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  1. I shall have to remember that method the next time I am faced with such a situation. I don't think I've ever run into a situation where I didn't use the pilot bit on purpose, as in @Puffer's project. The usual reason, if not the exclusive reason, is that I need to enlarge an existing hole, and I don't have a knockout punch available to me. Often this happens because somebody selected the wrong size hole saw to create the opening. Sometimes it is an apprentice, and sometimes, though far less often, it is me.
  2. You must have a drill press. Otherwise, I can't see how you were able to use a hole saw without its pilot bit with any accuracy whatsoever. I've learned a few tricks about how to get away with that in a pinch, but it's never pretty. However you did it, nice work out of you!
  3. This week's church OOTW. There is nothing notable about it, except for the fact that this is the first time this year I was able to wear sandals. It finally warmed up, but it's only temporary. By the end of the week, we're looking at lows uncomfortably close to the freezing mark. I felt like I wanted to wear tan sandals yesterday with wide legged trousers, but my first choice was at the extreme steep end of my wearable range. Due to some strenuous physical activity yesterday, I elected not to wear those, but went instead with what I call my "pageant" shoes. Their actual designation is Steve Madden Dezzzy (yes, that's with three z's), but their very high heel with thick platform reminds me of the pageant shoes that every southeast Asian girl wears in a beauty pageant. Of course the real pageant shoes usually have a somewhat thinner heel and an ever thicker platform, but you get the idea. I get a nearly 6 inch heel with less than 4 1/2" of steepness. My son just bought himself a motorbike, and here I am somewhat awkwardly posing on it, at his suggestion. No, I did not ride the thing in those heels. A few minutes later in real time---Now that I have actually loaded the photos, I notice that I wore a nearly identical outfit sometime last August, minus the tie. I think it's the same exact shirt, pants, and shoes. I guess you'll have that from time to time if you don't document things, and with outfits, I certainly don't.
  4. It used to be that heels were more common in the southeast of the U.S. than elsewhere. I am not sure whether that is true anymore.
  5. I went to the bank to draw out cash in anticipation of my new motorbike purchase, documented elsewhere, and one of the tellers was wearing purple suede stiletto boots. I'm guessing 3 3/4" heel, maybe 4" if she has a bigger shoe size, so pretty decent. Had I been wearing heels myself (I came directly from my construction job), I would have asked/commented, but I didn't, instead. It's been a long time since I've seen anybody wearing real heels around here. I mean, besides me. I have half a mind to find some excuse to go to the bank for the next few Fridays just to see if that was a one-off.
  6. Yeah, I seem to remember that one, but wasn't it a billiard ball? I did a quick Google search, and was unable to come up with it. There are many similar images, but not the one you're talking about, and I'm pretty sure I know which one that is. This is where our opinions diverge. While such images are kind of cool, it is never just about the shoes, it's about the total package, and I'd much rather see if he or she (in my case, probably a she) can actually walk in whatever shoes are being publicized. According to reporting, Zendaya's limit is Louboutin Hot Chicks. Evidently, those about broke her. Probably sensational reporting, but that's what I heard.
  7. I don't know anything about her either, other than she is quite attractive, and evidently likes to wear high heels a lot.
  8. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that my shoe collection is down to at most 105, possibly 104. I had two shoe failures over the weekend. First, a strap broke on my BCBGeneration Quintin wedge sandals. I might be able to fix it, I might not. This is not a super big deal because I only use them as house slippers, and there are usually more available on Poshmark or some such outlet. The second failure, and this resulted in outright disposal, is my Sam & Libby Slashlin derbies. I had mentioned in an earlier post that about 15% of my collection hadn't been worn in over a year, so I decided to dig into some of the 15% and see if there was a reason why. 20 minutes before I was supposed to be at church, I pulled on these lace up shoes and they were very, very stiff, to the point where a substantial part of the fake patent leather started to peel off when flexed enough to get the shoes on. I'm editing out a large portion of the story, but I eventually decided to wear them anyway, one last time as a farewell. They weren't bad, and actually I caught myself on camera walking and carrying myself like I think I want to, the modest 3 7/8" steepness of the shoes probably aiding in that. I got home just fine and snapped these pictures (more about that in a moment), but didn't change clothes right away. I had some errands to run, and I didn't want to change clothes just yet. I have always thought that the shanks were a bit weak in these shoes, and afternoon proved that to be true. At some point, the right heel completely buckled under, even though it is still firmly attached. Peeling finish or not, that made my decision for me. I am not that upset. There's a reason I haven't worn these much--they kinda ugly! In other news, I got a new (to me) motorbike over the weekend. I have toyed with the idea of getting a maxi-scooter for years, and now I have finally pulled the trigger. It's a Yamaha Majesty 400, and so far I love it. My reasons for wanting such a machine are several: 1) Built-in storage capacity, making it much easier to commute to work and get groceries where I would normally have to use the car. 2) It's got a fairing, allowing me to ride in more comfort in more weather conditions. 3) It's a scooter. I can ride in heels again. I will miss shifting my own gears, but whatever. The only thing that remains to be seen is the fuel economy. By all accounts, it's supposed to get up there around 60 mpg, but that remains to be seen.
