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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.
  1. Tech, Cali just posted it takes 3-5 weeks for an email with the link to be sent to a new member wanting to join. I'm trying to get my shoe store buddy Gary in Chicago to join and then saw Cali's reply. Not what I expected. Is the site in need of more administrators?? I really wanted to verify what Cali is saying. If the situation is different then I can hear it directly from the management. Thanks for your diligence. HappyinHeels
  2. Is Cali's answer close to correct??? I can't believe in 2017 it would take that long. Clearly the site needs more administrative help if 3-5 weeks is what it takes to generate an email link for a member to activate forum membership. I will notify an administrator separately. This is not what I expected but I'll deal with it. If any other new member's experience was different then please chime in and describe what you did. This is a dynamic forum but waiting that long would be a big impediment to enjoying the site and growing the membership. HappyinHeels
  3. on the other hand when your thumb gets knocked out of its joint in athletics (football, hockey, baseball) you just walk over to a trainer and look away and like magic your thumb is functional again.....after a gasp or two. Tape can do wonders to soothe the mind and ease cramps. Never underestimate the power of tape! HappyinHeels
  4. Hey All, Spoke to Gary today and he continues to want to start meetings. Initially at his store and later at a larger place if interest demands more space. I told him I'd help him start an account here and to check his email tomorrow (28 June) for a link to activate his forum membership. I said I plan to take off Thursday and drop by his store. Planning on putting on the bootcut jeans, grab the handbag, and head out in one of my cumfy summer wedges and see what I can find. I should just ask him to snap my picture while I'm there which I've never thought of doing before. On the other hand I'm not so photogenic. Make up for it with bold heels I hope this email with the link comes quickly so we can get going. I dislike loose ends especially since I've talked about this and want to see it happen. It would more than likely take place on a Saturday evening as opposed to Friday. Chicago area traffic is quite bad on Friday night but less so on Saturday night. I'll cross my fingers and hope this goes okay. HappyinHeels
  5. I would always advocate wearing hosiery with heels, particularly if you are going shopping or more heels, as it makes putting on/taking off those shoes much quicker and easier. Wearing your heels barefoot is fine if your feet are taken care of and your shoes are going to stay in place. Wearing your own hosiery avoid having to use the "try-ons" you see wherever shoes are sold. Since I have seen some people actually put used try-ons back in the box I am glad I always ( I mean without fail always) am wearing hosiery when shopping for shoes or any sort of pants. Knee-highs most days and thigh-highs on others. The skirt and dress members know the value of good hosiery and leg look. I think Steve63130 has been an avid booster for wearing hosiery but can't recall why that is. My active memory is sometimes hosed HappyinHeels
  6. All, Going back over this thread I see definite "divisions" over platforms and some attempt to smooth over those divisions. Those who love them will try wearing them to as many places as possible. Those who don't will not. I do think, though, there are occasions when some of us just want to wear the highest and loudest heel we can because the event (Halloween, a private club party, perhaps New Year's Eve or going to the Rocky Horror Picture Show) sort of screams for something wild. I like wedge sandals for daily wear April-October, pumps for more dress-up occasions or perhaps for shopping in higher-end stores, and boots in the colder months. I would definitely wear a platform sandal to one of the special events in parentheses. The event sets the tone and the shoe should match that tone and exactly the mood the wearer (YOU) wants to project. A tall platform shoe (6+"/15+cm) would seem right for a club setting, a wedge sandal normal while strolling the urban streets in the summer shopping season, or a sharp pump while sitting on a bench enjoying a smoke. A shoe style for each mood and event. That's why there's an endless array of styles because there's a seemingly endless array of us! HappyinHeels
  7. Yep, same one. The skeleton is holding a 90-ounce Thirstbuster and has a fan on him. Skyharbor had been shut down when the temperature hit 121F/49.6C as that is a critical threshold in avionics. While higher temperatures have occurred in smaller places with smaller airports this was the first time this threshold had been reached at a major airport in the United States. It did happen at the airport in my wife's home city of Mexicali, Baja California in 1995 when the temperature reached 125F/52.3C in late July of that year. The heat index was 129F/54.2C that day. HappyinHeels
  8. I was in "hell" on Tuesday the 26th of June 1990 when Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix hit their all-time high of 122.3F(50.3C). I lived in rural Arizona at the time and was in town doing errands. I still have the Arizona Republic front page from that day and a special t-shirt. HappyinHeels
  9. w6ish, don't know where you went but you get around for sure. I have a JS pair very close to the white pair Cali liked but they are cognac on top and have gold studs where the vamp is attached to the last. I like a lot of JS shoes and have about 20 of them including my Dany chunky heel sandals very close to your Daelyns. So where did you go this time??? HappyinHeels
