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  1. And..... Sexy Sandal, Strappy Sandal, Kitten Heels??? Maybe? Sf
  2. “Steve with two dots,” a good sounding Indian name..... ha ha.... sf
  3. Congratulations !!! My wife (then girlfriend) was aware of my fondness of gals shoes and high heels before we were married. That honesty has worked well for us and I hope it continues to work for you as well. Both of you enjoy your heels together. Best to you and your future spouse. sf
  4. I was in Laughlin, NV last week with the wife.. I ain't much of a gambler - unlike my wife who is currently in Vegas with a friend - geezzz. Tried three card poker, never played it before. Still lost $200 bucks but it took a bit more than two hours to finish it off. Like you Jeff, I don't expect to break the bank in Monte Carlo, but had an OK time nonetheless. And even wearing my "lucky" heeled slip on sandals did not help... Oh the humanity.... ha ha.... But I did enjoy being out in heels with the wife. Even the dealer noticed my shoes and said that she liked them. Take care all... sf
  5. I wish you the best.... I am an aggressive investor, but bitcoin not for me, wayyyy to volatile... sf
  6. Well, I am strictly a sandal wearing guy. I have one pair of pumps, and two pairs of clogs that I wear in winter. If you are going to wear sandals, your feet should look nice. I regularly pedicure my feet and finish with either a clear coat or some nice shade of color. I stay away from colors that are to wild or vivid. I use lotion on my feet regularly and pluck the hair from my toes and top of my feet. As for the sandals, I have flats and mid heel shoes; the styles vary from thongs, strappy, wedgies, block heel, kitten heel, slip-on's, you name it. Just find a pair that you like and enjoy wearing them. Have fun..... sf
  7. This sign is currently posted at the Juneau Alaska Airport. At least somebody in Public Service has a sense of humor... Have fun all... sf
  8. SF

    My collection

    I wish that Berkemann would market shoes / sandals in the United States. I really like the look of their shoes.... sf
  9. Jeff.... I get up early too, usually before 5AM.... Sleeping when the sun is out is like "burning daylight"...... ha ha..... sf
  10. SF

    Clear Heels

    I like clear high heels, but not on me. I wear heels all the time, but clear heels just would not look good - on me. I do like to see them on gals, and my wife actually has one pair of clear heel slides similar to the first picture in this thread. She likes them and I think they look fine. When she wears them she looks like she is walking on air..... Very pretty... Chris Rock has some opinions about clear heels too - take a look - pretty funny....... ha ha sf
  11. Nice looking pair of sandals, except the heel is wayyyy to high for me. I like that simple ankle strap, front strap look - very minimalist. I have 3 pair of similar style sandals, expect the heels are less than 3 inches, very manageable and comfortable (for me).... Enjoy your sandals - great deal too !!!! sf
  12. Not much to chat about, but I do remember the classic heeled mule sandals. My fondest memory is way back in 1968 when I was a 8th grader in Junior High School. I had an English teacher, still remember her name, who always wore very nice looking heeled Springolator style mule sandals. The heel height was in the 3 to 4 inch range and she had three pair, black, gold and silver. She had nice looking feet as well. Even at that young age I had an attraction to gals shoes and had already purchased some flat sandals to wear in secret. This teacher probably did not help with my "issue" - ha ha. I was an average school student and generally sat in the middle to back of the class, but this teacher caused me to pay more attention and sit in the front row! I know I stared a lot, she must have noticed, but never said anything nor did I say anything to her. She did make mention once to the class that she had some sort of an issue with her achillies tendon (I had no idea what that was at the time) and "had" to wear shoes with a higher heel. I always enjoyed seeing the Springolator styles around but since the heels on those sandals tend to be taller, I have never sought out Springolator style shoes for myself. But I did enjoy my 8th grade English class!!! Have fun all..... sf
  13. I can see / find the big green button... Just not sure I want to start a club right now.... sf
  14. Never tried the "rocking test" but I love the thong style and have many styles of thong heels that I wear often. If the shoe is designed well and properly fitted, a thong style heel can be quite comfortable. Here is a pic of my first pair of thong heels from long ago. A bit beat up but still very functional and comfy... Nice sandals Mlrose..... take care.... sf
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