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  1. Yes, I think many of us here discovered heels the same way you did. Naturally curious by nature, children want to explore and check things out and that's what you did. It didn't take too long though for my foot to be bigger than my mother's but I enjoyed trying on her heels for a few years before buying my first pair in 1978. HinH
  2. I only read the platform heels blog. Thought it was conventional boiler-plate type advice. I do think there are probably too many women buying shoes that undoubtedly will not see much wear. Whilst I started buying in-person nearly exclusively in 2009 I have never had to return a pair I personally tried on in a store. Whilst I also peruse offerings online in stores I already shop I would never buy a pair online if I had the chance to buy it in-person.If everyone did this there would be no brick and mortar stores left. The other reason is more simplistic. If you have a pair of heels on your feet and you like how they look and feel then you should buy THOSE heels and not the same pair online. Another pair could come from another production run and somehow run small or a order processing error could occur. Something else could happen. The store you were in obviously had the shoe size you tried on but when you check the website you find they don't. Chances are the shoe tried on was a return and the website simply has run out. I've seen this happen so if I like a shoe and I'm in the store it's going home with me even if I have to pay a little more because of sales tax. I try to imagine exactly where and with what I would be wearing the shoe I'm trying on and if I can't I don't buy it. HappyinHeels
  3. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, Whilst I have only one pair of lace-up knee-high boots I did buy them at my friend's store (Skyscraperheels) in Chicago at least 8 years ago. I know he still has some of these in stock as I have seen them on various visits to his shop. He also sells Vollier (made in the UK) corsets there which many like. There are many shoe shops in Los Angeles which may have lace-up boots or wedges for that matter. I stopped in to see Maya Shoes there in 2018 just before going on to San Francisco. They are out there it's just a matter of finding them. HappyinHeels
  4. I also adore the western United States and my yuccas and cacti are evidence of my fondness for that region. They grow rather well in Wisconsin actually. As to Iowa, I would add that while many homes and cars come with standard locks how many Iowans are actually using them is quite another story. It's a familiar story around Wisconsin. That's one measure of a high-quality place to be. No matter where one may later move I think a part of Iowa is ever present in all Iowans no matter where they roam. Not surprising many Iowans choose to be buried in their native state. Must be a connection to the soil. I have read that 90% of the most fertile and ph-balanced soil in the United States is within 300 miles/500km of Iowa. No wonder Iowans are of such good character HappyinHeels
  5. Then you have to decide is it instant gratification you seek or is steady persistence the path you want to take? The first requires you to invest the money now to get what you want. The second requires you to just keep looking until you locate what you want. Sometimes shoes have a small (3/4"/2cm) or less platform. Would this be a problem if the heel were say 4"/10cm or higher? I think if you factor in some flexibility it greatly increases your chances of satisfaction. This is true not only of shoe searches but of merchandise searches in general. HinH
  6. Well I certainly wish you the best if surgery is called for. We all want to see your feet in action again. You are my wedge-wearing mentor. HinH
  7. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, Hopefully, as more members read experiences like yours, they will realise they too can go about their business wearing heels and the roof will not cave in around them. Just appear confident, look like you belong, and the vast majority of the world will just accept it as a part of the background. It works for you, for me, and for many others here who learned enjoying life whilst forging ahead is the top priority. HinH
  8. krazykev64, Sounds like you have found an answer for your pain that did NOT involve some doctor pushing a pill from big Pharma. Good for you!! When one is confident in one's presentation then opinions of bystanders become a moot point indeed. I don't have any joint pain at this point in my life rather I just wear heels because it's part of my identity just like they are part of yours, and Cali's, and etc., etc. Keep your heels high, your gaze level, and your spirits aimed at enjoying yet another day on This Big Blue Planet. HappyinHeels
  9. heelguypa, Trying to answer your question I must ask how often you have checked sites like eBay? There is a wealth of shoes on there in all sorts of styles. I have only two pairs of closed to wedges mostly for those times of year when it is okay to wear wedges but still quite cool on the ground or I just don't feel like showing my toes. That would be one possible solution for you. HinH
  10. Kneebooted, You'd enjoy Santa Cruz and may love driving Hwy. 17 even more. It is not for the faint of heart. What you may enjoy even more is going to an SF Giants game as I have done twice with Cali. You may not be a Giants fan but the venue, Oracle Park, is a magnificent one indeed. I believe any time spent with one of our forum members is very rewarding no matter what you end up doing. HinH
