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  1. Every one is going to be somewhere else this week. Some in Houston, Some in Paris and some even in Chicago. Well, I will be in Augusta, Ga. this week. It’s Masters Golf tournament week in Augusta and I’ve got a great set of “Press credentials “ (full access ). I drove my motor home over last night and parked behind my friends business. Looking forward to some great golf action. Not really a venue for heels but a great place for Sneakers. Let’s hope the weather cooperates. It’s Spring in the South.
  2. I might if your qualifications fit the requirements of the job an you shaved!
  3. while 5 inch heels were normal for me and 6 inch heels were often worn out and about by me,(remind me to tell about my adventures wearing 6” heels at Belmont Park racetrack in New York one of these days.) My appetite for really tall heels began to diminish as I “aged.” Now, at 63, I am content to go about business in booties, wedge, block and stilettos heeled pumps and sandals with 3” to 4” inch heels. The overriding desire for comfortable shoes is paramount. And, while I do occasionally wear my taller heels at home, I no longer feel the compelling need to do normal things while wearing them. Girls shoes are still my footwear of choice. If men really knew how comfortable and easy on the feet they are, you would see a lot more men wearing them.
  4. My wife used to say that the way I would walk would change with the height of the heels that I was wearing. Wedge, block and stilettos around 3 to 4 inches, my gate would normal for me, or the way I usually walked. More masculine, less feminine. Whenever I would wear 5 or 6 inch heels, my gate became more feminine. She attributed this change to the more attention that I had pay to where I put my foot when walking on broken, uneven pavement, inclines, downhill and up and down stairs when wearing higher heels. Which, while she never would tell me not to wear heels that high, she would often ask me if “I really wanted to walk that far wearing those shoes?”
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