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  1. TBG

    As an aside, TBG has taken up playing the cello. He's gotten pretty decent at it in a rather short time.
  2. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Friends, it has been a while since I have posted regularly. Life has gotten busy. I have set some goals for myself outside the world of high heels that takes a good deal of my time. Today, I want to address something that has bothered me for years. Even after more than 5 years of habitual public heeling, and over 1,000 documented miles of walking in heels, I still suck at walking down stairs. I have never actually fallen down the stairs while wearing heels, but I have come close several times. And even when I don't fear for my life, I just feel terribly awkward walking down stairs in heels. I'm a pro at it in bare feet or flat shoes. I think this week, I have finally pinpointed the problem. There is some combination of weakness in my quads and glutes that are simply not strong enough to control my steps downward in heels. That last couple inches to the next step downward is a bit of a freefall. I think if I could get to the point where I could hold my leading foot for several seconds an inch above the next lowest step, it would improve my grace descending the staircase. Any thoughts or stories about this problem?
  3. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Yes, pretty much all of the above, and twice on Thursdays. However, perhaps there is something I can add which hasn't been mentioned before, I have always been fascinated by the athletic challenge of wearing heels. I have always admired dancers, acrobats, and the few girls in high school who could really walk well in heels (there was one girl who would demonstrate, from time to time, that she could do cartwheels in her 4 inch heels!). I always wondered if I could do the same. I still can't do a cartwheel (I don't think) even in bare feet, but I have managed to become proficient at walking fairly long distances in pretty doggoned high heels, and I have gotten to where I can do the bar thing, standing for several hours in heels. This never fails to fascinate at least one woman at any given venue. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why my favorite style of heels is mules. Some people call them slides. In other words, shoes, or more typically sandals, that are backless. With a few notable exceptions, they are harder to walk in than boots or sandals with a strap around the ankle or heel. For some dumb reason, I find this challenge attractive. And that's pretty much all I've got to say about that. It's all very complicated. And it has complicated my life, but I'm happy with where I'm at.
  4. Steinway ad feat. Yuja Wang

    Yeah, Instagram is definitely deficient in the fact that you can't pause the video. Using the Instagram application, you can, in fact, get the video to start over again before it finishes playing, but it's still irritating. It took me about 10 tries before I managed to capture the still shot I posted.
  5. It's only for a second that you can glimpse Yuja Wang's giant heels, but for people like us, it might be worth a look. Ms. Wang just posted this on Instagram. In general fashion circles, heels are getting lower, but I swear hers are getting higher! I have also included a screen shot for your viewing pleasure!
  6. Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    Oh yes, they exist, and I'm not talking about those giant foam platform wedges you often see middle-aged Asian ladies wearing, I mean thong-type sandals with proper stiletto heels. I own a few pair myself, but none with a heel as high as the pair pictured below. Those are merely aspirational, both physically and financially 99% of the high heeled flip flops out there are kitten heels, I assume because fitment can be pretty tricky, and comfort is difficult to achieve. But it can be done!
  7. Is the world ready for flip-flops?

    High heeled flip flops are actually kind of awesome, and I'm sure @SF would agree with me! The flat, rubber ones get ratty looking in a hurry, but I don't mind the thin-soled leather ones, if heels aren't appropriate for the environment.
  8. A Hard Summer for my Sandals

    Oh....I'm always looking. Searchin' every which-a-way!
  9. A Hard Summer for my Sandals

    It has been a disappointing summer for my sandal collection. I have lost 4 pairs. On two pairs, the straps ripped out of their attachment points. I had one of these repaired, but it blew out again on me in less than a month. On another pair, the soles (both of them) separated from the footbed. Obviously defective. My latest mishap occurred last night. Included below are pictures of the damage. My True Religion mules were becoming comfortable enough to actually go for a walk in. Out of the box, the leather was very stiff, and they weren't really good for anything beyond running errands in. But I thought they were coming round, so the wife and I went for a short walk--about one mile. Evidently, I lost one of the top lifts (heel tips) at some point, and I ground half an inch off one of the heels. Dammit! The heels appear to be wooden, but now I know they aren't solid wood! They appear to be made of something similar to MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), and they didn't take the torture well. Funny thing is, I've done a fraction of the walking this summer that I have in summers past, and I never had so many sandals break on me like this!
  10. my 017 adventures

