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    Enjoy traveling, sports, and the great outdoors. Also like general fashion. Usually wear bootcut jeans, with boots or pumps in winter and wedges or other heeled sandals in other months and have paired these with some other items such as blouses or jewelry. I do enjoy higher heels above 5" and have occasionally worn 6-7" heels to different social settings.
  1. Jura, What I didn't say was I encourage you to wear heels for as much of your trip as possible. Wear boots in colder or rural areas and perhaps sandals or pumps in the warmer and urban areas. You can get gas, get a coffee, or stop to eat wearing some type of heeled shoe without much notice these days. All depends on how it is put together. You can check into a hotel or family-run motel wearing your heels and not really have to think about it. These days if you are minding your business and are spending money that is all that matters. You may get nice comments in the cities and may even get a few in the rural areas. Wherever you go and wear just do it with confidence. Americans like confident people and it shows the world you are not afraid. I think most people worldwide like confident but courteous people. I think a great trip awaits you. Los Angeles and area is good to find and wear heels. Flagstaff is beautiful and accepting of all sorts of people. Chicago is a good place to shop and wear whatever you want. New York City is a mix of everything imaginable. You could wear everything from thigh-high boots to pumps to wedge sandals as a man and just blend into the urban mosaic that is NYC. What can you say about a place where a man and a woman standing together wearing 7" heels can both be complimented equally on their outfits?? I think NYC appreciates style and expression carried off with confidence. It is a very confident place indeed. Some of the shopping is unique in the USA so be prepared. HappyinHeels
  2. HighHeels2, I'd start by asking her what motivates her to wear heels and how it makes her feel. Do some research and you'll find high heels were invented by men and and for exclusive use by men 500 years ago. Print out the article and show it to her. Visual aids are always helpful when making a point like the one you are about to make. Ask her what are the ramifications if she wears a flat shoe one day and a heeled shoe the next? Why are you undeserving of the same choice?? I guarantee you she'll have affirmative defense short of complete acceptance of your right to the same choice. Equality goes both ways. Women dress like guys every day but they don't view it that way. Identify what your goals are and approach it from that perspective. You should tell her soon. Her answers will reveal her character and will put this relationship to the test of conditional or unconditional. It is a conversation worth having and a test worth taking. HappyinHeels
  3. Jura, I Used to work at O'Hare Airport in Chicago and saw passports from every nation except Bhutan and noticed the number of Europeans wanting to drive the old US66. I'm old enough to remember the actual signs as my mother was from a US66 town (Springfield, IL). If you're starting in Santa Monica, CA where the "Mother Road" actually ends then visit the pier there. Also check out all the shoe shops on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood. Lots of skyhigh heels there and other oddities. The other end is anchored by the City of Chicago and the birthplace of the skyscraper. The road is about 2,200 miles/3,300 km in length and crosses a variety of terrain and climate zones. What I remember Europeans commenting on the most was the sheer size of the U.S. Where they measured distances in a few hours and a few hundred kilometres becomes days and thousands of kilometres in the U.S.There are bigger countries like Canada and Russia but it's the scope of the interstate highway system which allows access to every corner of the 3,150,000 square miles (8,127,000 square kilometres) which is the contiguous 48 states. Alaska and Hawaii are special cases. I have driven the length of the North American continent est to west several times and have gotten tired of it but never cease to be amazed at the enormous size of it. I know of nowhere else in the world where one can start driving just after the sun rises and drive an entire day stopping just after sunset and have travelled 1,000 miles (1,610 km). This is possible where travel over great distances is absolutely seamless. Make sure you stop in Flagstaff, Arizona where I own a piece of land near the San Francisco Peaks or the highest point in the state. The views are amazing and the smell of pine in the air is evident the moment you open your car door. Enjoy your trip and feel free to ask more questions about any state along the way. HappyinHeels
  4. I looked at their site the other day out of curiosity and concluded a few things. The prices are such which will only attract young yuppie types living in their loft apartments in urban cocoons. The styles are predictably hideous, and because they are marketed to men, the prices are sky-high. Just buy the heels of your choice from the "women's" side and save enough NOT to take out a second mortgage. HappyinHeels
  5. All, I have actually walked barefoot in the snow but never in Iowa so it wasn't me. The First Nations part of me probably has something to do with it. HappyinHeels
  6. Hey Jeff, I like sandals so much I'll wear them even on cool days. While I have never worn sandals in the snow I have worn them when there was no snow but the temperatures were under 40F/4C so I guess I'm more impervious to cold than most sandal wearers. Must be the Canadian ancestry! HappyinHeels
  7. JeffB, I knew you'd eventually come around to the serious serenity of sandal shopping. The wedge sandal is my favorite and I have quite a few from 4.5 to 7". I always keep my toes polished. HinH
  8. All have made great points here. There is a process filtered by personal limits and one's own sense of comfort in their surroundings. I wear heels everyday but I am cognizant of where I do it. The farther from work and home the more obvious the heels and the more mixed my warddrobe becomes. What is inescapable in all of our journeys and experiences is we are enjoying a one-shot deal. We have a finite lifespan and an even shorter period to wear whatever we want while we're still ambulatory and in decent health. Make the most of your ONE chance to enjoy your life on your own fashion terms. HappyinHeels
  9. JeffB, Looking sharp as always! The effects of the "noreaster" there produced "lake-effect" snow in SE Wisconsin 6-16" of it. This is normal in Michigan but less so here. I also want to see the Kong movie. My opinion of Samuel L. Jackson changed with his BLM comments and his threatening to move to South Africa. Funny thing with Hollywood liberals is so many say things like this and they keep right on living in the good 'ol USA because where else can they live in gated cul-de-sacs with all manner of "I've got people for that"?? Hypocritical lifestyles on steroids. You do look awesome in those boots. I always seem to wear something similar in style to yours but higher. Hope I don't fall in the snow HappyinHeels
  10. I remember a post asking us all what we carried in our bags. The answers were varied which proved a bag's utility. I am big believer in carrying a spare pair of heels with me to allow for changing environment or moods for that matter. A bag allows this to happen. I have four different bags: a gold one, a taupe one, a cognac one which matches several wedge sandals I have and a tan fringe bag which Steve63130 has seen. I like them all! HappyinHeels
  11. All, Sounds good so far. Here's one more idea which definitely works. When you're in a store and have tried on a pair of heels you know you are going to buy ask the associate who helped you to take a photo of your new purchase. For you it is a different perspective and for the salesperson it is something positive they didn't see coming. This is all predicated upon someone having spent some effort helping you and this is the recognition of that effort. It works and it a fantastic way to enhance your shopping. HappyinHeels
  12. HappyinHeels

