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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. Whilst the novelty of buying something worn once, or so the sales pitch goes, is inviting I’d shy away from something that couldn’t be worn practically outside of a wedding. I’ve worn both wedges and pumps to weddings but wasn’t a part of the wedding so no lacy white shoes for me. You could go the eBay route though and see some benefits for your effort. HinH
  2. Mlroseplant, Always enjoy your material. Though you knocked this shoes aesthetic I think you just liked the way they were easy on + off hence all the wear. As I see Iowa has seen lots of rain I wonder if rubber boots can be far behind. Big heat dome over the East now. Was very hot in PA and in Quebec for days and hot as Hades in South Carolina where I’m visiting my sister. Wore some simple wedges posted here with jeans on trip down here. Stay dry neighbor! HinH
  3. Here’s two looks with the JS Dany in black which I don’t think I’ve posted. Had the black ones about two years now. Quite high at 6.25”/16cm in sz11 but very stable. If at an outdoor event this would a great choice if not wearing wedges.
  4. This is JS Dany in the sand color I’ve wanted for a while. DSW still has this at $110 but typing Dany in the Dillard search box shows these and the black at just $35 as they’re on clearance. Got the 11 and they arrived in just 52 hours. Fit like a glove. This Dany has a 6.25/16cm heel whereas the Devalyn has a 5.5”/14 cm heel.
  5. mlroseplant, Just transited the Des Moines area this past week so I wonder if that was me???? Sounds exactly like many wedges I do have and you saw me in a typical pair a few years back. Always nice to see a pair like that as a surprise since there are so many boring and ultra casual styles out there. She obviously is embracing warmer weather. HinH
  6. I don't have a ton of heels in red there are some killer ones among them. Not long ago I posted some pics of my Emigdia kneehigh boots with 6.25"/15.8cm stiletto heels which feel amazing. Did get a pair of red/black sandals recently with towering heels but haven't posted them. Red is a color of confidence and it will garner attention. But that's exactly what the wearer wants. HinH
  7. You are both correct. It should have read 14cm. 5.7” x 2.54cm=14.478cm. Silly me. Thanks for the compliments. These are the latest variation of the Jessica Simpson “Dany” style which stretches back to at least 2010. I think the line is popular because it is stable and cool looking and actually tends to be a little large so larger feet may be happy. I’ve like so much of her line but this Dany line is particularly pleasing. HinH
  8. Here’s a better view of JS Dany in the chocolate brown. These are size 11 and have a 5.7”/11cm chunky heel.
  9. This pair of JS Dany sandals was the last time I wore heels away from home when I went shopping then to a movie. Apart from that wore wedge heels quite regularly at home or outside. HinH
  10. Don’t like it when a company makes a shoe which does fit me but it comes with an ankle strap 1-1.5” shorter than normal. It’s relevant if one has to perforate some extra holes in the strap. Don’t see a lot but it’s annoying. HinH
  11. Glad to hear the collective value of members’ heel-wearing experiences inspired you to take that first step outside. As I’ve said before, but it is worth repeating, the world is utterly neutral towards you but will look approvingly upon anyone who exudes confidence. Thanks for placing your trust in the community here. It validates the site. HinH
  12. Gige, Looked this over and decided your “armchair fashionistas” are now fat and can’t master the look you now sport. They are not in the chain of command and the content of what they tell you is really not directly related to the job you’re all paid for. You could note they offered no comments before wearing more feline styles but I’d be inclined to record any interaction with them if you can manage it. It’s one sure way of shutting down would-be troublemakers. These phones have a life of their own as a phone in a pocket or purse can start recording at any moment…theoretically. HinH
  13. Mlroseplant, Well-done on your whole-hearted JKrenzer endorsement! Practice over time makes just about anyone master a skill whether it’s walking in heels, learning electricity, or delving into amateur radio. Time spent in heels will also tone those calves. Keep it up! HinH
  14. Mlroseplant, saw this post and it made me think about my shoes. Have only 8 pairs in Arizona which classify as such: 4” or less= 0 4-4.5”=0 4.5”-5”=3 5-6”=2 6” or higher= 3 Back home in Wisconsin I don’t know the exact number but it’s above 175 pairs none of which are under 4”. The bulk are 5-6” and the most common style is the wedge sandal. I’ll have to get an accurate picture when we get back there. In the meantime we’ll enjoy sandal weather here in AZ. First stretch days of 90F(32C) are coming. HinH
  15. Mlroseplant, You look devine in your hot pink jacket and pumps. You are not being subtle now no wonder you get noticed at the grocery store! Well done and a good way to start spring. HinH
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