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  1. Much as I'm a shorts guy, I wear longjohns from October to April, in general. We've been having weird weather these last few years, and it did turn out that I wore sandals to Christmas Eve church service last year, but that's very unusual. I started wearing leggings as longjohns a few years ago, and specifically cropped ones, unless it's really, really cold. I think they're supposed to be capris, but on me they come down to within 3 or 4 inches of my ankle, perfect for most occasions. They don't bunch up with my socks, if I'm wearing socks, and they don't show out the bottom of my pants if I'm
  2. It is true that my wife wears the pants in our family, but I wear the heels, dammit!
  3. Those are definitely Instagram-worthy pictures, and in addition, the location is actually interesting. I had no idea there were "abandoned" places on Long Island! I have had similar misgivings about wearing heels riding a motorbike. I don't know what actual machine you had, but I would not hesitate to wear heels on a scooter (auto transmission with floorboards, rather than footpegs). I really don't enjoy riding a traditional motorcycle, the kind that has footpegs and you shift the gears yourself, in heels. It sounds kind of exciting in theory, but the reality doesn't live up to the fanta
  4. I personally don't give a rat's ass either way. I'm here for the party, man.
  5. Some people with big feet might see this as an advantage. Or why not wear them with long, boot cut pants, and people could wonder what unfortunate accident transpired to make you lose your feet.
  6. Yet another unsolicited "I wish. . ." comment yesterday. I'm on a roll, I guess. Or maybe I've actually learned how to walk after all these years, who knows?
  7. You and I, opposite brothers. Haha
  8. Nothing much to report lately, other than I've been trying my best to walk more, so I walked to the grocery store to get a couple of small things. It's not far, only about half a mile away, but it is necessary to cross a busy highway in order to get there from my house. To this day, I still don't like crossing that highway, especially when I'm wearing shorts (and heels of course). Walking across the long line of cars waiting at the stoplight is not my favorite thing. However, on the positive side, I did get an unsolicited compliment on my shoes from the cashier serving me at the grocery store.
  9. I dunno, the hippie chick claims it's not that hard in those heelless shoes, but like I said before, our conversation got interrupted. I do not know whether I shall pursue the subject again this Saturday or not. I'm thinking not, unless she is the one who brings it up again. Assuming we even happen to talk again. I'm kind of fascinated by the fact that of all the shoes she could have shown me, she chose these outrageous ones. Because not only does she not look like a heel wearer when you meet her, I'd estimate that she's somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 feet tall. Obviously, being 6' 4" or b
  10. Yes, I've had that lament as well, but I wonder if it would have been awful more than it would have been wonderful. I think it probably would have been, just because of the time. I know I didn't have the mental fortitude to take the kind of abuse I would have gotten in the 80s.
  11. Yes, one has to be very aware of foot position in such shoes. They actually remind me of a time I was riding a bus in Hanoi, and one of the other passengers was a young gal wearing sandals very similar to that. It was very crowded on that bus, and both of us were standing. The way she was standing, which is normal for a girl, especially an Asian girl, was to have her feet very close together, but for balance reasons, she had one foot slightly in front of the other. I thought to myself one bad bump and the poor girl is going to accidentally bring that stiletto heel right on top of the toes of h
  12. Speaking of Jeffrey Campbell, one of our neighbor vendors at the farmer's market is kind of a hippie chick. Well, sort of, but sort of not. She drives this huge diesel pickup, which is not really very hippie, but I digress. She always shows up alone, and my wife and I usually help her set up her tent, which is much more easily done with two people. Last weekend, I noticed that she had on some nice looking nearly flat ankle booties, so I complimented her on them. Mind you, I was wearing t-shirt, jeans, and high rubber rain boots with a very slight wedge (I hate getting my feet wet in the dewy m
  13. Yes, I do take that opportunity also. But my original point was that if somebody robbed the bank, and the police showed up, they would not suspect you or me for even a second. Well, unless somebody called in that "some guy wearing high heels just robbed the bank." In that case, I guess it would work to our disadvantage.
  14. I feel your pain, and yet at the same time, I'm doing my best to ignore it. I showed up at the farmer's market to set up my wife's tent last weekend in shorts and a t-shirt, and it was a little crisp! I got by with it because I was physically moving the whole time, setting everything up, it typically takes less than 30 minutes, and I'm outta there until it's over. It would be a different story if I had to sit there for four hours.
  15. Cheque. I had forgotten the British spelling for some reason. It's funny you should mention the novelty of writing a cheque, because this particular bill is the only bill I have left that I don't pay online. I could very easily pay it online, as the City has updated its billing system a number of years ago. However, I have forgotten my password, and somehow it just seems easier to write out a check every month and hike down to the drop box. It's not, I know, but the shit gets paid either way. It's just my own peculiar take on a tiny slice of life, I guess.
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