage. Do the shoes run true to size; are they comfortable; are they well-made??? Without some feedback - good or bad - anyone buying 'blind' is taking a bigger chance than they need. ASOS is not known for consistency in size/fit, for example, so any purchase likely to be a gamble. I would have to decide between at least three size/width fittings if I was buying anything from ASOS.
  8. Yes, the absence of reviews is unfortunate - and perhaps worrying.
  9. Interesting to see that (as of today) these ASOS stiletto boots are all sold out except for size UK6 (which very few men would need). I wonder if the other sizes (up to UK12) proved very popular or simply that the quantities manufactured were low - testing the market, perhaps? There are currently other ASOS boots for men with modest heels, of which these are perhaps the most 'daring' - and still available in sizes UK 6-9, with UK 10-12 sold out. Imho, they look very good when worn as shown with slightly flared trousers, although the chain is rather too prominent.
  10. I'm glad to hear that the account was true. My doubt was based on the publication of other stories to like effect, e.g. American tourists who had wandered into the Balmoral gardens and came across the Queen and her gardener planting roses, with a similar question and reply.
  11. There is a story (possibly apocryphal) of the American tourist couple who, wandering around the countryside near Balmoral, came across the Queen, out walking and accompanied by her policeman 'minder'. They failed to recognise her in her very casual country clothes but, knowing that the Queen's residence was nearby, asked her if she had ever met the Queen. The queen replied, deadpan, 'No - but he has', indicating the policeman.
  12. I sent you a PM a while ago which you appear not to have seen yet.   You may wish to read it.

  13. Nearly everything shown there is ugly and cumbersome - good only for Frankenstein's monster at Halloween. I suspect that what most of us want is a development of the Beatle boot - slimmish block/Cuban heel (3 - 4"), tapered toe and no platform or other thick sole.
  14. I bring a warning from the Pharaohs: 'Watch your step'.
  15. Quite apart from the silly prices, the first Madden pair would suit Frankenstein's monster and the second offer nothing that is not already available elsewhere. But heels are heels ... The Vasini boots look good but are again far too expensive.
  16. I've never heard anyone in the UK call an LED a 'led', but no doubt some do. Yes, 'TTFN' did indeed feature prominently in ITMA and I'm sure that was indeed its origin. There were a number of other catchphrases in that extremely popular programme, most of which have survived, even though used by people who (like me) were born well after the programme last aired. I blame my late parents (both fans of ITMA) ... As to 'Tigger', I should perhaps have recognised the character and the setting but have never seen the film - perhaps just as well.
  17. Ha ha! I don't recognise the cartoon, but interesting that it seems to be better known outside the UK than I expected.
  18. How can I not respond, although I'm not entirely sure what pearls of wisdom you expect me to add to your explanation of the various types of somewhat disparate abbreviation? In my book, an acronym is as you say - initial (or more) letters forming a pronounceable word. ('Radar' is an example of the latter: ra(dio) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging), where two letters in 'radio' are both used.) Sometimes, not all letters are used (particularly if representing conjunctions), as in NASA - which would be NAASA if the 'and' was also represented. An initialism (such as FBI or BBC) uses initial letters (and sometimes others) and they are pronounced separately. They may be separated by full stops (periods) but that once-universal convention is increasingly ditched. A basic abbreviation (sometimes called a contraction) is simply a shortened form of a word in which certain letters apart from the first (and often the last) are omitted, as in 'Dr' (doctor) or St (street or saint). Here again, the convention of always adding a full stop (period) after such is no longer as common as it once was, particularly when both the first and last letters appear. (I am aware that it remains common in the US (or U.S.!) for the stops to be included.) A contraction (properly so-called) is a combination of two words into one, where one or more letters are omitted and represented by an apostrophe, as in don't for does not. In my UK experience, we would usually say aircon but write either aircon or A/C; the control in a car is usually labelled A/C. We use AC as an initialism for alternating current and often use A/C to mean account. There is quite a lot more that could be said about these and other forms of abbreviation - but I guess you have had quite enough excitement for one day. TTFN, Puffer [TTFN is possibly unknown outside the British Empire. It stands for 'Ta-ta for now', i.e. 'Goodbye for the present', and I believe was a catchphrase originating in a wartime radio comedy programme.]
  19. I am not exactly bow-legged but I do find that I tend to wear my shoe heels down more on the outside back, which is not exactly uncommon. The effect is significantly greater when wearing heels higher than about 4" and does not help my gait. I would appear to be 'suffering' from supination, which goes along with high arches, although I'm not sure if my arches are truly 'high'. I don't know if there is a cure, or any simple way to improve my gait in heels. Possibly a tapered insole that is thicker on the inside? I should be interested to know: (a) if you find the same with heel-wear; (b) if the problem is more pronounced with increasing heel-height; (c) how you think you can overcome it as you suggest. Maybe others here have a view too?
  20. In my limited experience (and based upon that of others), US border officials are not noted for their understanding, patience or good humour. I can quite understand an adverse reaction to being 'slapped' by a passenger, but is there really justification for a knock-out blow? If they are also armed (are they??), I hate to think what might also happen. In the UK, I think it likely that a similar incident would result in detention (handcuffs?), courtesy of the nearest police officer summoned by the border official. (I hope to fly out of London Gatwick in less than a fortnight - not in heels! - and will keep all this in mind.)
  21. It is not really clear what is happening here, other than an apparent refusal of a man in heels to comply with airport security. You have been warned!
  22. Imho, they are far better candidates to be called 'stilettos' than many others seen advertised as such. Nice sandals anyway.
  23. Sandals like these are still available from various sources, but often at what seem excessive prices. These are Berkemann Hamburg (from Amazon):
  24. They are definitely NOT sandals. I am shocked that you would sully this thread by mentioning them here! 😆
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