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  1. As it has just be said: people WILL notice,people WILL criticize ( or not) people WILL talk. But 99% of the time they WON’T tell you anything ! So if you don’t give a damm to others ,wearing heels publicly is not a big deal. Only the first step is difficult. But be sure to wear the right shoes you feel comfortable with.
  2. Same for me. But walking in airports wearing heels is still a great moment!
  3. Yes! Would be perfect with almond shape toe box. But they nevertheless look great.
  4. That’s sad. Because it seems there is a lot of nice “clean” men here nowadays.
  5. It seems my answer has been wiped off These zipped boots are US 12 W I never got any reactions ( is that a good or a bad sign?) except as Pebblest, a guy from the security check who asked if these boots in the basket were mine.
  6. An other pair with zippers
  7. Same for me. Ankle boots with zippers or Chelsea boots. Often the person at the check asks if these boots in the basket are mine. Here is a very easy pair to slip off and on at the security check Chelsea boots with elastics
  8. More than the height,the positioning of the heel of the “hotchick” makes these shoes barely walkable.
  9. Tarty is a word I didn’t know and it sounds funny to me. I like it! Back to our original subject: 12 cm seems to be the highest heels height that is possible to find in “ normal” shops That’s right. And sad because in my opinion 13cm ( not much higher but big difference ) gives the perfect look to a USW 7/8/9 size Well,I must agree not all women are able to walk in such shoes. But when they do then it is perfection .
  10. I will also be doing my part. As every day !
  11. Yes! Right! And the quality is pretty good. We more or less are all in the boat @mlroseplant . As many others I have started with fetish shoes. As they are often of a poor quality,difficult if not impossible to wear publicly without looking stupid ,my passion for extreme heels has progressively vanished with the time. Being a size 12W in the US I can’t find anything in the designer shoes range. No mention the price. So a company as FSJ was a good “ second” choice. I could get what I wanted ( mostly Oxford or ankle boots in the 15 cm, which is high but not tremendously high in my size). The problem is one pair on two had to go directly to the trash,the other one having to be modified. Sobern is an other similar choice. Same problems. That’s not surprising as both companies work hand in hand. Extreme Heels in Spain was another nice company. I got from there some shoes close to perfection. Then suddenly the fitting got terrible. Unwearable. So I gave up. Italian heels is or too high or too low for me Back to the “ training shoes “ question. It takes a perfect pair for starting a training in very high heels. And as a novice it’s difficult to know what we need,like and where to get it. I personally waisted a lot of time and struggled before finding my perfect shoes and the perfectly heigh depending to the situation
  12. Hi @mlroseplantThese come from FSJ shoes in China. You can ask for the same. If you want I can take more pictures. Sure they would match a traditional man suit. The only risk with FSJ is you could receive something that doesn’t fit. It happened often to me. These ones arrived with a bad balance. Heels too high: I reduced them by myself.Still 15cm,which is high enough. I also asked a cobbler to add a 5mm sole. Now they are one of the nicest and more comfortable I own.
  13. These are more than training shoes. They are one of my favorite pair. It was just an idea about the kind of shoes that are well balanced and in which the feet feel firmly secure.
  14. Some of the keys: well balanced shoes( if not,no matter how high they are,it’s a lost battle) then acceptable surfaces. And put a lot of hours in training. It’s a kinda sport!
  15. Going from 4,5” to 5,5” is a big jump. Reaching our limit each 5mm more can be a challenge. About training the only and not perfect way I found is to go outside,in the dark,to rather busy places ( more secure) with the shoes hidden with boot cut jeans. That’s not perfect but better than lonely places at night or struggling in public in day time. There are what I personally consider as a good “ training “ pair of shoes
  16. If only at home,then it’s going to be ok. Outside,then,yes ,different story.
  17. You can have a look to “cross jeans” or “long tall sally” both wemen jeans but very wearable for a guy. In seam 34,36 and 38” !
  18. What about trying 3 » heels covered with flair jeans?
  19. May work. Once or twice... then. Back to the previous situation.
  20. Interesting! Because I more or less did the same. At first flare jeans: out of fashion, so got rid of them. i tried some baggy pants. Too ugly. then boot cut. That was ok then as I was feeling more secure:levy’s 511 or similar. My preference At present also some boot cut again when the place may not accept too visible heels Next?
  21. The only way for giving the right feeling raise with no mention of the heel height would be giving the angle. So the size of the shoe and a platform wouldn’t interfere anymore. As it doesn’t seem to be something that could become easy and common we will keep on comparing what isn’t comparable. It makes me think to 2 swimmers, one 5’2” and the other one 6’6” comparing how many strokes they need for covering the same distance. Doesn’t make any sense.
  22. You might be right. I haven’t thought about the shipping and customs cost. Very different if only from Italy to France
  23. Heavy is a direct , literal translation from French. We use that world” lourd “ if many pixels for a better resolution. I don’t know the proper English world. I tried to download Paint. But it seems that Microsoft and Apple are not a good match. Here is an attempt with the maximum pixel reduction. I may try with a little less
  24. For me the heel high is more related to the surface I have to walk on. The comfort of the shoe itself isn’t a concern because I get quickly rid of any shoe that doesn’t fit. No time for suffering So it goes from 13 cm for long outside walks to 16,5 at home. My favorite height is 14,5/15 cm. No ( maybe one pair!) platform. As many,I never succeeded neither in wearing higher nor accepting ballet boots That’s for a EU 43/ US 12 W size. Of course 2 cm should be deducted for comparing to an average woman size.
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