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  1. Interesting article. I'll do my share in promoting this trend!
  2. I feel the exact same way. They look great on women, but when I put them on, it just "feels right", like "this is how it should be". I've explained it to my wife using these words, and she understands. Doesn't like it, but understands. In any case, it's not a fetish, although I do have a few heels that I'm sure would be categorized as fetish, and those are just for fun at home.
  3. Alright... I see. A bit less invisible then the ones I had in mind. I'll have to keep this in mind if/when I try this at my workplace... Cool progress!
  4. Excellent progress! Especially the work part, as I understand that's a different environment... In any case, do you have a photo of the wedges? Were they your typical black, ~3", thin-in-the-back heels?
  5. Just because it's a grocery store doesn't mean people need to dress like slobs. Nice going! I've gone grocery shopping in heels a few times, it's awesome. :)
  6. Haven't been here for a month now, but that's just lack of time over the holidays. Hopefully things'll go back to norm, and I'll have a chance to do some outings soon.
  7. Amazing style, and amazing courage! Keep it up, and please keep posting!
  8. That makes sense... That might also explain the way my wife is treating this... Although she has joined me a few times when it's very dark outside. Anyway, will not push her with my heels, I'm quite happy to do it alone, although obviously would be happier if everyone was accepting of it...
  9. Do you mind if I ask, what sort of damage? Was it strictly over the heels? I would imagine if I did the same as you, my wife would do the same as yours...
  10. That's more than what I have... Late night, she joined me once or twice if I go out in the dark for a walk in heels, but daylight etc, nope. Nada. While I agree that hobbies are good, I don't think I would call my "heels" a hobby. It feels like a necessity, sort of. Hobbies can be harmful (if you spend too much $ on it for ex) but I don't think my wife would be upset if I started building paper ships... In any case, most of the times the entire topic gives me a joy (when looking at heels online, or being here) but it's the conflict with my wife I do not enjoy. I am getting to the point of accepting that this will never change, and also starting to see how much people don't care what I wear, but I really do not wish conflict within family.
  11. Funny, and kinda sad at the same time. Sad, as in no-one else wears heels in the snow. I do agree though that the footprints left behind are very cool! I loved making the prints in the snow. :)
  12. OUTING: Had a chance to stop by a coffee shop. Dark jeans, same light-brown 4" chunky heel bootie as in the above post. It was cool, nothing happened, I bought my stuff, sat at a table and worked. There were some police in coffee shop, and even though I knew they weren't the fashion-police, I had some thoughts about them coming over to ask, but there's no reason for them to do that... In any case, the heels were obvious, especially when sitting. It was fun though. Afterwards stopped by a nearby second-hand store, saw some awesome boots, but they were size 8, so I didn't even bother to consider them... Fun!
  13. Very well done! I also find the first steps the hardest, after which I usually calm down. Sometimes the fight/flight response kicks in, but that's becoming less and less frequent, even though I am being more obvious about the heels (i.e. daylight, in stores, with people around, as opposed to 6 months ago where I was going to isolated parks or whatnot). I don't think I would have the courage to go get a haircut just yet, but I've daydreamed about it. Very nicely done, inspirational, for sure!
  14. I usually just search the sizes that I think will fit me. No point in getting envious. Having said that, I am well aware that the selection is much nicer around the size 7-8 mark. Oh well, it's still fun.
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