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  1. p1ng74

    Word Association Game

  2. p1ng74

    Word Association Game

  3. p1ng74

    Boot "season"?

    Agree, I sit at the bar or lounge area at restaurants for dinner too because it is usually the same menu, it encourages more interactions, and it is probably more efficient for the restaurant that I not occupy an entire table for one. Also, bar seating shows off those heels, rather than hiding them under a tablecloth!
  4. p1ng74

    Boot "season"?

    When I was growing up people would tell me how depressing it is to dine alone, and I have colleagues today who still regularly order room service instead of eating out because of this. To me that is even more tragic, as that is the ultimate isolation and the food is often not good. I remember taking my very first business trip and first meal “alone” when I was fresh out of college and finding nothing depressing about it at all. There are people still all around you to interact with, as people have pointed out here, and just because you have never met before doesn’t mean they have to remain a “stranger”.
  5. p1ng74

    Word Association Game

  6. p1ng74

    Boot "season"?

    I have been traveling full time since 2010 and I still enjoy the pampering at a hotel. I agree with @Shyheels traveling and being away from home helps me appreciate what I have at home more. Though hotels also do a good job of delivering pleasant stays, so it works the other direction as well. When I am at home I look forward to my next trip and hotel stay, and during the trip I look forward to going home. It’s like any other cycle in life, really, and not one that most people get to experience so I feel fortunate. The same goes with meals. My wife’s cooking has an appealing style that cannot be purchased at restaurants. This drives up the level of standard by which I pursue meal experiences while I am traveling. When I eat out I try to learn new taste sensations that I bring into meals that I make at home, so it’s like the cycle of growth again. I take all the indoor pictures of outfits from the hotel mostly because the lighting is much better, and yes it is something fun to add to the day especially when work at the office is boring.
  7. p1ng74

    Word Association Game

  8. p1ng74

    Boot "season"?

    4” heels all day today as usual, but I dressed down a little before heading down to the bar:
  9. p1ng74

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    Exactly, I have dealt with this my whole life. Being Chinese here most people assume I am good at math and know karate. Most of the assumptions are true, while others are aspirational to various degrees...
  10. p1ng74

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    When I was in high school, merely not having a girlfriend at any given moment was enough reason for guys to assume you are gay. That shallow view of masculinity needs to be left behind. I encourage any straight man who still makes daily decisions based on whether it makes they seem “gay” to quit being afraid and man up. There are now entire professions (musicians, artists, nurses, teachers, clergy, etc) no longer staffed by men because of flawed views of masculinity. I have two teenage sons and I hope they see too that I do what I think is good, rather than fear what other people might assume. Of all the reasons one might give me to not wear heels, the fear of being labeled gay will be the last one to make an impact on me.
  11. p1ng74

    YT: Why don´t more men wear high heels?

    When I search “men high heels” in YouTube there is a mixture. Yes, gay might be over represented but it is not a lost cause. What I think there is opportunity for is showing true normalized heel wearing - not this click bait “I tried X for 24 hours” thing that might be entertaining but not all that inspiring. I’d be willing to put together something myself given a sufficiently clever idea but maybe YT is not the right place for it. Perhaps just doing what we are doing, wearing our heels day in and out for others to see in the real world, is the best approach.

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