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  1. Nice sandals, hope you enjoy wearing them them..... sf
  2. They may be unattractive - I do not own a pair but I do own their stock... BREAKING NEWS ---- This morning, Fox Business reported that CROCS stock is soaring. The CEO Andrew Rees was interviewed. Very interesting. CROCS stock is up 3%+ intraday. From Zach's Equity Research.. In spite of ongoing supply chain issues, Crocs, Inc. CROX continued with its stellar performance in third-quarter fiscal 2021. Both the top and the bottom lines not only surpassed the Zacks Consensus Estimate but also improved year over year. Sturdy consumer demand and brand strength contributed to this upbeat performance. Better-than-expected results prompted management to raise fiscal 2021 view. This designer, manufacturer and marketer of casual lifestyle footwear and accessories saw its shares rising more than 9% during the trading session on Oct 21. Shares of this Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) company have jumped 13.2% in the past three months compared with the industry’s rise of 1.6%. Not bad, someone must like them..... Smile.... sf
  3. Pointy toed shoes and boots..... Only good for squash’in cockroaches in corners.... ha ha..... sf
  4. SF


    I usually carry some flat shoes with me for those situations, just in case.... I feel your concern... Smile sf
  5. Chorlini.... Yeah, but ya only go around once... Plus the market is up... Nice shoes, and I loved the eighties.... ha ha.... Smile... sf
  6. SF

    Flying in heels

    Spareheels..... I wear gals sandals most all the time, both flats and heels, have been for years. I keep my feet looking nice with pedicures and polish. I think it looks very nice and aside from a few - very few - positive comments, no one seems to notice or care. Have fun... sf
  7. Spareheels... Good for you. Having an understanding wife is wonderful. Have fun and enjoy your heels.... sf
  8. But I wonder if the lost yellow kitty cat was ever found..... smile... sf
  9. chesterx.... Very nice sandals, like that color as well. They would be fun to wear out, and look comfy too. I am fortunate enough that I can wear a size 11 or 12 depending on the manufacturer. Sometimes even a 10 if I am really lucky. I know what you mean about the selection at Nordy's Rack. In the past I patronized Nordy's a lot and have purchased several pair of great sandals there in size 11 and 12. The last few years I too have noticed the lack of gals shoes in the 11 - 12 size range. Some stores have little to none. Maybe all the "closet" heelers are buying up the inventory? Sales clerks have told me that they just aren't getting larger sizes like they used too, unk why. The good part is that I have a lot of heels anyway, and don't really need any more at this time - it that even possible?? Hmmm.. Anyway, I like your sandals, have fun wearing them about, they look very nice, especially with your pedicure. Have fun... sf
  10. Excuse me stewardess, will we be landing soon??? Flying makes me nervous....
  11. Tennis shoes??? Tennis shoes???? Really?? Wayyyy to practical, and drab... ha ha ha... But yes, sometimes you have to be practical. Maybe??? ha ha Have fun.... sf
  12. Well, these aren't heels, but they are new so I imagine that qualifies. These are a pair of Matte Black "Tieks" ballet flats. I was not really into ballet flats, but another member here (you know who yo are!) discovered them, like the shoes and strongly encouraged me to get a pair. I resisted for a while, but relented last August and ordered a pair. The shoes are 100% soft leather and look wonderful. They actually do have some, read "some" padding in the soles and are, after a longer than I had expected break in period, very comfortable. I am glad I got them, but most likely will not get another pair, will see, they are somewhat pricey. But based on reviews they last a long time. You do get what you pay for. They will be a fine practical winter time shoe for running errands and a casual shoe when heels and sandals won't work. For those looking for something different that is comfortable, take a look at Tieks. Either way, have fun, enjoy your heels and/or flats.... sf
  13. Ain't that the truth... The heel styles you mention are fine, but for me I mix it up a bit; sandals (most always), heels, wedges, flats and even ballet slippers (Tieks are great, but a bit$$$). We all wear what we like, a benefit of freedom! Have fun... sf
  14. Ha ha.... I know what you mean. Once (and only once) I wore a pair of kitten heeled sandals to an event that was held mostly on grass. Lesson well learned, the sandals survived the ordeal amazingly, and the grass looked great a few weeks later after being aerated. Wearing the right heel type for your travels is important. ha ha... Glad that things are coming along for ya as well.... smile.... sf
  15. Hhboots...... With understanding wives, we both are lucky guys.... Have fun.... sf BTW, what part of the US are you in??
  16. Glad you be getting mo bettah. It's good to not be the only person in heels!! What style of heels were you wearing? Nice picture too, I have a pair of very similar sandals (I like that style), but with a bit chunkier heel... Have fun... sf
  17. I wear heels not to be noticed, I wear heels because I enjoy it. Nothing more, nothing less. If someone wants to wear heels to be noticed, you may be disappointed, unless of course you wear ultra high "stripper" heels or something similar. In that instance you may be noticed. I don't wear "stripper" heels... ha ha.... Smile, enjoy your shoes... sf
  18. The above references to Brazil brought back memories. When I got into my teens, I began to wear women's flat sandals most all the time. Never really was fond of or had any desire to wear heels. That was all about to change. Back in 1995 I travelled to Argentina with a professional group of 2 guys and 2 gals. Had never been to South America before, so other than the Castilian Spanish, I did not know what to expect. When we landed in Buenos Aires, I was bombarded by most all the women wearing some very attractive heeled sandals. One of the ladies we were traveling with I found she was a "shoe fanatic" and was constantly referencing the nice heels the ladies were wearing, and while in country she bought a few pairs herself. When I returned to the good 'ol USA after spending a month "down under," I was shopping and found a pair of heeled thongs sandals that I tried on, liked them and was hooked (that story is previously told somewhere here, I won't re hash it again). In conclusion, I blame my affliction for wearing heels on Argentina and the women of Argentina and their classy heels... Thank you Argentina..... smile... sf
  19. Pebbles... My job had me being judged on pretty much everything I did, all the time. Got used to it, and got me (like you?) very "comfy" in my skin. At first I stressed out over it, but after a while it became the norm, sort of like wearing heels in public.... Smile.... sf
  20. The wife gets gel manis all the time... I will axe her..... Maybe some day..... sf
  21. ILNP.... Will take a look and see..... sf
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