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  1. Yeah but two things: 1. The currency has devalued over the course of the loan 2. In a true negative interest rate situation (which will probably not happen with an actual banking end consumer) the bank pays you interest on the loan, instead of the other way around! Put the capital to work, and you come out even more ahead.
  2. Fortunately the government cannot confiscate what I have already eaten and consumed in my stomach. But anyone who has grown a garden knows that it has to be defended. I guess the good news is, if you need capital to grow your garden, you can borrow 1000 GBP today and only have to pay back 990 next year!
  3. Though if women quit wearing heels then this kind of imagery will grow more pointless:
  4. Based on the supply and price of bullets lately, it appears they might be subject to market speculation too.
  5. Yup, they are real Carhartts. And I like them so much I ordered another pair in black before they go out of stock on the smallest size. These are uninsulated so I guess they fall under the “bib” nomenclature. Carhartt does get referenced in fashion discussions - mostly in admiration of their pants. When I first saw it I was like, Carhartt? The same Carhartt that they sell at Tractor Supply? Yup. They feel high quality, and seem to have a following with women too - probably because the materials are actually durable versus cheap stretchy distressed stuff. That would explain why small si
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