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  1. Hi @CHRISPAP I can say for now it seems to be good for me and I should be in Paris, situation may evolve because this is exactly the return to class and it will depend on my kids' plans for that particular day. Let's keep in touch and say c'est accepté pour l'instant
  2. You should post these on the best legs competition forum. Look sharp.
  3. @p1ng74 seems to have happened at Palais de Tokyo, not too far from where I work. Didn't know in advance though, would be nice to watch, Rick Owens is always a step ahead (pun fully intended).
  4. They're all the same. Can be custom made (100 € extra fee) by sending all measures of feet and several parts of the leg. In my case that's what I did and they fit just perfectly, having tried a ready to wear pair before, but my legs are more to the gigantic side, they should fit most people.
  5. Sure, and his products are top quality and goes up to EU 47 (around US 15), my model 113 boots are 47. Only problem (I'd say barrier) it's the price tag. But you get what you pay for, everything is real leather, inside-out and made in Portugal. And they love their male customers.
  6. My favourite bootmaker Fernando Berlin is advertising more and more for men this year. Picture on home/landing page (maybe you'll have to wait a bit to appear): https://www.fernandoberlinboots.com/ Photoshoot of his current collection (several styles, watch the whole video):
  7. Sure they seem to be comfy and fun to wear, I liked the look on your feet too. I see that you like to wear skirts or is that a dress?
  8. That happened to me once, a guy on a club asked me to try my boots (the ones in my avatar) because he wanted to know how they feel. No way I would share my shoes, sorry, for sanitary reasons. I could do it with someone very intimate to me. My feet are like my mouth, I'd kiss someone I'm in love to because I care and I feel safe doing it, same for shoe sharing. Since my wife is several sizes smaller than me, we don't share shoes of course.
  9. I don't know if it's only me, I hate to see female models used to advertise heels for men, even if the intentions are good, it seems that they need girls to say that those shoes are for real. I'm sure women will quickly buy most of the production run.
  10. I don't know if this was posted here before. This guy knows how to freestyle: https://www.instagram.com/p/BO0muvdjTyb/ Essentially artistic pictures but I read an interview of him and he's all about freedom of expression. His followers seem to be supportive on his ideas. Maybe his a member here and I didn't knew, sorry if it's the case.
  11. Just to let you know, I added two more holes so I can sport three earrings, two on the left year, one on the right. If I'm more on the "girls" mood I can put two identical on both ears, in more "manly" mood I go for the unbalanced/asymmetrical two + one with different styles. Wife approved. Just no comments at work but a good friend that obviously liked the look (and sports more than 5 holes each ear).
  12. Welcome @jayteasee Good to know that you're going to post from now on. Yes, a lot of guys are boot fetishists, while I put myself on that category too I have other feelings like self image, fashion and gender bending that come with that, so it's much more than just a fetsish. Whatever floats your boat, feel accepted
  13. @CAT with that collection of stunning looks everywhere you go, I'm sure Chicago is a city I put on my list of places to visit before I dye. You wear them well! I really like the cape that goes well with skirts and boots, all matching colours. It's just too nice of a look.
  14. NYC seems to me the city that never gives a s*it about what you're doing. good to know more guys are freestyling on the big apple, thanks @kneehighs
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