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  1. I know! I having lots of fun wearing that style as they make me look my best!
  2. I say, go for it! Wearing a little black dress is so much fun! Jaunt #517, 9/15/2019: With the Eagles in the national spotlight on Sunday Night Football against Atlanta, I figured I could get in an outing beforehand, garbed in an denim jacket over a black, floral print spaghetti strap dress, Payless “Paige” wedge heeled sandals in black and a handbag to match. The day started chilly, despite plenty of sunshine as I headed west into Springfield to Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a Brita water pitcher as I decided to ditch buying bottled water. Needless to say, I really love wearing dresses, and thin strap dresses with plunging necklines like what I wore on this outing are doubly fun as I get a kick out of showing off my “man cleavage”. Meanwhile, I’m determined to enjoy as many jaunts in sandals as I can before I have to put them away for the upcoming fall and winter season. By the time I headed east back into the city and downtown, it had warmed up considerably, so much in fact, I was able to take off the jacket, and that pleased me greatly because I could show off the dress which I looked damned cute in. After taking over thirty minutes to find a parking spot, two blocks from Rittenhouse Square Park, paid for my parking, put on my sunglasses and sauntered towards the park, feeling bold and even a little sassy in my ensemble among throngs of people enjoying the pleasant weather. At the park itself, the activity was incredible as a fine art festival was underway with dozens of stalls where artists, some having come from as far away as Florida and California gathered to display and sell paintings and sculptures. I slowly wandered about the stalls, seeing lots and lots of amazing art, all at prices I couldn’t begin to afford. While wandering about, I came across an older gentleman who looked to be in his late 60’s who grinned at me and said, “You look magnificent. Thank you for being here”. I grinned back and thanked him, it’s exceedingly rare to get compliments from men, young or old on my appearance, so I appreciate their words all the more. After close to thirty minutes wandering the stalls, I felt my stomach rumble, so I walked down some three blocks on crowded sidewalks to a pizzeria where I sought my favorite, chicken bacon ranch, but they didn’t have any, so I settled for a slice of barbecue chicken which I enjoyed with a bottle of water while watching NFL action on several large TV screens. Returning to the park, I found a bench where I got in some reading on my Kindle while people came and went around me for over half an hour before time came to pack up and leave. This was yet another fun outing, and with summer was on the wane, I plan to enjoy wearing strappy dresses and cute sandals for as long as I can, something I wouldn’t have said several years ago. More to come....
  3. I noticed that too. Makes me wonder what his shoe closet must be like. Heh!
  4. Jaunt #516, 9/14/2019: While I’ve worn dresses in numerous colors, save perhaps for purple and pink (and I wouldn’t rule out either), there’s a certain....something about black that really gets my motor running, I feel bold and dynamic when I wear black, and it’s no coincidence that I have more black dresses than any other color in my wardrobe. So today, I headed to the King of Prussia Mall in my sleeveless black dress from Sears, the Payless “Corey” semi-patent black flats and a black hobo bag. The dress, which I’ve had for something like two years now is both simple in styling but stylish and looks good on me in an uncomplicated way, as for the shoes, they’re so cute with the patent inserts on the toe and heel and are comfy for long periods of walking and standing. Oh, yeah, I’ve also started the practice of making sure all my jewelry, watch, neckwear and earrings were the same color, today, it was all silver plated. I’m just anal that way. I got something of a late start and arrived at the mall a little after 11:30 as the crowd was just building, there was a bit of a nip in the air outside which kinda sorta made me wish I’d worn a jacket (bare arms, yo), a reminder that it was mid-September and fall was right around the corner. At the comic book shop, I enjoyed a lively chat with the staff about Avengers: Endgame and how freaking great it was, I should know, having watched it three times now (twice in theaters, once on Blu-Ray), at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I bought a new water bottle for my bike and another for home, then, it was off to the food court where I had a salad and a bottle of iced tea. No pizza you wonder? Well, man cannot live on pizza alone, though the notion does occur to me from time to time, but I fight back the suggestion. Gotta maintain my girlish figure. Heh! My wanderings through the mall were uneventful as usual, I swung by Old Navy but didn’t see anything I liked, a rarity of sorts, however, I did find something at H&M that appealed to me, a long sleeved, short hemmed sweater dress which was on sale, so I went and bought it. Like I said, with fall on the way, it’s time to think about attire for cooler weather to come, just when I had gotten comfortable with and used to wearing spaghetti strapped dresses. Oh, well, them’s the breaks. I’ll also have to shift away from sandals which I’ve come to love wearing once it gets too chilly for open shoes, meaning pumps and plenty of outings in boots, both short and long. I’ll be looking forward to that. More to come....
