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  1. Speaking of variety, I mentioned that I had been out for seven hours on Sunday, but, I should point out that not ALL that time was spent on my feet, that way lies madness. Take away an hour in Starbucks, two hours in a multiplex watching Wonder Woman, two hours on a park bench and around thirty minutes in Barnes & Noble, plus time spent in my car driving from place to place, and I was only on my feet standing or walking for just an hour. It's all about planning. Heh! By the by, speaking of comfort, I read about a fix on the internet that's supposed to help wearing heels easier and less excruciating. It's said that if you tape the third and fourth toes together, preferably with medical tape, or, in a pinch, scotch tape, that helps alleviate the pain from wearing heels, especially enclosed shoes like pumps. I don't know if you've heard of this, but it sounds intriguing. The next time I wear pumps, I'll give it a try.
  2. I know, right? But then, I kinda march to the beat of my own drummer. Heh! Thanks for the kind words, nzfreestyler. Much appreciated. As I've mentioned numerous times in this thread, I spend a goodly amount of time planning what I wear before I leave on an outing because I obsess on wanting to look my best while in public. Regarding the outfit I wore Sunday, I originally planned to wear the Payless black "Tawny" slides which have a three inch wedge heel, but I decided instead to wear the "Karmen" pumps instead, mainly because I wanted to look classy. On the issue of heel height, I do a lot of standing and walking on my outings, so comfort is important, and those three inchers with their rounded toes are perfect for lengthy expeditions. Lastly, the skirt came from Sears, and I have six more of that style and length, both in patterns and solid colors, and even though they're lined, those skirts are delightfully light and airy, perfect for spring and summer, even on the hottest day, I feel cool and comfortable in them. I tell you, wearing skirts of all kinds is so much fun, it's crazy! I can't get enough!
  3. Google "men in heels" and, more likely than not, you'll see lots of pictures of handsome, virile, often bearded men in their twenties and thirties usually wearing outrageously high, usually platform heels. Rarely, if ever, will you find handsome, virile, often bearded men in their 40's, 50's or older sporting plain, dull, but sensible three inch pumps. Heelers of a "certain age" are out there, this site is proof of that, but we never seem to enjoy our moment in the sun. Age discrimination, it's awful, guys!
  4. sf: I guess because King of Prussia is so huge a mall and packed with people, I felt that being there on a jaunt could be, well, challenging, even though that was my seventh time there in a skirt, so perhaps it's not too imposing after all. SkirtDude: Thanks for the kind words. I do have pencil skirts, I'll get around to wearing them, trust me. Cali: Yes, some young kids have noticed, but even those are infrequent, so it's no big deal. Mr. X: I have contemplated having my ears pierced, but, I'm not quite ready to make that big a jump. At least not yet. Jaunt #378, 6/25/2017: In the aftermath of Saturday morning’s storm, Sunday was sunny, warm and pleasant, giving me the excuse I needed to go out on a jaunt, and because it was Sunday, I decided to dress up, sporting a black crepe blouse, a black and white print skirt, the Payless “Karmen” pumps in black patent and a black handbag. It had been quite some time since I last wore the Karmens, especially during the warm weather months as I've been satisfying my slide and sandal fetish, still, it felt good to wear a proper pair of heels, even if said shoes were only three inchers, but they amped up the style on my outfit, and I wanted to look classy. My first stop was to Starbucks in the University City area where I relaxed with my e-reader and a tall cup of iced tea for little over an hour, there was a good crowd in the store, I did get a quick glance from a twentysomething guy, but that was it. From there, it was over the bridge and into South Jersey, my destination the multiplex at the Moorestown Mall to see Wonder Woman which I thought was terrific , well worth all the kudos the film has gotten. Driving back into town, I swung by the Rittenhouse Square Park area to relax and get in more reading, Sundays are a great day to be in the park, and to be downtown, especially in spring and summer because the entire area is absolutely alive with throngs of people, and I enjoy being part of that crowd. I put a strut in my walk, enjoying the clicking of my heels on the sidewalk and the atmosphere of the park as I found a bench and sat down to read. After a bout a couple of hours, I retreated to Barnes & Noble to enjoy a croissant and a bottle of water, then returned to my car and headed home. I had been out for close to seven hours and had a great time, in fact, it was hard to call it a day and go back home because I was enjoying myself and wanted to stay out longer. It was then that I realized just much I loved wearing women's clothes and shoes, and how important being a fashion freestyler had become to me, and how I've embraced that passion like nothing else. But, on the drive back home, I was already planning my next outing and what to wear. I can't wait for the next jaunt. More to come....
