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  1. All of the above seems pretty accurate to me. Except that part about women going barefoot. Cooler months are one thing but not in July when the average maximum temperature advances to 103F/ 39.5C and pavement temperatures are much hotter than that. Las Vegas exists for enjoyment (and separating you from your money) and they do a magnificent job entertaining the world's tourists. I have become more familiar with it over the last five years as it is on our route from Wisconsin to my my wife's home city of Mexicali, Mexico where the average July maximum is a toasty 110F/43C in late July. I have developed a decent working knowledge of the city after driving around, shopping, and staying there. Yes, wearing heels is no big deal there. Go while you can. Las Vegas will run out of water within 40 years if a different approach to business as usual isn't taken. In the meantime, go and enjoy. HinH
  2. KneeBooted, After reading the whole thread I concluded; 1) The sky of your world did not come crashing down 2) Whomever did notice on social media or not hasn't seemingly been affected too much because they haven't reacted yet and 3) You still are wearing a smile. Social media has certain utility in helping some people find others like tow military buddies, or an old high school flame, or perhaps some ancestral connection but it also has pitfalls like bullying, lack of real concern for consumers' privacy, and the tendency to exaggerate trends and news stories because social media is fueled largely by emotion rather than by logic and fact. One can be as dumb as a fencepost yet be someone important on social media whereas a well-meaning and respectable person can get skewered by social media trolls with nothing better to do. It has more tentacles than you think it does. I know it works for some but not for me. The point is, after all your writings and photos, you wore what you wanted and nothing bad happened. Be grateful and move on to the next adventure. What you have in your heart and the positive energy you generate, which comes from CONFIDENCE, is what relevant people care about and cherish. You made the move to expensive California which was far more traumatic than anything I think which could pop up on social media so you should be ready for just about anything. I hope your holiday in KY was enjoyable. HappyinHeels
  3. Well, exercise time may be coming as a possible storm arrives in the Midwest Friday into Saturday. Winter has been largely absent for the last five weeks just like last year. Of course last year we were visited by the polar vortex and I would swear "Life Below Zero" was being filmed right in my yard as the temperature reached -31F on 31 January. So sharpen those shovels as it may be needed. I have been doing some work in the basement as it has been a little breezy here. HinH
  4. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, I'm a big fan of JS heels and have both wedges and pumps in her line. The JS sixe US11 has fit me well as had several size US10 I believe my foot is somewhere in between a 10 and an 11. The vamp opening is important. I normally need a US11 in closed toe and a 10 or 11 in open toe though many wedges in size 10 fit me well. I also have a pair of knee high boots with 6 in/15 cm chunky heels by JS which fit me extremely well and I have worn them in cooler months quite a number of times. Your wine-coloured ankle boots are choice! HinH
  5. fashionablefun, Since I joined in 2009 I find it interesting you have lurked that long without posting photos. I say that as I find you seem to have exquisite taste indeed. The pumps do look tasteful with that the pants. What are the pants made of?? I've had more interest in wearing pups with something other than jeans. Again thanks for ending the posting drought and quenching our thirst for heel photos! HinH
  6. w6ish, I'm glad you are still around. Regret I couldn't meet you in 2017 enroute Quebec to see relatives. Call it another missed connection which isn't unusual here. Your sandals certainly look like either Pleaser or Ellie or Highest Heel and I have some very similiar to these white ones though I have never worn them to any venue. I have worn other platform sandals to a few events but it has been a while. Not exactly sandal weather in Canada or in Wisconsin for that matter. Thanks for checking in! HinH
  7. Happy 2020 to All, I believe we are all greater than the sum of a few misplaced labels. Such a discussion with women wearing pants and shirts and shoes clearly bought from the men's side of the aisle would never be held because, you know, women can wear whatever they want. How is it different with men??? Wear just the heels, mix it with a cardigan, or some skinny jeans, or a long coat, or go all out and wear them with a skirt or a dress. An expression of one gender to emulate the other via clothing choices need not be met with suspicion or derision. Anyone seriously feeling threatened by one gender wearing clothing normally associated with the other gender has some insecurity issues which may well be their undoing. Freedom of expression is an easy sell when one immerses oneself in group think but the world at large is not like that. If we had no trailblazers then we, in all likelihood, would have little if any freedom. Dare to be different and live your life on YOUR terms. Those who are secure in their own identity and place in the world should be no obstacle to you rather they may indeed be an inspiration. It all starts with that first step out the door. HappyinHeels
