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  1. SF

    Heels at work? Maybe not so good idea

    And out here in CA I get blasted with a double barrel dose - daily. Gets very tiring, and expensive! Amazing to me how out here so many folks are blinded to the obvious facts. I push no agenda either, but do point out the facts... Someone has to do it - after all, pioneers take the arrows..... Have fun... sf
  2. SF

    Heels at work? Maybe not so good idea

    HiH.... Sometimes it is hard to just speak the plain truth !!! Good show !!! Smile, sf
  3. SF

    Heels at work? Maybe not so good idea

    Lots of intolerant folks out here in "tolerant" California, "the land of milk and honey." Sad.... Have fun..... sf
  4. SF

    People quotation in China

    There also is John Joseph Montgomery and his flight experiments in California. Although Montgomery never claimed firsts, his gliding experiments of the 1880s are considered by some historians and organizations to have been the first controlled flights of a heavier-than-air flying machine in America or in the Western Hemisphere, depending on the source.
  5. SF

    People quotation in China

    That's communism for ya.... What a way to live..... sf P.S. I still call it "Red China."
  6. SF

    Costa in boots

    And "over here" enjoy my cafe euricano while in heels !!!! Or maybe britacano???
  7. SF

    Noticing people in heels

    Asian fever ?????
  8. SF

    Heels at work? Maybe not so good idea

    call a lawyer.....
  9. SF

    KneeBooted's Adventures?

    It is wonderful to have a supportive wife, we both are very lucky. Glad that things are going well in CA.... Have fun.... sf
  10. Like Wavy Gravy said, "If you remember the 60's man, you weren't there." I loved the 60's and 70's..... Technology is going to kill us all.... have fun... sf
  11. SF

    Shopping in Phoenix AZ?

    Hope you enjoy your visit. Phoenix in December can be quite pleasant - except the days are short... As for shoes, Payless generally carries gals sizes up to 12. If you can not find a particular style at the store, it can be ordered and shipped to the store of your choice in a few days for free. Nordstrom Rack stores seem to vary by location as to the stock and sizes. I have found that in my area (California) the larger sizes are quite limited. Sadly, it did not used to be that way. In Scottsdale (a suburb of PHX) there is a shoe store called Marmi - one of my favorites. They carry gals shoes up to size 13 in most styles. They are a bit pricey but I have gotten three pairs of sandals from Marmi in the past and all are made quite well, comfy and durable. Have fun "out west." sf
  12. I'll stay with the stock market.... thanks.... sf
  13. SF

    Shoes You Just Can't Part With

    OK, I will join in on this stroll down memory lane. Here is a pic of the first pair of high heels I ever purchased, wayyyy back in 1996. One day I was shoe shopping (as always) when I saw these kitten heel thongs in my size. Just for fun I tried them on and liked what I saw, took them home and liked them even more. The wife thought I was a bit "nuts" but did not freak out. My first time out in them was in Palm Springs for dinner. Got a few looks but no other reaction. From that time forward I have never looked back, I now have lots of heels that I enjoy wearing when possible. I still have these thongs, they are well worn but occasionally I get out in them just for the "memories." Have fun all...... sf
  14. Yes, like all my other avatars, it is me - and time for an update. The previous avatar had been up of more than six months. The current pic is a pair of sandals that I have had for several years now. I forgot the style name but they are made by VanEli, one of my favorite brands. The shoes are a low heel, 2 inch strappy thong wedge that is very comfortable. These sandals get a fair amount of wear and I enjoy being out in them. Here is a pic with higher resolution. Have fun all.... sf
  15. SF

    The "Nudist" Sandals" Who Else ?

    I like the "Nudist" sandals, but they are expensive!! I have several pair of similar looking sandals that I wear and have gotten several compliments. have fun.... sf

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