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  1. Her bow is way over the fingerboard. She isn't playing the cello in the first picture, and definitely not in the others. So, back on topic, I was hanging out back here today:
  2. I have a feeler gauge and don’t mind checking the valve lash every 100 hours. All these generators call for running fuel stabilizer. We have a station 30 minutes away now that offers ethanol free so I usually have a stash. I figure I’ll do both. If I like this generator I may get another one with dual-fuel that also runs propane.
  3. @mlroseplant I just picked up a a Champion 3650 watt. During this last storm I realized it will be nice to have the option to power the 240V 1HP pump that keeps our water moving. It’s kind of the sweet spot in size as weight, as it is about 100 pounds and I was able to lift and move it across the property by myself (in 2.5” heels). Champion is also the only brand that has a 100-hr oil change service interval. Most other brands are calling for an oil change every 20 hours, which might be annoying during extended outages. Now I just have to figure out how to rewire the water pump
  4. This is a must-do. We literally have a mile of outdoor water lines supplying troughs and I was amazed that even after 4 days below freezing, including the night that it dipped 24 degrees below, those faucets were still running! And when the power went out on the 5th day, nothing broke because as things froze it allowed for expansion.
  5. I find that heels makes walking uphill even easier, so uphill both ways would be ideal! It’s actually downhill that becomes more treacherous.
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