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Post in Who has bought some new shoes
Thanks for the compliment. Like you, strappy sandals is the style i prefer. These are gorgeous, and very well made, entierely in leather. The color has been personnalized because of the original was out of stock. The fit is excellent, very easy to walk. 


if anyone has a pair of pleaser Bondgirl 2048 boots in a sz11 us or knows where I can get a pair, please let me know. 

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All three pairs look great! Good choices.
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WP_20191202_012c - Copie.jpg
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I like cork wedge Sandals and I like very hig heels.
So most of time the cork wedges have a high heel but a high plateau as well.

My wish was something really high but walkable.
By random I cam across a shop in Aliexpress which have some cork wedge high heels, but for me not high enough.
So I decided to ask the shop Manager if they can customize a wedge heel and he said: Y E S

So I gave him the püicture of the heels from his shop and asked for the customization and he said: NO PROBLEM
and the Price with $76,- was quite nice.


So here we go
cork wedges Size EU12
Heel 18cm
plateau 2cm
and I am very happy with them.
They are a bit difficult to walk in but this is something I really enjoy:
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New leggings with my Stars and Stripes heels
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kent was in town from Shanghai for the holidays so we were able to meet up at the last minute. First we met up at Barnes and Noble in Chelsea. From there we spent the rest of the evening at One in the Meatpacking District.

This is what it looked like at dinner time:

This is what it looked like after dinner time:

And here is a picture of me on Perry Street outside of Nicole Kidman's apartment. Martha Stewart and Calvin Klein used to own property in this building.

And another one of me in Times Square after the night at ONE was over:

--Seven New York Dark jeans
--Ralph Lauren knee high boots or Nine West 4" pumps
--Armani sweater with asymmetrical buttons along shoulder line and grommet buttons along each wrist.
--experimental one half of oxford shirt layered underneath sweater
--Linea Pelle woven leather wide belt

Anyway, thought the pics would make for some good entertainment value as the night was a spectacular success.

edited to remove oversized pics.
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My favorite go-to outfit, I think.
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