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  1. I have worn dressier high wedge sandals exclusively. Once with a dress and fully made up as it was requested and the other with slacks and a floral top. Both times were enjoyable and not an issue. One would have to have some serious brain damage to insult someone else at an invited event. You'' never know how much fun you can have until you try. That's my message. HinH
  2. I could wear an outfit like in my avatar to a nightclub. As for bars that is a different thing. Many, it not most, bars in Wisconsin are local watering holes with loyal followings and are pretty staid as to fashion statements. A nightclub on the other hand tends to invite wilder fashion. Like most here though I really do not do the nightclub scene. I have been to a few outdoor weddings in heels and completely dressed and a few social gatherings at people's houses over the years but that is quite different from clubbing. I'd think this activity is the domain of the single people or soon-to-be single people. HappyinHeels
  3. Soda wedges with 6"/15 cm heel. Very comfortable.
  4. hiddenheels, I wanted to offer some alternative reasons why men may shave their legs and/or arms which are have little to do with wearing hosiery or skirts or dresses and are not controversial. These include cyclists, body builders, football players, baseball players, and swimmers. I have always found it interesting, and odd, that women do whatever the hell they want to their bodies and everyone else just has to roll with it. You could shave for reasons only you can articulate but that does not mean you will change how you love and treat your wife. Once she figures that a small change in your body's appearance is no meaningful threat to her then I believe she will roll with it as well. The smart money says she will not take off if you shave it off. Fingers crossed confidently. HinH
  5. mlroseplant, Looking nice in all your poses and outfits. My wife and I were away since 29 January and travelled through 14 states. Attended church along the way in Florida and three different churches in northwestern Mexico. We returned to Wisconsin late Saturday. Stopped in the Des Moines Sams Club to check on toilet paper and paper towels and saw none but saw hordes of people. What a zoo! We skipped church on Sunday the 15th out of some concern. Northwest Mexico and Arizona have so few virus cases and nothing has changed on US-Mexico border as to daily operations. We're in the middle of buying a winter place in Yuma, AZ and will be making a return trip. It will be interesting to see what changes lie ahead. I know I paid $2.19 per gallon of gas the day before we left and paid $1.75 per gallon today so that's one noticeable change. Glad your shoes are leaving their "imprint" on the community. HinH
  6. Nice looking boots mlroseplant. Kitchen looks familiar. The girl is a new addition HinH
  7. Yes I know blame the dude in Wisconsin for sending the thread off track but remember one fundamental thing. Without dependable water Las Vegas, and all the trappings which it offers, will cease to exist. Inescapable fact. I just went into a diatribe over it. Besides, doesn't it make sense for some of us off-kilter folks to go off-track??? HinH
  8. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    You are very diligent with your nails AND your heels. And the SF Giants. So, you're my pal Keep up the great, and elevated, work you do. HinH
  9. I doubt I'll be wearing any of his creations based upon expected price. HinH
  10. Interesting video. The streets were not crowded yet I failed to see any meaningful reaction to him. Either people know who he is and he is given commensurate latitude or this section of Italy just has no discernible reaction to him. Indeed seeing someone outside the HHP sphere does lift my spirits indeed. I'm glad he's around and doing his thing even I think it's unlikely I'd ever be wearing any of his creations. At least they are made in the EU to respectable standards. I believe that's important. HinH
  11. Quite right. One entity coveting what another entity has been going on since the dawn of humankind. It would be idealistic to think we could all manage our resources or trade for what we need but that world is not rooted in reality. Much change needs to happen over the coming decades. Quit building up the coasts or make the investment to raise the coastal cities. Find alternatives to oil that vehicles can actually use. Get away from making so much plastic for a single use. Hashtagging and fake activism by people whose own carbon footprint could be seen from space only fuels the noise and not the solution. My hope is the current generation may be the ones to actually solve the issue. If only they'll put down those cellphones and stop taking selfies. I'll keep recycling our stuff as well as about 1000 pounds or so (400 kg) of materials I pick up in an average year, try to use solar where I can, and buy clothes at a second-hand retailer instead of new. Just one family mind you. It's a start. HappyinHeels
  12. Poor conservation planning in CA and NV have gotten those two states in their predicament. It's not a matter of if just when it happens. Anyone who has seen Lake Mead can only be shocked in the drop of the water level. Too much water usage for too few people and stupid policies in CA regarding water management have rendered this verdict. If CA actually managed for results instead of talking about it this future may have a better ending. I would hope so. You'll see those places which abound in water will have enormous importance in the coming decades. It will become the new gold. HinH