  11. Iowa just seems like an unpretentious place where residents enjoy life and one another and visitors make pleasant memories in some corner of the state. Major league baseball just announced they will have a game between the NY Yankees and the Chicago White Sox next year on the original site of the movie "Field of Dreams". That, in my mind, is one way of saluting this quintessential American state. Where deep black soil often is more than a metre deep, silos and grain elevators are the skyscrapers of the prairie, and a wallet dropped is a wallet promptly returned. It represents the best of the American character and is, in the minds of many, perhaps the first Midwestern state people think of. Time spent in Iowa will probably add to your lifespan. I love my Wisconsin but I salute our neighbour to the west. It really is a place worth seeing and experiencing for yourself. HappyinHeels
  12. Kneehighs + pebblesf, Looked back at page 40 of this thread to get more context and noticed something. Below the photo of this admittedly cute flight attendant are two clues suggesting to me she was, at least back then, working for United Airlines. Her handle was "uafly2011" and one of her hashtags was #unitedstews. Having worked for almost 16 years at O'Hare Airport I was certainly familiar with United. After wanting to charge my father $400 for trying to change a non-refundable ticket in 2015 during a US Government shutdown, and our vacation plans suddenly changed, I talked to the airline and pointed out it was something beyond our control. As a federal law enforcement officer at the time I had my leave cancelled and had to report to work. They eventually reduced it to $100. After the debacle involving their CEO and favoritism surrounding an employee at Newark's Liberty Airport and free parking and a short-lived flight to South Carolina which magically disappeared after a certain employee sold his vacation home and the now-fired CEO still walked with a nice severance package I told myself I would never choose United again and I haven't. I complained twice when the government wanted to book me on United and offered to cover the difference on another airline and it worked. Let's just say I despise that particular airline. Whilst I have preached the virtues of buying American-made products I admit flying American lines is not in my best interest. Foreign carriers simply have surpassed us. Their aircraft are simply newer, personnel friendlier, and those lines don't seem to nickel and dime passengers for things the the foreign carriers provide for free. My last government trip I was returning from Romania aboard Lufthansa and sampled the following: An entertainment screen 50% larger than on United or American, ability to send a text message from mid-air (done over Quebec), free wine or beer, headsets provided free and simply more service more often. I left the best for last: meals were served with real silverware on real ceramic plates. When was the last time someone here has seen that?? A real blast from the 1970's for sure. HappyinHeels
  13. mlroseplant, I remember your street well. That's cool you have a block party there. Whilst I can't verify if you have the nicest legs in the neighbourhood I can absolutely say when I saw you help your kid start a push mower wearing heels I was in awe. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY did it better. That's a permanent compliment you can use during the dry months when they are few and far between. HinH
  14. Looks like good work there. It also looks like it is full hence the questions about possible expansion. I see at least two boots with very very high heels. Very colourful for sure. HinH
  15. I think the article just points out a trend in runway circles and there is still an air of "ooh, look at me, I'm gay and I have lots of money." Precious little of this fare will be seen on your local streets. The biggest point so far are things that SF and kneehighs talked about. SF pointed out how he had worn heels all summer and got no reaction at all. That is certainly one indication of what we all would want to see when we wear heels. Kneehighs states "we have to control our thoughts, feelings, and actions." Those first steps taken as toddlers turn into continuous strides as one builds confidence to move forward. The human brain is the most advanced computer ever devised and yet we only use a fraction (10-15%) of its capacity. The development of confidence in doing anything is one way to unlock more of that capacity. It turns toddler into walker, non-swimmer into swimmer, etc. HinH
  16. mlroseplant, One has to check thrift stores often as the merchandise changes faster then regular retail. As I've said before thrift stores save money but also one isn't contributing to landfill issues or the slave wages involved in so much of clothing manufacturing. Heelster, Plato's Closet is based in Wichita, Kansas and is like Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul in that it offers inexpensive merchandise donated by the public. Where it differs is that the merchandise was often sold to Plato's Closet for a small sum of money. Typically one takes in clothing or shoes and a machine grades the condition and one is paid accordingly. They typically take in clothing or shoes that are not far outside the fashion cycle. While they normally pay something like $5-10 for a pair of shoes and sell them for $12-20 it offers soe incentive for people to donate there. There's one near me and I've gone there a few times and come home with something a few times. Of course wearing heels into the store just adds to the experience at least for me. HappyinHeels
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