  8. Yep, he said it! My memory is still fairly reliable. He has a winter birthday like me. My wife and I will be home for New Years for the first time in a few years. We went to Nashville a year ago and Memphis the year before that. We'll be headed to the Florida Panhandle to visit friends and then head West to Mexicali and SW Arizona after that. We're waiting to see how far the Packers go in the playoffs since we have tickets for them. We now know we'll be at Lambeau Field on the 12th and who knows beyond that. All the best! HinH
  9. mlroseplant, You wondered aloud the same thing on one of my visits to your place. I distinctly remember your then 9-year-old son saying "you do it because it gives you joy." He nailed it concisely and simply. It really is no more complicated than that. No wonder I like that kid he's got stuff figured ahead of time . In the meantime have a good New Year's Eve over there in Iowa no matter what heels you have on! HinH
  10. 6inchheel, Fabulous outfits certainly! Have you thought about wearing these boots out on New Years Eve?? It is supposed to be milder than normal here in SE Wisconsin through New Years Day. Your boots certainly scream "PARTY" and NYE is certainly a party night. Just get a ride home though. HinH
  11. THe only way to answer this is via personal experiences. On 2 March 2013 I met several other men wearing boots with heels ( I was the sole sandal wearer and wore the JS "Carlow" sandals once pictured in avatar to a restaurant near Wrigley Field in Chicago. I went there with my friend and shoe store owner Gary and we had a nice evening. Nothing bad happened at all. I have met with Steve63130 several times in Granville, Ohio and done varied things as going to a pedicure, went shopping in Columbus, and went to dinner and breakfast all while wearing rather tall heels and carrying a handbag and nothing remotely bad happened. I had gone both with Steve and with Steve and his wife. Finally there are the many trips shopping, or walking, or running errands I have done in multiple states whilst wearing obvious heels and nothing bad happened. I have had many positive reactions in shoe stores and the like. I'm not sure an exact scientific reaction can be gleaned from this except that, as others have said before, it would seem, that men wearing heels in 2019 is just not the society-stopping activity it may have been in 1989 or before. Sort of like women wearing tattoos or just wearing clothes clearly from the mens side of the aisle. They adapted and everyone else moved on. The desire to wear the heeled footwear of your choice should be fueled by your confidence and have little to do with nebulous and elusive public reaction. That confidence only comes with experience which starts with that first step out the door. Once you do it you'll later ask yourself, "why the hell did I wait so long?" HappyinHeels
  12. Having a friend trail you to measure reaction to your heel wearing could be a diversion leading you to conclusions both positive and negative about what the friend saw and their implications for you. The fact is people have 5 senses and use them to observe. Cannot stop it. You should really focus on increasing your confidence and that is really what makes the difference! HinH
  13. SDiaz, Bienvenido a nuestro sitio/ Welcome to our site! Nobody here started off knowing all there is about heels not even the women. Being curious enough to investigate and confident enough to engage others in conversation about anything which you want to learn more is a good foundation to learn a lot and enrich your life. You need not waste a lot of time wondering why you like, as a man, heels so much rather you've taken the more productive step in joining our forum to learn more and that will also enrich your life as it has mine and many others here. You are part of a group covering the corners of the globe and we are ALL learning about ourselves and each other in the process. You're in the right place friend! HappyinHeels
  14. I have posted a number of photos with both anklets and polished toenails with various heels. I have no experience with toe rings however. The anklet which appears in many of my gallery photos is actually a herring bone necklace wrapped around my ankle twice. I've worn it out and about and never had a problem with it too tight or too loose. It's an idea for others if you'd want to try it. HinH
  15. Ah yes, South America and concerts, land of the still larger venues and memorable crowds! I see he's playing some smaller venues in these cities but I'm sure they will be sold out. mlroseplant, Yes they are quite flared. Just look for the pieces of white trousers as you go down the road . HinH