  10. Gudulitoo, Cali, our Central California professor, makes a good point. If this relationship falls apart over something as small as shoes then it was not a substantial relationship to begin with. The questions I posed would be what a reasonable person would ask themselves whether reflexively or by way of dialogue with a friend. An earnest, and reasonable person, who wants to understand an issue and actually attempt to resolve it would ask these questions. I second the motion for not calling it a fetish. Men wearing heels is a fetish like women wearing tattoos is fetish. Oh, no, that's different. Fetish, while not usually illegal by statute, is usually associated with behavior considered on the margins and people cast a wary eye upon it. You have a passion for heels no different than many women have a passion for shopping or makeup. These passions do NOT make them fetishists. Equality is a two-way street and you must fight for your "right-of-way" or droit de passage. Une opinion d'un membre ici. HappyinHeels
  11. jeremy1986, The original premise of the thread is you were asking about UK membership but this forum is very well represented by people in Great Britain. AT time certain threads are dominated by Britons. No shortage of voices (or heels) there! HappyinHeels
  12. Gudulitoo, As much as I want to think the French spirit of Laissez-faire and joie de vivre would work its magic I know it doesn't work ALL the time. I believe any woman's trepidation with her man wearing heels has more to do with the perception she will lose the "man" she fell in love with. She fears you will somehow turn into someone she can't understand or love anymore as if the first heel on your foot means sexual reassignment surgery is just a year away. Such women must be convinced, and reassured, your ability to love and protect, provide for her or for kids, and do the sort of things a husband is normally expected to do is not conditioned or defined by the type of footwear or clothing you occasionally choose to wear. She should ask herself: Is my husband loyal and have any of our financial obligations been mismanaged? Is the house maintained? Has my husband changed in any meaningful way just because he wears heels? If the answer is no to all of these questions then the fear is unfounded. If we men were to judge our spouse by this same standard then we should be angry when our spouses started getting tattoos or started wearing pants instead of dresses. Truly caring and understanding people will realize their fears are based upon not understanding something surrounding a loved one which always clouds the issue. Remember, l'egalite est une rue de deux sentiers. (Equality is a two-way street). I hope this helps you in your current situation. HappyinHeels
  13. welcome to our forum, It may be a hobby but it's really been a part of your identity all along and that's why you want to better understand it. Your desire to wear heels will not fade nor your desire to learn more. You've made one giant leap in that understanding by coming here. As far as your handle goes I actually met the real Kanye back in 2006 when I worked at O'Hare in Chicago. He was an unrepentant douche back then. He wanted to complain to a supervisor (me) about an inspector who didn't know he was. I said, given the state of public education, there were people who didn't know who their own legislators were, and instant recognition of celebrities wasn't a requirement of the job. The level of self-absorption by him over the years has redefined the word conceited. Seeing celebrities, heads of state, etc. was a normal part of the job there. Most, the vast majority really, presented themselves as decent human beings, but a few were human skills-deprived a-holes whose personalities were deserving of the bin as they would say in Great Britain. Garbage in and garbage out. Read as much as you can in such threads as JeffB or Thighbootguy and you'll have a wealth of knowledge already. Again welcome aboard. Curious what part of Canada you are in. I was just in Quebec in April visiting family. HappyinHeels
  14. All, Great topic Cali. Since I substituted a pool routine for weight training during high school athletics I got rid of body hair back then. I have maintained smooth legs since 2000 and smooth arms since last year. I like my wedges and my watches so smooth legs and arms works well for me. It also makes it easier to apply sunscreen or body lotion when hair is not in the way. While hosiery can hide leg hair certain times of the day can reveal that hair. The bare leg look can work if you go out immediately after shaving, your legs are tanned, and your toes are polished. I have found shaving arms , legs, and chest adds about 7 minutes in the shower. My shaving is frequent but I'm exploring other options too. HappyinHeels
  15. joeshaw, JeffB is an amazing resource because his experiences have been so thoroughly described and documented here. It shows a certain evolution over the past nine years. You are going through your own evolution. While JeffB states he doesn't want to look like a woman just dress like one there may be times when YOU want to look like one. This is for you to decide. I, for one, know I will never be an actual woman but can tell you I really enjoy occasionally dressing completely as one. Your mannerisms will also change while in the role and that is normal. Life is really one big stage. Our membership here runs a myriad of styles and emotional needs and our expression on any one day reflects the exact mood we have. Look at shoes for example. 5" wedge sandals for shopping trips or daily errands in the summer months, a black or tan pump for a movie or a good restaurant, a 6" stiletto sandal for a club or party. Whatever these shoes are paired with is a function of the venue and your particular commitment to expression. What would be the "deep end" as you call it?? Unless what you do is patently illegal by statute or reasonably considered injurious of others then you have nothing to be concerned about. Look at the evolution of biological women. They never asked to wear pants but did. Never requested to get tattoos but did. They dress like guys all the time but keep the fingernail polish and the handbag and move forward. They evolved. You will evolve as well. This forum helps all of us do that. Hopefully this gives you some guidance. HappyinHeels