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  1. Well done! Can't wait to read about number 500.
  2. Here is my latest acquisition. I picked these up in a thrift store for $15. They are black snakeskin pumps with a heel measuring just over 4 inches. The brand is Sam and Libby. They are extremely comfortable to wear. And they are in excellent condition. I can see these being my go to heels. they will get a lot of use.
  3. Another successful outing. Well done!
  4. Mr. X

    Mr. X's travels

    Here I go again! I went on another short yet uneventful outing. Nothing much to report on that front. So lets just get down to brass tacks. I metioned In the general forum about a red blazer that I purchased and I new I would be wearing out at first chance. And that happened to be today! I already knew what I was wearing. Soon after purchasing it I spent some good time trying out different shoe and clothes combination that would work. I came up with several great outfits to wear. So I am sure this red blazer will be a staple in many upcoming outings.So here is what I dreamed up for this one. The outfit 1) guess black patent pumps with 3.5" heel 2) Old Navy Rockstar greyish white skinny jeans with a bit of shine to them 3) black t-shirt 4) Streetwear Society red blazer 5) Aldo black and Gold Handbag
  5. If the quiz was easy I don't think you would have asked. So I am going to say the pictures are in order. A and then B.
  6. Here is my latest purchase. And I'll tell you how it came to be. I was flipping through the guide on my tv and noticed that the show Jessie was on. Now the show itself is your typical Disney Channel kids show that ran for roughly 4 seasons and is now on in reruns. Not the kind of show any of us would watch on a regular basis, if at all! But fashion wise it is the exact oppisite! I have seen bits and pieces of the show and it is a feast for the fashion freestylers eyes. The show stars actress Debby Ryan who plays a live in nanny to 4 children of rich parents. The parents are hollywood types and are very rarely on the show as they are usually away on business. But when they are on the show the mother played by Christina Moore is always dressed up in some kind of dress and heels. Her daughter played by Peyton Roi List is tween age on the show and is dressed more conservatively, but still stylish! And Debby is on screen alot and is always wearing something stylish which usually includes a nice pair of heels. So being curious I turned to the show for a bit to see if there was anything good fashion wise. Sure enough Debby was on and she was wearing a very stylish outfit which included heels and a very nice red blazer. Almost all of my jackets and coats are black or some other neutral color. But that red blazer looked really sharp! I knew right then and there that I had to have one. So the search began! Today was my lucky day! I was in a thrift store and found 2 red blazers that may have fit the bill. I tried the first one on and It was too big! I was swimming in it. I tried the second one on and bingo! The cut and fit were perfect and it was in mint shape. It fit like a glove, and looked amazing! I knew I was buying it but the $6 price tag made my deciision even easier. The blazer itself is made by Streetwear Society and it has a leopard print lining inside. As I siaid earlier, it looks amazing! It has a very slimming effect on me. And I already have some Ideas on what to wear it with. But I will still glady take suggestions from everyone here. I will be wearing it out the first chance I get!
  7. Sounds like you had fun. Great story!
  8. Mr. X

    My collection

    Quite the collection
  9. I think we all know where Harry Styles got his Inspiration from.
  10. The second pic is very androgenous. it appears as if he may be wearing makeup as well
  11. Absolutely! My shoes run anywhere from 8.5 to a size 10
  12. Here is my latest acquisition. It is another handbag. The brand is Aldo. It is black with plenty of lace like detailing and cutouts all over the front and sides. It is just the right size and has plenty of room inside. It is in mint condition for a second hand purchase. And the best part is I paid $15!
  13. Great looking outfit you have there
  14. I was wondering when a topic like this might pop up. I was actually contemplating starting it myself. It is definitely for me! My earring collection probably rivals my shoe collection. And my liking for them may have even started before shoes! And like @JeffB My outfit doesn't feel complete without them. Once my passion grew I started experimenting with clipons but found them to be uncomfortable. So years ago I bit the bullet and got mine pierced. And earrings among men are so common these days it's not really an issue anymore. Plus it opens up so many more options and choices earring wise. And it is way more comfortable too! Even before I got mine pierced for the first time I was always intrigued by women and girls who had their ears piered twice. I knew that If I ever got mine done that I would be adding a second set. And that is exactly what I did! And in terms of storage. Here is what I do and it is cheap! Go to any place like Home Depot and they sell those portlabe plastic storage cases. They have a handle and many small compatments for organizing your nails or any small tool parts like nuts and bolts. They work perfectly for storing and organizing your earring collection. Hope this helps some.
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