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  1. Don't you think that wearing a skirt is more extreme than wearing heels? I am certainly not suggesting that you shouldn't wear a skirt - just that it is surely more obviously feminine apparel than heels (outside Scotland, anyway!). I can 'risk' a public outing in discrete heels but I don't think I have the courage to wear a skirt, much as I might like the idea of doing so.
  2. I agree. I've always had an 'interest' in heels - initially as an observer and admirer of the women who wore them but with a growing desire to 'try' them for myself, which was not realised for many years and is still largely unfulfilled. Meanwhile, most of the women I have had a relationship with have worn heels to some extent, although - and this will hardly surprise you, dear reader - never to the degree or with the enthusiasm that I would wish. And, in the case of my first wife and my present wife, with growing reluctance coupled with the firmly-expressed view that my 'interest' (eve
  3. I don't have much of an 'exciting' footwear collection, so there haven't been that many experiences or outings worth mentioning over the years. The two main reasons for my limited activity (in that respect) are (i) my wife's complete lack of understanding or acceptance - she knows only a little of my 'interest' (which she regards as a perversion) and I must keep it that way; (ii) the limited availability of (affordable) footwear in my size that I can and would wear comfortably and confidently in public. So, when the ASOS offerings came along, I had something not only to enjoy but to talk a
  4. If you mean that I am in the wrong topic (not forum) to be discussing specific footwear acquisitions or products, then I apologise for going off at a tangent. It should really be in the 'new boots' department. I will slink away - if 4" heels allow slinking. 😖 Yes, I liked the look and they felt good to walk in. But I lacked the courage to keep them as I don't really want footwear that I cannot 'go public' in comfortably. The fabric uppers are not ideal for outdoor wear either, especially in anything but dry weather.
  5. I am normally a UK11, sometimes a UK12. I intentionally bought the ASOS boots in a 13 to ensure adequate room, given that they are not a wide fitting and might prove a little 'snug'. They are fine for both length and width; the 12s would probably fit me well enough too. I did initially experience a little discomfort to the ends of my big toes as the faux suede uppers are somewhat stiff. But some latex 'toe caps' (from Amazon) worn on my big toes (under socks) cured that, and the extra length in the boots ensured that these were accommodated. I have recently ventured out without these
  6. I can identify with your activities, hh. I recently bought a pair of 'Recite' ankle boots from ASOS in size UK13 (see below), which are a generous fit for me and comfortable. They have a chunky heel of 3.9" and are sturdy and easy to wear with discretion under bootcut jeans. I have worn them locally to walk into the town for shopping etc without incident - although I probably have been spotted as the heels are more visible when walking briskly or if it is necessary to sit or bend down. And wearing a face mask is certainly a useful means of limiting recognition! I have yet to go ou
  7. Blimey! I should think that a couple of 'hallelujahs' would be enough to blow the masks off! (More seriously, isn't the effect noticeably muffled or spoiled by the masks?)
  8. It's the thought - but not necessarily the vote - that counts!
  9. I suspect that you and I will be grounded if we make any more shocking jokes, Cali!
  10. It's certainly not like you to be negative, mlrpt, but your regular readers welcome this news. 🤧
  11. If those shown are the mis-sold shoes, they are not 'Oxfords' (as I understand them to be) but courts (pumps) with an ankle strap. And they certainly don't look higher than 5.5". Oxfords are a lace-up shoe, often with a toecap, e.g. these:
  12. The toe-cleavage is attractive, but coupled with the round toe and high heel it does make the shoes look foreshortened. Imho they need a 'point extension' to look more balanced and elegant. Such an extension would not make them less comfortable unless it was very long.
  13. I bought these elegant Tailingjia sandals on an impulse recently but have decided not to keep them. They are labelled as US14/Eu44/UK11 and fit my UK11 feet but would be a better fit on UK10/USM11 feet. They are black patent with 5.2" stiletto heel and 0.4" platform; the back zip is functional (needed to put them on). The construction is sturdy and they are unmarked - tried on only. I would be happy to sell them for £25.00 (inc UK postage) - extra if to be sent overseas. Link to manufacturer here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32687123992.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.17.369
  14. I have one pair from MJ - 5" heel and a perfect fit for me. As you say, rather heavy but well made. These are my boots - similar to the Omanos but more pointed:
  15. Easier still is to shape a piece of softwood to fit the cavity and wedge/glue it in. Then add glued-on rubber or composition heel piece, preferably also nailed into wood with brass nails.
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