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  1. Driving home from Atlanta this past Sunday, I stopped for a bite to eat at a restaurant in Augusta, where my wife and I used to frequently eat back when we lived just a few miles from here. I was dressed casually for the trip, wearing a pair of Nine West booties similar to those pictured above, that I purchased on sale from 6 pm last spring. I had finished my meal and was reading a book on my I pad and enjoying a second cup of coffee when a nicely dressed woman sat down at a table across from me. I casually looked up, noticed that she was by herself and resumed reading. After a few minutes, she remarked that she really liked my shoes. I sat up, put my leg out from under the table so she could get a better look. It was at this point that I noticed she was wearing an identical pair — black faux suede booties with 4 1/2 “ inch heels. I commented that I had purchased this pair last spring at a end of season sale, and hadn’t had a chance to wear them very much. But, I found them to be really comfortable and easy to walk in. She said that she has had hers for a couple of years and also really liked them. She told me that I was the first man that she had ever seen wearing high heels. I told her that I had been wearing heels as my regular footwear since I was a teenager. She wondered if I ever experienced any derogatory remarks or strange comments from people while wearing heels, to which I related that most people were so wrapped up in their own thoughts that they really didn’t notice what goes on around them, especially with what other people had on their feet. And, those that did just looked at me and went about their business. But, occasionally I met someone like her that was curious and asked about them. We chatted about our background, heels and other stuff then she asked if I wore other items of women’s apparel, to which I replied no, just trouser socks an knee high hosiery. Nothing else. We talked for about twenty minutes while she ate and then I gathered up my things, paid for my meal and resumed my trip home. While I used to get questioned frequently about my choice of footwear, this is the first time in quite awhile that I can remember carrying on a conversation with a complete stranger about me, men and high heels. (Damn, should’ve gotten her telephone number)..".
  2. I don't really like that style of sandals precisely because of that type of scrap across the toes. While they're especially feminine looking, the narrow toe straps become painful after walking in them for any distance.
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