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  1. For me a few things come to mind. 1 heels are sexy .2 love the look and feel of hose and heels. And 3 the thrill of being seen.
  2. Looking for similar heels. this pic is from Onlymaker heels.
  3. I am a taller male 6.2, love sexy heels and hose. i need to ask where are you all purchasing pantyhose from? not looking for designer hose just everyday regular hose. and heels? iam in the usa. Thanks
  4. i would love a pair of those, are they avialable/
  5. Iam really confused. if my memory serves me correct was there not a discussion about men dressing as women, and not aloud on this site? I am not complaining just trying to understand.
  6. anyone know where i can find these hose?
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