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  1. I've not tried it because it's a bit pricey (for me) but there's fsjshoes which claims they can make any shoes you want in your size if you have enough pictures for them to use as a baseline. I think it's a Chinese company. I've been on the fence about trying them. There's a pair of Jessica Simpson heels I want replicated(which in turn were Louboutin replicas) but haven't seen any feedback about the company or it's services to make the investment.
  2. Starting to regret keeping these. Even if they do stretch to a comfortable fit it's very unattractive how much my foot bulges the front of the shoe.
  3. Picked up my Guess Honora heels from Macy's today. Reviews suggested that they ran long which worked well for me but they are still a bit uncomfortably narrow. I decided to keep them in hopes that being real leather they'll stretch more than a synthetic would. One thing that I found odd was that usually a shoe on my left foot is slightly tighter than my right but these were the opposite.
  4. Awesome shoes. Looks great on you. I have a pair of "Tristan" pumps in black leather from Sam Edelman and love them. Super comfy.
  5. Just ordered these on sale at Macy's. Awaiting arrival in store. Couldn't pass genuine leather at that price.
  6. Peeptoe

    Heel Flex

    Ah yes in the world of machinists we see this with cutting tools. A longer endmill will flex and make a tapered cut. While a shorter endmill will not. I just thought it would be fun to hear the stories of others that have had issues with it in their heels. I'm sure there are plenty of us considering the shoes we love were designed to be worn by people that generally weigh less than we do.
  7. Peeptoe

    Heel Flex

    I know whats happening. When my heel strikes and begins to take my weight the skinny cheap stiletto heel flexes a bit under the load. Then when the ball of my foot lands and begins to rock forward the heel flexes back. I was experiencing this while breaking in a new pair of shoes from jcpenney and got me curious about the experiences of others. Maybe some insight into what to look for in a tall stiletto would help. My 3 inch heels while still technically stilettos do have "beefier" heels than my 4 inch heels.
  8. Peeptoe

    Heel Flex

    Usually I wear heels that are in the 3 inch range. One of the problems I have is that stilettos in the 4 inch range tend to "flex" during my heel to toe stride with my 6 foot 200 pound body. Not only does it sound horrible but it puts a bit of a hiccup in my stride. I've tried altering my gate a bit but it feels too unnatural. The obvious solution is pick shoes with a beefier heel. But it got me curious if anyone has experienced heel failure from this while out.
  9. Peeptoe


    My apologies. I confused you with another member of the forum.
  10. Peeptoe


    My experience has unfortunately been different than yours which is funny because we aren't really geographically that far apart
  11. Peeptoe


    Been a while but here again. I think some may have not fully understood my original post. I can distinctly remember walking up to a rack to browse some items where another woman was already looking. When I stepped beside her she looked down at my shoes and immediately walked away. That incident probably influenced the overall negativity in my post. The main point is that people do notice. When you're new and more hyper aware and nervous about what it is you're wearing (heels in public) you are going to notice them because in a way you are kind of looking for acceptance. At some point you begin to not notice(still not there) and focusing more on what you're doing and less about the people around you. And then it can be an enjoyable thing where you can easily say that nobody notices. Just don't delude yourself the first time out and think nobody's going to notice. They will. Nobody's really going to care enough to say anything negative. It's up to you to not notice them and make it a point to ignore them. Then you can focus on yourself and what you're doing and enjoy yourself. It's really about how you let the opinions of others dictate your choices. If you've always been an outgoing individual it's probably going to be a lot easier than if you've always been a more timid self aware type. I think those here that can tune out the world and walk to the beat of their own drum are amazing people and I applaud you.
  12. Peeptoe


    I haven't heeled out since my last post ages ago. Long story. But I had a couple outings recently shopping for Christmas gifts. The first was to an outdoor mall wearing a pair of black faux leather taper heeled booties. And the second was in a pair of black sueded block heeled booties. Neither outing was bad on its own to be honest. Just a bit out of my comfort zone. Unlike my first trip into an empty store I was surrounded by loads of shoppers. And those of you saying nobody notices are either delusional or encouraging others under false pretenses. People do notice. I lost track of the number of smirks, averted gazes, and rubber necking. Most people are too polite to actually say anything but they do notice. The simple fact is you have to decide for yourself that you don't care what they think. And to be honest I'm not there yet. I thought I was but no. I don't say any of this to discourage anyone who is on the fence. Actually quite the contrary is true. I encourage everyone to at least try. I will definitely try again but under different circumstances that fit more with my comfort zone.
  13. After a bit more digging I discovered on imdb.com this movie was made in 2009. And since that is most likely a designer shoe you won't find it in store anymore. If you still need that exact shoe there is still hope. I recommend finding an official gal gadot website or social media and asking or find a.contact for.the costume designer of the movie. And if they reply scour the auction sites. Good luck.
  14. The closest shoe I found was Anne Klein -Christa which has a long pointy toe like those pictured but the heel is.probably an inch shorter. Unfortunately movies are often multiple yrs in production so finding those shoes will be difficult if not.impossible.
  15. The proper term for that style is d'orsay or in this case half d'orsay. Use that term in your search and you'll find a lot of very similar shoes.
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