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  1. It's funny how they recycle names. I have a pair of NW oxfords from 10 years ago called "Sizzle." They have been, to date, my most durable shoes, even if they have a dumb name.
  2. I don't see how this could possibly be right. As you can see below, my calves are bigger than that. I realize there's nothing in the photo for context other than the tape measure, but you know from many other photos that I don't have anything even approaching big calves.
  3. I think more of us need to take video. Very, very few have, and I'm among the many. The walk is not bad, not bad at all!
  4. Welp, I did. For about a block. ONE BLOCK. That's how long it took for me to lose a heel tip. Sigh.
  5. It's been a while since I bought actual heels. In fact, we have to go back to last spring to find actual heels. I've bought a few shorter heels and wedges over the summer, in part due to the still-as-of-yet-unexplained nerve weakness in my right foot, but not any real heels for quite some time. In an idle search on Poshmark, I found these blue FSJ mules, and they caught my eye. Mainly it was the color that caught my eye, as I have several other pairs of sandals in this style, but it was also the brand and the price. I have looked at FSJ shoes before, but the asking price new is approaching $100, I know they are cheap shoes in general, and I've had bad experiences in the past with the fit of shoes of this ilk. I saw these for 30-something dollars, and is as usual, within 24 hours after I "liked" them, the seller sent me an offer--29 bucks and somewhat cheaper than usual shipping. I decided it was time to see if this brand fits me, so I bought them. They arrived a few days later in a crunched-up box, but the shoes themselves were undamaged. They were not quite as electric blue as I imagined, but still clearly blue and not black like some navy colored shoes can appear. And they actually fit well! 4 3/8" heel with what I would call a mini-platform. It's not really a platform, just an ever-so-slightly thicker sole than normal, and the sole maintains its thickness all the way up the footbed, so the steepness is still effectively 4 3/8". I haven't worn them out yet, but they seem to be comfortable enough, and most importantly, the length of the toe portion is the same length as my toes. That's where I usually run into fit problems. They've got a good amount of padding, and the heels seem to be sturdy. They don't pass the "rocking" test, but I'm not a big believer in the rocking test anyhow. They always come back to the exact center, so we're good. Now for the subjective bad: Not a deal breaker, but not my true preference--the peep toes are actually peep toes. They only show two toes, and I prefer shoes that show at least three. That's a personal thing, I think three just looks better. And for the objective bad: These shoes are awful! Naturally at this price point they're not leather, but whatever these are made of is stiff and cheap looking. However, there was/is no chemical odor that often accompanies shoes like these. There are short threads around the toe opening that are not trimmed off flush. The sole material on the front side of the heel is not aligned exactly as it should be. After wearing them around the house/garage/driveway for a couple of hours, I am slightly more impressed than I was at first, but we shall have to wait and see until I can wear them in the real world, which I plan to do this very day. I hope the heel tips last the mile that I have to walk, and I hope they don't wind up dumping me on my backside due to a low coefficient of friction. You know how these cheap shoes can be with the stock heel tips. Stay tuned.
  6. I have a couple of pairs very similar in heel height and profile to those pictured here (though not in color or exact design), and I must admit that they are very practical, while at the same time being very cute, and not being a flip flop, Croc, or Birkenstock. It's not always feasible to wear high stilettos everywhere, even though we might like to. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Not to fear, fellas. I've pulled the trigger, and bought these: I'll let you know how it goes once I get them.
  8. Now is the point where I have to fish or cut bait. The weather has taken a turn for the colder, and rather suddenly, so it Time to Think About Winter Footwear. The time was actually several months ago, but I didn't do that, instead. So. . . here's the deal. I own 4 pairs of boots, 2 knee high, and 2 ankle high. One of each is actually suitable for winter weather, and by winter weather, I mean snowfall. However, my knee high boots suitable for slogging through snow are getting incredibly ratty looking. It's also possible they are no longer structurally sound--I've had to make several half-ass repairs to maintain safety. My point is that I need (or would like, I don't really NEED) another pair of knee high boots with about a 4 inch block heel. I don't know why I can spend 400 bucks on a new mouthpiece for my son's saxophone, which is not even his main instrument, and not really blink, but the thought of spending less than half that on winter boots makes me depressed. Maybe it's because I like saxophones, and I don't like boots. . .
