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  1. Those are nice boots. The heel is thin and very high ( I think there is a platform but not sure ) Does the heel tends to wabble or is it solid ?
  2. You are right. Your boots are very similar to mine. Very nice. Well done !
  3. Nice shoes everyone ! Here is my latest purchase from Spring Shoes. I could not resist the big chucky heel...It is different. Heel height 4¼" measured at the back. No plattform. They are very light and comfortable to wear.
  4. Greetings krazyhusband :-) I like the wedge sneaker (snedge) very much. Want to know why ? I have exactly the same ! Bought them from "Le Chateau". Also have them in beige. Very comfy and stylish. Well done !
  5. Nice booties Marion :-) I concur with SleekHeels about the skinny jeans. It would be a very nice look. Except I would wear them flap up with black jeggings. (Oh la-la !) BTW, I like the advice in your avatar. Unfortunately, it is already too late for most of us here ! Happy heeling all !
  6. Very nice shoes. I like the style. Same pattern on your trouser and shoes. Perfect match. Well done !
  7. Just bought these very nice high heel loafers from Nine West. Model name is Chasey. Heel is 4-1/2" high measured at the back with a 1/4" hidden platform. Have been searching for a very long time for shoes in this style that fits me. Other I found until now were always too small. These in size US10 are perfect. Very comfortable and fun to wear. Guess what I will wear tomorrow :-)
  8. Bought my first pair of Mary Jane pumps today from Nine West. Model name is LIL. To my surprise, NIne West size 10 fit perfectly (I normally wear size 11 from other stores) Heel height is 4-3/8" measured at the back. No plattform. They are VERY comfortable to wear. I like the strap which hold the shoe in place. I love them ! Now I found a store where I could buy any style of closed shoes in size 10 ! Only problem is this situation won't be good for my bank account... Congrats to all who bought new shoes lately. They all look nice ! JeffB > Nice flats. I never thought you would wear this style. Well done !
  9. Greetings inquisitor :-) There is no reason to be afraid to try women's shoes in the store. Do it a few times and you will soon realize it is no big deal and quite a lot of fun too ! No need to pretend it is for halloween. The sales girl already know these shoes are for you. Try to deal with a younger sales girl. They are usually more open minded. A sale is a sale. They are only shoes after all !
  10. Be careful if you click on the "www.barefeetshoes.com" external link on HappyinHeels's post above. If you do so, you may be stuck in a loop always going back to the Barefeetshoes website...
  11. Greetings everyone :-) Just bought these wedge sandals today from Aldo. The model name is "Morikawa". Was passing in front of the store and I saw them on display (And on sale) I was going to ask for my size but guess what ? They were my size 41 ! Asked the friendly salesgirl for the other one. I tried them immediatly. Sold ! The heel is 4.25". Platform is 1". They are a perfect fit for my wider feet. I can't believe how comfortable they are to walk in. They are amazing. I like the fact I can feel the heel height. They are really fun to wear. Those with wider feet who like this style, go ahead and give them a try them ! Wearing them now as I type this message. Guess what I will wear this week-end... Happy heeling all !
  12. Mr. X :-) Thank you for the detailed report about your new shoes. I admit that I envy you wearing Aldo size 10 shoes ! I noticed that you wrote "Greetings to you too fellow canucker" Are you refering to the Vancouver Canucks hockey team ? If so, note that I am from the Montreal area, so I'm a Montreal Canadian fan... Maybe next time, you could wrote "Greetings to you too fellow Canadian" instead ? LOL ! Your reply did help a lot. Happy heeling !
  13. Greetings Mr. X :-) A nice buy. I like them. It is very hard for me to find a classic pump which is large enough at the toe box. Can you tell me how they fit in the toe box ? Narrow, average or wider than usual ? I never tried any shoes from Winner yet since they carry only up to size 10 (I wear 11). Are they true to size ? I will give it a try. Maybe I will find a size 10 which is made larger...
  14. UPDATE Unfortunately, the Aldo "Elfrink" shoes are not available here in Canada. Hoping they will have a similar pair on their fall collection. Will keep looking...
  15. Greetings fumikaheels :-) I must say your new pumps are VERY nice. Most closed toe pumps from Aldo are too narrow for me. Lucky you ! But I think I will try them anyway. Just in case they are made wider than usual.
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