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  1. Oh yes, I remember that commercial and thinking as a young man how impressive that was. Now, I look back and think, nah, not all that impressive. Low heels with an ugly cone shape, no thanks. On the other hand, the Solid Gold Dancers, of roughly the same era, now they were impressive.
  2. I'm not 100% sure what you're getting at, but I have a pretty good guess. And nah, I'm thinking of at least a dozen Vietnamese women I know who have immigrated to the U.S. via one method or the other, and I can't think of a one of them that's been "ruined." I can think of a Vietnamese gal who lives in Hanoi who's way too much of a princess, and already has the divorce at age 32 to prove it. I see where you're coming from, there are many seemingly spoiled women in the West, but it's very difficult to make blankets statements about anything in life. Hey, look at the blanket statements peop
  3. I don't really get it, because the picture is not sideways on my computer, and when I uploaded the picture on my thread last January, it was just fine. It just went all sideways on my last Friday. Oh, come on now, cháu Hằng is not ruined at all! With the one exception of her usual taste in casual footwear. She usually wears plain black 3" stiletto pumps to work, by the way.
  4. Yes, she IS cute, in both appearance and personality. However, the boots modeled in the sideways picture are my boots, not hers, and I'm telling you, she would be all over those flatform Crocs. And I would be telling her, "You're not showing up to my house in those shoes."
  5. Was just trying to think of more unexpected advantages of wearing heels, and the only thing that comes to mind at the moment is that, even wearing a mask, people recognize you. That may or may not be an advantage.
  6. There is a gal at our church, back when we actually used to have in-person services, who nearly always wore boot cut pants with high heels. For whatever reason, I find it very attractive on her, not so much on myself. Hopefully once our in-person services resume, she will continue her fashion habits. Way back in the day, I think about 2004 or so, I worked a job at the Iowa State Capitol building during the legislative season, so naturally there were a lot of lobbyists around. Many of the lobbyists were women, and of course, most of them were quite attractive. The bootcut/flared pant style
  7. Do you remember this gal that I introduced you to back in January? I know you won't believe me, but she would totally wear those, and probably enthusiastically. America has completely ruined her. I have no clue as to why the picture keeps uploading sideways, but you get the idea.
  8. This got me to thinking. OK, so if some of us use long pants to hide our heels (past or present), why do women do it? They presumably have no need to hide their heels.
  9. I'm not going to offer an opinion, but rather, I'm going to ask a question. Where do you plan on wearing this?
  10. You know, everybody says you have to have a pad. I am not convinced. I am not convinced in flat work boots, and I am not convinced in high heels. I understand that everyone is different, but for me, the amount of cush in the shoe has zero correlation to how much my feet hurt at the end of the day. My absolutely most comfortable shoes put one's feet on just hard wood, but in contrast, squishy Doc Martens were not as pain-free as some would have me believe. I cannot tell you what the answer is, but I think it's more complicated than mere padding. I do use padding in many of my shoes, but it's to
  11. Haha, the coolers. Those were drying out from the previous day's farmer's market. My wife sells egg rolls, so no, nothing in there to drink! Methinks you are winding me up a little bit! I'm used to it. For one thing, if I were going to do that look, I'd have to find some boots that actually fit my chicken legs. __________________ As promised, here is the third picture from Sunday. It's an outfit I wore to record two weeks' worth of hymns with our church organist for the continuing online services. I was going to wear an entirely pink outfit, but decided that as this is a publ
  12. Interesting replies, all! I can't really explain why I like what I do. I think part of it has to do with what one gets used to seeing. Back in the day, and I guess my perspective is from the 1980s, a 4 inch or 100 mm heel was just insanely high. Most women wore 2-3 inch for their "high" heels. There were a few heels that exceeded 4 inches (I seem to remember some metal heeled pumps from The Wild Pair that probably exceeded 4 inches, but they were certainly not daily wear for people). Then, in the 90s, heels basically went away for a while. Then, giant platforms came on the scene, with giant he
  13. Well, howdy there high heeled people! Well, and then Jeff. Howdy Jeff. The weather here lately has been unseasonably warm, so I have been able to wear some things I thought I had put away for the season. First thing yesterday, which was Sunday morning, for whatever reason, I decided to wear some low heels. Not Jeff low, but they're kind of low for me. I walked 2 1/2 miles in them, at a pretty good clip, and I don't mind telling you that I was pretty pooped out by the time I made it back home. I'm not in the shape I used to be in. I have walked further, and in higher heels recently, but not at
  14. There was a lot packed into that post! I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes, went through the whole range. Attractive and walkable stood out to me, but the those definitions are somewhat fluid. There are some shoes I bought in the past that I have no idea how I ever found those attractive. But I suppose style in and of itself tends to be whimsical. It is also clear that after 8 years of practice, what was impossible to wear all day has become possible.
