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  1. Gee shyheels, that is a very insightful observation.... thank you.... I hear YOUR guy jeremy corbin likes to go full drag most of the time.... Let stop the political sniping, it ain't cool. Even the tech has said the same. several times. As for me, as a United States Citizen, I think President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are doing a wonderful job, given the impossible challenges their administration is facing. Lets all relax our sphincters. Back to enjoying my high heels..... smile sf
  2. Social media can be (and is for some), very destructive. Use it at your own risk.... Enjoy your heels, it's more fun than social media..... Smile... sf
  3. Bottom line, we can all thank communist red china for the terror, lies and misery they have inflicted upon us. communism is BAD for children and other living things.... sf
  4. SF

    high heels

    For me, the super high heels (over 4 inches) just don't appeal. Never tried a pair either, so I do speak from a position of ignorance. Heels that high, to me, just look uncomfortable and do not appeal visually. Personally, as a guy who is already too tall (6ft 3in) I wear heels that range from very low to 3 inches max, preferably around 2 1/2 inches. I just want to enjoy the experience of wearing nice looking shoes that are comfortable and stylish. Not to look like some type of a "giant" creature form the black lagoon, and scare all the kids. Unfortunately, for some folks a guy in
  5. The words "hateful" and "hater" is used with such cavalier now days that it no longer has any real meaning. Just my "hateful" two cents from a regular guy who likes to wear high heels. ... Smile.... sf
  6. shave your legs at least or wear some long pants..... ecchhh...... sf
  7. ...and that's an order.... ha ha sf
  8. Finally, I was wondering if mlrose and I were the only ones who wore heels with their spouse or partner... So now I guess there are at least 3 of us in the world?? Thank goodness!!! Have fun. sf
  9. Well actually the original quote was made by Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman during the presidential election of 1884, when he was considered as a possible candidate. He declined stating, “I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected.” Pat Paulsen was a comedian in the 1960’s and staged an (unsuccessful – but hilarious) satirical run for the Office of President in 1968. I stand corrected. Have fun..... sf
  10. To quote Pat Paulsen (Pat Paulsen for President 1968) "If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve..." sf PS Some of the "older" folks here can relate.... ha ha
  11. Can I be one of the first to post a picture?? My wife is a great gal, she loves to wear sandals and heels and is generally supportive of my heeling as well.. We wear heels together and she has even gifted me heels on occasion. Attached is a pic of the both of us a few years ago. The sandals are "Kelly and Katie" brand, with a 2 1/2 inch kitten heel. She has several pair, I have only one pair. The sandals are comfortable and I think they look fabulous. I feel very fortunate to have such a supportive and understanding wife. Have fun.... sf
  12. I chose not to participate in the earlier "contest" for similar reasons. And I doubt I will take part in this round. But for those who do, enjoy yourselves... sf (mr. no fun)
  13. Chesterx, Nice looking heels, but a bit to "blingey" for me.... They do look nice with jeans.... Enjoy wearing them..... sf
  14. Nice mask.... Very GQ...... be safe.... sf
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