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  1. 3.5-4" is what I wear. @spikesmikelet me try some 5" heels and higher when we met and I can't really stand up properly in them lol.
  2. I wonder if anyone has been asked to do a field sobriety test while wearing high heels. I'd want to pass wearing heels lol. More generally, if anyone uses high heels as evidence against being in control of my vehicle, I have a youtube channel of me racing and driving thousands of miles in heels that might be counter evidence...
  3. Welcome to the forum! What kind of heels do you own? You are probably correct, and depending on the style of heels you have, there is probably a way to explain your interest and not be too anxious about it.
  4. It's probably the angle of the pedals. The lower the car, the more your legs are at a horizontal angle, versus trucks where you are more vertical. I love driving in heels. I like the feeling of really stretching those hamstrings when pushing the clutch all the way in, which gets more extreme the higher the heels. Like walking and running, I started from 2" and worked my way up slowly, so that I would get used to the incremental height and feel comfortable and safe. Heels actually make heel-toe shifting easier. I didn't realize just how accustomed I am to driving in heels until I tried moving my car across the compound the other day with slippers on. My heel sank 3-4" inches deeper into the floorboard and I found my foot to be at a very uncomfortable angle. I race in a rallycross series on weekends and won the championship last year. I wore my cowboy boots with 3" heels every season. The only reason I'm not wearing anything higher is unrelated to driving - we have to work the course when we are not racing, and I would rather not run through the mud in my 4" heels. But driving in them is no problem:
  5. Lzzy mentions her 7” heels and is wearing some nice boots in this video where she talks about her gear: https://youtu.be/CG_ea03aZRM&t=80
  6. Amy Lee and Lzzy Hale rock nice heels in their latest photos: https://apnews.com/article/health-coronavirus-pandemic-entertainment-music-arts-and-entertainment-f649a02b3a2da1d90bd77a1c6cd5387c
  7. I have been wearing the boots with 4” heels around a bit now, but since we are working from home I haven’t been able to put in some extended time in them until this week. I went to an out of town conference and put in about 70 hours on this boots in 4 days. There really is something magical about that 4” heel height threshold that changes the overall look. The shoes started more conversations than anything I have worn with 3.5” heels, and people commented or asked how tall I am, despite being a relatively normal 6 feet tall without heels. And they feel so great to wear too. 3.5” feels so normal to me now, and that little extra stretch to 4” is a noticeable and nice feeling on the feet.
  8. I suppose the military has public relations to manage, like most organizations. I loved air shows and what not around Independence Day as a kid because we got to see all the fast and loud equipment. And of course the military used every event to promote recruitment.
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