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  1. I “heart” the desert. Growing up in SoCal, I spent many days hiking, exploring and generally rooting around in the desert Southwest, sometimes even in heels, when appropriate of course. Hot springs, cold springs, palm oases, waterfalls, ghost towns, “secret” gvt installations in plain sight, snow capped peaks to 12,000 feet with beautiful views and no trees to block the view! The desert has it all and then some, you just have to know where to go!! I am currently in N/W Arizona, enjoying the solitude of the desert... Nice... Explore the high country in the summer, and low country in the winter...... Have fun, wherever your high heel travels take you! sf
  2. SF

    Wearing heels to the mall with my SO.

    It is good to receive compliments when out in heels. My experience has been that most folks don’t notice or care, and the ones who do, are complimentary. It’s nice..... Glad your experience was positive... See ya, sa
  3. BillieJay..... welcome, this is a good place to be if you like high heels!! Look around and see what you think. Have fun... sf
  4. SF

    A difficult decision!

    I just call it the baffroom...... Even tho you may not be taking a bath.... ha ha. sf
  5. SF

    A difficult decision!

    What’s a WC?? Ha ha ha...... Different worlds, different cultures.... Smile, sf
  6. SF

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Mlroseplant... Nice sandals / mules.... The heel is about two inches high for me, but glad they work for you..... They look like they would be fun to wear, I like the mule style/look........ smile..... sf
  7. SF

    Heels to the beach

    The Jackalopes that roam the western US are bad enough, I can’t even imagine having to deal with drop bears. Be careful. sf
  8. SF

    Heels outside at home

    Last May another member here and myself participated in the Walk a Mile event in Sacramento CA. This year the event location was changed from a street area to large city park, yes read grass, lots of grass.. When I arrived I thought that this is gonna be challenging, the sandals I had planned on wearing had kitten heels and I certianly did not want to ruin the shoes. Fortunately the ground was dry and firm, with few exceptions. In those places I took the akward and uncomfortable route of walking on my tiptoes and looking very ungraceful, sort of like what mlroseplant described I did mention to the organizers that having a high heel specific event in a grassy area may not have been the best idea. In the end it all worked out, a bit of discomfort but the sandals survived, that was good since they are my favs. Take care all..... sf
  9. SF

    Heels outside at home

    I wear heels in public (proudly) for all to see.... It’s just shoes... These pics have been posted before?? sf
  10. SF

    Show us your most masculine heels

    When I was a kid (teen), all my pals wanted a pair of “wing tip” shoes... I got a pair, but hated “wing tips.” Had the shoe “thing” back then too.... It’s been fun..... sf
  11. Two different worlds.....
  12. KneeBooted...... I imagine you have checked the home prices / rents in PA?? Pretty darn costly. Since you been out here before, you know what you are getting into. Like you said, you have the option to return if thangs don’t work out. And, there are a LOT of Tesla’s driving around out here. I am in south San Jose, commuting from there to PA would be brutal, public transit is marginal and CA gas hovers around 4 bucks a gallon. BTW, you speak Spanish?? I do, comes in very handy...... But, like you and others have said, the weather is nice...... All the best to you and your family..... sf
  13. And come November, things will just get even better...... Just watch.... sf
  14. SF

    My first public heel adventure

    Ballet boot..... Nice sandals !!! It is nice to be acknowledged or get a compliment. Just last week I was out wearing my Nine West Ankle strap sandals when a lady passing smiled and said, "love your shoes." She even seemed sincere. Have fun sf
  15. Bubba..... I had to laugh at your “yankee” comment. My family hails from very, very rural Alabama and I have considered locating there, I love the south, except for the humidity, yikes. I once mentioned my possible moving to AL and my Uncle, who I love and respect like my father looked at me and said (with a smile), “we really don’t need more Yankees around here.” Was a funny moment... After the fact I was pretty sure he was joking - maybe..... ha ha. Take care, sf

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