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  10. Wearing my "girls shoes" outside in public was never a big deal for me. They were "my"shoes"' weren't' they? Wearing heels was a different story however. I was older and social obligations during middle school and high school limited my opportunities. I still wore them to the movies and such other occasions where they were less noticeable. College, a wife and three little children, along with a 10 years as a pilot in our Air Force (which ended on medical disability) really put a damper on heels activity. But, over the years, opportunities to which I took full advantage, presented themselves. Over the years that I've been a member here, I've posted many comments outlining my life in heels. Search my posts and comments in the archives if you are interested in finding out more. It is a long story.
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  12. The issue of how to deal with your wife and your high heel deal has long been a subject of discussion on this site. If you, or any other member, is interested in learning how other members handled it, l would suggest they search through the archives of read comments of others before they decide on a solution that fits their situation the best.
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