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  1. I think that SF was merely quoting what others had said, i.e. they said that 'SF wears girls' shoes' (and with the apostrophe correctly placed, of course!). But you are right to condemn that label as a solecism.
  2. In one sense your work with moving the mirror reflects well on you - but, on the other hand ... Did you get any reaction to your footwear at the supermarket?
  3. I've looked at Noo Shoes too, prompted by the recommendation, as I wear a UK11 or 12. I'm equally disappointed, but for a different reason - I have no interest in platform courts in mostly garish colours, which is all that the site offers. Where are the ankle boots and loafers etc that can be worn more openly in public?
  4. I didn't really notice the ages of the girls (and the friend's was not stated), but I had no belief that you might actually have acted as the words suggested! I think we all know you well enough! Anyway, we can agree that offence was neither intended nor taken! And your stated aims in life are thoroughly laudable too. Yes, 'Brassed Off' was a good film with an excellent cast - well worth watching. The bandmaster was played by the late Pete Postlethwaite, considered by many to be one of England's finest actors of his time. And the character in the clip was played by Jim Carter, another fine actor, better known these days as 'Carson' (the butler) in Downton Abbey.
  5. .. and I hope you practise likewise too! I had to laugh at your (presumably) unintended double entendres! I think you could get a job (working currently from home, of course) as a scriptwriter for such as the erstwhile (UK) 'Carry On' films.
  6. Yes, Long Tall Sally is certainly a 'mainstream retailer' in the sense of selling fairly tame styles of footwear that ordinary women (with big feet and reasonable wealth) would willingly buy. Nothing wrong with that but, as you imply, of limited interest to many here. But not a mid-range high street 'mainstream retailer' offering the sort of boots that DProud2700 was clearly interested in acquiring, and to which my comments were directed.
  7. Hardly a 'mainstream retailer', i.e. one with a significant high street presence. And very few stylish or affordable offerings, alas. .
  8. If you usually wear a US11 (male), the UK equivalent (male or female footwear) will be 10 or more likely 10.5. This Simmi boot from ASOS only goes up to UK8: https://www.asos.com/simmi-shoes/simmi-london-samia-stiletto-knee-boots-in-black-croc/prd/14224663?acquisitionsource=com.google.android.apps.docs: You will not find anything larger than UK10 in ASOS (and then only in a few of ASOS own-brand items) and I know of no other UK mainstream outlet (such as Topshop or New Look) offering larger than UK9, again only in selected styles. I wear a UK 11 or 12 myself and have failed to find anything that fits - even the ASOS 10 Wide is no good.
  9. If I recall, you were a Nook Glowlight user - is there a reason for the change, Jeff? (I have a Nook Glowlight which serves me very well, despite the total withdrawal of UK support. But one has to remember to maintain an older version of Adobe Digital Reader or it won't function.)
  10. The combat boots from FSJ are shown as $189, which seems very expensive for synthetic footwear from China. Presumably, if yours were customised, they cost even more? Do you consider them good value and good quality? (I am not intending to buy any, just curious about the product, but some other styles from FSJ look attractive.)
  11. You are of course right. I wasn't advocating wearing 'heeled waders' (despite suggesting that they would allow wading in deeper water!) but just identifying that they do exist. Caveat emptor. There is some very bad flooding in several parts of the UK at present, with many homes and businesses inundated and people forced to abandon them. In all the media coverage, I have yet to see more than a couple of people wearing boots above knee-high (which are often quite inadequate for negotiating flooded streets etc) and I imagine that such supplies as exist are in great demand.
  12. I'm not sure about truly waterproof thigh-length waders with a heel, but knee-length heeled wellies are certainly available, as the black 'Hunters' below. I suppose they are a neat idea when genuinely wading as they allow a few extra inches of water to be safely navigated! There is also a Polish manufacturer (https://www.fashion-style.com.pl/en/) who offers a very large range of latex footwear and clothing, including many styles of thigh-length boots, such as the red stiletto pair and the slightly more practical chunky-heeled stripey pair both pictured below. There are some boot/trouser combos too. Being latex, they should be good for some careful wading!
  13. I was somewhat surprised to read the online comments (so far) on the article. Almost all condemn the concept of unhealthy/ugly/outmoded high heels and consider CL's promotion of them as merely his blatant attempt to sell expensive shoes. A common theme was to ask why CL doesn't wear them himself if they are so good. There were very few in favour of him or heels in general. But I suppose this is just another example of opponents being more energetic and vociferous than supporters.
  14. To my eyes, there is nothing remotely feminine about those boots. They are heavy - indeed somewhat clumpy - and look like work boots rather than anything stylish. I'm not sure whether the straps do anything practical or are merely an embellishment, but they (rather than the boot itself or the height of its shaft) are what would attract attention and potential comment. You are right; taller (calf/knee-length) boots are - in theory - probably one of the least gender-specific types of footwear in history, along with simple sandals. But as the practical need for them in most everyday activity has diminished in most cultures they have become a purely fashion item and therefore (alas) only truly acceptable on women. However, in certain cultures (e.g. mid- and eastern-Europe), long boots remain part of traditional dress and are still worn by men without comment, and not just for ceremonial purposes. And that is without considering the 'Western' (cowboy) boot in all its guises.
  15. Puffer

    Crazy High Heels

    I would not (and could not!) wear those shoes, but I'm not quite so critical of their appearance as others have been. The main snag as I see it is the short toebox which, given the angle of the (claimed) 7" heel, does not look very comfortable, although the 'wide' fitting may be helpful (and tends to make the toebox look shorter than it probably is). The 'lift' of the sole (with, I think, some very low internal rear padding) is probably helpful when walking - this seems to be quite often found on shoes these days (male or female, heeled or not). The heel itself appears to be better positioned and better shaped than many other high stilettos are - and is not too thin. As for looking 'cheap', that is surely typical of most patent shoes? Anyway, one will never know how wearable these shoes might be without trying them and I for one am not volunteering! And, however comfortable they might be, they are hardly going to be suitable for male wear outside a fetish party.
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