  9. Yeah, but it's almost always a good kind of notice. From my point of view, guys can now get away with high heeled boots. On the other hand, I'm very surprised you didn't mention our mutual weakness, shorts with heels, and usually sandals, which tend to get noticed in a less positive light. But even with those, people seem to care less and less as the years tick by, which makes a nice segue into my next thought (See below): To be fair, it has gotten easier to wear heels as a guy over the past several years. When I first found the courage to wear publicly back in 2012, things were much different. I got a lot more negative feedback just a few years ago than I get now. I went through the same thought process you're going through now. "I wish I had done this years ago." Yeah, me too, but there's no way my younger self, coupled with social attitudes at the time, could have got by with wearing heels in the 1980s. In short, just enjoy what you have now.
  10. No way! Did the staff still go nuts over your boots?
  11. We are veering off topic here, I understand that, but sometimes you have to grab the conversation where you find it, otherwise it disappears. Pictured below are the extremes of what I own as far as heel setback/curved forward. I must say that like @Pumped, I prefer the one in the middle. Not straight down, but not very curved forward like the taupe pump on the right. Either extreme seems a bit odd to me. Here's where I'm perhaps going to be a little controversial. Having owned my share of high stilettos in various styles, I don't find the heel setback to be much of a factor in walkability. I won't claim it makes zero difference, but I see it as mainly a visual difference, rather than a structural one, with one categorical exception: I have found it to be incrementally more treacherous walking down stairs in setback heels than a heel that is curved forward. It seems much easier to catch your heel on a step in setback heels.
  12. Probably one of the few good ideas you've ever had! Am I right? I know my wife doesn't often think much of my ideas. 😆
  13. I understand that members are required to wear Earth shoes, you know, them shoes with the negative heel. They still make those, don't cha know? I done looked it up.
  14. I think it comes down to attitude more than physical attributes. Let's face it, we men who wear heels are highly motivated in a way that women are not. Perhaps I should retract that last statement. Women who are as motivated as we are exist in numbers approximately proportional to men who are willing to wear high heels as their everyday choice. Which is to say, not very many. I have had the opportunity to meet a woman whose high heels skills and endurance are legendary, but I have never witnessed it myself, at least not to the full extent claimed by her friends.
  15. An additional problem is that when going down a steep hill or ramp, it becomes impossible to keep your knees straight, which is something I hope we all strive to do.
  16. Unless you're talking about designer heels, and those are simply way too expensive. Just like I don't think I could bring myself to spend THAT much money on a brand new car, I don't think I can bring myself to spend THAT much money on a pair of shoes, no matter how cool.
  17. We have a Croc problem in our household, and I'm ignoring it for the sake of Domestic Tranquility. As many of you know, my wife is heavily invested in selling her product at two different farmer's markets. I believe that part of the secret to her success, other than making a product that people seem to actually want to buy, is that she presents herself differently than most vendors. She always wears a nice dress to these farmer's markets, never a t-shirt and jeans. And lately, Crocs. Luckily, they aren't really croc-y Crocs, but they are Crocs nevertheless. Before the Crocs, which I am sure she found at a thrift store for a few dollars, she used to wear these silver Bandolino sandals with everything, which she claimed were the most comfortable shoes she had. Of course, they were modern Bandolino, not vintage, so they were junk, and broke in rather short order. Which is too bad, because they were actually cute. I couldn't find a replacement for a price she wanted to pay, so I bought her some Söfft sandals in coral patent leather, identical to the pair that I have in nude patent, which I consider to be a very comfortable shoe, and I don't mean comfortable for high heels, I mean comfortable period. In the meantime, she has found these damned Crocs, and wears those for every market, rain or shine. Wants nothing to do with the sandals I bought her. I quit mentioning it, even though it drives me crazy to see her in her nice dresses. . . with Crocs.
