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  1. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. I'll see about finding cable knit leggings this weekend. Nothing like a shopping expedition for lots of fun! HappyinHeels: After the Eagles were curbstomped in New Orleans 48-7 two months ago, no one, including me thought the Birds would even make the playoffs after they fell to 4-6. So, for them to have gotten as far as they had was an accomplishment in itself. I'm also hoping for a Chiefs-Saints Super Bowl, and that Andy Reid finally wins the Big Game.
  2. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Cable knit leggings, eh? Hmm! Interesting! I'll have to look for those! I'm sure I can make them work! Thanks for the suggestion, MackyHeels!
  3. JeffB

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    My latest acquisition: Payless "Zayden" over-the-knee boots in black faux suede. I wore them on an outing yesterday and found them comfortable and easy to wear, even though they didn't come in wide width. And, I caught a sale as they were on clearance and spent all of $15 bucks (normally $45) after shipping.
  4. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #483, 1/12/2019: With winter holding the region in its grip, along with snow on the way, I thought I’d get in an outing, even though temps struggled to crack 30, conditions were perfect to wear a miniskirt, nothing else came to mind for this jaunt as I wore a quilted, black coat with a fur collar over a dark gray turtleneck, my black 15 inch denim miniskirt, gray leggings, a black satchel bag, a light gray scarf and my newest footwear acquisition, the Payless “Zayden” over-the-knee, flat heeled boots in black faux suede. While the concept of OTK boots on a fellow who stands six foot two might be a bit of false advertising, nevertheless, the boots looked good on me and, more importantly, they were comfortable and easy to wear. Oh, yeah, I caught a great sale as they were on clearance, so I spent all of fifteen bucks on them before shipping. Pretty darn cool, eh? As I previously mentioned, it was awful darn cold outside, but I was good and warm in my outfit, thanks to the new coat, scarf (which I had fun wearing), leggings and boots, and I felt I looked stylish as well, I wouldn’t have left the house if I didn’t. When I don women’s clothes on my little adventures, I obsess over looking my very best so I don’t stick out like a sore thumb, hopping in the car, I changed up my usual routine and motored downtown and over the Ben Franklin Bridge into South Jersey and to the multiplex across from the Cherry Hill Mall where I watched the Transformers prequel, Bumblebee which I liked more than I thought I would. After the movie, I drove across the road to the mall, predictably packed on a Saturday afternoon for a late lunch at Saladworks in the food court, then I indulged in a long, leisurely stroll through the mall, winding up in the Apple Store where I checked out the newest incarnation of the iPhone X and MacBook Air, both of which I liked a lot, but all I left with was a $25 App Store gift card for myself, on my way back, I stopped in JCPenney for some more shopping, having come away with a cowl neck sweater tunic which I figure will look good with my leggings and cool looking poncho, I’ll be sure to show off both at my earliest opportunity. Driving back into town, I made my way to the Rittenhouse Square Park area and, after some twenty minutes spent looking for a space, I parked some two blocks away from the park and headed to my friendly neighborhood comic book shop where I enjoyed a lively chat with the staff about the Eagles’ win in Chicago last Sunday in the first round of the NFL playoffs before heading out with the week’s newest books. It felt chillier than it had been earlier in the day, but I was still good comfort wise, if anyone stared, I’m sure someone wondered how I could stand to wear a short skirt on such a frosty cold day, but I was nice and warm, again, wearing anything other than a mini was a nonstarter, regardless of the weather, that’s just how I roll. More to come....
  5. Really? Bummer! It would've been cool to have met you!
  6. Seventeen years, eh? Wow! How time flies when you’re having fun!
  7. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #482, 1/5/2019: The weather for my first outing of 2019 was considerably less than stellar, what with early morning rain, followed by a chilly and persistent drizzle, but I decided to go out anyway, garbed in my black wool coat over a turquoise turtleneck, a black denim miniskirt, gray tights, the Payless “Riot” combat boots and a black satchel bag. As is often the case when I go on a jaunt on a wet day, “If the streets ain’t dry, then my heels ain’t high”, thus the low heeled boots, but then, I’ve worn them on dry days because they’re both stylish and fun, plus they look good with a short skirt. Speaking of which, even though it was a raw sort of day, that didn’t dissuade me from wearing that mini as I had the tights which kept me good and warm. Since the conditions were less than ideal, I took the easy way out and headed west to the King of Prussia Mall so I'd be indoors the whole time. After all this time, well over thirty straight trips to KOP in skirts, dresses and now leggings, I’ve gotten so used to going there in women’s clothing, I can’t bring myself to wear anything else, I feel so comfortable freestyling at the largest shopping mall on the east coast, not to mention that it’s a lot of fun as well, and fun is why I do what I do. Arriving at the mall shortly after eleven, things were slow, and, as is almost always the case, no one paid me a lick of attention, something I never fail to see as a good thing, because that meant I was accepted by the public for my presentation, or, more than likely, no one cared about a tall, middle aged black man in a miniskirt, and that was okay too. After my first stop at the comic book store, it was off to the food court for lunch where I treated myself to a slice of pepperoni pizza with a bottle of iced tea, and it was mighty tasty, then I went about leisurely wandering through the mall, swinging into three department stores (Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Bloomingdales), checking out what they had in the way of ponchos as I’ve been intrigued of late about wearing them after having decided they looked good on me. While I didn’t buy anything, I did see a goodly number of nice selections to take under consideration for a future purchase. But, I didn’t come away from my mall outing empty handed as I made a stop at Primark where I bought a sweater, a second pair of black, velvet lined leggings which feel absolutely delicious to wear, and a cute, black quilted satchel bag (on sale for a mere seven bucks) which I figure will pair nicely with either my quilted vest or quilted coat. I’ll be sure to show it off at my earliest opportunity. On average, I spend around four hours at KOP, and the time seems to always fly because I have so much fun. More to come....
  8. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Well now, that was sure interesting! Thanks for sharing, p1ng74!
