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  1. I love your new heels. I saw your walk on Youtube.... So lovely!
  2. Really attractive pumps. Hope you find them very comfortable.
  3. I am more visceral than you folks. I really hate the look, weight and feel of platform high heels. But these blue pumps while clearly well worn are very attractive high heels. The platform is so well disguised and likely makes them very comfortable for extended walking.
  4. I love all three pairs but I would steal those green slingbacks if you left them unguarded.
  5. Very poorly. I really hate a lateral slope in stiletto heel shoes. Downhill is bad enough but a side slope can be impossible.
  6. Feel like you're walking with your weight passing slightly through the inner edge of each shoe. In heels that height of your ankles tilt outwards it puts a much larger strain on your legs and lower body. Watch and try to copy videos of people that walk really well in high stilettos. You will notice that if their heels tilt at all, they tend to tilt slightly inwards. Beyond that it's simply stretching and learning to relax on tiptoe.
  7. First, I think it's quite possible that the model is also a professional dancer. More to the point, my opinion is that walking well (really well) in very high heels is not only athletic but also an art form that requires practice and dedication. Very few women possess the skill. Many look challenged when they try... some look downright clumsy. IMO, more males that love to wear high stiletto heels (not platforms) are prepared to dedicate some effort to become skilled. And the odd reward to this effort is that very high (5"+) heels are far more comfortable to wear for extended time and distance when the wearer is very good in the high heels.
  8. Far too many including women, never take the time to learn to walk well with straight heels.
  9. Really attractive and classic stiletto pumps. Wear them in good health... and often.
  10. I agree - I think those classic pumps look perfect with shorts.
  11. those look super comfortable with the round toes but still a gorgeous stiletto heel. Are they 5" though?
  12. I understand completely. Very few people can do what you do and wear 5"+ stiletto heels all day; and likely everyday.
  13. I love these classic stiletto pumps. I always gravitate to this same style for me. I imagine you have had to replace the heel tips many times. May I ask, do you always wear pumps on bare feet?
  14. Wow, I love these. So gorgeous with their pointy toes and ultra thin steel heels. I would be proud to go out in these.
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