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  1. A most interesting article. Sadly, those shoes only go up to size 11. Unfortunate.
  2. JeffB

    Boot "season"?

    In my neck of the woods, it gets too damn hot in the summer to even entertain the notion of wearing knee boots, unless it's the rubber variety for rainy days, but then, I never go on outings when it rains, so that's a non-starter. However, I've seen short shaft combat boots worn in warm weather (I've done that myself) and they're mostly comfortable for the conditions. Otherwise, I wait for cooler temps starting in late September/early October to break out the knee boots.
  3. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Welcome! Glad to hear from you! Speaking of posting.... Jaunt #460, 9/22/2018: Each and every outing I undertake in women’s clothing is an experiment, to learn what works and what doesn’t, what looks good and what fails miserably, when to push the envelope and when to pump the brakes. So, every time I decide to try something new, I feel a measure of excitement to see how what will happen when I go out in public. With that in mind, I took something new on a jaunt that I’ve never worn before: thigh high socks. I remember seeing young women wearing them with short skirts back in March and April and thought to myself: “Hmm! Perhaps I could make that work”, so, while in the Lord & Taylor store at the King of Prussia Mall last weekend, I decided on a whim to by a pair in gunmetal gray which I paired with a denim jacket over a black tank top, a print miniskirt, the Payless “Riot” combat boots and a black handbag. I thought the tall socks worked well and looked good on me, it was something new and I was excited to try them out. Oh, by the way, this also made the first time I wore actual heels (even if they're only two inches) since late July. I headed into downtown and, after a couple of turns around the block, I found a place to park and hopped out. Not more than a couple of minutes away from the car, a twentysomething man out of a jog grinned and said “Nice outfit” as he passed by me, I returned the grin and thanked him for the kind words. So, another man complimented me on my attire, I guess that means I did something right. After a visit to my friendly neighborhood comic book shop where I chatted with the staff about the Eagles, I headed down the street, crowded with people to One Liberty Place where I had lunch, going ignored by everyone I passed, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of reaction after all this time, but it still gives me validation for the fact I’m more or less accepted for my presentation. After lunch, I returned to my car and motored over into South Jersey and the Moorestown Mall and the multiplex to see The Predator which was a wild and crazy romp I enjoyed. Following the movie, I wandered into Sears, but I didn’t buy any clothes, instead, I bought a cool looking necklace with a magnetic clasp, at the register, I was greeted by a saleslady who said, “Good afternoon, Miss”. It’s not every day I’m referred to by the feminine pronoun, but I thought it was cool anyway. I felt especially happy and full of energy and really enjoyed my outing, perhaps that was because of my having worn added thigh socks and how they enhanced the outfit I wore, and that made my little adventure all the more fun. More to come....
  4. JeffB

    Word Association Game

  5. JeffB

    Shoes of Prey has temporarily?? shut down.

    I noticed that the other day. A shame since I've bought shoes (three pairs) from SOP and they both look and fit well.
  6. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #459, 9/15/2018: After seven straight days of clouds and occasional rain, the sun finally returned along with warm temperatures, and for me, that was an invitation to go out on a jaunt to the King of Prussia Mall, garbed in a black tank top jersey dress, the Payless “Parsley” sandals in black and a black satchel bag. If the description of the dress sounds familiar, you’d be right, I wore a similar frock in red on an outing downtown a scant few weeks ago, the simplistic styling and level of comfort made it a delight to wear as I felt perfectly at home in it. Meanwhile, for the umpteenth time of late, I opted for flat shoes instead of heels, I’ve just been enjoying the heck out of wearing sandals, something I wouldn’t have said several years ago when I was closed minded to nothing other than pumps and boots. The mall wasn’t quite bustling with shoppers when I arrived at the garage and walked in, but what people that were there promptly ignored me, and I was fine with that. After chatting with the staff at the comic book shop about the new Predator movie (which I’ll try to see next weekend), it was off to the food court and lunch, but before I did, I swung by Modell’s (a sporting goods chain) where I bought a brand new Philadelphia Eagles hat as my old one was worn out and ratty, and I needed a new lid for the new season of Birds football. Lunch at Chick-fil-A was pleasantly unremarkable, then I went about some casual strolling through the mall which included a portable Vincent Van Gogh exhibit outside Lord & Taylor, I then went into the store where I made a purchase of an item I had been interested in for a few weeks but will keep a secret until I display same on a future outing. While at the register, the saleslady smiled and said my dress looked cute and that black suits me. I smiled back and thanked her. While it’s certainly good to get a compliment on my attire, it’s equally good, if not better to be able to come and go how I please without anyone giving me so much as the time of day. I have to say I take the most satisfaction in that, it means the hard work I put in to look my very best for whatever surroundings I’m in bears fruit, leading to my being accepted (or, at the very least, tolerated) for my appearance by society. Definitely a good thing. More to come....
  7. JeffB

    Word Association Game

  8. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    By the way, speaking of those eight remaining spring/summer skirts, all of them are prints, not a solid color in the bunch.
  9. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Eight spring/summer skirts, I haven’t counted how many fall/winter skirts I have.
  10. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I’ve donated some more skirts to Goodwill today, and, as a result, I’m down to just eight spring/summer skirts as I once had nearly a couple dozen and only two denim skirts. I’ve been serious about my transition to wearing dresses full time on my outings as I have nearly three dozen for warm weather season, half of which I’ve yet to wear which gives me something to look forward to for 2019. Meanwhile, I’ll be swapping out for fall/winter stuff around this time next month, it’ll be interesting to see how many of those cooler weather skirts I’ll be donating, and many long sleeved dresses I’ll be adding.
  11. JeffB

    Short, fat, middle aged men

    Damn straight! I am a happy camper after a big win by my Birds! maninboots: As the others here have already stated, WEAR what you want in the WAY you want and GO where you want. The important thing is to be confident in how you present yourself when out in public, behave like you belong in whatever environment you happen to be in, because you DO belong! Never, and I repeat, NEVER think any other way!
  12. JeffB

    Nikki Haley

    Looks sharp! I'd wear those boots in a heartbeat!
  13. JeffB

    Word Association Game

  14. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Yes! I can’t wait to watch the banner being raised. Eagles fans have literally waited their entire lives for this moment, including me. A quarter million, eh? Whoa! That’s surprising! I guess I must be doing something right if people keep coming back. Oh, yeah, next month marks the tenth anniversary of this thread. Landing Mack was the next best thing to grand theft larceny. If Trubinsky improves at QB, da Bears could be scary.

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