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  1. Dredging back up an old topic, I have some new news on the subject! I have a wonderful pair of Vera Wang loafer style pumps from the "Lavender" collection, model name Talli. Evidently, Yuja Wang is not yet marketing her own line of shoes, so Vera will have to do for now. I had mentioned elsewhere on this forum that I had a bit of a snafu wearing these quite attractive shoes because the steepness of them is right about at the limit of what I can walk in and not look ridiculous. However, I got myself into a situation where I was standing or walking continuously for several hours, and the muscles in my feet and ankles became quite fatigued, causing some awkward moments. At any rate, the shoes themselves are comfortable enough, it's just that I need to work my way up to them so I can last more than an hour or two. It just so happens that I saw a pair of the same model shoes, barely worn, in plain black (my favorite) for about 40 USD. Just for reference, new at full retail, they were about 300 USD, which seems a tad overpriced, but they are Italian made, full leather all around, including the soles. When my "new" shoes arrived, they were exactly what I expected, right down to the fact that I knew I'd have to use the shoe stretcher on them to widen the toe box just a tad. Except there was one surprise--the heels on the new black shoes were noticeably lower than the heels on my brown croc-print shoes--just a tad over 5", vs. just a tad under 5 3/8" (both figures translate to right around 13 cm). Same model, same size, non-Chinese, different heel. I don't get it. I am not really complaining. They still look wonderful, and as it turns out, that 5/16 of an inch or so makes a big difference for me. The new ones are noticeably easier to walk in. I cannot yet attest to how I will feel after several hours, but given my past experience, they will be fine for several hours, if not all day. Compare and contrast the two pairs: Remember, identical model, identical size, identical fit, Italian made, the only difference is the color (and of course the heel height).
  2. This actually works somewhat if your pain comes from some kind of pinched nerve. I used this trick with my work boots when I was having such a problem with pain in the balls of my feet. Naturally, I used electrical tape. I rarely have this kind of pain from wearing heels. My pain usually comes from muscular fatigue, usually when I get too ambitious with the heel height for a given circumstance. In that circumstance, no amount of taping anything is going to help much.
  3. Yes, I included the platform thickness, as I was wanting to see how much taller I really was with these giant heels! So yes, you're right, I'm only gaining about 2 3/8" from the actual steepness of the shoe (remember, I'm a USW size 9). So I get 1 3/8" for free, and I have to work for the rest. My general feeling is that in my size with single soled shoes 4 inches and higher, I gain approximately 3 inches in height, regardless of how steep the shoe is. I say 3 inches because the "platform" on single soled shoes is never quite zero. There is always the thickness of the actual sole and whatever liner there may be, and that might well give you an extra half inch.
  4. I'd wear that! Great casual outfit!
  5. I was pretty sure that I knew what you meant the first time, but I just had to poke you in the ribs a little bit! I did try to resist, but my baser side won out in the end. I guess the problem with the whole concept is that what is considered "normal" and what is not normal is so artificial anyway. Most modern Westerners (male or female) prefer it if women shave their legs. It just looks better. Why is this? It certainly wasn't always this way, and isn't this way everywhere in the world. I am certainly not immune from my cultural bias, I buy into it also. Shaved legs just look better to me. I figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander. But then, most ganders do not wear shorts as short and as tight as I do, so go figure. Don't worry about it brother, I was winding you up a bit.
  6. Tom, I wish I could send you some "bravery pills," but I can't. It took me about 4 years before I was truly comfortable being out in heels all the time. The first time out in heels is a big step, but it is one of many steps in the journey. Jura certainly made a bold statement with his outfit, and for that I applaud him. It's not my style, but I have been down the same exact road as him, wondering if I can wear what I want, and whether people will accept it. You too, will go down that same road. I recommend taking it slowly, step by step, and you will gain confidence. I will admit, even now, there are some days I don't have the energy to be confident enough to wear what I really want in all situations, but it brings some balance to one's life.
  7. I am disillusioned. I had been clinging to the belief that the measure of a man is how he conducts himself, and how he treats his fellow human beings.
