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  1. These are my latest. The are Aldo brand. They have a 5.5" heel with a platform inside. They are stripped with mesh in between. I am not usually a platform fan but for $5 I couldn't resist!
  2. That was a great video! And the website is good too! In a world of negativity that is a positive endorsement for people like us.
  3. Except for the lock bailey, those blue shoes are awespme!
  4. Great outfits! And the Boots are awesome!
  5. Me and others who venture out regularly have expressed often that the reactions we receive are usually minimal. And when we do receive them they are generally positive. We usually are able to go about our business as we normally would. I was curious if more eyebrows would be raised if a group of 2 or more of us ventured out together as a group dressed a certain way? Food for thought.
  6. Classy Jeff! Perfect for your choice of venue.
  7. Your adventures never cease to amaze me kneehighs.
  8. Nice shoes! You don't often see oxfords with that high of a heel.
  9. Impressive Jeff! I can barely keep track of my shoe count lol
  10. Never thought to measure. I'll have to do that ASAP They do fit well
  11. Nothing like getting a jump on next season. Picked these up in a thrift store. not sure of the brand. it looks like just a letter "D" with a small heart. But the best part is they were $7!
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