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  1. It shows Texas and Germany at the top of his page.
  2. Heelster


    Tech created another separate site for this category - - - and damned if I can remember the link, but it was regarding leg-wear - - -
  3. It's been rumored extensively.
  4. Love them. Fantastic for running around the house. We don't see many runners, so I haven't noticed any wearing them. We haven't seen any so called cold weather yet this year, but I usually wear a crappy pair under the work jeans if I'm out blowing snow etc. Now if it says Under Armour, and comes in camo, then you'll get guys to wear them.
  5. I thought those places went out of business - - Haven't seen one in years !!
  6. Agreed Steve - The DSW near you that recently expanded has always been good.
  7. This year, DSW is carrying a Jessica Simpson camo heels. I know they go up to a size 10 (I bought a pair) and are rather comfortable. Still breaking them in, but sometime soon, when I'm out of town, I may venture out in them.
  8. It's been correlated to heel height and skirt hem lines as well. Thing is, I'm starting to think that trend may not occur in the next economic cycles. Current U.S. view of the economy are split in the middle - - Some say it's terrible, others see it as fantastic. Regardless of the economic / political views, it's pretty evident that heel heights are down, if not completely gone. The general public isn't buying them. In my little corner of the world, I probably have and wear the highest heeled boots in town, and I don't broadcast it other than the sound of them. I rarely go over 3" chunky heels locally with jeans over them.
  9. I was at a Payless and got the "Wrong Section " comments - - -one of the reasons I wasn't to upset with their closing.
  10. - - Now add Hillbilly, Redneck and Southern Drawl - - Me thinks ya might get a wee bit unsorted !!
  11. I rarely see either - and the selections at the local thrift stores show it. The best time to buy heels and mini's is right after Proms around here. Pumps are best found after June weddings. Considering my location, that's the best it gets.
  12. Both eBay purchases ?? I kinda like the gray ones. Would love to find something like that at a retail establishment - - - not likely near me.
  13. Funny you should mention Logger's - The ones I usually see barely make 1-1/2"s but I did get notice that a steel mill has recently banned those from the mill.
  14. The jeans or heels - - I've never seen heels like that at a Walmart !!
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