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  1. Went easter egg hunting again today. Found some amazing shoes, beautiful conditions, but alas they were around the size 7-8, too small for me. Got my hopes up though, only to be crushed. So no luck today, even though I could have used a quick pickmeup...
  2. Thank you very much for the encouragement! I will keep posting, and will try to keep pushing myself. Had a chance to go out to a coffee shop while I was doing some work. Picked one a bit far from my neighbourhood, donned my jeans and favourite boots and went. For whatever reason when I got there I just sat in the car and didn't feel at all comfortable going in. After a while of killing time, I decided to go elsewhere, so went to another coffee shop closer to home. There, I went in, bought some drinks and food, and went outside to sit at a table and work. The jeans were very long, the heels were probably barely noticeable. Spent about an hour at the table working, after which I had to go, change back into boring cloths and continue with my day. Somewhat disappointed I didn't get to spend more time, and that I chickened out at the first stop, but am happy I enjoyed myself at the second stop. Ah, the ups and downs...
  3. Alright... Turns out they there is a .CA version, and they ship duty-free to Canada. I'm intrigued now. Did find some really nice shoes though. To summarize: 40$USD / month for the VIP. If you log in between the 1st and 5th then you can "skip the month" so you don't get charged. Some questions: - What if you skip the month, and then want to buy something? - Does the 40$ go into an online account from which you then buy stuff? So if I buy something for 50$, I assume I pay the difference. If I buy something for 20$, does the remaining 20$ roll onto the next month? Can you please detail a bit how this works? As you said "twist my arm"... :)
  4. Somewhat in a similar position, but I try to go far enough from home that my immediate neighbourhood will not find out. There's a danger that others who know me will see me, but at those times I take that risk. Otherwise I will be stuck at home only, which is no fun. Starting to focus more on potential trips, and trying to plan ahead... OUTING: Had a chance to try my new 5" ankle-boot (no platform) outside, along with another 5" ankle-boot (with 1" platform). It was in a suburban neighbourhood, and it was dark already. My no-platform-boots, although they're size US9, I have no idea what kind of messed up sizing system they used, as US9 would be way too small and unworkable for me, but these shoes are a perfect fit with socks, and I mean 100% perfect, so comfortable. I don't think I've ever gone out in a 5" boot before, but I simply had to try these out. As usual, it was with long jeans covering most of the heels. Getting out of the car is getting less of an issue, and I am starting to not worry about that at all. Although I've worn heels this tall inside, outside turned out to be a challenge. Took me about 10 minutes to get used to it, and figure out how to handle the slopes on a sidewalk, and the ups and downs of driveway entrances. I didn't trip, ankles didn't go out, so am quite proud of myself. Walked around for ~30 minutes, and it was an amazing 30 minutes. Had some people walk by, but didn't care. Did get a small group of teenager guys walk my way for which I stopped and messed around with my phone until they passed. I didn't trust that situation. After 30 minutes of walking about, my feet didn't ache, my toes weren't crushed, I love these. Although the heels are higher than my usual, I'm surprised how well I did. Before calling it quits, I had to try the other boots, so changed into them, and took a quick stroll. I don't know why, possibly because after 30 minutes with a 5" lift, wearing something with a 4" lift was child's play. I felt like I was wearing my sneakers, so comfortable, so easy to walk in. Overall, I had no issues, both new boots did great, and I'm super-happy. Before heading home I considered stopping by a grocery store or something just for the thrill of it, but decided to head home and not freak out my wife (that I went into a store in heels - maybe next time).
  5. Yeah, the fact that I "sow" should be a clear indication of my skill-level. I was just very motivated to save those boots! The smaller sizes definitely have a lot more variety, which is sad. I've seen some boots that I would have loved to buy, but they were way too small. I'll try to drop by these stores more often from now on. I figure a lot of people (women) will buy high heels thinking they'll wear it, but it's too high, or too big or whatever. They wear it once or twice and then never again (a-la my wife), then it's off to a thrift store it goes. Having said that, there's a lot of garbage shoes there that I would never in a million years wear.
  6. From the heel wearing perspective, that would be a great job! I get to travel a bit, and will have to challenge myself, to maybe spend a day in heels during one of my trips. Have been thinking about that for a few weeks now, but I don't have a trip coming up for months... Does your partner know you do this while away?
  7. I'm getting old, but have never seen another male wear heels, dressed as a male. It's a bit daunting, but I have noticed that as I get older, I realize that the time I have available to me to do this is getting shorter. So I venture outside more. Thank you everyone for the positive feedback. I am making progress in my adventure to wear heels. I hope I will be comfortable to wear them more openly as time progresses.
  8. Wow! Lucky! Here in Canada the selection is much smaller in online stores that carry really nice looking heels... Congrats on the purchase!
