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  1. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here is my latest. The weather is starting to cool off here. Since we turned the page to August the temps have cooled off. It is still warm but not like it was even 2 weeks ago. Fall is definitely in the air now. Moy outing was short and uneventful as usual. So I will focus on my outfit. My outfit was put together with some pieces I purchased recently. One of the local thrift stores was having a 50% off summer items sale. So the clothing I wore for this one probably cost me less than $10! The Outfit 1) Steve Madden black sandals 2) George brand black and white patterned cropped pants 3) Tres You brand black top with deep v, rouching, and jeweled like embellishment 4) Guess brand red purse
  2. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Luckily the bathroom issue hasn't come up yet. But from what I have read on line getting out of it is the proper way.
  3. Mr. X

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Well done Jeff! That dress color really suits you!
  4. Here is another one of mine
  5. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Time for another outing report. I wasn't going to post this one, But events during my outing told me I should do otherwise. The weather was decent again. Not as hot as it as been. It was still nice though. I knew I would be wearing some shorts. I have received compliments in the past about my legs. And these days I am very much enjoying showing then off! Once I had my outfit together and was dressed, I headed off.I took my laptop and went to my usual haunt. it wasn't dead, but certainly not busy. I grabbed a table and a beverage. Then I proceeded to surf the net. There was a table right across from me and just slightly to my left. And during my surfing and older lady sat down at said table. She was busy on her phone or tablet. But if we both look up we are making eye contact. When I sit it is usually habit forming to cross my legs. That means I usually have them off to the side of a table unless there is room underneath, which there usually isn't. so in this case if she ever looked up from what she was doing she was getting a perfect view of my legs. As much as I surf I also like to people watch. At one point we both looked up and we made eye contact for a few seconds. Then she proceeds to tell me "you have a beautiful pair of legs!" I thanked her wholeheartedly! That complimet made my evening and outing even more enjoyable then it already was! After that I knew I had to post something here. So I finished what I was doing and my beverage, and proceeded to head home. The Outfit 1) Liliana brand white 3 ankle strap t bar wedges 2) Garage brand white shorts 3) Old Navy brand black t shirt 4 Aldo brand black purse with gold accents
  6. Mr. X

    Show us your girliest Heels

    I think most of those would qualify heelguypa
  7. Mr. X

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    I don't think I've ever seen you in men's clothing so I guess I'll have to take your word for it.
  8. Mr. X

    The Jaunts of JeffB!

    Winner winner chicken dinner! Looking good Jeff!
  9. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks alot Jeff!
  10. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks alot!
  11. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Check the new shoes thread I posted a picture of them there.
  12. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here is my latest outing. The outing was short and uneventful so I wont document that. So lets get to it! I purchased a few new pieces lately and I knew they would pair well together. And I was anxious to give them a go! The weather has been HOT and HUMID here lately which made my outfit choice even easier! I got ready and left. The outing was short and uneventful as I mentioned. So lets just get right to the outfit and pics. The Outfit 1) Liliana brand 3 ankle strap t-bar wedge heels in white 2) g21 brand multi color floral print dress 3) Fortuna Valentino yellow color purse
  13. Mr. X

    Who has bought some new shoes

    Here is a stock photo of my latest purchase. I found these in a thrift shop for a mere $10! The brand is Liliana. They are a white wedge heel with 3 ankle straps and gold accents. When I saw then on the shelf I aready knew what I would pair them with. So as long as they fit they were mine. And they did! Stay tuned to my thread as I will probably be wearing these out the first chance I get.
  14. Mr. X

    Collection and pics from down under

    Nice shoes. And the painted toes are a nice touch.
  15. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks for all the compliments and the good advice!

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