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  1. I have been posting pictures of my footwear placed on top of my washing machine for several years now. I had no idea that it caused such controversy! Here is my thinking: I get new shoes. I think, "I should post some pictures on HHP! People seem to enjoy that to some degree or other." Usually, it is dark outside when I have time. There is really no suitable place inside my house to take a shoe photograph without going to some deal of trouble. So I plop them on the washing machine, which is very near where I store all of my shoes, snap a couple shots with my iPhone, and upload them. It just so happens that there is a cobweb encrusted pipe behind the washing machine. I could go to more trouble, but I know that I won't, to say nothing of the fact that then I'd have to explain to my wife why I am spending a good deal of time photographing my shoes instead of doing something rather more useful. So I have come to accept the fact that it's either the washing machine or nothing. I am more than somewhat amused by this whole discussion.
  2. I have often thought the same thing, but have come to realize that if I took the time and trouble to make everything beautiful, there just wouldn't be any pictures at all. Definitely consider these snapshots and not photographs. At least they're in focus!
  3. They don't exactly give those things away, do they?
  4. I am way behind on presenting new shoe purchases. I'll probably just skip over a whole bunch and go right to spring. Here are three new ones, only one of which have I had a real chance to take for a test drive yet. All three purchases are perhaps a little bit over the top in their own way, but also subtle in their own way. Each was bought with the thought of wearing them with skinny jeans or shorts, either one. In any case, I'm ready for spring! First up are the Aldo mules (model unknown) with a 5 inch stiletto heel and a 1 inch platform. They were a little bit tight at first, but they have stretched out to be just about right in fairly short order. Considering their intrinsic impracticality, they're actually pretty easy to wear. I've not gone for an actual walk in them, but I have worn them to grab something at the grocery store real quick, and some other errands during some of our unseasonably warm weather we had recently. Next are the Coach "Chelsea" wedge mules in brown with a patchwork gold strap. These are the most conservative of the three, except for the color and the pattern. Sporting a 4 1/2" wedge and a 3/4" platform, they're a little bit different than something I would normally buy. They're a little bit on the low side for me, and the gold patterned strap pushes the envelope of what I've worn in the past, but something about them said, "Buy me! Buy me!" They fit real nice, and I think they look nice on my foot. Time will tell if I wear them much. Last are the Michael Kors mules (model again unknown). These are made in Italy, and they have these thin, bunched together straps which are kind of fussy when it comes to getting them on. Definitely not a shoe you can just jam your foot into and go. They have a 4 5/8" wooden heel (and I think it's real wood), and a 1" platform. They fit well, but I have some concern that the leather is so soft and the individual straps so thin that they may stretch to the point of being too loose after a time. Also, the "wings" on the insole need to be glued back down. This seems to be a recurring problem with Michael Kors shoes of this basic design. I have had several other pairs over the years, and they have all had this same problem. No big deal.
  5. This wasn't you?
  6. I wouldn't normally stick my head in this section of the forum, but I've been out with the flu for the last few days, and what else have I got to do but butt in here and give my opinion? I personally have never minded wearing a tie at all, as long at the fit of the shirt collar is proper. That's where the tricky bit comes, especially for someone my size. You see, I really need a 15 1/2 neck to really feel comfortable, but every shirt manufactured for the masses on the planet has got sleeves several inches too long for my arms at the proper size neck. Luckily, my mother, in her younger days, could take care of this for me, and now I have a friend who does it. Additionally, off-the-rack ties are made for taller men. I have to have a good 4-6 inches taken out of mine so that they don't hang down in a Trump-esque manner. Other than that, I got no problem with ties. As an aside, I do my own laundry and my own ironing.
  7. I don't think anybody is claiming that you can push yourself to the absolute limit and achieve the absolute speed in heels that you can in flats. Most of the time when a person walks around not specifically for the purpose of aerobic exercise, he or she walks substantially slower than the absolute top speed they can achieve. I have spent a lot of time analyzing this for myself. I have come to the conclusion that I don't like walking any faster than about 16 1/2 minutes per mile. It's just plain unpleasant. If I need to go any faster than that, I'd just rather run. I have short legs. My son can walk much faster comfortably, and I told him he's either going to have to slow down, or find another walking partner. This is in athletic shoes. I find that my normal walking pace for walking across a large parking lot or getting someplace downtown is somewhere in the neighborhood of 19 minutes per mile. Maybe slightly faster if I'm in the mood, maybe slightly slower. This pace is easily achievable in heels of almost any height, depending upon the design, certainly boots. So it's not as if we can pretend that we don't walk differently in heels, but within the normal range of everyday bipedal locomotion, you can come close to doing what you would normally do in flats.
  8. Absolutely no offense (offence) taken. I actually welcome the opportunity to further the discussion.
  9. There was a fellow at university I used to hang around with whose name was, and I shit thee not, Bell Island. I suppose he was an Island. Seriously, thanks for the thoughtful reply. Personally, although I don't follow the modern super casual dress code when flying the friendly skies, I can understand it. Back when people used to dress up to fly, they actually flew you around in reasonable comfort. When we fly, I usually wear a jacket (but not a tie), and my wife wears heels. I kind of wish she wouldn't, though. She is just simply not as fast as I am in heels.