  9. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    In all the years I’ve worn women’s shoes, I’ve always measured the heels from the back, which I think (heavy emphasis on “think”) is the industry standard when it comes to measuring heels. From a visual standpoint, perhaps the combination of my height (6 foot 2) and my shoe size (13 wide) made those heels appear smaller than they really were. Thanks! I do as best I can as I love displaying my unique fashion sense. I’ve worn five inches on a few occasions, and while I never worried or cared about towering over the world, I did worry about bumping my head on a door frame which would’ve been embarrassing to say the least. These days, it’s rare when I wear anything over three inches since I do a lot of standing and walking and put comfort at a premium, and for me, that means wearing lower heels. Thanks, guys. I really like those SOP shoes. I only wish I could’ve bought more while I had the chance.
  10. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hmm! It never occurred to me that three inchers in size 13 might interpreted as being kitten heels. You're right, that is amusing. Meanwhile, to answer your question, I do all I can to look tasteful and appropriate for whatever environment I happen to be in, be it busy downtown streets or a crowded shopping mall, in fact, I obsess over that. I make a note to study what women wear from season to season and mimic their attire as best I can. Despite being a six foot two inch (before heels), middle aged black man wearing women's clothes, I somehow manage to blend in with my surroundings and not attract attention, mainly because I go out of my way to NOT look garish or extravagant. That's the important thing, to not draw attention to myself by not looking proper while in public.
  11. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Hmm! That IS an interesting looking outfit! I must just have to give that a try! Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Jaunt #481, 12/31/2018: Needing to run some errands before New Year’s Day, I decided to turn it into an opportunity to go on a jaunt, my outfit for the day being my black faux leather jacket over a mustard yellow sweater, black velvet lined leggings, a black handbag and the Shoes of Prey “Savoca” black leather pumps with three inch heels. This marked the first time I’ve worn footwear other than boots with leggings and the change of pace made for a nice look, as for the shoes, they were comfortable with the reasonable heel height and easy to stand and walk in. A pity Shoes of Prey appears to have gone out of business because they offered very nice shoes you could have custom made in regards to style, size, heel height, colors, the whole nine yards, and at relatively decent prices. As for the leggings, I make no bones about the fact I love wearing them, I love how they look on me, making my long legs sleek and sensational. Going west into Springfield, my first stop was to Acme for some non-frozen odds and ends, while in the bread aisle to pick up hamburger buns, I attracted the attention of a little girl, maybe six or seven who stared up at me with wide eyes, I grinned at her and she scurried off like I had suddenly grown a second head, I found that amusing. My next stop was to Bed, Bath & Beyond, a new favorite place to wander through, purchasing some microwaveable plates and bowls, dish towels and a 30 ounce aluminum travel mug to drink hot tea from at the house. Yes, I love tea, especially in fall and winter as it goes down real good on a chilly morning. I needed to buy a ream of paper for my printer as I was running low and planned to get it from Office Depot down the road, but, much to my surprise, the store had closed, so I doubled back and drove to Target where I did get a couple of stares here and there but paid no attention as I found paper and bought two reams which figures to last me quite a while. My last stop on the way back was to Best Buy, a place I can’t stay away from, given my love for all things electric and electronic, contemplated the merits of LCD sets over OLED before going to the register with a Blu-Ray copy of the recent Jennifer Garner thriller Peppermint. Since this was my last jaunt for 2018, looking back on the year, I was amazed at my ongoing evolution as a fashion freestyler, fully integrating dresses and leggings into my wardrobe, having decided that skirts alone weren’t enough. As for shoes, I went more than a little crazy when it came to wearing sandals, both flat and heeled, a trend that figures to continue come spring and summer of this year. It should also be noted that in the ten years I’ve been doing this thread, I’ve gone from just heels with men’s clothes in the beginning to women’s clothes, shoes, jewelry, outerwear, accessories, and I’m enjoying myself greatly. More to come in 2019....
  13. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    RonC: Well, I like my heels good and loud, and those boots filled the prescription quite nicely. Macky: My overall goal with that skirt was for a purely casual look. I have dressier skirts but opted for a casual appearance which had been my goal for that outfit. Mr. X: I liked those boots which also come in black, but I went with taupe as I sought to contrast with black tights which I wear regularly these days. bluejay: At first, I was skeptical about the distressed look, but I rather like it. Jaunt #480, 12/30/2018: As a dedicated fashion freestyler, a man who lives for and is passionate about wearing women’s clothes, I’ll try just about anything once, if but for no other reason than to see what it looks like on me and if I can make a particular item work enough to add to my wardrobe, or leave it alone. Today’s experiment was with an item of outerwear women have been wearing ever since fall rolled around....a poncho. I’ve seen women sporting all sorts of fashionable ponchos, solid colors, patterns, long, short, solid hems, fringe hems, crew neck openings, fur lined collars, all sorts of styles and that intrigued me considerably to the point where I decided I wanted to try one for myself. But, I didn’t want to spend too terribly much on an experiment, however, I did find a nice looking poncho for a mere $19.99 (before tax) from, of all places, the supermarket I regularly shop at. With sunshine and mild temps around the mid 50's, I paired my poncho with a magenta mockneck beneath it, black velvet lined leggings, the Payless “Terri” ankle boots in black and a new purse I bought from Burlington Coat Factory a few days earlier. Feeling in the mood for a movie, I headed for my favorite multiplex, that being at Moorestown Mall, after arriving, I opted to see Vice, a dramedy (don’t know what else to call it) starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney. The theater was pretty full, no doubt because Aquaman and the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse were still packing them in, as for the movie I watched, I found it surprisingly good as Bale turned in what I thought was a great performance as George W. Bush’s Vice-President. After the film, I weaved my way through a crowded lobby and into the mall itself which was mildly bustling, even after Christmas and strolled about, wandering into a large home goods store which I found to have been a cool looking place that had a good sized crowd in it, I even bought some odds and ends for my home office. Leaving the mall, I swung by Barnes & Noble where I helped myself to a cup of iced tea as it wasn’t all that cool, sipping it through a straw so I didn’t mess up my lipstick while I relaxed and read the latest issue of Sports Illustrated which I bought, then headed home to watch the Eagles play Washington in their season finale. I felt my poncho experiment was successful as I liked how I looked when paired with my leggings and ankle boots. Perhaps I’ll invest in a pricier poncho for a future outing. We’ll see. More to come....
  14. JeffB

