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  1. It has been several years since I last flown commercial anywhere. The last time was to Chicago to attend a funeral. I packed light for my three day trip. One suit bag and a small carryon hand bag. And. The airline wanted to charge me $25.00 each to check them so I carried them with me. Admittedly Atlanta to Chicago isn’t as far as your wife and son were traveling but I am surprised at the large amount of luggage they are allowed to carry.
  2. 200 Lbs of luggage on board an airline bound for Vietnam at today’s prices for excess baggage? No wonder you have to work overtime. ;-)
  3. They are called “Scream” heels because after wearing/walking in them for a short time you scream because you can’t wait to kick them off. I remember the first pair or 7” (18cm) heels that I bought, I actually thought there was no way I could ever get my feet to bend enough to ever put them on. It took a lot of practice, time and effort to learn to walk while wearing them...and then for only short periods of time. Never did walk very far in them. Now, while I choose to wear 4” heels , along with my 3” to 4” wedge heel sandals in warm weather, for daily activities, I still wear my 5” and 6” heels occasionally around the house (Comfort trumps style at my age). But for the most part, I’ve retired my 7” heels.
  4. Most women select shoes to complement their outfits. Accessories. Style to be worn depends upon event. Casual, dressy, Church, formal, etc. JeffB is a good example. It appears he choose the style of footwear he wears to match, or at least, not detract, from his outfit.
  5. I believe that he is. Either that or someone is posting his pictures under a identity with “New Zealand”. In his user name. “nzfreestyler “
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