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  1. I would suggest that when playing the vast majority of instruments, it makes absolutely no difference whether you're wearing heels or not. This is because most instruments do not require the use of feet in any way. The only orchestral instrument I can think of where it might make a slight amount of difference is the tuning pedal on tympani, but even that would be zero problem in heels, as this is operated quietly between pieces, and not when actually playing (usually). That leaves two instruments where it would and does make a difference--the drum kit and the pipe organ. I'm not even goin
  2. I bought some winter hats from Aliexpress under the same influence. I am not dissatisfied with my purchase(s) and continue wearing the hats regularly, but they don't look like the pictures when I'm wearing them. They were much cuter on the models. 不不不
  3. They don't fit anybody! I don't really understand how some of these designs came to be. I cannot claim to be an expert on Chinese feet, but I have seen a lot of Southeast Asian feet, as you can imagine, and they're not significantly different from anyone else's feet. We are the same species, after all.
  4. I seem to remember having this conversation before. Lola Astanova, while a very accomplished pianist, is just simply not up to the level of Yuja Wang. Yuja is from another planet.
  5. I wouldn't worry about "practicing" heel-toe. Unless one has a disability, that's how humans walk normally. The heel height you have chosen to begin with should not change the mechanics of your walk significantly. The chief factor in your walk at this point is a stylistic preference--do you wish to make your walk more graceful than it likely naturally is as a male? This has been harder for me personally than I thought it would be. It has required a conscious effort that is just now becoming second nature. Not everyone on this forum necessarily agrees with me on this subject, but most do. There
  6. You appear to be starting out right. Miles put on with the heel height you have chosen will be quite valuable in the future when you go higher.
  7. Here we go, with pair No. 81. I think I'm done for quite a while, as I've spent too much money in the past few months between shoes and the holidays. These Dolce & Gabbana mules were another ebay purchase, but these came all the way from Russia, so they took a while to get here. It is not the first pair of shoes I have bought from Russia, but the other pair was so long ago that I cannot look up to see if it was from the same seller. The reason I had to have this pair, even being from Russia, is that I had been looking for something pretty much exactly like this for years, and suddenl
  8. I have had the same thing happen to me many times--a woman claiming she is jealous of me because of my heeling abilities. You know and I know that they are not actually jealous. Sure, they use the word, but it's not accurate, and it's not happening. Perhaps it is a mild feeling of envy, but it's certainly not jealousy. If it were jealousy, they wouldn't even be talking to you, much less flirting and joking with you.
  9. I know that he is much bigger in every way than I was at his age. I remember this because for some reason I remember what I put down on my first learning driver permit when I was 14. He is the same height at age not-quite-12 as I was when I was 14. The mystery is where did this height come from? There are no tall people on either side of the family. They don't exist. In other news, my 81st pair of high heels came yesterday all the way from Russia. I took a big chance on them, but it appears the risk was worth it. I'll have to post them later in the "New Shoes" section, once I have had a c
  10. It is official. My not-quite-12-year-old-son now has bigger feet than me. Too bad for him. Or maybe not. I don't think he really likes high heels for their own sake, it's that he just doesn't care if other people see him in my shoes or his mom's shoes. That will no longer be happening in the future. He's already up to size 11 U.S. Women's, which as most of you are painfully aware, severely limits his choices in women's shoes, should he want to continue to wear them. Just in case you're wondering, he's never worn anything more than about a 2" wedge.
  11. I am also slowly buy surely becoming more diversified, color-wise. I rather like those boots in both colors, as they are slim and look halfway practical. The problem I have with most knee high boots is that they are too big around the ankle and the calf. Wearing jeans inside them ameliorates this problem, though it doesn't completely solve it. Even if the fit weren't a problem for me, I'm still not too sure about this shorts with boots business. However, we can rest easily knowing that our disagreement about this matter will not have far ranging impacts in the world.
  12. The way I interpret Tech's idea, looking past the rhetoric, is that this "contest" ought not to be 200 guys playing dress-up in front of the mirror. Or half a dozen guys posting 200 pictures in front of the mirror. If nobody ever sees your legs, no matter how attractive they may be, then what is the point? If a tree falls in the forest. . . To be fair, I don't think anybody has actually been banned for this reason.
