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  1. I suspect that the nearest many women will get to heaven will be while wearing high heels.
  2. I think the problem we heel-admirers face in the prevailing situation is that too few women 'feel the need to dress sharply', even when that would be both normal and expected for either work or leisure. Not just high-heeled footwear of course but clothing and appearance in general. Formal has declined to smart-casual and is now regularly declining further to ultra casual (if not plain sloppy). I can understand those currently working from home not seeing any need or incentive to make an effort and/or putting relaxation or comfort ahead of style, but all too often they let that attitude c
  3. The situation is similar with many homes in the UK. I think I would say 'pre-1870' would be safer here - my present house is 1883! Certainly pre-WW1, after which far too many homes were built with unseasoned timber etc. Fortunately, I can and do put most things right but there is a limit on what can be reconstructed.
  4. They are very similar to these Madcap boots from Atom Retro, which have a centre seam and 2.75" heel - and are somewhat cheaper (£69.99). I have two pairs - black suede and tan leather, good quality and very comfortable. I'm sure you will enjoy yours!
  5. A dodge I have used when checking-out heels is to have a ballpoint pen mark on my thumb at (say) 4.5" from the tip. I can then judge heel height quite well within the 4 - 5" range. But a small pocket tape measure is certyainly useful, if sometimes a little cumbersome for discreet use.
  6. Very nice sandals, Ron, but I can understand you not wanting to wear them in public (heel height aside). Don't you take a ruler on your shopping trips to check heels on anything that catches your eye? I see them listed elsewhere at 4.5".
  7. I agree! HeelsWearer has written clearly and literately of her experiences and, quite apart from the interesting content, her account has been a pleasure to read. You and I have both been involved in writing/editing professionally so we are undoubtedly biased - and not given to dish-out compliments too readily either.
  8. I'm enjoying your account and look forward to the next part! It brings back distinct memories of the latter part of the 'original' stiletto era (early '60s), when many of the girls I had been to school with were keen stiletto wearers in their early teens. (I say 'had been' because I went on to a boys-only grammar school at age 11, so only saw my old schoolfriends away from school, and not usually regularly. But coming across one of the girls in our local area, looking smart and sophisticated and with stilettos clicking away, was always something to relish.) One girl in particular, w
  9. We have differing likes! I would wear the Nordstrom Lex booties (if they were in my size: USW14) but none of the others appeal. I'm not sure what you have against ASOS, which seem to offer good quality for the price. One other item now on sale (£22.95!) that might appeal to you is this Kendra thigh boot - the UK11 should be a good fit fit you and the stiletto heel is 4.75": https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-kendra-stiletto-thigh-high-boots-in-black/prd/12577026?colourwayid=16519460&SearchQuery=&cid=1931
  10. I've been catching-up and only just read your original question, and the replies. You have been given some good general advice already; perhaps my own experience will help you too. I am usually a UK11/Eu45, sometimes UK12/Eu46 depending on shoe style and maker. It is not easy to find stylish and affordable footwear in these larger sizes in the UK, particularly if they are to be worn in public with reasonable discretion. (Nothing wrong with e.g. Pleaser 5" courts - but they are obviously not for casual male shopping in Tesco's!) I suggest that you keep an eye on ASOS, which has
  11. I have one pair of MJ ankle boots, 5" heel. They are well made in stout leather and a very good fit on me. I gave Miguel careful measurements and what he produced seemed spot-on for fit. I do rather agree about the heel height - 4" would be more walkable.
  12. Perhaps, as they are mules, your son found them too stubborn and thrashed them?
  13. These ASOS Kendra thigh boots https://www.asos.com/asos-design/asos-design-kendra-stiletto-thigh-high-boots-in-black/prd/12577026?colourwayid=16519460&SearchQuery=&cid=1931 (4.75" heel) are now on offer in sizes up to UK13 for £27.00. Be aware that most buyers say they run small, which seems to be the case with other ASOS Design footwear in larger sizes. The wide fit equivalent is also discounted to £31.50, but only goes up to UK9. New customers can try code ASOSNEWHERE for a further 15% discount (until 15 March).
  14. Yes, that is exactly what I would do if purchasing - which I have decided not to this time (with an hour left to regret it!). Yes, I would have ordered both sizes (separately, to ensure Quidco cashback on anything kept) and returned the unwanted. Free in this case but not always so, e.g. if a minumum order was not met.
  15. I think I'm the same - slightly wider feet (UK 11 or 12) but can fit into many standard widths. The ASOS black boots in 12W were too roomy for me; I suspect 11W or 12M would be fine. I'm still tempted - extra 20% off sale items 7pm-9pm tonight (code MORESALE), which would make the black boots £36.40 net!
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