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  1. I wanted to say safety but my Latin origins caught me again. In Portuguese (my mother language) we say "segurança" for both safety and security. 😃
  2. Yes, the last two years are big part of the decision in my case too. I'm in the information technology industry so no security restrictions. Your Pumps look great on you, thanks for sharing. Very classy. Since I don't change at work and I have to walk a lot, I'm more into boots and block heels for comfort, but also the overall look. It might change in the near future...
  3. Hi everyone I just want to let you know that, from this week on, I have started wearing high heels to work. I'm on this forum since the beginning of the 2000's, have worn heels in public sometimes, have observed society reactions on the subject, have lived a hidden life, have shared some pictures with you. Time has come. I work in a very supportive company where diversity is encouraged, so people will work better and be more creative, express how we are is very important. I said beforehand what I was going to do, so people could get prepared and avoid bad laughs. After that, I just did it. Commuting, street walking in plain daylight in rush hours, going to take a lunch, believe me, I was nervous at first but it was a lot better and safer than doing it at night in empty streets with freaky bystanders. Needless to say, it was uneventful. Colleagues were supportive and welcoming. I felt normal. For those who never did it, whatever the reason is, I'd like to say that living a real day in heels is a lot different than other types of outing. It's real life. It's hard to explain. It's vibrant, fun, I felt complete. Do it if you can do it safely and if you feel like. This forum is a part of me, people here are inspiring. I'm happy because of what I did so you should know because you're part of it, my time to share. So that's it - thanks to all. Keep moving on. Life is short. Be yourself.
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