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  1. I have plenty of "socially men's" shoes because of... society. Around 6 or 7 pairs. I have now 5 pairs of "passing" shoes (shoes that are more or less "manly") but are sold at the women's department. 3 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of clogs. Needless to say that I wear these 5 more than any other pair I have. I don't count the "socially women's" shoes anymore because they're in a closed out of reach storage but I think about 10 pairs today. Cheers
  2. Sad that it happened to you at Orly. The comments were in what language? I have to say that french society can get quite conservative easily and there's a macho culture around here that I just plain don't understand. Fragile masculinity and while women can be more open, some are conservative amongst other women (you shouldn't wear this or make something like that, you're not a teen anymore, etc) and can think that heels are their privilege, their right to be a woman, nothing screams femininity more than heels. I got out like this on Halloween: It was at a small mountain village where skiers and bikers are rule trying to look as manly as possible to their female counterparts. I got looks. I got comments. Mostly bad comments (and a few quite good). My wife heard more than myself (I was too happy to mind). Adults in France just thinks getting dressed for Halloween is for kids only (some women are allowed because, you know, women raise kids). Yes, it needs courage to street-heel as a man in some countries/cities. Paris is more open in some neighbourhoods but it's not the norm. Well, keep doing whatever you want, I'm trying to. Cheers
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    Chilling at the computer this afternoon
  4. I hope you still read this kneehighs I have you as friend after all these years in hhplace. I do understand your message. People change, society changes, this forum is private and has rules set by the owner. I'm not posting too frequently here, I do crossdress sometimes and I'm free to do what I want. If the owner doesn't like it, patience, I won't post anything that offends him and his policy, and I understand his side. Other places and forums are not always welcoming to people that are only interested in fashion and there's a tendency of going to the fetish side. Human relations are complex. But I like this place because I met genuine people that taught me that wearing heels (or anything else) is not harmful and, the opposite, it's good for the soul. So I'll keep coming and try to encourage more people to wearing heels. Keep up mate. I really hope to crossroads with you in real life one day. Feeling a bit sad, sorry... it's like a part of me that disappeared. Flavio For Tech - I really would like if a part of the forum were dedicated to non-binary people, like we have for men and women. And that you change the policy to forbid nudity, for example. People are not black and white. I really miss kneehighs, thighbootguy and JeffB. Please, consider.
  5. I'm fortunate my marriage is going stronger and wearing heels more frequently helps it because I feel better with myself, so I can feel better with whom I love. So if you're forced to give up something you like, heels or anything else, it's not worth it and I strongly recommend to settle the issue or leave. Life is too short. And everyday I understand that I'm in the right direction. Cheers
  6. Hey dude, nice to read your story. Is a thrilling moment you'll never forget. Tell us more if you want, have you ever worn heels outside after your first outing? Cheers
  7. Arrived this week already worn outside. Bought from Ghigocalzature, one of my favourite sellers of large sizes. Heels are only 4 cm but the imitation country style on the sharp "feminine" side makes them my new favourite go to boots.
  8. Halloween this year. Not exactly freestyle for other people's eyes, but freedom is in the eyes of the beholder.
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