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  1. I’ll be around IAH June 5-6. Might be able to do an AUS meet depending on the day, just let me know.
  2. This is what was featured at the entrance to the men’s side of Nordstrom tonight: I realize these aren’t exactly high heels, but that is more of a heel than what just about every man wears these days. If I even see one man wearing these boots on the street, I would say there might be a possible trend towards more men in heels.
  3. Strike while the iron is hot! It seems men who already have experience heeling didn’t need a fashion show to be inspired to do so, but it would be neat to see the runway inspire new people to give it a go!
  4. LOL technically English is my second language and and I occasionally come up with odd uses of words. When “compliment” is used as a transitive verb, is it more typically associated with affection towards a person, rather than a thing like boots? The ladies were not so drunk as to be talking to my boots.but the conversation centered around admiration of the boots, not me...
  5. Changed to a more casual piece tonight that shows the boots and had an interesting dinner down at the bar: Two ladies complimented my boots and wanted to know all about them, including what my wife thought of me wearing heels, etc. They thought it was great, and volunteered that they also wore size 11.5 and 11, and we shared experiences shopping for boots. The men at the bar were a bit speechless...
  6. Ran in these heels this morning. Someone carelessly abandoned a shopping cart at the grocery store, and it started barreling down the parking lot, aimed at a couple of late model German sedans. I was just sitting in my car taking a phone call, so I did what any car lover would do - dropped everything and ran to intercept the collision. As I put the cart away I discover that at least both vehicles in danger were even occupied, and no one cared or was observant enough to see the impending property damage. Oh well, at least I got to run in my heels
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