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  1. Were you the kid that jumped off the garage roof with an umbrella as a parachute?
  2. Just to be clear, I was aware that you had an injury in the past, the exact details of which I of course don’t know. However, the humorous way in which you referred to it gave me a bit of a chuckle.
  3. I think the first method may work ok, given enough time, which you obviously have. However, I cannot understand how actually wearing the boots after you get them soaked could possibly do anything but stretch them out further. I mean, unless you sat in one spot and didn't move for several hours. I would just try letting them dry without wearing them. Possibly put them under an incandescent lamp to provide a minimal amount of heat. I think you are right to be reluctant to use a hair dryer, even on low.
  4. HA! Never heard it put quite that way before.
  5. I'm glad you actually got a chance to get out in heels! I think they're a classy casual look.
  6. I haven't even looked at shoes for weeks, much less bought any. I wonder what is wrong with me? Every time I see the ad on here that advertises a t-shirt with a vintage car on it that reads,"I'm not OLD, I'm a CLASSIC!", I cannot help but notice that it's always modeled by a 20 year old hot chick. Yes, these are completely random thoughts. I have become Virginia Woolf.
  7. @Logjam, thank you for answering my question. Now that you say that, my present recollection has been refreshed (as they say in legal circles), and I went back to the "Infirmary" section to reread your post explaining your circumstances. I think no one answered your question back then not because no one cared, but because we just didn't know. I for one still know hardly anything about the ins and outs of artificial nails, much less using them to improve actual deformities. @RonC and @Cali, I have gotten lazy about doing the Vicks VapoRub and tea tree oil thing, and my fungus has come back somewhat on one little toenail (out of 3 that were infected). I think that if you're going to go that route, you just have to keep doing it for the rest of your life. I guess it's like brushing your teeth! Another thing I have discovered about the tea tree oil, which I don't mind the smell of so much (I have much more trouble with Lavender), is that after extended periods of use, it stains your nails yellow, which is exactly one of the things that makes the fungus objectionable in the first place! It is easy enough to remove, but does require a light abrasive. You can't simply scrub it off in the shower. I think I'm going to drop the tea tree oil and go with the straight Vicks, and see how that goes. That is what my podiatrist recommended anyhow, although he did say that the tea tree oil couldn't hurt, and might help, but there have been no studies on it, unlike the Vicks. Luckily for me, I don't own any sandals which show that toenail anyhow.
  8. Ain't none of my business, of course, but the one thing I don't quite understand is why you have an artificial toenail in the first place. Do you have damage to your natural nail in the same way that Cali has damage to a couple of his fingernails?
  9. @Logjam, I'm glad you got your problem resolved. I know there are manifold reasons why some of y'all have artificial nails, but all this talk about acetone, Dremel tools, &c. is making me never, ever want to mess with any of it. Thankfully, my natural nails are acceptable, though not exactly beautiful.
  10. I thought as much. I don't really "follow" either of them, but I check by every once in a while when I think of it, especially Engineering in Heels. Seems like I remember her doing a video a while ago on how ankle bracelets are not durable enough. Didn't she put some kind of a funky clasp on hers? How do you like that clasp? Can you tow a car with it in an emergency?
  11. Hey @Logjam, I've got about 5 gallons of acetone out in the garage (courtesy of the nail shop) if you want some! Shipping might be a problem, though. Seriously, it's probably not a bad idea to try it yourself, because one thing that nail shops don't give you is a lot of time, unless you're at a high-end place where you're paying a boatload of money.
  12. What's scary is when somebody asked some question elsewhere on HHP about having trouble receiving something they ordered from Wish, their ads started showing up in my Facebook feed! As I've said before, I kind of hate the way my hands look, so I'll stick with just a plain wedding band, and even that really should come off for work, truth be told. If a fellow had nicer looking hands, maybe. I do not wish to look like one a them TV preachers. I am once again considering, however, the ankle bracelet thing. I don't know why. It will only cause me trouble. And cost me money. OK, I've talked myself out of it for another 24 hours. That wouldn't by chance be the Engineering in Heels gal, would it?
  13. Thanks guys. And thanks for wading through some of that stuff, because, at least in this format, I tend to write exactly like I talk, with lots of parentheticals and asides. The Long and Winding Road.
  14. It's official. The nail shop that I have been sort of "associated with" over the last 10 years has been sold, and it's due to the owner's reluctance to return to work during these uncertain times. I haven't actually had my nails done there for oh, probably 8 years, but I always stopped in and chatted if I happened to be close by and they weren't too busy (this nail salon is in a Walmart). I doubt I will be stopping by any more, because there's no one left that I really know. In other news, I had to go to Costco last week, and while we were shopping, I saw a rather mousy looking south Asian lady, nothing about her to catch one's eye especially, except that as we met each other going up and down the aisles several times, I noticed that she was using a smartphone for her shopping list, or so it appeared. That's when I noticed that she had fabulously long nails! Not like 1980s long, but probably 1 cm of free edge showing, quite long for today. They were perfect natural nails, and unpainted. It didn't really seem to jibe with the rest of her appearance. No pictures, as I quit taking creepy candids long, long ago, and I am just not the kind of person to go up to some stranger lady and say, "Duhhhhh. . . can I take a picture of your fingernails?" Ain't gonna happen! But I can still admire discreetly from a distance.
