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  1. JeffB

    Cali World

    Very nice indeed, Cali! And isn't it special when you get compliments from guys?
  2. Thanks! I always feel happy when I’m wearing a skirt (or dress) and heels!
  3. Jaunt #526, 11/16/2019: BBRRRRR!! While the calendar says mid November, it felt more like January or February as it was plenty darn chilly outside for this latest outing, all the more reason to spend the time indoors, and that meant going to King of Prussia and the mall. And because I was going to be inside, I didn’t have to bundle up like an Eskimo, still, I dressed for the occasion in my black faux leather jacket over a black turtleneck, a black and white print midiskirt from JCPenney, black tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black satchel bag. Here’s a new number for your perusal: this was my 200th outing in boots since I began this thread eleven years ago, easily the leader in the footwear clubhouse at nearly 40 percent of the overall total. Funny thing, when I first started out, I had no idea I’d be so partial to boots, whether they be ankle high, knee high or thigh high, and, of late, I’ve especially enjoyed wearing ankle boots which are cute and work well with skirts, dresses and leggings. But, I digress. At this time of year, the mall is both full of people and highly festive because of the holiday as the place had been decorated for Christmas since after Halloween. After a stop at the comic book shop, then Modell’s Sporting Goods for a package of sweat socks, it was off to the food court which was packed at a hair after twelve, I went to a brand new eatery there, Popeye’s as I was curious about their chicken breast sandwich which had gotten boatloads of press when it first came out a couple of months ago and quickly sold out, all things considered, it was pretty good, I’d put it ahead of offerings from the likes of Wendy’s, McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, Arby’s and Burger King, not bad, not bad at all. I can understand what all the fuss was about, I’ll certainly have to have that again on a future trip. After lunch, a leisurely walk through the crowded mall took me to Old Navy where I bought a sharp, black wool peacoat to wear in the winter months to come, and a cute slipdress for spring and summer. As I became more and more involved in freestyling, I became driven with making sure I wear not so much as one stitch of men’s clothing on my outings, from outerwear to underwear, and that meant making sure I had a women’s coat for cold days, and this new purchase should fill the prescription quite nicely. At Primark, I kinda sorta broke a promise. I know I said in past posts that I wouldn’t buy any more skirts as I was sloooooowly transitioning to wearing dresses full time on my outings, but I saw a couple of cute numbers there, one plaid, the other a cream cable knit that I couldn’t resist. However, I balanced that out by adding a cream cable knit sweater dress which should work nicely on cold days that are on the way. A pretty good haul if a do say so myself, and I can’t wait to show off my new purchases. More to come....
  4. I'm also a veteran (Navy: 1976-1996) who never saw combat, but yeah, the courage it takes to go into battle, knowing full well you might not return home alive is considerable, making our little public forays in women's shoes amateur night in Dixie.
  5. Good for you, Pierre! Those early forays in public are always the hardest, but it gets easier from there.
  6. What can I say? I love numbers!
  7. With 525 outings in the book, it's time for....THE NUMBERS!! JAUNTS BY YEAR 2008: 10 2009: 42 2010: 28 2011: 61 2012: 34 2013: 33 2014: 45 2015: 46 2016: 53 2017: 65 2018: 64 2019: 44 (and counting) CLOTHING Skirts: 359 (above knee-232, below knee-92, at knee-35) Dresses: 72 Jeans: 63 (tucked in boots-39, untucked-24) Leggings: 17 Skorts: 9 Capris: 4 Pants: 1 FOOTWEAR Payless shoes: 361 Other shoes: 164 Boots: 199 (knee high-78, ankle high-72, thigh high-48, OTK-1) Pumps: 107 Sandals: 100 Loafers: 52 Slides: 33 Flats: 32 Sneakers: 1 Mules: 1 PERCENTAGES Skirts: 68.3 Dresses: 13.8 Jeans: 12.0 Leggings: 3.3 Skorts: 1.7 Capris: 0.7 Pants: 0.2 Boots: 37.9 Pumps: 20.4 Sandals: 19.0 Loafers: 10.0 Slides: 6.2 Flats: 6.1 Sneakers: 0.2 Mules: 0.2
  8. Pretty cool! I would agree that in the beginning it takes courage for a man to wear heels in public, but, in time, it becomes second nature and no big deal at all.
  9. Jaunt #525, 11/2/2019: The more I wear dresses, the more fun it becomes, and the more I want to wear them, something I never imagined several years ago when I wore them infrequently, say, only one or two times a year. But, things have definitely changed since then, case in point: this outing makes my 28th in a dress in 2019, eclipsing my previous high of 27 from just last year, and there’s still a hair under two months left to boost that number. As for this outing, with a cold front that blew through late Thursday night, dropping temps into the low 50’s at best, I headed out to the King of Prussia Mall in a black faux leather jacket over a gray drawstring dress from Old Navy, black 100 denier tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black satchel bag. The dress which I bought back in January or so had casual styling written all over it, what with the drawstring on the bodice while the thicker tights kept my legs nice and warm, and the Martinez boots have the loudest sounding heels I own. Arriving at the mall shortly after eleven, there was already a good crowd, mainly because Saint Nick had arrived from the North Pole and set up shop in one of the rotundas. Only two days removed from Halloween for Pete’s sake, and Santa was already on the job greeting kids. Sheesh! Talk about rushing the holiday season! Next thing you know, Santa will arrive after Labor Day. But, I digress, at the comic book shop, I chatted with the staff about Joker, the guys raced about how great the movie was while I was more ambivalent about it, I mean, after Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill (voice only) and Heath Ledger portrayed the legendary Clown Prince of Crime on TV and on the big screen, Joaquin Phoenix came up a short in my mind. At the food court, I treated myself to a slice of pizza (barbecue chicken), and it was most tasty, at Macy’s, they were having a sale on jewelry, as much as 50 percent off, and a bought a nice fifty dollar gold pendant for just under 24 bucks, pretty neat. At Old Navy, I scored a sharp looking, long sleeved ribbed knit dress while adding a second puffy vest for just under fifty bucks. Ahhh, gotta love a sale, but then, who doesn’t? I spent four hours at the mall, and it always amazes me how time flies while I’m there. Even more amazing how comfortable I feel freestyling there, in fact, I’m so used to wearing skirts, dresses and heels at KOP, it wouldn’t at all occur to me to wear men’s clothing there, hell, I’d actually dislike doing that since men’s clothes are just so deadly dull. More to come....
  10. My secret? Heh! I wish I knew what it was, other than good genes passed down to me from my mom. I don't much worry about modesty when I wear leggings. Meanwhile, I want to try faux leather leggings next.
  11. Nice boots, kneehighs! The adornments on the ankle make the grade and then some!
  12. Cali: I would say your ensemble looks great as is. The knee boots pair very well with the skirt which is plenty daring with the rear slit (or walking vent) I for one wouldn't change a thing.
  13. Sherpa jacket, eh? Hmm! Interesting! I’ll see what I can do about that.
  14. The pleasure is all mine. I’m glad that my outings spurred you towards wearing ankle boots.
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