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  1. Let's hear it for TBG, the man in black!
  2. Speaking of anime characters who wear nice heels, I give you Sailor Mars from Sailor Moon with her gorgeous red pumps:
  3. The first picture got a chuckle out of me. Heh! As for the second picture, I'm sure you could find something a good deal more stylish than that.
  4. No way, no how! YIKES! I got cold just looking at that picture!
  5. Must be! I wouldn't wear sandals below 60F!
  6. Well, I certainly do as best I can, I won't deny that. You were right about everything you said, my style is indeed reserved for my outings and not day to day dressing, I wish it could be more, like wearing my outfits to work, but I'm rather limited while I'm still doing the 9 to 5 rat race thing. However, I have envisioned and toyed with the idea of throwing away all my men's stuff and wearing ONLY women's clothes and shoes 24/7 after I retire. That would be fun.
  7. miroseplant: The notion of wearing sandals in cold weather is a non-starter for me as I put mine away after October, perhaps sooner depending on the weather, and it's no big deal for me as it allows for a smooth transition back to pumps and boots for the cold weather months to come. TBG: I understand your reluctance to branch out from boots, and that's okay. For me, I wanted to expand my horizons in every way possible when it came to footwear, and that led to my interest in sandals and slides which I quick came to enjoy. At least give them a try and see what happens. HappyinHeels: Better late than never for me when it comes to sandals. Funny thing is, I like low to flat sandals more than higher ones, they just look better to me. Steve63160: For me, I love wedges when it comes to sandals and slides, I find them fun and fashionable.
  8. Way, way back when I first started wearing women's shoes, I only wore pumps and boots, that was what I liked and what I wanted to wear, the concept of wearing any other style was completely alien to me. And the one style that was most alien to me were sandals. Back then, I had absolutely zero interest in wearing a shoe that wasn't a "closed" style like pumps and boots, on top of that, I just didn't like what sandals looked like as I found them unattractive. However, as with every aspect of fashion freestyling that eventually led me to wearing skirts full time on my outings, I found myself curious about sandals when I saw a platform wedge style at Payless Shoe Store that intrigued me, so, to satisfy that curiosity, I bought a pair which had a near five inch wedge heel and found that I liked how they looked, both when I wore them with jeans, then with skirts, and that left me even more intrigued. In time as I wore those sandals more, the more I came to overcome my dislike of them and started buying different styles. I came to appreciate just how stylish sandals could be, especially with my skirts, from flats to low heels to four inchers, I quickly became enamored with sandals because they looked good on me, something I found surprising. As an aside, I came to love one particular sandal style, they being wedges, I found them to be kicky and fun to wear, ditto for four inch high espadrille like wedges which were super cool to me. Then there were slides which I liked even less than sandals, seeing them as THE most impractical shoe ever, but again, curiosity gripped me when I experimented with the Payless "O'Malley" four inch platform wedge slide and found that liked them, heck, I liked them so much that I bought them in four colors. Now, in 2016, I was so nuts about sandals and slides, they were all I wore during spring and summer, I just couldn't bring myself to wear any other shoe during warm weather months, and that was mostly unintentional. But, in the spring and summer of 2017, it's going to be intentional as I plan to wear ONLY my sandals and slides because I love them so much. How crazy am I for sandals? I currently have eleven pairs in my collection with two more on the way as I type these words of wit(?) along with ten pairs of slides, so I have no reason to wear anything else once the weather warms up. Quite the startling turnaround in my mindset from a few years ago when I couldn't stand wearing such shoes, now they're an important staple of my summer wardrobe, and I'm plenty excited about that.
  9. Well, yesterday's snowstorm wound up being not all that. Instead of that predicted 6 to 12 inches, we only saw five inches in the city thanks to lengthy periods of sleet and freezing rain. But I'm not complaining since it could've been a good deal worse. I'm happy about that.
  10. Regarding Yuja's shoes, they look like hidden platform pumps with, I'm guessing are six inch heels. In a word---WOW!
  11. TBG: 6 to 12 inches is nothing. THIRTY inches in one day back in January 1996 was stressful.
  12. Not to worry, I don't anticipate going to work on Tuesday, so I'll be safe and sound at home. I've got a full larder, over sixty pounds of rock salt and plenty to do to keep busy while cooped up.
  13. Jaunt #360, 3/12/2017: With a nor'easter on the way, threatening to dump anywhere between 6 to 12 inches of snow on Tuesday, followed by the start of March Madness (the NCAA men's college basketball tournament) two days later which will occupy my weekends well into April, I figured I'd better head out on a jaunt before fate denies me the opportunity for awhile. And since it was Sunday, I thought I'd dress up, wearing my black leather jacket over a gray turtleneck, the black a-line midiskirt, black tights, the Pleaser "Vanity" knee boots and a black handbag. Because it was plenty cold outside, the outfit was not only stylish, but kept me nice and warm as well, it should also be noted that this was the first time is goodness knows when (August? I'm not sure) that I wore heels higher than the 2 1/2 inches on the Payless "Martinez" booties which I became obsessed with since fall, so I was having to reacclimate myself to wearing real heels again. It was no big deal really, but there was a definite comfort level to wearing lower heights, including flats, just part of my overall evolution as a fashion freestyler. Still, it was fun to wear stilettos again. I drove into downtown, parked a couple of blocks from Rittenhouse Square Park and strolled there, even on a chilly Sunday, there was still a good crowd in center city, more than a few people were wearing green because of a St. Patrick's Day parade in the area. Walking into the Barnes & Noble, I went upstairs to the second floor cafe where I indulged in a light lunch while doing some reading on my nook e-reader, after little over half an hour, I left the store, walked casually back to my car and drove over into South Jersey and the Cherry Hill multiplex where I watched Kong: Skull Island. The only thing better than a good old fashioned monster movie is a good old fashioned monster movie with Samuel L. Jackson in it, and it was damn good. Just as everywhere I go these days in women's clothes, no one paid me any attention, not in a crowded multiplex, not even in a bustling men's room as I nonchalantly walked in to take care of business, washed my hands then walked out, pretty as you please. As long as you display the sort of air that says whatever you happen to be wearing is no big deal, including a skirt and heels, you'll be treated accordingly. And I'm living proof of that. More to come....
  14. The last round of handbag pics:
  15. Wow! Very bold! Color me impressed!