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  1. Very sexy heels. Are they new? Heel heigth?
  2. My experience with onlymakers was very good. I would like more. Pricey
  3. I would like a pair like them. Where
  4. here are a few i really want. us size 14
  5. Yes. i know all about pleaser. and all the other well known heels. i was wondering if anyone might be selling to make room for new heels.
  6. iam looking to purchase some stiletto heels 5-6 inch size 14 usa.
  7. where can i find these, Michael Koors, could any brand name 61936daa56ee453909389d1bb96354a2.webp
  8. mickeyunc

    My Story

    T his is how it all started for me. When i was about 7 or 8 i would play shoe store with my Great grandma, whose daughter had variety of heels. As i got order i continued to love looking at heels and always dated girls that wore heels. Then prob in my late 20,s i purchased my first pair of heels. since then i have purchased and sold many pairs to the point iam at now. which is over 20 pairs 2 of which are boots. all of mine are 5 to 6 inch. Not a day goes by that i dont wont to wear my heels.
  9. I agree. white high heels seem to be a thing of the past. I went to 3 weedings this spring and summer and i think i saw one pair of white heels. i must ask as well. why is this?
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