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  1. You appear to have a shoe fetish like me @mlroseplant My stats are not as detailed as yours though. I really need to do another count soon myself. Last check i was in the 80 to 100 range.
  2. i'm sure you will, but let us know ho it goes.
  3. Got these today from a local online buy and sell. They are in mint condition! The owner said they were worn once if they were worn at all. The brand is "c label". They are a purplish pink snakeskin. The heel measures 4.25". And the best part is I only paid $10!
  4. Those look great stocking top. Enjoy!
  5. I was browsing through some of the local online buy and sells and I came across these. The seller said they were only worn once or twice each. The brand is Charlotte Russe. They are essentially the same shoes. One in a black sparkle and the other is a silver sparkle. They both look amazing! And what really puts these over the top is the bubblegum pink bottoms on each one. You don't see that too often! The heels measure 4 3/4" on each. And the lack of a platform gives each pair that classic stiletto look. As much as I love the black ones I think I like the silver ones even more! They
  6. I like those Jkrenzer. I have been wanting to get a pair of slingbacks. All the ones I ever see are very clunky looking in the front. Or they have some stupid platform. It's hard to find sleek and sexy looking slings with a decent height on the heel
  7. I never shopped there much before so I am neutral either way. I guerss it is good for those with large feet.
  8. Here is my latest. It is a tan color Aldo crossbody bag. Got this for $10 in a thrift store.
  9. I was unaware they came in tan. It's funny you mention the tightness. When I tried them on in the store they fit easily. But now at home they are fitting a little tight.
  10. Their size 8.5. I normally take a 9 or 10 but these fit a little on the larger side.
  11. Here are my latest beauties! They are Justfab and the model is Tilla. The heel measures 5 inches. And the best part is they are practically brand new and I found them in a thrift store for 15 bucks!
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