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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. HappyinHeels

    Help me decide an outfit

    Either of those looked wonderful but #4 was my favourite. HinH
  2. HappyinHeels

    Help me decide an outfit

    Kneebooted, I like the look in photos 4+6 the best. If you have TSA Pre and don't have to remove shoes then I'd go for the look that's true to your display name. The full tucked-in boot as in #6 makes a statement about fashion and confidence. We have had several days of very clear and sunny weather in Wisconsin but there is a swath of rain and unusually cool weather from Texas to Ohio. I'm sure you'll look fabulous with any of these. HappyinHeels
  3. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    S O C O T R A I S L A N D
  4. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    C O S T A R I C A
  5. HappyinHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    I concluded that as well. Every post seems to be a soap opera. I have tried to be helpful but it seems fruitless. HinH
  6. RonC, May the Lord keep and guide you for whatever time you have left. Perhaps that guidance will do what the drugs can't. It has amazed me how cancer is essentially treated the same way it was back in 1960. I lost my stepfather in 2015 to cancer after he said he would not be radiated a second time at age 80. Enjoy your heels and your shopping as it is all about comfort right now. God Bless. HAppyinHeels
  7. Cali, Yes, I've seen you so I have seen you in heels so I'll stay mute on that issue as it is a moot point. Bubba136, Your point about others consulting the archives is a great one as so much information and perspective is found there. It is a diary of our members' experiences and much can be gleaned by members today whom might be going through the same thing. HinH
  8. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, I have some knee boots just like those in suede which I think is what you have there. Is that colour on your nails periwinkle? It does look nice. I have never tried that colour but should some day. I just changed my toe colour from bright green to dark red a few days ago. I have never worn shorts with boots but have worn dresses and skirts with boots which results in the same amount of exposed legs. I suppose the shorts with boots is just a look people are not used to. I think you made the right call in starting this thread as it has been interesting so far. HappyinHeels
  9. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    V A P O U R I S E D
  10. HappyinHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    Thanks pebblesf, I appreciate that. HinH
  11. HappyinHeels

    Looks like I’m moving...

    Kneebooted, Once you see the beehive of activity in CA you may long for the peace of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Just days after I retired at the end of April we towed a car I had been using for work to NW Mexico and stopped to eat in Rock Springs for dinner. We took Interstate 80 via Wyoming instead of our usual route through Colorado as the Wyoming mountains are lower and easier to cross when towing a load. Wyoming is the windiest state in the Union but not the day we travelled across it. Just stick to your plan of the manufactured home and don't get suckered into extreme debt like so much of CA does. You had the courage to make the move which says something despite all the dire warnings. Keep us informed as things play out. HappyinHeels
  12. HappyinHeels

    Word Association Game

    M A G N I F I C E N T
  13. HappyinHeels

    Noticing people in heels

    maninboots, The fact you are wearing the footwear of your choice without fanfare or tangible signs of negative interaction is your best evidence you are making the world accept you on your terms and not theirs. I have talked about this before. Much of the reason many of us came here was to interact with like-minded others who like wearing heels even though they are probably men. It doesn't mean you are in the fast lane to sexual reassignment surgery as some may erroneously conclude rather you just want to express yourself with the same latitude as the women do. You notice other heels because you are conditioned to look for them whereas most other people are distracted with other things like talking to whomever they are with or playing with their phone. I think Shyheels made a good point that you are accomplishing what you want without any ill effects. That's really what you wanted!! You are not wearing your heels for attention rather for your own enjoyment. One thing I would conclude about a man, or woman, who wear particularly tall heels is that each of them is a supremely confident person who is not to be messed with. I have also talked before about the need to exude confidence which the world does notice and does respect. Keep doing what you are doing and that confidence will become a virtually inexhaustible fuel source the rest of your life. Confidence is only gained by doing and not by thinking about doing. I salute you on your progress! HappyinHeels
  14. My wife has known about high heels and all the accessories since 1985 when we married but doesn't know about HHP. I don't imagine she would be surprised but I see no reason to make a splash with it either. Participating here breaks no rules of matrimony since it a forum and not a dating site. HappyinHeels
  15. HappyinHeels

    What matches purple heels?

    Purple often goes quite well with gold. I have one pair of wedges from Charlotte Russe (5.7"/13cm) which are purple over a gold bottom and have worn them with both skinny jeans to a casual event and once with a gold dress to a party some six years ago. HinH

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