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  1. I had a similar experience, 38+ years ago.... The gal is still my wife.... Good luck, have fun.... sf
  2. Facebook = evil.... simple... and that includes most other “social media” outlets..... just one opinion.... sf
  3. Thanks, those are probably my most favorite pair of heels. Got them a few years ago from Marmi Shoes, VanEli is the brand. Quite comfortable and I just like the style. The kitten heels is a bit fem, would prefer a wedgie heel but can’t have everything. I have gotten a lot of compliments (from both guys and gals) when wearing these shoes. When they came available, I bought two pair just in case they disappeared forever. So far Marmi has not brought the style back..... Have fun..... sf
  4. SF

    Cali World

    Summertime = Sandaltime !!!
  5. I was at a Payless in Salinas and San Jose today.... They did not have what I was looking for (Paige wedgie ankle strap sandal) but the clerks said that they continue to get stock in weekly, so don’t give up, keep looking. I had gotten the Paige sandal a few years back and really love that shoe.... The clerks also advised that Payless will probably be open till the end of May, then gone forever..... sniffle, sniffle, gonna miss ‘em.... The hunt continues...... sf Hey Steve..... Who’s the guy wearing the sandals? Oh, that’s me..... Was fun meeting and dining with you, had a very nice time... see ya... sf
  6. Las Vegas is a fun place to wear heels. I have been heeling in Las Vegas many times and had no problems. It’s Vegas baby! No one cares.... Have fun..... sf
  7. MIP..... I don't think the comment was referring to you... At least that's the way I read it.... Smile..... sf
  8. Yeah, I too am tired of the Royals; besides, I never was much of a baseball fan anyway.... Smile, sf...
  9. I like "Weird Al's" version: The stars predict that you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff and then go back to sleep. I have found that prediction fairly accurate, at least for me.... smile.... sf
  10. Gotta love them regressive taxes..... Good luck !!! sf
  11. Jetheels..... Wow, I read your story with fascination, your experience and evolution is almost identical to mine. Since I can remember I have had an attraction to gals shoes, have no idea why. Trying on grandmas and moms sandals, then off to college where I expanded my shoe collection, and began going in public in mostly flat sandals. I remember seeing the gals my age wearing their attractive heels and sandals and wondering why can't I wear those too? Twice as an early teen I was "caught" by my mom and grandma, they were worried and had some discussion with my doctor who did not seem to concerned. My college shopping experiences included Penny's, Sears, Payless, Quali Craft, Bakers and other independent shoe retailers. I tried the "these are for mom" line a few times but gave that up and just took the shoes home. Later I got enough courage to try the shoes on at the store. One time I was trying on a pair of wedge sandals when the store associate saw me and kindly directed me to the mens section, telling me that I was trying on a ladies sandal. Later I started wearing heels and never looked back.. It's been fun - to say the least... sf
  12. I still have some paisley shirts and Angel Flight pants from the 70's..... And they still fit !!!! sf
  13. SF

    Mixing styles

    The Waffle House?? Waffle House rules, I wish there was one near me.... Jeans and heels?? That's pretty much all I wear, maybe cargo pants. When I wear heels I am usually in jeans, guys or gals, and wear a casual cotton shirt with a collar. For me it is a nice look that goes well most all the time. As for sporty "stuff" it depends on the "stuff." Your pic looks very nice, but had you been wearing baggy logo covered sweat pants - not so much. Just my opinion.... Have fun.... sf
  14. another "shaggy dog" story..... smile.... sf
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