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  1. I second that emotion!
  2. As someone who's found joy in moderate heel heights (I rarely wear anything over three inches these days), I'd certainly enjoy those boots if they came in my size.
  3. I'm envious. because of the hutch on my desk (which I very much need), I had to settle for a 21" iMac, but I don't mind as that screen is large enough for my meager needs as a computer user.
  4. Funny you should mention that, reminds me of this commercial from the the early 90's: Easy Spirit
  5. To call those things hideous would be an understatement.
  6. Never mind disrupting toxic stereotypes, yadda yadda yadda, $2,600 for THAT piece of crap? Seriously? I’ve seen better looking dresses at Wal-Mart! It probably cost all of ten or fifteen bucks to sew that thing in some sweatshop while the Gucci tag represented the rest of the cost. Hard pass!
  7. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. Well done!
  8. VERY nice, though I doubt they come in battleship (13 wide) size!
  9. Pretty darn cool. Glad to see you’re back out and about. Sounds like you had a good time.
  10. I think retail as a whole (at least in the States anyway) has been thrown into chaos because of the virus as it looked like stores were in the process of swapping out fall/winter stuff in favor of spring/summer stuff when the lockdown went into effect. Once the lockdown was lifted and stores reopened, there were lots of empty shelves everywhere as stores struggled to catch up, and only over the last few weeks, things appear to have returned to a semblance of pre-lockdown normalcy.
  11. Yeah, it sure sounds like she's complimenting you.
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