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  1. gj

    NL/BE Meet

    @Steve63130 you are absolutly right. I agree. This is mode of operation not getting a meet going. The reason is quite simple, time. I was taken up by some work stuff on a tight deadline. As december is coming up I was thinking of doing a meet next year in january. I'll pick a date and location and post it to this tread. GJ
  2. I am mixing the hights of my heels to avoid the feeling you describe. Tuns out that women also do this. I was picking up my son at his school af few days ago and while I was waitng I started taling to a mother of a classmate of my sons. I complimented her on het boots and asked her I I ws correct that she worde diferent boots in the morning. She told me she changes het foorwear in the afternoon to a different heel hight to prevent ht muscles to shorten (with higher heels). Turns out she is has a doctor :). She told me by fixing the hight your muscles gt a kind of lazy. bij alternating the high
  3. gj

    NL/BE Meet

    you can virtualy join us :-)
  4. gj

    NL/BE Meet

    thanks for the response @Freek83 That would make 4 attendees.
  5. @hh4evr1 very nice shoes. I love them
  6. Hi @hh4evr1 I love your boots. Have you been able to walk in them?
  7. Cool boots @tina I love OTK boots.
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