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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    It was a pleasant surprise though it sounds to me which is a good thing indeed. HinH
  2. mlroseplant, I imagine the wedges actually belong to her mother and this girl just happens to be that size right now but will probably outgrow them. It was nice of her mother to encourage her to wear them probably in deference to you HinH
  3. I believe j-1986 and his wife are coming to a meeting of the minds at a very steady pace. Continued effective communication should lead to an enhanced relationship and that is a very worthy goal indeed. As one who is now coming up on 34 years married and not even 60 years old I have watched as others have made more money or advanced to higher positions of authority or responsibility I have born witness to their failed marriages as mine has flourished. So, naturally, I stand as an enthusiastic cheerleader for all others who need it. It's because I believe good unions are worth fighting for. They inspire, heal, and improve the lives of all they touch. We humans are intrinsically designed for interaction and when those interactions go really well a wave of positive reinforcement can bathe all those around us in its soothing warmth. This is the essence of the human condition and what makes life on Earth worth every minute. Make more of those minutes, and hours, and days and you'll make more out of each year and ultimately your entire lifetime. A very very worthy goal for all. HappyinHeels
  4. CAT, C'mon man you're just one county away from me but apparently in a whole other time zone. We celebrated the new year over three months ago! Remember, it's just a leg contest not an entire outfit contest. You've done quite well in that discipline HinH
  5. I've worn them but only when fully-dressed. If you get your ears pierced then you can wear really cool earrings. The clip on plastic can separate and crack causing the earrings to slip off. I found a solution in buying an assortment of hose gaskets (works best with hoop earrings) which are the same size. Longer hair covers my ears anyway so they cannot be seen. HinH
  6. Yep they were ugly. "Boondockers", or steel-toe workboots, were not much to look either at but were practically indestructible. I still have mine issued in 1980 and they're the only true steel-toe shoe I have. You can still read the word "Goodyear" on the bottom. Walking on tyres, I love it HinH
  7. Is it too late to get this activity into the next Summer Olympics?? She definitely looks very fit and has found a novel way to stay in shape and make a living. HinH
  8. One feature I've noticed in my sets of jeans is the ladies' jeans have five belt loops and the mens' have six or seven loops. I imagine the difference has to do with men carrying more in their pockets, having usually bigger waists, and wearing thicker belts but there maybe other reasons I haven't thought of. I have a couple of mens' jeans in great condition for the occasional meal out with the wife and the rest are ladies' which I wear most everyday. HinH
  9. "Shower shoes" now there is a memory. The military has a way of transforming the way many once spoke. Everyday things like toilet, bathroom, and vending machine became shitter, head, and geedunk after going into the Navy. "Geedunk" for those scratching their heads is the proverbial sound the coin made as it went down into the machine and dropped into the metal box inside. If you're organised you are "squared away" which is a very good thing to be especially at sea. Bubba's right, shower shoes outside to/from the bathroom was a no-go or a no-no. Same thing. Getting used to seeing so many guys in later years wearing shower shoes gave me post traumatic sandal syndrome but I'm okay now. My therapy was wearing high heels HappyinHeels
  10. mlroseplant, Pretty nice you got exact replacements of your favourite mules. And I know you love your mules! I do remember when Bakers was in business they would tell me a number of their pumps, especially the "Victoria" series needed to be broken in and I found that to be true. I believe I have only two mule style sandals. One was an tan mule sandal from Target which my wife actually bought for me in 2007 and the other is a 7" platform sandal I got at my friend's store in Chicago. Mules look good on you and you look fearless doing any range of chores in them. I have never bought replacement shoes but have at least twice bought two pairs of a style I really loved knowing I'd eventually get to the second pair one day. HappyinHeels
  11. Whilst it seems premature to be seeing this as the snow has barely left and the ground just thawed out in many northern locations I nevertheless think it is on time. One has to consider the design time, plans to get it to manufacturing, and then the staging at the different fashion shows. This seems about right for an item which could be on store shelves in about 120 days or so. These shows are designed to create a buzz. The more buzz the more likely something on the runway will make it to a retail store. The OTK green boots were seriously sexy but most of the rest did not peak my interest. I saw some truly hideous designs in here. HinH
  12. I took down all my snow fences and the seven-day outlook calls for overnight temperatures to stay above freezing so that is good news for warming up the soil. I've been busy around the yard ahead of our trip Out West next week. We'll visit my wife's family in northwestern Mexico and I'll do some exploring after that. Should be back around 1st May. It'll be sandal weather in Mexico and California and all the way home as well. My feet will be happy then HinH
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