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  1. Stilettos hurt your feet. Ties only hurt your neck. It's easier to relieve a"pain in the neck" than it is to socialize with sore feet.
  2. There is no place for this here!
  3. I cannot remember a time that I did not wear "girls shoes." I can remember playing in my mothers closet and wearing her shoes as far back as two or three years old. Although my parents tried their best to make me stop, when they took them away from me I'd pitch a grand fit until they gave them back -- which was the only way they could shut me up. One morning, when I was around ten, I was wearing a pair of my mothers best dress heels while getting ready for school. Thinking that I would just put them back on when I got home, I took them off and put them in my closet. My mother was not at home when I returned that afternoon and when I went to change my clothes, I noticed her heels were not there (my mother was wearing them at a function that she was attending.) Later that evening, when I was getting ready for bed, I noticed that they were back in my closet. One day several days later, I found a pair of classic black patent pumps with 4" heels in my closet. She had bought them for me, put them in my closet and reclaimed her own shoes to her closet. From that point on, I openly wore my heels around the house. Not long after she had given me my own pumps, we had a long open discussion about the reasons why I liked to wear girls shoes and high heels. Although I could not really explain or give any satisfactory reason why, I knew I could (would) never stop. I also knew that while both she and my father weren't overly thrilled by my choice of footwear, they both realized that I was not about to stop wearing them on my own and they could not convince me to (make me) quit. It wasn't long after that I got my second pair of my own heels. A pair or red leather pumps of the same style as my black patent pumps. I turned 61 on my last birthday,this past January. In hindsight, over the years my life would have been much less complicated if I didn't have this "thing for heels." That being said however, with all honestly I can say that I have truly enjoyed each and every moment that I've spent in high heels and am eagerly looking forward to many more.
  4. Interesting subject to which I have never given much thought. I know for certain that my stride when wearing 6" pumps is noticeably shorter than it is when wearing a pair of sandals with 4" wedge heels, like I did for the most of last summer. When wearing the broader more stable wedge heels, I am not as aware or as careful of where I put my foot as I am when wearing the much higher stiletto heels. Nevertheless, just wearing high stiletto heels, is bound to change the way you walk.
  5. Look, someone else's sexual orientation is of no interest to me. I really don't care what they are (or, what you are). And, I don't need it flaunted in my face. If you want to be gay, that's ok with me. But, I don't need to be slapped in the face with it. If that is of prime importance to you, then visit a site where you can discuss your homosexuality cares and adventures with others that care as much about it as you. I, for one member, would like to hear about you and your experiences with high heels. You are a recently joined member. Read The conditions pertaining to this site. While their are a lot of members that happen to be "gay," they do not see any need to dwell upon that fact and manage to get along fine with all of us. (And, I am not being a "Dick.)
  6. You could have left the "I'm gay" part of your comment out because here, no one cares one way or the other. It!'s all about heels.
  7. I've owned several pair over the years. both this style and penny loafer style. The pairs I've owned all have had at least 4" heels. In fact, I still wear wear them on occasion. And indeed, they are very comfortable and garner very little attention.