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  1. SF

    Cali World

    Quick, obtain the surveillance video of the “incident” and destroy it!
  2. My daughters say that when a gal or guy is seen struggling in heels that are the incorrect size or just been on too long, they are doing the "T-Rex walk." I have seen it many times, funny and sad at the same time. smile... sf
  3. I have mentioned this before in other posts. For me it is not so much heel height, but TOTAL height. I am already tall, 6ft 2in., and I enjoy wearing heels. Dilemma, how high do I go and not appear to be some "monster" looming over the crowd. For that reason, I have kept my heel heights to 3 inches maximum, which is 6ft 5in in total height. When wearing heels, some folks will comment that I am really tall, then they either notice my shoes or I tell them. Heels taller than 3in do not interest me for the reasons above. I want to wear traditional classic heels and "blend in" as much as possible without creating a kerfuffle. I have heels that vary from one inch to three inches, heels for dinner/social occasions and just running around. Depends on the occasion and my mood at the time. It is nice to have a selection. Have fun in your heels, no matter what height they may be... smile... sf
  4. It's good to get out in heels. The more you get out and enjoy your heels, the easier and less "nerve wracking" it will become. And sometimes it is even enjoyable. Nice looking shoes. Have fun in your heels.... sf
  5. What initially caught my eye with your post were the sandals - nice - then the bike. Nice times two. I figured it was an early 70's vintage model. Your experience is similar to mine except that I have owned my 1970 Yamaha 175 Enduro since it was brand new. It is a survivor, has never been stored outside and is in pretty nice shape, but has not run in 20+ years. I hope to get it going some day, would be fun to ride it around town, maybe even in heels - ha ha. I would post a pic, except the bike is in pieces right now. Here is a pic of an exact duplicate for reference. I love that 2 stroke "ring ding" engine sound. My kids are all growed up, so I work on it solo. Keeps me off the streets and out of jail. Enjoy your scoot as well as your sandals! smile sf PS Since I started this thread , permission is granted to go off topic whenever desired or necessary.... double smile...
  6. Nice looking vintage Suzuki 350. Early 70's model year? Has it been restored or you just take good care of it? I like them old bikes. I have a 1970 Yamaha 175 Enduro that I bought in 1970. Cool sandals too. Have fun with both... sf
  7. SF


    I also have a 33-34 waist. Give Gloria Vanderbilt "Amanda" jeans a try. I have several pair, size 12 is tight, but not overly so, and size 14 is a bit loose / baggy. Depending on what I am wearing both sizes work, but I do lean towards the size 12 most of the time. I have both tall and regular sizes, the tall is ankle length, the regular is a bit shorter, all the better to show off your heels! They are stretchy, comfy, come in several colors and look stylish too. I have gotten most of my "Amanda's" from Costco. Have fun.... sf
  8. The wedgie sandals shown are are by Steve Madden, the style is Drill, if I remember correctly. They are about 10 years old, and I wore them a lot. They got lost in the back of my closet and I sort of forgot about them until I saw these posts about Madden shoes. These sandals are well made, and are my only pair of Madden shoes that I own. I have looked since and Madden has not had any sandals that I like in my size. If the quality has deteriorated, that is a shame. Red china production maybe? As for these sandals they are comfortable to wear, with lots of cushion in the insole. Being a wedgie shoe they are stable, easily slip on and off, and I have gotten a few compliments. The wife never got a pair but my niece had a pair, we never wore them together, but we used to joke about our matching sandals. Now that I have rediscovered them, they will get a spot in the shoe wearing rotation this summer! Enjoy your sandals!! sf
  9. Both pair are “sandals,” to me at least. Some may say they are a “mule” sandal. I like both styles, however the heel for me is way to high... The color is your choice, enjoy your heels!! smile... sf
  10. Summertime = sandaltime... sf
  11. I just love open minded, tolerant people... nice... smile..... sf
  12. Everyone is different and has their own beliefs and opinions (thank goodness). My eighty-three y/o mother-in-law has seen me in heels several times and had told me that she likes seeing me wear them. The very conservative - and that's OK - seventy something neighbor across the street has complimented my heels and pedicure several times. Diversity of opinion is a wonderful thing... smile... sf
  13. Everyone is different and has their opinions. My eighty-three y/o mother-in-law has seen me in heels several times and has told me that she likes seeing me wear them. The very conservative seventy something neighbor across the street has complimented my heels many times. Diversity of opinion is a wonderful thang... smile... sf
  14. Bluejay..... Nice sandals!! Love the bright colors! Nice review at the JCPenny site as well, at least I "assume" it is you - ha ha... smile... sf
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