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  1. I can, I just like doing some things old school. Hmm! Stand in line to get compliments. Now why didn’t I think of that? 😆
  2. The money order was to renew my membership at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Me? Back in jeans? Nope, not happening. So, you can relax. Jaunt #565, 10/25/2020: So, after a springlike Saturday that allowed me to wear a tank top (with a light denim jacket), wouldn’t you know chilly temps returned on Sunday, in other words, kooky weather. However, that didn’t stop me from indulging in another edition of “Errand Sunday”, I simply dressed for the condition, they being cloudy skies and temps just under 50, sporting a black puffer vest over a steel gray cable knit turtleneck, black, vel
  3. As someone who's found joy in moderate heel heights (I rarely wear anything over three inches these days), I'd certainly enjoy those boots if they came in my size.
  4. Jaunt #564, 10/24/2020: I’ll admit to being a creature of routine, and part of that routine for me as a fashion freestyler calls for me to swap out my spring/summer attire for fall/winter clothing in early to mid-October as it usually turns nippy in my neck of the woods around this time. However, because it’s 2020, predictably, the weather has been a tad....unpredictable as temps today felt more like spring than fall, so I adapted for this outing by wearing a dark denim jacket over a black tank top, the camo print denim miniskirt, black tights (more for fashion than warmth), the Payless “Marti
  5. I'm envious. because of the hutch on my desk (which I very much need), I had to settle for a 21" iMac, but I don't mind as that screen is large enough for my meager needs as a computer user.
  6. Funny you should mention that, reminds me of this commercial from the the early 90's: Easy Spirit
  7. Thanks for your support, guys. Much appreciated, and I mean that. I just do what I do, wear the clothes (and shoes) that I like, and go about it the best and most tasteful way I can.
  8. That, in my mind, would entail wearing wigs, full makeup and padded bras, none of which, I will ever do.
  9. Jaunt #563, 10/17/2020: Well, it looks like fall has fully arrived. After a rainy and yucky Friday, temps nosedived on Saturday, when I left the house at 10 a.m., it was only 47 and it felt just as nippy, so I prepared for the conditions by sporting a black wool peacoat over a gray drawstring dress from Old Navy, 100 denier black tights, the Payless “Martinez” black ankle boots, a black handbag and a matching mask. Despite the chilly temps, I felt quite comfortable in the short dress, well, short for me at six foot two, the coat provided plenty of warmth, as did the thick tights, meanwhile, I
  10. To call those things hideous would be an understatement.
  11. I know, right? Chances are that might never happen again! Hmm! Interesting! I'll have to experiment with that!
  12. Well, under the circumstances, that was the only answer I could give. Heh!
  13. I know. Plenty wild, eh? Just one of the reasons I enjoy my outings, that being the unpredictability of it all, just like life itself.
  14. Jaunt #562, 10/11/2020: Before I get down to the nuts and bolts of yesterday’s outing, I’d like to report up front that no one asked about my underwear. Heh! I’m still amused about that encounter, one that might well never happen again, but, you never know. And now, back to our regularly scheduled outing, as today is Sunday, that means it’s time to run errands, something I’ve come to enjoy, and this one was no different as I headed west into Springfield wearing a magenta mockneck sweater from Old Navy, the Hue black cropped leggings, the Payless “Bree” black fabric flats, a black handbag and a
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