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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. Cali, I recently returned from 12 days in Mexicali where we buried my wife's mother last week. Every day was 102F/39C or hotter which is normal for June there but I again saw so many lovely wedge sandals there and thought of you. It continues to amaze me the Mexican shoe market is thriving as stores in the U.S. continue to close. You can really find inexpensive and colourful designs all over Mexico as I remember seeing a multitude of shoe stores in Leon, Queretaro, Guadalajara, and Mexico City back in 2017. You would be in wedge heaven! HinH
  2. Just an educated guess here but how about the entire city?? London strikes me as does New York City. The scale is so enormous that one person with 4" block heels or 6" stiletto heels just melts into the myriad of the people and styles and activity swirling around you. The sidewalks are so bustling with people it is difficult to look down and even appreciate what anyone is wearing. The best way to gain the acceptance (and subsequent comfort) you seek is to wear what you want and show confidence everywhere you go. Confidence fuels success and successful people fuel creativity and get things done. So get out there and greet London on YOUR terms. You'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. HinH Shyheels said what I was typing but, since he's a journalist, he types a hell of a lot faster!
  3. Je vous en prie mon ami/You are quite welcome my friend. HinH
  4. hiddenheels, Thanks for finally joining the forum! Our members run the spectrum from transgender and transsexual to heterosexual men just wanting to wear heels either at home or in public. Still others, like myself, enjoy blending both more feminine clothing with mens or androgynous styles to create a look having elements of both or presenting completely as a woman. It is a transformation like in a play or movie and can do wonders for the soul. No desire to actually get an operation rather the desire to cross the boundary, enjoy a day or two or a night wearing exciting clothing in bright colours and then change back into my normal rural guy mode. What our members share in common is a the high heeled shoe and where we might wear it, what we may wear it with, and how all of this enhances our lives. What conflicts you is how society generally affords women full latitude in wearing whatever they want. They wear everything associated with women and a lot things associated with men. They wear lots of makeup or none at all, wear heels or not, show their legs and arms or not, wear wide watches or thin watches and carry handbags of all imaginable sizes and colours whether or not their pants or dresses have pockets. By contrast men don't seem to have the same latitude. But it only seems that way. Few, if any nations outside the Islamic world. specifically prohibit men from wearing womens attire. Men simply choose not to explore their curiosity lest they catch the wrath of a bogeyman who never materializes. I have met several of our members here and have had lovely experiences with all of them. Just so you know it's not made-up internet bullcrap. I have visited mlroseplant a few times and he wears his heels everywhere in small-town Iowa and nothing bad happens. I've seen him in heels and he's seen me and so has his family. I have visited Steve63130 and his wife in Ohio several times wearing rather tall heels and a blended look as described above and had nothing but positive experiences. I have met with Cali in California twice and seen his love of heels and he's seen mine. We are office workers, people in the trades, retired law enforcement, medical personnel, factory workers, politicians, etc. None of us could explain exactly why we like heels except that it is in DNA. So, go with it!! Heels may make you a better person, a better lover, or a better friend. They will undoubtedly make more aware of fashion and perhaps make you more polite. Those are all GOOD things. If you love your partner with all your heart, respect your fellow human beings, the animals, and plants around you then high heel shoes/boots should never impede your ability to enjoy your time on This Earth. This last bit is very important. You will sort through it and figure out where you you fit into the overall scheme of things. Just do it with confidence and the world shall take note of it. Remember, the world is NOT either for or against you rather it is utterly neutral. But the world does notice and tends to respect confidence. Confident people are often successful people but success can only occur as a result of confidence in one's own ability. Ability to look into others' eyes, dress oneself to match one's mood, and stride confidently out the door and demand to be counted as an individual. You have a right to express yourself via your clothes but that right must be exercised to be enjoyed and defended. It's all up to you! HappyinHeels
  5. Aniston is noted for wearing wedges not only in movies but also in her daily life. She is seen with Sandler on the promo cover for "Just Go With It", as well as at the very end of "We're the Millers" in the back yard when they meet their new neighbours. Since I love wedges I have always liked seeing her wear them. She has commented many times that she goes for casual comfort and wedges are perfect in the mild climate and sunshine of Southern California. I am satisfied with my collection of wedges and can only imagine what hers looks like. She looks good in everything. It's a shame her relationships haven't gone well. HinH
  6. That color is amazing. What would you wear them with? HinH
  7. They all look great on you and are something I’d wear. Good choices! HinH
  8. I just flew through McCarren Apt en route San Diego and was amazed at the high prices of the food choices. Some concessions are notably cheaper than others but overall prices were quite high. Otherwise it is Las Vegas and you can wear as high a heel as you handle, woman or man.
  9. Thanks/Obrigado. It is a dress I've had a while. Have only one other pair of heels with this colour in it. I did just my toes this colour though. HinH
  10. I am impressed with your generosity but it's probably a normal part of the Iowa identity. As to those people who may cringe at wearing someone else's shoes I guess they have never shopped Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul or any other thrift store for that matter. Besides things like laundry detergent and sanitizers are cheap and plentiful. HinH
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