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  1. Phfffftttt - - - I didn't get to far before I decided he was full of - - it !! He obviously doesn't live where I do, makes way more than me, and spends a lot more too. Soooo - - That being said, What does a 50 year old dude wear in these parts. First off, Camo is OK because you still go out hunting, You may actually find more time to do so. Carhart Jeans are always in fashion, but pricey, so you go with the cheaper option at Walmart, or the cheaper brands at your local Tractor Supply or Rural King stores. T-shirts in the summer are typical fare, but that U2 shirt may be an out in lieu of something like a Team MLB / NFL shirt. Cooler temps mean Flannel, and then progress to hooded sweatshirts. You have to wear a hat of some kind because less hair means to much sun on the top side, and being half baked all summer isn't good. Chevy / Ford / IH / John Deere MLB / NFL are all cool options in any crowd. Sneakers (again the cheaper fare at Walmart) are good casual dinner at a chain restaurant- - Unless your wearing coveralls. Muck boots then are your best option - - Kick the curb before you go into that Gas Station Subway. Need I go any further with this ?? Oh - - and in the last couple years, anything with an American or Confederate flag, 2nd Amendment and MAGA is considered a good fashion option.
  2. You probably could in your world - - Me in the sticks - - Oh hell no !!! Even the women around these parts don't dress that well !
  3. Yep - works great though I might not wear 'that' high of a platform casually out and about .
  4. Oh hell - - I'm thinking leggings / Jeggings.
  5. Don't know if your aware of this, but Tech started a different website just for some of us that do get into legware - - https://legwearplace.org/ Same format etc, and it could use a wee bit more traffic. Join some of us over there, and maybe we can help address the post !!!
  6. Ohhhh - - - shiny shiny !!! - But they look good !! But I don't think I could wear them out and about - - - Just to "shiny" for me
  7. All of the above - - I have them all !!!
  8. Tech is right. That being said, there are ways to approach this in casual ways. - - The shopping technique where you point out interesting styles you think would look good on her. - - Thumb through her Vogue magazine during a random conversation and point out heels (and other outfits) you think might look good on her. By doing this, you may get an idea of what she will or won't wear, and why.
  9. I was wondering what the quality was like. I see about 4 brands on Amazon that all look identical, one of them being Onlymaker. I've been debating on pulling the trigger on a couple pair.
  10. May be back in Silicon Valley soon. I'll message you when I get a firmer schedule in place.
  11. Your not - - and other than maybe Cincinnati in the south Ohio area - - - - Your in the sticks.
  12. The closest city would be Sandusky. Norwalk is closer, but again, it's Walmart or nothing. Most of the towns around me survive on Walmart and Dollar General.


    I do go through Columbus and down into Cincinnati on a regular basis, so that's when I get an occasional chance to shop. If the wife is with me, forget it. She's not a shopper, and hasn't been able to wear heels for years.


  13. You are correct in that I live out in the sticks. I have noticed that once I travel out into other metropolitan areas, I see more, but frankly, I saw a hell of a lot more in your world.
  14. Damned - - never seen those at a Torrid. Had I seen them, I probably would have had to buy them.
  15. Actually, I'm not surprised. Everyone I pass is empty. The only two women in two plants I work in called it "worthless". My past experience at the one nearest me was terrible. They kept insisting I was in the wrong aisle, talked about me in the next aisle over, and avoided me like the plague. I was a lot happier at a Nine West outlet store before they shut down their brick and mortar - - spent more money there too. It was the closest store within a hundred miles of home too. Now, the only option in the nearest city is Walmart. They have nothing but cheap sneakers, flip flops and slippers. It's pretty much DSW from here out.
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