  13. Very funny. Better be careful. I will go find a 4 foot ladder and bite your ankles.
  14. I have experienced the same. My playing should have exploded exponentially last year, but the opposite happened. I tend to do much better if I have a deadline to meet, in other words, a performance that will take place on such and such a date. There was none of that in 2020. And yes, if it were to ever take place somehow, fiddles are welcome! As far as the shorts with boots thing goes, it's not a matter of comfort zone, it's a matter of I don't like the look. I figure if it's warm enough to be wearing shorts, it's warm enough to be wearing sandals, and why would you purposefully want to
  15. I know that you know that I know that you know that I know. . . you're messing with me. Howevahh. . . I will not wear knee high boots with shorts. Ain't gonna happen. 不不不 I also have a 1957 Conn 10M tenor saxophone. It's a honey. I think amongst several of us on this site, we could probably make a pretty sweet high heeled jam band.
  16. My situation is far from unique, but perhaps it is interesting. I have the opportunity to interact with young people on a regular basis, mainly because my 21 year old son often brings friends over to work on cars, simply because I have the facilities to do so, and all are welcome from the clean-cut to the rough-looking folks, as long as they put everything back when they're done. I dunno, maybe it's because I'm from a small town. Maybe it's because I'm from Iowa. Maybe it's because I'm an old fart who can coax rusted fasteners apart while wearing high heels, but I just don't feel the future is
  17. That is actually a 1966 Conn Model 20J recording bell tuba. To be perfectly accurate, "20J" and "recording bell" is redundant, but only to vintage Conn geeks. And yes, there are in fact two pairs of knee high boots behind the tuba, but they are covered in spider webs. I don't know if the resolution of the photo will show it. I haven't worn them since last winter. @Cali, I have no idea why y'all are so adamant that I wear boots. I used to own a dozen pairs of boots at one time. I am down to four nowadays. Five, if you count a pair of booties that are really nothing more than shoes that com
  18. Second things first: Yes, I probably do have better things to do, but no, it wasn't that much trouble to compile the extra data. First things second: I'll take your word for it on how many things are double counted, but I can tell you that out of the 45 mules, 32 of them are open toed, and 13 are closed toed. Most of the closed toed pairs should probably be called clogs, but at that heel height, what is a clog, really? There is definitely some gray area. In addition to that, I have 11 pairs of sandals which have some sort of back strap. While I was at it, I noted that out of my 29 pa
  19. So funny, this argument has been going on for over 20 years on this forum! It will never be resolved. I consider myself a moderate on the subject, and my opinion has evolved over the years. Back in the Jenny days, I was as anti-platform as you could get. Today, you see that 3 out of the last 5 shoes I bought have featured some amount of platform. I've still never done the full 2" platform that was so popular several years ago.
  20. Yes, there is a lot of overlap between categories. For example, I have quite a few sandals which are not mules, and quite a few mules which are not sandals. I am including my rather extensive collection of clogs in the category of "mules." There is quite a bit of ambiguity between mules and clogs when you get to the heel height my collection is. Perhaps a more accurate category title would have been "Backless Shoes." I included the heel types that I did because over the years, people have seemed to want to know that information. I suppose I could have included with more specificity the re
  21. I have completed a Full and Fair shoe inventory for the first time in over two years, so it's time for some statistics! I have done some cursory counts since that time, but this is the first full cataloguing since 11/22/18. At that time, I owned 56 pairs of heels. I am now up to 80. Most of this increase is due to two splurges, one about a year ago, and one fairly recently. The one thing I do not keep track of is the date I bought the shoes. Not that it really matters, but it is kind of interesting to note how long I've had certain pairs of shoes. It is also interesting to note that I have wor
  22. I was really thinking more of general studies when I made that comment. In my experience, both ends of the political spectrum are generally well represented at American colleges and universities, even so-called "liberal" ones.
  23. They do indeed. I have two pairs of them. They're all right, but I have to admit I sort of forgot I had them at all. I probably haven't worn them in a couple of years. Not really my style. I'm also not 100% sure they make them anymore, but they are out there.
  24. I am guessing that U.K. sizing must be quite different from U.S. sizing. A 5'2" person who needs a U.S. size 10 anything would be quite hefty! Of course, I think we are suffering from size inflation on this side of the pond. Take comfort in the fact that memory tends to move things to the extremes, the good things become great things, and the bad things become absolutely awful.
  25. That certainly is popular perception. Reality is perhaps a little bit different. Certainly, the current trend of universities eliminating so many tenured positions has not helped. I do not believe this trend is necessarily politically motivated, I believe it's cost motivated, but it has had an unintended political effect. My comments cannot really apply to higher education outside the U.S., as my experience is limited in that respect.
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