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Who has bought some new shoes


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14 hours ago, Cali said:

Sometimes the chain will have a website that will tell which stores in a certain region has that shoe in your size in stock. Saves driving around.  I've been wearing skinny jeans for years now since I like to wear my knee high boots on the outside.

I did try that! On their website they didn't have it in black, only in Neutral color, it's not exactly the greatest website, or stock tracker... :(


6 hours ago, mlroseplant said:

If you're ever in the market again, Steve Madden has another model called "Daisie," which is very similar to the Vala, but without the severely set back heel. Highly recommend, and you can usually find any number of these on Poshmark for quite a bit cheaper. Most people selling them either never wore them, or wore them once. I mean, let's be honest--they are beyond most people's skill set.

Try looking for jeans on Poshmark, too! There's a ton of 'em really cheap.

Thanks for the tips! You're right, Daisie is very similar, and I'll keep my eye out for them! Never used Poshmark, but will check it out.

Found the "nude" version of the Steve Madden's I bought a few days ago. The black ones turned out to be so comfortable and easy to walk in, when I saw the "nude" version, I couldn't resist, although I really need to not buy more stuff now...

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5 hours ago, Mr. X said:

I got these recently from a local online buy and sell.  The brand is Jewel Badgley Mischka.  They have a 4.25" heel


Those are super cute! I have thus far shied away from buying this style or similar because I always wonder what those thin straps are going to feel like after a couple of hours. Let us know how they wear in the real world at some point, wouldya? I understand that it may be several months before the weather is cooperative.

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Not sure if these will ever see the light of day @miroseplant I know absolutely that I have pairs of shoes that have never seen the light of day.  As much as I love wearing heels, I know for a fact that I have bought shoes that I thought looked good, knowing full well they would never see the sunshine.  Hopefully I am wrong about these and they do get to see the outdoors.

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