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  1. Mlroseplant, I wonder when your son’s height will catch yours. That’s when it’s so obvious just how fast our babies grew up🤔HinH
  2. I believe a big influencer on casualness in the workplace has been tech execs seen wearing sneakers and not wearing suits. They have ruined business dress the same way they ruined the Bay Area by invading the area with greedy and obscenely paid employees who priced out many existing Bay Area residents. The area didn’t get to better than 48000 forced evictions because it was becoming a BETTER place to live. So thank big tech for helping to squash office dress codes, displacing thousands of people and censoring speech of those they disagree with. That’s my 2 cents. HinH
  3. Well, I know mlroseplant and know there’s much more which unites us than divides us. He’s finding his place in the world as I have. The sky will not fall but our heels will grow tall! HinH
  4. First time trying on was in 1971 at 10 yrs old. First purchase was a pair of wooden sandals in 1978. HinH
  5. I have a lot of heels in the 4.75-5.5"/12-14 cm range despite some of my postings or wearing heels in some members' presence higher than this. When Bakers was in operation so many of their heels were in the 5-5.5"/12.5-14 cm range and I bought many especially pumps back then. I do miss them. I never quite found a good replacement store. Most of my jeans are bootcut and I do have one flared pair which I have worn into Chicago with some high wedges. Nice adventures. HinH
  6. Yes I remember the warmth we had last Friday 9th of October when I officially recorded 84F/28C at my house/station. Spent the day doing yardwork in short shorts. I'm busy doing tasks/projects before we leave for South Carolina and from there to Arizona. This was an incredible growing year for just about everything. The dent (field) corn around our house reached 10.5 feet/ 3.2m in August and my first grape harvest was a success. I did enjoy wearing different sandals this year and posted a number of photos here. HinH
  7. RonC, This year will definitely be different. Spending my first Thanksgiving and Christmas away from Wisconsin since 1991 and not attending Packer games at Lambeau Field or enjoying the football season in my home state. Not to mention all the other stuff we all have had to endure. On the other hand, I look forward to seeing our daughter who is a travelling RN in Arizona, seeing my Navy buddy in Flagstaff, and spending time with all of our new neighbours in the Yuma Foothills area. I'll fly my green and gold stuff out there. BTW those Chicago Bears don't look bad this year. HinH
  8. It's not that I don't want to but we're headed to South Carolina early next week to check out my sister's winter place before we head west to Yuma, Arizona for the winter. I'll be in sandal territory even many out there are wearing boots. Interesting difference. Should be back here by mid-April. HinH
  9. I still remember the meet we had at a Halsted Ave. restaurant on 2 March 2013 on a Friday. I brought Gary Page from skyscraperheels to the meet and we met several forum members there. All wore boots except me as I opted for my Jessica Simpson "Carlow" sandals instead. It was around 32F/0C at the time. Really enjoyed that night. HinH
  10. fantastic feet to both of you. Muito obrigado! HinH
  11. Ah yes, une histoire sur les talons du jour (a story about the heels of the day) and other such adventures. Some members here already write about their day spent in heels and exactly what they wore with them so yours would neither be new nor boring. Go ahead and post about it. Besides, 2020 has given new meaning to the idea of a "captive audience". We have been denied the pleasure of going to the movies so please consider this forum your fashion stage and "show us those heels". HinH
  12. many of these look like previously posted photos but all of them could be worthy of leg contest submission. CAT really knows how to rock the heels and the outfit. HinH
  13. mlroseplant, Good point about law enforcement NOT mistaking you for someone else on their radar that day. This does not mean they do not already know about you. I've been to your town and it's neither large nor complicated so I would bet they know of you but, as you said, they were not giving you a hard time. The vast vast vast majority of law enforcement are trained to be observant and courteous and are not scheming to make everyone's life miserable. Despite some reports cops are out there planning and scheming to keep some people down the fact is when the shit hits the fan it is the pro
  14. w6ish, Believe you made the right call based on how you were dressed. Unless you have some EMS/CPR skills or have been around accident/emergency scenes you may well have just been in the way. During a career in law enforcement I came upon or responded directly to some accident scenes several of them fatal indeed. Assessing the needs at the scene quickly and calmly are key before others arrive on scene and they WILL look to you for that initial burst of information. Anyone who found themselves in a combat zone is usually best prepared for this type of situation. Of course just because you
  15. mlroseplant, Ah yes I remember those sandals! You really do run the sandals until the tires (heels) come off. Still, you have 75 other pairs waiting for a walk!! Besides that sandal weather in Iowa will soon be coming to an end. We're headed for a freeze tonight so I went out and harvested all my grapes (Niagara cultivar) and came in with around 15 pounds of grapes. Not bad for a first harvest of 3-year-old vines. I plan to add more vines next year. HinH
  16. A comment on the airlines. We watched the changes after the events of 11th Sept 2001, some the fault of the airlines hiring the cheapest security services possible and mostly the fault of foreces beyond their control. They got financial bailouts from the federal government of the USA and there may have been others in other nations as well. This time is different. The airlines' wallets grew fat from shrinking legroom by cramming more seats on planes and maximizing revenue by charging people for everything. My criticism is levelled primarily at American carriers. I believe foreign carriers surpa
  17. I see it a little differently. Women, via the new reality, have become the shapeshifters of our time. They are celebrated for their beauty and stature, mined by commercial interests for their ability to hawk products, venerated and utilised by media interests to continue to sow the gender rift. On one hand, applauded for their femininity in a masculine world, and on the other hand, also applauded because they can dress as manly as they want and act as manly as they want yet can reap the benefits of being a "minority" even though numerically they are almost never a minority in any country. I do
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