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  1. Hear, hear!
  2. Not merely acceptable, desirable. Why wear a suit at all with no tie? Well there's always a chance of an upgrade at check in, but not if you're wearing a tie. You're trying too hard.
  3. I was being a bit flippant... But fronting up at an event like that in patent pink stiletto thigh highs would certainly be a memorable way of introducing your love of heels to your significant other...
  4. I have two pair of pull-on suede otk boots (no heels though) and have never had any problems getting them on. Not beyond the odd couple of seconds of wriggling to get my foot properly bedded
  5. Not at all. Wearing a suit without tie is relaxed, at ease, in control, not uptight.
  6. There is of course an obverse to this topic - ties without suits. I did explore this fashion once, briefly, in my early teens when my aunt and uncle and several cousins came to stay. They were quite rich and very corporate - Uncle was an old Standard Oil man - and their kids all went to military school. You probably get the idea. Anyway, orders came down from on high - stern Uncle, and eldest cousin, by then a lieutenant in the Army - that all would attend church in the morning and ties would be worn. This latter edict was issued with a particularly steely glance in my direction. My mother, who was finding them increasingly obnoxious, left me to deal with that on my own. I did. I showed up at church in a tie all right - tied around my bare neck since I was also wearing a T-shirt. Uncle didn't like it. Neither did musclebound cousin. I was treated to some highly coloured language right there on the church steps - Auntie, Uncle and eldest cousin all chiming in with abuse, and demonstrating a distinct lack of Christian charity. It might have gone worse for me had not the priest - who read the situation accurately - been so obviously amused. And had not my grandfather - whose tie I had borrowed for this little stunt - given them his cool Patrician what-are-you-going-to-do-about-it stare. As it was I had to dodge my evil and sadistic 2nd lieutenant cousin for the rest of their visit and make certain I was never cornered or found myself alone with him. So much for ties as tokens of manly responsibility
  7. I thought so, but your earlier post was ambiguous, could be read both ways. Of course one could always say nothing, but simply show up at the Bar Mitzvah in patent pink thigh-high stilettos and take it from there...
  8. Yes, but you're not supposed to take off your tie - according to Megan - unless, I suppose, you're going to take off the rest of your suit as well, which would certainly make for an interesting cocktail party. Actually there is quite a list of potential health and safety issues with ties. Get your tie caught in a subway door sometime and see how you fare. Not so bad if you're inside the coach, perhaps, just slow strangulation, but no fun at all if you're still on the platform. These things have happened. No, ties really need to be optional... As should stilettos. Nobody should be compelled to wear something they don't like. At least with stilettos, there is a transformative effect. With ties, it really does feel like one is putting one's head in a noose.
  9. Hopefully that's not the end!