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  1. Never happened to me! The only one I have ever spotted was myself in a mirror or a store window. Sad.
  2. I was thinking about heeling skills. agreed: I must be fun.
  3. And what about giving is a title that matches with our personal competences,knowledges,experiences,skills or whatever ?
  4. Ok @Tech I got it ! Thanks ! i would expect a higher level than loafer. i don't like the idea of numbers a nice "title" could be funny,but,yes...tricky (?) Pierre
  5. Sorry but I am not able to understand.
  6. I don't like human feet neither. Some parts of woman feet,in nice pumps could be nice. Toes never. Men feet never. For men only close shoes are acceptable. Expect for the beach or swimming pool because no other solution. But! Any heel wearer deserves consideration,whatever the shoe type is.
  7. I am not a smart phone addict. But many people are. And as long as they would be,men in heels are in peace
  8. Yes @tomham that seems to be close to the perfect shoe.
  9. It seems to me that the heel is a little bit too much forward and the angle going a little bit too much backwards. Both are compensating each other. Very nice shoe anyway.
  10. Pierre1961


    You can find that on Fuss shoes or Italian high heel.
  11. Good idea to bring that topic to men. For working at home,I wear from 6 1/2 to 6 inches ( 16,5 to 15 cm) stilettos single sole if I have to walk outside or traveling then from 5 1/4 to 5 1/2 ( 13 to 14,5 cm) block or Cuban heels. Single sole again. I haven't still found out why I don't feel good in less high shoes. Then the sole is noisily slapping the ground. What doesn't happen with higher heels ! Pierre
  12. Hello i will be in Cologne on Monday May 27 evening. With nice heels. If any heeler wants to join for a drink? Pierre
  13. @jeremy1986 you can't explain better everything is said. Pierre
  14. Me neither. So at least we are two
  15. If you sent a few money for helping ( see donations) this site it seems you appreciate,I think( not sure,ask Tech) you probably would be able to upload easily. Pierre
  16. Big socks work but can be painful. Maybe thin ones first. I use to wet the inside of the shoes with warm water. It works perfectly. But with Suede leather I wonder. If the water goes through,then some marks could appear. So? time will do its job.
  17. My normal size is EU 43. I took 44 and it fits perfectly. But i prefer yours as mines look à bit too large. And I also prefer your jacket,shorter than mine. And your jean also. Mine is too long. In my eyes you are the winner
  18. Hey! You look perfect. That's exactly the " man as men but in heel look " I love how it maches the jacket How do you feel in these shoes? Will you wear them publicly? I just got mine yesterday! I have tried them on during a short time only. Very comfy. Could be a little higher. But it seems easy to walk in. Now i am waiting for the right opportunity for wearing them longer. I will make a picture in the next days No idea where you are in Sweden. I probably have to go to Copenhagen this year. Would be fun to walk together with the same shoes It also could be fun to give a visit to that guy: Laurentin Cosmos.
  19. Hello @flavio,I won't be able to be free for a beer this week as expected. I hope I can plan something in a near future. Pierre
  20. A Europe size 38 with 12 cm heel is equivalent to a 43/44 with a 14 cm. Italian heel company have a perfect board ( scale?) for that.
  21. Very interesting. I have often wondered how a guy in heels should walk. If we want to keep a masculine look but just with heels,neither the cowboy walk nor a model on a catwalk are ok. The way you described is obviously the only one. It's what I am training for. Just one more tip: the shoes are very important. The right height,too law is as bad as too high.And the position of the heel under your own heel and nor behind: that's the most important for me.
  22. Just ordered one pair for me. They will arrive next week!!!
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