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  1. Oh, things are slowly improving here in the city, heavy emphasis on "slowly". Don't hold me to this, but I'm working on the real thing which could be soon.
  2. Most interesting! Looks like a corset suits you, nz!
  3. Wow! That's awful! Hope it clears up soon!
  4. Well, the Philadelphia area came out of lockdown on a somewhat limited basis this past Friday, meaning retail stores could reopen. I wandered downtown on Saturday (non-jaunt) to see what was what, however, because of the riots here last weekend, practically nothing was open and EVERY storefront was boarded up. My god, I had never seen so much plywood in any one area in all my life. Bottom line, jaunting downtown looks to be a nonstarter for awhile. That leaves the malls I frequent, I'll travel to King of Prussia this coming weekend and see what's up there.
  5. It's been a mess. Sunday saw more rioting and looting, this time in minority neighborhoods, most notably, a shopping corridor only a mile east of where I live. The city's been on curfew six six p.m. yesterday, all businesses and mass transit was shut down, and the National Guard was called in. I was too young to remember the riots in the mid to late 60's, but this has the same nightmarish feel. I hope things will be calmer today.
  6. I suspect that NYC opening back up probably took a major league hit after yesterday's madness. The Philadelphia region was scheduled to come out of lockdown on June 5th, but downtown literally went to hell last night, so who knows what might happen in terms of new cases spiking. Stay safe!
  7. Seeing I haven't been to the barber shop since early March, I fear I'm gonna look like THIS guy before too long:
  8. Oh, my! I'd go with the Mork! Can't imagine you looking like Barry Gibb circa 1978 (top row left), ditto with a mullet or whatever the heck the one next to that is!
  9. Wow! That's certainly surprising!
  10. Actually, I'm closing in on TWO months since my last outing on March 8th. I wish I knew when the endgame (non-Avengers version) will be with the lockdown.
  11. Sharp shoes there! I always find it amusing when women ask how guys like us can walk in heels, as if it's some sort of magic we whipped up!
  12. That pissed me off royally. I blame the people at Mayo who kowtowed to Pence instead enforcing the rules and making him wear a mask, to hell with his position as Vice President.
  13. JeffB

    Shoe hates

    Wow! That’s crazy!
  14. JeffB

    Shoe hates

    Shoes with sky high platforms. I never saw or understood the popularity of those things which didn't look at all practical.
  15. And I'm sure the world thanked the U.S. for the 1918 Spanish Flu outbreak which killed millions and, despite it's name, originated in Kansas. I don't care about finger pointing, we all know what happened, where it happened and how it happened, instead, the focus should be on finding a vaccine for this virus.
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