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  1. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    I'll answer this question as well, even though it was not directed at me. My wife also gained quite a bit of weight as a result of childbirth, and her feet grew enough that all of her old shoe collection was unwearable. It has taken several years, but she has slowly gotten back to her pre-pregnancy weight (congratulations to her!), but the hormonal changes have somehow affected the structure of her foot, so that her poor dogs just cannot take wearing heels the way they used to. Also, she now has a job where she stands for 8 hours a day. That probably doesn't help. The point is, I think it shows a fundamental difference between the way most women approach wearing heels and the way that most of us here at HHP approach it (gender inclusive). My wife will be 49 years old this year. In her mind, I am sure that not wearing heels all the time is not that big of a problem. She sure did enjoy high heels, and still does, but I do not believe that she has the "high heel gene" that most members here probably possess. Wearing heels was just something that society kind of expected of her when she was younger, and she took to it rather more than most. However, now that she's older, the social pressure isn't there any more, in fact it's probably the opposite. It's only natural that she will continue to wear heels less and less as the years go by. And like I say, that's fine. I have my own heels now! By contrast, my friend and shoe buddy who is a female slightly younger than my wife at age 43 does possess the "high heel gene." You will hardly ever see her in flats anywhere, because she just loves to wear heels. She has even expressed worry that someday she'll have to give them up as she ages. If only she could see the membership here! I'd say she's good for at least another 20 or 30 years if she wants to be.
  2. My 6th annual farewell to heels

    A short report from Vietnam. 1) I miss my heels. 2) The shopping trip with my niece probably isn't going to happen. 3) I haven't gotten sick at all so far this year. 4) Heel heights and popularity continue to decline, at least as I see it unscientifically. I haven't been to a mall or to the movies, and certainly not to a club, so I shouldn't report definitively, but out on the street, the giant heels of the early part of this decade have all but disappeared. Kitten heels and block-heeled pumps of 2" or even less seem to be everywhere. Athletic/trainer type shoes seem to be much more popular this year among young adult women, the same age range that 10 years ago seemed to wear substantial heels everywhere, and who are now in their early to mid-thirties. Ankle boots are popular at this time of year, and they tend to have higher heels, in the 3 to 4" range. I've seen several pairs of thigh boots that I didn't before. The ones I've seen have sported 3 or 4" block heels. 5) I have had more time to post on here lately!
  3. Pleaser sexy 21

    I am probably not the best advisor on this matter, since I am "stuck" at approximately 4 1/2" difference between toe and heel as far as being able to walk naturally, but I would suggest taking video of yourself walking, just to see what you really look like to others. All the practice in the world will not help if you are walking in a way that looks odd and you don't realize it.
  4. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Interesting turn of discussion, and I believe I have just the way to bring it all back on point, if you'll bear with me for a couple of minutes. I don't feel I'm qualified to give much of an opinion about whether it is a good idea to basically dismiss a girlfriend because she doesn't like high heels, but I can tell you that this sticky little problem can work the opposite way as well. What I mean is, one might conceivably find a woman who really enjoys wearing heels before one ever meets her, and is quite happy to continue doing so within the context of one's new relationship. This may be quite wonderful and exciting for a time. However, it is quite risky to place a lot of importance on just one or two superfluous qualities, because one may find oneself putting up with all sorts of objectionable behaviors for the sake of continuing to get one's "shoe fix." I don't know, maybe he should find a new girlfriend, but guessing from the short explanation we are given here, this problem will rear its ugly head, or as the case may be, its ugly foot, again at some point in the future. Which now gives me the opportunity to bring it back around and address the question that is the title of this thread. Another reason I like wearing heels is because it has solved the above mentioned problem for me quite nicely. Now that I wear my own heels, I do not feel the need to badger my wife into wearing them if she doesn't really feel like it. I no longer have to live vicariously through someone else. That leaves my wife and me more freedom to concentrate on other things that are really more important than shoes.
  5. My curiousity is sparked

    Haha, yet ANOTHER straight and married guy here. I do think that my feet are stronger and tougher than yours, but not for the reason(s) you might think. It has nothing to do with my foot size or gender (I'm US women's size 9). The reason I am able to wear substantial heels for long periods of time is because I have gone to a great deal of trouble to train my feet to handle that particular athletic challenge. Fit is, of course, very important, but it is not the end-all to heel wearing success. Physical endurance, and by necessity, training, is key to insuring that the fun won't stop just because my feet aren't up to the challenge! Welcome to our group!
  6. My 6th annual farewell to heels

