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  1. For work, you likely have 1 boss you work with every day, so their perception (or perception of reality) matters, and influences your finances/outlook/prospects a lot. With heels, assuming you're not at work, you are being "perceived" by every single person, strangers really, who see you. There's no way you can satisfy the judgements of all of these strangers, and there really shouldn't be any expectation to do so. They're irrelevant. And if they're irrelevant, then why should we care about them?
  2. I wonder, for an outsider (who is not into heels or crossdressing or similar) whether they would clump "just high heels" and "midcrossdressers" into the same category? My main criteria is, is he pretending to be a woman when wearing those cloths? No. So don't see that much difference between "just high heels" and "midcrossdressers". But that's my viewpoint.
  3. Those, and the Nine West heels are awesome! I would agree with you, would have to have these...
  4. The jeans I wear are definitely not worn/greasy. But I agree, the overall outfit must match. I find if I'm wearing heels, I can spend 30 minutes just picking stuff out, and trying things on. Which is why these pair of heels work great, I know they fit the overall outfit, so I can just grab them and go. But family isn't supportive, so I can't exactly leave the home dressed like that.
  5. Sorry for the lack of updates, life's been busy. It's become sort of a routine. A few times a week when I go to work, I stop by a mall, switch into some heeled shoes and go in. Usually grab something at a coffee shop and sit in the food court and work for an hour. Sometimes I do some shopping/browsing. Usually am able to spend an hour doing this. Getting out of the car is not an issue 90% of the time anymore. I didn't expect those 4.5" stiletto boots I bought for USD$15 to change everything. They fit perfectly, and go with my casual-suit perfectly. They've become my go-to shoes, and have spent a lot of time in them already. I've gone back to the store I bought them from, hoping they would have another pair, but they didn't (had to ask the sales lady - and was wearing those same shoes while doing so!). Anyway, I attribute a lot of my progress to that pair of heels. Have also worn pumps a few times, and a few other pairs of boots. Usually with dress-pants, but sometimes with long jeans. Want to wear more pumps... Have worn skirts (without heels) a few times, trying to keep it professional looking, but they're super comfortable. Once in a rare while I am able to do skirts with heels, that's fun! One of my most recent purchases is a pair that looks like this: I just find those to be awesome in shape, colour, everything. And, to me, they look quite manly under dress-pants. Anyway, lots of progress I think... [why are my images squished??]
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