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  1. Hey Steve..... Those pants (and sandals) look nice. Torrid has some nice stuff. I have never purchased their clothes, but have admired and tried some of their shoes / sandals - they have larger sizes which is nice. And the store staff are generally very helpful... Take care, have fun.... sf
  2. Happy... Agree !!!! I am still looking for another guy in gals shoes, heels, flats whatever..... Sometimes it seems that I am the only one out here, but I know that ain't the case.... Have fun sf
  3. Jura.... I thought it was in that general area. I get out there quite often. Beautiful place..... Glad you were able to experience the desert. Have fun.... sf Trivia: Europe is the only continent that has no deserts.....
  4. Hey there feminine feet..... This is a very nice site for guys who enjoy wearing high heels. I have been wearing gals shoes (sandals almost exclusively) since I was a teen, 20+ years ago I made the "jump" to high heels and never looked back. Glad I did. I have a wonderful wife who is OK with my heels and I wear in public a lot. No one seems to care. Welcome to the site, have fun!!! sf PS I like your sandals too.....
  5. Thank you for the nice comments. True, this year's spring wildflowers were truly extraordinary. But, having said that, each spring in California - if there is sufficient rain - one can find some localized bloom areas that are beautiful. Maybe not "super bloom" beautiful, but almost as much. Come to California some March / April and see. Fly into Los Angeles or San Jose / San Francisco, rent a car and explore. You won't be disappointed.... have fun, and thanks.... sf
  6. Last Sunday I was driving north from Los Angeles to Central California. This winter has been very wet and with the rain came lots of green and wildflowers. Some of the wildflower displays in CA have been outstanding. I took some extra time from the drive and diverted to an area of California called the Carrizo Plain. This part of the state is usually dry, barren, desolate and off the "beaten track" from folks traveling between LA and Frisco. As a matter of fact, most Californians have never heard of the place. But even in its "normal" state, I find it beautiful. This year with the rains, the Carrizo Plain is experiencing a once in a lifetime "superbloom" (I hate that term). I have seen wildflower displays before, but this one topped them all. Beautiful wildflowers, mostly yellows and oranges all around - for miles. The flower patches were tall, knee to wast height, and fragrant. The experience was multi-sensory, the sights, the smells - it was on the verge of being emotional - and I don't get that way too often... I was able to spend about 5 hours wandering around the area, then as the sun set I continued my drive home. Sadly, the flowers will be gone in about a week, and the beautiful Carrizo Plain will revert back to its normal stark beauty. Should any of you travelers or wanderers be in California at this moment, you should consider traveling to this area for the experience. Oh..... For the heels part, I had been wearing some slip on heeled sandals (it is springtime), but the Carrizo Area is mostly unpaved dirt roads. The area is equally dusty and I did not want to mess up my nice sandals walking in the dirt, so I opted for a pair of more practical tennis shoes. Bummer.... And.... Here are a few pictures - for proof -absolutely beautiful !!!!! Take care all, have fun..... sf
  7. Where was that picture taken?? I am guessing somewhere near Amboy or Essex??? That section of Route 66 thru the desert is beautiful, especially in the spring after all the rain we have had.... have fun... sf PS Remember this place???
  8. OK, I was in the same fix as the others..... Got it now..... thanks..... I have had similar experiences, be confident, it's just heels.... have fun, sf
  9. New sandals for summer!!!! I have been looking for a pair of basic, simple ankle strap sandals for some time. Finally the fashion gods have come my way in abundance! Over the past several months I have obtained two pairs of really nice, comfortable ankle strap sandals. One pair, called Paige, is from Payless Shoes, size 11W. The other pair, Fields is from Nine West, size12. Both are a similar style, except for the heel. Paige is a wedgie style and Fields has a chunkier block heel. The heels are slightly higher than 2 inches and very stable to walk in. I have worn both pair out several times and they are wonderful. I wrote reviews on both styles (Zappos and Payless) and they were published. Both styles are still available - up to size 12 and 13 - for those who may be interested. Here are the pics, have fun all..... sf
  10. Ahhh... Bakers and Qualicraft shoes... I still have a pair of Qualicraft sandals (size 11) from way back when..... sf
  11. I like the sandals in the last (bottom) photograph...... sf
  12. Sis doesn't wear heels????? Nice pictures.... Nice heels... A guy who plays music AND works on cars!!! Good show.... sf
  13. Nice picture, the midnight sun..... But not quite there yet I suppose??? sf
  14. I don't wear boots, don't really care that much for them. I am a sandal guy, fortunately out here on the west coast sandals can be worn most of the year..... Nice.... sf
  15. That's cool, all my kids graduated the college a few years ago!!! American English vs. British English, half the time I can't understand what's being said..... ha ha Have fun... sf
  16. Nice looking sandals, Sofft is a quality brand..... Don't despair, there will be more!!! Have fun, sf
  17. Well, I like wedge sandals as well, I have a few pair that I wear often. Last week I bought a pair of ankle strap wedges at Payless, the style is Paige. The sandal has a simple look, and the wedge is low, about 2, maybe 2 1/2 inches, which is good for me since I am tall already. I have worn them around the house a bit, they are comfortable and can't wait to get out in them. Here is a picture.... And.... RonC, I like your aerosols sandals. I almost bought a pair of those last year..... But the heel was a bit to high for me and I have to many heels already !!!
  18. Mr Bluejay, Nice story. As we here know, the pioneers take the arrows. I wish there were more guys who wore heels in public, that would make things a lot easier for there rest of us who do. However, in the meantime, I love wearing heels and gals shoes and will continue to do so. My personal experience wearing heels - in public - since 1996, has mostly been neutral to positive. Never have I gotten a negative comment, but I have gotten a few stares and giggles, that just comes with the territory - the "arrows." Finally summer is here and I have spent the past few days out in my heeled sandals having fun, running errands - it's wonderful!!! Take care all, have fun.... sf
  19. When I notice someone looking at my heels I just smile and say "hi." Sometimes that will start a conversation, sometimes not. Most of the time the looks are from ladies, who almost always have a positive comment. No one has ever been critical - nice. One time in Vegas a guy noticed my heels and asked, "Are you wearing high heels, that's really cool." Then he pointed out my heels to the lady he was with and said agin, "this guy is wearing high heels, that's really cool." Then he made some comment about always wanting to be taller - he was shorter than me - and I said to try wearing heels, and he said that he may just do that. We all laughed and smiled then went our separate ways. Sometimes a simple "hi" and a smile works wonders. Have fun, sf
  20. I like the heeled thongs..... They look very nice, but then again, I am partial to thong sandals.... sf
  21. Hmmmmm..... Sounds like it would be a lot of fun. To bad I live on the west coast.... sf
  22. Mlroseplant... OK, but I did stop at Hawkeye Point, the highest point in Iowa, very impressive!!!! Could hardly tell I was on a mountain top! ha ha See ya in Des Moines someday.... sf Steve, I thought about it !!!! sf
  23. It's good to have a shoe buddy !!!! I like the sandals too.... have fun, sf BTW Mlroseplant, I was driving thru Iowa last week - heading for MN from Council Bluffs - did not see you, but I was looking !!!!! ha ha take care..
  24. If you are going to wear sandals, you feet should look nice - goes for both guys AND gals..... Have fun all... sf
  25. Yah, mon..... We got the good green too !!! ha ha.... Nice outfit Mr. Jeff.... Take care... sf