    Our most usual (and preferred) route is DSM - ORD - ICN - HAN. Well, it's the cheapest, anyway. Upon our our arrival to my mother-in-law's house in Hanoi, some 30 hours after we left our own house, I ventured upstairs briefly to start putting some of our luggage in the bedroom. Halfway up the stairs, I stumbled slightly, prompting a "BE CAREFUL!" from my wife. I said it must be these doggoned flat shoes--I'm not used to wearing them. This elicited a very slight chuckle, rather than "the look." Progress comes in small increments sometimes.
  7. Hello from Iowa!

    Perhaps there is a malfunction in the PM system. I did reply to your message of Dec. 27.
  8. My 6th annual farewell to heels

    Howdy folks, It's time for my yearly pilgrimage to Vietnam, where my wife is from. As many of you already know (but some don't, I'm sure), my wife tolerates my heel wearing quite well, even if she is not super enthusiastic about it. However, wearing heels in Vietnam is proscribed by her, and that's just fine with me, at least for every day. However, I have plans to go shoe shopping with one of my nieces who loves and wears high heels. She knows about me. I will keep you informed of events.
  9. My 1,000th post...

    Wow! 1,000 posts! That means you are obligated to take at least 1,000 steps per day in high heels, right? Congratulations! I just noticed I'm up to 985. Had no idea! I'll catch you soon! Take care, my brother.
  10. Who has bought some new shoes

    Haha, that's great. My best friend and shoe buddy (a female) wears those in black as her usual everyday work shoe!
  11. Walking down stairs. I'm always working on it, but I still suck at it. Slick tile floors, such as are found in many supermarkets. There is one spot in my usual supermarket, right in front of the deli, that I have learned to be wary of. Replacing the heel tips with rubber ones usually solves this problem for the most part.
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    Aw, come on guys! You know I would never put my shoes in the washing machine. There's a slop sink next to the washing machine for hand wash only items.
  13. Men Posting (in the women's section)

    I did that once, a long time ago. Amanda got really angry with me. I didn't do it again. There is history behind why that rule exists which is not readily apparent today. It seems that some boys did not know how to behave themselves properly in the past, and you can see the result--very few women participants, and I suspect that at least half of those that do participate from time to time are boys pretending to be women. It wasn't always that way. I could go on, but instead I will answer the question as presented in the girls' section, "What causes you the most problems when walking in heels?" For me it has been the highly polished asphalt tile floors commonly found in supermarkets and other retail establishments. It seems that every time I have come close to taking a tumble, it has involved this type of flooring.
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    I have owned a pair of Steve Madden Barbb mules for about a year. I have enjoyed them enough that I wished I could buy them in another color. Unfortunately, like most shoes I buy, it's a non-current model, and pretty much unavailable anywhere. However, somebody must think they're still stylish enough, because there are knockoffs aplenty, in many, many colors. I hesitate to use the word "knockoff," because the Real McCoy wasn't all that expensive to begin with, but the knockoffs are super cheap, and copy the style in every respect save one--they are not leather. But I decided what the heck, for less than 20 bucks, why not? I've been searching for the real thing for quite some time with no luck. As it turns out, they aren't that bad. Not quite as comfortable as the genuine article, but not bad, and they look and feel way more expensive than 20 bucks. I bought them in a sort of rose-tinged nude patent. Right after my knockoffs arrived, I found the real Steve Maddens in what they call "bone." I think they are slightly darker than what I think of as "bone," but that's ok. They wanted $65 for them. I thought about it. Then suddenly one day, the price dropped to $29. I jumped. I soon discovered why the price dropped--they are slightly damaged, but it doesn't bother me much. Not for that price. I'm a little irritated with the seller for not disclosing, but I'll let it ride. The pair on the left are my original black ones, worn and enjoyed for a year. The middle pair are the knockoffs, and the right pair are the genuine Steve Maddens in bone. I guess I'll have to wait a few months to give a full report on how the knockoffs fare in the real world. It's a little chilly for that right now, even for me!
  15. Adding Holes to Straps

    I also own one of those, and it's significantly better than an awl, especially if the hole is a larger size, like for a belt.