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  1. Most of my outing are usually short and sweet. But that makes them no less enjoyable. And I still get ready as I normally would regardless of the length of the outing.
  2. I never shopped there much before so I am neutral either way. I guerss it is good for those with large feet.
  3. Here is my latest. It is a tan color Aldo crossbody bag. Got this for $10 in a thrift store.
  4. I was unaware they came in tan. It's funny you mention the tightness. When I tried them on in the store they fit easily. But now at home they are fitting a little tight.
  5. Nice to see you out and about again Jeff
  6. Their size 8.5. I normally take a 9 or 10 but these fit a little on the larger side.
  7. Here are my latest beauties! They are Justfab and the model is Tilla. The heel measures 5 inches. And the best part is they are practically brand new and I found them in a thrift store for 15 bucks!
  8. Pretty much anything that was already mentioned
  9. It is becoming quite a thing here in Canada as well! Not to the level of some other countries though. Stay safe and be well everyone no mater where you are in the wprld. We who love heels will beat this and get back to doing what we love.
  10. Let me get to your questions @mirosplant There are zippers on both the left and right side of the boots. As for the sweater it is sleeveless with a high collar. There is probably a picture of me wearing it somewhere in this thread. And that must be the way the coat ties up. Based on where the loopholes are on the side. I can't figure out any other way it could be done. And the coat coat is definitely not small. If anything the size is a little big for me. And as much as I like carrying my handbags for looks they are also for practicality. Like you mentioned women's clothes have very littl
  11. Thanks Jeff! Interesting! I can see some similarities now that you mention it. And I got no problem being compared to @JeffB
  12. I'm back with something new. I haven't posted in a while. I have been getting out though. But these days my outings are less newsworthy than they use to be. Not much usually happens these days. So unless something happens during my outings I usually don't feel the need to post every single one of them. Nothing much happened this time either. My outing today was sparked by a new pair of boots I bought and the need to wear them out as soon as possible! Whenever I have a day off from work I have certain shops and places I visit. Today was no exception. I was in a local thrift shop a
  13. These are my latest. The are Aldo brand. They have a 5.5" heel with a platform inside. They are stripped with mesh in between. I am not usually a platform fan but for $5 I couldn't resist!
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