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  1. Nice - The Woodlands is where I first started wearing heels. I’ve been into Chuy’s off of I-45 and I’ve bought a pair of heels at that Nordstrom Rack up North before. I also had a habit of walking through The Woodlands Mall once a week. There is a friendly shoe salesman working women’s shoes in Dillard’s that I eventually bought a pair of boots from. Saks Off Fifth at the Premium Outlets at 290 and Grand Parkway is also a nice place for larger shoe sizes.
  2. p1ng74

    Cali World

    I’ve heard that comment a lot. I always respond with “Do it! It feels great!”
  3. A coworker of mine that lives in Minneapolis calls this "responsible fashion".
  4. Thank you, and others I know here as well, for your service to our country.
  5. Looking good, heels like that are now fashionable for men, no need to worry. You can even get them in men’s sizes.
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