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  1. Wow.... HinH that was nice write up on self sufficiency. Was more than a year ago, I missed it. You must have read the Stanley and Danko book, The Millionaire Next Door. An excellent read for ALL ages, especially for someone jut starting out. I read it when I was in my mid 20's and never looked back. I made it a point over the years to give the book the my kids and their friends, hoping they too read it - my kids did. You can be self sufficient, at least in the United States (can't speak to other countries but I would assume similar results), and it's not that hard.... Smile..... sf
  2. SF

    my 2020 adventures

    I find that simple questions and answers are generally the best equation and answers..... Keep it simple.... ha ha..... sf
  3. Sir Laffalot (love that name).... Do it, you won't regret it one minute..... have fun... sf
  4. Wearing high heels did not come naturally to me, there was a learning curve but it was not that difficult. Some practice and I was there. As for other guys and heels, during my heeling "career" I have been complimented by at least two guys who expressed admiration and, for lack of a better word, jealousy over that fact that I was wearing high heels. Both were complimentary and said they wish they could wear heels. I smiled and told them that anyone can wear heels, you just have to want to do it. I hope they took my recommendation. Have fun.... sf
  5. I live in a smaller community and go to the same places frequently. After a while folks see you in heels and may / may not say anything but, being human they certainly tell others about you. Over the years, I have found out that quite a few folks wind up knowing that I wear "girls shoes." It does not seem to effect my relationships or friendships which is nice. People just get to know others by what they do. Some collect stamps, have classic cars, unique jobs, whatever. The fact that I wear high heels just makes "me" (and Mr. Mlrose) more unique for conversation. Smile.... sf PS.... When I was in Southern MN last summer for a wedding, at the reception there were some folks talking about a guy in central IA who wore high heels around town. ha ha....
  6. Nothing wrong with being "weird." Consider Weird Al, funny, talented, definitely weird, and worth millions. I love that guy. As for me, I do my thing (weird? probably), and it works for me. The wife and kids still hang around, and that's all I really care about. Have fun.... sf
  7. "Bad" ones are the small, very small minority. These are LOTS of GOOD Police Officers, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Store Clerks, Plumbers, Electricians, you name it. Only hear about the few "bad" ones. Lets celebrate and thank the GOOD ones.... Smile... sf
  8. SF


    Nice ankle strap sandals.... I have two pair that are very similar, one with a heel and one wedgie... Bothe extremely comfortable, and fun to wear.... sf
  9. Day 15 of self imposed isolation... It’s getting boring... We have only been out 3 times for a quick trip to the store, mask and gloves of course... To brighten things up, this morning I gave myself a pedicure and put on my most favorite pair of heeled sandals. Did not go anywhere yet, no place to go, so will just hang around the hacienda or maybe take a drive to the high desert, lots of open - lonely - and pretty places out there. As for the sandals, I have had these for several years now. When I saw them I fell in love with them instantly. The style and look simply appealed to me. It was my first pair of “kitten” heels, I was a bit apprehensive about that but it has never been a problem. The only thing I don’t like is they are not an easy slip-on off shoe. They are made by VanEli and the style is Merlion, Size 11M. The sandals are all leather construction, and are very well made. I have worn these sandals a lot they feel great on, although I wouldn’t want to take a long hike in them. As with my other heels, most folks don’t notice or care, but I have gotten the most compliments when out in these shoes, from both guys and gals, but mostly gals. They want to know where they can get a pair. Unfortunately, they have not been made for a few seasons. Fortunately (for me) I had foresight enough to actually buy a second pair for when these give out. The wife has a pair too, but she is a slip-on gal and does not like them as much as me... Here are a few pics of my favorite sandals along with my purple pedicure..... Be safe all, stay isolated, this too will pass... sf
  10. One thing for certain - your shoes and avatar match !!!!
  11. As for surfaces, I care less about the sound and more about a finish that won't cause me to fall on my "you know what." Generally these are very smooth slick surfaces with a low friction co-efficient. But that's just common sense. Be careful out there, stay isolated.... sf
  12. Apple or cherry pie?? My favorite is rhubarb, mmmm.... smile... sf
  13. Bars and Clubs??? ha ha ha..... I quit going to bars and clubs 20 years ago.. I'm too old and (according to the wife, no fun anymore - smile).... But, I still do proudly wear high heels when out to dinner, shopping, social events and otherwise having fun. Except for the past two weeks, ugh. Of course I'm making light. Have fun in the bars and clubs, but NOT until we get past this wuhan virus mess. Stay isolated, Stay safe.... sf
  14. Yes it is, and time for a change. This avatar is a pair of "cheapo" Fioni sandals from Payless Shoes (I certainly miss Payless) that I have had for a few years and absolutely love. Wish I had gotten a second pair, sigh. They have a 2 1/2 inch heel, slip on-off easily, look classy and are comfortable. The larger heel is stable for walking. These sandals are fun for errands, dining out or just running around town. I would like to get another similar pair, but I have yet to find a similar style. Still looking !!!
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