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  1. Yes! I couldn't agree more! He has style, flair and, more importantly....boldness! Traits I greatly admire and appreciate in heelers/fashion freestylers.
  2. JeffB

    My outings...

    Agreed. I've said this before, heels are, for me, part of the outfit, not the reason for same. Couldn't have said it better. To that end, I've re-evaluated my heel wearing, opting for comfort over style because I do a lot of standing and walking while out and about. These days, I rarely wear anything over three inches and am perfectly content with flats, especially in spring and summer when I sport my flat sandals.
  3. JeffB

    My outings...

    chesterx: Like you, I've gotten comments from women from time to time who complimented me on being able to wear heels when they can't. I suppose that could be due to medical issues, or perhaps they never ventured beyond a couple of inches or so. It's really hard to know the real reason.
  4. Jaunt #537, 1/4/2020: The weather on my first jaunt of 2020 was less than ideal, what with overcast skies, drizzle and mild temperatures, but that didn’t stop me from going out. However, the conditions forced me to change my plans on my destination, because it was so damp and gloomy, I decided it would be a good idea to be indoors, and that meant the King of Prussia Mall, sporting a black moto jacket over a black mockneck, a 15 inch distressed camo miniskirt, black tights, the Payless “Riot” combat and a black satchel bag. The skirt was one of three that came from the Juniors department at Sears which I bought a couple of weeks ago, like the leopard print mini I wore on my last outing, this camo, a style I had been interested in for years, was extra large, but it fit perfectly well, and, more importantly, it looked good on me. Christmas decorations were still up in the mall when I entered the place, but the atmosphere wasn’t a fraction as festive as it had been a couple of weeks ago, however, there was still a good crowd inside, and, as usual, I went ignored as I went about my business of wandering about. In the comic book store, I got into a spirited discussion with a co-worker and another customer about who was the best big screen version of the Joker, I had Jack Nicholson (Batman), the co-worker had Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and the customer had Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), we all argued the pros and cons of our choices for a good ten minutes and it was great fun, while we never came to a consensus, we all agreed that Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) sucked eggs as we all hated his performance. Following lunch at Subway, I was sitting in a rotunda next to Nordstrom checking my email, nearby were a couple of twentysomething women playing on the Nintendo Switch, when they finished and rose to leave, one of them smiled at me and said, “I really like your style!”, I smiled back and thanked her. I would wander through three department stores (Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s) gazing at womenswear, imagine how I’d look in the clothes I’ve grown very fond of being in, unlike menswear which I find boring as sin, but, it was at Old Navy that I actually bought something, that being a gray peacoat (on sale) to utilize as contrast for when I wear black turtlenecks and sweaters. It’s all about fashion in its myriad forms. My last shopping stop of the day was to Primark where I bought a couple of skirts, one short, the other long, both of which I look forward to showing off in the weeks to come, by the by, while I was in the store, a fortysomething black woman said she liked my earrings, which I found to have been cool. So while the weather outside was mildly frightful, the jaunting indoors was absolutely delightful, still, I look forward to being outdoors on my next adventure. More to come....
  5. Pretty darn cool! Well done!
  6. It should be more like "Life is too short to wear poorly fitting shoes that hurt your feet". Nothing more complicated than that.
  7. An interesting chain of conversation that I find intriguing. Everyone here knows I wear women’s clothes top to bottom, openly and proudly as I evolved from a heeler to a fashion freestyler. Does that make me a crossdresser? Maybe, I’d say that depends on one’s own perspective, I don’t wear wigs, padded bras or makeup, and despite my infrequent dalliance with lipstick, I have no interest whatsoever in looking like a woman, all I care about are the clothes and shoes, and that’s more than enough for me. As for the question of wearing sparkly, silver sandals, I’m of the opinion that shoes in colors like silver of gold should be saved for parties or similar social functions, not for more casual outings.
