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  1. I like these alot no matter what people choose to call them. They are pricey though.
  2. Good catch! There was definitely no pun intended
  3. I was browsing the local online buy and sells this weekend. And i came across the ultimate shoe haul! 4 pairs of shoes and a pair of boots. And the best part is I got all 5 pairs for 35 bucks! And the seller even threw in some clear storage containers to boot! After getting them home and trying them all on, I am not sure if I will be keeping them all. I absolutely love the two tone brown boots from Aldo. And they are in mint condition! I also love the black caged heels from Guess. They are in great condition too except for some wear on the bottom. The other 3 I am on the fence about. They are not exactly what I pictured from the photos but I will probably end up keeping them.
  4. Her are my latest. They are Jennifer Lopez brand, and the model is belle. The have a hidden platform, and the heels measure just under 5 inches. And the bes part is I got them in a thrift for 20 bucks!
  5. Well done! We need more of us out there.
  6. It's nice that High Heels were mentioned. But unfortunately there vision of High Heels is not my vision. And I'm pretty sure I'm speaking for a lot of others here as well. They are referencing high heels made specifically for men. These are big and clunky. And to me they are not that great looking either. I love wearing heels and I would not be caught dead in those!
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