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  1. Because!
  2. Come now, Donald Trump was not the reason for Rubio's getting such a hard time about wearing heeled boots. Trump may have made some smirking, snide comments but that was nothing his competitors weren't doing as well, nor the mainstream media for that matter. The Washington Post and New York Times are hardly Trump mouthpieces. Rubio's heels were seen as a matter for mirth by a conservative and censorious American public. I am no fan of Trump's but, geez, you can't blame him for everything.
  3. A quick check on Google (Rubio+heels) shows it was quite a lively topic in America in January 2016 - New York Times, Breibart, US New and World Report, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Fox News, NY Daily News, NY Magazine, Mashable, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Washington Post, NBC News...etc. etc. etc.
  4. Perhaps it was the press over here that made more of a deal about it. I certainly read plenty about it in our papers and the reports suggested that it was a big deal in America.
  5. At £700 million they better not be rhinestones!
  6. Ah, but you would be buying a lot of shoes, a whole company's worth!
  7. Say, if you're really keen on Jimmy Choo and have a bit of spare cash in your kick - being well heeled, so to speak - you could always buy the brand and make it your business to be certain they faithfully produce sizes up to 14+ in every colour and style. I see the holding company that owns Jimmy Choo is putting the brand up for sale - seeking a cool £700 million. A bargain at twice the price, no doubt. Something to consider anyway
  8. Jeremy Corbyn polls so badly he might even be helped by wearing heels!
  9. I like number four best as well - nice boots!