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  1. It's a little late in the year to discover a cool pair of cargo shorts, but it's still not cold here yet. That just means more time to show off the boots. I like the details on these shorts, plus it has 7 pockets!
  2. I go for quality over quantity. 1 pair of really nice feeling shoes is worth more to me than 14 pairs that don't fit, though I will admit that those 14 pairs look very nice displayed on a shelf. I usually get cheap cars, but we bought a brand new car once. It is still my daily driver, and I've driven it 10 years and over 250,000 miles with pretty easy maintenance. If taken care of, a new car can work out to be cheap too. And then sometimes you get lucky, like the current car market, where you can sell your 3-year-old car for almost what you paid new.
  3. p1ng74


    I think I've stretched out my ankles and legs and gotten used to it. Walking on hills helps stretch too. Uphills feel great. Downhills keep you on your toes. 3.5" feels normal to me now. It's only at 4" that I feel the sensation that I am wearing heels now.
  4. We'd be lucky to have grass down here. Usually it's brush or worse. That's why I wear boots
  5. Budget Ukrainian airline swaps high heels for trainers - BBC News It's amazing how much difference shoes make. To me, in this outfit, it is the difference between an airline uniform and a prison uniform.
  6. I have custom boots, made to my feet, measured by the shoemaker. It is only a fraction of that price here. It’s an amazing experience to wear footwear the fits perfectly - it feels like putting on and wearing a pair of socks. The boots last a lifetime, so it is money well spent, and better than buying 50 pairs of shoes that get thrown away when worn out.
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