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  1. I have certainly read interviews where he said that heels were not for men. As I recall he was asked if he ever wore any of his heels and he said “no” and then went on to elaborate about heels, in his view, not being for men.
  2. Which is why I reckon tall boots for men is a look that could quite easily be revived. It's not too big an imaginative jump, especially with low heels, to become acceptable in mainstream fashion.
  3. The style is rooted in the days when both sexes wore tall boots because they were riding and the roads were muddy. Later, when roads were paved and cars replaced horse, boots became an article of fashion, a bit of theatre. Women are permitted theatre in their dress, men are not. Wearing tall boots is not an intrinsically feminine look, it’s only their association with theatricality in dress that is.
  4. I think it looks great. I often wear knee boots over jeans - and mine have about a one inch heel - and it certainly seems to past muster with the world at large. Not that that matter, but it certainly doesn’t draw stares. I’ve only ever had a couple of people comment - and all of them favourably. I really think it is a look that could easily become mainstream if more guys wore it. It’s nothing exceptional - and I mean that in a good way.
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