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  1. HappyinHeels..... How you? Like the pics, nice sandals.... sf
  2. Nice sandals..... They look classy, have fun.... sf
  3. There currently exists a category for shoes and boots but none for sandals. For those of us who prefer sandals (like me) there now is a forum to show off your new sandals to the world, or at least that part of the world that is here at HHPLACE! I will begin by presenting two pair of sandals that I acquired last month. The thong style is from Nine West, Popi, size 11. Love the ankle strap and see thru upper. The strappy sandals are from Marmi Shoes (my fav shoe store btw), VanEli, Morel, size 12. These are truly all day sandals and I really like them as well. The pedicure is courtesy of Caesars Spa, Las Vegas. It's spring, and summer is coming, time to get those sandals out for those of us who enjoy that style of heel! Have fun... sf
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