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  1. Shadows

    I was wearing high heels when I took this picture - does that count???? ha ha..... Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!!! sf
  2. High Heels Backless Open Toes Shoes

    I remember the "springolator" styles when I was a kid. Lots of gals wore them, including my 9th grade English teacher. She looked fantastic in her slides. I really like the look of that style of sandal, and I actually have two similar pairs. They are not springolators (I wish they were) but I still enjoy these for public wear. The look is clean and simple, they slip on and off easily, plus they are comfortable and fun to wear. One pair is by Naturalizer and the other is from Payless - I don't remember the style names of either. It's fun to wear high heels! Happy Thanksgiving to all..... sf
  3. Yes, It's still me, and it has been while since I updated the picture. Since it is winter time, and the temps are cooler - even here in California, my "new" avatar is a pair of Aerosoles pumps called "Magical Power." They are a size 11, with a chunky 2 inch kitten type heel. They work for me since I am too tall already, so the 2 inch heel is perfect for public wear. The shoes are very conformable and good for outings in cool weather. This is the only pair of pumps I own, all the rest of my heels are sandals and clogs, so these shoes are special. I have had these shoes for a few years now, they do not get a lot of wear, aside from cooler days, and no one has ever commented on them. I really like Aerosoles shoes. A shame that the company is in bankruptcy, I hope the reorganization goes well for them. Attached are a few higher resolution pictures. Take care all...... sf
  4. My new Pleaser boots

    Boots and platforms aren’t really my thang (I’m more a sandal and clog guy), buy hey - you like ‘em that’s all that matters..... Have fun.... sf
  5. My first public heel adventure

    Sound like you had a very pleasant (dare I say fun?) shoe shopping experience. I have found the folks at Aldo to be very kind and helpful when shopping for and trying on heels. Plus their styles look fabulous!! Have fun!! sf
  6. Los Angeles Residents

    The Bonaventure.... Ohhh, quite posh - I have stayed there a few times myself !!!!! Nice joint.... I was in LA yesterday (actually Orange County), would have loved to meet up. What a difference a day makes...... If it happens, have fun...... sf
  7. Thanks for asking, things went quite well thank you. Since we were going to be gone for 21 days, the first decision was which heels to bring?? Shoes are bulky and hard to pack, so I sadly limited my self to one pair of heels, a pair of “dressy” black wedgie thongs with a 2 1/2 inch heel. I also brought a pair of flat gals thongs that I wore all over. I even got a nice pedicure with a neutral, but noticeable pink shade.. Another concern I had was wearing heels while walking on the cobblestone streets that are everywhere. I don’t know how the gals (and guys) do it “over there.” Most of my heeling was confined to the cruise ship, in the afternoon, at dinner and at the casino or shows. As usual, I got a few looks but no one said anything or seemed too bothered with my heels. The wife was cool with it and a lady friend who was traveling with us (and knows I like gals shoes but has never seen me in heels) made one comment that she liked my “fancy” sandals. I did venture out in the heels once while in Venice and Rome for some dinner and shopping. In both cities the previously mentioned cobblestones were a concern, but careful walking and the more stable wedgie heels helped. I can’t really say that the Italians reacted to me more than anywhere else. Again, no one said anything but I did get a “feeling” that I was being looked at and/or talked about behind my back. Maybe it was just being paranoid in the confines of a different culture, who knows. In any event, we had fun on the trip and I was glad that I did some of it in heels with my wife!! Cool, very cool...... But it’s good to be back home. Have fun all...... sf
  8. K2..... Hi there, welcome to the site. If you are a guy or gal who likes wearing high heels, this is the place to be. I also wear heels in public, have been doing so for about 20 years and I enjoy every minute of it. I too have a very understanding wife and that helps a lot. The Walk a Mile events are fun and for a good cause, and also serve as a good reason (excuse - ha ha) to get out in public in a pair of high heels. Welcome, and I am sure you will enjoy being here... Take care... sf PS Nice pics too!!
  9. Happy.... Glad the you and some of the others here were able to see it. It WAS fabulous. I am making tentative plans to see the next one. Road trip !!! Take care.... sf Here are some "little eclipse shadows" after the total event !!!!
  10. Posting

    All this high tech stuff can be very confusing.... sf
  11. I think the idea of forcing someone to do something against their will is discomforting...... But hey, that's just me....... Take care... sf
  12. Who has bought some new shoes

    Sydheel.... I like those ankle strap sandals!! A have a similar pair (with a lower heel - ref my avatar), that I really like and wear quite often. Have fun with your new sandals!! sf
  13. Well, I don't have a beard, and I don't wear stilettos, but I DO proudly wear gals high heels shoes and sandals in public!! Nevertheless, nice article..... Maybe we will meet some day..... Take care all..... sf
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    Not for me, way to high..... But have fun.... sf
  15. My Wife Just Bought Me These.

    Steve.... Yes, she is the greatest, nice gal too !!!! As for the sandals, they have been around for a few years. Actually got them at Target. Forgot the style name. Mine are an 11 and hers are a 6 1/2. The kitten heel is about two inches. I (we) have worn these sandals on occasion both individually and together. They are good for short walks, not too comfy for longer walking, i.e. going out to dinner. For me, I really like the thong sandal style and look...... To each his own..... Take care.... sf