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  1. Hello , 

    I have a question for you I would rather not ask in the open forum . Just out of curiosity did you ever wear the 3" and above heels and if so around what age did you start to wear the lower heels in your pictures ? 

    The reason I ask , the lower heels like the 1 1/2"- 3" with platforms are starting to be more my thing . The stilettos are about gone from my closet and I have no desire to wear them anymore . Did this ever happen to you ? 

    Respectfully , MIP

  2. bambam..... ha ha, that's funny !!! I have experienced the same feeling when in heels standing in a line !!! The good part is that almost always no one notices or cares, and the few times someone does notice, I am offered a smile and a compliment. Take care.... sf
  3. I have a pink - I call it “coral” dress shirt, OK it’s pink - that I wear to work quite often. I like the shirt as do others, since I get many compliments!! Nothing wrong with wearing coral !! Have fun.... sf
  4. SF

    Wild about Wedges

    Peter, Very nice looking sandals! I have a similar pair, not as high a heel, that I wear in public quite often. A shame to wear those exclusively at home... Enjoy your new sandals.... sf
  5. Many years ago, an old dude friend of mine - in his 80’s - told me, “getting old ain’t for sissies.” I thought it funny then, but as I get closer to that mark I realize how truthful his comment was!! Stay young...... sf
  6. SF

    oh well, I tried....

    It can be a lonely life, but I am wiling to make the sacrifice for the good of the group.... ha ha... In fact I was out in heels today, running errands. Then I saw my reflection in a glass window - don't suppose that counts as seeing another guy in heels??? Bummer...... have fun all... sf
  7. SF

    oh well, I tried....

    I have never seen another guy in high heels - or gals shoes for that matter. I know they are out there, still looking..... Maybe someday.... sf
  8. My pictures are taken in variety of ways. Sometimes I take the shot handheld (with my long monkey arms), use a tripod with a delay timer, take a shot of my reflection in a mirror (this usually results in poor quality), or have the wife or friend take the pics - you know, plain yankee ingenuity. I also take the pics at different resolutions so I can easily send or post them at places, like right here.... Have fun all... sf
  9. SF

    Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Nice sandals..... If you are going to wear sandals, your feet should look nice.... sf
  10. SF

    Miniskirts for Men

    I only wear shorts when I run.... Just don't care for them - plus my legs don't look all that hot...... My lament... sf
  11. SF

    Were you caught by your mother?

    Like Mr Bubba, I have talked about this elsewhere. Suffice to say that I have liked, had an attraction to, whatever - gals shoes since I was a child. Don't know why and really don't care. I was "caught" by my mother, grandmother, and brother at various times - each time they wigged out a bit but everyone got over it. When I went away to school I was able to "do my thang" and enjoy my gals shoes - flats and heels. Run the clock forward a few decades (yipes), now I am married to a wonderful gal who is OK with my choice of shoes. If fact, save for one pair of running shoes and another pair of loafer dress shoes, ALL of my shoes are gals shoes - heels and flats - which I wear all the time and no one cares. My mother and grandmother have long passed, they accepted my fondness for gals shoes and it never really was mentioned. My brother is in another part of the country, but he doesn't really care either. Getting "caught" was something that happened as a teen, a long time ago..... Have fun all.... sf
  12. SF

    Men's heels on Amazon

    I saw those as well. It is wonderful that attractive sandals are being marketed as mens shoes - finally. I just wonder what the quality is, looks like it could be more cheap, low quality stuff from red china. But at least it is a start, and better than nothing, especially if you need a larger size.... Check it out. Have fun.... sf
  13. HHMafia..... Sir, you are CORRECT !!!! Thank you.... Best we leave politics to another website??..... Have fun all.... sf
  14. Shyheels, I agree, and will go one step further, I find linking high heels to being homosexual shameful.... Just my opinion..... have fun all.... sf

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