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  1. I did the same at the early beginning: at night ,parks,parking lot. Always feeling bad because inadequate. Now i wear heels in the day time,in the city,when traveling ( Flying is the best because airports are perfect) hotels ... i pay more attention to the clothes that match the heels. Always as manly a side possible. Ans i try to pay no attention at all to others despite the fact i am the only one on heels. Not so easy. So far so good!
  2. Me too. For a pair of flat if needed. And it helps having a better look.
  3. That’s exactly what happened to me because of the summer vacation. Despite of some ankle stretching every day,after 2 weeks without wearing heels,I had to start with wearing medium heels at first. The good thing is that muscles and brain have a memory,so everything came back within 2 days. These shoes look very attractive!
  4. I totally agree with you guys! It doesn’t serve the cause of straight men in heels. I also do my part of the job and wear heels publicly. And I wouldn’t be happy to see my face in a magazine.(No chance it happens) Except if our cause wouldn’t be an issue anymore. No chance it happens neither So,keep on wearing our heels,have fun ,don’t dream on the narrow minded people could disappear as the dinosaurs did many centuries ago. Maybe better like that. So few would be left!
  5. In the hotel with new Oxford,after a short flight.No problem at all i will keep them on ,having a beer in the bar. Pierre And what a about these ones. ?
  6. Pierre1961


    You lucky one ones !
  7. And these horrible shoes are a French designer creation ! What’a Shame!!
  8. Pierre1961


    I will post a picture as soon as I can
  9. Pierre1961


    Yes! That’s would be a big step for me as well. I may be wrong .But it seems that you Americans,and even more in Texas or Arizona and more ,you can wear cowboy boots as normal shoes. That’s totally understood here in Europe .With or without heels By the way,I think you wrote about Miguel Jones .Right? I have already ordered some boots from him. The quality is really good. Just finding the right is a bit tricky. Even if guy is more than helpful. Thank’s for your support. Pierre
  10. Pierre1961


    Exactly the same. Still a long way to go. But so much better than before. Next step : booties or Oxford with thin heels. It may be stupid but thin or block heels give a very different look Then I would like to be courageous enough for pumps. But not ready yet. I really wish to keep my masculine look. I know it’s possible. Some here do that perfectly.
  11. Pierre1961


    Hello @pebblesf I of course mean hh place. I have been wearing heels for more than 20 years but not on such a regularly basis as these’ last 2 or 3 years. And was feeling lonely and a little bit a freak until found hh place. These shoes,Oxford with a 14 cm heel are very easy to walk. One hour on different surface isn’t a challenge.
  12. Pierre1961


    Thank you! It took me 40 minutes walking in these shoes before I had to make a change for normal shoes because getting too close to that exhibition ,which is a professional one. We were on Sunday and I had to walk among a lot of people. It’s a very popular city with a lot of tourists. I would say only 1% people noticed my shoes. Only heard once a girl telling her boyfriend : look at the shoes! So I had a nice time,alone with myself and my heels By chance we have that site and can share our experiences Pierre
  13. Pierre1961


    Normal for you and me! And all of us here. Not for the people I am in business with. Domage!
  14. Pierre1961


    Today’s shoes heading to a professional exhibition. a short stop for a picture in a window But I had to change for ´normal’ shoes before entering
  15. Have a look to “yty”video on YouTube : high heels walk outside that guy walk perfectly. Amazing.
  16. I remember that time very well. I was a kid but already fascinated by high heels. My mother had some but nothing higher than 4" At this time extreme heels were kept for fetish purpose only. See Betty Paige. One female friend of my mother was always wearing very nice bespoke shoes. Maybe 4""/4,1/4. As she was probably a shoe addict I was always checking if she had gotten new ones. I can't remember having seen any advertisement featuring a shoe with more than 8 cm. 9 was considered as crazy and only for the whores
  17. I would suggest you a dark non too skinny jean and over the boots. Just my opinion
  18. Congratulations! That's the perfect style ! In my eyes. The perfect way for a man to wear high heels. My preferate are pics 1 and 4. Do you wear these shoes anyplace you go? I personnaly am not bold enough and stay stick to booties or Oxford. But quite high (5" minimum) as a compensation cogratutions again!!!! Pierre
  19. I totally agree.
  20. Everything is right. I just don't personally feel like going to wearing skirts. I love flare jeans. I buy them in the women section. Also slim fit jeans. Honestly said both draw people attention the same when they are worn with high heels. Pierre
  21. Whaoo! Congratulations! That's not because I don't like the look. The opposite. I love it! I use to wear stilettos at home without modifying any of my male outfits. Just i am not bold enough for wearing such shoes publicly my 14 cms ( size 43) Oxford block heels are already visible enough for me I admire you pierre
  22. I share most of your points of view and feelings. No desire to be noticed,wearing heels for my own pleasure ...... So far, I think boots,Oxford with Cuban or block heels are the easiest to match male outfits. I would wish to wear pumps but that's too extreme for outing without getting the risk of troubles Pierre
  23. Great style! Why not the farmer shirt with the red pump? I love the dog.
  24. The wold is on the right way! Look: that brand is producing some high heel shoes ONLY in men sizes!!! https://www.fuss-schuhe-shop.de/epages/64752260.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/64752260/Products/Pumps-5017-Vitello-nero
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