  5. The most narrow part of the heel clocks in at 1 1/4 inches wide at the bottom.
  6. Here's what I purchased from Nordstrom, the Halogen "Aster" sandals in white with 3 1/2 inch wedge heels which I broke in on an outing yesterday. Even though they were only medium width, they were pretty comfortable and easy to walk in, and they just plain looked sharp!
  7. Jaunt #514, 9/7/2019: For everyone who follows my thread (and I appreciate everyone who does), you know I’m all about the numbers which helped me chronicle my journey from mere heeled to full blown fashion freestyler, so, here’s a new number: 64. What does it mean? Well, it has nothing to do with that old Beatles song, especially since I’m only 60, rather that’s the number of outings I’ve undertaken in dresses, officially eclipsing the times I’ve worn jeans which had been permanently frozen at 63 since I last wore them on April 28, 2013, and, as I’ve said before, I don’t miss that at all, having dedicated myself to skirts and now dresses. Meanwhile, with the weather crisp and cool, I sported a Lee dark denim jacket over an Old Navy floral print spaghetti strap dress, a white handbag and new shoes, the Halogen “Aster” sandals in white with 3 1/2 inch wedge heels from Nordstrom, yes, friends, I said Nordstrom, a high end store. With Payless out of business, I needed a new source for shoes, and since Nordstrom offers size 13, I checked their website to see what they had and found these cute sandals, discounted from $89.99 to $53.99, so I decided to take the splurge and was glad I did. While I like my Payless stuff, there’s nothing like genuine leather shoes which fits like a second skin, the sandals paired perfectly with my dress and were comfortable, despite not being a wide width, heck, the wedge heels even made a satisfyingly loud sound on the pavement, a welcome benefit. What about them being white, AND it was after Labor Day? Pfft! I didn't care about that, not one bit! Just call me a fashion rebel! My destination for the day was Sears at Moorestown Mall as my new glasses (from my eye exam on August 27th) were ready for pick up, so I went straight there to get them, once again, the staff was accommodating and professional as they warmly welcomed me, presented me with the new specs and thanked me for my business. I found that to have been very nice. After lunch in the food court (a slice of chicken bacon ranch pizza with a bottle of water), I returned to Sears for some shopping, but all I bought was a silver plated women’s watch. The reason? I wanted to have a silver watch to pair with silver jewelry, just as I have a gold watch to pair with gold jewelry. Yeah, I know, just a tad anal, but that’s how I roll. From there, I drove to Cherry Hill Mall, by then, temps warmed up considerably, so I ditched the jacket and strolled into JCPenney to look around. Another aspect of my ongoing evolution as a freestyler is that I no longer fear wearing a garment with a plunging neckline, or displaying plenty of skin (front and back) in a thin strapped top or dress, and while I don’t have breasts, I’m proud to show off my man cleavage, sure, that could be seen as exhibitionism, I don’t care, it’s what I like, so I flaunt what I have. Like at Sears, clothing wasn’t on my agenda as I bought three sets of boxed jewelry, that being pendants with matching earrings (the latter I kept after I returned home as I’m contemplating having my ears pierced) for just under $45.00. Not too bad. Ditto for a leisurely walk through the mall as I drew no attention from shoppers. Par for the course. A good day all around. More to come.... Jaunt #515, 9/8/2019: If its early September, that means its time for NFL football, which means Sunday outings will be far and few inbetween, if they happen at all, save for when my Eagles are on their bye week or play on Monday night. However, I did have time before the season opener to run a couple of errands, but hey, any excuse for a jaunt, even a short one, so I donned an Old Navy denim jacket over a black floral print spaghetti strap minidress from same, the Payless “Terri” ankle boots in black and a matching handbag. The temps were crisp, just under 70, thus the jacket, so pairing it with a short dress and short boots was an experiment for outfits I’ll be wearing when October rolls around, and I’m already ready to fiddle around when it comes to outfits to put together. Heading west into Springfield, my first stop was to Acme to buy a few non perishable odds and ends, more than a few shoppers were wearing Eagles green, something that made me wish I had worn my short sleeved green swing dress instead. Oh, well, maybe next time. My next stop was next door (kinda sorta) at Home Depot as I needed to buy heavy duty contractor trash bags to stuff weeds in from the backyard, and believe me, there are plenty of them there. UGH! Next up, fun stuff, and no place better for that than Best Buy for ogling gizmos and gadgets, my idea of a good time. I wasn’t in the store more than ten minutes when a member of the store’s loss prevention staff, a thirtysomething black woman walked up to me and, with a smile said, “I’m really digging your outfit, it looks awesome on you!” I grinned back and thanked her, as always, it’s certainly good to get compliments, especially from women, that tells me I’m doing something right when it comes to my appearance. With a purchased copy of Avengers: Endgame in my purse and the Eagles’ season opener only thirty minutes away, I returned home. It was pretty cool to wear a short dress, albeit on a short outing as I had fun showing off my long legs. Even though I’m 60, I’ll match my legs against any woman, any time as I have timelessly gorgeous gams which I’m damn proud of displaying. More to come....
