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  1. Evan Williams and Jim Beam are like family !!
  2. Well - - Nice outfit - - - Not good for anyplace I can get too VFW, American Legion, The Elks - - - - Yep - - Out in the stick !! And now we are under lockdown - - - - The bar of George Thorogood.
  3. Heelster

    Cali World

    ""I can walk into a crowded store, pick up a heel I want to try on and just show it to the sale associate on the other side of the room and she will go get it (in my size) without a word spoken while other customers are waiting to get served."" I haven't seen a store like that in years !!
  4. Work Boots, Work style Boots. one pair mens western boots - - oh and other work boots.
  5. Oh man - - would I like those !!
  6. I can relate to all of the above. Heels at work are a no-go. Wife isn't thrilled with my heels around the house, but she ignores it. I can get away with some pretty tall chunky heeled boots with jeans over when we head out as long as we are not around hers or my co-workers. Business trips seem to getting to be few lately. I have a few years to retirement, but I;m not sure this will be an advantage. Not sure what the future brings - - - -
  7. Done did - - but I'm not 60 yet - - - but close !!
  8. Interesting idea - - but I'm gonna watch from the sideline and not get involved in planning etc. I'll see where the location is and go from there. Whenever I plan that far ahead, my schedule changes 10 minutes ago. 24 hours from now I could be in your neck of the woods - -
  9. Welcome to Columbus - - a nice place to shop for heels too!!
  10. - - In keeping it off track, I don't worry too much about the rain - - It's the snow, mud, and all the other "crap" you run accross out here in the sticks. When you walk out of the local grocery store and have to walk between the Amish Buggies to get to your car - -- - Need I say more !!
  11. kinda like the Crunch pair - -
  12. Interesting coat - - I could wear that , but it better be easily wash as it would get dirty just way to fast out here in the stick. - It's one of a the reasons I don't have much in light colors in anything I wear. Just sayin - -
  13. It shows Texas and Germany at the top of his page.
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