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  2. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Thanks for the kind words, SkirtDude. Much appreciated!
  3. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    jeremy1986: Thanks for the kind words. I call what I wore yesterday, "casually dressy" because of my burning desire to look my very best when I'm out and about. It's rather hard for me to dress down, so, for the most part, I don't try. SkirtDude: The weight loss regimen I've been on certainly has reaped benefits as I'm slim and trim, and that makes my skirts and dresses look better on me. As for the knit skirts I bought, I'm branching out, expanding my horizons and choices from denim. As for that next outing.... Jaunt #410, 11/12/2017: With my hometown Eagles on their bye week, and the best games on late, that gave me an excuse for an early afternoon outing. And since it wasn't quite as frosty and chilly as Saturday had been, I didn't need to bundle up as I wore my black faux leather jacket over a magenta mockneck, a steel gray A-line knit skirt, the 100 denier black tights (they look great on me), the Payless "Missy" wedge heeled ankle booties and a black handbag. Because it's Sunday, I decided to dress up, and I thought my outfit filled the prescription, and, yeah, it felt good to look dressy because it's my passion to always look my best. Arriving in town just after noon and parking in an underground garage for all of eight bucks, I strolled to the Barnes & Noble bookstore across from Rittenhouse Square Park where I had a light lunch of a club sandwich and a small cup of hot chocolate while I read from my nook e-reader (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes) for little over an hour. The lounge area was nearly full, but no one paid me any mind. I've kinda gotten used to that. Packing up, I left the bookstore and strolled four blocks down to One Liberty Place and took a ride up to it's 57th floor observation deck. I've been up here several times, but only my second in freestyle mode, nevertheless, the views of downtown Philly and beyond are absolutely amazing, especially on a sunny afternoon which this occasion was. The place had a solid crowd of sightseers enjoying the views like I did, I spent nearly an hour there snapping pictures with my iPhone, oh, and I managed to get someone to take a picture of me while I was there which you can see below. After returning to the street, instead of walking the eight blocks back to where my car was parked, I did the smart thing and hopped a bus and rode to the street near where my car was, just like everywhere else, I never got so much as a glance from any of the passengers. All in all, it was a very good day. Now, to watch some football. More to come....
  4. Skirts!

    Regarding that picture, I would opt for such a skirt in leather which is much more durable than latex, but yeah, that's definitely NOT something one would wear on an outing to the mall. But, I digress, as to what I'd wear with that skirt, I'd go with a red top for contrast and fishnets as legwear.
  5. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #409, 11/11/2017: Old Man Winter paid the Philadelphia region an early visit as temps dropped to barely 40 on Friday and stayed there on Saturday, despite plenty of sunshine, but, that didn't stop me from going on an outing, however, I dressed warmly for the conditions in my black leather jacket over a red turtleneck, a 20 inch denim pencil skirt, 100 denier black tights, the Payless "Martinez" booties and a black satchel bag. It should be noted that the skirt, which I bought at Goodwill last month was a size 10, that's right, folks, a size TEN, but because the denim was stretchy, it fit like a dream since I'm now wearing 12's after my weight loss. Oh, yeah, the skirt came from Liz Claiborne which is becoming my clothing brand of choice. By the by, because I'm no fool, I went to the King of Prussia Mall so I'd be indoors for my outing. Why take any chances, right? This outing marked yet another push of the envelope for me as a fashion freestyler: this marked the first time I wore a traditional pair of heels to KOP, okay, even though said heels were only 2 1/2 inches, since I had only worn flat shoes, boots and sandals on all my previous trips to the mall, this made for a bold move for me, one I enjoyed as I loved hearing those heels clacking loudly on the tile floors. And the reactions from customers and passersby, including scores of kids as Santa was in residence---non-existent, like all my other outings. No one so much as glanced, no one cared. After lunch in a packed to the gills food court (I arrived at the mall shortly before noon), I walked to a candy store where I treated myself to a small back of mini-gummi bears, at the register, the lady who waited on me looked down at my skirt then asked if I was cold in "that thing". I chuckled and said no because I was indoors like her. She chuckled and said "Touche!" Gotta love those rare little interactions with people when I'm freestyling. Heh! After casually strolling the length of the huge mall, I found myself at Old Navy which was packed with shoppers, following some fifteen minutes wandering the store, I picked a couple of nice looking knit pencil skirts as I'm still busy restocking my collection. I've pretty much decided to go mostly, if not entirely with pencil skirts which easily look sharp on me, especially since I'm a good deal thinner now than I had been way back in early May. My last shopping stop of the day was to Primark where I bought a knee length knit dress and a two-pack of 200 denier black tights (for the cold weather to come), all for $24 bucks as the prices in that store are crazy reasonable. All in all, I spent about four hours at the mall and had a great time. Already, I can't wait for my next trip there. More to come....
  6. Word Association Game