  8. Everything you said I agree with fully. For me, it's more about quality instead of quantity when it comes to my outings, and yeah, time is a concern since I work five days a week and only have weekends (no more Sundays starting tomorrow with the new NFL season kicking off) and vacation time to go out and about. As I've said here more times than I can recall, I'm fairly well obsessed with looking my best when I wear women's clothes in public because of the importance of presenting a proper image as a fashion freestyler. Regarding Josh being edgy and trendy, I rather like that in his pictures, it's his style and I can appreciate that.
  9. Thanks! I do as best I can! Well, Josh has facial hair, I don't since I prefer being clean shaven. He also wears (UGH) jeans, something I haven't done on my outings since 2013. Otherwise, Josh and I demonstrate that men can wear women's clothes AS MEN and NOT look freakish. I like what he does.
  10. Well, now, THAT’S certainly interesting! He sure has style!
  11. Thanks! I’ve worked hard over the last two years to both lose weight and shape up my physique so I’ll look my best in skirts and especially dresses. Meanwhile, being called “Miss” is kinda cool, I don’t bother correcting anyone who addresses me with that pronoun, maybe they think I’m transitioning from male to female because of the clothes (and the shoes, and the handbags, and the jewelry, and the infrequent use of lipstick) and don’t want to offend. In any event, it’s no big deal. I know! Incredible, isn’t it? When I started this thread way back then, the notion of wearing women’s clothes from head to toe on my outings, as a man, flat out never occurred to me, at the time, I thought it was enough just to wear heels. Boy, was I ever mistaken! Sometimes, I tend to think I obsess over my style, but, if I’m going to do what I do, then it’s crucial I look my absolute best, and that constant attention to detail has paid huge dividends in my evolution as a fashion freestyler.
  12. Jaunt #513, 8/31/2019: I guess that the more I wear women’s clothing in public, the more natural and, in turn, commonplace it becomes, and for me, that makes things more enjoyable as I come and go as I please with no problem whatsoever, a pleasurable experience indeed. This outing was no different as I sported a short sleeved, floral print dress from Sears, the Trotters “Eli” woven slip-ons in black and a black satchel bag. A bit fancy you ask? Sure, but I wanted to look fancy, a key part of how much I enjoy freestyling, showing off my style. The dress had a nice silhouette and was a tasteful length for public consumption while on the footwear side, I decided to wear something other than sandals which had been my shoe of choice all spring and summer. My first stop was to a suburban computer store halfway between my neighborhood and King Of Prussia to purchase a piece of hardware for my computer, I placed the order for the item online at home earlier in the morning, so all I had to do was go to the store and pick up same, I was there some ten minutes and that was that, and I was on my way further west to KOP. I arrived at the mall close to eleven thirty, just as the crowds were starting to build for the day. The fun of strolling through a mall full of people, attired in womenswear and going ignored by those throngs was a sign that I was either accepted for my appearance which I strive to make tasteful and appropriate for the surroundings I’m in, or those people were just too wrapped up in their own affairs to care about a guy parading around in a dress, and, that’s just fine by me. Lunch in the food court was a salad and a bottle of water from Subway, gotta have variety, no chicken bacon ranch pizza for lunch all the time, though I’ll admit to being sorely tempted. Heh! Now, I also have to admit I wasn’t totally ignored, at the candy shop where I go for my mini gummi bear fix, a female member of the staff in her twenties greeted me with a smile, called me “Miss” (I’m a regular there) and said she liked my dress. I smiled and thanked her. Speaking of which, I did buy a charming dress at Primark that was a tad daring, but I liked the style, with any luck, I’ll show it off before it gets too chilly. By the by, while I was on my way home, I found myself thinking about fall, what with September literally right around the corner and what sort of dresses (and footwear) I’ll be wearing as the days grow longer and the weather turns chillier. I’m most eager to see what happens next. More to come....
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