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  1. Bluejay..... Nice sandals!! Love the bright colors! Nice review at the JCPenny site as well, at least I "assume" it is you - ha ha... smile... sf
  2. Yes, getting a professional pedicure is very nice, and it makes your feet look great. Nice toe rings BTW. I enjoy my pedicured toes as well. It just looks classy. For about the past 10 years I have been getting color, at first I thought it would be earth shattering, but actually it has worked quite well. I get a few comments and it IS fun when other gals comment and want to compare pedicures! I prefer the blue, peach, purple and earth tone colors. It fun to mix it up. I am also seeing more guys with color on their toes. Just last week I saw a guy with painted toes and I had to comment. I looked at him, smiled and said I like your pedicure, it is good to know that I am not the only guy who gets pedicures. He smiled and said that he gets pedicures all the time. I told him that it looked classy. Have fun... sf
  3. Nice that both of you still have parents who are alive. Both mom and dad are gone, and I miss them. As for the "shoes" neither of them knew that I wore heels, but I did wear gals flat sandals in their presence all the time, and never was anything ever said. My mother-in-law is still alive and well, thank goodness, and has seen me in heels several times. She has never really commented on my heels, but when I last saw her a few weeks ago, I was wearing flat sandals when I arrived at her house. Her first comment was that I seemed shorter, looked at my feet and asked where were my heels? I told her that I left them at home, she smiled and said that's too bad, she likes my heels. My stepmother knows I wear gals shoes but never have I worn heels around her, the opportunity never presented itself, she lives out of the area. Enjoy being with your parents, I am a bit envious... smile... sf
  4. Nice.... That makes three of us at least ! smile.... sf
  5. At least two of us were celebrating!!! smile... sf
  6. I was noticed, and received a very nice compliment too. Last night I was dining on a Milanesa Patagonia at my fav Argentinian restaurant. I was wearing my Nine West "Popi" heels and enjoying the atmosphere and the food. While there, a lady and gentleman came in and sat at a nearby table. We made quick eye contact and nothing else. When I had finished, I went to pay the bill. As I was finishing my transaction, I heard a voice from behind me say, "I really like your shoes." I turned around and standing there was the lady that I had made eye contact with. I smiled and told her thank you. She again said several times that she liked the shoes. We had a short conversation about the style and comfort and where she could get a pair. Then I made a comment about how I wanted to get my wife a pair, but she did not like the style / look of the sandals. The lady responded with, "no, tell her that those are beautiful shoes, absolutely beautiful!" I gathered my things, told the lady goodbye and left. She seemed to be very sincere and complimentary. Her husband (friend?) stayed out of the conversation, seemed uninterested. As to her opinion, I have worn these sandals several times since I bought them in March, and really like them. They are a 7 on the one to ten "comfort scale," not good for long walks but for dinner, shopping, church or short errands they are fabulous. And I concur, the style of the shoe is so unique that I would agree that they are "beautiful." Can a guy wear beautiful sandals? Hmmm?? And finally, it is somewhat ironic that this happened at an Argentinian restaurant. It was a trip to Argentina back in 1995 that got me into wearing heels. Prior to that I was strictly a flat gals sandal guy. In Argentina many of the gals wore heels, more that I had previously seen anywhere else. One of the ladies I was traveling with was a "shoe gal" and made many references to the heels the local ladies were wearing, which caused me to take note. When back in the States I tried some heels and was hooked, in a good way. Don't cry for me Argentina, you did me just fine, thank you!! And, for reference, here is a pic of the "beautiful" heels that I was wearing. Love 'em. smile... sf
  7. Well..... Today IS the day! Happy National High Heels Day everyone. I plan on being out in my heels today to celebrate !! Have fun, and get out in those shoes... smile... sf
  8. Well, these sandals aren't new, they are "vintage," I had them several years ago. I really liked these sandals but sadly they did not work out. I don't remember the brand or style, I got them from Zappos, and they weren't cheap. On the first wearing they began to come apart. Both the sole and insole began to separate. I was really disappointed because I really like the style of the sandal and had hoped to get some use from them. Fortunately Zappos took them back with a full refund. I still miss these shoes, but like a city bus, more have come along since then so all was not lost. smile... sf
