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  1. I am just getting to the point this year where I might be able to turn a negative reaction into a positive. Up to now, I have just ignored stares, or done something to make the starer feel slightly embarrassed. I think Cali's approach may be suitable for me as well, now that I'm more comfortable.
  2. That's pretty much my situation also. No real understanding, but acceptance most of the time. I'm thankful for that.
  3. Different friend! It's our choir director. The friend you are referencing is my long-time Vietnamese friend, shoe buddy, and lover of wearing shorts with high heels! And yes, she is substantially shorter than me, unlike the choir director, who is about my height.
  4. Yeah, I had thought that part of it was camera angle, and part of it was my friend's and my physiological differences. Her legs are longer than mine, and her neck is shorter, although we're about the same height. So although I wanted to be a little bit dressier than a t-shirt, I tried again, same angle, same shorts, different shirt, not tucked in. I think it's a noticeable improvement. In addition to hiding where my true waist is, the t-shirt is closer fitting and doesn't look as bulky up top. In addition to the before and after pictures, my 8 year old son got involved and wanted me to wear different shoes of his choosing. The pictures he took are from a more normal, natural angle, even though he's still very short! I rarely. . . OK, I have never until now. . . photobombed this forum, but I'm going to make an exception to show my more whimsical side. He was trying to get me to ham it up a little bit. Perhaps I look a little less severe when I am trying to be funny. One thing I discovered is that, although I am loathe to wear closed toed shoes with shorts, I think the pumps actually look the best with this outfit!
  5. I was doing some experimenting this morning. I wanted to try something a little different, so I took inspiration from me and my wife's young-ish Korean friend. The outfit pictured here is loosely based on what she was wearing last night when we met her for dinner. I'm not totally unhappy with the look, but I think it could be better. Something is not quite right, and I hope that the something is not that I'm a guy.
  6. Although your "solution" to the problem is quite humorous, I actually like that sound. In fact, to me, the flap/click, flap/click, flap/click sound that shoes like this produce when walking on a hard surface is one of the happiest sounds on earth! And thank you for the compliment!
  7. Nah. I don't do acrylics. If my nails break, they break. Part of my secret is moisturizing several times a day and wearing gloves a lot. Besides, I just had to cut my nails anyway. I'm playing bass this Sunday at church. The nails that provide sufficient volume and proper timbre on guitar produce an objectionable clicking sound on electric bass. It's a trick to get just the right compromise.
  8. I am happy to announce that I am celebrating 5 years of heeling in public! It was on this day (actually, I'm not 100% sure of the actual date, but looking at a 2012 calendar, it logics out to this date) in 2012 that I first went to an event wearing what were obviously shoes with elevated, separate heels on them. An event where people would know me. The shoes I wore were nothing compared to what I wear regularly today, but they were different enough to make me terrified. Still, nobody said a word, and I think most people didn't even notice. I was wearing black leather clogs with a composite bottom and a 3 1/2" chunky heel under long boot cut jeans. 1" platform, so the rise was very modest. Oh, they seemed so high back then! Today, I wear heels daily, and have over 50 pairs. I really don't like to buy anything lower than 5" these days (with some sort of platform), anything lower just doesn't look right to me. However, I will admit to having bought several pairs of open toed mules that are slightly lower recently. Well, they were just too darn cute, even though they don't technically meet my height requirements. Still, they're all over 4 1/2", close enough. One of my new pair is pictured below, Jessica Simpson mules, 4 5/8" heels. Please excuse the background--I've had a lot going on inside and outside the garage lately, as many of you are aware. They are the perfect color, and after a few wearings, the fit is amazing! I haven't yet certified them for a full 2 miles yet (my keep/toss rule generally), but I'm sure they'll pass easily. I've walked 1.3 miles in them all at once so far with nothing but delight. I like the unique swirly color on the heels. I like how they flap when you walk, but they don't feel like they're going to fall off your feet. The only thing that would make them any better is if the heel were 1/2" taller, but now I'm just complaining over nothing, right? Anyway, happy anniversary to me, and good wishes to everyone else out there in the community!
  9. 1,500 bucks, that's why! That's a lot of manicures! Some things you can't do in gloves. Still, I didn't break any guitar playing nails, and whatever damage I did can be cleaned up with a nail file and buffer. All is well! I will finish up tomorrow, and have my car back again. It was not a particularly dirty job. Just frustrating.
  10. Day 2, intake manifold replacement. I watched a YouTube video this morning, and the dude, unedited, disassembled everything I need to in less than 20 minutes. I struggled yesterday for 3 hours, and accomplished very little. Today, it is very clear how I should proceed. This should be a piece of cake. Which begs the question, why is this a $1500+ repair at a shop? I guess you pay them for what they know, not what they do, same as my trade. Thank you YouTube! I wish I had seen this video yesterday morning, I'd probably be almost done by now. With my favorite BCBG wedge thongs, model Sarong. I consider them to be mid-heels, but they're still fun!
  11. Dont worry, fellas! I always wear gloves and safety glasses, and my son does too. I might fall a little short in the foot protection department, however!
  12. What? Youse don't recognize those legs?
  13. Workin' on the car. I HATE working on the car, but I can't see paying $1,500 in labor costs, when I'm perfectly qualified to do it myself. If I were a rich by my 8 year old son, who is a pretty good mechanic already. He still loves it.
  14. I recently joined Instagram, and by complete chance, I happened to become interested in watching videos of pole dancers (the super athletic competition kind, not the strip club kind). It seems if you click on one type of video, Instagram pushes more of the same at you, so of course, I clicked on more. Most of the women who are into serious pole dancing dance barefoot nowadays, which is just fine by me, but many of the athletes also do routines in heels sometimes. What I have noticed is that every single one of them wears shoes with high platforms, at least 2 inches, and sometimes up to 4 inches! Out of idle curiosity, I am wondering why. I can see where high heels would add just that little bit extra to some of these impossibly difficult (to me) routines, but why the huge platforms? Doesn't anybody dance in sort of normal, streetgoing shoes? Doesn't this just perpetuate the stereotype of pole dancing being for strip clubs? These women show amazing strength, grace, and hard work, no different than gymnastics. I am wondering if anybody has some insight into this "uniform."
  15. That's true, but only if you buy super trendy shoes. Certainly a classic pump or knee high boot will never go out of style. I can't think of any of my shoes that I anticipate not wearing over the next several years. Some I have just gotten tired of, or they've just worn out beyond repair, but nothing in my collection screams "last year!" Or "next year," for that matter!