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  1. Interesting..... Fashion trends change as we all know. Heck I still have some paisley print shirts in the closet and I am waiting for a comeback. Within the past few weeks I have also seen articles in print and on the net talking about men wearing heels, and to a lesser degree even dresses and skirts. It does seem that fashion once was considered unusual or different, i.e. a guy wearing heels, is now accepted by many. I am out in heels a lot and have not gotten any obvious reaction or comments (not that I am looking for or need any reaction), in a few years. Maybe the SoCal mindset if different. Who knows? In any event, I like it... Enjoy your heels..... sf
  2. Nike??? No, no way. I do not care for their business model. You may make your own decision. Smile.... sf
  3. Hey Mr. Bluejay..... Fur hat?? You be styl'in.... I love it.... And thanks for the compliment. I think we both concur, if you are going to wear sandals - guys or gals - your feet should look nice. Pedi, anklet and toe ring, I call it "the works." Stay warm.... Smile.... sf
  4. Stiletto or not, I like the sandals..... sf
  5. Bluejay.... You are only as old as you feel and/or act.... If you are older than me it ain't by much, and I get the feeing that you are pretty young at heart. Wisdom and treachery are the best. Smile... sf Stand-by for my next post...... As best I can remember, I bought the “wrap thong” sandals pictured above (and below) in the early 1970’s when I was around 16 to 18 years old. I was in high school or just beginning college. For as long as I can remember, I have been attracted to gals shoes. As I got older and became more mobile, I would go “shoe shopping,” on my bike and then later by car, now that I had a drivers license. I just liked looking at shoes, and wanted a pair of my own. Two other shoe-shopping incidents I remember distinctly. I found a pair of really nice looking all leather Bernardo strappy sandals with a low wedge heel (wish I had a pic to show). They looked really “cute” and I wanted them, but again they were at a full service department store, so I had to interact with the sales folks. I was nervous, but gathered my courage and went inside. I was assisted by a female clerk who could have been my mom. She asked if she could help and I pointed out the shoes, and told her the size – 10 - I believe. She came back holding the sandals and said that the largest size they had was a 91/2, which in those days was not unusual. In addition it seemed, at least to me, that shoes back then ran smaller than they do now. She handed me the sandals and said for me to try them on, and I did. Sadly the shoes did not fit, they were a bit too small. I was disappointed and the sales lady seemed genuinely disappointed too. She made some comment about the sandals looking very nice, but telling me that was the largest size available. She did ask if there were any other shoe styles around that I liked, there were not. I gave her back the sandals and she apologized that a larger size was not available. Even though I was not able to get the shoes I wanted, I really appreciated the time, patience and understanding this nice lady gave me. I am sure she saw that I was nervous, and probably wondered why a young guy like me wanted a pair of womens sandals, but nonetheless I much appreciated her gentle demeanor. The other “shoe purchase incident” was around the same time, early 1970’s at a Payless Shoe store (I miss Payless). Payless was one of the first shoe stores, at least in my area, to go with a “self service” sales model, none or minimal interaction with the sales staff. I found a lovely and unique pair of “wedgie and strappy” thong style sandals in my size 11. I took the shoes off the rack and began trying them on. One of the sales ladies, again she could have been my mom, rushed up to me and almost grabbed the sandals from my hand. With a smile and a kind voice, she said something on the order of, “Honey (I love it when they call me honey) these are ladies shoes, the men’s section is over there.” I was nervous and a bit shocked by her reaction, but could tell that she was honestly just trying to help this poor misdirected kid. I told the lady that I knew they were ladies sandals but I liked the style and wanted to try a pair. She smiled, acknowledged my comment and let me be. She returned a few minutes later and asked if the shoes fit and even said they looked nice on me, and pointed out a few other styles that did not interest me. I put the sandals back in the box, the same lady completed my purchase and she asked with a smile that I come back again. As with the first experience, I appreciated that sales lady and her understanding and compassion. Those Payless wedgie thongs were fun to wear, but unfortunately they wore out early and went bye bye. Enough of my past experiences, but fond memories to share. It was these and other early on life experiences that validated my fondness for women’s shoes. And to make things “worse” in 1995, the “high heel bug” got me bad. Why do I and others here have this attraction? For me, I don’t know, it is just the way I am and will always be. And actually I sort of like it! In conclusion, here is a pic taken today, of the flat “wrap thong” sandals that started this tome. I actually found them hiding in my closet. They may get some use this spring / summer, even though heels have taken priority the past 20+ years! Sometimes flats are fun to wear too. Smile…. sf
  6. It IS very nice to get compliments... Positive reinforcement is good for the soul... And mind... Have fun... sf
  7. OK, I am old(er). I was going through some "stuff" lately and came across this old newspaper ad from the early 1970's. An ad for a pair of Quali Craft sandals. Quali Craft was a brand of shoes that were sold at the now defunct Baker's Shoe stores here in the United States. Back then I was a dumb kid growing up in San Diego and many of the gals at school were wearing this style of sandal as it had become very popular. My girlfriend at the time even had a pair. I liked they way the shoes looked and wanted a pair. Back then shoe stores were mostly "full service" where you the customer had one on one contact with the sales staff, unlike now where the stores are mostly self-service. This created a bit of a dilemma, I was a guy and wanted to try on / buy a womans sandal. I was going to use the "I am buying them for my mom" ruse, but decided that was not believable, so I gathered my courage, walked into the store, over to the ladies side and started looking. I was pretty nervous. A female clerk approached and asked if she could help. I pointed to the sandals and told her that I would like to try a pair, I think it was a size 11 - which was unusual, it was very difficult to find anything in gals shoes larger that a size 10 back then. I remember the clerk was slightly taken aback, she smiled and asked if they were for me. I said yes, then she said, "honey you know these are girls shoes?" I said yes, but I would like a pair. She smiled and went to get the sandals. When she came back she took the sandals out of the box and was going to help me try them on, but I old her that I would do it. When I put them on I was very happy. The shoes looked and felt great! I told the sales lady that I would take them, we went to the checkout, I paid and left the store. I remember her being very nice and telling me to enjoy wearing my new shoes. I wore those sandals for the longest time, to school, with friends and no one really cared. I actually still have these sandals in my closet. Memories, plus I tend to be a packrat, drives my wife nuts. I am not sure why I saved the newspaper ad, but found it humorous that I still have it after 45+ years! Just a memory from the past that I bought I would memorialize. Have fun all, enjoy your shoes.... sf
  8. SF

