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  1. That’s how I think of platforms too - cloddish ungainly things
  2. We’re living in a surveillance society in general - not just financial monitoring but speech, thought and movement as well
  3. Shyheels

    Cali World

    Brisk indeed. At least you had knee boots to keep the lower legs warm and out of the breeze
  4. Yes, I’d considered the potential for humour there
  5. Those are really nice boots. What is the leather like? And how large a size do they run to? And welcome back to high heels!
  6. That’s the global village for you. Platforms do seem mercifully thin on the ground here in Sussex though…
  7. Shyheels


    I agree as regards the elongated toes. I love block heeled boots but not the long toes. My are all round or almond shaped. My feet are long enough on their own without belabouring the point
  8. Shyheels


    I like block heeled boots very much myself. They provide that bit of edginess but still can be passed off - a nice counterpoint
  9. Those are really nice boots. And they look like they fit beautifully too
  10. I think it is becoming more formalised now, more structured and immutable. It’s not a natural part of the human condition though. There was quite a fascinating book published in 2021 by a couple of prominent British academics - an archaeologist and an anthropologist - who’d spent years exploring this theme and make an excellent case that the form IG governance we’ve come to accept as a natural part of being a social animal is anything but natural.
  11. I think the tipping point has been reached and some form of mass serfdom will be unavoidable.
  12. THat's a very nice outcome! How did you waterproof them?
  13. Very nice and, as you say, very presentable. The backstory would indeed be interesting.
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