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  1. Shyheels

    Cali World

    I once flew first class on Emirates from London to Sydney - a very nice assignment! - and ended up arriving more exhausted than if I’d flown economy on a lowly airline, mainly because of my own greed and gypsies-in-the-palace mentality. I simply refused to waste a moment of that over-the-top luxury in sleep!
  2. Shyheels

    Cali World

    Have a good flight! It’s a long one. I have done it - from the US and from Europe - more times than I can count and it is never easy, no matter which part of the plane you’re in!
  3. I always enjoy your stories and thoughtful commentary - and truly wish your farmers market was not 5000 miles away! You’d have at least one booted and heeled customer and I’d have some really delicious sounding fare!
  4. Shyheels

    Cali World

    Those are very nice. Perfect with jeans. Love a pair of those myself, altough I doubt they come in my size.
  5. But in the Seventies we didn’t have social media steering the collective mindset, and fashion followed a more natural ebb and flow. What is happening today is very controlling
  6. It’s always going to be Twitter to me, and I don’t want a bar of it. What in earth was Elon Musk thinking - if you can call it that - when he decided to name his rapidly shrinking investment “X”?
  7. I think it is a bit different this time. Yes, fashion is cyclical but this downturn isn’t about the usual restlessly shifting tastes and fashions but about a new kind of authoritarianism where a nasty vocal minority on Twitter etc. can - and do - bully the larger populace into following a particular narrative. Its possible that heels may make a return, but it will take more than just the usual pendulum swing. ,
  8. An advantage to being a freelance and working from home - even one with limited space - is the ability to have everything where you want it and set your own dress code!
  9. Cool indeed. I can play the iPad but little else…
  10. Well I’d prefer chunky heeled knee boots myself but moto books have their practical uses!!!
  11. Cowboy boots don’t do much for me, but I don’t mind Moto boots.
  12. I’d say you’ve come to the right place with your questions. I do not understand anything about crypto and prefer to keep my meagre funds in things I do understand, but @kneehighsseems to be a genuine expert on the subject
  13. Nice booth!!! I like the sound of your farmers market. Most of my boots are three inch heels which are extremely comfortable for me - in terms of walking I barely notice them. I like the lines of four and five inch heels - and have a couple of pair at those heights but don’t wear them often enough to feel at home in them
  14. I do not have anywhere near the number of heels in my wardrobe as many of the members here, but I too shall probably be obliged to downsize - hopefully not by much - in my off-grid move. But I shall certainly still have mainly heels in my wardrobe
  15. My plan is to step off-grid, draw up the drawbridge, live frugally and let the world ride its own race
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