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  1. Naturally you’ll regret it - as we all know, no good deed goes unpunished. But for myself I can’t think of anything - except perhaps more active members! But thanks for asking!
  2. I’m not going anywhere for the holidays and I never go out for New Years Eve, but I’ll be wearing my OTK boots - nice and warm when it’s chilly outside and energy costs are high! Perfect for the season
  3. Sounds like quite an interesting crowd. wearing heels does seem to require a different sort of fitness to that obtained by running or cycling.. I do a lot of cycling but find that wearing fuve inch stilettos is an intense calf workout - no doubt in part because I do not often wear five inch heels, but also because different muscles are involved. I am a big fan of boots with 3-4 inch block heels. They are stable and you can wear them anywhere and as you would any other type of footwear, while still having the cavalier styling of wearing heels. Standing for long periods though takes practice and can still be tiring no matter what your footwear. I used to run marathons at a fairly competitive level many many years ago - my times were around 2:30 - and yet I marvelled at the endurance of the slower four hour runners and how they could stay on their feet that long.
  4. Indeed tattoos are quite popular but when at work those who have them will very often be sure to wear long sleeves. Accepted yes, but only up to a point
  5. A great song too - I’m a big blue fan and listen to a lot of John Lee Hooker
  6. If you said someone was “a regular guy” over here it would be understood to mean exactly what it does in the US - an everyday, rank and file sort of person. “Regularity” is a term used to describe the frequency of bowl movements - and us a term used on both sides of the Atlantic.
  7. That sounds like a good idea. Have fun!
  8. I was watching the Blues Brothers the other day and noticed that John Lee Hooker was wearing what appeared to be three inch heels while playing Boom Boom outside Aretha Franklins diner
  9. The ultimate for brevity in communications goes to General Sir Charles Napier who was ordered to keep away the Indian province of Sind during the wars in the 1840s on the grounds that it would be too risky to try to capture it. He believed otherwise, disobeyed his orders and captured the province easily. He wired his superiors a one word telegram: Peccavi. it was a witty pun in Latin. Peccavi, you see, means “I have sinned” or also, in his case, I have Sind. Geddit?
  10. I’m a writer. I prefer short sentences. But there are times when the flow of a longer supposedly run-on sentence just works better
  11. Shyheels

    Cali World

    Vertically challenged was always jocular not a part of PC-speak
  12. There’s an interesting story there somewhere - wonder what it is?
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