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  1. Pain relief....

    Interesting! Methinks I'll look into those!
  2. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Very sharp boots indeed! What's the maximum size?
  3. Here’s a question worth pondering: is being overdressed a bad thing? When I embraced the unique lifestyle of the fashion freestyler, I made it a point to always, and I mean ALWAYS look my very best. I mean, if I was going to traipse out in public wearing women’s clothes AS A MAN, then I’d damn well better make sure I didn’t look foolish or inappropriate. Because of that particular mindset, I tend to think I overdo things, that I overdress. I want to look sharp, I want to look stylish, I want to look fashionable, but do I go overboard at times as a result? Perhaps. Case in point: A few days ago on President’s Day, I went to the local casino to have a little fun and spend a little money, and while pretty much all the women there were in purely casual, even frumpy or sloppy clothes, there I was in a nice sweater, a pencil skirt, hosiery and heels, even for a place as innocuous as a slots parlor, I just couldn’t bring myself to dress down. Or on another occasion at the King of Prussia Mall, I sported my black leather jacket over a turtleneck, a dressy a-line knit midiskirt and high heeled knee boots, and I can assure you that NO other female, young or old was half as put together as I was, even though I didn’t need to be, but, I can’t help dressing up for outings like to the mall. I’ve said this a time or two or a dozen, and I believe it to the max: when I look good, I feel good, since wearing women’s clothes is great fun, I want to do it right. Perhaps vanity plays a part in my habit of overdressing because I like to show off, to display my fashion style since I look better in women’s clothes than I do men’s, something that’s also fun as I just love strutting about in a skirt and heels, it’s a highly intoxicating feeling. To everyone reading this piece, regardless of your level of commitment to freestyling, if you wear just one article of clothing or go the whole hog like I do, it’s important that you take pride in your appearance when out in public. That you put a premium in being knowledgable about fashion and looking your very best, because you’re setting an example to the whole world for men who wear women’s clothing, and that example should be we CAN look tasteful and stylish in the clothes we choose to wear and not odd, freakish or embarrassing. I don’t mind admitting I obsess over looking my best, I never go out unless I am, so, if that results in being occasionally overdressed for the surroundings I happen to be in, I don’t mind that at all. If anything, I’m rather proud to say I overdress, like everything when it comes to freestyling, it’s a thrill. Opinions?
  4. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Well, I wear a women’s 13 wide, and those boots are a 14 regular as Pleaser footwear doesn’t come in wide widths.
  5. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at what I found at that thrift shop. I'll have to visit there again in the future.
  6. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Yes, ive measured the heels, and they do indeed clock in at four inches, a comfortable height for walking and standing for prolonged periods.
  7. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Thanks! I bought it at a thrift shop for all of four bucks. The brand in question is Liz Claiborne and, remarkably enough, it’s a size 10, and it fits like a dream!
  8. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #423, 2/19/2018: Contrary to popular belief after my last few outings, I still wear skirts, after all, they’re THE key component to my being a fashion freestyler. Heck, if I hadn’t migrated from jeans and pants to skirts (and later, dresses), I would’ve gotten bored just wearing heels and stopped altogether, so, just because I sported leggings of late doesn’t mean I’ve given up my bread and butter garment which I love wearing. Anyhoo, since I had off for President’s Day, I decided to head north to Parx Casino for a little fun, garbed in my black faux leather jacket over a red crewneck sweater, a 19 inch denim pencil skirt, black tights, the Bellini “Sable” booties and a black handbag. A tad overdressed for battling one armed bandits? Most definitely, but then, I overdress for most of my outings, blame that on my obsession with presenting my best possible image when out in public, and I take that objective VERY seriously because it feels damn good when I look good. But I digress. I made a note to arrive at Parx after twelve noon so I’d eat lunch before I hit the casino floor with the paltry sum of money ($80) I brought along to spend foolishly. And spend foolishly I did, visiting an old friend first in a Sex and the City one cent machine when I spent over twenty minutes, winning a little here, losing a little there, I eventually got lucky (figuratively speaking) and won close to seventy bucks before I cashed out. I moved on to several other penny machines, but wasn’t quite as lucky as I had been on the SATC machine, still, I managed to score another sixty bucks or so before I decided to call it a day and headed back to town. Flush with that cash, though hardly a windfall, I swung by Rittenhouse Square and strolled down to One Liberty Place for my regular indulgence of a cup of hot chocolate at Saxbys which, as I’ve said once or twice is really good, as usual, no one took notice of my attire, which is a good deal to any the least, more reinforcement of how well I blend in with my surroundings, either that or people just don’t care about what I look like. So, there you have it, I’m still very much wearing skirts, and wearing them well and proudly. It’s the only way to go, save for when I’m wearing leggings proudly. Heh! More to come....