  15. Hahahaha, the underwear story is great! I am actually laughing out loud, over here in Iowa, in real life. I don't even know why it's funny, but it is. I don't ever think about my underwear. Maybe I should!
  16. I guess it means that neither of us has the celebrity Jeff B. 😆 I have had the same feeling on a number of occasions, that nobody is really reading what I put on my thread. I tend to write in clusters, where I'll have a lot of thoughts or experiences in a short period of time that I think people will enjoy, and so tend to post a lot all at once. Then the thread will sit idle for weeks. The problem with this approach is, often no one responds to the thread, at least right away. For whatever reason, the programming of this forum will merge your replies if they happen within about 24 hours of e
  17. That is the one thing that prevents me from ordering a pair of shoes from a place like Italianheels or Fuss or Peter Chu. I'm willing to waste a small amount of money taking a chance on ebay or Poshmark, but once you get up there into the 200 dollar range, mmmm. That kind of hurts if it doesn't work out.
  18. Horses, by their very physiological nature, spend their lives in heels. Sort of. If they don't know me by sight (I'm not saying necessarily by name), they're not paying attention. I have recent experience that they don't know that much about me, though. In many ways, it's definitely not the same place I grew up in.
  19. I only have one pair of red shoes, and I've worn them out a few times, but I don't really, really like them, so they mostly sit on the shelf. I have been remembering some discussions we have had about heeling publicly. I do believe that my peculiar circumstances have allowed me to do my thing more easily than many. Not that it is easy, but I do think that if I lived someplace else, was married to someone else, that things would have gone rather differently.
  20. I remember in my early heeling days having a pair of platform clogs that were reasonably comfortable, but they were just a bitch to walk in. They weren't all that high, but the design, and I assume this wasn't on purpose, made walking naturally nearly impossible. I got rid of them fairly quickly, once I realized that no amount of practice was going to make these shoes attractive.
  21. Ya know, I'm not a skirt or dress wearing dude, but I think maybe I could do something along the lines of that! Thanks for sharing. Things that make you go "hmmmm." But in a good way.
  22. It's been a while since I've been out that way, but I didn't realize you had lawns to mow in California. I always figured you guys just put out green colored throw rugs in front of your houses. 😆
  23. HA! I knew you would ask that, should have answered it in my original reply. There were originally three screws holding the heel on. I was simply curious how long they were, so I removed one. It was remarkably long, maybe inch and a half. I think these shoes are actually fairly durably built, I just wore them for years and had that unfortunate incident a while ago. I'll let you know in another 5 years how well the second pair holds up.
  24. I don't think the dude looks anything like a woman. Yeah, he's skinny, but that's a model thing, yeah? On a different point, I cannot possibly imagine how anyone can justify either buying or selling a shirt/dress for 2,600 USD. I mean, they put that price point out there, and SOMEBODY must be buying this stuff. Who? I want to find out, so's I can slap them silly. You could have something custom made for a fraction of that price.
  25. I said I wasn't going to do an autopsy, but I'm glad I did. Not only can you see what happened, but I was quite surprised at the stoutness of this shank. All of the other ones I've broken have been tiny and fragile compared to this one. So. . . how did I manage to break it? I'm only 140 lbs., or 64 kg, and I'm not particularly hard on shoes of any kind, how did I manage to do this? The memory suddenly comes flooding back. . . sort of. I do remember a night in the late winter/early spring when I went to practice the organ at the church. It might have involved snow and ice, I don't really re
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