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  1. SF

    My outings...

    Glad “mom” is doing more better..... Nice heels too!! sf
  2. You Rock Those Sandals !!! OK, this is getting weird... Last Monday I got a very positive compliment about my heels from a guy at McDonalds - explained above. Today I was at Home Depot at the self check out wearing the same heeled sandals. One of the female clerks on duty, she appeared to be in her late 30's or early 40's came up to me and said, "You Rock Those Sandals!" I was in the middle of my transaction and did not exactly hear what she said, so I looked at her, smiled and said, "Are you talking about my shoes?" She grabbed my arm and said, "Yes, those sandals rock." I told that the shoes are one of my fav pair that I wear a lot. She said they looked great on me, she liked the "retro" toe loop look and wanted to know where I got them. She said they look fabulous, and she is always looking for nice looking sandals like mine. She asked if I get many stares or looks, I told her occasionally but no big deal. I said that I was maybe the only guy in Orange County who wears high heels, she laughed and said "probably." I asked her if she thought I looked unusual wearing a pair of heels, she smiled and said that while it's not usual to see a guy in high heels, I looked great in them and keep doing what I am doing. We made some additional small talk, she again said that she wanted a pair and continued the compliments. Prior to this week, I have not had anyone comment on my heels in several years. Maybe something is in the water?? The experience was very positive and uplifting. Had to share here... Wearing high heels is fun... Take care all..... sf
  3. Poor little snowflakes, I feel sorry for them.... It IS a tough (but wonderful) world out there... Have fun... sf
  4. New Sandals !! I was browsing at Zappos and saw these wonderful VanEli sandals - on sale!! I already have two pairs of these sandals, purchased the first pair a few years ago. The style is Melea. The shoes are stylish, well made and comfortable, very comfortable. At first I thought the kitten heel (about 2 1/2 inches high) would be hard to walk in, but that never was a problem. The leather is very soft and the toe loop and wide upper strap hold my foot securely. My first two pair were in black, this time I went for the navy color, which is a dark navy tone and looks very nice. The VanEli shoes can be a bit expensive, but they are well made and don't fall apart after one season. These sandals were at a 57% discount so I could no resist the purchase, since I already had two pair - ha ha. Heck they were almost free. I wrote a review of the sandals at the Zappos site, they have yet to post it. Here is a pic.... Have fun... sf
  5. SF

    My outings...

    Chesterx..... Good for you, and congratulations. Yes, wearing high heels in public will be a nerve-wracking experience, for a while. Then you get used to it, a little bit at a time. You may get stared at, pointed at, maybe even laughed at but those reactions are in the extreme minority, at least that has been my experience. Most times you will be ignored, or folks won't notice at all. Sometimes you may get compliments which is always nice. I have been wearing high heels, mostly sandals, since 1995. Now when I'm out in heels I hardly even give it a thought. It's good you are getting out there, I have yet to see another guy out in high heels. Us pioneers take the arrows! ha ha.... We need more guys out in heels. By the way, I really like your wedgies, I have a similar pair and they are very comfortable to wear, plus they just look nice. Enjoy your heels, it gets better with time. And enjoy this site as well..... sf
  6. Well, speaking as a vet (who NEVER saw combat - thank God - but we were ready), I would say that without a doubt going into combat takes a LOT of courage, bravery, fearlessness and many other adjectives. Combat can get you killed. Wearing high heels in public can get you laughed at or ridiculed or even complimented, but not killed. Hopefully. But I admit wearing high heels in public does take courage, at least until, you realize that it is not that big a deal.... I was glad that I was able to experience both.... Have fun...... sf
  7. "Hey, I like your heels"....... I can't see starting a new thread, thought this may suffice. I wear heels a lot and it has been a few years since I got my last compliment or mention of my shoes (maybe that's a good sign?). Today I was at McDonalds getting my morning coffee, and as I left the restaurant, a guy who had been in line behind me said, "Hey, I like your heels." I was wearing one of my fav pair of sandals, a slip on pair of VanEli kitten heels - picture attached. The guy said they look "really cool." I told him that I have had these shoes for several years (just bought a second pair last week - still available) and really like wearing them. I said that it may look weird to see a man in high heels, and the guys said that I looked just fine. He again said that the shoes looked really nice, we then made some non shoe small talk and then went our separate ways. In all my high heeling years, this was only the second time a guy had complimented my choice of high heels (the other time was years ago - I was wearing the same pair, so they must look nice - ha ha). The encounter was pleasant and positive, a nice way to start Veterans Day!! And as an aside, a pleasant Veterans Day to all veterans out there, thank you..... Continue to have fun.... sf
  8. RonC...... I’m with you, it just ain’t worth it, especially in the work environment..... I just do my thang..... sf
  9. I miss Payless Shoes.....I also have several pair of Fioni heels, love ‘em. Target, Nordstrom have sizes up to 12 in some styles, but you probably are aware of that. One of my favs is Marmi Shoes, they go to size 13 in most styles, a bit $$$$ but worth it.... Good luck..... And, never get rid of heels that you like..... Have fun.... sf
  10. And sadly JW succumbed to lung cancer.... Looking cool only goes so far..... If smoking wasn’t so bad for ya, I would smoke all the time... sf
  11. I love bright colors, always have.. I have shirts and pants in most of the colors of the rainbow, vivid and pastels. Never been a problem, and aside from “I like your shirt / pants” comments, no further mention made.. Having said this, all of my clothes, except for the heels of course, are guys, and it IS hard to find guys clothes that aren’t drab looking. Sad.... have fun. sf
  12. Chesterx and others who are hesitant to wear heels in public. One thing that I did early on (I have been wearing heels publicly for 20+ years), was to force myself - for lack of a better term - to get over my perceived shyness about being in public, was to take a trip somewhere and only bring gals shoes. No male backup shoes, none. But I would bring one pair of gals sandals that did have a bit of a unisex look - for the high heel in public phobia panic attack! Yes that does happen when you start, but you will get over it wth time. It was nerve wracking at first but with time I relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of being in public in high heels. Another advantage was that being away from home, there was less likely a chance that I would run into someone I knew. As has been mentioned by others here, to my surprise, not many folks notice, and even fewer comment. As a matter of fact it has been at least 3 years or more since anyone has mentioned my heels, and I wear heels out quite often. By getting out away from home, I felt less venerable, was able to practice wearing high heels (yes it does take some - not much, but some - practice) and build my confidence. Another suggestion, have a story ready in case someone asks why the heck are you wearing high heels? The (very) few times I have been asked, I tell them that I got the heels to wear to a charity event (true), and enjoyed wearing the shoes, now why let then moulder away in a closet somewhere when they can be used for a good purpose and I mention the name of the charity as well. I leave out the part about how I have been attracted to gals shoes since I was a kid, a conversation for another time. ha ha... Anyway, my "free" advice, for what it's worth.... Don't hide them heels !!!! Have fun.... sf
  13. Those heels look expensive. Not for me, I'm a sandal guy. But it is nice to see high heels that are for guys openly marketed. Maybe there is some hope for us guys who like to wear high heels. Maybe... have fun... sf
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