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  1. I am tempted to comment on public sector pensions, but fear if would create quite a kerfuffle, so I will stand mute.... sf
  2. Never really got into country music or cowboy boots.... Not my “style.” I am a old school Detroit Mo Town, sandal wearing, high heel “guy.” Conflicted?? Maybe. Works for me. Now get of offa dat thang, and dance till you feel bettah..... smile... sf
  3. Yep, and kinda what I said....
  4. Being addicted to heels is much better than being addicted to drugs and/or booze....
  5. So called "Artificial Intelligence," scares the heck outta me.....
  6. To be good at anything takes practice.... And I practice in my heels a lot !! smile... sf
  7. There IS a learning curve, no doubt. But after a while I can parade (as my wife calls i - ha ha) in my heels just fine. Like many things, wearing heels is a perishable skill. I was just talking about this a few minutes with some folks at another site.... Some of the guys and gals said they can't wear heels, my suggestion, yes you can, it just takes practice. Have fun.... sf
  8. Very nice.... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too you as well... sf
  9. I have not had any luck at DSW the past few years in finding larger sizes. At least at the stores. Most everything there stops at size 10. I like trying on the shoes in person. Merry Christmas all..... sf
  10. I like ankle strap shoes. I have several pairs, they look very classy.... sf
  11. Bluejay..... I can appreciate (sort of) what you stated. We just got back from 5 days in Minnesota. The temp never got higher than 10 degrees, and in addition, the wind !! You folks in that part of the country, or world - have my respect. No sandals on that trip, insulated hiking boots were the norm..... Have fun all... Stay warm.... sf
  12. New sandals, just in time for winter. I had eyed them last fall, and Zappos now had them on sale. I could not resist. The are Abercrombie and Fitch "Austria." Slightly less than 3 inch kitten heel with a wide vamp strap and toe loop. Very minimal, a style that I like. They are size 11 and fit very nicely. I have only worn them around the house, they are comfy and I hope to get a lot of wear when spring time rolls around. The only downside, they are all synthetic, but have soft, material. I much prefer leather sandals but that is getting hard to come by. Attached is a pic, I think they look "cute." Uh, can a guy wear "cute" sandals???? sf
  13. Wore 3 inch heeled sandals to a Weird Al concert last September. Was fun, had no problems at all....
  14. Love that movie.....”We’re putting the band back together.” Smile..... sf
  15. There currently exists a category for shoes and boots but none for sandals. For those of us who prefer sandals (like me) there now is a forum to show off your new sandals to the world, or at least that part of the world that is here at HHPLACE! I will begin by presenting two pair of sandals that I acquired last month. The thong style is from Nine West, Popi, size 11. Love the ankle strap and see thru upper. The strappy sandals are from Marmi Shoes (my fav shoe store btw), VanEli, Morel, size 12. These are truly all day sandals and I really like them as well. The pedicure is courtesy of Caesars Spa, Las Vegas. It's spring, and summer is coming, time to get those sandals out for those of us who enjoy that style of heel! Have fun... sf
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