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  1. Interesting comment, skyheels. For years I’ve had the practice of noticing the shoes people wear, especially women. When encountering a person that has attracted my notice, I usually glance from head to toe at the way they are dressed. I am quite sure that I would notice any man wearing women’s shoes, as it was in this case.
  2. While we, those of us that wear our women’s shoes regularly, know that the number of men that wear heels in private is way more than any of us imagine, I believe the major reason we don’t see more men wearing heels in public is because of the negative stigma current society attaches to “crossdressing,” which keeps most men from going about their daily routine while wearing them. (I don’t know of any male that wants any person to believe they are less masculine than any other male). And, as long as present attitudes persist in attaching the idea that men wearing items of clothing associated with the female gender in a deviant sexual practice, guys will keep wearing their heels in the privacy of their own homes. Case in point. Just take a look at the number of “guests” this website has browsing this forum at any one time. Out of curiosity, recently I have been reviewing the number of people browsing this website. While the number has been lower during off hours - any where from 50 to 80 - the number browsing on line, viewing the forum during peak times, is more than 200 during the 30 minute timeframe that the website collects data. An additional point. Lately, the number of members posting comments is way down from what it used to be just a few months ago. If we could encourage some of these “guests” to post comments occasionally, this forum might return the place of interest it once was. It’s currently 8:24 AM - EST. And there are 194 people browsing this forum.
  3. When visiting a friend in a local hospital last week, I encountered a male nurse as he was exiting my friend’s room. Even though he was wearing his hospital scrubs I noticed that he was wearing female nurses shoes with about 2 1\2 “ wedge heels. Later, when I was leaving, I noticed a well dressed man coming into the hospital wearing a pair of black patent ballerina flats with little black bows on the vamp. I wonder if he noticed that I was wearing a pair of black penny loafers with 4” heels?
  4. Bubba136

    Cali World

    You are right, Puffer, they are the same type of hollow plastic heels that Cali is dealing with. And, like you, I am also skeptical as to how long the fix will last. My hope is that it will last until I have a good reason to make the long drive into the city and have them properly repaired.
  5. Bubba136

    Cali World

    I have the same problem with two pairs. A pair of boots that I’ve hadrs and a pair of penny loafers that I wear a great deal. I took them to my local cobbler only to find that he had gone out of business. The nearest shoe repair shop was a 50 mile drive from where I live. So I googled Amazon and found a heel repair kit that included heel pads that could replace those that were damaged. I cleaned all the plastic edges of the heels with sandpaper and placed the new pads over the heels and trace the heel outline on the pads. Then I cut the pad to conform with the shape of the heel. The replacement pads are self attaching with adhesive on the bottom. As an extra step I put some gorilla glue on the plastic edges and then place the pad over the heel. I have worn both pair several times over the past three weeks. So far so good. Their repair job seems to be working. But who knows how long this fix will last.
  6. I remember a popular radio and Television talk showhost explaining Fox Cable News Network’s on camera dress code for men presenters. He said that he wore casual clothes when he his radio show early in afternoon and changed to a suit coat and tie for his evening show television show because it was Fox’s policy that men commentators would dress more formally when on the air. He did say, howeve, that since he appeared on TV sitting behind a desk, viewers only viewed him from the waste up. If he stood up and walked in front of the desk they would see that he was wearing sweatpants and sneakers.
  7. Flapping my gums. ;- please don’t take my response as criticism. I was relating my personal experience. The psychological aspect/question as to “why” we engage in this practice is always present. I recognize that each individual has their own unique circumstances and each of us must follow our own curiosity to a point we are satisfied with what we have learned. Or just accept the situation without further thought. Seeking an explanation or reason can be exceedingly frustrating. I found it to be. And, as a result, I chose to accept my desire it is and not to chase any further explanation.
  8. Natural human traits are: food on the table, clothing on our back and a roof over our head— and a woman for warmth and comfort. Investing and financial management are learned. Others, like yourself, find investing and converting/growing assets as a vocation that quickly acquires all of the characteristics a “game.” Once it becomes a game, it’s a “Gamble.” Eighty percent of the world’s population are content with “going-along ‘coming along.” Satisfied with life as they have it. After my “required retirement,” I was afforded, along with a situation I Inherited, sufficient income to raise a family and have very comfortable life. Having no desire to remain inactive, and by chance, falling into a situation whereby I accidentally found a vocation that I could enjoy participating in, I chose to invest in reconstructing financially failing businesses rather than investing in the stock market. Nothing is “Forever.” Life, anyway you look at it, is a crapshoot. The bottom line— take what you have and be satisfied or try to make it better. It’s your choice.