  10. I too used to shy away from sandals in my younger days, and part of that is that I'm pretty picky about my feet. Before I started wearing heels, I was unable to find a pair of men's sandals that I would be seen in. I would often go barefoot, but there was no way I was going to put those ugly men's sandals on my feet. I did eventually find a pair of men's sandals in Vietnam which were acceptable. I wore the heck out of them. Shortly after that time, I decided to try high heels seriously for the first time. It wasn't long before I bought my first pair of high heeled sandals, and, like your first pair, they happened to be wedges. They also happened to be slides. As the collection has grown, more than half of my shoes are sandals, and most of those are slides. I'm not crazy about wedges, but they are awfully practical in the summer months when one might be walking on grass for a backyard party or something. I have a lot of stiletto heeled sandals, and quite a few wooden-heeled sandals. It may be time for another inventory soon, as I have made a lot of changes lately. There is one thing that I haven't been able to bring myself to do, and I don't know why it's such a mental block. That is, to wear sandals when the weather is still cold, as I often see women do (usually it's in a very casual situation, like going to the grocery store). I am blessed with feet that don't get cold easily, so I could wear sandals when temperatures dictate the necessity of a coat, but I don't feel comfortable doing that, for some reason.
  11. It pains me to find myself in the situation where I must be contradictory, but since my name has been dragged into this conversation, I feel I must answer. I don't disagree with you that we are free to wear what we want, the limitation on that being our own personal boldness and ability to be thick-skinned. However, when I say "free," there are limitations on that as a male, much in the same way that I am "free" to not go to work if I so choose, but it doesn't keep a roof over my family's head if I choose to exercise that freedom. In your four examples, each of these fine fellows has a limitation on their fashion freedom, by their own admission. I'll start with myself. I am not allowed to wear heels when we visit Vietnam. That's the rules. A small price to pay for domestic tranquility. Sometimes, here in the USA, my wife will tell me, "We will be going to visit such and such at his house. You will not wear heels, nhé? Or, and here is the worst one, if I am to play or sing something at church (where I always wear heels) and she wants to video it so that she can show the folks back in Vietnam, she will often insist that I wear flats so that the people back in Vietnam don't see what a freak I am. It's no problem, I have just come to accept it, got to keep the wife happy to make the life happy. But I am certainly not free to wear whatever I want, whenever I want, and it is because I am a man. TBG is probably the closest to me in execution, and by that I mean that he wears "alternative" clothing every day, rather than saving it for special occasions. Even he admits that there are certain venues where he will not wear certain things. That's because he's a man. JeffB is perhaps the most thoroughly thought out dresser in this whole bunch, but, as far as I know, his impeccable style is reserved for his jaunts only. It's not an everyday thing with him. I am sure that were he a woman, he would feel free to wear the type of outfits he wears on his jaunts to work every day. Alas, that is not the case. CAT I don't know very well, but he has indicated in his prior posts that the reason he always crops out his face in his numerous photographs is to protect his kids from possible ridicule, should their dad be discovered by accident on the internet, dressed like that. I can infer from this that he doesn't walk around his neighborhood every day wearing what we see on here, or the face-cropping thing wouldn't make a bit of sense. Again, if CAT were a woman, this would simply not be an issue. So, you know, yeah, we're free to wear what we want in the theoretical sense, but reality often dictates that we conform to society's expectations. I guess I'm not complaining. It's actually gotten a lot better in recent years, and I expect that trend will continue in the years to come.
  12. That's a question that is not easily explained. If someone with complete dominion over the world decreed that the maximum heel height was 3 inches, I don't think I'd even bother going through the trouble of wearing heels at all. Anything that low just doesn't give me the feeling of well-being that I'm after, and I like the look of a higher heel. It has nothing to do with increasing my actual height (I am 5'5" also).
  13. Greetings and welcome to the forum. I find your observation quite amusing, but you couldn't know why it is amusing, because you are new here. Let me explain. Pebblesf's choice of terminology to identify his country has absolutely nothing to do with megalomania (to slightly misuse the word), but rather with the owner/administrator of this website, who is not American at all, but British. Some time ago, he insisted that all of us from the U.S. change our country to read "America." Some of us changed it, some of us didn't. There was a big debate about it somewhere, I can't seem to find it now. So if you have a problem with it, I suggest you take it up with him, not pebblesf. Better yet, I would suggest just dropping the whole subject, and let's talk about fashion! That's why we're here, right? I hope that cleared a few things up.
  14. Here is Yuja Wang playing with Lynn Harrell, who is still smooth as glass at age 70. I hope my hands still work 1/10 that well in 20 years. I will reiterate the observation that it is fundamentally unfair that Lynn is saddled with a long sleeve shirt PLUS a jacket, while Yuja has the freedom of bare skin if she so chooses. Which she often does! Another point of interest is that she's wearing mules, something I hadn't seen her in before. Here is another shorter video of Yuja with a good shoe shot in it:
  15. We're a relatively liberal bunch at our church. We must be, or I would probably have been excommunicated a long time ago! Yes, she knows I play cello, I played cello with the choir the second Sunday she was here. My dad went up to say hello and meet her the first week she was here, and evidently, he must have bragged about me a little bit, because I was messaged shortly thereafter, and interrogated about what I can and cannot do. I don't mind admitting that I practiced the piece a whole lot more than I would have under the old choir director. I am newly inspired, both musically and fashion-wise. The choir is sounding noticeably better under her direction, and I'm not the only one who has observed this.