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  1. i believe we gotoff the rail here.
  2. How many of us wear leggings with heels? Maybe share a pic or 2?
  3. I congradulate anyone who can take the plunge and wear high heels in public. Only wish it was more acceptable. people just want to judge to much. Me personally will wear heels outside but not in public settings. But anyway i applaude those that can and do, and love seeing pics of what you are wearing.
  4. i agree always wear some sort of hose/ stocking when wearing my heels.
  5. Iam 6 3 and wear 5 and 6 inch heels often.
  6. Just me, when i think of stiletto,s I think of heels 4.5 inches and up. Must have a thin heel,no block heels.
  7. I really like onlymakers
  8. I love those heels. Where they from?
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