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  1. I am very surprised that the male sales clerk didn't take this opportunity to sell you a pair of boots. That's what I would have done.
  2. I remember the 90s as being a lean time in terms of high heels. I don't remember a whole lot about that time, only that the shoes were huge and largely, but not always, effectively low heeled. And oh yeah, kids wore their pants 3 inches too long and walked on the hem. Then along came the television series "Sex and the City," and the stiletto came back into fashion again. Eventually. There is some overlap, however. Bratz came out in 2001, but Sex and the City debuted in 1998. The Spice Girls and their huge platforms were solidly mid 90s. Bratz dolls were almost too late to the game, but I seem to remember giant shoes well past 2000. These modrun platforms are a little different than the ones from either the 70s or the 90s, but they are definitely big looking shoes.
  3. I like to try to keep my right hand nails a little bit longer for the purpose of fingerstyle guitar playing. It seems to be becoming more and more difficult as I get older. I, like you, have numerous opportunities to break nails at any time, any day, even with the company policy required gloves. However, not all of us are subjected to such punishing conditions, and artificial nails are actually pretty tough.
  4. Now that a few months have passed, I am sorry to report that, in fact, the platform is here in the Midwest USA. Which means that it's an actual trend, not just a passing fad. When I say platforms, it's not like the kind I wear. I mean huge, clunky, elephantine shoes. Not every girl is wearing them, but I've seen enough of them to know that our worst fears have actually gained some traction in the fashion world.
  5. Not strictly work related, but sort of kind of. Our church is in the midst of going through a remodel, the first since the building was built in 1957, and we must hold services elsewhere for a few weeks while this work is happening. Naturally, a couple of days after the work had started, I wanted to poke my head in there and see what was going on, and the answer was not nothing, but not much. However, the painters had their Sky Jack 3219 in there, and, having spent much of my career on one of these machines, I couldn't resist taking it for a spin. After all, they DID leave the keys in it. I figured I'd never be able to see the sanctuary from that viewpoint ever again, and I'd never again operate a scissor lift wearing high heeled sandals!
  6. Super good last night of the year for the farmer's market. Good weather, no other major events going on, and the realization for many people that they won't be able to come to this event for another 7 months. We went out with a bang, rather than a whimper. I really wanted to wear shorts for our last hurrah of the year, but that would have been inadvisable. It's simply not that warm. Got zero comments about my outfit or my shoes. True Religion mules. Effective 4 inch heel. Brought backup shoes, but didn't even think about using them. By the end of the season, 4 inch heels are easy. The trick will be to keep myself in this good of condition over the winter.
  7. That is disappointing to hear. It is difficult to know from the description exactly what caused that accident, but I can say from my vast experience with mules (slides) that it's not quite so simple as having a back strap or not. It sounds like from this policy that your traditional Birkenstocks would be banned as well? Other than toe protection, how can you get any sturdier or more stable than that? There are basically two types of mules: Flappy ones, and non-flappy ones. I prefer the flappy ones because I love that sound and look, but actually wear the non-flappy ones 90% of the time because of reality. I don't know what is going on with this policy, but it sounds like it's not really solving any problem that actually exists.
  8. I got smart this time, and did not read the comments section. Still I wonder. To my way of thinking, these people are not really radical at all. Other than the fake eyelashes (yuck on anybody), and the ugly-ass heels, he's not that much different from me. She claims to present masculine, but she's not that serious about it. Tomboyish, maybe? Not seriously masculine.
  9. In real life, yes, that's what it's going to be. My ex-wife, who is by most standards a girly-girl, worked for American Airlines late 1980s - mid-1990s. She almost always wore pants, even back then. She wore heels with the pants, but pants nevertheless. I guess I did not realize that female Virgin cabin crew, up to now, were required to wear skirts. I don't know why you'd ever want to wear a tight skirt to do that job, but I sort of understand. People wonder why I wear heels to work a farmer's market. That doesn't make a bit of sense, either. It's probably because I can, and we may see a bit of that at Virgin as well. And now for the other bit: I do not know why I even bother to read the comment section on any video ever. I should know better than that. Here is my take on the whole thing: When people see me, even if they happen to see me in Dahlonega, Georgia (super conservative area of the USA), they generally do not freak out. If I were to announce my putative presence in Dahlonega, GA with a video, and somehow it got broadcast to the locals, there would a lot of people freaking out. I think Virgin would have been better off simply implementing the policy without comment.
