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  1. But most of the cowboy styles are pretty much slightly more than flat.
  2. I have a pair from years ago. Before the alliance with DSW. They are good quality and comfortable. I have yet to try on any of the DSW flavors yet. I may get near a DSW in the next month or so - -
  3. Heels ???? Never see them anymore. Went to the Grocery store yesterday. 40Degrees F and we had women in Pajama pants, flip flops, and slippers - - - Yes, fuzzy slippers.
  4. I was planning on catching up with Thighbootguy earlier this year, however the pandemic and other issues have kept me out of his neighborhood. Once things settle down, I'll make a point of catching up with him.
  5. I'm thinking we are gonna see this sell off regardless. I'm inclined to think Novemer to February are going to be rough on the markets and the overall economy.
  6. Both equally good, but the Black/Pink combo is a bigger contrast. Love the heels - -
  7. Most places availabe to shop at have little to nothing of interest. Local DSW is heavy on sneakers. Heel selection looked pretty thin and nothing of interest. I may get a road trip here soon so I may get to see what's at some of the bigger shopping venues, but given this Pandemic, and the lack of actual businesses open, I highly doubt I will see much.
  8. Yep - - if you can find any. If you can find any on the shelf, your limited as to how many you can buy. Been that way for a couple months now.
  9. I have some 9W boots and shoes - - The latest offerings I see are not interesting at all.
  10. With three guys in a panel like that, there better be no power in the panel, and under Lockout / Tagout !!
  11. I hear ya - - I'm like a multi shaded person with racing stripes.
  12. So where is this blog you keep refering too??
  13. A friend of mine had special tickets for a group of folks to go see a production of Rocky Horror - - Well of course we were to meet for dinner before hand in costume. Well I did my part !! A corset wasn't a viable option, but a short skirt, fishnets and a pair of Ellie 652 Lucia's were in order. I'd worn this a few hours before with no issues. As myself and another party guest were walking on a downhill slope toward the eatery, the whole upper vamp split out, and I went down on some nasty rough sidewalk, Skinned my knee up pretty bad. Needles to say, the locals outside this small streetco
  14. Heelster

    Cali World

    In my part of the sticks, we have a joke - - What does a West Virginia Divorce and a Tornado have in common - - Someone is gonna lose a trailer !!
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