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  1. Ya Think ?? The unfortunate aspect is that this is how they dress for almost anything except maybe wedding's and Funerals. Wife still jokes about a woman that showed up at the grocery store in a bra - - It wasn't pretty in a multitude of ways. Yep - - - that's why I call it the sticks.
  2. Again. your in a different world, This is the biggest social event of the year.
  3. And I hate to say this, but everyone in that picture is far better dressed than what I see in my town - - - except a few who are at work,
  4. Heelster

    Guess Carrie Pumps

    Just did some Google searches - - - lots of patterns etc. I narrowed down to SIZE 10 https://www.google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=yM5&tbm=shop&q=Guess+"Carrie"+pumps&tbs=vw:g,mr:1,pdtr0:871889|872142,pdtr1:924868|924879,cat:187,pdtr2:735183|735202,init_ar:SgVKAwi7AUoKUggI0Zs1IM6dNUoKUggIxLk4IM-5OA%3D%3D&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiemeuHsNDbAhUCxoMKHVsGDeUQtisI1wMoCg&biw=1201&bih=626
  5. I'd bite , but they are probably to big for me !!
  6. Heelster

    High heels in the dentist chair?

    Wore my Fergie Lexi boots to a followup visit to the ENT doc - - - Don't think anyone even noticed.
  7. I don't see this often, and only on the two coasts, and that does bother me a bit. Once you get away from any major population, what I do see is less interest in appearance by either side of the aisle unless they have too. Stores that would carry nicer styles etc.are disappearing at an alarming rate leaving retailers like Walmart to set the trends locally. There is a difference between Walmart stock depending on where you are at. I had two wait for seating at a somewhat nicer chain restaurant recently. We watched what people were wearing. Jeans, t-shirts, tanks, sneakers, flip flops, a couple pairs of flats, basket ball shorts, leggings (of which she did not have the figure for by any means) - - - The staff was the best dressed of all.
  8. Heelster

    A strange idea about the ridicule of men in heels

    Had a mother that liked plaid flared pants and a grandmother that liked patterned / flowered / paisley shirts - - - I added rainbow suspenders to it just because. Rest of my fellow student were into jeans and tie die - - I looked like a nerdy sportscaster for years - - King of clash - - - But I wore underslung western cowboy boots with actual HEELS for years. Not the short boring kinds they make for men now.
  9. Heelster

    Walk A Mile

    Well that's a really good possibility. I'm a short driving distance away, and there are some decent eateries along water street as I recall. PM me if your interested.
  10. Heelster

    BTBAIHeels Updates

    Per TBG "Please send Preston my best and Good luck!"
  11. Heelster

    BTBAIHeels Updates

    TBG hasn't been hangin round lately, but I do see him on occasion. I'll give him the update. Good luck in your training. Your field has a good potential in and out of the military.
  12. I'm with you on this - I may wear heels and women's jeans out and about, but there is no way someone is going to see anything but a guy. With my thinning hair, big beard, and proverbial spare tire, It's not happening.
  13. Heelster

    Walk A Mile

    I fly into San Jose. Where in Ohio??
  14. Heelster

    Walk A Mile

    Damned - - - Flying in on the 21st - - - Oh well !!
  15. Heelster

    A strange idea about the ridicule of men in heels

    I actually have in a quiet way. Most of my non-work jeans are from the other aisle, along with a few boots I wear often. It appears most don't have a clue. My daughter figured out the jeans, and the boots, but if I keep it tame, it goes unnoticed. Now skinny jeans and wedge sandals ?? Lets just say I would be relocating from these parts as mine and my wife's jobs would surely be in jeopardy. Local village has a population of about 2300 give or take. Three family reuniouns covers 90% of the population, and most claim familial ties to the historical Hatfields and McCoys . Heavy on the Trumpster bandwagon. - - - - - Does this give you a mental picture??

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