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  1. Were you wearing HIGH YIELD shoes during that task?
  2. Carrots? Maybe the root of all evil for you.
  3. As they are fabric, I don't think that conventional stretching will work, at least as one would attack leather shoes. Using a screw-operated stretcher could strain the fibres unduly. What causes fabric to stretch? Water would, I think, tend to cause shrinkage rather than stretching.
  4. I hated the 70s, after the promise of the early 60s had all-but disappeared. I was old enough and financially secure enough to do more or less what I wanted (bought my first house in 1973) but felt frustrated at almost every turn and embarrassed by the prevailing fashions and values. Even my (first) marriage in 1976 did not fill the void and it took another 10 years for my idea of relative normality to arrive.
  5. I am reminded of the celebrated British conductor, Sir Thomas Beecham, who was known for his wit. On one occasion during rehearsals, a lady cellist was not playing to his saisfaction. He turned to her, saying: 'Madam - what you have between your legs can give many men great satisfaction - and all you can do is sit there and scratch it!'
  6. Why 'bizarre'? A survey some years ago highlighted that Scottish women were more likely to wear high heels than in almost any other area of the UK, with north east England a close second. One reason is that many Scottish women are on the shorter side. My own observations in Glasgow (although, alas, not in recent years) bore both facts out.
  7. One technique for leather (not synthetic) shoes or boots is to use a shoe-stretching liquid (brushed or rubbed into the leather to soften it) in conjunction with a proprietary screw-operated shoe stretcher or equivalent. The liquid can be bought quite easily but a cheaper alternative is to use iso-propyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol), sometimes sold for cleaning electrical contacts etc. This can be diluted with a similar volume of water and a few drops of washing-up liquid added. Leave the leather under tension overnight and repeat if necessary. Width is usually easier to stretch than leng
  8. It did look as though chester wasn't sure if he was coming or going. But I was more worried about the misaligned skirting board behind!
  9. Alas, very little in larger sizes. The Recite boots in black only in UK 8 or 9.
  10. I assume that the boots you were wearing are those with cuban heels of around 2.5"? If so, they should give you no trouble when walking on normal surfaces or negotiating stairs etc, but the modest elevation will feel a little strange at first. I'm surprised that people even noticed them, let alone reacted, unless your gait was perhaps a little awkward or (more likely) the heels were particularly 'clicky'. But no harm done and all seems positive and encouraging! (I had very similar experiences when I first wore cuban heels about 12 years ago - a little unnerving at first but the sky did
  11. Yes, they would have been. What you call 'road bikes' were not at all common in suburban areas, and certainly not for women's daily runabout use. This discussion was clearly centred on urban sightings of conventional 'city bikes' - what we used to call 'push bikes' in England.
  12. When cycling was more common as a cheap means of local transport (as distinct from for leisure actvity), it was by no means uncommon to see women cycling to and from work or for shopping etc wearing their normal clothes, which would often include high heels (even stilettos). I am referring to activity in S E England in the 1950s/60s; the position is rather different nowadays
  13. Why not combine activities and wear those stiletto boots whilst cycling, with a few interludes for an increasingly long stroll in heels along the lanes? And, if you are really daring, cross the border into Kent and frighten the natives there. I shall be on the lookout ... I shall be out for a short shopping trip later this morning, walking (but not I hope mincing) in my ASOS Recite boots with 3.9" block heels. Not quite getting into East Sussex however.
  14. Very nice! And keeping the label on adds a touch of class 😜 The Penelope court, I assume, with 5" heel? If so, what size did you buy - they seem to run small? 20% off at ASOS until 8am tomorrow: code CHARM.
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