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  1. Who has bought some new shoes

    Spring has sprung and sandal season is here!!! Finally... Ankle strap styles seem to be popular recently, and I like that look. Zappos has a pair of Naturalizer sandals called Tinda that I saw and really liked, so I bought a pair, well two pair. It has been years since I have gotten any Naturalizer shoes, so I was not certain of the sizing. I got a pair in size 11M and 12M, just in case. The size 12M fit perfectly. I am glad that I acted quickly since there do not seem to be any more size 12's available. The sandals are comfortable, the lower (slightly more than 2 inch) heel is very stable and there is some nice cushioning in the insole. To me they have a simple but classy look. I have only worn them around the house and am looking forward to getting outside. I really like the sandals and hope to get a lot of wear out of them this season. I wrote a review at the Naturalizer site (even tho I did not purchase from them) which they promptly published. I also wrote a review at Zappos, and they have not yet posted the review. Strange they have always posted my reviews in the past. It it does not appear soon, I will send another review. Here are a few pics..... Take care all, have fun.... sf
  2. Have you been noticed

    Yep, beware - when you post pictures they may (will) show up anywhere that you least expect them.... Over the years several of my pictures that I have posted here at hhplace have mysteriously appeared on various sites (pinterest and google for example). The fact that they were there bothered me for a while, but they were nice pictures and I got over it. Privacy IS a thing of the past. And as others have said, when you are out in public and photographed - you are own your own..... Who is John Gault??? ha ha Take care all... sf
  3. New member.

    GrlNxtDR... I have written about this elsewhere, but long ago I told my wife - girlfriend at the time - about my desire, inclination, fascination, whatever you call it, for gals shoes. Long story, she accepted me and the shoes and many years later we are still married and occasionally wear heels together!! We even have done our own "photo shoot" of us out in our heels. She's a great gal and it has been fun. I consider myself very blessed. Support each other... Take care.... sf PS I won't post our pictures here, don't want to steal your thunder - ha ha...
  4. Heels and soft ground

    There is a product - that I was previously unaware of - that ladies and gentlemen - can apply to the tip of their high heels that distributes the force of the heel tip into a wider area, thus no sinking into the ground. Or at least that's the idea. I was at a wedding a few months ago, at a "fancy" place near Monterey that has lots of beautiful golf course quality grass. The wedding invitation stated that no spiked or stiletto type high heels were to be allowed and recommended flats, wedgies or block heels. My wife, always the conformist, wore wedgies, but her friends, not to be deterred tried these heel guards, with limited success I might add. Heels still sunk into the grass, tip guards fell off and/or broke, and a lot of gals were "tiptoeing" around. I left my heels at home, reluctantly.. Here is a pic of the product, forgot the name but they are avail on - where else - amazon. Take care all...... sf
  5. Who has bought some new shoes

    RonC..... How do you like those Karmen pumps?? I have been looking at those shoes the past few years and have actually tried them on several times, different sizes, different widths and I can't find a proper fit. I really like the simple, clean look of the shoe, and really want a pair but I they just don't fit properly for me. Very disappointing. They have very nice reviews from those who have made a purchase. As of now I only have one pair of pumps (Aerosoles) so I will just have to stick with those. But I will keep looking / trying !!! Take care..... sf
  6. Boot cut or not

    Steve, Thanks..... Mr Bluejay, Sort of off topic but I have also come to really like the ankle strap style of sandals. I have purchased three pair in the past year. The most recent arrival is the Naturalizer "Tinda" from Zappos. I will do a write up in the new shoes section later. Here's a pic.. These would look good with boot cut denim pants. Now back to the program still in progress. ha ha Take care, sf
  7. Boot cut or not

    Steve.... Nice look. sf
  8. No big deal to me.. She was curious, asked a few questions, and may or may not have returned to get an answer. Over the years I have gotten the same type of questions asked personally. I wish her the best.... sf
  9. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    my comment was meant to be a joke...... ha ha you do as you wish... sf
  10. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    White before Memorial Day - Oh the humanity !!!!! sf
  11. Hi all. Yes it is me, and time for a seasonal change from pumps to sandals. Spring has sprung and summer is coming!! These wonderful sandals are from Payless, the style name is Paige. They are a wedgie ankle strap style, the heel is about 2 inches. Got them at the end of last summer and I do not believe they are available any more. I have worn them a few times and the sandals are very comfortable!! The wedgie heel is very stable. And I think they really look nice as well. It seems that the ankle strap styles are popular these days, at first I really did not care much for the style but I have gotten to like it over time. I now have two other similar pairs of ankle strap heels that I enjoy as well. Below are a few larger pics. Enjoy the coming spring and summer in your heeled sandals - of course!! Have fun all..... sf
  12. I have always thought it funny that folks are never satisfied with their appearance (this is said mostly in jest). I am to tall, clothes don’t fit, folks “assume” I am good at basketball - I’m not - and wish I were shorter! Contrast that with my best pal from elementary school who is “short” and has always wanted to be taller. The grass is always greener they say. Several years ago I was in Vegas, in heels of course, when a guy (shorter than me) approached me and said, “you’re wearing heels?” That began a short discussion that ended with the guy saying that he thought it wonderful that I would wear heels, that he always wanted to be taller and might try wearing heels someday. I hope he did. Have fun all..... sf
  13. I have the same "problem," tallness. I am 6ft 3in and slim in stature. I love wearing high heels but don't want to look like the Jolly Green Giant. I keep the heel height to less than 3 inches which is fine for me. I just want to wear heels, not be a "spectacle" and/or attract attention to myself. As for pants, you just have to explore different sizes and styles. I mostly wear denim styles with varying length that exposes some or none of the heel, just depends on how I feel that day. I have had pretty good luck with both guys and gals styles. Have fun... sf
  14. I am just an "old school" guy. I invest my money in the Stock Market, US and Global, S&P 500, Total Stock Market, some Specialty Funds a smattering of Bonds and even a little bit of cash. Done fine by me for my needs..... With the extra earnings I even buy some high heel shoes!! Enjoy the ride, I know I have.. Have fun..... sf
  15. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    I have worn gals shoes since I was a teen, and have boldly worn heels in the heart of Silicon Valley (and everywhere else) for the past 20+ years. I wear my heels as a guy, with slacks or denim pants and a collared cotton shirt. The style looks fine to me (at least) and no one seems to really care. I do make sure my feet and toes look presentable by using lotion and a clear coat or color on my nails. If you are going to wear sandals, your feet should look nice. I don’t wear gals clothes (except for the shoes, of course) and that works fine with me. Take care all, be safe and have fun. sf Oh, and no “man bun” either......

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