  9. I've been thinking about this... Mixed feelings when reviewing my own shoes: Where the heel is in the middle, they are easier to walk in. However, i prefer the look of heels when they are at the back of the shoe. To me it just gives a cleaner, sharper look. Having said that, I have heels of both styles, and like both styles and find both can be comfortable...
  10. Have come to appreciate second hand stores, like GoodWill . Recently I try to stop by when I'm in the neighbourhood, and have gotten lucky. In one store I found two boots, one brand new (based on the sole) while the other was barely used. Yes, they're a bit older, but they were cheap (less than 20$ each), and they fit great. One has a huge heel & platform, really sexy, but probably too sexy for me to ever wear outside. The other is a 4" stiletto heeled boot, looks awesome under jeans, and is very comfortable. I've worn them out a few times and they're great. Most recently, I stopped by another GoodWill and found a really good selection of shoes/boots. Envious that the selection in size 7-8 (my wife's size - but she doesn't care for heels) is much larger, but the selection for size 10US is OK. Found 3 candidates, all of which I tried on in the closet where you try on cloths. One an ankle boot fit great, but was too beat up to be worth it. Another looked great, nice ~5" inch heel with 1" platform, which fit great and was too comfortable and cheap for me to pass up. Probably worn once or twice before landing at GoodWill. After looking up the brand name, I found the shoe which retails for ~100$USD... The third boot was interesting.... It was a brand new knee high boot, no platform, thin 5" stiletto heel. It was a size 9, which is too small for me, but the shoes were so gorgeous I couldn't resist trying them. So I removed my socks, got out my pantyhose-socks thinking maybe with that I'll fit. When I tried them on, they were huge! Put my regular thick socks back, and the fit was perfect. I don't know what kind of size 9 they are but it was sooo comfortable that I had to buy them. The top of the boot, covering the calves, however was another story. My calves aren't thin, but these boots could have fit calves that were 3x the size of mine. Imagining someone with calves that size wearing those boots, I felt sorry for the boots. The top portion of the boots were ugly (raunched, I believe it's called) and way too big, but the foot was a perfect fit. Had to buy, thinking I'll figure it out later. When home, after much thinking, I decided to cut off the portion covering the calves, fold the material in, and sow it in (took me an hour to do all that). End result, I now have a new beautiful pair of 5" ankle boots, something I've wanted for a long time now, that I am super happy with. I paid ~30$ for the 2 pairs. I have to stop by these stores more often. Sometimes I find nothing, but sometimes there's a good find, and with shoes this cheap, I can get creative! Anyone found anything exciting in these places?
  11. Had a need to go to some stores, and though I would try some new heels I bought. Lower, ~3" chunky heels, but light brown, harder to hide. Jeans, TShirt and my bag. Sat in the car for a few minutes, contemplating things, then got out and just went for it. I felt very comfortable, and not so self-conscious as last time. Walking in heels outside is interesting, can't hurry as much as I usually do, which is kinda nice. Anyway, went into one store, browsed around for ~20 minutes but didn't find what I was looking for. Reparked by another store, a much busier store, and again sat in the car for a few minutes. Then got out, and went in. Timing couldn't have been better, as a lady with awesome heels was walking out. Went in, grabbed what I needed and walked out. Nothing unusual happened, no comments, no stares, nothing. The boots do look a bit like cowboy boots, but they were very hidden under jeans. I'm now happy, I got it out of my system for the time being.
  12. Will be visiting the UK, specifically Edinburgh, attending the fringe festival. Would like to wear some heels while there, but won't have a chance to take my own, so would like to buy/order some heels while there. Any recommendations for some relatively good quality but cheaper heeled boots? First time to the UK, so am not familiar with stores... If my conversions are correct, UK8 should be good, but UK9 would be better. I won't have a fixed address, but read some stores ship to drop-boxes (or whatever they're called). Any tips? Thanks.
  13. Tried duct tape, and apparently I'm no MacGyver... I inspected the screws, but they were fine. I strategically (I think?) applied some super-glue and hopefully they hold. I haven't had a chance to try them out yet... Thank you @mlroseplant, I read up a bit about the shank, and now understand what's likely going on. Would be sad to see these go.
  14. Very true. I have found that nowadays when wearing heels, I just look down and think "they're my shoes", and am getting used to not seeing them as "weird" or "women's". I guess I am getting used to the sight of me in heels, even though I've been at it for ~20 years and have always found it weird. Now, not so much. I look around the world and there are people of all shapes and sizes, and all of that doesn't matter, if it's a woman, doesn't matter what shape or size, she can wear a heel and not be stared at as a freak. So guess what, F that, what I have between my legs should not dictate what I can wear on my feet.
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