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  1. I try to exercise as much as I can. And I like to ride my bicycle as well.
  2. You are probably right. My calves are definitely on the larger side for my smaller frame. Thanks alot buddy!
  3. I purchased these today in a thrift store. They are burgundy color and leather looking high-rise pants with slim straight legs. I could tell they were brand new because all the original sales tags and size stickers were still attached. They had a $60 store tag on them, and they were being sold for less than $15 in the thrift store. There is no change rooms there so I was not able to try them on. But the fact that they were my size, I was pretty sure they would fit. When I got them home, I immediately tried them on. And just like I thought they fit great from the knee up. But the problem is below the knee. They keep rising up. I'm starting to wonder if they're an inch or 2, too short? So I posted some pictures of me wearing them with heels so I could get some opinions from others here on the fit and length.
  4. Here are my latest. I saw these at a local thrift store weeks ago. The fit was a tad tight in the toebox. Nothing major but just enough to where I thought I might not be able to wear them for any length of time, so I decided against them. They were a size 9. I am normally a size 9.5 to 10 but depending on the shoe style and brand, I can also fit into some 9's. I definitely regretted my decision later because it was love at first sight. And I loved the toe cleavage they provided. And they were in pretty good condition. They looked like they were only worn a handful of times at the most. As luck would have it, I went back today, and they were still there calling my name. I tried them on again, and this time, they fit a little better. I could not pass them up twice, so I happily paid the twenty dollars, and they went home with me. I'm hoping that the first time maybe my feet were just having a little swelling problem that day. Or maybe after some wearing, they will stretch themselves out a little. The shoes are Jessica Simpson brand with a thick ankle strap, and the heel measures 4 and a quarter inches.
  5. Here is some food for thought. I was searching my local buy and sells. I came across a pair of heels in my size. They are white and lace and were purchased from a bridal shop. I can only asssume they were worn only once, and that the seller got married in them. Shoes like that have very limited uses. They are not something you could wear out and about, day to day. So my question is this. Would you buy a pair of second hand wedding shoes? And would you buy them knowing for certain that they were only worn once, and that the seller got married in them?
  6. Here is a new one from my travels today. The weather is getting a little bit nicer here, so I decided to wear a pair of white sandals I purchased recently. With the thicker heel on these, they are very comfortable to wear, and quite easy to walk in for longer periods of time. I was wearing these for a good 4 to 5 hours today with no trouble at all. I like how well they paired with the lighter color of the jeans. It was a little cooler in the morning so the jacket paired nicely. By the afternoon, it was nice enough that I could remove the coat. I could see these heels being a part of many of my summer outfits.
  7. And yet another
  8. They didn't show right in the picture @CAT But they are actually burgundy.
  9. Another one from my travels today.
  10. Me too @Bubba136 But it is still nice to see someone wearing heels in the public eye.
  11. I was flipping around the TV this week. One of the guys from Queer Eye, Jonathan Van Ness, was on Live with Kelly and Mark. He was wearing some red heels. The heels were super short, but they were heels nonetheless. I didn't know much about him, so I did some research. Turns out he regularly wears heels as well as other articles of clothing, deemed female. He even wore some on the cover of his book.
  12. Wow, those are super high! And they look thinner than a pencil.
  13. Here is one I took today while out and about. The boots are Aldo, in a two tone brown, with a chunkier heel.
  14. Here is a link to his instagram with a quick vid of him rocking the heels you are probably speaking of @pebblesf https://www.instagram.com/reel/C61hRugpqND/
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