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  1. No pictures. I gave up on posting pictures years ago. To much of a hassle.
  2. It gets way to hot for any types of boots in the warm months here.
  3. You can also post in the “for everyone” section!
  4. This winter has really been unusual. Only a few nights with below freezing temperatures and lots of rain. In fact just this morning the early spring flowers began blooming.Even with that being the being the case, I’ve been wearing a couple of pair of Nine West ankle boots with 4 1/2” heels exclusively for the past month or so, averaging 13 to 14 hours each day. I just turned 65 at the end of January and have been been wearing heels a long time. These two pair of heels are the most comfortable pairs I can ever remember wearing. But, as the seasons turn, it is almost time to get the wedge h
  5. Some people don’t recognize talent when they see it?
  6. Get real! Anything and everything you say or do these days is going to offend someone. So, do your thing and tell those that don’t like it to go scratch their mad place! I wasn’t put on this earth to knuckle under to everyone else’s likes or dislikes.
  7. It is easily done wearing heels if using a riding lawn tractor.
  8. Talk about attention getting! Be ready for the wolf whistles when you wear these to the mall or anywhere else in public!
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