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    St Marks
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  4. Bubba136

    Do you feel short without your heels?

    I am5’ 6” tall. Not really tall but not short either. For me, it is just the feeling of wearing high heels, beside their style and appearance, that appeal to me. I truly love to wear them.
  5. Reminds me of the time went bowling and the looks I got when I my finished my games and changed back into the pair of black leather 6” stiletto heels that I was wearing when we arrived at the Bowling Lanes.
  6. Bubba136

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    Away from home.
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  8. Those of us that don’t follow the established norms are always going to suffer derogatory looks, comments and ire of those that do. This is the price we that dare to be different have to pay. Those of us that aren’t willing to put up with rude behavior from others concerning our proclivities, should rejoin the “normals” and quit doing anything that might attract any attention to us. I know, it’s easier said than doing. But after 40 years of exclusively wearing female shoes, I am no longer bothered by such behavior. In fact, once I deduced that it was not possible for me to stop wearing heels, I stopped worrying, noticing, or caring about what others thought about me and my girls shoes. And, I sleep just fine.
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    Oh Boy!
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    Coffee getter

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