  16. There has been a worldwide trend toward more casual wear over the last 20 years. It is not an indictment of the United States or the United Kingdom though the trend may have originated there and other countries took notice. They always take notice actually. For all the public statements some nations may make about the USA it is funny how the world embraces our culture, food, clothes, inventions, and institutions. Having retired from a career built around immigration I can tell you that, despite the ups and downs of These United States, they keep coming here. The immigrants legal and not, the students, and the tourists. I have seen at least one passport from all 197 sovereign nations (yes that includes North Korea) on Earth. They all had reasons for coming here 99% of them legitimate. Over the years I would ask what brought the tourists or what made them return. The reasons varied from the sheer size of the USA, its road network that seemingly goes everywhere, its welcoming and optimistic people, crazy variety of landscapes, or simply the adventure of travelling across a huge expanse and seeing the American flag displayed from every possible venue. It impressed them then and still does. Now they come more casually dressed than before. But they still come. HappyinHeels
  17. There is good reason nobody here wants to imagine what combat looks like and those who were in it don't enjoy talking about it. My time in the Navy (1980-85) was far shorter than JeffB but it unfortunately included a trip as a linguist to Lebanon in 1983. There is a scene in "Saving Private Ryan" where American soldiers are behind cover in a house and, as a German soldier advances, a soldier pops out and puts one right into the German's neck. He hit the jugular and the German bled out within 15 seconds. Fast forward to 1983 and one of the Marines with me killed a Syrian soldier with the same shot. It was the exact moment that Syrian soldier's eyes met ours that the true horror (and folly) of war hits one senses. That moment is what stays with you and bothers you. Sure, you must live by the maxim; take down your enemy lest he do the same to you if given the chance. The government (many governments actually) spend lots of money and time training one how to shoot, kill, get information, and not nearly as much money and time tending to those who executed the plans and are traumatized by it. From my viewpoint personally, and after talking to veterans from the two Gulf Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and WWII the close encounters where one sees the eyes of those killed is what haunts them. If you a veteran and never saw combat consider yourself blessed. If you did see it then you already know all about it. Medals and ribbons and citations don't mask the scars for long. There are and were many veterans who didn't wear all their ribbons. I enjoyed 95% of my time in the Navy but this 5% was not pleasant or enjoyable at all. But it was a possibility when I signed on the dotted line. I still fly the flag and salute all who have served with me, before me, and after me. HappyinHeels
  18. mlroseplant, "You hit the nail on the head" seems appropriate here. The "Street Shots" area always left me with an uneasy feeling for the same reason. I never took photos of others without their permission. There IS something creepy about taking photos from behind as well. Maybe it all goes back to Janet Leigh getting surprised in "Psycho"??? Whilst heel heights appear lower in 2019 than in 2013 or before it's not though one cannot find them. There are plenty online and in thrift stores and one just has to spend a bit more time in stores such as Macys or Nordstrom to find them in-person. It just isn't as obvious as before. There is a correlation between heel heights and the state of the economy at least in the United States. Heel heights tend to go up during a recession and tend to come down during an expansion. That certainly tracked true during the Great Recession of December 2007 to June of 2009 and during the recession 1974-1982. We are in a very robust economy right now and heel heights have responded. That's my contribution to this anyway HappyinHeels
  19. hiddenheels, Good for you friend!! I've said a number of times before that wearing heels out is one enjoyable thing but wearing them into a shoe store really sends a message. It virtually guarantees better service than you may have otherwise seen. Go for it!! HinH
  20. HappyinHeels

    Cali World

    Cali, You certainly did well and those knee boots look so good on you. Have only ventured out once with jeans tucked into knee boots. Don't know why though since I have worn knee boots with a dress. I do a Macys card so perhaps I'll look for these. Haven't used the card since June when I got my tan coloured wedges which I posted here back on 2 June. Your Halloween outfit looked nice and you certainly appeared comfortable. Keep up the good work my friend. HinH
  21. chesterx, Welcome to our forum and for sharing your outings as well as recent news on your mother's recovery. I'm guessing you are in the DFW area but that's just a guess. My wife and I were there in July for an uncle's (by marriage) funeral. I had finally gotten to know the guy in October of 2018 only to see him succumb to some really painful and progressive disease. But I did succeed in knowing him. I'm glad your Mom pulled through. Pneumonia takes more people than many realise. Again thanks for joining our group and sharing your photos. You're in the right place friend!! HinH
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