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  1. And I like the pair in the lower picture... Something for everyone!! Haven't been here in a while, just thought I would check in and see whats up. Nice sandals BTW..... Enjoy your heels.... sf
  2. Both are really nice, I like the mule styles. But if I had to choose, I would got for the sandals in pic #2 (the one with you wearing shorts). sf
  3. I have been wearing gals shoes since I was a pre teen in the 60's, a long time ago. In the 90's I caught the HH bug and have worn heels (and flats) ever since. I am a straight, married guy, and it has always bothered me when folks think that I am homosexual - I'm not - because I enjoy wearing gals shoes. But having said that I can understand why folks assume that, given societies take on gender issues, especially these days. As Pebbles said, it's getting complicated. Before folks get "rilled up," I have nothing against gay folks, they are God's creatures just like me. I have at least two close family members who are gay, and like that fact that as a straight guy, can wear gals shoes and clothing, in public even. As for pronouns, I don't get caught up in that either. I will let others deal with that issue. If you desire to assign a pronoun to yourself, that's your deal, go for it. And, mlroseplant, love your heels, I would proudly wear those too. Why? Just because I enjoy wearing heels, that's why... smile Not to "hijack" the thread, now back to our regular programing. sf
  4. The Grandma clock is a "Pearl" brand. Had it for 30+ years. Just had to movement reworked for a cool 1,000 bucks (apparently a lot of labor involved), clock man says it should go for another 30 years. Will see... As for your sandals and clothing. I like "pink" too, uh, I mean "coral. I have several "coral" shirts and t-shirts, but no pants or heels. But it still looks nice. Have fun, be safe... sf
  5. Well not to sound contrary, but I do. A beautiful Grandmother clock that stays wound for 7 days and chimes every quarter hour. Keeps perfect time too. I love that sound. And yes, I see no sense in Tick Tock either. Seems like a tremendous waste of time, but that's my two cents. sf
  6. I don’t come here as often as I used to. Smile. sf
  7. I have been wearing heels since 1995. The many times I have bought heels, I almost always have provided a review. On the review I do mention that I am a guy and wear gals shoes. I also thank the manufacturer for making stylish shoes in larger sizes. Does my review make any difference? Dunno, but maybe others will benefit from the info. Have fun. sf
  8. I am tempted to comment on public sector pensions, but fear if would create quite a kerfuffle, so I will stand mute.... sf
  9. Never really got into country music or cowboy boots.... Not my “style.” I am a old school Detroit Mo Town, sandal wearing, high heel “guy.” Conflicted?? Maybe. Works for me. Now get of offa dat thang, and dance till you feel bettah..... smile... sf
  10. Yep, and kinda what I said....
  11. Being addicted to heels is much better than being addicted to drugs and/or booze....
  12. There currently exists a category for shoes and boots but none for sandals. For those of us who prefer sandals (like me) there now is a forum to show off your new sandals to the world, or at least that part of the world that is here at HHPLACE! I will begin by presenting two pair of sandals that I acquired last month. The thong style is from Nine West, Popi, size 11. Love the ankle strap and see thru upper. The strappy sandals are from Marmi Shoes (my fav shoe store btw), VanEli, Morel, size 12. These are truly all day sandals and I really like them as well. The pedicure is courtesy of Caesars Spa, Las Vegas. It's spring, and summer is coming, time to get those sandals out for those of us who enjoy that style of heel! Have fun... sf
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