  13. All of the above seems pretty accurate to me. Except that part about women going barefoot. Cooler months are one thing but not in July when the average maximum temperature advances to 103F/ 39.5C and pavement temperatures are much hotter than that. Las Vegas exists for enjoyment (and separating you from your money) and they do a magnificent job entertaining the world's tourists. I have become more familiar with it over the last five years as it is on our route from Wisconsin to my my wife's home city of Mexicali, Mexico where the average July maximum is a toasty 110F/43C in late July. I have developed a decent working knowledge of the city after driving around, shopping, and staying there. Yes, wearing heels is no big deal there. Go while you can. Las Vegas will run out of water within 40 years if a different approach to business as usual isn't taken. In the meantime, go and enjoy. HinH
  14. KneeBooted, After reading the whole thread I concluded; 1) The sky of your world did not come crashing down 2) Whomever did notice on social media or not hasn't seemingly been affected too much because they haven't reacted yet and 3) You still are wearing a smile. Social media has certain utility in helping some people find others like tow military buddies, or an old high school flame, or perhaps some ancestral connection but it also has pitfalls like bullying, lack of real concern for consumers' privacy, and the tendency to exaggerate trends and news stories because social media is fueled largely by emotion rather than by logic and fact. One can be as dumb as a fencepost yet be someone important on social media whereas a well-meaning and respectable person can get skewered by social media trolls with nothing better to do. It has more tentacles than you think it does. I know it works for some but not for me. The point is, after all your writings and photos, you wore what you wanted and nothing bad happened. Be grateful and move on to the next adventure. What you have in your heart and the positive energy you generate, which comes from CONFIDENCE, is what relevant people care about and cherish. You made the move to expensive California which was far more traumatic than anything I think which could pop up on social media so you should be ready for just about anything. I hope your holiday in KY was enjoyable. HappyinHeels
  15. Well, exercise time may be coming as a possible storm arrives in the Midwest Friday into Saturday. Winter has been largely absent for the last five weeks just like last year. Of course last year we were visited by the polar vortex and I would swear "Life Below Zero" was being filmed right in my yard as the temperature reached -31F on 31 January. So sharpen those shovels as it may be needed. I have been doing some work in the basement as it has been a little breezy here. HinH
  16. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, I'm a big fan of JS heels and have both wedges and pumps in her line. The JS sixe US11 has fit me well as had several size US10 I believe my foot is somewhere in between a 10 and an 11. The vamp opening is important. I normally need a US11 in closed toe and a 10 or 11 in open toe though many wedges in size 10 fit me well. I also have a pair of knee high boots with 6 in/15 cm chunky heels by JS which fit me extremely well and I have worn them in cooler months quite a number of times. Your wine-coloured ankle boots are choice! HinH
  17. fashionablefun, Since I joined in 2009 I find it interesting you have lurked that long without posting photos. I say that as I find you seem to have exquisite taste indeed. The pumps do look tasteful with that the pants. What are the pants made of?? I've had more interest in wearing pups with something other than jeans. Again thanks for ending the posting drought and quenching our thirst for heel photos! HinH
  18. w6ish, I'm glad you are still around. Regret I couldn't meet you in 2017 enroute Quebec to see relatives. Call it another missed connection which isn't unusual here. Your sandals certainly look like either Pleaser or Ellie or Highest Heel and I have some very similiar to these white ones though I have never worn them to any venue. I have worn other platform sandals to a few events but it has been a while. Not exactly sandal weather in Canada or in Wisconsin for that matter. Thanks for checking in! HinH
  19. Happy 2020 to All, I believe we are all greater than the sum of a few misplaced labels. Such a discussion with women wearing pants and shirts and shoes clearly bought from the men's side of the aisle would never be held because, you know, women can wear whatever they want. How is it different with men??? Wear just the heels, mix it with a cardigan, or some skinny jeans, or a long coat, or go all out and wear them with a skirt or a dress. An expression of one gender to emulate the other via clothing choices need not be met with suspicion or derision. Anyone seriously feeling threatened by one gender wearing clothing normally associated with the other gender has some insecurity issues which may well be their undoing. Freedom of expression is an easy sell when one immerses oneself in group think but the world at large is not like that. If we had no trailblazers then we, in all likelihood, would have little if any freedom. Dare to be different and live your life on YOUR terms. Those who are secure in their own identity and place in the world should be no obstacle to you rather they may indeed be an inspiration. It all starts with that first step out the door. HappyinHeels
  20. Yep, he said it! My memory is still fairly reliable. He has a winter birthday like me. My wife and I will be home for New Years for the first time in a few years. We went to Nashville a year ago and Memphis the year before that. We'll be headed to the Florida Panhandle to visit friends and then head West to Mexicali and SW Arizona after that. We're waiting to see how far the Packers go in the playoffs since we have tickets for them. We now know we'll be at Lambeau Field on the 12th and who knows beyond that. All the best! HinH
  21. mlroseplant, You wondered aloud the same thing on one of my visits to your place. I distinctly remember your then 9-year-old son saying "you do it because it gives you joy." He nailed it concisely and simply. It really is no more complicated than that. No wonder I like that kid he's got stuff figured ahead of time . In the meantime have a good New Year's Eve over there in Iowa no matter what heels you have on! HinH
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