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  1. Wow... Those shoes look so awesome. Probably not $280 awesome, at least on my budget, but still... Nice!
  2. Probably pushing the boundaries a bit, but I'm trying to make a compromise, and do what I can, when I can. My favorite height is 4", that's just what I find most comfortable, but that would have been too much trouble at that time. Would have needed a different pair of jeans and all. :(
  3. hiddenheels


    That does look nice and comfortable! I'm home with the entire family locked into a single place. Doing this is impossible, and being in boring cloths is a bit frustrating, and definitely no fun.
  4. With the virus, outings have disappeared. But I did have a chance a few days ago to go to a store. Left home, dressed in my usual guy cloths, but took my 2" chunky heel boots with me. They look like dress shoes, but have a bit of a heel to them. Changed into that in the car, and went into the store. The jeans do not hide the shoes one bit, but whatever. It was only a 2" heel. Didn't have any problems going into the store, or browsing or shopping. Was just a tad bit self conscious. Even ran into someone I know, but nothing was said. At least I was able to do a tiny bit of heeling, it's a rare opportunity nowadays...
  5. Been a while... With the lockdown opportunities are impossible to come by, so movement on this front has to be put on hold... At least I can spend some time reading about it, and trying to figure out in my head what it is I really want to do. I did have one outing a week or two back which it looks like I didn't post about. Was able to go out, it was dark already. Recently I bought a red plaid mini-skirt (my all-time favorite look). Black pantyhose, 4" stiletto heel boots, white T-shirt and black jacket. The look was simply amazing. The skirt very comfortable. It took a bit of effort to get out of the car, but I ended up walking around several blocks, including by a large road, for 30 minutes. It was dark, and I was stressed out of my mind for the first 5 minutes or so. Then I started relaxing and enjoying it. It was an amazing experience... The skirt looks something like this:
  6. My goto shoes? With kids and family at home 24x7, wearing anything remains a dream... Withdrawal symptoms are showing up.
  7. Those are some killer heels! I doubt you'll ever get rid of the butterflies with those. But then again, do you want to? :) Isn't that part of the thrill?
  8. That's a nice casual look! I also would be curious about reactions...
  9. How many women have feet larger than US 11? I try for US11, but can handle US10 most of the time. It is great, but wished my feet were just a bit slightly smaller as not everything goes up to 10/11.
  10. I'll also have to take a break, with everything closed and the entire family at home, it's difficult to disappear for a few hours.
  11. Completely agree! That's what I'm striving for, but have a lot of work to do for myself...
  12. Thanks for all the votes of confidence, and support! I will definitely take it slow as the chances for me to explore won't be there for the next few weeks or more. Since my venture to the store, I feel much more relaxed and less anxious, about this, and in general. That was fun! Seriously. I'm hoping to have some time and just explore the styles at home, see what works well, and what doesn't. I've experimented around a bit, and certain outfits were "OMG, this looks amazing!" to combinations that were just OK. Need to take some photos so I can remember what looks good. Regarding shaving, I can't. It's not something I would like to do, nor can I. My wife would definitely ask questions, and it would be even further from the masculine image she's trying to preserve. I did not like the look of my somewhat-hairy legs with a skirt, and started looking at tips on YouTube. Found one video talking about using skin-colour tights under pantyhose to hide hair, which I was able to try out, and it works amazingly well. Put on the opaque tights, and then either brown or black pantyhose, and it looks exactly like a nice clean shaved leg. It was a good tip, works very well for me! So that's what I did a few days ago. The last few days I have been surprisingly calm. The anxiety has left me. I don't have any specific plans for going out in the near future, so I'm just enjoying being content...
  13. Thank you everyone for the encouragement. SUCCESS! Was going to go to a coffee shop yesterday morning, wearing a light-brown mini skirt with dark brown ~2" heeled chunky boots, and a dark brown jacket, but just couldn't get myself to do it. So I tried again this morning. Same getup as yesterday, was going to go to a coffee shop, but again couldn't get myself to do it. I figured I'll hop into Walmart for some quick things, but sat in the car trying to calm myself. Finally ended up driving to the same store I was last week, where I bought a bunch of skirts for next to nothing, thinking I'll go through their collection systematically in detail and see if I missed anything good. By this time I was finally able to calm myself, so got out of the car, milled about for a few minutes, and headed into the store. The mall was still quiet, it was just opening up. Went into the store, went to the clearance section and spent a good 30 minutes looking at their skirts. I picked out ~10, went to the fitting room to try them on, and ended up buying 5 of them, for ~$16. So, spent about an hour total out and about in daylight in something which was clearly a skirt. Was quite freeing! No one commented or really gave it a second glance. Once I got going, the stress left me and I was quite enjoying it. They are very comfortable! And it was good to be able to be myself... I did take a photo, but apologize, I am really uncomfortable sharing photos.
  14. Have been trying to wear one of the skirts out in daylight, but even when I had the chance, I didn't have the courage. Feelings of being a failure come back... Not just a failure to wear what I want, but thoughts of "why am I doing this to myself"... If life were a rollercoaster, at the moment I'm headed down...
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