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  1. If she's supportive, and you enjoyed the experience, planning on doing it again ??
  2. Good buy - Amazon is at $84.00
  3. What's a pension ??? If I actually get Social Security, it will be beer money at the end of the month - - -
  4. Not sure if you've been out shopping for Western Boots in the mens department lately, but you would be luck to find a 1" heel. Been to a few recently as I have a wedding coming up. I'll end up in the womens department most likely
  5. It's not completely voluntary - - to function and work in society, we are left with little choice.
  6. We are already seeing an issue in the educatin system. Kids are getting reports done based on a couple comments, and then turning them in with no atual research, or in some cases, not even reading the required text. AI needs to be controlled if it is to be of a positive use in the near future. Lack thereof will start the slippery slope science fiction has predicted for us.
  7. Ah - Yes Haven't been around much lately, but the same debate lingers on. Single sole vs Platforms. I like both. Most of my boots I wear out in public are single sole, but if I can, I like a bit of platform. 3/8" to 1/2" is good. Prefer not to feel every pebble I step on, and I step on a lot of them. I usually have a platform at the house, especially in the kitchen. Wife is short, so I wear my "Elevators" to reach the items on the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets since they are taller than most cabinets. Beyond that, I usually find they are sturdier and often more stable. Now - for the New Shoe's catagory - - After reading about how comfortable the Jessica Simpson Dany heels were, and I don't have a T-strap heel, I decided to splurge a bit and get a pair. Was going for the black leather model, but I'm a bit of a cheap scape and opted for the tan suede model on sale. I usually never oder heels, but I've had such good luck with fit that I opted to do so. Fit perfect although I don't have any mileage on them, but we will see. Beyond that, I've been watching the thrift stores for Red Patent heels for a special event, and have only found a couple pairs of single sole. Guess and Jessica Simpson. Both brands have almost always fit well for me.
  8. Haven't been around much myself lately, then again I'm not getting out as much these days. Puckered up a knee early summer so that restricted life a bit. Orthopedic surgeon told me if we go for an MRI, I'd most likely be under the knife shortly thereafter. It's healing progressively, but I know it ain't right. Went to an oral surgeon recently - during the exam, he asked where I got my boots - I asked him if he really wanted to know - (of course he did). Fergilicious - and he kinda chuckled. Actually, I think the gals made him ask. Guess I need to swing back through the forums more often - - -
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