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  1. I think the idea of forcing someone to do something against their will is discomforting...... But hey, that's just me....... Take care... sf
  2. Who has bought some new shoes

    Sydheel.... I like those ankle strap sandals!! A have a similar pair (with a lower heel - ref my avatar), that I really like and wear quite often. Have fun with your new sandals!! sf
  3. Well, I don't have a beard, and I don't wear stilettos, but I DO proudly wear gals high heels shoes and sandals in public!! Nevertheless, nice article..... Maybe we will meet some day..... Take care all..... sf
  4. Who has bought some new shoes

    Not for me, way to high..... But have fun.... sf
  5. My Wife Just Bought Me These.

    Steve.... Yes, she is the greatest, nice gal too !!!! As for the sandals, they have been around for a few years. Actually got them at Target. Forgot the style name. Mine are an 11 and hers are a 6 1/2. The kitten heel is about two inches. I (we) have worn these sandals on occasion both individually and together. They are good for short walks, not too comfy for longer walking, i.e. going out to dinner. For me, I really like the thong sandal style and look...... To each his own..... Take care.... sf
  6. My Wife Just Bought Me These.

    I am one of the ones that is in the "lucky" column. My wonderful wife is OK with me wearing gals shoes and has purchased me shoes on many occasions. We even have a few pair of matching sandals that we wear together. Here's a pic... It's fun !!!! take care all... sf
  7. I have always liked the thong style of sandal. I have many pairs of "thongs," with chunky, wedgie, and kitten heels - some are even flats. "Flip Flops" to me are the all flat rubber slip on sandals. I have a few pair of those too and each style has its place depending on where I am going and what I am doing. Here is a pic of one of my thongs styles. The "flip flops" are for very casual times, beach, yard work, quick errands. The "thongs" are for more casual and / or dressier times, when a flat rubber "flip flop" would not be appropriate, at least not for me. But, as with everything, we all have different tastes and enjoy different styles of heels and sandals. As an example, I just got off of a cruise. I took a pair of flat rubber "flip flops" for the pool and deck wear, but also brought a pair of very nice wedgie leather "thongs" for dinner and evening wear. Even got a few compliments!!! Wear what you enjoy and have fun....... sf P.S. Mlroseplant.... I like those "thongs" that you posted, I have a very similar pair in black, with a lower heel - love 'em.....
  8. If I saw a guy (or gal for that matter) wearing those shoes, I would not even look twice...... Have fun !!!! sf
  9. Some advice please. In a few weeks the wife and I will be taking a cruise beginning in Venice, to Athens, Dubrovnik and eventually ending in Roma. I would like to bring and wear a few pair of high heels while on the trip. Would I have any difficulty in those cities or that part of the world wearing high heels?? I am curious as to what anyone in those areas would think or could advise. Thanks in advance sf
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    Rhys.... I like those sandals !! The furry toe strap and the heel height is not for me, but if they work for you, great. I really like ankle strap sandals, I have two pair that I have worn almost exclusively this summer. Have fun, enjoy those pretty sandals.... sf
  11. New Here

    Well, leme splain it.... As for me, I am a married straight guy and I have been wearing gals shoes (flats, heels and sandals) in public, since I was a teen and have enjoyed every minute of it !!! I suppose that some homosexual folks also wear heels and girls shoes, and I guess that would be their choice also. Fine with me, have fun.... No hay pedo....... sf
  12. Saw this today. I hope Aerosoles can survive, I really like their shoes!! sf Footwear Maker AEROSOLES Files For Bankruptcy Sept 15 (Reuters) - Women's shoe retailer Aerosoles Group said it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the latest casualty in a struggling retail industry. The company had listed assets of $10 million to $50 million and liabilities of $100 million to $500 million, according to its bankruptcy court filing. Aerosoles' holding company AGI HoldCo Inc said it would continue to manage its stores and operate its businesses as "debtors in possession". The company said it would significantly reduce the number of stores as part of the restructuring in an effort to realign the business with the changing marketplace environment. At least a dozen retailers selling apparel, electronics and discount shoes have filed for bankruptcy this year to slash their store count and better compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon.com Inc. Aerosoles has more than 300 stores around the world including in China, India and Peru. The bankruptcy was filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.
  13. Ballet Flats

    Steve.... Those flats look fine !!!! sf
  14. Another member from down under

    With all of these posts about guys wearing high heels from the "down under" crowd, it is good information to have. Some day I plan to take a trip to Australia and New Zealand and would LOVE to be able to say that I wore high heels in the Southren Hemisphere. See ya, sf.
  15. How do I tell her?

