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  1. I find it hard to find a pair of slingbacks without a platform or ones that are not so clunky looking in the front. I have been looking for a while. I want sllek and dainty and I only find big and clunky
  2. Well done again Jeff! If you are contemplating having you ears pierced I say go for it! I had mine done years ago now and have never looked back. It will open up alot of new avenues for you to explore as a freestyler. The possibilities are endless! It will become addictive though. My earring collection rivals my shoes. And I have since added a second set of earrings to my ears.
  3. Good on you Jeff! That takes guts! Most of my outings to this point have been to places where no one knows me personally. And I am always careful that I don't bump into someone I know.
  4. Mr. X

    Just fab

    I have some of there stuff in my collection but it has all been purchased second hand.
  5. Weel done Jeff! Lookin good as usual!
  6. I will take that into consideration
  7. Looking good jeff! You definitely look better in outfits above the knee.
  8. Nice job! I prefer the first one like others said.
  9. Huge fan since day !! Seen him live twice. Great shows both times. Not only that, he is a suprisingly good singer too!
  10. I do not have one of those where I live. But whenever I travel I try to stop in there if there is one near. The quality selection and prices are pretty good for second hand. It is definitely geared to the 30 and under crowd though.
  11. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    I'll see what I can do
  12. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Sounds like a winner!
  13. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks! They are my faves too! Now I just need to put an outfit together so I can show them off!
  14. Mr. X

    More Outfits!

    The pumps look great. You wear them well.
  15. Here is my latest purchase. And a steal of a deal! A Kate Spade tote for les then $50
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