  9. This entire subject is,in my mind, a waste of time. Granted, there is a number of individuals afflicted with sexual confusing situations with a burning desire to unravel and understand the “why” they are the way they are, I am not one of them. Way back in my younger days, when I was still questioning my desire to wear “girls shoes,” I did have a curiosity as to why this desire was so strong. In my early teens, after many hours of research in the school library and becoming more confused with the explanations, I decided that this was a condition I was never going out grow and that the desire would never go away, I would just have to accept it because it was to strong to ignore. Besides I was beginning to understand that wearing “girls shoes” and high heels 👠 was just a natural part of my nature. It was at this point that I made up my mind that I would accept that this was the way I was constructed and would never again try to quit. I understood that there were situations where I could not wear my heels but would wear them whenever possible. As far as crossdressing, I did try crossdressing a few times (one time with disastrous consequences). However, the process was so tedious, choosing garments and doing makeup and then undoing it, too me, wasn’t worth doing. I strictly stick to wearing only stockings and occasionally a garter belt because, in my opinion, high heels require stockings.
  10. How about: “Tails about Shoes of a Shoealcholic” :-;
  11. Ah! But, “means of information” are necessary to obtain “information.” As I mentioned earlier, my father was a foreign service officer employed by the US Department of State. I am their third child born late in their lives. The first place I can remember living is in Australia followed by Singapore, Tokyo, Rome, London, Paris, Brussels and Budapest mixed between tours in Washington. In all of my formative years l can not remember a time that I didn’t wear high heels. My earliest memories are of playing in my mother’s closet and wearing her high heels. In fact, my mother bought me my first pair of my own heels to encourage me to quit wearing hers. My parents attributed my liking girls shoes to childhood habit that I would eventually outgrow. One, day, at the age of 9 or 10, I discovered that as hard as I tried to quit wearing my heels I could never stop. The desire would never go away. It hasn’t. I met my wife on our first day at college. I told her of my wearing heel as soon as it became obvious that we were going to be more than just boyfriend/girlfriend. It took her several months after I asked her to marry me to decide that she could accept that part of me. Even as she accepted this fact in my character, she had several condition’s dealing with when and where I could wear them. Mainly, I was never to wear them around our children if/when we had them. We have three. A boy and two girls and I’ve kept my word. And, as far as I know, they still don’t know about my heels. They are now all grown, have successful careers and children of their own. My wife completed her education with a degree as a nurse and physical therapist. I entered the military after graduating and served 12 years in the Air Force as a cargo aircraft pilot. I experienced a serious medical condition and was medically retired from active duty after no longer being eligible for flying status. Throughout the years, I worked at several different vocations. Mainly self employed position in management where l discovered the area of investing in and reconstructing businesses on the verge of bankruptcy where I’ve managed to make a comfortable living. My wife passed away several years ago after which I decided to retire since I was already drawing my medical retirement from the military and had an adequate income from my investments. My wife was truly an elegant, beautiful and amazing woman. During the early years of our marriage she was apprehensive when ever I would go out in public wearing a pair of my girls shoes. After a couple of years she became comfortable with the idea and even began to buy shoes for me (most of which I returned because our tastes were so different.) She even became at ease when occasions permitted our goin out together wearing heels to movies or restaurants. This short recap should give you an idea of my personal profile and my interests in women’s shoes. I also can remember some of the women that used to frequent this site. Some even migrated here from Jenny’s High Heels chat room. remember Debra from Hong Kong? Or, Gina, Queen of Heels? Both became very good friends with me. Gina even successfully interceded with a manufacturer that I was experiencing difficulties in filling an order for a beautiful pair of pumps I had purchased. And Debra from Hong Kong, I sent her several pairs of heels that I couldn’t wear because of size issues. They fit her perfectly and she even sent me pictures of her wearing them. I am also discouraged at the lack of participation of members here. Lately I have been checking the numbers of guests that are reviewing this website.at the moment there are 52 guests looking at the forum, not one of them logged into the site. Friday evening when I checked (about 10 pm EST) there we over 200 guests recorded as reading the forum. I was surprised at the level of interest and disappointed that the “guests” were not registered members nor contributing comments.
  12. For those of us that wear our high heels openly, the most truthful part of the above comment is “My neighbors and many around town have come to expect it anyway.” Not many of us left.
