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  1. Sounds like me all over, and yes, I agree with that sentiment one hundred percent.
  2. Cute, stylish and comfortable, I enjoy wearing them.
  3. Well, we all have our crosses to bear. Heh! With my squad (local team Villanova) having bowed out, I'm throwing my support behind North Carolina. Oh, yeah, it was a fun experience, being just one of the guys yesterday. It was awesome! Jaunt #492, 3/24/2019: With local squad Villanova having lost to Purdue Saturday night in the NCAA Tournament, my enthusiasm for March Madness was dimmed somewhat, so I decided to take advantage of some sunny and mild temps for an outing, garbed in a black faux leather jacket over a long sleeved magenta swing dress, black tights (more for style than warmth), Payless “Missy” wedge heeled ankle boots and a black handbag. I know I’ve said this more than a few times in the past in this thread, but damn, it feels so freaking GOOD to wear a dress, and to think that years ago, I felt self-conscious to go out in public in a dress, today, it’s as natural to me as breathing, and a hell of a lot more fun. Is it any wonder I’ve contemplated wearing dresses full time on my outings. At this point, it's no longer a question of if, but when. But I digress. I motored over the Ben Franklin Bridge into South Jersey and my favorite multiplex, the Moorestown Mall where I saw Captain Marvel, admittedly, I didn’t have any allusions about enjoying this movie, but, it turned out that I did, it was a pretty good flick to say the least. Afterwards, I wandered into Sears where I treated myself to a couple of sleeveless, a-line dresses, tailor made for spring and summer, and a fashion freestyler can never have enough dresses for the season to come. By the time I left the mall, temps had reached into the low 60’s and felt warmer than I anticipated, so, after driving back into town, I swung by Rittenhouse Square, even though the trees were plenty bare, the weather was nice enough for scores of people to converge in the park like it was June or July to sit on the benches to relax and take in the scenery, just like I had, that is, when I wasn’t getting in some reading on my Amazon Kindle. I spent about an hour and a half in the park, having scores of people walk by without notice, though a twentysomething man nodded at me in passing, I guess he liked what he saw. The nice weather I enjoyed makes me eager as heck to swap out my fall/winter stuff a week or two from now in favor of my spring/summer clothing, especially all those seasonal dresses I have, and the sandals, flat and heeled to go with them. I can’t wait. More to come....
  4. Jaunt #491, 3/23/2019: Even though spring officially arrived at 5:58 p.m. on Wednesday, it hasn’t felt like spring as it rained all day on Thursday then was chilly on Friday, and chilly on Saturday when I decided to do a jaunt, AND enjoy March Madness (a.k.a., the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament). For this outing, I opted for my trusty black leather jacket over a dark gray turtleneck, the 15 inch black denim miniskirt, gray tights, the Payless “Ula” ankle boots and a black handbag. While temps were only around 40 when I left the house at ten with a stiff wind making it feel colder, I was still nice and comfortable, even in a short skirt as it never occurred to me to wear anything else, quite a sea change from years ago when I was very self-conscious about being seen in them, today, it's no big deal. My first stop of the day was downtown and the Rittenhouse Square area, swinging by my friendly neighborhood comic book shop for the week’s new books, then I strolled down a usually crowded late Saturday morning street to Barnes & Noble where I picked up the just released Sports Illustrated baseball preview issue featuring Bryce Harper, the newest member of the hometown Phillies along with three of his mates on the cover. When I went up to the counter to pay for my magazine, the person behind the counter, a twentysomething woman smiled and said “Oh, I just love your lipstick! That shade looks great on you!” I smiled back and thanked her for the compliment. My next stop was to One Liberty Place for an early and light lunch, a salad along with a bottle of water from Subway, on my way back to the car, I was at a corner waiting for the light to change, a fortysomething woman said I looked lovely and that I had “plenty of nerve” to wear a short skirt on a cold day (she was bundled up in a parka and jeans), I chuckled and said there was nothing to it, and she chuckled back. Two compliments from women in the span of thirty minutes, not bad at all. Now, where did March Madness come in? Glad you asked. Back in the car, I drove north to Parx Casino, arriving just before noon prior to the day’s slate of games staring which I watched in the facility’s sportsbook lounge, surrounded by plenty of college hoops fans, most of whom I’m guessing placed wagers on the games, I did too, but only on local squad Villanova which played Purdue at night, but just ten bucks on the Wildcats to cover the spread, nursing a tall glass of water on the rocks, I sat down to watch the hoops action for a good three plus hours, I even got into a spirited conversation with a couple of gentlemen, Duke graduates on how the Blue Devils were going to steamroll the competition and win it all while I scoffed, saying Virginia would be the last team standing, unless Villanova repeats as national champs, something those Duke guys scoffed at big time. That was a lot of fun, being just one of the guys, yakking about sports, despite being garbed in a skirt and heels, whether those other guys noticed, I had no idea. I’ll have to do that again, plenty of sports to watch there. More to come.... (Addendum: Villanova lost that night. Bummer.)