    Grandview is not that far out of Columbus, Ohio. to the East. I live on the North side of Columbus. I know

    Steve but have not seen him for sometime. If you want to get together for lunch or something, I am all for it.

    If your coming to the Col. Oh. area in the near future, and have the time to stop, give me a call.

    614-436-3880.   P.S. If you want Steve to join, invite him along. I do not have his number.


  13. M E M O R I A L
  14. Heelster, Too bad that happened but you had a backup pair! I always carry a pair in my handbag more so for change of mood but it could help in a situation like you had. Rocky Horror usually plays at night and cellphones don't usually take good night photos beyond 15 feet so your fears on people posting videos with anything distinct may be unfounded. I would say this though. I never wear a really high heel that I haven't tested somewhere else. ANother option is this: Went to a party once wearing 5.5" heels until I got to the venue then changed into 8" heels in parking lot where surfaces were uniform and smooth. You're better for the experience! HappyinHeels
  15. HappyinHeels

    Bernheels lives in Mich. I live in sub. of Columbus, Ohio. I have been to other meetings since the 2013

    meeting. New York and Las Vegas with Iloveboots and others. I have not been to any meetings lately.

    I only wear flat ugly shoes when I work in the yard, also at the L A Fitness club. Any other time I go out

    in public I wear high heel stilettos ONLY. 5" heels or higher. I have no restrictions. I wear heels to the

    Grocery, Movies, McDonalds and all other fast food places, Doctor offices. Drove to Las Vegas, Nevada

    wearing only stilettos, also while there. I love wearing high heels.   Thanks for dropping me a line.


    1. HappyinHeels


      I wondered if I had confused you with him. How close do you live to Granvillle where STeve63130 lives? Do you see him? Will be passing through OH in early April enroute PA. Would like to see more people even if briefly.

      I know the time Steve and I went to the Eaton Centre I wore some high wedges and he wore his usual clogs and we had a great time. No issues. I have been through LVG twice in the last year enroute Baja California. Got some platform sandals at a store on Sahara Avenue in November. Which hotel did you and the group stay in LVG? I remember there was a  drag show playing at the LINK next to Harrahs where we stayed.Good to see you are a free spirit! HinH