  10. I haven't posted on here in a while, as there seems to be little interest. I really don't blame people, I've got nothing new to say, and perhaps that's a good thing. It means I am able to lead a normal life wearing heels, and there are a finite number of things to say about that. There was a radical change in the weather here in Central Iowa this past week. It seems like one day it was in the 90s for temperature (close to 35º C), and a few days later, it dipped into the mid to upper 50s (around 12-15º C). As a result, I wore long pants and long sleeves to the farmer's market, and I'm glad I did. It started out a little hot, and I was thinking I could have worn shorts, as many of our customers did. However, our customers didn't have to stand outside in one spot for five hours, and by the time eight o'clock rolled around, I was quite appropriately dressed. If I had to do it all over again, I'd have probably worn my ankle boots or knee high boots. I wore these oxfords, which are my oldest continuously serving pair of shoes, because I knew they wouldn't bite me back, and they didn't. I did not bring a pair of backup shoes or load-in/load-out shoes with me. The little bit of ankle showing I feel interrupts the visual line. I got only one comment on that evening, and it was a "I don't understand how you can deal with heels that high" kind of comment.
  11. I doubt that anybody is envious, but my neighbors keep their pie holes shut, probably because my wife is always giving them egg rolls.
  12. Super casual? I do not think so. You should see some of the shit people wear at Walmart here on this side of the pond, and then you will know what super casual is. Think baggy shorts that come to the knee paired with flat athletic slides and white socks. On the other hand, maybe you're right. Cali's outfit might be super casual. What I'm describing should be called super AWFUL.
  13. If you are familiar with the brand, I think you are good to go. It's not a 100% indicator, but in my experience it is highly indicative. This works both ways, both good and bad. Bad experiences I've had are with Michael Kors and Vera Wang. Neither of these brands seems to be very sturdily built. Old Nine West is good, new Nine West is hit and miss. I could go on. Like I said before, the two pair of Sam Edelman I do have, you could probably use as jackstands for your car, but they are chunky-ish clogs. As far as I know, it's a decent brand.
  14. Gee, I guess I am not a REAL man of many clogs, I only play one on TV. I have only 10 pairs of clogs , and 3 of those you might not consider to be true clogs, but are merely clog-like. I found a picture of one pair, and the date range on this photo is pretty easy to guess, ha! These are BCBGeneration "Milliard." I have them in brown and black. They are very comfortable, but after a while they stretch out enough to where you've got to use some sort of fitment aid to keep your foot from sliding forward too far. Checking my records, I've worn the black pair enough to have had them reheeled.
  15. Many of you are familiar with the following commercial, which came out about 5 years ago. The relevant portion of this is at about 0:23, which is screen shot at the end, along with my photos: This model appears to be wearing CL Merci Allen, but perhaps a custom pair, because I've never seen this color before. In any case, if she were my size, those heels would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 1/4 - 5 1/2" on a size 40 or U.S. women's 9. Notice how she is able to take a reasonably big step and still keep her knees perfectly straight. This is one of the main keys to looking good when walking in heels. We wish we could see this model walk for a distance in these heels, preferably outside, to see how that would actually look in real life. Unfortunately, we get about one second of walking, and several more seconds of dancing in a highly edited package. After reviewing this commercial, which I had forgotten about for several years, I decided to see how I would fare in a similar situation. So I made videos of me walking in various heights of heels, just to see what is possible for a normal person. There is nothing scientific about this, it's just for fun, and for self-awareness. The first thing I noticed is that due to the shape of my legs, my knees don't straighten out quite as nicely as the model's. Even if my knees are locked, they are still sort of more prominent than the model's. Nothing I can do about that, but I have found in my research that it doesn't matter if you don't keep your knees perfectly straight as you take that forward stride, they just have to be pretty close. A few degrees of bend is acceptable. 10 degrees of bend is unacceptable. The pictures at the end are as follows: Screenshot of the model in her 5+ inch heels, me in 3" heels, me in 4" heels, me in 4 3/4" heels, me in 5+" heels. I've got the lower heels handled as far as ankle flexibility. I did better in the almost not quite 5 inchers than I thought I would, but this is an encapsulated, relatively controlled moment, and I won't be wearing these in public for a while, if ever. The super high ones, well, you see the best I can do. Not good enough. Anyway, I thought it was something fun to share.
