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  1. That would have been funny. A couple of years ago I was out for an early morning bike ride and was churning my way up a long steep hill. The driver of the car behind me was furious at being held up - gunning his engine and tooting his horn - and the very second he could pass me he swept by within inches, on full acceleration, and screamed something at me. He was still accelerating when he reached the top of the hill where the speed camera flash went off. Instant karma. i couldn’t stop laughing
  2. Never too old. Sounds like a rather nautical look! Should be nice in summer
  3. Passing through London today - along with a host of people (not me) going to Ascot. While heels may be slipping from favour in day to day circumstances they are clearly de rigueur when going to the races. Virtually ever racetrack bound woman was in heels, usually stilettos in heights ranging from kitten heels to about 4.5” - and more at the higher end than at the lower. Men and women were dressed immaculately- in bright colours and jaunty hats. A bright spot in the day
  4. No I wouldn’t - although the fact that the previous owner wore them only once, to get married, would not influence me. A combination of practicality and the fact that I am just not that dressy a guy would be the deal breaker. I like my boots and jeans - either casual or smart-casual, not dressy corporate heels, or wedding heels, or glitzy evening heels, but the kind of thing a high aficionado with taste might wear to a weekend lunch at a smart cafe. As to the colour white, id love a pair of white go-go boots if I could ever find some nice leather ones, but not shoes.
  5. I have very little money but great mobility- off grid and nearly untraceable (if I want to be) on a 2000-mile canal network
  6. I’m no fan of President Biden or ex-President Trump either, but I do think that classing either with Vladimir Putin is a bit rich. As far as I know neither of the two American presidents have murdered any of their many critics, at home or abroad, or routinely taken foreigners hostage for use as political pawns or invaded a neighbouring country in an all out land-grab war that had cost many thousands of lives. Although born in the US I have lived virtually all of my adult life in other countries. I have never been involved with any ex-pat associations but have always lived as a local, amongst locals, and without reference to America in any way. Perhaps that’s why I have no sentiment for the place, although I had a very agreeable childhood there
  7. Yes you carry off shorts well. No question about it.
  8. I guess they’re out there. Funnily enough he was the only one I saw wearing heels - the wiremen seemed to be universally in white or cream plimsolls. Odd for Leeds
  9. Passing through Leeds train station this morning and spotted a guy in heels! Genuine heels too. Black patent ankle boots with chunky 4” heels. They formed part of an odd ensemble that included a long faux fur coat (taupe-coloured) and loose fitting striped trousers (black and gold) Odd though it was nobody paid him the least notice
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