  13. I confine wearing of feminine clothing to stockings and girls shoes including high heels. These days I mainly dress casually in golf shirts and slacks along with various styles of heeled loafers and knee highs. My children are grown and gone living in other parts of the country. My wife passed away several years ago. So I am am alone living most days here at the beach. I do occasionally get questions about the way I dress mainly when wearing shorts and sandals. I usually respond by saying that I find it much more comfortable dressed the way I do. I have been a member here for a long time and have posted a lot about myself in the past. Answers to your questions are there. Just scroll back through my comments.
  14. Keep the brown pumps. You never know when you’re feet will grow into them . As to the “formal,- informal” discussion, I believe the environment in which a persons was raised has a great deal to do with the way they dress. My father was a diplomat and as such he, along with my mother, attended many formal affairs. I was taught early on that I had three sets of clothing. One set for play, one set for school and, one set for church/dress up occasions. I still practice this idea today. Only instead of school clothes, I maintain a wardrobe of less dressy clothing for work. My footwear matches the category of clothes that I choose to wear. Clogs, sandals, loafers and boots for informal wear. For work I usually choose more dressy heeled penny loafers or plain black or brown booties. Formal occasions require more attention. Single sole pumps, sling back pumps or thigh high boots, all with stiletto heels at last 5 inch 👠 heels. Now days ,and retired at 67 years old, I quit messing around with 6 or 7 inch heels like I used to wear because wearing them is really hard work. (Now days I tend to stick to wearing more 4” heels because they are more comfortable.) everywhere I go these days girls/women are wearing thong sandals, sneakers or those obnoxious Crocks. Crocks! Very popular with both. Men and women. It’s a cult or fad thing. I even witnessed a couple of men wearing them at church last week. As it is anything else in the fashion industry, it’s cyclical. What goes around comes back in time. Dressing up will become fashionable again after a few years. Also, coupled up with this will be fashionable high heels. And, dressing like a homeless bum will,once again, be considered to be unattractive and unsociable.
  15. Assume that the person who was wearing the high heels was a woman?
  16. What an elegant look. As shown in some of your past photos, your taste for assembling outfits is beyond compliment. I don’t doubt for an instant that each Sunday the curiosity of your fellow attendees is aroused as to what look you will be sharing at that day’s service. Having followed you since your beginning here, and given the “larger than normal attendees role” you assume, I am seriously curious at the amount of attention and feedback you’ve gotten over the years regarding your wearing high heels.
  17. Taking a second look at this picture, and thinking again about it’s purpose, it is difficult to tell the organist’s sex from the clothes she is wearing. I say “She” because the heels of her shoes look to be thicker than those on shoes that a boy would be wearing. However, if I was playing the organ, and someone took a picture of me like that, the heels on my shoes would be much taller thus adding more “trash to the mash.”
  18. While appearing thusly attired in any workplace might be considered appropriate these days, standing in front of me dressed like that, at a counter asking “can I help you,” would surely frighten me.
  19. Looking at that picture shows me that the young woman takes some effort to show that she is female. Besides the dress and long hair that traditionally would reflect a person as being a “girl,” take a look at her feet. While some men might appear in public these days wearing long hair and cute dresses, I doubt they would take the time necessary to paint their toes to express their femininity as carefully as young girls do these days.
  20. Both male and female fashion is based on whatever attracts, excites, interests, stimulates members of the opposite sex. Possession of items displaying the most recent items produced to demonstrate individual position, wealth, taste and desireability will never disappear or cease to exist even though form and function may change. Looking back through human history reveals both body enhancement and items of jewelry as well as animal skins and clothing have been used for these purposes since before recorded history. Women wearing high heels disappearing ? Forget it. Because, nothing else will ever enhance a woman’s desireability to the extent that they do.
  21. Variation on a theme. I’ve seen it on several different styles over the years.
  22. .Interesting. Like you, I’ve worn the same watch for decades. Strapping it onto my wrist when getting dressed each morning is as routine as putting on my socks. In fact, very early in my primary flight school days, I learned a short saying that I recited just before falling out for morning formation. Just before leaving my room I, would stand before the mirror and repeat “spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch”, which I still do when ever leaving the the house.
  23. Iikeit has been said here times before, and from my own experience, most people are so wrapped up in their own business that they don’t pay much attention to what’s happening around them. And, the ones that do notice are usuall in to much of a hurry to take time to show any noticeable reaction .
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