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  1. You are totally correct - - - For some, this would be a great chance to finally step out into the world, and nobody would think it out of place. Most of us here realize that the concept of men wearing high heels being normal may not come about in our lifetime. Doesn't mean we can't push the envelope, have some fun, and in my case, freak out a few folks on the way.
  2. Yep - saw him a few weeks ago. Had dinner at a nice little Greek place Still playing guitar, and now cello. Adding violin to his mix.He's doing fine.
  3. To Dress, or To Overdress?

    This is a good question, and I have to think a bit more about it. I realize I live in an area where we don't really need to dress in anything more than jeans and t-shirts. Yes, that's a majority of my wardrobe, but I see no reason to wear anything better for fast food. What's scary is that I'm usually better dress than most of the folks around us. (Thank You Walmart) Jeff and CAT - - - keep doing what you do. Damned - - - A night out - - almost all of the places around here (what few there are) have former military insignia associated with it, and almost all have Harley parking in front.
  4. Hello from Canada

    Ohhh - - another Ohio Guy!! Gotta remember this.
  5. Northern Indiana Meet

    All depends on schedules for me. I make no promises. PS - - Just FYI - - Caught up with Thighbootguy a few weeks ago, He's doing just fine and enjoying life.
  6. Northern Indiana Meet

    I have been known to travel through South Bend and then straight North to St Joe area, and periodically to the Gary / Indiana Harbor area. I also get into the Fort Wayne vicinity. I will try to let you know when I may be in these locations on business. Dinner is a good option.
  7. Hello from Iowa!

    I do believe we do. Not sure where though. What general area are you located.
  8. And this population seems to be growing, and gaining a voice. I'm seeing it here stateside.
  9. I could go for it. It's an occasional thing for me so sure, why not.
  10. Just something different that came across my Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Caramelcurves/?fref=mentions See the photo's and video's
  11. - - and with Net Neutrality gone, many ISP's are looking to eliminate VPN's so that they can channel you through their preferred websites and hide the ones who won't pony up to their costs.
  12. First experience - seeking help

    As soon as I saw Funtasma and Halloween - - - These are most likely Pleaser Brand and available in many locations although they do not show under their subgroup on their website - - - - However - - https://www.pleaserusa.com/regular.asp?div=3_DEVIOUS&dpt=10_SS&ctg=&show=Y&type=&WebFormat=12&PW=150&PH=150&ViewAll=1&ShowPage=1 Look these over and then search for the specific model. You and I cannot buy direct from Pleaser
  13. That's what I saw too. I'm still on the sidelines with the Crypto Currency, but the blockchain as a transactional function does have me pondering the possibilities. Some soon to be graduates in Computer Science do not seem to think the security implied is there yet, and as one student mentioned, "nothing is hack proof" but the concept does merit further research. PS - - Nvidia is making a killing in the graphics card business. So many people are trying to mine the crypto currencies, it's putting a huge strain on the graphics card supply. The prices for cards are going to insane levels. Maybe the best bet is to invest in Invidia for awhile as I doubt they will be losing money for some time to come.