  15. I agree with others who say it's probably just bad luck. I have bought literally hundreds of pairs of shoes (and other things) on ebay, and dozens on Poshmark, and I've rarely had a problem with a seller. Even when I have had, it's been resolved quickly.
  16. Since you mentioned it, of course I had to go put a tape measure to them. I used a tailor's tape measure to ensure that the measurement accurately followed the curve of the shoe(s). Both pair are nominally 8 1/2 U.S. Women's, and both measure 10 1/8" from the extreme front edge to the extreme back edge. Although there is some disagreement between size conversion charts, a size 8 1/2 foot is approximately 9 5/8" long, which works out nearly perfectly when my foot is sitting in the sandal where I'd like it to. When the ball of my foot is sitting nicely in the apex of the angle, there is approximately 3/8 - 1/2" of distance between the front of my two biggest toes (they are nearly the same length) and the extreme front edge of the shoe. In back, my heel is right on the edge of the shoe, or maybe 1/8" forward of that, which is how I feel it should be. Included is a photo as a visual example. Because I like my heel to sit where I do, it also explains why I go down a half size in any sort of backless shoe. You certainly wouldn't want your heel sitting that tight in a closed-back shoe, that would probably be quite uncomfortable. As to why the new pair requires an insert to get it to fit right, I honestly think it was the way in which I broke them in, and the circumstances under which I broke them in, compared to the way in which I broke in the old pair. My belief is that it has to do with two factors: 1) The shiny gold material on the insole, which looks cooler 'n hell, but is quite slippery when exposed to the slightest amount of perspiration, and 2) When I got the first pair, my toes were not flexible enough to wear them comfortably for more than half an hour. In fact, I came very close to trashing the first pair at one time because I literally couldn't get them all the way on all at once, and even when my feet did eventually slide to the correct position after walking around a little bit, the ends of my toes would often go numb. Somehow, after nearly a year of futzing with them, they became wearable. I believe that this process gave me time to wear that gold shiny stuff down to the point where it wasn't quite so slippery. Whatever is underneath that, that white stuff you can see in the photo two posts above, is far grippier. Therefore, even though the old pair is FAR looser than the new pair, my feet pretty much stay where they're supposed to, even during fairly vigorous walking. With the new pair, other than the leather straps being incredibly stiff at first, I was able to wear them and walk in them right away, not allowing time for that gold stuff to wear through, and causing my feet to slide too far forward because of the relatively low coefficient of friction. How's that for an over-analysis of a damn pair of shoes? I know you guys must be tired of hearing about these Bonnys. I have made quite a few posts devoted to them. I promise to post about something else next time.
  17. It is funny how two supposedly identical pairs of shoes can be so different. I have been trying to abandon my old pair of BCBGirls Bonny mules in favor of the new pair, but it's difficult. The new pair has now gotten loose enough to where my foot is sliding too far forward in the shoe, on that slick shiny gold material, creating the dreaded toe overhang. That was never a problem with the old pair for some reason. I decided, after some experimentation, to add a pair of cushions, as shown. It seems to have fixed the problem right up, although I have yet to take the shoes for a true test spin. The old shoes are coming apart, and I have to decide whether to glue them back together (again) and get them reheeled. Included just for fun is how much the soles of the old pair are worn compared to the new pair.
  18. The ankle bracelet is a nice touch!
  19. I'm not saying that the term hasn't come to mean other things in other circles, I guess I should have made it clear that in my personal experience, I have always known it to mean a drinking fountain. Like I said before, most of the people who would have used the word in that way are probably dead by now. It may be that most people's understanding of the word has passed me by. It wouldn't be the first time. As an aside, I would think no one would be very excited about drinking from a bubbler these days!
  20. In general mainstream usage, the term "bubbler" refers to a drinking fountain, not a bong. I've only ever heard older folks from the southeast U.S. use the term, and probably most of those people are dead. It possibly is used in the Northeast, but my extended family is from the Southeast, so I only have experience from that region.
  21. I haven't worn bootcut jeans in forever. Years ago, I wore them exclusively in an attempt to make my heels not so obvious. By accident, I happened to get out a pair this morning. Maybe I'm rethinking the look. I'm sure I will change my mind just as soon as I actually go anywhere, and re-experience the problem of getting my pantlegs caught on the backs of my heels, and constantly having to pull them down. I don't miss that at all.
  22. I have nothing to say. Neither does anybody else, from the looks of things.
  23. My son, who has a lot of hair, and genetically has a possibility of actually keeping it into old age, went for the Yul Brynner look. It grew out to normal looking within 3 weeks. My hair is actually almost behaving itself in its longer state. I might just keep it. Luckily, I'm not quite to the stage where I resemble Ben Franklin.
  24. A fellow could interpret that comment in two different ways. . .
  25. I have been doing my own for quite a number of years, because I decided a long time ago that I was not allowing anybody to touch my nails except for my tailor friend. Now, she’s gotten out of the business altogether, so I guess I will have to continue to practice yoga, in order to be able to have the flexibility to do my own. She taught me well! Fingernails have never been a problem, but my toenails are deeply embedded in skin. They require special attention.
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