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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.
  1. Northern Indiana Meet

    I just saw my shoestore friend, Gary, and there was some email problem between he and Tech. His email link, info@skyscraperheels.com kept saying incoming emails couldn't get rhough but in fact were making it seem like his box was full. My goal was to get him signed up and active here so a meeting could happen sooner rather than later. I may be done wishing and just encourage others to get together wherever possible. I live 2 hours from South Bend. HappyinHeels
  2. Jeremy's heel stories, pictures & thoughts

    Steve63130, You may bemoan winter but those those chunky heel boots could also be the universal sidewalk ice breakers the town of Granville has been looking for? Yet another source of income in your golden years??? Once spring does come you flatten out your yard with wedge heels and finally come the start of the growing season slip on those stiletto heels to aerate that same lawn. Who says all the yard tools are in the shed! HappyinHeels
  3. Rick24, I think the word jealous may be synonym for people under 30 anyway! HinH
  4. Anyone, Have a few photos I'd like to upload but they are far too large to post here from an iPhone and I know I need to resize. Can anyone offer easy-to-follow directions because I'm giving up for now and will clear my driveway. I'll check back later. Thanks. HappyinHeels
  5. My 6th annual farewell to heels

    mlroseplant, Curious of your routing to Vietnam. I worked for almost 16 years at Chicago's O'Hare Airport and while, we never had any direct flights from Vietnam and anywhere in SE Asia, I imagine you could connect directly via San Francisco or Los Angeles. Or do you just go to Eppley Field in Omaha? Long ways for sure. Have a very nice trip there. HappyinHeels
  6. Hello from Iowa!

    misterboots, Yes, mlroseplant is at your service in western Iowa to be sure. He is very mechanically-inclined as well as physically inclined on his many beautiful sandals. I am in the neighboring Great State of Wisconsin sharing the Mississippi River with the friendly folks of Iowa. Welcome! HappyinHeels
  7. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    Cali, Wasn't sure where to put this but then again you are all over this site. Now I have a medium rose color nail polish on my toes. Was looking at your gallery photos and noticed your have two of the exact same styles I have: SM Gretchen and SL98Manji. I managed to get the SLManji in cognac and black as well. That is one high and sassy heel for sure and surprisingly comfortable. I do like your style! HappyinHeels
  8. Road Trip to Shop!

    what a nice story k2! Have only through Ft. Wayne, IN twice the last time I was actually coming from seeing Steve63130 near Columbus, OH. Took US 33 to US 30 and on to Chicago. Good to know for future reference. I'd wear something high if I go there. HappyinHeels
  9. Just curious what other men paint their toes.

    SF, I just have to laugh when I realize I went the first 50 years without scant mention or attention to anything I wore. The last 7 years I have witnessed a number of compliments on heels I was wearing or nail polish and I see others here saying the same. The contrast is interesting and even more it is appreciated by me and I think anyone receiving such a compliment. We're all just trying to express ourselves and enjoy the journey while we can. HappyinHeels
  10. Getting checked out by a guy with his wife

    Sometimes a chorus of silence is EXACTLY what is needed. It seems to me only something stupid would have come out of her mouth anyway. HappyinHeels
  11. It's been awhile

    Larry, Yes indeed nice to see you again here. I've always wanted to know why you traded tax-friendly Arizona for hummmmmm for a rather set of affairs in California? Did work send you there?? Those are lovely wedges and very much the same style of wedges I buy every year. I have wedges 4-7" in black, brown, nude, cognac, blue, floral, and fuschia. Best type sandal for a trip or daily errands in my opinion. Although a nice ankle boot or a pump may work well at a dressier venue. You are a hero for giving your family the attention they need particularly your special needs son. It takes special grit and special heart to attend to such a situation so I salute you. I think we all do. Thank you so much for reconnecting here with us! HappyinHeels
  12. First experience - seeking help

    Seeker, You now have a wealth of information here at your fingertips. Or maybe it's heeltips? My questions for you are these; What are your goals? Do you want to wear these 6" heels in the bedroom or out to a social event? What experience do you already have because it seems like you do not. Your size range is going to limit you to specialty retailers either on the internet or in certain countries. You DO NOT want to spend a lot of money at first. Make a call to a place which has women's shoes in sizes higher than EU44. I say that because many shoe retailers do not actively promote themselves as seeking men who are looking for women's shoes. The clue is in their sizing. Most shoe retailers in shopping centres follow a US6-10 or 11 and EU35-40 or 42 business model and higher sizes than this are not common in that venue. Some stores such as Nordstrom or Macy's do normally carry sizes up to US11 or EU44. Research stores and make a phone call. Use a sizing guide to measure your foot and work from there. Check eBAY or sites like that as there is a great selection and bigger sizes do come up. You could try to buy a "Pleaser" brand of sandal with a very high heel and not spend a fortune. Pick out something which you might actually wear outside at a later time. Practice at home first. Then maybe wear them driving. The first pair will give you a great idea of how other pairs will fit. We don't know where you live as that effects your selection and perhaps your ability to wear your heels in public. Don't even think about paying a "designer price" for a shoe just because they have big sizes. "Pleaser" is distributed all around the world and you should not have to pay more than $90 USD for most Pleaser shoes no matter where you live. many countries have domestic shoe markets. If you are curious about a company's reputation then check out sites such as yelp.com and read the reviews. When you have say at least 10 reviews you start to get a decent picture of a company's interaction with customers. Check out your own country's consumer protection office and research any possible complaints. Or keep consulting the high heel experts here at hhplace I hope this helps you. We expect results so get busy on that computer and get busy on that phone. Good luck to you. In heels we trust...among other things. HappyinHeels
  13. Getting checked out by a guy with his wife

    SF/pebblesf; Nice tales from the street. Neither one of you knew which direction it was going to go that day: Something positive and a high five or something stupid and a high knuckle sandwich. I'm pleased to report NO knuckle sandwiches have yet been prepared. But the kitchen is always open! HappyinHeels
  14. Getting checked out by a guy with his wife

    Ah Steve with your ever-present wit; Why yes, we are kindred "soles" indeed. It's the place where the rubber meets the road and we have a heel of a time doing it HappyinHeels
  15. Hi All, I know this has been covered before but, as it was the first time I really noticed it, I decided to post my experience. I was at the Aldo store at the Prime Outlets near Kenosha, WI talking to my favorite store manager when I noticed a guy with his wife while she shopped for shoes eyeing my "Thalia" brand ankle boots had gotten at Macy's about 3 years ago. The boots are black with a 5.5" stiletto heel and about 3" of that was visible under my bootcut jeans. I also has on a longer Michael Kors coat which I had bought a year ago at Burlington for just $50. He locked eyes but said nothing and didn't say anything to me or his wife just then. Once the manager came back she resumed her conversation with me and his attention went back to his wife. I didn't feel any differently but it was interesting all the same noting his look and wondering what he may have been thinking. Maybe he was wondering "when the hell am I going to get around to wearing some". Maybe not. I suppose the look is much of the excitement I guess. I just wish I could wear my heels and share the shopping experience. We're all such lone shoppers here! HappyinHeels