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  1. I find it hard to find a pair of slingbacks without a platform or ones that are not so clunky looking in the front. I have been looking for a while. I want sllek and dainty and I only find big and clunky
  2. Well done again Jeff! If you are contemplating having you ears pierced I say go for it! I had mine done years ago now and have never looked back. It will open up alot of new avenues for you to explore as a freestyler. The possibilities are endless! It will become addictive though. My earring collection rivals my shoes. And I have since added a second set of earrings to my ears.
  3. Good on you Jeff! That takes guts! Most of my outings to this point have been to places where no one knows me personally. And I am always careful that I don't bump into someone I know.
  4. Mr. X

    Just fab

    I have some of there stuff in my collection but it has all been purchased second hand.
  5. Weel done Jeff! Lookin good as usual!
  6. I will take that into consideration
  7. Looking good jeff! You definitely look better in outfits above the knee.
  8. Nice job! I prefer the first one like others said.
  9. Huge fan since day !! Seen him live twice. Great shows both times. Not only that, he is a suprisingly good singer too!
  10. I do not have one of those where I live. But whenever I travel I try to stop in there if there is one near. The quality selection and prices are pretty good for second hand. It is definitely geared to the 30 and under crowd though.
  11. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    I'll see what I can do
  12. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Sounds like a winner!
  13. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks! They are my faves too! Now I just need to put an outfit together so I can show them off!
  14. Mr. X

    More Outfits!

    The pumps look great. You wear them well.
  15. Here is my latest purchase. And a steal of a deal! A Kate Spade tote for les then $50
  16. Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a thrift store for $10. They are floral pumps with a just over 4" heel. And the brand is Christian Siriano for payless. The only problem is I have no idea what to wear outfit wise with floral heels. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears.
  17. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    As promised here are the shoes I purchased a couple of weeks ago. The first 2 were purchased from a lady off of facebook marketplace. And the 3rd pair I found myself in a thrift store earlier in the day. here is the breakdown and pics. 1) Black patent Marc Fisher brand with just under 4" heel 2) Wine color Jessica Simpson brand with 5-inch heel and a platform. They also have a keyhole cut-out in the toe box 3) Mint green Le Chateau brand with 4.5" heel
  18. I'm with you. Block heels rarely look good on shoes. They seem to work on some boots though.
  19. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    I had an interesting encounter today. It all started the other day. I was searching through Facebook Marketplace as I usually do. I came across a pair of black patent stilettos. They looked great and the $10 price tag didn't hurt either. So I messaged the seller to ask her a few basic questions. Things like the brand and size and such. At no point in our conversation did I mention or lead on that the shoes were for me. I finally told her I was interested and I could pick up the shoes tomorrow. She said great and gave me her address. She also said she had some other shoes I might be interested in. So I drove to her house at the agreed-upon time and knocked on the door. She came to the porch area and let me in. She brought me the shoes and without missing a beat she asked if I would like to try them on. The whole drive over I was wondering how it was going to go down. And I was prepared for anything that might arise. I thought about her proposal for just a split second and said sure! I put them on and she asked how they fit? I told her they were really comfortable if not slightly large. Then she asked if I wear them around town referring to heels. I told her I do. Then she said if you don't mind me asking are you a crossdresser or trans etc etc. I felt really comfortable at this point and she seemed that way from the get-go. I told her none of the above. I told her I just wear whatever I want. If it looks good I wear it. She said okay. Then she started telling me about some trans person she knew years back in town. And all the struggles she had before she eventually died. After a brief conversation she mentioned she had another pair of heels that I might be interested in. She said they were red patent and she went to fetch them. I was excited because I didn't have any red patent in my collection. She came back shortly with the shoes. I was slightly dejected as they were more of a maroon wine color. They were nice just the same though. They were Jessica Simpson brand. They had a 5-inch heel and a platform. They also had a keyhole cut-out in the toe box. I slipped out of the black ones and tried these on. They fit great and we're just as comfortable as the other ones despite the added height. She told me how great both pairs looked on me. She told me these ones would be $15 if I wanted them. I happily paid her the $25. She grab me a plastic bag to put the shoes in. And then she said if I have any shoes for sale later I will message you a picture. I thanked her and left one happy camper! Two hot pairs of heels for $25 and a very positive shoe buying experience. The only negative is that when I got home I noticed the patent on the Black shoes had started to separate a little bit from the side of the heel shafts. I missed that earlier but since I only paid $10 for the shoes it was no big deal. A little glue and I should be back in business. I am going to get pics up of the shoes as soon as I can so stay tuned! Oh and I forgot to mention that earlier in the day I found a near-perfect pair of mint green patent stilettos in a thrift store for less than $10 also! So let's recap. I got three pairs of heels plus a story and interaction of a lifetime. And not to mention a potential source of future shoe buying. And all it cost me was 30 bucks! You can't beat that!
  20. I usually have pretty good luck at thrift stores. And a good portion of my collection has come from such stores.
  21. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    I have bought some new shoes lately. I also got rid of some stuff that I didn't wear anymore or stuff that was worn out for one reason or another. So I figured it was time for a inventory update. But this time I had some fun with it. I have a shelf in my place that normally stores dvd's and such. It needed to be cleaned . So I figured I would use the opprtunity to take some pics of my shoes. I have always dreamed of having a shoe closet for all my shoes. Or at least some nice shelves for my colecction. So once the shelve was bare and cleaned I began to organize my shoes on it and took some pics for documentation. Currently My shoes are stored in several large cardboard boxes. So it also gave me the opprtunity to reorganize my boxes. I also got to try on most of my collection again and rediscover heels I forgot I had! I was like a girl In a shoe store trying on pair after pair. I was having so much fun with it that I didn't realize how many hours it took to accomplish the task at hand. And it hardly seemed like work at all. I filled the shelf 3 seperate times with 5 pairs per shelf for a toal of 25 on each fill. The only thing I didn't include in the pics were my flats and any boots higher than ankle height. For the pictures I took one for each fill and then I joined them so it looks like I have 3 seperate shelves side by side. I organized the shelves as I imagined I would if I had some for real. The first shelve was all my black and darker colored heels. Then I transitioned to my brown and neutral colored heels on the second shelf. And then I finished my 3rd shelf with my colorred heels on top follwed by my wedges and finally my ankle boots on the bottom. Here is the result as well as a inventory by numbers. high heel shoes 60 pairs wedges 7 pairs ankle boots 8 pairs knee high boots 7 pairs flats 3 pairs 85 pairs in total
  22. Congratulations on reaching 500 Jeff! Now on to 1000!
  23. Here is my latest. They are Aldo brand black and copper platform sandals. I got them second hand for 5 bucks!
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