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  1. Very interesting, and encouraging - but a picture of the boots would be very helpful. As an outsider, I would regard the US as the land of extremes: very strait-laced in many respects but surprisingly liberal and relaxed in others. Just look at 'People of Walmart' to see some examples of conduct or appearance that would almost never be seen in the UK. I'm not judging either country, just expressing an impression gained from my life in the UK and my visits to the US.
  2. I don't doubt that legs have a better blood supply than arms, but circulation in legs and feet (as wells as arms and fingers) does diminish naturally with age, as the vascular consultant told me only on Tuesday during a hospital referral. Although he could find nothing abnormal with my lower limb circulation, he wasn't surprised when I told him of increasing cramps and leg pains at night and the intermittent soreness in the tips of a couple of my toes (which doesn't help if I wear heels), primarily due to thinning blood. I've looked in vain for some 'Elixir of Youth' on eBay - but I've got some garlic in case the vampires call.
  3. Puffer

    Cali World

    Bubba136: You don't say what size and type of heel required a new pad (top piece), but I'm guessing it was a hollow one similar to that shown by Cali. If so, I am sceptical that the thin edges of the moulding will give enough contact surface for the glued pad to remain firmly attached for very long - but time will tell. That is one reason why I advocate filling the void with wood and ideally nailing too.
  4. Puffer

    Cali World

    Looking again at your particular heels, you might find it helpful to push a plastic wall plug or length of dowel into each peg hole, and nail thru new top piece into each one, as that will give a good 'spread' of fixings. Ideally fill the void with scrap wood, flush to surface, and glue on top piece before nailing - which will improve stability (and deaden sound). Let us know how you get on.
  5. Puffer

    Cali World

    I would have expected several of your wedge heels to be of similar hollow construction, and need reheeling from time to time. I get the impression that you are not looking for a DIY remedy, Cali; am I right? What I suggested above is quite easy to do with basic tools.
  6. Puffer

    Cali World

    I quite agree about the pathetic quality of (most) moulded top pieces and I was not seeking a source other than out of curiosity. But, if they don't exist, I must question how a cobbler would replace worn/missing heels without adopting a solution such as mine, as simply cutting a larger piece of suitable material to size does not solve the fixing problem into a hollow heel. I use softwood (as distinct from hardwood) simply because the right sort of offcuts are always to hand in my workshop and shaping is easy. I can't see why a harder wood 'plug' would be beneficial as it is only there to be a foundation for the new top piece to be screwed or nailed into. I suppose that one could put plastic wall plugs into the exiting holes and screw through the new top piece into them, but my solution is somewhat stronger.
  7. Puffer

    Cali World

    You have asked this question before, in 'New Heel Tips'. As I said there: 'Easier [than filling the cavity with a mixture of epoxy and sawdust] is to shape a piece of softwood to fit the cavity and wedge/glue it in. Then add glued-on rubber or composition heel piece, preferably also nailed into wood with brass nails.' I have done this successfully on a couple of pairs with hollow plastic heels. I have yet to find a source of moulded plug-in replacement top pieces, whgich obviously come in a myriad of shapes/sizes/fittings to suit the original boot or shoe.
  8. In my recent experience (twice) with an incorrect product being supplied (due to erroneous description by seller), eBay has immediately intervened and responded to my report by offering me a refund, rather than contacting the seller and (in my case) asking for a product exchange - which I then had to do direct with the seller. (In both my transactions, the seller could not supply the 'correct' item, so a refund followed by re-sourcing was the only option, but I got there eventually, if a little poorer. It does seem from the seller's silence here that he might have ceased trading, in which case the goods may or may not be in existence, and possibly still retrievable, subject to insolvency procedures if applicable. But if he is simply not resoponding, for whatever reason, eBay may be able to throw some light on it.
  9. And these from ASOS are little better: ASOS has several other nen's boots with chunky platforms of doubtful appeal. That does seem to be a current trend, alas.
  10. Correct - but (as I have found for myself), eBay tends to take the easy way out when there is an issue, processing a refund rather than trying to secure missing goods or other solution. I'm guessing here that Prutske255 wants his boots (if they exist) rather than his money back, and may need to emphasise this to eBay.
  11. If you ordered through eBay and nothing has been received, surely you should report this to eBay and request help? Ebay should be able to tell you the status of a seller on its site if there is any contact problem,
  12. ASOS currently has on its UK website some 56 items of men's footwear described as 'heeled'. Several of these styles have been shown here before. Overall, they are a mixed bag, with the more extreme examples being unlikely to have much appeal to those here who value their feelings for taste, reputation (or sanity). One of the newer items that I would certainly never wear is these OTK boots: Take four bricks and two black binliners and assemble as shown! They are listed as available in sizes UK6 - UK12 and the discounted price today is £72.00, or less with extra discount code. Would anyone here like to wear them (outside Halloween)?
  13. Although I am sure that there was a 'live' online link to this business very recently, all links now seem to lead nowhere. Miguel Jones does seem to have run a respected and ethical business for some years, so it is surprising that everything has gone dead. Maybe something bad has happened to him or the business itself?
  14. Puffer

    Cali World

    I quite like the look of leather or faux leather trousers, although I don't own any. But I think that a man so clad could attract quite a lot of adverse attention from many people - more perhaps than if he was wearing obvious high heels. They have a certain 'reputation' in the UK, unless worn by e.g. young (or once-young, now faded) pop singers and the like. A shame, however; leather can look very smart.
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