    Who has bought some new BOOTS?

    My latest purchase from Payless, the "Waylan" ankle boots in taupe with four inch block heels (measured from the back) which I broke in on an outing to the King of Prussia Mall yesterday. Despite the height, the block heels were perfectly stable and easy to stand and walk in, and even though they didn't come in wide width, the boots were still comfortable.
  15. JeffB

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Thanks for the kind words! Speaking of coats, check out what I sported below: Jaunt #479, 12/29/2018: The last time I had been to the King of Prussia Mall was two weeks ago and the place was hustling and bustling and was even more crowded than usual, what with scores of people shopping for Christmas gifts and kids eager to spend some quality time with Santa. Four days after the holiday, while there wasn’t the quite the same level of hustle and bustle, the place was still crowded as I went there on an outing, garbed a black quilted coat from Sears over a black turtleneck, the 15 inch distressed denim miniskirt, black tights, a black satchel bag and my newest acquisition from Payless, the “Waylan” ankle boots in taupe. While the boots sported four inch heels (a height I rarely wear these days), the block style made them stable, easy to stand and walk in, and although the boots weren’t in wide width, they were still comfortable. By the by, several years ago, I wasn’t old on wearing ankle boots, today, they’re my go to style in fall and winter, easy to pair with skirts, dresses and now leggings. I arrived at the mall shortly after eleven and strolled right in, I got a couple of second glances, but nothing more as I went about my business, which included buying the newest comics at the comic book store after tearing myself away from Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was playing a TV on a wall in the rear of the store. After swinging by a retro record (as in LP) store which had loads of vinyl, both new and old, it was off to the food court for lunch which was almost a full house as I bought a six inch turkey sandwich and a bottle of water from Subway. After my meal, I went to nearby Primark where I bought a couple of long sweaters I figure will go well with my leggings, my latest fashion passion, spending just over twenty bucks, not too bad. What I enjoy most about being at KOP, even more than actual shopping is just wandering through the mall to see and be seen, to take in the sights and the atmosphere of the place, and even when I don’t spend all that much money, it’s still great fun to be there. As for being seen, I still remember how nervous I was about wearing a miniskirt in public, mainly because of how self conscious I felt, and the notion of sitting in the damn thing and having it ride up on me made it a nonstarter back then, but today, I love wearing short skirts and showing off my long legs, hell, I didn’t care about having the mini ride up when I sat while at the mall, it was no big deal. I wound up spending some three hours at KOP which included a stop at Old Navy where I bought a nice scarf, something that would definitely come in handy with winter having just settled in and many cold days to come where I could put it to good use. While wearing a short skirt in the dead of winter might not be too terribly smart (at least ninety-five percent of the girls and women I saw at the mall wore jeans, pants or leggings), it’s still great fun, as long as you properly insulate yourself from the elements, you can nice and warm. More to come....

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