  9. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    jeremy1986: Hmm! I must say that hadn't occurred to me. Well, what can you do? Heh! canadianbeaver17: Thanks! I do as best I can. SkirtDude: Thanks for the comment. I'm working on a piece about my growing love for earrings as I freely admit I don't feel dressed for a jaunt without them. MackyHeels: I greatly appreciate what you wrote. It's always good to get compliments about what we wear, especially from women. Jaunt #422, 2/18/2018: I had two objectives in mind for the jaunt I went on yesterday: 1) to see Black Panther which I missed out on yesterday because I didn’t want to stay out long on Saturday, what with messy weather on the way, and 2) to go out in a sweater and leggings which I’ve gotten hooked on of late as I sported a magenta top with denim jeggings which I bought at, of all places, a drug store while looking for cough drops, my black, faux leather jacket, the Pleaser “Legend” four inch heeled thigh boots and a black handbag. I don’t mind admitting I look damn good in women’s clothes, and snug fitting leggings are sensational on my long legs, as for footwear, I went from ankle booties to knee highs to thigh highs with leggings, an intentional increase of shaft height, proof positive there is always a method to my madness when it comes to freestyling. Heh! With part one completed, next came part two, going to see Black Panther. I went over the bridge to the multiplex at Moorestown Mall, even at 9:45, fifteen minutes before the first showing of the day, the parking lot was already pretty full, and there was a line at the ticket counter, however, I managed to snatch up a ticket for the 10 a.m. showing and got to see the film which I thought was absolutely great, one THE best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. After the film, as I was on my way out, two black men in their mid twenties on their way in (no doubt to see BP) looked me up and down, and one of them said, “Yo, old head, bad ass boots!” I chuckled and thanked him. Nothing like a compliment. I went into the mall for lunch, and to be seen. Now, it’s rather rare for women to be seen wearing thigh boots in public, for a man to be strutting around in the damn things, especially boots with stiletto heels can be head turning to say the least, however, I didn’t attract much in the way of attention, even on a Sunday in a mall packed with shoppers. So, after a light lunch of a chicken salad sandwich with a bottle of water, I wandered through the mall, no big deal at all, and while I shouldn’t be surprised at getting practically few reactions to my appearance, that still happens from time to time, I guess I’ll never fully get used to not being ogled at by the world at large. Call that a testament to my obsession with wanting to look my very best so I can blend in with my surroundings, even in an outfit I’ve only worn for the fourth time ever, and I’m pleased with that. More to come....
  10. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    The buckles were what sold me on those boots. By the by, they also come in brown.
  11. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hmm! I might have to give that ensemble a try....minus the facial hair which is a major turnoff for me. Meanwhile.... Jaunt #421, 2/17/2018: So, two weeks have passed since my last outing, eh? My, my, how time flies when you’re dealing with lousy weather on weekends. Actually, today wasn’t fully pristine as snow was in the forecast for mid-afternoon, making my outing shorter than I’d like, but I still managed to go out and about, garbed in my black leather jacket over an oatmeal colored sweater tunic, black leggings with a pleather panel down the side (both from Old Navy), a black handbag and my latest footwear acquisition: Pleaser “Dream” four inch heeled knee boots. As you can see in the link, those boots with the buckle adornment makes them look super sharp while the heels were good and loud on the pavement. All in all, these are probably the most dynamic boots I’ve worn that weren’t thigh highs. As for the leggings, I have to say they’re pretty darn fun to wear, moreso than I thought, now that I’ve done the long sweater/leggings combo a third time (twice in 2018), I’ve gotten used to how it makes for a great outfit, one I have no fear whatsoever wearing, and I feel bold in this ensemble too. Anyhoo, my outing took me eastward, first stop, downtown and The Rittenhouse Square area, the traffic was thicker than usual because of a crane lift on Walnut Street, but I found a parking spot and sashayed (I’ve practiced putting some sway in my hips when I walk, a necessity when wearing heels) to my friendly neighborhood comic book shop where I picked out the week’s newest books and yakked with the staff about the Eagles and their Super Bowl win over the hated New England Patriots. Then came a walk down Walnut to One Liberty Place, strolling past scores of people, none of whom gave me so much as a glance. Once there, I enjoyed a light lunch of a salad from Saladworks, a woman behind the counter, after giving me my change said, and I quote, “Have a nice day, Miss.” That made for quite a little surprise, in all the time I’ve done the freestyling thing, I don’t recall ever having been called by the female pronoun, but I didn’t mind, I just went with the flow, then went to eat. After I finished lunch, I treated myself to a cup of Saxbys hot chocolate which I’ve mentioned before is pretty darn good. Following an uneventful stroll back to my car, I motored over into South Jersey and drove to Moorestown Mall area and Staples where I bought a new flatbed scanner to use with my computer after my old one gave up the ghost a week ago. While waiting in line at the register, a little girl in front of me, no more than seven or eight looked me up and down with wide eyes. You’d think she’d never seen a middle aged man wearing women’s clothes before. Maybe because she hadn’t. While my outing wasn’t as long as I would’ve liked because of the weather (I wanted to see Black Panther), but I still had fun. In the meantime, look for future outings in leggings, the closest I’ll come to wearing tight jeans like I used to do before I went all in on wearing skirts. More to come....
  12. Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    Bought from Amazon.com late last year, and finally got around to wearing on an outing yesterday. It's the Pleaser "Dream" four inch heeled knee boots. The buckles on the sides made for quite a dynamic touch, and yeah, they were a dream to wear!
  13. The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Nahhhh! Raining cats and dogs. Maybe this coming weekend.
  14. Who has bought some new shoes

    Most impressive! I've always been of the opinion that it takes a special brand of boldness to wear red heels, and those pumps look terrific!
  15. I agree wholeheartedly with everything Shyheels said. The big time paradigm shift when it comes to men wearing heels publicly won't come from a fashion house or magazine, neither of which the ordinary male heeler bothers with, or, in some cases, probably isn't even aware exists. That shift will come from said ordinary male heeler being out there, being seen wearing what he likes and wearing heels proudly.