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  1. Parsing sentences - No Parsing concepts - Yes Cabernet Sauvignon - But of course!!
  2. I would gladly sit down over a nice bottle of wine and go over the finer details of this. and if I were in England I would make a special trip to do so - - alas I'm not. I have no intentions of writing a thesis or annotated bibliography today. A good concept start would be to understand the concept of open source software.
  3. Flying Kangaroos?? = = = Yeah - - That ain't right!!
  4. Unfortunately, that kinda was plain English - - a bit on the tech side, but plain enough for some of us that are familiar with the open source software concepts and protocols. My issue with some of these concept is that they seem to create a fiscal value out of thin air. My best example would be Pokemon Go - it creates value within itself, but is useless beyond itself.
  5. Could be though I'm thinking some of the parents might wonder about this - - - Heh heh heh - - - - Merry Christmas How about @CAT wearing a green skirt and some knee high green boots - - - - that would work!!!
  6. Who has bought some new shoes

    Well those look interesting - wonder who has them here state side.
  7. Who has bought some new shoes

    Oh - - Hot looking Drywaller stilts. Not for me - - A tad bit too high.
  8. I've had a beard since 1981. - non stop. It's pretty white now. Now if only folks could see a Santa Claus in Stilettos. Nope - better stick with boots after Black Friday.
  9. I don't know where your finding your western boots, but the ones I see are pretty damned flat. Just landed a deal on some new Ariat women's boots for $44 but the men's boots - - - you couldn't straddle an electric cord.
  10. Hey - - - I resemble that - - -almost - - !!
  11. Well gentlemen - -Yes, they may not be considered the high heel of the day, but as of late, I haven't seen anything at a local store that high on the men's side of the aisle. If they are comfortable, and you like them, then it's all good.
  12. Steinway ad feat. Yuja Wang

    Nice screen shot - - !!
  13. The Issue of Gender and Clothing

    I find I can easily get away with women's medium to low rise jeans in flare and boot cut with no issues as long as I don't have shiny bling on them - - nobody notices. I can pull off a calf high boot with a 1-1/2" (3.81cm) block heel with no problems (under flares) and nobody thinks twice. Even out here in the sticks!! Locally - - I'm disinclined to push it.