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  1. I believe this article has been referred to in the past, but nonetheless I also find the content - that straight guys can wear heels - refreshing..... Thanks for the memories.... sf
  2. Looked those shoes up on line. Nice looking sandals. I would wear them out and around, they look comfy. Why spend time walking around in the dirt and ruining your nice heels?? Have fun.... It's nice having a wife that understands, I do and it's wonderful.... sf
  3. I (we) have daughters that are now all growed up with their own kids. Since before the kids and wife, I have worn gals flat sandals and heels. When the kids showed up nothing much changed. I did decide NOT to wear (higher) heels around the girls and their friends, I did not want them to be made fun of at school. However, I did and still wear low heels, less than one inch, around them. They were aware that I wear high heels and saw my sandals around the house all the time. Once my youngest asked me (when the wife was present) why does daddy wear high heels? I just told her that those are daddy's shoes and he likes them. The subject never came up again. For our family, daddy's heels were just was something that was aways around and it never really became an issue. For us, we did not make a big deal out of it and it worked out well.... sf
  4. Everyone needs a "little black dress." Someday I my get myself one. You look nice in yours.... Have fun... sf
  5. Ha ha ha.... Yeah I hate vertical videos too!! But my wife and kids take them all the time, so maybe it just me... But, as the PSA says, it's not like crack or anything, but it's still pretty bad.... Fa Fa and Mario have other videos out there that are pretty funny as well. Mlrose, please take no offense, I'm just goofing here. Playing an instrument with your kid - in heels - is great!! I love it...... But those Crunk sandals (yes, weird name) are a bit to tall for me.... Take care... sf...
  6. Never, ever take vertical videos..... Never..... But wear heels proudly..... ha ha...... sf And...... when folks ask my wife about me wearing high heels, she just smiles and tells them to ask me.... He is wearing HIS shoes.... They never ask.... ha ha... Nice sandals mlrose... sf
  7. It is very kind that they always want to comp you for their services. But I am with you, nobody works for free... ha ha... sf
  8. First of all, I have no idea who this guy is.... But before I get "hammered," please excuse my ignorance, I just don't follow the "pop" crowd, sorry. Second, here we go again - equating a guy who wears gals shoes with being gay, neutral, trans whatever... I have talked about this before, but this "assumption" does nothing good for a straight dude like me who just enjoys wearing women's shoes... My lament... Third, the heels do look nice, but not my style. To me his boots have a masculine look, I prefer a sandal with more of a fem look. Enjoy your heels, regardless of your "orientation" it makes no matter to me...... sf
  9. Pebbles.... If you get thru SNA (John Wayne, CA) let me know.... I not to far away, maybe a meeting would work....?? It's always fun to compare notes with another high heel waring guy!!! sf
  10. SF


    Well, I know I am not the only one, but I have seen another guy wearing gals shoes (flats) only once. I wear heels (and flats) in public proudly as a guy and love it. It is "out of the norm" but I do not consider myself weird, it is just something that I enjoy doing while at the same time realizing a guy out in high heels is unique. I do wish more guys would get out in their high heels, would make things a LOT simpler for the rest of us.... Take care.... sf
  11. Happy..... Yes, meeting another guy who wears high heels is a rewarding experience. I have met two other guys from this site and each time it was enjoyable, especially trading stories about how we got involved with heels. We have tried to meet on two occasions, both times scheduling did not work out. Hopefully some future date will allow time to meet. Take care... sf
  12. Have fun in Carmel?? I have been there in heels many times. You look good, but it is hard to tell that those shoes are heels at all.... Have fun..... sf
  13. Nope, no way.... just plain ugly...... sf
  14. I am also a big fan of Nine West sandals. I have two pair of ankle strap heels similar to the Dempsey style. Got mine a few years ago and have received some complements. It is nice that most of the Nine West sandals go to size 12 !! Comfy too, can be worn for hours.... Here's a pic..... Love these sandals !! Enjoy your sandals.... sf
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