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Do's (Whats allowed)

  1. Be polite at ALL times.
  2. Links to commercial websites in the directory.
  3. Listings of shoes for sale in the classifieds section only.
  4. Remember that hhplace is a PG13 website and family friendly.
  5. Discussion / Disagreement re: political systems, public figures.
  6. Discussions about shoes, fashion, lighthearted topics, Non sexual fantasy,

Dont's (NOT Allowed)

  1. Spamming / Advertising.
  2. Posts with links only and no messages.
  3. Repeated Links to commercial websites.
  4. Attempting to get members to leave hhplace.
  5. Duplicate Posts in the same or multiple locations.
  6. Using any non-English languages, rude and/or vulgar language.
  7. No guys posting in the girls only forum!
  8. Post boosting/flooding with crap like "like it" or "thanks..." over and over again.
  9. Personal attacks on others or demeaning put downs.
  10. Referencing any fetish, sexual activity, porn, private parts and/or showing/linking to it.
  11. Duplicate memberships and/or any attempt to regain entry once banned.
  12. Usernames containing offensive words or attempts to re-create offensive words.
  13. Cross-dressing/CD/TV/Transgender related topics nor usernames nor profile info. (This is a fashion website.)
  14. Copying and pasting on-line articles into the forums. (Links are sufficient)
  15. Solicitations for sexual encounters or outright dating requests.
  16. Posting telephone numbers and/or email addresses publicly.
  17. Never publish the contents of a private message anywhere on-line.
  18. Sexual or dating solicitation of any kind. HHPlace is NOT a dating website.
  19. Don't ask to have your account cancelled/deleted because it wont happen.
  20. Males registering using femme names, and women using Male names. HHPlace does not want to appear as a CD/TV/TG themed website, and this is the equivalent of a "dress code" in how our community is viewed by its members and the public.
  21. Never post or publish anything considered not-fit for a family audience. This includes strategically covered nudity, sheer or see-through clothing, lewd or provocative poses and close ups of breasts, buttocks or crotches.

Disciplinary Actions:

If your post is found by a moderator to have crossed the line, it will be dealt with swiftly, and appropriately. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, you may be warned, have reputation points taken away (By other members as well as moderators), temporarily banned with a warning, or permanently banned.

Please be aware that other members can also deduct your reputation points for your posts and/or report your posts using the red triangle found in every post which alerts moderators and admins of that post and the reason it was reported.

You may be banned by your user name, IP address, or both. If we discover you've registered under a new username and IP address, you will be banned again without warning and your ISP notified of your harassment.

If you continue to abuse the forum, we will contact your Internet Service Provider and notify their abuse department. Coupled with the information of your time and date of posting and their own records, they will know exactly who you are and you may well find your internet access terminated in accordance with both their guidelines and ours.

Our utmost concern is for the majority of the members here. If you share our concerns, your time here will be well spent.

If you have any questions, please do check our ever growing Frequently Asked Questions, and if you cannot find the answer to your query, then please post a new thread in the support forum.

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