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  1. We're almost into 'boasting about hardship' territory here! My feet stopped growing (at UK11) in about 1963. UK11 was the largest men's size on the high street, with very rarely anything larger anywhere else. I could usually find something that I liked (such as pointed chelsea boots!) in UK11 in a shoe shop but the choice was not wide. The largest size for women's shoes at that time was usually UK7, with occasional availability in UK8 but rarely in anything truly fashionable. The situation only gradually changed; by about 1980 it was possible to buy men's UK12 and women's UK8 without too much trouble - but still not in all styles. Only since around 2010 has there been any reasonable availability (albeit not in all styles) in UK13 and UK9 respectively, and better recognition of wider fittings. So, there is slow progress but I agree that it still fails to match the size requirements (width as well as length) of progressively 'bigger' people. ASOS is a rare exception in offering women's footwear up to UK13 in several styles, including boots of a fairly unisex type and some high stilettos - most of which seem to sell-out quickly, especially in the wide-fit version where available.
  2. I am obliged for the clarification. Presumably 'semitrailer' because they only have wheels at the rear, whereas a trailer proper is self-contained with wheels fore and aft? What do you call a longer unit, with one or more additional coupled trailers? (I can think of a few suitable names if trying to overtake one!)
  3. I assume you mean 'Arctic'? This is an artic (or what I think you call a rig in the colonies): But the coat would doubtless be snug when driving, in an artic or otherwise, in the winter.
  4. Yes, the boot raises you above the ground by 8". We all accept that. But the effect of your 'high heel' is a rise of around 4" only because of the platform sole. If (with your boots on), you stood on a piece of wood 2" thick, you would now be 10" off the ground - but your heel rise would still only be a modest 4". There is no need for further debate, let alone disharmony. You like what you have - good. But such an extreme platform style is not for everyone.
  5. You misunderstand. The heel may be 8" but the (net) rise, after deducting the platform (4"?) is 4" or thereabouts. Sorry, but I don't like platforms and certainly feel that any platform of more than about 3/4" invariably makes any shoe look clumpy.
  6. Somewhat to my surprise, Mrs Puffer said she liked the new wedge sandals (especially the squareish toe!!), although they are a little narrow for her feet, but reckons the straps should stretch a little. She then told me that the toe-post wedges were thrown away as, although I had mended a broken-away piece in the wooden heel, they had (allegedly) failed again. So, win one - lose one.
  7. Is this considered sufficiently 'normal' (ignoring optional hat and sunglasses)? The pic has been seen here before and is (or was) an advert for 'Omano' boots, from Spain. Although posed, it seems to me to show a relaxed man wearing everyday clothing with plain-looking boots that just happen to have a (very) high but well-proportioned heel. A look - indeed, a lifestyle - which I suggest most of us would be happy to emulate.
  8. My comment was not a criticism of any man wearing shoes if an obviously feminine style - ankle strap or otherwise - and certainly not of you. I was merely suggesting that an ankle strap is seemingly found only on feminine shoes, so marks them as such. 'High heels', slingbacks, t-straps etc are found on some styles (typically sandals) worn by or intended for men. I would wear the latter, but not any ankle strap style.
  9. To my mind, any ankle strap shouts 'feminine' even more loudly than a high heel usually does.
  10. Maybe I can find someone well-versed in cryptography who can decode all this into something that makes sense to someone who is from GenOldGit. More seriously, all these labelled factions merely demonstrate to me that the world has become increasily divided - and divisive. I'm not sure where I belong to it any more - if anywhere.
  11. What's unusual about that? 1" heels are effectively FLAT, and 2" by no means 'high'.
  12. The stiletto heels are (for once) the proper shape and in the correct position, which doubtless makes all the difference in stability and comfort in walking, quite apart from enhancing the appearance.
  13. Thank you! But do be careful if asking for 'the Chief Constable of Kent'. It is all too easy to spoonerise the second and fourth words and get into a spot of bother.
  14. My wife professes to now dislike high heels, partly for (alleged) reasons of comfort but more, alas, because she considers them inappropriate stylistically. She is scathing about my liking for heels as an admirer and, equally, whenever I wear even my modest cuban heeled boots, which she considers ridiculous for someone 'of my age' etc. She does occasionally wear a modest heel (especially on sandals or ankle boots) and used to like the wedge sandals in question, but they have not appeared for some time. I quite expect her to roundly reject the new sandals, but I can only try. (If I disappear after Christmas Day, you will know why!)
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