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  1. Heard mentality! The age of individuality is over. Blessed be those that follow the crowd for they will inherit the heard’s shallowness!
  2. Saturday nights, at 7 pm EST, were reserved for visits with Jenny and a host of other friends in her chat room. I no longer have any of the material I saved from that period. Several years years ago, I ran across a website that contained an archives of old websites. While it did list Jenny’s site, I was unable to open it.
  3. Not to worry! There was several pads of paper and a few pencils on board for use as back should those computers had failed!
  4. Funny that you should mention DebbyHk. I was going through a bunch of old computer disks a came across several where I had saved many pictures of her wearing extreme heels. She was a real person. Over the span of our correspondence, I purchased and sent several pairs of “Wild Pair” heels that she wore and sent back pictures of her wearing them to me. I still have her logo and would post it here if I could figure out how to do that. Last I heard from her was that she and her husband were having difficulties. I tried to telephone her several times after that but she never responded. Jenn
  5. Forgot this forum is for female posters only. Posted here once before and was severely reprimanded, threatened with expulsion. So I canceled my comment hopefully avoiding being chastised again. (Fingers crossed)
  6. Just imagine how many untried things had to go perfectly for that mission to succeed!
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