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  1. It's always great to do normal things like sports with the guys, isn't it Jeff? And the fact that the conversation never steered towards your attire is a bonus!
  2. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thank you! We are still hitting below freezing overnight here too. But the daytime has been plenty warm lately. Thanks Jeff! My purple handbag is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I have used it on many an outing lately.
  3. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    It's outing time again! The weather was quite nice tonight. And I had some recent purchases I wanted to try out. So it was a perfect time for an outing. The outing itself was short sweet, and uneventful. So lets get right to it! the outfit 1) Ann Michelle black knee high boots 2) Eclipse brand grey sweater like dress 3) tres you brand black jacket 4) Grace Adele purple handbag
  4. Quite the collection!
  5. The most recent outfit in Mr. X's Travels will answer exactly that
  6. I am actually suprised we don't have one of these yet. We Have a thread elsewhere for shoes and boots that we have bought. I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for other things fashion related that we have purchased. It could be a new piece of clothing. Or how about a new bag, or piece of jewellery that we have bought. Something that is not shoes or boots, but that will most likely be worn in conjunction with them. Anyone male or female can participate. I'll get us started. Here is a couple of bags I purchased recently. One is a black Aldo brand crossbody bag. The other is a purple Grace Adele brand handbag. I have already used the purple one on some outings. And I will no doubt be using the other one as well
  7. I didn't have a complete outfit on. I was just taking a pic to show off the boots.
  8. Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The brand is Anne Michelle. The heel measures 4.5". They are very comfortable to wear. And the best part is, I paid just under $20!
  9. Here is my latest purchase. I found these in a local thrift store. The Brand is Delicious and the heel measures between 4 and 5". And the best part is, I paid less than $10!
  10. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Thanks buddy! It is quickly becoming one of my favorite handbags! Rocks eh? I hadn't thought of that.
  11. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here is my latest outfit which I used on a short and uneventful outing. the outfit 1) brown kneehigh justfab boots with 4 inch chunky heel 2) black leggings 3) purple sweater 4) grey and black Reitmans jacket 5) puple Grace Adele handbag
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