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  1. Where is the store, I will go there (in heels of course) with ya..... Would be fun.... sf
  2. Ha, ha... Yeah, I am waayyy to tall, that's why I keep the heels to less than 3 inches. In this case, the low sun angle made things worse !!! And no heels either, oh the humanity. It was in a pretty place nonetheless.... Take care.... sf
  3. Me on Route 66 Last week, at Amboy, CA in the Mojave Desert east of LA.... Have fun !!!! sf
  4. For me I just like wearing gals shoes, have since I was a teen. Early on, i decided that if I was going to spend money on gals shoes, why restrict wearing them inside or on a dark street at night? I might as well enjoy wearing the shoes all the time. When I made the "jump" to wearing gals heels about 20+ years ago I just continued that trend and wore my heels - along with my flats - publicly. Some folks notice, some comment, but most of the time folks don't notice or care that much... Have fun..... sf
  5. Jura.... Welcome to the USA, it is a great country, hope you have a wonderful trip. Route 66 is a beautiful drive; LA, the Mojave Desert, Rocky Mountains, Great Plains - the drive has it all!! I was just out on Route 66 last week, drove the section from Albuquerque NM to San Bernardino CA. The desert was the greenest (yes the desert can be green) I have seen it in years - we have had a lot of rain out here. You may see some wildflower displays too, but they might be gone when you arrive, since they have a very short - but beautiful - blooming season. Attached is a pic from the Oatman AZ area (part of Route 66 west of Kingman, AZ). I love Route 66!! As for heels and shoes, there are many stores out west that have gals shoes in larger sizes - plus this being springtime, sandals are out in abundance!! Try checking out Payless Shoes, DSW, TJ Max, Nordstrom Rack, Target and many other stores that I have forgotten to mention - I'm sure others here will fill in the blanks. While you are in the Los Angeles area, one of my favorite stores is Marmi Shoes. They have a store near LAX - in El Segundo, another in Newport Beach and one in Scottsdale AZ (near Phoenix). Marmi has classy, well made - but pricy ($100 to 150) - shoes and sandals in sizes up to 13. I have a few pair of their sandals and I love them. The staff at their stores, especially the El Segundo store, are friendly and really don't care if you are a guy or gal. Enjoy your trip, I expect you will have an enjoyable time. Let us know how the trip went - have fun!!!! sf Here's a pic of the wildflowers...
  6. Mlroseplant..... Your basement looks fine, about as "dingy" as my - well - garage - no basements here on the left coast.... Nice shoes too, glad you has a nice time.... Take care, sf
  7. Nice flats, I would wear them in a minute.... Where did you get them???? sf
  8. John Boehner..... No body dared talk about obama's large ears or his lisp..... Oh the humanity!!!! Smile.. sf
  9. Intolerance from people on the left is very sickening...... And hypocritical too, a real shame in this modern world..... Escape the darkness, there is a bright light shining out there, relax, smile and go find it..... Now back to the subject of enjoying high heels..... Please..... Peace, love, and old volkswagens...... Smile, sf
  10. Get.... Great observation and comment. Thank you..... sf
  11. Have fun in Vietnam....
  12. HeeledSlides..... Thank you for the information about the Berkemann Peggy sandals. A shame they don't make then any more. I will keep looking, and if I have to go to Europe to find a pair I may do exactly that !! Would make for some expensive sandals !!!! We may be traveling to Europe this fall (Germany), while there I will do some shoe shopping and looking... Thank you very much for your advice and help.... sf
  13. Question.... I have always liked the look of the Berkemann Peggy sandals.... Does anyone know of a source for them in the United States?? Or do I have to go to Deutschland for a pair??? sf
  14. It's good to get out, hope you had a nice time.... sf
  15. I thought you folks across the pond were "tolerant?"" Hmmm.... Sorry that happened.... sf