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  1. And the stupid thing is. The women's equivilent is usually cheaper!
  2. Most of mine are stored in bins, so I rediscover all the time. I find stuff I forgot I even purchased.
  3. You are correct @AlexC94 And yes they are very nice!
  4. I hope so too @miroseplant They are too nice not to be worn and seen.
  5. Here are my latest. The brand is fashion nova. They have a snake print and a chunkier heel measuring in at four and a half inches.
  6. Here are my latest. The brand is just fab. The heel Is a bit chunkier and measures in at five inches with no platform. These are quite high and difficult to walk in. And this coming from a guy who is comfortable walking in heels. I will definitely need to practice with these babies on my feet.
  7. Great looking ankle boots you have there NEH
  8. For me, there is no schedule to purge, downsize, or whatever else you want to call it. Most of my shoes are usually purchased second hand. So they sometimes wear out quicker. Plus I find my taste in heels changes from time to time also. I never buy shoes I don't like. But sometimes I'll go through my collection from time to time, i'll find a pair of heels and go, what was I thinking! Plus, my shoe size seems to change from time to time also. So shoes that fit a year ago may not fit now. Or sometimes I just downsize. I'll go through my collection and get rid of shoes that I haven't worn in a really long time.
  9. Watches have definitely falllen out of favor. I work in a shop that sells second hand items. Watches always sit in our showcases for a very long time, and they only eventually sell if they are heavily discounted, so we are very reluctant to take them.
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