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  1. I like the red ankle strap heels in the opening scene... Nice. The rest, much about nothing, wear what you want, if done classy and tastefully, who cares? Have fun all.... sf
  2. SF


    Bluejay.... Very nice story. I had a similar experience at a Torrid store last week. Many folks realize that guys too can look nice (pretty?) in gals "stuff."
  3. As much as possible and depending on the current activity I have planned. Example, I don't go running or climbing ladders in high heels !! Have fun... sf
  4. My experience was just put the heels on and get out there walking around. For me the learning curve was pretty fast. But ALWAYS, ALWAYS hold the handrail when on a stairway!! Hint, hint... Have fun, sf
  5. Well I am just a regular guy who likes to wear "regular" gals high heels, unlike the, in my opinion, bizarre mag pics shown above. Those heels don't look attractive on guys or on a gals. Sometimes those "fashion" folks are out of touch with reality, my reality at least. Smile sf
  6. Well it wasn't work, but the wife and I spent last weekend at a local casino. I wore heels the entire two days, was fun and got a few compliments. sf
  7. I have tried to get my wife to create an account or just browse / post on my account but she has zero interest. She does not get why a guy would want to wear heels, but I still love her... Smile.... sf
  8. Were putt'in the band back together..... Well, I am not a gambler, but the wife is - hmmmm. So far the accounts are solvent, and she does "win" sometimes. When she gambles I usually wander around in my heels (casinos are a great place for that) and sometimes we both visit the spa for haircuts and pedicures. Or I hang out by the pool, take a drive in the countryside, go shopping or go for a hike. When I am at the casino I double my money, I fold it in half and put it in my pocket! smile.... sf PS While there we did see Chris Rock, funny guy.
  9. Two compliments in one day! Hi all.... It’s been kinda slow here so I thought I would include this non event experience. The wife and I are at a local casino for the weekend. Yesterday I was out in my new VanEli Milina heeled sandals, wearing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and a colorful collared shirt. We were in the elevator and a guy got on and we make small talk about loosing money, ha ha. He then looks down and sees my pedicure and says “that’s really cool.” No comment about the heels. By then the elevator ride was over and we parted ways. Later I was walking alone through the casino and was approached by a middle aged lady. She was holding two slot cash out tickets and gave them to me. She said that she was leaving and wanted to pass the tickets along, and that I was wearing really cute shoes. Was I nice gesture and she was gone as fast as she arrived. The rest of the evening was fun, just enjoyed loosing money while in my “cute” sandals. The wife won, or at least broke even, as usual. Smile..... sf
  10. Nice looking sandals, I like that style. A shame they won’t work out. Is the problem a manufacturing defect, or do you have “chubby” feet? Who is the manufacturer? Too bad you can’t return them.. smile... sf
  11. Flats / heels, I have and like both (all sandals). It depends on the occasion and how I feel. Some day I feel like flats, some times I don’t. But since this is a high heel site, I keep my comments in that direction. Have fun.... sf
  12. Those look very nice. I like the strappy and thong style sandals. That is one problem with online end of season sales, most are non returnable. Two weeks ago I took advantage of a great sale at Marmi Shoes, but was lucky and the local store had my size to try on before buying. Enjoy your new sandals, they look great! sf
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