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  1. Well raise my rent... Really??? That's not good to hear..... sf
  2. Yep, Wild Pair was another good shoe store, I had forgotten about them. Oh the good 'ol, days..... sf
  3. Good news, will be great to see them back again..... sf
  4. I find it is so much easier (and enjoyable) to just drive.... sf
  5. SF

    I saw you both!

    Ha ha, that's a good one.... Out here in CA the farmers get mad when it rains 'cause certain crops get damaged by too much water (rain) at the wrong time. In the midwest farmers get angry when it does not rain, they have no irrigation option. Yes, CA is on the road to collapse - unfortunately..... Smile... sf Wow, this thread sure has gone haywire... From sightings of guys in heels in Vegas to water rights - whew!!!! Now that's a stretch.... Sorry bluesman... I may be back in vegas next month.... In heels of course... sf
  6. OK, who's gonna set it up???
  7. SF

    Foot jewelry!

    Ha Ha.... Youbetcha... Like the song sez, You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em..... Smile; Peace Love and old Volkswagens....... sf
  8. Two Hundred pounds of luggage?? Wow. How many pounds of that were her shoes?? Smile.... sf
  9. SF

    Foot jewelry!

    The wife and I both like and wear toe rings and anklets. My wife has worn both since the 1980's; groundbreaking. Maybe it is a west coast thing. I (we) don't think they look "slutty" at all (well maybe a little bit slutty - ha ha) they provide decoration and adornment like rings and bracelets on hands. In India, the Hindu women and men wear toe rings to indicate their married status. But I get it, fashion is very subjective and not everyone likes certain things, like toe rings, or paisley shirts or light blue leisure suits. Nothing wrong with that. And to make things even worse, and corroborate Steve's wife's opinion of toe rings, I have read in several places the past several years that folks who wear toe rings and anklets are into the "lifestyle" culture, i.e. swingers. When the wife saw that she laughed and said it doesn't matter because we have been "grandfathered" in. We still wear anklets and toe rings, not been a problem. ha ha.... Have fun... sf
  10. SF


    Congratulations!! Enjoy your retirement - and heels - and Tieks..... sf
  11. ALERT - CORRECTION... REF my post dated December 21, 2019: Original post: Aside from a few Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event, I have never been heeling with another guy. I mostly heel solo or with the wife. When with her I have not noticed much difference from heeling solo (although a few times others would as her if / why am I wearing high heels, she tells them to ask me, they never do). Edited version: Aside from a few Walk a Mile in Her Shoes events, I have never been heeling with another guy, with exception of one time meeting another great guy from this site and his wonderful wife in LA. I even have a picture as proof. I mostly heel solo or with the wife. When with her I have not noticed much difference from heeling solo (although a few times others would ask her if / why am I wearing high heels, she tells them to ask me, they never do). Mr Steve. More better?? ha ha That was almost a year ago, we need to do it again... Was fun.... Take care... sf PS And Steve even bought dinner - unacceptable !!! ha ha
  12. SF : It would seam you know your way around Las Vegas . Nevada .  So do I . I am going to be in Las Vegas the week of March 29, to April 4, 2020 . I would love to get together for a high heel meet . I have contacted a couple others . Do not know yet if they can make it . Either way I will be there having FUN .  spikesmike592c498d1136f_DSCF5236(1).thumb.JPG.352929dd6d00e5b9c07642c27df848d3.JPG

  13. SF

    I saw you both!

    When in Vegas I wear heels everywhere. But I wear heels everywhere anyway. In Vegas it just seems to be more fun. Like bluesman says, there is so much activity going on that no one notices, and if they do, they don't care - unless you get a compliment, which has happened to me several times. And that is nice. One consideration, depending on where you are staying, getting around can involve a LOT of walking. Not an issue in flats, but depending on your heel height and comfort of the shoes, a lengthy walk could be an issue. Many times I have seen gals in heels struggling to get around (still looking for a guy in heels BTW). Some gals even opt to go barefoot - yuck. I would never do that. Enjoy yourself in Vegas..... sf
  14. Last week the wife and I went to Vegas, we felt "fancy" and got pedicures at Caesars Spa. Nice place. Was a bit pricy but worth it. The technicians are true professionals, and they did a wonderful job to prove it. The gals were friendly, engaging and took their profession seriously. Everything was done to perfection, trimming, cuticles, polishing, painting, all with great attention to detail. Our toes were polished and painted so perfectly that they look like glistening little diamonds! I even had them finish mine with a "neutral" color that looks great. The pedicure took a bit more than and hour and even included mimosas. Nice... I have had pedicures at shops locally and they do a nice job, but the Caesars Spa pedicure was 1,000% mo bettah. If you are wearing sandals, your feet should look nice. The two of us have joked that we have the shiniest toes in SoCal... Have fun all.... sf
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