  5. JeffB

    Mr. X's travels

    Very snazzy there, Mr. X! You nailed it with that outfit! I could make something like that work (even though I don't have a purple handbag), but it's still too chilly here to go without tights. Well done, my friend!
  6. Thanks for the kind words! It hadn't occurred to me to express my feminine side through fashion, but, now that I think about it, you're absolutely right, and I certainly enjoy this particular aspect of my freestyling. As for short hemlines, I used to be self-conscious about putting my legs on display when I started wearing them years ago, today, I love miniskirts and minidresses and have zero problem showing off my legs in them. And, if people want to call me Miss, I won't bother to correct anyone. HA! By all means, go and buy yourself a pair! I enjoy mine!
  7. Mr. X: If I ever find a purple handbag in my travels, I will most definitely buy it!
  8. Here's the latest shoes I bought and wore on an outing today: the Walking Cradles "Minx" Mary Jane pumps in black leather with three and a half inch block heels which I ordered from Zappos. I've never owned MJ shoes and this offering intrigued me enough to order a pair, the styling was sharp, the fit was good and comfortable, and the heels were nice and loud on the pavement.
  9. Why indeed? I guess it all boils down to one's personal interpretation regarding when it comes to "looking like a woman". I'm sure there are members on this board who are of the opinion that by wearing skirts and dresses, sporting earrings, toting purses, and now, painting my lips, I stepped over the line from mere heeler to crossdresser long ago. But, I'm fine with that, I've said in this thread more than once that if I continued just wearing heels with men's clothing, I would've gotten bored and stopped, evolving to women's clothing on my outings reinvigorated and strengthened my love for freestyling. Hell, I'm having MUCH more fun now than I did when I started this thread a decade ago, and I'm not going to take a backward step. So, is my tagline 100% accurate? Upon further review, no, but that's okay too, while I have ZERO intention of adding makeup, wigs or padded bras to my repertoire, and I'm DAMN sure not going to physically change my gender, perhaps there's nothing wrong with looking like a woman....in certain ways of course. ******************** Jaunt #490, 3/17/2019: With March Madness (a.k.a., the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament) literally right around the corner, my weekends for say, the next month or so figures to be plenty busy spent watching hoops, so I decided to go out on a jaunt, because it might be awhile before the next outing. That said, I decided to treat myself to some culture by going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, garbed in a black leather coat (bought used on eBay for $60.00) over a forest green knit dress from Old Navy, off black pantyhose and a new pair of shoes, the Walking Cradles “Minx” Mary Jane pumps in black. The shoes which came from Zappos I had my eye on for some time, so I went ahead and bought a pair since they looked stylish, and the three and a half inch block heels were good and loud on the ground. As for the dress, since it was Saint Patrick’s Day, I just HAD to wear something green, the coat looked great too, and even though it was a tad wrinkled, I couldn’t wait to wear it. Lastly, as you can see in the pictures below, I wore lipstick today, and yes, I felt my appearance was complete because I did. Despite copious sunshine, it was pretty chilly out, making the difference between thick tights which I had worn a lot over the last couple of months and thin hosiery I sported on this outing particularly stark as I certainly felt the draft against my legs, fortunately, I didn’t have far to walk from the museum garage to the building itself, so it was all good. Even for a Sunday afternoon, the place was fairly well packed, something I found mildly surprising, but hey, it wasn’t a big deal, however, I was warmly greeted by several of the staff who quickly recognized me, no doubt because I strike quite the fashionable sight, one, a twentysomething Black woman smiled and said she remembered the pearls I wore from a previous visit which I found to have been cool. An hour into my visit, as I was entering the Modern American Art section, a couple of thirtysomething women were leaving, one of them looked me up and down, smiled wide and said, “Wow! You look amazing!” I smiled back and thanked her in passing. While it’s good to be accepted for my presentation by the public, it’s even better to be complimented and that made me feel terrific. This was why I work hard to make sure I look my very best, because when women go out of their way to compliment a man wearing a dress and heels, that means I’m doing it right, and that fills me with a tremendous sense of pride. Meanwhile, as usual, I spent well over three hours in the museum, always an enjoyable experience, and, as usual, I didn’t see everything there was to see, and believe me, I try my best to see it all. Still, that just gives me a reason to go back, and soon to check out whatever I missed, and more, it’s all about the culture, baby! I just soak it up like the proverbial sponge! As for when my next outing will be, your guess is as good as mine. Time for the Madness! More to come....
