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  1. Yes! I remember the day I decided to start wearing heels into the office. We had recently acquired a startup company, and we brought the former owner of the company onto the stage of a big customer event for an interview. Amongst all the men in suits and women in heels, he strolled up in skinny jeans and tennis shoes. At that moment, I decided that if a top executive at our company can wear tennis shoes on stage, I’m certainly allowed to wear heels into the office!
  2. At some companies and industries, people have been eager to get back into the office this year because they have already announced layoffs. Now is the time for people to dress to impress, get back in the office, and try to look important to keep their job.
  3. Exactly. If women keep abandoning heels, maybe that will open room for men to adopt them.
  4. All I can say is, this looks mesmerizing:
  5. This popped up on my ad feed today: https://www.nordstrom.com/s/carolina-herrera-good-girl-eau-de-parfum-supreme/5716935?fbclid=IwAR04JCCJvZ_YiY1rmO_qhKsnEeiMcN3L4zAIqb22XBYPEaA81toZyIy7jzM
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