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  1. Lucky you - It's the only major retail store nearby. There are 4 within a half hour drive. Malls are farther. One to be torn down in two years, One goes up for auction in July.
  2. I quit shopping for jeans in the men's department years ago.
  3. In these kinds of temps, I feet seem to swell a bit, and I can't get some of mine on. Once they are, they don't come off. I was out today and saw a 'wally world' customer walking around in man sandals and white socks (Yuck) but what caught my eye was the 'hillbilly chrome' holding them together - - - Geez - your at Walmart - - - - get a new pair and lose the socks!!! Shopping at my local rural Walmart is always an adventure in ""Really poor taste""!!!
  4. I like them - - - !!!!!
  5. All my hair went elsewhere - - my face, my ears, my nose - - - you get the point!!
  6. That's no joke - - 47 degrees yesterday morning, and 80 plus by early afternoon.
  7. I do like your selection, and I applaud your effort to buy American. Unfortunately, I won't be able to join you in this effort. One pair of heels is equivalent to groceries, gas, meds, and other required purchases for 2-1/2 to 3 weeks. I'm done ranting - - - been a bad week.
  8. Oh I can think of a lot of things relative to the antics in DC, and wearing a specific material in suit for the day - - - - Oh I'm not going there.
  9. I'd go for the sandals myself. i'm not a 'glitter' kinda guy, and being it's gonna get hot around these parts, THE LESS I'M WEARING, THE BETTER.
  10. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BNMPOK/ref=pe_56700_241213960_em_slvf_is OR https://www.amazon.com/Amy-Womens-Sandals-Mules-Summer/dp/B06XHPNHGK/ref=pd_sim_309_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B06XHPNHGK&pd_rd_r=FRHR62DZNPA24TKMMZGG&pd_rd_w=zhPNa&pd_rd_wg=G46nU&refRID=FRHR62DZNPA24TKMMZGG
  11. I try to hit the DSW stores when I am near one - - - not too often. There is a Nordstroms Rack i get too once in awhile, but they have never impressed me with their selection. I used to get to a Nine West Outlet store, but they are gone now. Beyond that, there is an adult boutique that I stop at once in awhile. The crew knows me so anything going on clearance that they know will interest me is kinda tucked away, and usually comes at an additional price reduction. Locally, I get Walmart, Payless, and Shoe Carnival. Sneakers and flats prevail.
  12. Just thinking - - put a belt on these and you have a set of motorcycle chaps - - - !!!
  13. Agreed - - My legs are ugly enough Now - - around the house - - Miniskirt. More comfortable than jeans or shorts. It's not like my neighbors could actually see me.
  14. Dude - - Your seeing things!!!! I'm not seeing images - - just the error as you described.
  15. Each to their own - - but I have a pair of hip waders that look like that these days - - maybe I can fit then up to a pair of 9W boots and create my own - - fashion hip waders!!! - - Hold my beer and check this s#!t out - - !!! Sorry folks I'm with HH_PE on this one.
  16. That's a 4 hour trip - - and the one near TBG had a terrible selection last time I stopped in.
  17. A lot of the girls went from strip clubs to competitive - - If you learned in platforms, and perfected your craft in them, then why change.
  18. I'm a men's size 7 to 8D depending. I have a hell of a time finding work boots that small. I end up ordering women's boots. Funny this is - - the women's work boots are usually cheaper, and have more padding. I'm a 9 to 10 in women's.
  19. It wasn't just Trump. Had many a local call him a closet stalker, pro LGBT (a no no for a true conservative) and flat out F-in weird.
  20. - - - - Now children - - - -!!
  21. Not the whole country, but pretty much everything between the coasts. Those simple little heels cost him a lot of votes.
  22. Payless?? - - - oh hell, never saw anything that good at any Payless near me.
  23. It's been discussed. I don't. Can't have coworkers seeing such oddities if a sock pops a whole. Not sure the wife would appreciate it. Not sure I'm inclined to either.
  24. One thing for sure - - in a steel mill, everyone wears the same stuff - - - and it ain't pretty.
  25. I don't buy shoes online. Some brands and styles I'm a size 9 - - others, a size 10, and frankly, I would rather try them on first.