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  1. While that sucks, you can look at the silver lining and buy more heels...
  2. 100% that's a positive comment!
  3. Decided to go out Monday morning. Figured I would take care of some shopping, go to a few stores... Was thinking of wearing some 4" block boots, and got started trying to find the best outfit for it, the proper jeans and sweater. However, during the hour I was trying on different combinations (which itself is quite a bit of fun!), I found I was actually much more comfortable in my 4.5" not-quite-stiletto boots. Had a specific set of jeans in mind, but found that it was too long, the end of the jeans were almost dragging on the floor, and when I'm walking around the jeans tend to slide down just a bit, causing the end of the jeans to drag on the floor, something I really don't like. So I rolled up the bottom of the jeans an inch, making the length perfect. Looking at it, I quite liked it, with the light-blue stripe at the bottom of the jeans. At the end, when I was happy with it, the super-annoying self-talk started, but this time I recognized where it will lead, and I shut it down. Got in the car, went to one of the stores, parked, got out, and decided to check out a dollar store which was across the parking lot. Walked over, walked in, looked around. I felt so powerful in those heels, so perfect. Was just a tiny bit self-conscious. I knew the heels showed, and anyone looking would recognize something is not quite right... Bought some stuff, paid and left. Went into a grocery store, spent ~30 minutes buying stuff, paid and got back out. Drove to a coffee shop, worked for an hour. Usually it's very difficult leave home. Once out of my house, it's difficult to get out of the car. Once sitting in the coffee shop, it's also hard to stand up and walk out. But today things went splendidly, walked around, did what I needed to. Came home, and just smiled to myself.
  4. The outfit looks great! Hopefully we'll all free comfortable wearing that, for now I'm still progressing towards that. But definitely not something to laugh at.
  5. OUTING: I tried to wear my boots on Sunday, but when it came down to it I talked myself out of it. It wasn't anything fancy, a 4" very chunky-heeled pair of shoes, at first glance you can barely tell they're women's shoes, but they're comfy. Not sure why I didn't go through with it, but I was really disappointed. So I planned this great outing for Monday to make up for it. When it came to going on Monday, I spent a lot of time on positive self-talk, but it was taking forever and my anxiety didn't leave. With time running out, I got a bit pissed off, "they're only shoes!", put on some jeans, a pair of 4.5" bit-thicker-than-stiletto boots and went to a coffee shop to work a bit on my laptop. Not my original plan, but salvaged the opportunity. Once I sat down, the full heel became visible, and there's no way to deny what they are. When I got there, I jumped out of the car without delay, walked in, bought my stuff, sat down at an outside table, and worked on my laptop for an hour. Didn't give myself a chance to analyze things to death in the car. The shop had lots of people in it, and the people going in drive-through could also easily see me. I didn't care. At the end, some conclusions: - Self-talk sucks. My problem is thinking too much. Paralysis by analysis. - I felt amazing, standing in the shop, walking around a bit. Top of the world! Powerful and "just right". - No one said anything. **THESE** are what I need to remember, not the anxiety caused by the imaginary potential comments from a bunch of random people I will never see again.
  6. Sorry to hear! They both look fantastic!
  7. I wish I could clock 200 hours in a pair of heels... Would be so happy! :) Maybe one day...
  8. OUTING: Had a chance to go downtown yesterday. Found a quiet spot and changed into my ~4.5" chunky boot, my favourite right now. I was pretty comfortable after the initial first steps, and spent ~30 minutes just walking about. The sun was going down, so it was half dark, but crossed streets, walked by others. Didn't get any comments, nor did I hear anything related to me. Didn't want to change out of those shoes, so to go home, got on transit, and came home. It was a thrill! One unusual experience though. I'm walking along, minding my own business, mainly focusing on not tripping in my heels, when I heard a girl behind me in what I thought was laughter. She kept "laughing", and I was getting more and more self-conscious, but worked hard in not ruffling my feathers. Eventually she passed me, at which point I noticed that she's not laughing but was instead crying. She walked by paying no attention to me. Just another realization that everyone is wrapped up in their own world. I never found out why she was crying...
  9. Thanks. Agree that women don't tend to wear heels, which makes it even more difficult for me to do so. One realization though... I do karate, and sometimes on the way to/from my workout, I will stop by a store and buy something, in my workout gear. Completely different cloths, completely non-standard, but I feel perfectly comfortable even though I stick out like a sore thumb. I've been reflecting on this a lot, comparing why I feel fine dressed like that, but completely self-conscious when I put on a pair of heels that you can barely see...