  5. Jaunt #377, 6/24/2017: After a stormy start to Saturday, the sun quickly came out and the day turned sunny, nice and delightful, which meant it was time for a jaunt, my destination for the day was King of Prussia, and I decided to push the envelope just a little bit, garbed in a black blouse, an olive chino skirt, the Payless “Stacia” low wedge sandals in black and a black satchel bag. The envelope pushing came from wearing sandals at KOP for the first time, the other push were earrings which you can see below, modest in style, but the gold color still made them stand out. I have to say that the earrings really made my outfit pop and were a perfect accessory to complete my ensemble. Once upon a time, I said I wouldn't leave the house unless I had a handbag on my shoulder, today, I'm fast starting to think I won't feel dressed unless I have earrings on as I've quickly come to enjoy how they look on me. Thanks to Thighbootguy for broadening my horizons when it comes to accessories. But I digress. I arrived the KOP shortly before twelve noon, admittedly, I had no idea how did be received, wondering if people would notice the sandals or the earrings, and that made me just a wee bit nervous, but I didn't let that stop me from leaving my car and walking into the mall. After only five minutes, it didn't take long to realize that I worried needlessly as no one paid me a lick of attention, par for the course when I go out and about in women's clothes and shoes, and this outing was no different from any of the others. After fifteen minutes or so in the comic book shop, I headed to the food court which was plenty packed, but no one gave me so much as a glance as I bought a six inch turkey breast sandwich and a bottle of water from Subway and dined at my leisure. After I ate, it was off to JCPenney which was in the middle of a store closing sale, and I went in to see what struck my fancy, I would up spending well over half an hour there, before I settled on a knee length button down denim skirt, a dressy blue sleeveless blouse that caught my eye, and, lastly, a short sleeved, low cut, purple knit dress. Now, you might be thinking, what in the hell am I going to do with a purple dress? I have no idea, at least not right now, but I'll think of something, the dress only cost $8.00, making it hard to resist. My next stop was to Primark where I wandered about before buying a tan satchel bag, I recent bought a pair of the “Stacia” sandals in tan, and I needed a bag to match. I wound up spending nearly five hours at the mall, and went ignored by the scores of shoppers there, at times, I found myself wondering: “Is it supposed to be THIS easy?” For a middle aged guy to wander through the largest mall on the East Coast in a skirt and not raise so much as an eyebrow was more than a little surprising to me, even though that was my seventh trip there. I know I should be LONG used to reactions, or rather, the lack of reactions by now, however, that surprise didn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying my outing. For the umpteenth time, I guess this meant I did something right when it came to my appearance, and that I look so good in women's clothes, I'm accepted for my appearance, and that's certainly NOT a bad thing. More to come....
  6. Nice shorts there, Mr. X! Well done!
  7. joeshaw: I'm glad you found my thread to have been an inspiration to you in your own journey as a fashion freestyler. Since other members have already offered lots of good advice, there isn't much I can offer except to continue going forward in your journey and, above all else....ENJOY YOURSELF. I began my journey as simply a heeler, but when I discovered the joys of wearing women's clothing, and how it looked good on me, there was no turning back, nor did I have any desire to do so, and that's only enriched the overall experience for me. I live my motto: "I don't want to look like a woman, I just want to dress like a woman" each and every time I go out, I exude confidence because I take great pride in my appearance since I know I look good. And, as long as you display confidence in your look, you'll go far, I guarantee you that. Oh, by the way, the only you'd be "jumping in the deep end" would be if you wore that leather pantsuit outfit in Phoenix which is only slightly warmer than hell right now, otherwise, you look great.
