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  1. Well - - as I have joked before - - I live in the sticks. Starbucks is 20 miles away, (I rarely go there), Microsoft is just the OS that comes on a computer, and folks still use cash. Hell, I can't even buy good beer in my neck of the woods. I inquired at the local bank if they were dealing with crytocurrencies such as bitcoin, and the response was ""What's that??""
  2. Heelster

    Shopping in M&S

    And there are a lot of Pythons to be harvested out of the Everglades
  3. As much as I see the potential, to the regular guy on the street, Bitcoin doesn't mean jack.They can't go buy a six pack of beer at the local gas station, or the bar, so it's worthless to the local yocal. Walmart doesn't accept it at the cash register - - -
  4. Heelster

    Shopping in M&S

    OK - - M&S is a store ???
  5. Heelster

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Where did you find those??? Dude - - where are you finding these clogs??? I've been looking for some like this !!
  6. Heelster


    Welcome - - !!
  7. - - - She knows to a point, but she's not going to go looking for it. So how was your trip?? I'll be bugging out of EC tomorrow morning, but I did get down to Southland for some shopping today. The Ameristar ain't what it's cracked up to be !!
  8. Heelster

    Midland meet up

    I like to try and meet others when I travel for business - - - - - - anyone in East Chicago??
  9. Heelster

    Noticing people in heels

    This is all a bit funny - - - I just walked around a casino in East Chicago - - - - and I don't think anyone noticed. Not that I was blatant about the visuals, but to a trained eye, it was obvious. That was boring - !!
  10. Well this could be relevant - - - - https://www.vogue.com/article/francesco-russos-a-gender-shoes I like pic's 1 and 2
  11. Heelster

    A difficult decision!

    Kinda funny - - In these parts, there are at least 100 names for the facilities - -Water closet would have most scratching their head !! Oh - - - and no smoking !!!
  12. This was my latest acquisition for sudo western boots. I wear women's jeans over the boots with no issues so far. I've been pretty luck in that nobody has noticed in my patch of the sticks. Been through airports, (Didn't make it through the scanners) pretty much everywhere with these over the last 6 months. https://www.dsw.com/en/us/product/fergalicious-lexis-boot/405030?cm_mmc=CSE-_-GPS-_-G_Shopping_Boots %26 Booties-_-New_Boots %26 Booties&cadevice=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwio3dBRAqEiwAHWsNVVL2odRPlzOgp8B52EGmz83mIkELCkz04k86ItQuE3QCdFcv8SYveRoCqXUQAvD_BwE
  13. Heelster

    Cali World

    I'd go for the mules - - Wish there were Steve Madden stores near me. The price for living in the sticks!!
  14. Heelster

    Looks like I’m moving...

    I'll agree to that. Just small rentals are way out of the ball park. My daughters 900 sq. ft. apartment in Sunnyvale is $3100.00
  15. Heelster

    Chores in heels

    I'd just wait till next year - - -

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