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  1. No much chance i would give up wearing heels in a near future. Nevertheless it could be sad but a necessity in case of medical reasons Be sure I will first try lower heels before giving up for ever. No chance any toxic relationship could succeed in having me giving up heels But I must agree that from time to time evil eyes,mean looks worry me. If of course I behave giving no attention at all,I can feel it. Some day I would prefer to be unnoticed. That’s not enough yet for having me giving up the heels. A better acceptance is for sure coming in general. But for
  2. So. To be avoided like the plague !!!!
  3. Same for me. I always travel in heels. Better to wear shoes that are easy to take off and on at the check I also always carry a pair of sneakers with me. In case of a broken heel,a sudden need to rush and immigration in some places. I would say airports are the best place for heels lovers. Good surfaces and no one cares.
  4. You’ve probably nailed at least one reason. Training! Women don’t train. Or only a few . They don’t even think about it. The ones who should do it because they don’t feel at ease in heels usually give up. The other reason you mentioned is about comfort. Women choose the shoes in a shop or on line only if they like how they look. I personally have bought much too many shoes I have never worn because of the discomfort. The shoes I keep are a fraction of what I have bought. The one I wear can be kept on the feet all day. Waste of money? Sure not:my feet are still in a good shape after years
  5. These shoes seem to be well balanced. Maybe one of the reasons why they are easy to walk
  6. @JkrenzerThank you! That’s also what I thought at the first glance. And surprisingly they fit my feet perfectly. I won’t tell you I can walk outside in these shoes. But I could imagine being able to wear them in an hotel lobby or any place that offer an even surface. So far at home,perfect.
  7. I made the same observations if some needed characteristics for comfort are obvious,it’s true that some others are not. Construction that fits the foot,leather quality,craftsmanship and one of the most important : position of the heel which gives the balance. I own some 15 cm I can walk hours and others much lover I can even keep 15 minutes. These last ones are to go to the trash soon. No need to suffer Agreed with you @mlroseplant your rule makes sense exception for some shoes dedicated to house use , as these ones. 17 cm. ok for home all day. Not even th
  8. Even 1,5 or 2 cm already makes a big difference.
  9. Would love to be part of that! Hope it would be possible. Thanks for initiating it. Pierre
  10. Right. Not that much. Sad because it could be nicely artistic.
  11. The stupidly too high shoes are the shoes you can’t walk in. until one can walk gracefully the higher is the better. if it comes to « bed shoes « then it’s a different thing
  12. Yes. Good question. But I wonder if they would accept.They give the upmost care to their feet. Which nevertheless get destroyed on the long run . No need to add any painful activity On the other hand Alexandra Potter is or was a ballet dancer. So......?
  13. Totally absurd. And ugly to look at people walking in ( can we call it a walk?) One exception. Alexandra Potter. Even Pantera wasn’t at her best in ballet boots. And we all agree she was walking perfectly in 6” it could be understandable if it was a good training for a better walk in normal heels. But it’s even not.
  14. Mike is right. FSJ would make them after you provided a decent picture Also have a look at Tanjaclub I saw something similar but with a 1,5 inch platform You can also have a look to Missyrocks shoes. they have a pair called army camouflage
  15. For me not stupidly high because it’s possible to walk in. If it comes to wear those 8 hours in a raw,walking ,then I agree much too high. Depends on the purpose. For each purpose the right shoes In my opinion only shoes that don’t even allow to be worn standing and walking inside the house are stupidly high .These have to be stored in the bed accessories closet.
  16. The perfect classic court shoes. Very high but not stupidly high. So probably very walkable for someone who have the skill.
  17. Sit was mid for middle of the body. Below the waist: woman. Upper : man. Just high heels can be considered as a sort of cross dressing. You are right.
  18. I also have damaged lowest disks. And feel some relief with heels. Even more if I pay attention to keep the abs tight. Never ask my chiropractor. Much too afraid he could say I am crazy.
  19. Have you tried some stretching as the dancers do?
  20. I got some shoes from Sobern and they all fit well.Hey si May is also ok. All others don’t fit.
  21. I think ( not easy to see the details) I love your shoes @mlroseplant
  22. I you had asked me before trying them on,I would probably have said something similar: much too high. I can’t really explain why these are so easy to walk in. To be honest they are ok at home and on good surfaces. Not for a walk in the city sidewalks.
  23. Thank you ! As an Oxford lover I knew you would like those
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