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  1. As most here ,not as often as i would like. couple times a week, 5 to 6 inch. as i get older i find these harder to wear i get cramps in my calfs.
  2. Do they come in other colors? and up to what size?
  3. I wear heels because i have attraction to heels, and love the way they look. I have never owned or ever worn weddges nor wil i i have 2 pairs of onlymaker,s prob my fav,s. 1 pair fsj, fit perfect and was easy to walk in but not so much anymore. why? Never heard of high feelings. Ebay used to be a good source for new and used , now only new. By the way your photo is fantastic
  4. Any info on reasonable price heels in us size 15? e bay use to be a good resource not somuch anymore.
  5. where did you guys purchase these heels?
  6. Just for giggles ,, in todays world what if we all identify as a women we post?
  7. I received my first pair ogleggings. i love em. i will get pictures of them and my many heels.
  8. Explain how i can wear a skirt and present myself as a ,man. does adding heels change the manner.
  9. Nice topic.. i love wearing shorts and heels, but i do with hose. prob not the most accepted look but its what i like. Just this year i have my wife trying the look but to be honest much lower heeels 3 inch or so, and when she wears with hose very light hard to tell sometimes. My hat is off to you.
  10. Never thought of that.
  11. I love the gold straps and the gold heels. black and gold is a sexy combination. The small peep toe is nice smaller the better,
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