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  1. I suppose things come and go with time, which is why you are here! We seem to be relatively eternal for the internet world. It's crazy, it's going to be 20 years very soon, and more than 20 if you count the site that this one grew out of. In other news, I have largely been wearing shorter heels this summer. I am doing this for two reasons. One, because as many of you know, I went on a little spree last spring and bought several pairs of Söfft mid heels for reasons unknown even to me. I now feel like I need to wear them. Two, because I am trying to reinvent my walk, and it seems much easie
  2. I never posted anything in the Streetshot section, it was on here. You'd have to scroll back a few dozen pages to find it. Evidently, the whole streetshot thing is big in China, albeit with a good deal of cooperation from the photograph-ees. TikTok/Douyin is a complete fantasy world, though. What I see with my own eyes in the real world does not match up in the least with what you see on social media. Nevertheless, I have learned a thing or two about what makes a nice walk from Douyin girls, so it hasn't been a complete waste of time.
  3. It is interesting that one simple event would spark such a wide variety of opinions, ranging from "Get over it" to "I wonder what the greater implications for societal norms are?" Honestly, it wasn't that big of a deal, but it did give me something to write about, didn't it? The one thing that nobody has brought up which was actually one of my greatest concerns at the time is how did the photo come out, if indeed one was even taken? If the purpose of the photo was to send it around to friends and make fun of me, then I suppose it doesn't matter how the photo turned out, as long as it sho
  4. Obviously quite a different situation than me buying bolts at the hardware store, but I do find it a bit strange, nevertheless. Pre-pandemic, my wife used to have me take a number of pictures of her after church on Sunday morning, to show off whatever outfit she was wearing that week. I cannot possibly imagine somebody approaching us during this time to start snapping pictures. Even if they asked, it would be a little weird. Thinking further on the subject, if such a thing were to ever happen, my wife would probably enjoy it, because then she would get to beat me over the head with it. "Anh yê
  5. Evidently, there are two nearly opposite norms of social behavior at work here. Where I'm from, if two strangers meet each other on the street, it is very normal if not expected that they will acknowledge the other verbally and with some form of eye contact. It's becoming somewhat less that way as the years go by, but still more likely than not. Of course, that's a rural vs. urban thing. I certainly would not expect someone in Chicago to return my salutation, but they very well might. Or they might shoot me, one. 😂 Obviously, it depends upon the venue. You're not going to greet everybody
  6. Got my picture taken at my local hardware store today by a man about my age or maybe a little bit older. He obviously forgot to silence the fake SLR shutter sound on his phone, and he refused to make eye contact with me after I noticed the sound. It did not strike any bit of panic in me like it would have back in the old days, but rather, I wanted to say to him that it was rather impolite to snap a furtive photo, and I was genuinely curious to see what he had, and then offer suggestions for improvement. However, I did nothing, and continued my transaction with a cashier I’ve known for years.
  7. Yes, for some reason, either pair of Birkenstock heels look much better than the Crocs. I guess there's no big mystery there. Birkenstocks are, after all, a good quality leather sandal which happens to have a super ugly strap/buckle design and an unfortunate general shape. And I personally have always hated the raised rim around the footbed. It appears that the Birkenstock wedges have a somewhat softened toe line (not so blocky), and they didn't even attempt the usual Birkenstock straps. Stella McCartney took it a step further and gave her version a Dr. Scholl's type strap, which is actually k
  8. I wonder what adding heels to Birkenstocks would do for them? 😆😆😆
  9. Or we might just need to get rid of some damn mowers! We have actually talked about building a shop in the back where that clump of trees now stands. However, due to the price of building materials as of late. . . eh, I'm think I'm going to wait on that one. It is quite strange to be out and about without a mask, but I think I look better with one! Vietnam and Korea sound like they're about the same way as Canada. Mandatory masks for everything still. Welcome back to the forum, HiH, and if you ever make it out this way, feel free to stop by!
  10. I don't think it WAS me. I'm not really sure WHO that was. Like my coworker said right after, "Never underestimate The Squirrel."
  11. I have actual news. I went out for the first time in nearly a year and a half to see some live music. My first thought is that I need to up my game, because man, I suck, musically. My second thought is that I worried way too much about what was going to happen, I tortured myself about wearing shorts and high heels to the venue (a small bar in a non-suburban part of Des Moines). I finally wound up sort of compromising and I wore my "practical" shoes instead of what my first instinct was. Whatever. I guess I'm beyond wearing the highest heels everywhere, all the time. And I think they were prett
  12. Forgive me for saying this, but that is possibly one of the most American idioms you could have possibly uttered, or in this case, technically, written. Dude, I totally get it, I was 40 years old before I realized I was a grown-ass man and could wear what I wanted.
  13. I definitely get that. I am not fond of modeling. The only reason I do it at all is because of requests from here. And as you know, my shoe pictures are almost all taken on top of my washing machine with that awful drain pipe in the background!
  14. So many thoughts here. . . Sorry if I don't respond to all of them. The one that has gotten the most talk in the past 24 hours is what is it about high heels that has such a grip on us? Is it merely the feeling of the elevated heel, or is it the look of the more "feminine" style? I would guess that, like most things in life, the answer to that question is as varied as the number of people who answer it. For me, I can definitively say it is both, and it seems to be ever-evolving, and it seems to be evolving toward feminine style. I just had another gander at my shoe collection, and I can defi
  15. It has been a while since we visited this thread, but as the Dude said in The Big Lebowski, "New shit has come to light." Actually, it hasn't, in many ways it's the same old shit, it's just being told in a different way, from a different source. Number One, and this is the old news, evidently my wife likes me rather better than I thought, and better than I deserve. It continues to be the high heel thing, and she's basically given up bothering to protest anymore, but still objects to me wearing them. Number Two, the actual new news was a little bit harder to hear, and yet is simultaneously
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