  9. I'm not much into that style of shoe (sandal? ha ha) but they look nice. Hope they work out for ya... sf
  10. Pretty shoes (uh, mules) but honestly I don't really care for the "pointy" toe look. But nice, nonetheless. sf
  11. Never lost an anklet, that can get expensive. The wife and I never take our anklets off. They look too nice to not show them to the world!! Have fun... sf
  12. SF

    Flying in heels

    Yes, wearing heels is enjoyable, and dare I say fun. But I would never wear heels, sandals, anything but a closed shoe while flying. In case of an emergency and you need to evacuate immediately (preferably running to escape the danger), wearing a secure shoe is a must. Fashion be damned, I change into my heels upon my safe arrival. Enjoy your heels... sf
  13. If the roles were reversed and you did that to her, it would be some sort of harassment incident and you would be disciplined. Strange times we live in these days. smile... sf
  14. Logjam..... It's all about personal preference obviously, but I routinely wear and prefer the anklet / toe ring combination. It looks nice and the two compliment each other. The only reason I do not wear a toe ring all the time is I am afraid of the ring coming off and getting lost. I wear 14K gold (does not tarnish) and they can get pricy with the current price of gold. The proper fit is everything, and I had to mess around a bit to find the right size to fit my toe. I have had cheap non-gold toe rings come off in the "early days" and I did not feel it slip off. I now have the right "fit" but am still paranoid that I may loose my fancy ring! Have fun experimenting with what works for you!! smile... sf
  15. To me those heels are sandals. I like the anklet look as well. Let the debate carry on... smile... sf
  16. I have been in Las Vegas the past three days and have worn heeled sandals (and flats for a short time) the entire time. Only one person has taken any notice. Yes, a few glances or double takes, but that happens when I’m not in heels too. The one comment was in passing, a gal pointed to my shoes, looked at me, smiled and said, “I like that.” Heading home today, in heels of course! Smile... sf
  17. The wife and I will be in Vegas (in heels of course) this weekend to see Chris Rock. Any other heelers gonna be out there? Should be fun... Happy Mother's Day!! sf
  18. Ha ha..... Well I was hoping to avoid that, but knew that the subject would eventually present itself. Everyone has their own opinion, so let your imagination, conscience, and common sense be your guide. It's your world, live it as you see fit, in a lot of ways it's mo bettah that way. Heck, I won't even attempt to define what is a sandal, but I know one when I see it - ha ha. I just like the sandal styles over "shoes" and "boots," whatever they are. ha ha Now lets talk about stilettos... smile sf
  19. Nice sandals, classy looking.... sf
  20. Well "new" is relative thing. Plus we have no idea when sandals were actually acquired. So go ahead, post up some pictures of "relatively" new sandals. Holy heck, I may actually post some pics of "old" sandals, I have quite a few and some are very stylish. And yes, I have always preferred sandals - flats and heels - over closed toe shoes. Just more comfortable and stylish, to me at least. Smile... sf OK, I'm gonna do it. Here is a pic of my first pair of heeled sandals that I bought wayyy back in 1995. I actually still have this pair, well worn and tattered, but many fine memories with these "old" sandals. Love the kitten heel too!! I remember the first time I wore them out, was nerve wracking. But I survived! sf
  21. Ref the video. Interesting that man man is teaching a woman how to walk in very high heels. Assuming the man knows and has experienced walking in heels, why is he not wearing heels as well to demonstrate (teach) by example. Anything less is like teaching someone how to ride a bicycle when the instructor has never ridden a bicycle. Curious. smile... sf
  22. There currently exists a category for shoes and boots but none for sandals. For those of us who prefer sandals (like me) there now is a forum to show off your new sandals to the world, or at least that part of the world that is here at HHPLACE! I will begin by presenting two pair of sandals that I acquired last month. The thong style is from Nine West, Popi, size 11. Love the ankle strap and see thru upper. The strappy sandals are from Marmi Shoes (my fav shoe store btw), VanEli, Morel, size 12. These are truly all day sandals and I really like them as well. The pedicure is courtesy of Caesars Spa, Las Vegas. It's spring, and summer is coming, time to get those sandals out for those of us who enjoy that style of heel! Have fun... sf
  23. What brand are the pants? Look like the Gloria Vanderbilt's that I wear. sf
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