  7. TBG

    Cool! I hope TBG succeeds.
  8. Why do you love to wear High Heels?

    Well said, nz! I agree with everything you stated. You have a special style and flair to your outfits that I both enjoy and envy. Keep up the great work, my friend!
  9. TBG

    Well, that's good to know. I had been concerned.
  10. TBG

    I've been wondering about that myself. I sent him a private message some time ago but hadn't gotten a response.
  11. My first public heel adventure

    The first time out and about is always the most trying and sometimes difficult, but once you get past that, things inevitably become easier from there. Keep on keeping on!
  12. ASMR with shoes

    I must say I found that to have been fascinating.
  13. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #408, 11/4/2017: Well, cold weather had finally arrived in these parts as, despite lots of sunshine, temps barely flirted with 60, so, that gave me the initiative to swap out my short sleeves and tank tops for long sleeves and sweaters and my lighter skirts for my heavier ones, at least the ones I hadn't donated to Goodwill. With that, I headed out garbed in my black Faux leather jacket over a beige mockneck, the denim pencil skirt with the unfinished hem and front walking vent I bought just last month, black tights, the Walking Cradles Elites riding boots and a black satchel bag, a semi dressy sort of outfit for a Saturday. My first stop of the day was to a Verizon store three miles or so from home as I had to turn in my cable box after I cut the cord in favor of streaming live TV with a Roku box. The store was in a busy strip mall with lots of people about, but got no odd looks as I went about returning my box. From there, I hit the freeway and headed west to King of Prussia for the day, I arrived at the mall garage a little after 11 and strolled right on in. The more I go on jaunts at the humongous mall, the easier it becomes, and the less of a big deal it is to wear women’s garb there since no one pays me any attention, after checking out a new store at the mall that specialized in selling vinyl (as in records), cassettes, CD’s and singles, both new and used, a really cool place where I bought Stevie Wonder’s legendary “Songs in the Key of Life” double album for all of eight bucks, not a bad deal. Now to buy a turntable to play that album on. I then headed to the food court for lunch where I had salad and a bottle of water from Subway. After lunch, I decided to treat myself to a little desert as in a few chocolate covered pretzels from a candy store, while at the register, the lady who waited on me complimented me on my jacket and asked where I got it, when I told her it came from the JCPenney that had been in the mall before it closed, she frowned, saying it had been one of her favorite places to shop. Mine too, many of my tops and skirts had come from there. Following a leisurely stroll to the other end of the mall while navigating the huge crowds there, I wandered into Old Navy to see what was new there, what I found were a couple of knee length, knit pencil skirts, one in gray, the other magenta, plus a short sleeved striped dress that was discounted from $34.99 to $24.99, not bad at all. Back to where I started my day, I swung by Primark where I bought a green, ribbed knit dress and a three pack of black tights as I was in need dire of them, what with winter on the way as they make wearing short skirts easier when it's cold outside. One conclusion I reached yesterday was how it's ten times more fun to shop for women's clothing than men's, the former is totally an enjoyable experience while the latter is more drudgery than anything else. I'm sure the same holds true for all us heelers and freestylers as well. More to come....
  14. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Everything's just fine. I helped a co-worker move on Saturday and Sunday was a rainy mess. Perhaps I'll head out this coming weekend. Thanks for asking.
  15. Word Association Game