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  1. Cali, President Trump has released his tax returns. You can find them under President Obama's Birth Certificate and college transcripts.
  2. This dead horse has been thrashed long enough. Everything that can be said about this subject has been expressed. LuvStiletto, your opinion has been noted. So, let's move along? (I've never found anything posted in the girls section to be particularly helpful, anyway. For the most part, girls hardly ever express the same level of enthusiasm for high heels as most of us, anyway)
  3. One of the lessons that I learned early on about wearing heels out and about in public places is that the surface you are walking on can change from one step to the next. I quickly developed, while walking in heels, the knack of feeling (sensing) the condition of the surface I am putting my foot onto before I complete my step so I know that I will be stepping on a solid base and not on a stone or unstable place. This is something that I can do while wearing single sole pumps more easily than I can while wearing shoes with thick platforms. The only serious accident I've ever experienced while wearing heels was when I stepped on a stone, rolled my ankle and fell down while wearing a pair of sandals with six inch heels and 2 1/2 inch platforms. I wasn't able to feel the presences of the stone under my foot through the thick platform before I took my tumble.
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