  9. I made the decision long ago to stop at 1/8" increments. I should just go metric, as the millimeter is a finer increment than the 16th of an inch. ____________ Today is probably the final batch of statistics I have, and it's much simpler than heel height--it's shoe style. I can't think of any more useful information that I can draw out of the data I have collected. Sandals: 60.4% Pumps: 16.0% Oxfords: 4.7% Boots: 4.7% Clogs: 10.4% Other: 3.8% _____________ Percentage of sandals that are mules: 73.4 Percentage of all shoes that are backless, i.e., mules and clogs: 56.6 Number of weeks that I am overdue for a pedicure: 2 Time to get the show on the road. It's supposed to actually be warm next week.
  10. Being as it's Saturday, I guess it's time for a more substantial statistics dump. I did try to do an estimate on how many of my heels are dressy vs. how many are casual. I have decided that this is too subjective and difficult a task to get an accurate number. I think it is clear that clogs can never be dressy, but how about wooden heeled sandals? I think usually not, but my Alaia sandals surely come close. Can a wedge sandal ever be dressy? Yes, but under what circumstances? Anyway, that's a fool's errand, so I all I can say is that roughly 40% of my shoes you might call "dressy," and the other 60% are more "casual." The more normal statistics are heel height and footbed steepness. For absolute heel height, as measured up the back of the heel, but perpendicular to the floor, we have the following: Less than 4": 14.2% 4" to including 4 1/2": 31.1% Over 4 1/2" to including 5": 28.3% Over 5": 26.4% Over the past several years, there has been a shift from the third category to the second. This is because a smaller percentage of my shoes are platforms than was the case before, so absolute heel height has shrunk in certain categories. However, in the next batch of numbers, you can see that this has caused the number to shift in the footbed steepness category even more dramatically. Steepness, for those of you who don't know, or who use a different definition, I measure steepness by subtracting out the height of the platform, if any. For example, my Nine West Plantera pumps have an impossibly tall 5 1/2" heel, but they also have a 1" platform, so the total steepness is a less impressive 4 1/2". I started at 3 1/2 inches because that is where to my mind that heels start feeling like heels. Less than 3 1/2": 15.1% 3 1/2" to including 4": 28.3% Over 4 to including 4 1/2": 46.2% Over 4 1/2": 10.4% As you can see, there is a big increase in the more than 4 to 4 1/2" category. If you included steepnesses that were right at 4" in that category, the number would be even more overwhelming. I guess this is where I like to be, but there is a variation even within this category. With 4 inch or less, I can just slide/pull them on and go. With 4 1/2 inch, that is highly inadvisable without preflight. As always, if I have a shoe which has no footbed liner or cushion, which is often the case with wooden heels, I "discount" the heel/platform height by 1/4" so that we are comparing heights more equally.
  11. Well, you really can't. As you see, I've got 15% of my collection that I've gone over a year without wearing. Maybe, MAYBE if I worked an office job and wore heels truly full time, I could juggle 100+ pairs, but you've got to figure, I go outside in heels about three times a week. Church on Sunday, choir on Wednesday, and one other miscellaneous time per week. Maybe more in the summer. I suppose the math theoretically works out in that case (around 150-200 wears per year) , but not in real life. I'm not going to put on 12 cm patent leather pumps to go pick up a few pork chops at the grocery store. Especially not in the summer. There's another statistic I guess I could pull--dressy heels vs. casual heels. A bit subjective, perhaps, but not too much so. The statistic of the day is that 34.9% of my collection are stiletto heels. That percentage might be rather higher if I didn't have an affinity for wooden heeled sandals and clogs, which make up a mere 27.4%. There is no real way to measure, since shoes do not have odometers or hour meters on them, but I would guess that the 27.4% gets worn in the real world several times as much as the 34.9%.
  12. Yup, that's what I figured. I'm not saying that they don't fit, I'm saying that they don't last very long without failing in one way or another.
  13. I suppose there is something to be said for just walking, but so many people do it badly, even in flats. I suppose it's just like singing--everybody can do it, but few do it well. There is more to the story for me, though. I have always been fascinated by gait, at first among our four-legged friends. Even though it was considered a "fault," I always found it rather charming when my German Shepherd Dog mix, Sadie, would sort of turn at an angle when she broke into a trot, because otherwise, her trailing and leading feet would hit each other. At one time, I could tell you how many miles per hour was the line of demarcation between walk and trot, trot and canter, canter and gallop. If I overanalyze human gait, I come by it honestly. I'm a bit of a gait geek.
  14. I blame Janet Jackson for almost singlehandedly ruining pop music, but that doesn't make it so, init? In other news, I have completed analysis of the shoe inventory data. I'm thinking about doling it out a little bit at a time, in an attempt to create more traffic on this forum. Or am I thinking crazy? If that is a dumb idea, I'll just dump all the numbers at once this weekend, when I have more time. As a movie trailer equivalent, I'll recap from above and confirm that indeed, I have 106 pairs of high heels, but add the recent revelation that 60.4% of them are sandals. That is an incremental increase from last time, but not a dramatic one. It's not surprising, being as you don't catch me in an enclosed shoe from May to December. One more interesting statistic--I decided to quickly count how many pairs I hadn't worn outside in over a year, and came up with 15.7%, so therefore, if I feel the need to thin the herd, there's about 1/6 of them right there.
  15. Just out of curiosity, why? I wonder if it's for the same reason that I've been disappointed by every Jessica Simpson shoe I've bought.
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