  18. This seeming contradiction doesn't surprise me at all. @Jkrenzerand I have the same contradiction, only with Hey Si Mey shoes. This is another Chinese brand that is of higher quality and sturdier than most. Krenzer has often touted the merits of Hey Si Mey, and I know he's bought many several pair. The trouble is, that brand doesn't fit me. Like Pumped's experience with Onlymaker, length and width are fine, but something else in the proportions is way off compared to my personal foot. Which is too bad, because Hey Si Mey makes a lot of cool shoes at a reasonable price.
  19. Oh, duh! I told you I notice weird things. I didn't even bother to read the English word "telephone," I could just see it was a phone booth. Thanks for pointing that out!
  20. I once had a pair of orange wooden heeled mules, and I wish I still had them. I bought them because they were very tall (or so it seemed to me at the time), and they were my size, and they were cheap. Unfortunately, I had little experience at the time, I couldn't walk in them properly, plus they were ORANGE. When was I ever going to wear them, and with what? I got rid of them. How could I have known that years later, I would have the experience and the patience to have found these sandals not only walkable, but rather comfortable, and that I would have no problem wearing orange sandals out and about?
  21. I cannot tell you what other people find interesting, but the two things which caught my attention are probably a little weird. No. 1, is this picture somewhat old, or can you still find public phones in Germany? I haven't seen a phone booth around here (Midwest U.S.) for years. No. 2, was the choice of exposure settings on purpose, or did the photos come out that dark unintentionally?
  22. I was walking through my neighborhood a number of years ago, which is near a college, and I was stopped by an earnest young man and his girlfriend. He was genuinely curious about my reasons for wearing such outlandish garb. Back then, and I can put a rough date on this because I can remember exactly what I was wearing, at least from the waist down. This was back in 2014, probably about this time of year. I was experimenting with skinny jeans, or at least slim jeans, for the first time. Up until then, I had worn boot cut jeans in an attempt to sort of hide my heels. I can clearly remember that on one of my first outings in skinny jeans, I get flagged down by some kid who wants to talk. At the time, I was not nearly as comfortable with myself as some people would have you believe. When people would make comments, as did happen from time to time, I usually panicked to some degree or other and became tongue tied. Or in this case, said stuff that didn't come out quite the way I intended. At the abrupt end of our conversation, the young man asked me something to the effect of, "Well, I suppose you like the attention you get with those shoes." My answer, which was heartfelt but unintentionally harsh, was "Actually, the complete opposite is true. I really wish people would leave me the hell alone." The young man looked rather crestfallen and wished me a good evening. That was kind of a dick move on my part, wasn't it?
  23. I found this picture taken in mid-August which shows off my Bruno Magli "Kira" wedges, pictured by themselves not far above. I had sole protectors put on these, since the stock leather soles are almost comically thin. I cannot comment whether it has made a difference in comfort or not, since I didn't dare wear the shoes outside much without the sole protectors, so I don't have much of a comparison to make. I will say that wearing shoes with no platform at all is a far different experience than wearing shoes with even a small platform. I won't opine on whether one is better than the other, I can see advantages to both. The upper bands are very soft suede, almost velvet. It's possibly a stupid material to be wearing here in Iowa, as inclement weather could happen at any time, predicted or not. I do have them sprayed down well with chemical protectant, but it still seems way too delicate to last for years. This particular pair is size 38 1/2, and that's barely big enough. I wish they were 39 or even 39 1/2, but I don't think they look terrible. What I really wish is that they were about 5 mm longer in the back, but everything else were the same. That's getting really picky, I realize.
  24. I can see where these are walking the razor's edge of being too small, but they don't look bad at all! Sometimes sandals are more forgiving in the size department if you're willing to be patient.
  25. I'm trying to figure out when that would be, particularly if this is the alternative. It's not as if you bought a heavy boot for slogging through snow. My conclusion: You just like these for some reason, and that's ok! 😃
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