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  1. Some greeting or background would have been nice. It's also in a section which could easily get overlooked. Introduce yourself to the forum in "For the Guys" or "For Everyone" section and, after a basic number of posts (10 I think) then you can post photos and you and your shoes if that's what you want to do. I'll bet the reaction is different. We all like quotes and we all like heels so I guess this quote will touch a chord with many. Most of us knew we liked heels for a long time but it took even more time to express it. HinH
  2. You're the first one to actually refer to me as that but it is essentially true. We will not see the kind of heat we just saw since we would normally leave sometime in April and late May. Still, it is nice talking to older folks from all over the place. I have always been drawn to their knowledge and views of life. It's nice to have one foot back in Arizona after 28 years. I actually got some colour on my legs now my friend. HinH
  3. We closed on 9 April and signed the title paperwork in our car in the parking lot. Such is/was the real estate trade during the pandemic. We got used to the new place, furnished it, and did some exploring around the Yuma area and left on 23 May to return to Wisconsin. 43 days and all had sunshine. I didn't see any guys in heels yet out there but I can tell you about the actual climate. 28 of the 43 days were completely cloudless. Some solar spotlights I bought designed for up to 8 hours on a full charge would stay on for 9-9.5 hours because it is so sunny there. I recorded 19 days with maxima of 100F/38C or higher, 13 days 90-99F/32-38C, 8 days 80-89F/26-31C and 3 days of 70-79F/21-26C. It rained once on the 12th of April and not a drop after that. I walked around our property nearly everyday in shorts and wedge sandals. A nice place to sit in the morning was the "Arizona" room or a completely screened-in addition. I'd eat my breakfast there while the morning sun illuminated my legs and my toenail polish. It was really nice walking everywhere and the ground was never cold. Of course, one doesn't want to walk across a brick surface when the temperature climbs to 107F/41.6C as it did a few days before we left. Lots of seasonal residents from Washington, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho, and Minnesota and a large contingent from Canada particularly the four western provinces. Really nice folks. I am about the youngest one on the block or so I am told. I saw many sandals in the various stores which were open before everything opened up on 15 May. I did miss posting here. It's a little different trying it on a tiny cellphone like mine (Iphone5 or my wife's old one). It didn't cost a dime so I gladly took it and it works fine. I would think we would normally be there from mid-November until mid-April give or take a few days. I was stunned to learn that, at least according to the Guiness Book of World Records Yuma, Arizona is the sunniest spot not in the United States but on the Earth. It averages 11 hours per day or an amazing 4,015 hours per year. 3,000 hours is considered a sunny climate. One doesn't seem to run into grouchy people in Yuma at all. Has to be all that vitamin D. HappyinHeels
  4. Have only used eBay sparingly and not the other two. The eBay reputation score is a rather big deal. A legitimate seller will garner many positive points whilst those that are "not exactly" legitimate will have dings on their reputation score. Whenever you buy there ALWAYS give feedback positive or negative. I know people have been drawn to online sales as malls and individual stores have been closed but that has been changing. I was in Arizona from 9 April to 23 May and saw the state open nearly all sectors on 15th of May. There still were many restaurants doing takeout only but others with larger capacity were open for inside dining. My wife and I went to the Kohls store in Yuma on the 18th of May one day after it opened for the first time since 25th of March. Strange times we're in for sure. HinH
  5. All, Have been Out West for 7 weeks first closing and breaking in a new winter home in Yuma, Arizona so I was not here. 43 days in Yuma and 43 days of sunshine many of them cloudless will raise anyone's spirits. We returned via national parks in Wyoming, North and South Dakota. Saw this thread and wanted to present the following. Glad to see a new contest. I think a maximum of 5 entries for the year should be about right. Far fewer entries to scan and consider for the judges and this lower number should result in more selectivity among the contestants. I like the bonus points for a full body shot outside. An exception should be made for obscuring the face for those who are not comfortable. Photos can be submitted in any month up to 31 Dec 2020 and can be in any natural position sitting, standing, leaning, and in any sort of setting like a yard, the street, getting out of a car, etc. but should comport to norms of decency (no shots on the toilet like Tech said). Contestants should put their best foot, or heel, forward. All of us want to do homage to the high-heeled shoe or by extension to the feminine form in general. This is what I think was originally intended. I look forward to it . That's my opinion on this. Respectfully submitted. HappyinHeels
  6. I have worn dressier high wedge sandals exclusively. Once with a dress and fully made up as it was requested and the other with slacks and a floral top. Both times were enjoyable and not an issue. One would have to have some serious brain damage to insult someone else at an invited event. You'' never know how much fun you can have until you try. That's my message. HinH
  7. Home alone for 24 more days. You bet I'm in heels!  I asked my wife if she could feel the magic when putting on heels. She said no. Too bad.

    1. Pierre1961


      What a question! What did you expect? LOL 

    2. luvmaryjanes


      If she felt the magic when SHE puts on heels. If I can feel it can't a woman also feel it?

    3. Pierre1961


      Some do. A very few. Honestly said I only met one in 40 years. 

  8. I could wear an outfit like in my avatar to a nightclub. As for bars that is a different thing. Many, it not most, bars in Wisconsin are local watering holes with loyal followings and are pretty staid as to fashion statements. A nightclub on the other hand tends to invite wilder fashion. Like most here though I really do not do the nightclub scene. I have been to a few outdoor weddings in heels and completely dressed and a few social gatherings at people's houses over the years but that is quite different from clubbing. I'd think this activity is the domain of the single people or soon-to-be single people. HappyinHeels
  9. Soda wedges with 6"/15 cm heel. Very comfortable.
  10. hiddenheels, I wanted to offer some alternative reasons why men may shave their legs and/or arms which are have little to do with wearing hosiery or skirts or dresses and are not controversial. These include cyclists, body builders, football players, baseball players, and swimmers. I have always found it interesting, and odd, that women do whatever the hell they want to their bodies and everyone else just has to roll with it. You could shave for reasons only you can articulate but that does not mean you will change how you love and treat your wife. Once she figures that a small change in your body's appearance is no meaningful threat to her then I believe she will roll with it as well. The smart money says she will not take off if you shave it off. Fingers crossed confidently. HinH
  11. mlroseplant, Looking nice in all your poses and outfits. My wife and I were away since 29 January and travelled through 14 states. Attended church along the way in Florida and three different churches in northwestern Mexico. We returned to Wisconsin late Saturday. Stopped in the Des Moines Sams Club to check on toilet paper and paper towels and saw none but saw hordes of people. What a zoo! We skipped church on Sunday the 15th out of some concern. Northwest Mexico and Arizona have so few virus cases and nothing has changed on US-Mexico border as to daily operations. We're in the middle of buying a winter place in Yuma, AZ and will be making a return trip. It will be interesting to see what changes lie ahead. I know I paid $2.19 per gallon of gas the day before we left and paid $1.75 per gallon today so that's one noticeable change. Glad your shoes are leaving their "imprint" on the community. HinH
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