  8. HA! I'm almost always thinking about dresses which I love to wear when the opportunity presents itself, and you presented quite the intriguing idea, especially for a night out on the town. I'm sure I could make your suggestion work!
  9. TBG: I thought you'd like that. Heh! SkirtDude: Nahhhh! No wig or lipstick for me. I'm perfectly content with my look as a freestyler. Thanks for the kind words. As I mentioned, it was too hot yesterday for anything fancy or fitted. nzfreestyler: Thanks for the compliments. Like with everything else, I put a lot of consideration into the accessories as they complete the outfits I wear. It was good that my first experiment with earrings worked well, now I'm eager to wear them more and experiment with other styles. Oh, yeah, it's been mentioned that blue suits my complexion. I agree.
  10. Jaunt #376, 6/18/2017: Even though the official first day of summer is three days off as I type these words of wit(?), the heat was still hot, what with off and on sunshine and temps in the low to mid 90's with some oppressive humidity. Still, that didn't stop me from going out on a brief outing to run a couple of errands, and, considering the conditions, I dressed down, sporting a blue t-shirt, the gray denim miniskirt with the distressed hem, the Payless "Noble" flat sandals in black and a black handbag. Nothing fancy, it was too darn hot for that sort of thing, oh, yeah, I wore something new which you'll notice in the accompanying pictures....earrings. Thighbootguy suggested in previous posts that I try them, and after he sent me several pairs of clip-ons, I went with a small gold plated pair, just to see what, if anything would happen. My first stop was to Acme in Springfield to pick up a few odds and ends (sparkling water), while I was in the aisle putting several bottles in a basket, a fiftysomething black woman came up to me and said she liked my earrings and that they looked nice on me. Whoa! That was fast! Anyway, I grinned and thanked her for the compliment. Leaving Acme, I headed down the road to Best Buy as I needed to buy a wired mouse for my computer. Short story, the wireless rodent was out of juice this morning, and I didn't have a backup to use while I recharged the main one, so I decided to buy an old fashioned wired mouse to have on hand as a spare. Of course, being in Best Buy, I could leave without gadget ogling, and the air conditioning was a nice bonus as well. At the checkout counter with my rodent ($7.99) and a Blu-Ray copy of John Wick, Chapter 2, the cashier, a twentysomething woman said, and I quote, "Cool earrings! You rock!" I chuckled and thanked her for the kind words. Two compliments inside of an hour, a definite first for me. Not bad, not bad at all. Oh, yeah, icky hot and humid days are perfect for wearing short skirts as I felt perfectly cool and comfortable, and I got to show off my legs to boot! While I went ignored otherwise, I have to say I enjoyed the earrings as they certainly changed the way I looked, even in my purely casual guise. Perhaps earrings will become a regular part of my ensembles for outings as they were fun to wear. We'll see. More to come....
  11. I'll see what I can do after my 400th jaunt.
  12. Well, I wasn't a statistician in the Navy, but I appreciate numbers!
  13. Google "runway fails" and you'll get scores of videos about models rumbling, stumbling and bumbling. In most of the cases, the models were wearing stupidly high heeled and/or ridiculously impractical shoes, but the end result is the same----disaster!
  14. To add to this post, be careful and aware of the surface you happen to be walking on while in heels. Wood, carpet, asphalt or pavement is one thing, but waxed tile floors in stores and malls can be downright treacherous when wearing stilettos, a wrong step and your foot could slide out from under you, leading to embarrassment and a sore behind. I've yet to have that happen to me, thank goodness, but I came close a time or two, and even a near fall or a momentary stumble can be mortifying because it feels like the eyes of the world is upon you.
  15. WOW! Graphs! Color me impressed! I'll have to see about upping the ante on the thigh boots!