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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. HappyinHeels

    Reason for wearing heels??

    It's just a natural part of whom I've always been. Sure, it's a bit of adrenaline I suppose since I'm wearing and not following dictated conventions. HappyinHeels
  2. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    C U L I N A R Y
  3. Let me offer this as an observation. Whilst kneehighs makes valid points as to changing attitudes that does not translate into legions of men wearing heels in the mainstream. Shyheels makes a valid point about reading too much into social media commentary. Social media is a tool which, when properly used in context, can enhance our lives rather than guide our lives. I too was a trained observer for better than 31 years and have not noticed more than a scant number of men in heels. This does not negate the unavoidable fact that millions of people worldwide are able to express themselves with far more ease than would have been the case a few decades ago. You both are essentially correct. I'd like to think those who benefit from increased self-expression may have taken what Gandhi said long ago; "Be the change you want to see in this world". HappyinHeels
  4. HappyinHeels

    What is this "at work" you speak of?

    Shyheels, I bet you would be willing to take that assignment HappyinHeels
  5. HappyinHeels

    What is this "at work" you speak of?

    I retired from federal law enforcement in late April. While we didn't wear a uniform we did wear business casual and sometimes a suit and tie when presenting a case in federal court and other times casual street wear albeit with a police vest underneath. I suppose a retired person has the latitude to wear anything he or she wants but it is still a good idea to pay attention to the audience. A picnic, a shopping trip, or a night out at a club will all demand rather different outfits including types and heights of heels worn. I know there are many here who have worked, or still do, in the trades and work in industrial settings so heels would be a no-go. While there are many settings such as hospitals, police and fire stations, warehouses, fast-food restaurants, manufacturing facilities, etc. which would not allow heels it is also true there are more white-collar and service-related workers now than ever before so there may be more persons working in places where heels could be worn. HappyinHeels
  6. HappyinHeels

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Yes, classic on both counts!
  7. Whilst the last 20 years have given us unparalleled access to technology making it possible to correspond with friends, family, and online personalities such as this forum it has also given rise to masses of people looking down at a device instead of up at the world around them. It has also given rise to a class of people determined to enlighten the world as to how to think, talk, and vote. I believe those narrow-minded and myopic folks will be relegated to an ash heap of history. We humans have been, and always will be, configured for conversation and meaningful interaction. Yes, the world will revolve on its axis at precisely 23.5 degrees for many years to come. The quality of that world is perhaps history's lesson. Disagreements and arguments will abound. Never stop talking. Never stop being creative and engaging your fellow humans. Never stop trying. HappyinHeels
  8. HappyinHeels

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I'm glad you are feeling comfortable and complete in your dresses while on your jaunts. I believe that is a bedrock concept for all of us no matter where we live or what we may be doing. I think your effort at looking your best is a result of the confidence you exude. We certainly all appreciate the totality of what you contribute to this site. HappyinHeels
  9. HappyinHeels

    Collection and pics from down under

    Sydheel, Very nice photos. Yes, the mild winters in Australia do allow more flexibility in overall fashion and footwear choices. I can and have worn sandals in temperatures as low as 30F/-1C. It's a choice as I can tolerate cold well and our winters are quite long. I really like the SM boots and am curious, like others, to see if we them see them for sale when our winter season comes. As for the state of origin game I can say I am familiar with rugby and have seen several matches in the USA and Canada. The movie "Invictus" certainly can interest one in the game as well as the history of South Africa and it is one of my favorite 100 movies of all time. Who doesn't like a good scrum?! HappyinHeels
  10. HappyinHeels

    The perfect pump IMHO

    The back of the shoe is classic pump but I could never get my toes into this type of toe box. I need a rounded or almond style. I believe you will find this out there somewhere. HappyinHeels
  11. Confidence needs neither translation nor explanation wherever it shows itself. That same confidence will win people over without you having to say much at all. Respect is earned over time via interaction, confidence, and tradition. Nobody says it is easy as the world has its share of assholes. But they are few and far between and should never factor into one's ability to enjoy one's life and choice of clothes or footwear. Keep those outfits as pink as you want them. HappyinHeels
  12. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    S U R G E O N
  13. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    R E C E I V E
  14. MackyHeels, If your way of interaction is mostly working for you then keep the faith and your focus. You'll never see me in a gym. Never was my cup of tea. I substituted gym for a swimming routine when I was young as our school was one of the few which had an Olympic-size pool. Today I do all my own yardwork and landscape projects no matter the temperature or humidity. It works for me and I don't have any trees giving me a death stare. As for you not believing confronting people will win them over I would point out some examples from history. If a black seamstress had not confronted the oppression around her when she would not move to the back of a nearly empty bus on 01 Dec 1955 the world never would have heard of Rosa Parks. If a small group of mothers had not gathered every week in Buenos Aires the world may never have known the scope of the dirty war in Argentina in the 1970's which eventually led to the downfall of a military regime. If those who followed every lead, travelled any distance, and turned over every stone had not done so the world may not have had a complete account of the atrocities of Nazi Germany. There is a reason they follow the mantra "Never Again". Confrontation hastened the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of apartheid in South Africa. Confrontation definitely shaped the United States as it did many of the nations of the Americas. On the individual level one succeeds when he/she has the confidence to confront the fears which have kept them back before. Each time one of our members steps out for the first time they have, in fact, confronted their fears and declared their independence. I believe without confrontation that confidence has a harder time growing. We do not appreciate things quite as much unless some struggle is involved. History can be such a teacher if only we humans take our heads out of the sand, or simply put down the phone, and open our senses to its lessons. You can ignore for so long but one day you could return the stare. It tells the other person you are onto them and they may well quit going to that gym or stop staring at you. Keep your head up and your outfits as pink as you want them. HappyinHeels
  15. Seeing these photos reminds me of the bar scene in the original Star Wars. I think their footwear may have been better no matter what galaxy they were from HappyinHeels

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