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  1. Only slightly, I regret to say. In my wife's view, almost everything I do is considered 'abnormal', if not perverted, as I am frequently told in no uncertain terms. Fortunately, I know better.
  2. Sounds like my wife, whose disapproval of almost anything I do (shoe-related or not) transmits itself by telepathy through both time and space. (In fact, I detect her two storeys down telling me that I am a pervert right now.)
  3. When you come to England, you might find yourself at home in the Nottingham area - specifically Sherwood Forest!
  4. Picking up on a couple of points made by the others about places to visit: 1. The Historic Dockyard at Chatham is well worth a visit - with plenty to interest your children (including inter-active displays etc), regardless of age. But allow several hours to take it all in - there is a lot to see. 2. If you go to Hastings and want to relax for a while after looking round the town and seafront etc, Alexandra Park (about 0.5 mile north of the main shops and seafront) is spacious, has several facilities/attractions and is peaceful - and with easy parking outside. When I go to the town, I usually end up there for a picnic lunch - Morrisons Supermarket is a good place for takewaway food (and cheap petrol!) and is on Queens Road which connects the town centre to the park. 3. Whitstable, with its harbour and quirky shops, is a pleasant place to visit if you are in Thanet (North Kent coastal area) but not the best for bathing. Fish and chips from Ossie's (11 High Street) highly recommended! The best beaches in Thanet are at Margate and Viking Bay, Broadstairs. (Broadstairs is a smarter town than Margate; the latter is historic (and has the Turner Gallery etc) but is somewhat run-down.)
  5. I assume you mean the (reconstructed) Globe Theatre? Not sure why you think Dover would be 'fun' - there is not a great deal to see there apart from the port, although the WW2 tunnels and Ops Room etc at the Castle are interesting and worth a visit. Lots of other places within an hour or so of London that are worthwhile - but be aware of traffic, restrictions and parking charges if you are driving - and high train fares if not! Enjoy your trip and don't forget British customs when you are here, e.g. on entering a restaurant, bus or train you must immediately introduce yourself (in a loud voice) and shake hands all round.
  6. I think you mean co-respondent's shoes, which are (were) typically two-tone brown/white or black/white. I doubt if any co-respondent wears them nowadays! (Did this concept exist outside the UK, I wonder?) Similar shoes were worn by gangsters, and still are by some golfers. The latter, presumably, giving rise to the alternative name of 'spectator shoes' in the US.
  7. Nice boots, p1ng74 - I would buy them too! I'm not quite sure why white footwear is considered dubious for men by many, it has a clean summery look. (OK, white trainers/sneakers are everywhere but I don't count those as remotely stylish or smart.)
  8. Where is the evidence of 'acceptance'? I don't condone intolerance of or antagonism towards those who are 'different' in appearance or lifestyle but that is not to say that they are truly 'accepted' or welcomed by the population generally. The whole issue is clouded by the restrictions (legal and otherwise) on what may be said or done that is allegedly of a discriminatory nature. Silence does not amount to acquiescence. We can scarcely expect freedom of dress when we increasingly restrict freedom of expression in other forms.
  9. Forget the heels for a moment. What I find objectionable is clunky, ugly footwear of any type worn by anyone of any sex. OK, thick platforms and heavy toe-boxes appeal to some - but they are rarely elegant. It may be wishful thinking that strappy stiletto sandals will be accepted as menswear any time soon, but orthopaedic boots are not the way ahead either. If we look at what some of our more discerning members (such as p1ng74) favour, I see a glimmer of hope that wearable, good-looking heeled footwear will become more acceptable for men in an everyday context.
  10. I don't understand it. Sam Smith looks almost normal above the ankles - so where is the Frankenstein outfit that goes with those boots? Do we really see footwear like that as the way to go; surely also a stereotype?
  11. Puffer

    Cali World

    An interesting and rather 'attractive' effect! But I do wonder what would happen if the magnet was 'gay'?
  12. Very elegant, p1ng74, especially the outfit on the left. (The boots on the right are a little too heavy to wear with a dinner jacket etc.)
  13. I had to smile, with a vision of the two ladies bending down and saying something like 'Hello boots, I do like you - very smart!'. I do hope that it was you, rather than your (very nice) boots who was given the compliment.
  14. Puffer

    Cali World

    Hmm! Looking at the first pic, I think you need some more practice, Cali. And boots would be more suitable.
  15. 'The Sun' on 9 May ran a feature about one of its reporters dressing to emulate the 'Harry Styles' look; see here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9033421/man-tries-harry-styles-met-look-london/ For those who can't see the article, I attach one pic below He doesn't look too bad imho, although the mismatched nail varnish does him few favours. The boots have quite a modest cuban heel and look perfectly good for male street wear. The overall reaction (if any) from onlookers as he went around in London seemed generally positive.
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