    From my experience, it is probably best to just tell her. I have been attracted to gals shoes all my life, not sure why, but I just have been. I began to wear gals shoes (flats) when in high school and more when I went away to college. When I met my wonderful wife to be I was regularly wearing gals flat sandals. She questioned my footwear choices but stayed with me. We even bought some matching sandals that we wore together. None of my (our) friends ever said anything critical. I got the "high heel bug" about 10 years after we got married. Long story that has been discussed here previously, one day I tried on a pair of heeled sandals, loved them and never looked back!! I knew I intended to wear the heels in public and did not want to keep that from my wife, so when I got home, I put the heels on and casually walked over to her. When she saw the heels she seemed shocked / surprised but did not freak out. Another long story, but I was up front and told her that I liked the look and feel of high heels and intended to explore wearing heeled sandals. Fortunately , she was somewhat OK with my explanation and went along. Run the clock ahead almost 20 years, I am still wearing gals shoes, both flats and heels on a regular basis with the same wonderful and understanding spouse. I know I am lucky, but I have to believe that just being honest and up front initially helped to avoid any conflicts. I wish you and your girlfriend the best of luck. sf
  16. Can you elaborate on the left wing progressives as well ????
  17. On August 21, a total eclipse crossed the United States from coast to coast. Was anyone other than me able to be in a position to see totality?? Me and three other friends took a road trip to Eastern Idaho for the experience. The weather was perfect, and I was joined by thousands of other eclipse viewers. Back in 1991, I saw a total eclipse in Baja California Mexico and was so awed by the sight that I vowed I would see another in my life time. I am glad that I made the effort to see it again. The experience was beautiful, and difficult to describe. I only wish that totality lasted longer, it was a bit over two minutes, not long enough. And, keeping with the tone of this website, I am sad to say that I did not wear heels during this trip. It was a quick trip, we did some hiking and off road travel, stuff that was not real suitable for high heels. To redeem myself a bit I did have a nice pedicure and wear some flat Clarks gals thongs when possible. The next total solar eclipse in the US will be in seven years. If you are into astronomy or otherwise into this stuff, seriously consider experiencing a total eclipse, you won't regret the experience. sf
  18. Heels of summer

    Out here in California the climate is so mild that "summer" high heels (read sandals) can pretty much be worn all year around, especially in SoCal... Recently we have been in a heat wave with temps maxing above 100 degrees, perfect sandal weather!! Out of all my heels - maybe 30 pair - two pair are clogs and only one pair of pumps. The rest are sandals, chunky heel, kitten heel, wedges, thongs, strappy, you name it. I wear my heels as a guy with casual pants and a cotton collared shirt. And I do paint my toes, if you are going to wear sandals - especially gals sandals, your feet should look nice. Enjoy your upcoming summer, for us folks up "north" sumer is almost over. In a few weeks we will be whining about how cold it is. ha ha Take care, sf
  19. Hi all from CA

    Yeah, really..... sf
  20. California / Bay Area

    Spareheels.... Yes, I would really like to get together with some other high heel wearing folks (guys and gals), I think it would be not only fun but enlightening. Besides the two of us, there are several other high heel wearing guys in the area. The only problem I have is scheduling, curently I am out of the area and won't be back for a while. Possibly something around the middle of September?? Any ideas on a place to meet?? Take care.... sf
  21. Dilemma

    Steve, Yeah I will bow to the temptation, go back and buy the darn things. But for now I am on the road, and won't be home for a week. If they are still there, they were meant for me!! Yes, you can NEVER have too many heels!!! Saying that one has too many heels is tantamount to blasphemy.... ha ha Have fun all.... sf
  22. Dilemma

    I had a similar "problem" last week. I found a pair of sandals on clearance at Payless for 10 bucks!!! The style was Lillian, a 2 inch kitten heel with an ankle strap, they looked beautiful. I tried them on and they fit perfectly!! However I had already purchased two pair of ankle strap sandals in the past 3 months and really don't need another pair, so I walked away. Leaving the sandals might have been mistake. I may return and see if they are still there, if they are it may be an omen to actually buy them.... I guess you can never have too many heels !!!! ha ha Take care all, sf