    My outings...

    I would love to sit on a jury, but I will never be seated for reasons that I won't go into right now. When I get called, I get excused quickly, a shame because I am the type of person YOU would want on a jury, fair and impartial, willing to consider all sides and make a just decision based on the merits presented. As for wearing heels, never wore heels to jury service since it never happened. But I don't see why not. Go for it. Dress nice, enjoy the experience, then be fair and impartial and convict the sob - ha ha... Last part - only if proven "beyond a reasonable doubt." Have fun.... sf
  9. About 6feet 2 inches long (high)... Oh, maybe a few hours a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, just depends on what I am doing that day. But I do enjoy wearing heels whenever possible and appropriate. Enjoy your heels, smile..... sf
  10. Bluejay..... Nice. But no pic??? Have fun.... sf
  11. Clear heels are OK, I would not wear them, but depending on the style etc, they are OK for whoever likes that style. But having said that, clear heels remind me of this classic from a few years ago... Enjoy, then go wash your hands so you can eat.... ha ha Smile.... sf
  12. SF


    Bluejay..... Nice!! As my wife tells me when I go out in heels, you were all "dolled up." Carry on!! And Merry Christmas to you and the family... sf
  13. SF


    Merry Christmas to you as well !!!!! Smile... sf
  14. Comprehensive / collision coverage??? Maybe???
  15. Those heels look very nice, classy. Hope you enjoy them. Merry Christmas. sf
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