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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    You could try 'painting' the plastic patent loafers with a semi-matt (satin) varnish; it should 'take' if the plastic is clean and ought not to crack unless unduly flexed. A solvent-based varnish would be better (more durable) but nowadays is less easy to find than water-based. An aerosol might be easiest to use - try craft shops.
  2. I wasn't suggesting that women were responsible for this country's decline since 1918! But they have played a part, and we have been seeing a somewhat disturbing new wave of female militancy recently. My point was that a notable, and overdue, reform a century ago may have been one of the few high spots (along with the defeat of Nazi Germany) before the rot set in.
  3. No, it is certainly not nice - and very worrying. Standards of general education and behaviour are declining - largely due to teachers and other role-models being themselves less well educated (and less conscientious). And nothing is helped by the ever-growing degree of influence, regulation and control exercised by the state and (perhaps worse) by one's peers - which at one and the same time attempts to make people conform (not always sensibly) whilst sowing seeds of anarchy. I do wonder what lies in store for my young grandchildren. Today marks the centenary of 'Votes for Women' being implemented in the UK, and rightly so. But has it been steadily downhill since then?
  4. Adding Holes to Straps

    You were only supposed to punch holes in straps - not punch out the toes and heels of your boots!
  5. I don't think there is any blockage of the Fluevog site. It is simply that, if I go to the site, I can find no mention of these Glitter boots or any similar ones, except that a search for 'Prince George' shows them in black leather, but said to be 'discontinued'. Nothing else of interest there; most of the shoes are plain ugly imho and all are expensive.
  6. The boots don't seem to feature on the Fluevog website any more; suggestion is that they are 'discontinued' (or maybe just sold out). I agree with Shyheels that the description alone is enough to deter many potential purchasers. But, that aside, their appearance does not lend itself to everyday street wear - or are they only intended for 20-somethings to wear to a club or party? The heels may pass muster without too much adverse reaction but the glitter and sharp square toes provide the wrong sort of emphasis. And at that price ...
  7. Adding Holes to Straps

    I think you mean much easier - a home-made punch would have cost you pennies, assuming you had a file in your toolbox!
  8. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Steve means paraffin wax (from a candle), not the liquid variety (kerosene)! Such wax is a tried and tested lubricant for zips, drawer runners etc. Solid beeswax would be equally good; the 'paste' variety (as used for furniture polish) contains solvents and may wick a little, so take care. A silicone or PTFE spray (or furniture polish) is equally good, but again beware of wicking; one way of minimising that would be to spray a little onto a rag and then wipe the zip.
  9. Change Your Heels mlroseplant

    In fairness, it was the one-star reviews that I linked to - but it remains the case that they represent some 9% of the total of c1,200 reviews. If you look at the most recent reviews, the great majority are very good - but I would be wary of them as drills bought in the last couple of months may scarcely have been used, so no faults yet apparent. But maybe Dremel has recognised and corrected the common faults apparent a year or two ago - one hopes so. In the UK, two of our 'budget' supermarkets (Aldi and Lidl, found throughout Europe) have both offered mini-drills (and accessories) in recent months at a very competitive price - and with three-year no-quibble guarantees. Their tools of all sorts are usually of very good quality and, in my experience, the after-sales service is rarely needed but efficiently provided. (My mains-powered SDS drill from Aldi which developed a fault in its control circuit after almost two years of use was replaced completely FOC (by post from Germany) without hesitation.)
  10. My boot collection

    I can't see any of the pics in the first post (3 November). Have they been deleted, or is there some other reason?
  11. New Heel Tips

    A very good idea when the cap screw head o/d matches the (round) heel profile! If the head is a little larger, and/or has a knurled edge as many do, grip the threaded part of the screw in the chuck of an electric drill and, ideally with the drill clamped in a vice or similar, use a file to reduce the o/d of the head - or acquire a lathe to like purpose! Interesting that you still use UNC threads - pretty well obsolete in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, but still to be found. Obviously, the thread type doesn't matter provided you have the matching tap in metric or whatever else is available. I have screwing tackle and screws in both metric and BA (British Association) sizes - the latter (a metric thread) being for many years the standard thread for instrument-making and much model-making, although now largely superseded by true 'standard' metric threads.
  12. Adding Holes to Straps

    A proper (revolving) leather punch, as shown above, is the best hole-making gadget, especially for leather rather than synthetics. But if you have a few workshop tools available, a punch for a particular size of hole is quite easily made from a nail or piece of steel rod of the right diameter. File or saw the end flat and then, using a small-diameter round or half round file, make the end concave, keeping the filed edges sharp. Alternatively, for small punches, a triangular file can be used to make a vee-notch in the end to like effect. Or, if you have no suitable file for that profiling, use a flat file to angle the end of the nail or rod right across at around 45 degrees. Take your punch and a hammer and punch through the strap or other item onto either a block of fairly hard wood or a flat piece of lead. The sharp-edge should punch through quite cleanly. If in doubt, practise first on a piece of scrap material, or even cardboard.
  13. I need help with a decision - boots or wedges?

    I like both Jeremy's purchases! And they are still available online: wedges (size 9 only) £10.50; boots (sizes 4 - 8 ) £10.00. Wish they did them in UK11!
  14. Change Your Heels mlroseplant

    Interesting comments! I've re-shaped hard plastic/rubber top lifts for my wife's heels by holding them by the pin in a pin vice and then against the carborundum wheel on my workshop bench grinder. Works well, but proceed carefully. I used to do a lot of model-making and have a fair workshop of more precision tools, including two mini drills; neither is a Dremel. My elder son gave me an unsolicited Dremel 3000 recently as a 'thank-you' for some DIY jobs I did for him, assuming that it would be useful. It probably would be if I didn't have the other drills and had more work for such a tool; for now, the box remains sealed. But I've read a number of poor reviews of this Dremel (e.g. very short lifespan before motor burns out) and Dremel's notable lack of interest in putting things right. Has anyone else found a problem with the 3000, or indeed other models? Reviews on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dremel-3000-15-Multitool-130-Accessories/product-reviews/B0078LENZC/ref=cm_cr_dp_d_hist_1?ie=UTF8&filterByStar=one_star&reviewerType=all_reviews#reviews-filter-bar
  15. Who has bought some new shoes

    ... and I see that there is also a setting for 'heel height' - 'High' or 'Med'.