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  1. I'm sure you also became more down-to-earth and gained a better grounding in your career. 🐹🌩️
  2. Now those white slingbacks are VERY nice! I'm guessing 5"? That style was very popular in the early '60s but I have very rarely seen them (being either worn or advertised) in recent years; all offerings seem to have the wrong heel position or toe shape, or are given an ankle strap and an ugly platform.
  3. I didn't take your comment as being criticism and share your sadness. ☺️
  4. I think you misunderstood my point. Pierre's regular purchases of heels have given the manufacturers some potentially profitable business, but I agree that many of the good brands have gone forever. High-heeled does not necessarily mean high-yield!
  5. If I may ask, what happened that led to that diagnosis? Was it an existing medical (skeletal?) condition or did you have an accident? Fortunately for high-heel manufacturers, you survived and they prospered!
  6. Somehow, the sandals seem to blend nicely with the background pipework. I like the graceful curves on both!
  7. Was there any explanation of not sending you what you actually ordered? Regardless of whether they (fortunately) run large and therefore fit you, I would not expect a substitution to be made without consultation.
  8. Is that a stall catering for 'persons of restricted growth' being set up to the left? Hi ho, hi ho ...
  9. Be careful if you slip into the vernacular - it makes an awful mess of nice shoes. 🤢
  10. A bad start, but I'm pleased to know that your English lessons were not entirely wasted! 👨‍🎓
  11. I couldn't resist a further search. This one caught my eye; anyone we know? (I liked the reference elsewhere to such oddball customers being called 'Walmartians'!) And, given that this is Kentucky, I think we may know who this is:
  12. I think that you and your wife are being very generous to treat a stranger's impromptu photography as a compliment, even if you do both enjoy it. Most women (unless obviously posing or modelling) would surely treat such a 'liberty' as weird or borderline perverted, especially if they were alone? I suppose in your wife's case she is indeed clearly posing so there is an implied invitation to admire and capture on film, with or without permission.
  13. I should perhaps qualify my earlier comments, which reflect usual behaviour in the UK - or at least the more urban areas of the southern half. Casual encounters between strangers in open areas of a town will rarely produce any acknowledgement, spoken or otherwise. It is the sign of a 'foreigner' (i.e. someone from the next county but one) that he or she might attempt a greeting, or even a conversation. Not really true in the country, where a polite 'good morning' or similar is usual. When on public transport in the south east, speaking to the stranger squashed up close to you in the rush-hour is distinctly frowned upon, unless (perhaps) he has vomited over you or is threatening you with a really sharp knife or a gun. Only yesterday, strolling casually in the sun towards a supermarket in my town, I was taken aback when a complete stranger gave me a semi-salute and a cheery greeting as he passed. I immediately assumed that there was something amiss with my appearance - perhaps my fly was open or I had half my breakfast round my face. (Neither was the case, nor was I wearing heels.) No, I am not joking - the encounter, harmless though it was, was momentarily unnerving. When queuing (another popular British pastime) In a shop, or at a bus stop etc, it is not uncommon however to commence or respond to a brief conversation with a fellow detainee. But it must be strictly restricted to the activity in hand (e.g. the wait for service, the absence of stock, the size of the shop assistant's breasts) or, exceptionally, the prevailing weather. However, despite all I have just said, the stranger in town (particularly if from overseas) will invariably receive a polite and helpful response to any equally polite comment, question or request for directions that he might make in innocent ignorance of these British conventions. Welcome to the UK! 😄
  14. I rather agree that taking a photo without 'permission' may be considered intrusive, if not exactly rude, although of course there is nothing unlawful or illegal about it, at least in the UK. But the idea of making more than mild eye-contact with a stranger, let alone saying 'hi', would be anathema to many if not most UK citizens. I guess that a furtive glance and/or pic would be the norm here, with no words spoken. 'Upskirting' has recently become a criminal offence here; perhaps 'downfooting' should be similarly treated!
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