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  1. I normally just wear around my house, or around the back yard. yes i do have neighbors so i must be careful. also i will wear to local mailboxes.
  2. Looking for everones opinion. 1) whats your thoughts on my new heels? and 2) which do you thinks look the nicest? black with pink heels or tan with pink heels.
  3. Very good info. i notice in your old shoe pic looks like the heel is angled to the inside of the sole?
  4. I'm just lucky as a women's 10 fits me fine. I need some steel toe slippers to prevent all the damage I do to my toes when not wearing shoes.

  5. Sounds like we are in agrement that 4 inches is the begining of high heels. as i have aged i still like 6 inch heels but starting to have some trouble walking in them. but 5 inch heels no issues at all. One thing i have noticed with a couple pairs of my 6 inch heels is the heel has seemed to have started to angle inwards, not sure why?
  6. I want to be clear, not starting a argument. just your thought. When we talk about high heels ,, how high do the heels need to be. i say 4 or better, my wife says 3 inches or better/
  7. i wear a us mens 12 and i ordered size 14 then a 15 15 is much better
  8. i have a pair of heels i love, the ankle starp has stretched to the point it is no longer useable. can these be replaced, purchased.?
  9. I wear a size usa 14 womens. would like to buy some new oe used heels?
  10. i have 3 pairs and by far are the best heels i have. i wear size 14 or 15. usa. i will take any off your hands
  11. I would love to find a pair of ankle boots with a stiletto heel in 4 inch range Any help? Size womens 14
  12. Iam 6-3 man and love wearing my stiletto,s with pantyhose, been ordering these(http://www.stockingshowcase.com/pantyhose/danskin-shiny-tights-detail.html) was wondering if anyone has found a similiar item cheaper.
  13. Very sexy heels. Are they new? Heel heigth?
  14. My experience with onlymakers was very good. I would like more. Pricey
  15. I would like a pair like them. Where
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