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  1. A comment on the airlines. We watched the changes after the events of 11th Sept 2001, some the fault of the airlines hiring the cheapest security services possible and mostly the fault of foreces beyond their control. They got financial bailouts from the federal government of the USA and there may have been others in other nations as well. This time is different. The airlines' wallets grew fat from shrinking legroom by cramming more seats on planes and maximizing revenue by charging people for everything. My criticism is levelled primarily at American carriers. I believe foreign carriers surpa
  2. I see it a little differently. Women, via the new reality, have become the shapeshifters of our time. They are celebrated for their beauty and stature, mined by commercial interests for their ability to hawk products, venerated and utilised by media interests to continue to sow the gender rift. On one hand, applauded for their femininity in a masculine world, and on the other hand, also applauded because they can dress as manly as they want and act as manly as they want yet can reap the benefits of being a "minority" even though numerically they are almost never a minority in any country. I do
  3. I'm not sure I'd call it bold. The store exists to sell merchandise and the staff is there to move that merchandise.Trying on whatever you see just ensures a good fit and avoids unnecessary returns. I've tried on dresses, skirts, tops, and scores of heels in states from California to Maryland and Canada and Mexico so trying on skinny jeans would be just a new thing. Clothes and shoe shopping should not be boring! I know how pocket sizes can vary. I do carry a handbag at times if the jean pockets are very small but it is a minority of the time. I think the height and style of your shoes must gi
  4. A toast to the man from where I call "Middle Carolina". My youngest brother lives in Charlotte and I call it the same thing. HinH
  5. Cali, The skinny jeans are my wife's but it was the first post of something closer to a skinny jean than any I have posted before so it's a start. "Mom jeans" or not they were very comfortable. What about the colour coordination? Others seemed to like it. HinH
  6. I've had only occasional dreams about wearing heels but I was always around people either at restaurants, an outdoor party or wedding, or just out shopping. Sometimes I was dressed completely en femme but mostly just jeans, a polo shirt, and heels. A fair reflection on reality really. I suppose the goal is really think of heels as a normal part of one's identity and background. HinH
  7. mlroseplant, I think your observations, though anecdotal you deem them to be, are logical given the amazing trend toward casual dress nationwide and over most of the world. Yes, the pandemic has certainly taken the fun out of 2020. Two places where I have worn heels, eating at restaurants and the movies, have been largely eliminated this year at least since March. That leaves shopping trips or just wearing while travelling like when I've visited you. I'm sure we'll all be glad when things return to normal. Seeing movies or news footage of times when people were together at fairs, carnival
  8. I think I'm like Cali in that I have larger feet so I never pointed toe shoes. My pumps all have a rounded toe. HinH
  9. Hey all, A Payless reentry to the retail, albeit online, market may be an attempt to recoup debts still owed. I wrote previously how NineWest merchandise is still being sold via other retailers to recoup debt still banks and creditors. I would caution anyone against hoping for a return to brick and mortar stores especially after the wrath brought about by covid19. I stopped on on occasion and did buy from time to time. My memorable purchase was the "Cosmic" wedge pumps sold under the 'Brash" name which was actually Steve Madden for Payless budget selection. Liked so much I bought two as I
  10. w6ish, You're one of the few other members who does a lot of heel wearing in a very rural setting involving forested land and acreage, isn't that right? I'm headed to our 40 acres in far northern Wisconsin by late morning for a week. Trails and trees and wedges, oh my!! Enjoy your friends and your time in the woods, it's been a trying year. 😔 HinH
  11. jeremy1986, Nice to see you have returned to the forum. Thanks for comments on my postings as well. Did some camping last year and this year (though not in a national park in 2020) and never that "camping style" sandal. Irrespective of that it looks nice on you which is the only important thing. As to lockdowns and the like it is strange watching sports on TV with no crowds. It will be even stranger when my son and I are NOT attending football games in Green Bay as we are season ticket holders. It actually was an easy decision to sit this one out and our monies paid will be applied to 202
  12. Hey Jeff, Thought about you as I was just in PA at my sister's place for a week. Went out to eat a few times and saw the method used there. Enter restaurant wearing a mask, sit down to order and eat and unmask, then put mask back on when leaving the restaurant. Reduced capacity was clearly evident. Also glad to see you out and about. Visited two malls recently, one in Indianapolis and one outdoor mall near me wearing a mask and wearing some of favourite wedge sandals for shopping walks. Bought a maxi dress in Indianapolis but nothing here. People often seen outside stores waiting for peop
  13. somehow I know Cali will figure out this wardrobe mystery. As far as wearing fleece I know of a place where it is actually chilly by even northern standards in the middle of summer: Eureka, CA. That is the spot where the cold ocean current makes its closest pass to the North American coast giving Eureka the coldest summers for its latitude in the lower 48 states. This is even more remarkable given that California is home to Death Valley which has the highest summertime average on Earth. It is the only known spot in the world where nighttime temperatures sometimes do not fall below 100F/38C. An
  14. It is quite the unprecedented year so I think any form of humour will do wonders for the soul. THis pandemic has caused many peoples' arc of mobility to shrink quite a bit and look inward toward family and our own imagination. There's no question heels are part of my identity and make me a better person. Native American beliefs help guide my understanding of the interaction of the human, animal, and plant kingdoms and being acutely aware of the X and Y of my my own body gives me focus on the world in general. Heels are part of the transformation and expression of my being so it gives me great
  15. my Iowa neighbour, Others have said before so I'll refresh everyone. Firstly once one has practiced a new discipline thoroughly and completely then confidence kicks in and people notice that. Secondly once one has done something enough the novelty to others wears off and that person simply blends into the background of what's expected. There may not be many men who wear high heels in your small Iowa town but you have become that different yet expected part of the background. Just what you wanted all along. Think about what Cali has said about what happens if he doesn't wear heels where he
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