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  1. I so agree. Those heels are so lovely and classic. I'm never sure I should be posting as a Tgirl in the guys section. I love to be out in high heels but I never had the courage to wear them in guy mode. But I have the greatest admiration for those that do.
  2. I adore classic pointed toe stilettos!
  3. I admire the restraint. Had I tried on such amazing pumps, they would have left with me and my credit card would wince.
  4. You look amazing to me. You have fantastic legs in those stiletto heels.
  5. Thank you, I just subscribed!
  6. I don't think many Doctors are fans of high heeled shoes. I have a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon and she teases (warns) me constantly about the stiletto heels I always wear. I called her when I read Henri's predicament and he confirmed that spinal fusions are avoided as much as possible because it does ultimately lead to stress on the adjacent discs. I did not mention that Henri loves to wear high heeled shoes but she did suggest that specific exercises to keep the tummy muscles strong was the best activity to reduce strain on the back. Best wishes Henri.
  7. And I am especially fond of your Hey Si Mey pumps. I have not purchased them yet but after seeing the one pic of yours I think I will. I love that slightly elevated heel height.
  8. Members 6.1k Birth Sex: Male Country: USA 1) How often do you wear high heels? - Daily 2) What type of heel do you prefer?- Stiletto 3) How high is your average daily heel height? 5" -5.5" 4) Do you find high heels uncomfortable? No 5) Do you find high heels difficult to walk in? No 6) Did you know high heels can be bad for your legs, feet and back? No problems so far 7) Do you have any ill effects from wearing high heels? No 8) If yes, what areas cause you problems? 9) Do you find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear low-heels, flats or go barefoot? I do feel some calf tightness 10) How old were you when you started wearing high heels regularly? 18 11) Do you get comments (positive or negative) on your high heels? Always positive 12) How often do you get comments? Rarely 13) How many years have you been wearing high heels regularly? 25+ 14) Do you ever consider giving up wearing high heels? No 15) What is/are the reason you wear high heels? I love how they look, how they feel and sound 16) Would you consider giving up high heels if they became too painful? If that should happen, we'll see 17) Do you ever slip your heels off under your desk or when sitting to relieve pressure? No 18) Have you ever fallen due to wearing high heels? Never 19) If you have fallen due to wearing high heels, how often has it happened? 20) Do you plan on giving up high heels regularly as you get past 60 years old? Not at this time
  9. I disagree with the fetishy and tarty observation. You may recall that Louboutin experimented with a gorgeous 130mm single sole pump they call HOTCHICK. That was a 130mm stiletto in size 7 so it was almost 150mm in size 10. I read that Louboutin discontinued this design and the heel height because 99% of women simply could not walk in them or refused to try.
  10. Like Pierre, I wear my high heels every day!
  11. Thank you but there's no skill involved. Just takes a little time and practice.
  12. I wish when I joined this thread that I had read your original post in detail. I completely understand your desire to wear the higher heels. I assume you mean those attractive black pumps in your last photo? They are really nice. If that shoe portion is comfortable on your feet and it's only the heel height you are adjusting to, you are correct. For me it's always been about feet and ankles becoming relaxed at the arch angle you choose and in my opinion your choice of a pump rather than a sandal will help you greatly. It took me a lot of practice and walking to make 5"-5.5" heels my day to day heel height and now after a lot more stretching I have these for special evenings out. Best of luck with your practice.
  13. I could not find a source for replacement steel heel tips. They are a solution to the delicate heels tips for those that wear stilettos consistently and often. I have to walk regularly through a train station that has ceramic tile floors and while the sound is amazing (but does say "LOOK AT MY HEELS") steel heel tips are frankly super slippery and dangerous for walking.
  14. Interesting that you mentioned heel tips. For others that wear stiletto style heels, I am sure you too have found that the original tips supplied by the shoe maker are not very resilient. I learned a long time ago how to replace my own tips. Also I am not a huge fan of steel heel tips but they do offer a solution for stilettos that you wear a lot.
  15. No such thing as too high. It's just a heel you haven't adjusted to yet. Those are gorgeous!
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