  10. Jaunt #489, 3/16/2019: Whoa! Hard to believe I had gone nearly the first four months of 2019 before my first outing in a dress, positively shocking, seeing how I’ve said that the next phase in my ongoing evolution as a fashion freestyler called for wearing dresses full time. Well, I corrected that oversight yesterday, going to the King of Prussia Mall in my black faux leather jacket over a light gray jersey knit minidress with a drawstring bodice from Old Navy, black tights, the Payless “Missy” wedge heeled ankle boots and a black quilted satchel bag. This brought up a few personal observations: 1) I had forgotten just how good it feels to wear a dress, how natural it feels, especially a short dress that showed off my long legs; 2) there was a particularly stealthy component to wearing the Missy boots which were practically silent as I walked, and I liked it; 3) I thought that my appearance was....incomplete because I didn't have lipstick on. I know I’ve said I don’t want to look like a woman, and believe me, I absolutely don't, but, at the same time, I can't deny that I’ve slowly come to like having color on my lips, I think it suits my overall, and unique image as a freestyler. Having arrived at the mall shortly before eleven, there was already a good crowd present as I moved about, all but whisper silent in the boots, something I have to say was a bit of a rarity given how I love my heels to be good and loud, noisy even. As usual, no one paid me any attention, not even in the short dress I wore, but, at a pizza store in the food court, I was called Miss when I stepped up to the counter to place my order (one slice of pepperoni with a bottle of water), something I didn’t mind, I consider that confirmation that I was accepted for my presentation, even if I was mistaken for the fairer sex, heck, Thighbootguy had said more than once after seeing my pictures that he honestly mistook me for a middle aged woman, so I guess complete strangers do as well. Hey, that’s kinda cool. At Lolli and Pops, an emporium of sweets where I treated myself to a small bag of chocolate covered pretzels for dessert, I was called Miss by a twentysomething man at the register, that’s twice in the same outing, not too bad. At Old Navy, they had some new and nice looking camidresses, and I treated myself to one (on sale for just under $24.00), I like that style, and with warm weather on the way, I’ll be most eager to wear it, and the ones I bought last year. Now, while I wasn’t called Miss at the register, the saleslady asked if the dress was for me, when I said yes, she replied that she thought it’ll look nice on me, I grinned and agreed with her. Being at the mall is quite an enjoyable experience, mostly because of how time just flies when I’m there, it’s no big deal to spend close to four hours there each and every time, regardless of if I buy a little, or I buy a lot. The bottom line is having fun, whether in a dress or a skirt, and I never fail to do that, each and every time. More to come....
  11. I found the article to have been interesting, even though I had been initially blinded by those lime green boots.
  12. JeffB

    Mr. X's travels

    Pretty cool outfit there, Mr. X. I must say my eye was attracted more to the purple handbag than the boots!
  13. Very nice and tasteful outfit.
  14. While I don't wear pants anymore with my heels, I must say that IS a nice look!
  15. To answer your question, it’s a lot easier to just wear my jacket or coat when I’m in a mall, the only time I’d take it off while indoors is when I’m having lunch in the food court. The pictures you see sans jacket or coat is so folks here can see what I wear under it.
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