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  1. Hi All, Back from the winter home in Arizona. Nice thread about hose/no hose. I have done both really. I have worn wedge sandals upon meeting some of the members here during my travels and worn hose other times when wearing pumps or boots. Seems to depend on the occasion and exactly what I'm wearing. I have suggested a number of times that, when shoe shopping, it is a good idea to wear some kneehigh hose as to facilitate trying on shoes without having to use the tryons in the store. I have seen cases where someone else placed a tryon stocking back in the box for some unsuspecting person to use. Wear your own when heels shopping and avoid that gross situation. I do like the feeling of hose but also enjoy showing the painted toes in sandals. For those wondering, yes it was warm enough in SW Arizona to wear sandals during the winter. Thousands of seasonal visitors go there because the winters are extremely pleasant. It's those temperatures during summer that are frightening HappyinHeels 😬
  2. At 5’8.5”/174 cm I’m shorter than the average US male by about 4”. It’s worse in Wisconsin where the average man is 6’2” and the average woman 5’9” so I love wearing heels to make up the difference. If you like wearing them then acceptance by the stature police is irrelevant. Put your stride on. HinH
  3. VirginHeels, So stiletto heels are your next focus. They have an aura about them, nobody seems to doubt you whether the wearer is female or male. It helps to survey the area where you plan to wear them. Watch for cobblestone streets or uneven pavements or, as I remember vividly from Great Britain, mind the gap when getting off the train. I try to know where I’m going at all times and the terrain/route I will be covering. Another option is to wear one type of shoe on the way and change into your venue heels upon arrival. Stiletto heels have worked well with jeans, trousers, dresses and skirts and I know many members here enjoy them different ways. Keep your chin up and your heels up even more. HappyinHeels
  4. Virgin heels, Well done on first public outing. Skies didn’t fall, as correctly predicted by our members, and you grew as an individual. Life is a one-shot privilege at adventure and learning so do as much as you can while health and imagination can propel you there. HappyinHeels
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