  8. Like Esau, I am an hairy man. I won't be able to claim I can grow a beard in a day, but two weeks is certainly not out of the question. I need to shave my legs three times a week for best results, but it often doesn't get done. In fact, I wore long pants today because I didn't get round to shaving my legs, despite the heat. I also have to constantly pluck or cut my nose hair and ear hair. I only wish all this damn hair would have stayed on my head!
  9. Yes, a few months ago, we had this same discussion about how much taller one actually stands when wearing high heels, and I took a few measurements, using a framing square against the wall to measure my height in various heels that I own. What I discovered was, in my highest heels, 5 5/8" (14+ cm) with 1 3/8" (3.5 cm) platform, I gained only 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) in height. Really, there wasn't that much difference with lower heels. Higher than 3 1/2" (9 cm), you just don't gain much in actual height, compared to the heel height.
  10. It depends on how tight the shoes are to begin with. I certainly wouldn't suggest going for a two mile walk using the Steve Method. It's definitely best to relax and read a book or do housework or something, a combination of sitting and standing with very spare walking. I am wary of using a mechanical stretcher with sandals that delicate because I've broken straps before, and that's just a bummer. They work great for sturdier sandals or regular shoes, but that one little band of leather just doesn't take too much torture. I hear you about the blisters, but I have managed to avoid blisters for years. Well, except for when I burned my hand on a hot drill bit a couple months ago, but that has nothing to do with shoes! I always carry a Band-Aid (sticking plaster) with me for such emergencies, and I'm very careful about what shoes I'm wearing if I'm going to be out very long. It's tempting to wear new shoes out, because we're so excited about them, but quite inadvisable until they become a known quantity. I'm sure everyone knows how I feel about wearing hosiery with sandals, but using the Steve Method is the ONE time I would agree with Steve himself that's it's OK to wear hosiery with your sandals! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
  11. Those do look rather nice on you, Steve. I'm glad you were able to find something that works. I am surprised that you need a tall in size 18, as you are not super tall or anything, but the proof is in the picture! A little extra length would in fact be desirable if you were wearing higher heels. My body must be super weird. I don't think my legs look that out of proportion with the rest of me, but evidently they are very short! At 5'5", or 165 cm, I generally take a size 4P, and 95% of the time (100% of the time for straight or skinny styles) I still have to have the pants shortened. Luckily, my best friend (and shoe buddy) is a tailor! Thank you for sharing, Steve! If you don't mind my asking, what are those jeans worth, anyway (before the 30% discount)?
  12. I had a close call yesterday. I got these Charles by Charles David wedges a couple of months ago, and as the weather has gotten quite warm as of late, I have been adding them to my rotation. I don’t necessarily love them, but they’re attractive enough I guess. They’re real leather, but not exactly super high quality leather. They’re comfortable. They have a 5 inch heel with a 1 3/8” platform. They’re just solid, casual sandals. I’ve worn them out several times with no problem, but yesterday I ran into a big problem. I needed to pay a couple of bills locally, so I got into my car with a couple of checks and invoice stubs to take them where they needed to go. It was very hot yesterday, and the inside of my car was super hot, I was burning my legs on the seat, and that sort of thing. My first destination was just a few minutes from my house, so the air conditioner didn’t get a chance to cool down the car much. I stepped out of the car, and my feet were so sweaty that my right sandal just would not stay on. My foot kept slipping out of it. Luckily, I only had to walk about 50 feet to get inside the building, and maybe another 20 feet once I was inside. I didn’t think I was going to make it back to my car without having to remove my shoes, it was that bad. I literally had to walk about 1/4 speed to keep my shoes on my feet. Naturally, there was some guy pulling up behind me in his car at the very moment I walked back out to the street to get back in my car. Oh well. Hopefully, he didn’t notice. When I arrived at my next destination, I took a Kleenex (the only thing I had available) and wiped the tops of my feet dry, as well as the undersides of the straps on the sandals, and I had no trouble at all after that. However, that spooked me. I’ve never had this kind of trouble before with any sandal, or certainly not to that extreme extent. I’m a little bit afraid to wear these out again unless it’s under 90 degrees.
  13. All the girls are wearing them now, especially in Vietnam! My lovely niece...
  14. Let's put it this way--I'd wear them!
  15. Don't worry, this gal is basically the Placido Domingo of her chosen field, which is circus acrobat. She's semi-retired now, at the ripe old age of 28! Singing is a much longer career, evidently.