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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.

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  1. I made the occasional visit to Payless and that's where I got my "Cosmic" wedges that some of our members have talked about. Fortunately I can fit most size 10 shoes so more is available to me. As for the rest this is a situation where one needs to adapt to the changing environment. There are other offerings out there but it will require effort. Don't forget Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack which always have larger sizes, make a wider search of internet sites, and don't be afraid to take a trip outside the USA where shoe markets are different and thriving. One such place is Mexico. I'm amazed just how robust the shoe market is there. Lots of higher heels and nice colours. Larger sizes may be an issue but a friend of mine in Chicago has carried the "Vice-Versa" brand which are Mexican-made heels actually sized in mens. They look good and and fit well. Jetheelsfan, It's too bad your yearly tradition ended but you can start a new one by finding a different store. Just because Payless went under does not mean your desire to wear heels also went under. You valued your interaction with Payless employees and that's what you'll miss. Now you must look anew to forge new connections. It's what we humans are wired for. HappyinHeels
  2. I try to really spread out the sandals, pumps, and boots I wear so that wear is more evenly distributed. The place I first see it is the back of the heel. HinH
  3. I think your outfit is fine. As for the giggler I personally would have asked him; "Practicing laughing at your own jokes?" Are you a world-class comedian I haven't heard of yet?" "Did I get on this elevator to entertain you??" There will be silence and ignorance. A simple "m'en feu et contre feu" will work wonfers. These jerks need to be called out. Failure to do so will result in continued boorish behaviour. HinH
  4. Adding a service charge of 15-18% may sound more efficient elsewhere but I have seen where the service also dipped in quality. Adding a service charge takes away the option from the consumer and that's not a good thing. Tipping is pervasive in the U.S. and Canada (less so in Quebec) but we're so used to it and it works. By and large people getting tips in these two nations work their ass off and I believe earn them. HinH
  5. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Animal prints are nice but I don't have much. One dress, one skirt, and one very cumfy pair of wedge sandals in a cheetah print. HinH
  6. Fascinating topic! Conceptually, 3-D printing at home could allow someone to visualise what a pair of killer heels or a customised dress may look like. Sort of like an end around to noted designers selling clothing and shoes at premium prices and made under scandalous conditions. Anytime you give the consumer more options you are making that consumer more powerful. HinH
  7. Then there's always the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. A world-class city in the safe, polite, and respected nation of Canada. There's several reasons right there to go make a visit! HinH
  8. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    I've had a few discussions over the years about highways and engineering in general and it has been engaging. From suggesting adding a bike lane when certain county roads are resurfaced (that is being done) to putting trash barrels on the on-ramp at varying intervals of I-41/94 (not done in this county but in some others) to installing more effective line striping to avoid annual paint striping (this is being done with markings etched into pavement making them plowable). 90% of those I have talked to have been very responsive. Having driven and travelled to so many parts of North America I have paid attention to how things are arranged noting the positive and negative. We all have a stake in our infrastructure. HinH
  9. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Well, from what I've seen the "New Yorker" is typically liberal coastal nonsense disguised as magazine journalism. As far as the comments go I am not surprised by the slanted negativity to something different. Women do all sorts of things and are celebrated but let a man do it and somehow the gravitational pull of the Earth gets jolted. This is hardly the hallmark of an "enlightened" society. If a man simply wears what he wants, paints his toenails, and goes out the door with sufficient confidence I'll bet the reaction, and by extension, the enjoyment of spending the day out and about, will be much more positive. Steve63130 is correct. If people had to use their name, like the old letters to the editor, then many would not be able to hide behind crass anonymity. So many folks are followers and spectators anyway in their lives and rarely innovate unless they observe others. That's been my observation anyway. Follow your own path and express yourself!! HinH
  10. The thought occurred to me of a new definition for the word chasm. That would be the difference between the retail price of the garments displayed and the cost of their manufacture in the country of origin.I would bet the models struggle to live on the wage they're paid whilst the designer is bathing in money. Same old song! HinH
  11. Yes, I find both of those above to be true as they relate to the millenial generation. Very aware of tech and social stuff but also naive as to how the world tends to actually work as opposed to the what they may have heard inside the university bubble. This generation is undoubtedly the most open-minded as it relates to things like men in heels though. HinH
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