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  1. SF

    Heels and shorts

    Hey why not?? I do heels too, but not umbrellas... ha ha... Have fun.. sf
  2. Happy 4th of July from a proud, very proud, American - who proudly wears high heels!!!! sf
  3. I posted this before, but it has been a while.... Short and to the point, I like it - and so does my wife!!! sf
  4. Mlrose... Well, maybe there is a little bit of flapping sound... ha ha... I have another similar pair of VanEli sandals (pic below) with a kitten heel that makes a LOT of noise, not so much of a flapping sound, but the heel clicks are very noticeable. And I kinda like it... smile.... have fun... sf
  5. Nice stories... If you want to wear heels outside of your home, the only way to do it is to do it... All of us who wear high heels out in public have had the same "fears" and have, for the most part gotten past. Personally, I was pretty much terrified when I began to heel in public, now I don't give it much thought, it's just something I do. You are very fortunate to have a supportive spouse, a lot of guys here can't claim that, so count your blessings at least in that regard. As for why you like gals shoes and heels, I have been axing myself that question since I was a teen. I have no answer, so I just go with it, and it makes me happy... Have fun.... sf
  6. SF

    Ladies Jeans...

    Jeremy... She has not noticed and that does surprise me. I am curious as to why she has not said anything. Knowing my wife, if she had noticed she definitely would mention it. The saga continues, will advise... The pants do fit well and the fabric is more "strechy" and comfortable than regular denim. I plan on getting another pair.... have fun... sf
  7. Went shoe shopping yesterday to Marmi Shoes, my favorite shoe store. This spring they came out with a style of sandal called Maysa, by VanEli that I really liked. The shoes were a bit pricy (but excellent quality) so I held off on a purchase - even tho I was tempted! This week they went on sale, so I put on my gals jeans, a pair of two inch heeled slip on sandals (an earlier Marmi purchase) and went shopping. I have been at this Marmi store before and have been treated very well. When I walked in the door I was greeted by two very nice ladies, one whom I had spoken with on the phone last week. She went and got the sandals, I was not sure if I would be a size 11 or 12 - they had both - great. The 12 fit perfectly, and I had to decide the color, black or brown. I almost got the brown but stayed with "basic" black. Three other female customers were also shopping in the store at the same time and did not seem to care. One of the ladies did look at me and said "cute shoes." Really love the sandals, they are a slip on toe loop style with a 2, maybe 2 1/2 inch block heel that is very walkable and looks great. The upper is soft leather that holds my foot securely, no flapping sounds. The sole is leather too, for good traction. The Marmi staff is wonderful as well. The lady assisting me was patient and helpful, offering sound advice. I tried on several sizes and colors, she said she wanted me to be happy with my purchase. I am. Here is a picture of the sandals, I will post a pic of me wearing them at a later time..... have fun..... sf PS Marmi has most of their shoes up to size 13 in varying widths. They have a nice variety and are well made. Check them out.
  8. SF

    Ladies Jeans...

    I have two pair of Gloria Vanderbilt denim gals jeans (size 12) that I have been wearing for about 8 months. Actually they were my wife pants, she out grew them and I found them in the bottom of a drawer. I tried them on and guess what? They fit nicely! I had heard some stories about guys wearing gals pants and took the plunge. So far my wife, kids, and friends have said noting about my pants, i don't think they have even noticed. The pants look like any other pair of jeans except the pockets are a bit smaller and the length is about 1 or 2 inches shorter than what I am used to. Some folks would call them "flood" pants when I was younger. The shorter length goes well with sandals and heels, showing off a bit more of the shoe and foot than my guy pants would. Overall I am happy that I took the chance and tried some gals jeans. Give it a try, they look nice you may just enjoy it.... sf PS I would have attached a pic, but all the pics I have exceed the size limit ...
  9. Jeff, I like your opening line. Simple and to the point. I admire your "courage" and tenacity to do what you enjoy, go public in women's dresses as a guy. Plus you look fine doing it. I have thought about giving it a try, but not certain that I could pull it off. Maybe someday, for now I will just stick to wearing heels (in public !!) wow - what a thought. Take care, nice post.... sf
  10. Mlrose..... I am with ya on the thong sandal style!! Of all the heels and flats that I have, I prefer and have more of the thong style than any other shoe style. I have always preferred the thong look, even as a little kid. The minimal look and feel of a thong sandal is akin to going barefoot but having my feet protected at the same time. I have wedgies, kitten heels, chunky heels, slip-ons - you name it, all thong styles. But unlike you, all of the heel heights are below 3 inches, 'cause I'm too tall already! The past few years I have also noticed the lack of choices having the "thong" style. I don't want platforms, or ultra high heels, I just want a "regular" nice looking thong sandal that fits well, and is comfortable. Yes that IS possible.... Maybe some day I will round up all of my thong styles for a photo shoot and post it here, within the 100 mb (kb? - I'm not high tech) limitation of course.... Have fun all.... sf
  11. SF

    Cali World

    “Straight magnet.” Ha ha, I found that humorous.... I have a straight razor, and a straight edge too !! sf
  12. I have a difficult time working with resizing photos as well, so you aren’t alone. One “work around” that I have had some success with is to take pictures at a lower resolution setting. This will make the picture size smaller to start with and that alone may be small enuff for posting. Good luck! sf....
  13. SF


    They look nice, but the heel is wayyyy to high for my 6ft 3in body. I like mules. Enjoy them.... Funny, I was at a Home Depot in heels (2 1/2 in) just a few days ago... Have fun.... sf
  14. HiH..... Vegas is a fun place to wear heels. I get there at least 4 times a year and wear heels most all the time. Maybe some day we can meet there, would be fun..... sf PS. Ain’t nuttin cheap in Vegas!! Ha ha
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