  8. Yes they were, and I will. A pity Shoes of Prey went belly up before I could try other styles, like their boots. Thanks for the kind words, bluejay. Jaunt #536, 12/28/2019: Since this figured to be my last outing for 2019, I thought I’d dress up for a trip to the King of Prussia Mall, my ensemble being my wine faux leather moto jacket over a black mockneck, a 15 inch leopard print denim skirt, black tights, the Payless “Martinez” ankle boots in black and a black hobo bag. I mentioned in my previous outing that I had bought three skirts while at Sears, what I didn’t say about those skirts was that they came from the Juniors section of the store. I was in the market for short skirts because I had a fondness for wearing minis since they accented my long legs, so I came up with the idea of looking through the Juniors section as the clothes were for smaller females than what Misses wore, so it stood to reason the skirts would be shorter too, so I took a flier on them. It should also be noted that because the sizes were smaller than Misses, I had to buy extra large instead of large as I didn’t think the latter would be big enough for me, and that gamble proved correct. Whew! Of the three skirts I bought, the leopard print which caught my eye first was easily the most striking, and, in my opinion, the most daring in a visual sense, and that attracted me greatly, and besides, it looked great on me. Driving to the mall, I arrived shortly after eleven a.m., unlike my previous trip two weeks earlier, it wasn’t as crowded and bustling since Christmas had came and went, I can only imagine how off the charts insane it must’ve been there on Christmas Eve with multitudes of desperate shoppers frantically looking for gifts to buy before the big day, the mere thought of all that relentless consumer madness gave me a shudder. Between the brightly hued jacket and the short, leopard print skirt, I was pretty darn colorful, especially for late December, so I figured I’d be noticed for a change, but, much to my mild surprise, I went ignored, despite my appearance, I suppose I should’ve expected that, however, I thought sure my ensemble would draw the attention of others, but that wasn’t the case. Oh well, them’s the breaks. In the food court, I gave a couple of guys an endorsement for the Subway beef brisket sandwich which I’ve had a time or two or three, they took my suggestion and would later thank me because they enjoyed the sandwiches. Ahh, it’s nice to be helpful. Now, I didn’t go totally ignored, while walking past a rotunda with a huge tree bereft of it’s Santa Claus, a twentysomething woman walking past flashed me a thumbs up and said, “Cute skirt!”, I grinned and thanked her. Getting compliments from women on my appearance never gets old, let me tell you. Later on, at Old Navy, a shopping destination of choice, I bought two dresses, one for winter, a second for summer. Not that I actively took note of how long I spent at the mall, but it came out to a shade under four hours there, covering practically every square foot of the place, wandering in and out of shops and department stores to window shop (for women’s clothes of course) and had a great time as I always did while at KOP. When I think about how far I've come in my outings at the mall, from heels under long jeans to womenswear from head to toe, I'm both amazed and pleased with my progress, and evolution as a fashion freestyler. More to come....
  9. The very first time I wore leggings, if memory serves, was around late 2011, but it wasn’t an outing I designated as such back then, rather, I wore them as tights with a short skirt on a particularly cold Saturday. I don’t recall why I had bought them as I was a tad perplexed about leggings which were basically footless tights, but thicker, still, they kept my legs warm (paired with knee boots), so it was all good. At the time, I was still learning my way around the variety of women’s clothing and wasn’t familiar with leggings, so I studied up on them online and learned that women wore them like pants or jeans, pairing them with sweaters or tunics, either long or short, something I saw as mildly remarkable. That led me to wonder if I could wear them in a similar fashion, but was unsure if I had the fortitude, or the desire to try. A year later, near the end of 2012, Christmas Eve to be exact, I decided to give leggings a try on a designated outing, pairing them with an oversized men’s sweater (at the time, I had yet to make the switch to wearing women’s tops full time on my outings) and knee boots. Self-conscious about letting my, er....frontal anatomy and rear end show, I made sure the sweater, from the men’s big and tall department at K-Mart was long enough to cover both, and while I thought it was a decent look that I managed to pull off, I was lukewarm on it at best, especially when compared to skirts which I had gotten hooked on, so, as a result of that indifference, it would be six years before I’d return to leggings. Over those years, having watched women wear