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  1. There is good reason nobody here wants to imagine what combat looks like and those who were in it don't enjoy talking about it. My time in the Navy (1980-85) was far shorter than JeffB but it unfortunately included a trip as a linguist to Lebanon in 1983. There is a scene in "Saving Private Ryan" where American soldiers are behind cover in a house and, as a German soldier advances, a soldier pops out and puts one right into the German's neck. He hit the jugular and the German bled out within 15 seconds. Fast forward to 1983 and one of the Marines with me killed a Syrian soldier with the same shot. It was the exact moment that Syrian soldier's eyes met ours that the true horror (and folly) of war hits one senses. That moment is what stays with you and bothers you. Sure, you must live by the maxim; take down your enemy lest he do the same to you if given the chance. The government (many governments actually) spend lots of money and time training one how to shoot, kill, get information, and not nearly as much money and time tending to those who executed the plans and are traumatized by it. From my viewpoint personally, and after talking to veterans from the two Gulf Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and WWII the close encounters where one sees the eyes of those killed is what haunts them. If you a veteran and never saw combat consider yourself blessed. If you did see it then you already know all about it. Medals and ribbons and citations don't mask the scars for long. There are and were many veterans who didn't wear all their ribbons. I enjoyed 95% of my time in the Navy but this 5% was not pleasant or enjoyable at all. But it was a possibility when I signed on the dotted line. I still fly the flag and salute all who have served with me, before me, and after me. HappyinHeels
  2. mlroseplant, "You hit the nail on the head" seems appropriate here. The "Street Shots" area always left me with an uneasy feeling for the same reason. I never took photos of others without their permission. There IS something creepy about taking photos from behind as well. Maybe it all goes back to Janet Leigh getting surprised in "Psycho"??? Whilst heel heights appear lower in 2019 than in 2013 or before it's not though one cannot find them. There are plenty online and in thrift stores and one just has to spend a bit more time in stores such as Macys or Nordstrom to find them in-person. It just isn't as obvious as before. There is a correlation between heel heights and the state of the economy at least in the United States. Heel heights tend to go up during a recession and tend to come down during an expansion. That certainly tracked true during the Great Recession of December 2007 to June of 2009 and during the recession 1974-1982. We are in a very robust economy right now and heel heights have responded. That's my contribution to this anyway HappyinHeels
  3. hiddenheels, Good for you friend!! I've said a number of times before that wearing heels out is one enjoyable thing but wearing them into a shoe store really sends a message. It virtually guarantees better service than you may have otherwise seen. Go for it!! HinH
  4. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, You certainly did well and those knee boots look so good on you. Have only ventured out once with jeans tucked into knee boots. Don't know why though since I have worn knee boots with a dress. I do a Macys card so perhaps I'll look for these. Haven't used the card since June when I got my tan coloured wedges which I posted here back on 2 June. Your Halloween outfit looked nice and you certainly appeared comfortable. Keep up the good work my friend. HinH
  5. chesterx, Welcome to our forum and for sharing your outings as well as recent news on your mother's recovery. I'm guessing you are in the DFW area but that's just a guess. My wife and I were there in July for an uncle's (by marriage) funeral. I had finally gotten to know the guy in October of 2018 only to see him succumb to some really painful and progressive disease. But I did succeed in knowing him. I'm glad your Mom pulled through. Pneumonia takes more people than many realise. Again thanks for joining our group and sharing your photos. You're in the right place friend!! HinH
  6. mlroseplant, I understand the cold stuff and dressing for it. I just returned from our land in far northern Wisconsin where it dropped to -10F (-23C) on Monday. That's an unheard-of low temperature so early in the winter season. My ponds were completely frozen and I was able to practice skating on them which again if very unusual so early in the season. I did like the shot of the Bakers oxford heels. HinH
  7. Very well done Pierre! You indulged your passion and nothing bad happened. Vive la joie de vivre (Long live the joy of living). HinH
  8. Mr. X, Love your wedges! Totally my style as well. Thrift stores are great places to find wild heels and bargains. And you're practicing one of my favourite forms of recycling. HinH
  9. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, Those are your style indeed. They are also something I'd buy and wear. They resemble my Xhiliration knee boots from Target I bought a few years ago. I do like the colour as well. Good choice you made there! HinH
  10. goresnet, I have one pair similar to those which I bought at the now defunct BareFeetSHoes. It had a chunky heel but was more of a wedge and super high at about 7"/19cm. I should find it and post a photo. It did have some nice fringes which matched a fringe handbag I have. There is all manner of shoes on eBay if you haven't checked there yet. So, do you wear heels like we do or are you just searching the net for your wife's shoe passions? Either way I hope you find what you seek and you'll visit us often. This is a nice and far-flung community. HinH
  11. I first spotted the "Graziella" boot two years ago at an Aldo Outlet store near me but it was in the store as it was a return from somewhere else. It was a very sexy-looking boot. HinH
  12. All, Whilst I recognise the pitfalls of today's litigious society with cadres of folks waiting to be offended I also reiterate the need to not withdraw from enjoying living one's life. If one doesn't compliment then others may lose the joy which comes from interaction. DO not let the "politically correct" jerks of the world make living each moment a killjoy moment.The deli was a public place and NOT at the workplace. People know what they are doing, particularly women, when they get dressed each day. I have complimented many women over the years, and a few men, on their choice of sandals, heels, suits, vests, and ties without the slightest negative impact and will continue to do so. The public domain is one thing. The workplace and finding yourself in closed quarters with women is another. One can remain engaged without having worry about bogeymen, or bogeywomen, which will probably never appear. If I ever lose my ability to communicate effectively then my incentive for continued living is probably gone. Be polite and tolerant of others as long as they are not threatening others or doing illegal things and treat others as you would have them treat you. Following these rules should rarely lead to negative outcomes. I have never struck anyone first in my life but I have had to do it. Be alert to your surroundings and pay attention to detail. What one remembers and especially writes down immediately is very valuable later on. I have found one can live and enjoy life if one practices common sense, listens and watches intently, and engages with the world without having to dilute ones's principles. When I look back at past situations and actions the one thing which often carries the day is this; "What would a reasonable person have done?" This standard is so important it was actually the basis for a decision by U.S. Supreme Court in the early 1990's. You may be the one who makes someone else's day with a few words of praise and encouragement. You may be the one who stops a bully in his tracks. You may be the one who makes ALL the difference. HappyinHeels
  13. mlroseplant, Good luck with your project. Completely understandable financial stuff. Priorities change our focus. You'll be fine. HinH
  14. I had suggested having sales staff where one buys heels take photos so we all get a better perspective. Looks like it worked for you as well. HinH
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