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  1. Are you gonna be around Saturday?


  2. Murphy's laws on bars - - -You can't fall off the floor. I've done enough damage to my back and other major joints that frankly, something is gonna hurt regardless. I've done something to one of my Achilles tendons recently, and walking barefoot is a pain. Lucky I have heels because then I can walk comfortably
  3. Slyheels - - - it's a noose in my book. Why would anyone want to tie a knot around ones neck.
  4. Megan - - yes, I'll agree that if your a CEO of a multi-billion company, or a political figure such as President, then it is appropriate to wear the uniform of this distinction regardless of comfort. When I go into a steel mill, I have to wear items that by no means are comfortable, but they are required for my physical protection - - - comes with the job. When I worked in a 60+ person cubicle farm with no windows to the outside, it seems pretty ridiculous to wear dress pants, button down shirt and a tie just to push paperwork.
  5. A tie is nothing more than a noose one puts around his own neck - - - I got married in 1986 - - - - nuff said.
  6. You know your in a conservative community when a Country Music Star comes out of the closet, and the locals have a CD shooting party.
  7. Dog choker chains work real well for this. TSA Luggage locks are good for this too.
  8. No need to push the envelope any farther than your comfortable with. I usually do any heels in public with jeans, and maybe some trouser socks depending on weather and style. I'll do a skirt and stocking for occasions such as Rocky Horror, and if ever get out to a group gathering possibly. (I wouldn't want CAT to have all the fun if I ever get into his neck of the woods.)
  9. Yep - - - you could blow out a heel, and fall on some concrete and road rash a knee cap - - - - That's OK - we do it again
  10. Agreed - - but the price is usually 'upscale' - - !!!
  11. Unfortunately, Our country had stepped backwards recently - in more ways than one. It's almost embarrassing what has happened in some of the society.
  12. It was fun. Even with the change of attire, the skinny jeans and another pair of heels was a hit. Lots of compliments regarding the ability to even move in heels. (big platforms)
  13. - - I don't think so !! If I'm in need of a cane, then I'm not walking to dinner regardless of the footwear!!! My road rash knee hurts the most. Gonna be a pain for a few days. Oh - - and The Warsaw Federal Incline theater is a nice Venue!!