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  1. Thanks! That was indeed an interesting article. A pity the study group was so small, but the results seem significant. I know I have certainly noticed exactly those things in my own case with wearing heels - and the heel height I favour 3 to 3.5 inch chunky heel boots, is fairly close to the height used in the study. I had already thought that athletes could do worse that wear heels to strengthen their lower legs - I know wearing heels has strengthened mine! Hopefully there will be more studies coming to build in this one
  2. Alas I couldn’t read it without creating an account . It looks like an interesting article from the very brief glimpse I had before the firewall went up
  3. Nice boots. I’m a big fan of ankle boots with mid-height heels
  4. Yes it’s nice to see you back. I don’t see guys in heels at all where I am. I do wear knee and OTK boots as a matter of routine, although mine are generally low to mid heel - I lead an off-grid lifestyle where high heels would be comically out of place, although I still wear them indoors. But knee boots - and stylish ones, not gum boots - are my normal attire. And nobody seems to notice or care. Or for that matter be in a rush to adopt the style themselves.
  5. Yes the shade of red is very nice - I’m not a fan of red as a rule but those look good
  6. It’s irritating when they get the ads wrong. But they look nice at any rate and hopefully they’ll work out all right
  7. Interesting post - and one that probably reflects the global norm these days. Although I do not travel anywhere near as much as I used to, there is a proud and common slovenliness to dressing these days no matter where you are
  8. One can but hope. The trouble is big companies are so risk averse - in everything - and catering only to the biggest part of the market. Outliers, even substantial ones, are ignored in favour of the quickest and easiest profits. Why else for example would the bulk of women’s shoes range in size from 3 to 8 when there are lots of tall women with bigger feet? It’s easier. Less risk.
  9. Shyheels

    Cali World

    And I am in the northeast, in Yorkshire
  10. Glad you got home safely! Hope the jet lag won’t be too bad
  11. Yes - build up slowly. It’ll pay off in the long run.
  12. Shyheels

    Cali World

    I’m seeing more in the north of England than I did in London
  13. Very nice boots! At least you had a good time going out shopping even if the styles were hideous. The fun is in the company and the outing. Acquisition is secondary, especially since you didn’t need to buy anything
  14. What a lovely photo! Your friend looks vivacious and fun, and I’ve no doubt you’ll have a great time going shopping together. It would be such fun to go shopping with a friend like that. You’re very fortunate. I’ve been to Vietnam only once, but I really enjoyed my time there and would go back in a heartbeat. I’m sorry to hear your mother in law is unwell. Hopefully that will resolve itself.. I’m so glad you’re having a nice time.
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