  16. I can't really help you out directly for a couple of reasons: First, I am 2/3 of your weight, and second, the two pairs of Sam Edelman shoes I own are both clogs. Very high clogs, to be sure, but not dainty stilettos. The clogs, by the way, are very sturdy, and could probably withstand twice the force I put on them without flinching. What I can tell you for sure is this: The thickness of a heel does not necessarily indicate its sturdiness. I have a number of pairs of very thin stiletto heels which are rock solid and do not visibly move when I walk. On the other hand, I've got some block heels that absolutely do move, and give you that sense of dread that something is eventually going to give.
  17. I am a man of many clogs. Clogs are basically the way I entered the world of high heels. While they do not figure as importantly in my life as they used to, I still wear them regularly in the winter. What do you find attractive about clogs?
  18. It all depends on what you're going for. There's lots and lots of bad advice out there on Youtube, with a sprinkling of good advice. I think it would be very disappointing to pay money for a class, only to find out that they are emphasizing modeling, which uses a sort of walk you would never use on the street. To answer the actual question, yes, they do exist, but whether they'd actually do you any good, that's another question.
  19. Are these more Hey-Si-Meys? Or have you found another acceptable Chinese manufacturer?
  20. Something about that just sounds nuts. I'd kind of like to see the finished product proportionally. So you lengthen one bone (well, two) to get all your additional height. That just doesn't seem like it would be satisfactory, either from a physics or an aesthetic standpoint.
  21. Given the angle of the foot because of the huge platform, I can sort of see it being possible. After 13 hours of standing, you're likely to be miserable no matter what. My feet are getting tired just thinking about it. I typically do not have to stand more than 5 hours at a time, and even then, I take a few minutes to sit down and eat something during that time. I cannot imagine 13 hours.
  22. It's amazing how the time has flown. I never bought, and am no longer considering the Vala. I found the Klory instead, which is much better looking, and seems to wear and walk about like the Daisie, even though it is actually a little bit higher (not much, less than 1/8").
  23. I get what you're saying, but it is very difficult for many of us to ignore the details, and that's partially because we're already reached the Promised Land, to some degree or another. I do not personally know what it feels like to want to try some kind of style, just because it's in style. I'm trying to imagine a guy buying heels for the first time, saying to himself, "I'd kind of like to try that," having larger than woman-sized feet, and purchasing a pair of these Asos shoes. If they fit ok, he might like them, and purchase another pair at some point in the future. If they don't fit ok, he might well say, "Now I understand why women always bitch about their shoes. I can see that being able to wear high heels out and about is pure fantasy." And then never buy another pair again. I realize that reviews are not the end-all solution to this problem, but they certainly do help in many ways. Some of this micro stuff is going to end up driving the macro world in the end, at least in the long term. If only one of us could be there to guide every potential newcomer to heels down the slippery slope of an inclined footbed!
  24. I say that I can't wear high heels to work, but I guess I forgot about my side gig, selling egg rolls at farmer's markets. I didn't used to consider it "work," as I was just helping the wife out a little bit, but now it's become more of a big deal, and I'm an essential part of it. We even bought a cargo van recently specifically for the business. I haven't worn true flats yet this year to a market. My "backup" shoes are 2 inches, and I've only had to wear those once when the sole fell off my higher heels. These BCBGeneration thong type wedges actually work well on grass, too.
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