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  1. Not my thing, but hey, to each their own.
  2. Interesting! I haven't flown anywhere since 2003, but I thought female flight attendants no longer wore heels like what that young lady sported, or, at the very least, nothing that high.
  3. Jaunt #505, 7/13/2019: Having devoted myself to wearing dresses, I was curious about how far I could push the envelope, in this instance, it wasn’t about hemline, but, neckline. A couple of years ago, I bought a cute, clingy, sleeveless black dress from JCPenney, while I was intrigued with the style as you can see in the pictures below, I was leery about the neckline with it’s deep plunge, something I wasn’t used to at the time and wondered if I could get away with wearing something like that in public. Well, in the time since I bought that dress, I’ve worn others with low necklines and the world didn’t come to an end, so, I decided to wear this one with the Payless “Noble” flat sandals in black and see what, if anything would happen. Headed east towards downtown, my first stop was to the main branch of the Post Office to buy a couple of money orders. Walking in, there was a good sized line that was eight deep, so I had to wait, while I waited, four more people filed in behind me, but no one in front of me or behind paid me any attention. I found that kinda sorta surprising. Once I bought my money orders, filled them out and dropped them off, it was back in the car and over the bridge into South Jersey to Moorestown Mall where I first had lunch, a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza and a bottle of water, both were tasty, then I headed off to the nearby multiplex (LOVE their comfy reclining seats) to watch Crawl, a masterful summertime horror movie that kept me on the edge of my seat. I heartily recommend this flick if you enjoy chills and thrills. After leaving the multiplex, I walked past a goth girl in her early twenties, dressed head to toe in black, even black lipstick with tattoos up and down her arms, she smiled at me and said, “I like your dress!” I smiled back and thanked her. Perhaps she liked it because it was black, your guess is as good as mine, but hey, I never question a compliment when it comes my way. Back over the bridge in Philly, I swung by Rittenhouse Square Park which was absolutely teeming with people in the mid-afternoon as everyone enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather. Finding a bench in the shade, I took in some reading on my Kindle, and when I wasn’t enjoying my e-book, I took in some people watching, most notably women in dresses, lots of cami/spaghetti strap styles from minis to maxis, and I liked what I saw while imaging how I’d look in clothes similar to what they wore. Oh, and in addition, wearing a dress was imminently more practical as I felt good and cool, even at the height of the heat that day, I was perfectly comfortable. So, my little experiment ended with no one noticing the low neckline on my dress, and that has given me courage and confidence to wear similar styles, and with plenty of summer left, I intend to do just that. More to come....
  4. Well, I’d say you made the right decision.
  5. I had thought about trying heels like those while Payless was still in business, however, I never pulled the trigger on a purchase after reading comments about the difficulty about walking in such shoes. I have no regrets about not buying them.
  6. Jaunt #504, 7/6/2019: When it comes to planning my little adventures, more goes into them than just deciding what to wear, I also have to take into consideration where I travel and the weather on that given day. Case in point: with the region socked in by a heat wave featuring abundant sunshine and temperatures in the low 90’s with onerous humidity which made it feel a good deal hotter and just plain miserable. With that in mind, wearing black would be a dreadful mistake because it absorbs heat and would be generally uncomfortable, so, I opted for a powder blue jersey dress with a cinched waist from H & M (I have one in red and black) which I paired with the Payless “Parsley” sandals in white and a black satchel bag for a trip to the King of Prussia Mall. By the by, I was a tad miffed that I don't have a larger white bag to match my shoes, I'll see about correcting that oversight. A cute, casual dress for a Saturday outing, the styling with it’s sleeveless design was roomy for comfort and, despite the oppressive heat, I felt nice and cool as ventured about, throw in the sandals, and the conditions had no effect on me at all, and I liked that a lot. Inside the mall (with it’s air conditioning of course), I chatted about superhero movies for a solid fifteen minutes with the staff at the comic book store, passed by what used to be the Payless store which was now shuttered (a moment of silence please), went to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I bought a rear view mirror to use on my helmet while riding my bicycle, then strolled down to the food court where I treated myself to a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza (which is damn good) and a bottle of water. The endless joy that comes from my outings is being able to successfully blend in with my surroundings and go ignored, even in a huge shopping mall full of people, it’s like I keep saying, if you dress appropriately for the environment you happen to be in, not stand out or look outlandish, you will be accepted for your appearance, heck, you might even get a compliment like I had as, while on my way to Old Navy, a couple passed by me, and a woman who looked to be about my age smiled and said, “Love your dress!” Of course, I grinned back and thanked her, the woman’s companion, a man said nothing. As for shopping, I found a great looking red dress at Old Navy that would work very well for fancier outings than the one I was on this day, perhaps the Art Museum or lunch at someplace other than a fast food joint, then, at Primark, I found another dress that would serve the same purpose. I know I’ve probably said this before, but it bears repeating, I’m having a whole lot more fun in dresses than I do in skirts, I feel so good in them, and it shows from how relaxed and at ease I am on my outings, and it’s positively exhilarating. More to come....