  10. Not a fan of the face-decoration, gives the wrong impression... Otherwise, way to go!
  11. I'm now somewhat comfortable in coffee-shops, downtown, but am still looking for a lot more opportunities where I get the feeling that wearing heels is appropriate and would fit in if a woman were wearing it. Not a lot of opportunities unfortunately. I guess I just need to make sure that my attire is appropriate for the situation, and I'm still figuring that out. I'm very self-conscious when wearing heels, regardless of where I am, but that'll probably pass with time. @Jkrenzer: "wearing heels to boldly going where no man has gone before". Love this! :)
  12. That ad is just a sample, it's not the exact shoe I bought. The one I bought is size 10, women's. Fits perfectly.
  13. This broke my brain. Rings completely true... For whatever reason, I'm overwhelmed by the responses in this thread, and need a bit of time to reflect... Thanks.
  14. I don't have a story here, but your story is awesome!
  15. haha, noticed my wording, "these guys" for a pair of 5" heels ... :)
  16. https://www.tradesy.com/i/boutique-9-black-btstrut-leather-bootsbooties-size-us-8-regular-m-b/22036267/ Second-hand store, $15. Those straps are really nice, except the lowest one, which goes around the heel, that I really didn't like, but nothing a small pair of scissors didn't fix. Now it only has 4 straps, the entire heels show, and the shoes are amazing & comfy.
  17. I have my small backpack over my shoulder. It's also my comfort-item when heeling...
  18. Use the captions (CC button on YouTube), and have them auto-translate to English (gear icon next to CC).
  19. I've been thinking about this a lot recently. Traditionally, I mean over the past decades I've been (trying to?) wear heels, I've tended to go to parks, or out at night. Parks: I feel like a deviant wearing heels in a completely out of context place. No one (your average woman) would wear heels to a park, unless perhaps block heels only a couple of inches high. Night: Granted this is a lot of fun, but still often feel like I'm out of place, or doing something bad. Coffee shops: I've found some bad places where I feel completely uncomfortable (near industrial parks, with a lot of trucks and their drivers) while I've also found places where I feel much more comfortable (suburban areas). Outside during day-time: Infrequently able to do this, but with the right footwear and cloths, I'm comfortable. However, I am barely seeing heels being worn by anyone. "Downtown" is far away. Malls would be good, maybe I'll try that. Do you guys have any suggestions where heels would be more seen, where your average heel wearer (man/woman) wouldn't stick out as much? Just trying to find places where I can wear heels where I wouldn't feel like a deviant, although I understand that feeling is coming from within, not without.
  20. It's been a while... August was busy, both in terms of "life" and "heeling". Found time to go to the movies once, in 4" block heels, dark jeans, it wasn't busy so noone cared. I was loving it. Have also bought some nice shoes along the way. Recently bought a nice pair of boots, 4" heel, but 1" soles which are a bit thick. Aside from the heels, they could pass for guys shoes. Of all places, Walmart, as I accidentally saw them. Very comfortable, barely can feel the lift, and they almost feel like regular guys shoes. I got so excited about the boots that I went to a coffee shop to do my work wearing them. The outfit I think worked beautifully: loose hanging dress shirt, white t-shirt, light coloured jeans, and light-brown boots. Walking I doubt the heels were noticeable, but when sitting I'm sure the entire thing showed. I was a bit nervous but my goal right now is to find a comfortable pair of heeled boots that I can easily walk in, and try to wear it outside as much as possible. I'm sure people notice that they're heels. My goal is to get used to being outside wearing heels, but not worrying about feeling physically uncomfortable, or tripping someplace, or walking weird, etc. Once I'm comfortable being out and about, then I'll experiment, wear higher heels, or stilettos.
  21. Had some luck again yesterday. Bought these guys for $15, a few signs of wear, but nothing big. Fit awesome, very comfortable. https://www.tradesy.com/i/boutique-9-black-btstrut-leather-bootsbooties-size-us-8-regular-m-b/22036267/
  22. Haha, thanks! I doubt I'll be strutting anytime soon (it's not one of my goals), but definitely have more to go, and your support helps a LOT. OUTING: After my previous outings above, had another chance a few days later. Wore my usual jeans and my current favourite black 4" chunky boots, with about 1" showing. They are very very comfortable. Decided to walk to a nearby store to buy some essentials, about 2km away. It was early evening, with people going home. Went along the sidewalk with cars and other people passing by, crossed the streets in front of cars, went into the store, shopped for half an hour, checked out, walked home. Probably 2hours total. The first few steps were the hardest. Once I got going, I was happy. A few people probably looked, but could have been my imagination. Felt very liberating, being able to do my own thing. Probably my longest trip so far, in daylight, in a public place. I'm proud of myself. The sky didn't fall...
  23. Speechless... Amazing collection!
  24. Haha, so true. Same experience. A lot of these are probably "they look cool, must buy" and they never wear them. Most of the shoes I like, and I've bought there, have been almost-completely-new.
  25. Can't vote, as the answers don't make sense. I wear jeans over boots, as I like the look, and don't have the confidence the do the reverse.
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