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  1. Lake
  2. Every magazine or paper has its perennial stories and 'newsy' stories about a new fashion for men in heels ( a fashion which never actually arrives) is standard fare for Vogue and the other fashion rags
  3. I was not really jesting, although it may have seemed like it. I have been to Iowa and spent quite a bit of time in neighbouring Nebraska a few - quite a few - years ago. Nice, friendly outgoing people, I thought.
  4. She certainly does not let a little thing like three score years and ten get in the way of her enjoying life!
  5. Impossible
  6. Pitcairn
  7. That's the kind of idiocy you get when you read the texts at the bottom of the screen on Sky News
  8. Yes, the hounding and ridicule of Mario Rubio for his cuban heeled boots was ridiculous - by any standard, let alone those found on HHP. I am as stern a grammarian and wordsmith as anyone yet these days, with the moronic spell checks and autocorrect that infest every program on any device, I find it harder and harder to criticise the idiotic misuse of words. Only this morning I have been having an argument with the autocorrect on my computer which insists that the Isle of Wight should be the Isle of White. I hope I have found and re-corrected all the misspellings...
  9. Clearly! And that is what matters, not the height of your heels
  10. Or move to Iowa...
  11. An interesting article. I would not necessarily say that people who wear higher heels than the Chelsea boots he mentions are "ahead" of him, only that perhaps they have a different style sense. Both groups - the author and stiletto wearing members of HHP - wear heels above and beyond those deemed appropriate for men by society and Twitter flash crowds. True, killer stilettos are far more likely to attract censure, and require more nerve and a bolder sense of style and self belief, to say nothing of athleticism, but if the authors tastes naturally run to Chelsea boots, or modest wedges, rather than stilettos or much higher heels, that does not put him "behind" anyone. He too is doing what he wants and not what society dictates.
  12. Fletcher
  13. Tippecanoe
  14. That is certainly understandable!