    Not fallen off, but I caught a heel on a door threshold once, and ripped the strap clear out of a sandal. That was very disappointing. It's very hard to knock me over!
  11. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Many of you may recall that last November, I reached my goal of walking 1,000 recorded miles (or about 1.600 km) in high heels. I did it by taking short walks several times a week (usually 1-3 miles at a time) over the course of close to three years. The problem with having accomplished this goal is that I have pretty much stopped walking. It has been over a year since I've had a month where I recorded more than 30 miles, which used to be about average for me. Much of 2017 has a big fat "0" next to each month in my log. This has had three effects: 1) I take my car for many more short trips than I used to. You would be surprised how much fuel this actually burns up. As a percentage of the total mileage I drive (my commute to work is 95% highway), the short trips around town are very small, but they have significantly reduced my overall fuel economy. 2) I have gotten fatter. I haven't necessarily gained much weight, but I've definitely gotten fatter. Except for my butt, which has gotten smaller. I thought this was the case just by the way I felt, but I actually put a tape measure to it, and yes, my belly has gotten bigger, and my butt has gotten smaller. Not a good thing. YOU WOULD THINK that as physical as my job is, and how much incidental walking I have to do, that it would prevent this from happening. It has not! 3) I don't wear heels as well as I used to. Now that I have 5 years experience wearing heels regularly outside, you'd think it would be like riding a bicycle, once you learn it, you never forget. It is not. I think it's more like ballet, or practicing an instrument--if you take more than a little time off, you lose something significant, and you definitely lose endurance. I took a short walk yesterday, the first in a very long time, and no, walking from the parking lot to the grocery store just doesn't count for much, I am discovering. I only went a mile, and I wore some nice sturdy sandals with a thicker heel. They are pretty high, with a 4" difference between the heel and forefoot (5" heel, 1" platform), but a year ago, I would have considered them good candidates for wearing to an amusement park or an all-day shopping trip. Wow! My legs were feeling fatigued after only one mile! Nothing hurt at all, and I wouldn't expect it to, but I can't believe I used to walk up to 5 miles in these things without giving much thought to it. So, my friends, it is time for me to start regularly walking again. And probably start doing squats.
  12. Dilemma

    I'm with everybody else on this one, I'd keep them for a while. I have only a couple of things to add: 1) The shoe stretcher is your friend, like Cali said. Because my foot is ever-so-slightly wider than the average width women's shoe (I am somewhere between a B and C width), if a particular shoes runs narrow at all, the shoe stretcher will generally take care of that. Plus, the "bunion plugs" that come with the stretcher allow you to customize your stretching a bit. In the past, I have gotten rid of shoes that I now wish I had back because they were just tight enough in spots to where they were uncomfortable. Now with several years of experience, I kind of have a feel for what is never going to work out, and what will. Also, in addition to their low price, it sounds like you don't wear them out anyway, so if you like the look, who cares if they hurt a bit for now? You're at home! When they start to hurt, you take them off, right? Plus, it gives you some experience to know whether these will ever work out. If you wear them 20 times at home and they hurt after 30 minutes every time, you'll know in advance, hey, I can never wear these out. That experience will save you some great anguish, because believe me, there's nothing worse than being half a mile away from your car at a crowded shopping mall or something and realizing that you should have worn different shoes. Look for "high heel shoe stretcher" or some similarly worded search--they're pretty easy to find, believe it or not. Good luck!
  13. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    I have a minute or two to ruminate some more on my life in heels at church. I normally wear sandals somewhat like that in the summertime to church. Yes, @SF, I know they are kind of high (5"), but it has taken over 4 years of fairly intensive practice to get to the point where I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. Plus, I don't have your height "problem." In fact, sometime during the last 5 years, I've lost 3/8" in height, so I now have to round down to 5'5", rather than rounding up to 5'6". Getting old! @MackyHeels, I used to be uncomfortable talking to women about my shoes, I suppose in some part because I felt like I had to justify or explain myself. I've gotten over that some time ago, so if they want to know why, they are just going to have to ask, otherwise we'll just compare and contrast on equal footing (pun intended). @Shyheels, you are not too wrong in your assessment of Iowa, though I guess your reply was at least partly in jest. One of the things about heeling in Iowa is that if people like your style, they will say so. If they don't, they are generally too polite to say anything, even if they notice. After all, whose parents raise them to yell at strangers? Well, unless somebody is about to lose the cargo out of the back of thier pickup truck, and they don't realize it--then it's ok to yell at strangers. I really don't usually receive this much attention. I would say I get complimented half a dozen times per year at the most. It's just been coincidence that I've had two compliments in less than a month.
  14. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    Wow, so many replies in my absence! Thank you for all the compliments and votes of confidence. I see some of you have some questions, which I will try to answer when I get time. The new job has gone into overtime already, and it's made me less available.
  15. The High Heeled Ruminations Of Melrose Plant

    I received another unsolicited compliment today about my Micheal Kors sandals. There is a lady about my age who comes to church every other Sunday (I think she works every other Sunday), and she is always in heels herself, usually sustantial wedges. Today, she asked me if I liked her shoes. They were 5" wedge heeled sandals with marabou type feathers on them. I cooed over them a bit, then she asked me about my shoes, what brand they were and what size I wear. I suppose our conversation might have continued a little longer had my duties not obligated me to go right then. Included is a picture of my shoes.