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  1. Your adventures never cease to amaze me kneehighs.
  2. Nice shoes! You don't often see oxfords with that high of a heel.
  3. Impressive Jeff! I can barely keep track of my shoe count lol
  4. Never thought to measure. I'll have to do that ASAP They do fit well
  5. I couldn't resist!
  6. Nothing like getting a jump on next season. Picked these up in a thrift store. not sure of the brand. it looks like just a letter "D" with a small heart. But the best part is they were $7!
  7. Way to go jeff! Sounds like you had fun. And the small winfall never hurts.
  8. Another notch on the outing belt for you Jeff. Well done!
  9. I find it hard to find a pair of slingbacks without a platform or ones that are not so clunky looking in the front. I have been looking for a while. I want sllek and dainty and I only find big and clunky
  10. Well done again Jeff! If you are contemplating having you ears pierced I say go for it! I had mine done years ago now and have never looked back. It will open up alot of new avenues for you to explore as a freestyler. The possibilities are endless! It will become addictive though. My earring collection rivals my shoes. And I have since added a second set of earrings to my ears.
  11. Good on you Jeff! That takes guts! Most of my outings to this point have been to places where no one knows me personally. And I am always careful that I don't bump into someone I know.
  12. Mr. X

    Just fab

    I have some of there stuff in my collection but it has all been purchased second hand.
  13. Weel done Jeff! Lookin good as usual!
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