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  1. Thanks, nz! I take every aspect of my freestyling seriously, and that includes accessories. I studied up and arrived at the conclusion that silver paired better with my turquoise dress than gold which looks great with black or red. Speaking of accessories, I’m thinking of pairing a gold wrist watch with gold jewelry and a silver watch with silver jewelry. Thanks! I honestly never thought I’d get this far, and if I were just wearing heels like I had when I first started out eleven years ago, I would’ve gotten bored and stopped long ago. Adding skirts, dresses and other items of clothing from the women’s side of the store has kept things fresh and fun for me. And I’m glad people here have appreciated what I’ve done in this thread over the years.
  2. Bought these shoes at Payless two weeks ago, the "Bree" flat in white. Sure, the chain is going out of business, but they're still selling shoes, in most cases, at discounts as high as 40 percent, and I found these to have been cute, so much that I bought a pair in black, spending a hair under thirty bucks for both. I wore the shoes on a jaunt yesterday, they were supremely comfortable and easy to wear, I'll be putting these shoes in my summertime outing rotation.
  3. Jaunt #499, 5/25/2019: So, here we are at Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer season. And, with that in mind, it was time to break out the white shoes, namely, the Payless “Bree” flats which I had bought a couple of weeks ago. Even though the chain is in the process of going out of business, they’re still selling shoes, doing so at discounts as high as 40 percent, as for why I chose those shoes, they caught my eye and I found them to have been cute, and, at $15 bucks, they were worth investing in, heck, because they were so cheap, I bought a pair in black. This is all part of my ongoing evolution as a fashion freestyler that I chose to buy flats instead of heels because I liked them, plain and simple, that’s just who I am when it comes to footwear these days, and I like that, a lot. Oh, yeah, as for what I wore with those cute shoes that were supremely comfortable and easy to wear, I sported a turquoise tank dress I bought from Sears, nothing too terribly fancy, it was both simple in design but stylish at the same time, and, more importantly, it looked good on me, and that’s why I wore it, because when it comes to wearing dresses, which I flat out love, by the way, it absolutely HAS to hit the bullseye, and, as you can see from the pictures below, I happen to believe it did. All told, it was nice and casual outfit that was tailor made for a Saturday, my first stop was over the bridge into South Jersey and Moorestown Mall where I had a light lunch of salad with a bottle of water, then I went to see Brightburn, which could be best described as "superhero horror" in a which a child arrives on Earth from another planet with Superman's power but Hannibal Lecter's hunger for violence. Scary stuff to say the least. Afterward, I wandered into Sears where I bought a couple of nice skirts and a somewhat daring dress that I’ll show off on a future outing. From there, I swung by the Cherry Hill Mall which is always packed on a Saturday, at JCPenney, I found a rather interesting dress that drew my attention, so I went ahead and picked it up, just wait until you see what I found. Sure, I'm still wearing skirts, my go to garment as a freestyler for years now, but dresses are clearly my future. I love how they look on me, and, more importantly, I love how I feel when I wear dresses, making for a personally enriching experience. More to come, including my 500th jaunt....
  4. Small steps to be sure, but those steps are being made I feel.
  5. Damn! Those shoes ARE gorgeous! I hope you enjoy them!
  6. Hmm! Interesting. While Gucci is WELL above what I can afford, I'm glad the company has taken such a bold step.
  7. Thanks much! The pleasure was all mine. I enjoy displaying outfits that make me look my best on my adventures for all to see.
  8. SF: Sounds like you had a good time. And, at the end of the day, that's the ultimate goal. Jaunt #498, 5/18/2019: Lucky me, it was a Saturday, and it didn’t rain, a constant of sorts the last couple of weeks. With sunshine and warm weather, I headed to the King of Prussia Mall in a black and white stripped jersey dress from H & M, the Payless “Geneva” loafers and a black quilted hobo bag. I felt like going casual, and that dress was tailor made for that purpose, and it was short enough to put my legs on display, something I enjoy when the mood strikes. Also, while it was warm enough for sandals, I liked the loafers with the dress more, I just thought that made for a better pairing. The mall was quiet when I arrived shortly after eleven, as is always the case, no one paid me any attention as I wandered about, and that’s fine by me as I sought to blend in with my surroundings. At the comic book shop, I spent a good ten minutes chatting with the store’s staff about Avengers: Endgame which I had seen last Sunday and enjoyed like crazy (relax, I won’t reveal any spoilers in case anyone here hadn’t seen it yet), then went to Dick’s Sporting Goods store where I bought a rear view mirror and a water bottle for my bike as it’s warm enough now to get in some riding on a regular basis, something I’m looking forward to greatly. From there, it was off to the food court for lunch where I had a special experience, that being a pizza flavor I never had before, chicken bacon ranch, and man, was that ever GOOD! Not to worry, I’m still fully loyal to my diet regimen and only had that one slice which I washed down with a bottle of water, a few years ago, I would’ve had two, perhaps three slices, but I’m more careful about my caloric intake these days. Over the course of my post lunch wandering, I was looking over dresses at Old Navy when a woman in her fifties said to me that she liked the necklace I wore, adding that it suited my complexion, pleasantly surprised, I grinned and thanked her, that was a very nice compliment, especially since my complexion wasn’t a concern when I bought the necklace, I just liked how it looked on me. Heh! By the by, I did buy a dress from Old Navy, followed by another from Primark. The more I wear dresses, the more I like them, the more I realize they suit who I am as a freestyler. I’ve said that I’m working up to the time when I’ll be all dresses all the time on my outings, but, I’m not there yet as I still enjoy wearing skirts, after all, they replaced pants and jeans which I haven’t worn on my adventures since mid 2013, and I don’t miss them at all. And, with warm weather in place, I’ll have lots of dresses to show off for everyone. More to come....
  9. JeffB

    Mr. X's travels

    Oh, myyyyyyyyy! That's quite a terrific outfit! Well done!
  10. Good to see you back in this neighborhood, Arctic! I hope all is well!
  11. kikepa: Well, I don't go the casinos to break the bank, I'm not that naive to think I can, I just go there to have some fun, and, on those rare occasions, I happen to come away with some coin. kneehighs: I'm planning something special for my upcoming 500th outing which might well be in the Rittenhouse Square area. Stay tuned!
  12. That was a cool article, and a nice look, even if that guy was wearing the darker version of Seinfeld's legendary pirate shirt!
  13. Whoa! At my advanced age (60), it's a struggle to stay up until eleven p.m. or even midnight, especially when I'm watching the local sports teams playing on the left coast.
  14. I've never had that sort of experience, haven't had men or women ask to try on my shoes. And since I wear a size 13, most women would look silly in my shoes.
  15. I couldn't agree more! I love the heft of a full bag on my shoulder, and I absolutely NEVER leave the house on an outing without one. And yes, more often than not, I make sure my bag matches my shoes. Heh!
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