  7. Most interesting, kneehighs, but that stuff is pricey as heck. I don't know if most of the folks here would be willing that kind of money, I know I wouldn't, but that's just me.
  8. When it comes to those occasions, I suspect it’s more about women showing off their finery and competing with each other to see who looks more fabulous. Women also wear sexy stilettos at the office, but ONLY at the office as, more often than not, they sport trainers in transit there and back.
  9. I guess I don’t get out all that often, despite the city I live in (and I never hang out at bars, stripper or otherwise), but I rarely, if ever see women wearing such shoes. Perhaps I am narrow minded, god knows I’ve been called worse things, but such shoes have NEVER appealed to me, neither in terms of style, function or comfort.
  10. Perhaps I’m an outlier, but I’ve never been at all interested in the fetish angle when it comes to high heels. Perhaps I’m kidding myself in that regard since I own thigh high boots which could be seen as, well, kinky to some, but that’s as far as I go, otherwise, I’m perfectly content with wearing boring, sedate, low heels. As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m all about the complete outfit which I wear n public, and that doesn’t call for fetish heels.
  11. I'm curious. Why did "men's heels" in that link equate to ridiculous platform "eff me" heels, none of which I would wear even in private, never mind in public? Where are the more sedate and tasteful shoes that don't look like junk strippers or streetwalkers would parade around in? Perhaps this is just me, but I see that as a cynical stereotype that doesn't help our small heeling community.
  12. Thanks for the kind words. The first sentence should always be an attention getter, and that was my goal. Meanwhile, I’ve said this before in my thread, and it bears repeating, wearing dresses (or skirts) isn’t for every man, I neither encourage or discourage others here from following in my footsteps, this is a journey I’ve undertaken by myself, I cannot expect others to do as I’ve done, that choice is wholly up to the individual. I’ve derived a special enjoyment from fashion freestyling, but I can’t say if others would feel likewise. Glad you were able to experience a memory. And yes, I’m very happy with my evolution. There is no turning back from the course I’ve taken as a freestyler, nor would I even think about such a thing.
  13. I am a man. And I wear dresses. Nothing more complicated than that. When I began my journey as a fashion freestyler, I’ll admit that dresses were at the bottom of my wardrobe totem pole, mostly because I didn’t quite feel comfortable wearing them in public like I had skirts, and, at the time, I was fine with that. From 2011 when I donned a dress for the first time through 2016, I only wore them seven times compared to 209 outings in skirts, but, as I grew more comfortable in dresses, I began wearing them more, 2017 marked the first year of double digit outings with 10, followed by 27 in 2018, and so far in 2019, I’m at eleven and counting, and, as a result, my mindset about what I chose to wear on jaunts slowly began changing. Just as I evolved from jeans to skirts, finding the latter more enjoyable to wear, I’ve slowly come to prefer dresses to skirts, when I plan for an outing these days, I often choose a dress first, it’s a ridiculously uncomplicated garment, you don’t have to rack your brain worrying about pairing the right top with a skirt, you just slip into a dress, put on shoes and go, easy as that. What could be simpler? I don’t at all hide or mask that I’m a man in a dress. Sure, I augment that garment with high heeled shoes (though not always), jewelry, handbags, even the occasional dalliance with lipstick, but that’s as far as I go, I’m all about the garment first and foremost which is at the center of my current existence as a fashion freestyler. I’ve said more than a few times, and I believe wholeheartedly that I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, and I go to great lengths to look my very best in the former while it’s often a struggle to care how I appear in the latter. When I don a dress and see myself in the mirror, I never fail to like how I look which, in my mind, is a look that’s perfectly natural, like I’ve been wearing dresses all my life instead of just the last few years. Staring at my reflection, I see a man who’s totally comfortable and at ease defying gender norms when it comes to what men should or shouldn’t wear, if anything, being a man who wears dresses in public as a man displays a special brand of machismo, after all, it takes colossal balls for a guy to parade around in the open in a dress, and make it look like it’s no big deal to boot. I’ve said numerous times that the final stage in my evolution as a fashion freestyler would be to one day completely abandon my skirts and elevate to wearing dresses full time on my outings, hell, I even long to wear an evening gown to some fancy social function and turn heads with my style and boldness, that would be downright awesome! With each new adventure, the pull of the dress grows stronger and more irresistible, however, I’m not forcing things, preferring to let that last stage come in its own good time so I can fully enjoy the experience. But, it will come, of that, I have absolutely no doubt, and when it does come, my journey as a freestyler will be complete. Short and sweet, I am the man in the dress, and I am VERY proud of that title, for it is who I ultimately am in this world.
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