leggings almost year around, and not just in the fall and winter when temperatures dropped, I become interested in them again, in 2018, I gave them another try, but, I still sported long sweaters and tunics (though now women’s tops) with them, however, unlike before, I quickly came to love how I looked in leggings, most notably black leggings, especially in the way they emphasized my long legs, making them look deliciously sleek, and when I paired them with ankle boots which I had developed a fondness for wearing, I found the combination to have been absolutely dynamic. Before I knew it, I had worn leggings 13 times and enjoyed each and every outing, the overall look had really grown on me in a big way. The more I wore leggings, the more confident I became in them, most notably to the point where I took what I considered as the bold gamble of wearing a sweater that didn’t cover the front and back, which I did back in late November of 2019. Just as leggings emphasized my legs, they also made my rear end look great, and I wanted to put it on display for all to see, just like women do when sporting tops of regular length. Going on an outing downtown, then over into South Jersey to hit the malls at Cherry Hill and Moorestown, I made sure I was seen as I had nothing to hide, and I had a darn good time. Just like with skirts and later on, dresses, I came to realize just how enjoyable it was to wear leggings, how they brought out the exhibitionist in me when I show off my ass in a short sweater, something that might become the norm. While leggings aren’t for everyone here, they’re now a full fledged part of my wardrobe rotation, something I’ll take great pride in wearing from here on out.
  10. Jaunt #535, 12/27/2019: Even though I had given up wearing pants and jeans over six years ago in favor of skirts and dresses, the lure of leggings is as strong as ever as I’ve come to truly enjoy wearing them. Anyhoo, with errands to run before returning to watch college football, I headed out into Springfield in a black quilted vest over a light gray sweater, black, fleece lined leggings, the Shoes of Prey “Savoca” pumps in black and a matching handbag. There’s something about leggings, especially black leggings that emphasizes my long legs and makes them look, well, sexy, and that makes feel sexy, and that’s a great feeling indeed, as for the pumps, even though the heels were only three inches, the style of the shoes paired well with the leggings to present a stylish look, however, I must admit it felt a wee bit, well, odd to wear pumps since it had been quite a long time since my last outing in such shoes. Then there’s the sweater, because of it’s regular length, it puts my butt on full display, as a freestyler, I have nothing to hide, so why not show off my assets? My first stop was to Burger King as it was twelve thirty when I arrived, and I was starved, so I partook of the Impossible Whopper which was the chain’s meatless burger, and it’s plenty darn good, this was the fourth time I’ve had it and I’m impressed with it. From there, I went to Acme supermarket to buy a few non-perishable odds and ends, I approached the main entrance at the same time as a young mother with twin boys, no older than three or four in tow, and both of them stared up at me in wide eyed shock as if I had three heads and was breathing fire like one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons on Game of Thrones, something I found humorous. In the store, I was in the condiment aisle looking for ranch salad dressing when I came up on a guy who was kinda sorta dragging his feet with a shopping cart, when he heard my heels on the tile, he stepped aside and said, “Sorry, Miss”, but when he saw I wasn’t a Miss, he gasped then said, “Whoops! My bad!” With a grin, I nodded and said “No prob” in passing. Of course, he had no way of knowing I didn’t mind being called by the feminine pronoun. My next stop was to my home away from home, Best Buy for no other reason than because I loved ogling all the gadgets and gizmos, yeah, it’s a weakness, I won’t deny it, meanwhile, I didn’t come away emptyhanded as I saw something that drew my attention, an Amazon Echo Show smart clock, intrigued, and since it was only $60 bucks, I decided to buy it. (Aside: I hooked up my toy right after I returned home, and it’s pretty neat!) My third and final stop was to Bed Bath & Beyond for a couple of household items, but joined a group of shoppers for a demonstration of a spiffy new cleaning liquid, I was so impressed with the stuff and how well it cleaned tile, hardwood and carpet, I went ahead and bought a bottle. By the by, it should be noted that I was originally there to buy dish towels and some kitchen utensils, but I forgot about those things. Oh, well, there’s always next time. While it was a short outing, it was still enjoyable, any opportunity to wear women’s clothes and shoes which I absolutely live for and love is always tremendous fun. More to come....
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