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  1. Shyheels

    Men's heels on Amazon

    It doesn’t say if you are buying “as a woman” but refers to women’s sizes
  2. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  3. Shyheels

    Men's heels on Amazon

    I suspect it is a sizing issue and that they are not really marketing heels to men.
  4. Shyheels

    Miniskirts for Men

    A bit tacky, me thinks...
  5. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  6. I suspect that is a sentiment expressed by every older generation since Otzi the Iceman played for the Tyrolean Under-7s
  7. Shyheels

    Word Association Game

  8. Another crypto robbery - for a bit over $30 million this time https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-44547250 I realise traditional banks get robbed, but a $30 million robbery from a traditional bank would be one of those Oceans 11 crime-of-the-century type things. With crypto robberies that size or larger have become practically weekly events.
  9. Shyheels

    Were you caught by your mother?

    Sounds like you had a bit of the spirit of those old time British explorers and Great Gamers back in the day - Sir Richard Burton was very fond of disguises and nosing around the markets and bazaars, deceiving everybody and no one the wiser.
  10. Shyheels

    Have you been caught?

    Was he taller than you remembered? Maybe those quizzical looks were because he was wondering if you’d noticed his heels!
  11. It’s my business to look at words.

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