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  1. That's 2 each. please keep it coming on!!!
  2. Tomorrow's d day. please recommend what heels out of the 2 you think I should order.
  3. I've left it upto you to tell me what pair to order on Friday morning.
  4. I looked at some pole dancing lessons. i asked about high heels and I was told " I've got no problem with that! What ever your comfortable with".
  5. Going to see how long I can be looking locked in those boots.
  6. I've just ordered these. http://www.bananashoes.com/pleaser-domina-1023-sku1133.html
  7. Got them!!!! just on my way to try them on
  8. I'm hoping to pick these up next weekend.
  9. I ordered these yesterday, http://www.modainpelle.com/cristina-1
  10. I bought these a couple of weeks ago. thay are quiet easy to walk in. http://www.modainpelle.com/liberti
  11. I bought these last week. http://www.bananashoes.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Domina+108 i might go to a local moda en pellet this afternoon.
  12. I've just had these delivered. http://www.bananashoes.com/pleaser-fabulicious-shoes-lip-106-criss-cross-sandals-clear.html# for some reason I love the look and feel of clear "stripper" heels
  13. I had a set of these delivered yesterday. https://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk/sexy-21-black-patent-sexy-high-heel-court-shoes-with-ankle-strap.html
  14. These are what I bought. http://www.pleaserusa.com/ProductDetail.asp?div=1_PLEASER&dpt=&ctg=&STYLE_CD=ADORE-708&PROD_CD=ADO708%2FC%2FM
  15. Been wearing my new heels tonight and they feel different to my last pair.