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Community Answers

  1. Offense is in the air. Any one can be offended by anything at anytime. Whether it be a person’s nail polish is too red or they don’t like the color you painted your toes, someone somewhere is going to be offended. Now, (trying not to be too political) you’re in double trouble if the offended individual is a member of a minority community. They can climb on top of their grievance and scream “race” at the top of their lungs, making the entire incident “headline news”. People are stupid. Seeking their fifteen minutes of fame is a very strong incentive. So, if they are willing to complain, I would just turn the tables on them by citing their actions of not supporting my rights to dress as I choose. A clear case of “pure sexual discrimination” could be made if a complaint of that nature is made.
  2. You are right, it wasn’t a tennis ball. In fact, it was a pool ball - a nine (9) ball if I recall correctly. At any rate, it sure was a “provoking” picture. And you are also right in that this particular picture is the focus on the total package. My bad 😞
  3. Shows there are some individuals still willing to exercise their fashion boldness, out there. 🙂
  4. From our perspective the girl wearing the shoes isn’t the focus. It’s the shoes. I’m surprised that nobody has mentioned the similarity between this photo and the famous older picture of the black panten leather pump with the 7” heel through the tennis ball 🎾 . I am certain that it still is around on the internet somewhere and might even be in the Hhplace archives.
  5. If the foot bed has a varnish coating or two covering it do you consider that thickness, also?
  6. That shows how diligent I am at actually reviewing unsolicited websites. I rarely go beyond the first page of any unsolicited website. Once I have satisfied my curiosity as to what it’s all about, I usually just press the “Spam” option and delete it. Since I sold my house and downsized my lifestyle over the past two years, I find that I am not in the market for anything these days, which doesn’t mean that my curiosity has been diminished, just that I am living on what’s remaining.
  7. Over the past several weeks I’ve been receiving emails from a Website called “Temu.” I guess the IA feature built into the browser I usually use, has honed in on my interest in women’s shoe sites and automatically shunted this one to me. Now, this seller features casual clothing and shoes for both men and women. The selection of shoes available on the women’s side are a mixture of trainers, canvas slip on, and leather loafers. All low heels but very attractive. While I doubt not many of our members here would find this site interesting because it doesn’t feature “high heels,” it does present many interesting and different good looking styles that male wearers of girls shoes will might find attractive. At this moment I am not in the market for any more shoes. However, should the need (desire) arise over the next few months, I believe I will definitely take a second look.
  8. At one point about midway into our marriage, after clean out one of our clothes closet, my wife told me that she would be embarrassed telling one of her friends that her husband not only owned more pairs of heels than she did but that he wore them more frequently and for longer periods of time. Good comment.
  9. Oh, come now. It’s really very simple. First you put the right foot in then you take it out, then you put your left foot in and shake it all about —- that’s what it’s all about!
  10. This is a pair I could wear without difficulty almost any where.
  11. I think I would tread lightly here because if these women are as unattractive as described, any suggestion of improving their appearance could be taken as insulting and might be considered inappropriate by your company’s anti discrimination policies.
  12. Reading from posted responses to my remarks,I realized I had missed making my point which was nicely made by mlrose above. The purpose of my reflection on changing female dress habits was to underscore the point that women are more likely to attend minor social events not as formally dressed as they would have been thirty years ago. It is relieving to know that there are still individuals out there that are willing to set required standards that have to be met if you are going to participate. The “grunge” aspect was ment to demonstrate how much choice girls have these days in appearing publicly wearing clothing that in the past would be worn by the “lesser advantaged or lower loser class” Any girl wearing a nice party dress with combat boots 30 years ago would raise a question about the girls mental association with the “hippie culture” carryover from the 60’s , which in my opinion, is responsible for the entire lowering behavioral standards and lack of respect for anything or anyone, these days.
  13. It’s obvious that women today, while still wishing to remain fashionable, are no longer willing to endure uncomfortable attire which really high heels can be considered. I believe that the grunge look is popular because it combines something feminine looking while being comfortable to wear. For dressing up, girls shoes can be “oh so sexy” and feminine with low heels and fancy adornments. Block heels and over the vamp sandals are noticeable these days at church, weddings and other gatherings where being nicely dressed is appropriate because they maintain a genuine feminine appearance while being comfortable. Now, if men were as foregoing, they would find suitable attire to replace the traditional suit and tie.
  14. I agree. I would wear the shirt and boots at first and wear the skirt and the rest of the outfit after your coworkers get used to seeing you dressed that way. Your ear rings and nails polished, along with a nice necklace and other accessories should set the mood for the skirt.
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